Sports teams: handicap for the everyday bettor

Four very important areas to focus on when betting on NFL games.

1. NFL Parity – The NFL focuses each year on parity between the teams. On any given weekend, any team can win. Why not score some points with your selections?

2. A win is a win: Unlike college football, most teams (except New England) don’t try to run up the scoring in games. A large percentage of the lines are covered by teams that close the gaps at the end of games. There is no voter poll to impress.

3. No Respect – Obviously, Las Vegas is well aware of the favorite betting trend. It is always the same concept, if I had to bet my mortgage I would take Pittsburgh -7.5. Your average punter can’t help but pick the favorite, but the pros know how to scout the underdog.

4. The difference in points matters less than you think. Historically, point spread matters in the NFL only about 16% of the time. In other words, 84% of the time, the team that covers the spread also wins. If you combine this with a lot of research, you can really find some great advantages in the NFL.

When you combine these four very important principles in professional football betting, you’ll see why underdogs are often a very good play. The idea is to be able to find big advantages on underdogs on a consistent basis.

Obviously, he’ll like to incorporate a mix of favorites and underdogs into his picks on a weekly basis. However, good research and good stats will usually find more advantages on underdogs with great potential.

In the NFL, home dogs that have solid defenses and the ability to rush the ball will simply find ways to throw down the line. If you can find where the audience is in your bets, simply following the line moves will reveal some strong underdogs. You know you’ve become a very effective handicap when you check your line sheet Monday morning and can pick games before the lines jump. When the lines move your way, you are what the public considers Sharp Money.

Effective sports betting incorporates the ability to fade the crowd, understanding cheating, the courage to take on weak teams in strange situations, calculating important statistics and trends, and our personal favorite, knowing what’s going on inside the locker room.


Soccer Packages on Dish Network

Dish Network offers many sports packages to its subscribers to quench their thirst for sports. Soccer Package is one such sports package that allows subscribers to enjoy different live soccer matches. World Football Travel offers soccer travel packages to soccer fans that include soccer travel packages with top-tier soccer match tickets.

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On Dish Network, subscribers can watch various football matches on channels 454-472. Subscribers can watch Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia. Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela are fighting for a place in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

MLS straight kick

MLS Direct Kick is an out-of-market sports package distributed through cable and satellite providers in North America. Subscribers can watch more than 13 Major League Soccer games, including regular season and MLS Cup playoff games featuring star players Landon Donovan, Freddy Adu, Christian Gomez and, best of all, David Beckham. .

MLS Direct Kick is available from cable and satellite providers such as DirecTV, Dish Network, iN DEMAND Team, Cablevision(iO), Comcast, cox communications, Time warner cable, Adams cable, Blue Ridge Communications and Grande communications.

Subscribers can purchase the Half Season package and can enjoy from the second half of the package. Subscribers can get 60 Major League Soccer games in this half-season package. Games will appear on ABC, ESPN 2 and Fox Soccer Channel. On Dish Network, subscribers can watch various MLS Direct Kick soccer games on channels 455 through 465.

Subscribers can order this package by calling 1-877-DISH PPV (347-4778) or by ordering via remote where they can save $5 on individual match purchases.

Dish Network offers New Soccer Network, GOL TV in Spanish language to its subscribers. GOL TV is a 24-hour channel in Spanish dedicated solely to the most popular sport Soccer. Includes the main international soccer news and events, hundreds of games each year from Mexico, Italy, Salvador, Guatemala and South America. GOL TV will be broadcast on channel 632 at no additional cost in its three popular DISH Latino programming packages. A DISH 500 antenna is required to receive the new channel.

If the subscribers are soccer enthusiasts, then the MLS Direct Kick package is your best option.


Top Personality Tip: Scoffers are losers! Don’t be one or more!

Scoffers are losers. That’s why they make fun of it. If you already feel bad about yourself, why not spread negative karma? You may find yourself in certain situations where you think the person being mocked is “cool” as long as they aren’t directed at you. Teasing or teasing is never okay. Why not?

Children and adults make fun of others to feel “better” or “superior” for a short period of time. In the long run, it proves that scoffers are losers. There is something radically wrong when a person tries to feel good by making fun of others. Taking others down, especially in front of a crowd, is never a good idea. When you make fun of others, you are putting them down and showing others what a loser you are.

Samuel M. Silver wrote: “To belittle is to be small. To be grateful is to be great.” Please don’t be small. Praise others. If you really feel bad, choose a lamp. Right now I want you to point at a lamp. Say: “Lamp, you are the dumbest lamp ever invented!” Now freeze! Look at your hand. How many fingers are pointing at you? My guess is three. Your index finger is telling the lamp that it’s dumb, and three fingers are pointing at you! So who’s really dumb, you or the lamp?

Of course, you are not a fool or a loser. But kids who feel good about themselves and the direction their lives are taking don’t make fun of others. They accept others as they are, warts and all.

For years I only had one “rule” posted in my classroom: “You shall not make fun of others.” Yeah, I wanted it to sound almost religious, and if you only have one rule, it becomes the law of the land. No matter how old we are, we don’t want to be made fun of. We want to be treated fairly and well by others. That one rule turned a group of kids into one big extended family. We became a small community that cared and trusted each other. Introducing the “no teasing rule” on the first day of school was like waving a magic wand that brought us all together as friendly learners. Because?

The bottom line is that feelings always matter in life, especially in a classroom. And every student knew that when they walked into my classroom. I told the class the first day that your feelings were just as important as your big toe. No one wants to get stepped on or stepped on their big toe.

At school, as a student and a teacher, I was good at not teasing, but I did joke around in some silly ways. Sometimes when a student corrected me in class, I would slowly approach him or her with my arms outstretched, like I was Frankenstein. Then I would gently put my hands close to her neck. At this point the whole class was laughing. And, if I’d been a bit annoyed at being corrected, when Frankenstein got to his victim, Frankie was smiling too. With the whole class smiling, he would slide me to the front of the class and start teaching again. They always enjoyed the break in the usual routine.

I might consider this behavior unusual for a teacher, but being funny in unexpected ways was part of the fun of teaching. Children like teachers with a good sense of humor who are willing to laugh with them, take life easy, and not make fun of others.

However, as a child, I did not like to be called “Silly Sottile”. He annoyed me. Nobody likes to be teased. I tried to ignore any taunting of my name. Sometimes it was easy. Sometimes it wasn’t.

As an author, I just hope you remember my last name. “Silly So-til-e” works for me. I no longer consider him to be making fun of me. I like the alliteration in saying it that way. It rhymes, and the kids remember my name longer that way.

If you’re being made fun of, it’s always good to remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” In other words, you have some control over your reaction to nasty words.

However, it is true that sticks and stones break bones, and mocking words CAN HURT, but the real losers are those who need to mock others to spread their own misery.

Be happy that you are not one of them because they can never really love themselves or feel happy. In other words, don’t be like them. or else you’ll never really feel happy. They must share their misery to feel much of anything. How sad! Such losers! I’d rather encourage sunshine (and liking myself!) than rain down on someone’s sense of self worth or dignity. What about you?


NBA MVP? guess again

Shaquille O’Neal. Kareem. Magic Johnson. Larry Bird. Michael Jordan. MVP’s list of hardware winners includes only those who have brought their game and their team to the top many times. The holy grail of personal honors, earned through canvas, perseverance, and leadership. This season, one will rise up to achieve what the rest of the NBA yearns for.

Those in line are anxious. Stars who feel that the time has come to shine more than their counterparts. LeBron James, with long strides befitting his 6’8″ frame, has an early leap on the field. He carries his team on his sculpted shoulders for another season.

As he matured into the team leader Ohio faithfully prayed for when he emerged, King James did, of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, the pride and joy of Akron. What is that you say? Isn’t it LeBron’s year? That seems fine to me. His hour is drawing near. Strong dose of competition for the MVP, that is understood.

So it has to be The Big Ticket. Pummeled all the way to Boston by way of Minnesota, Celtics fans couldn’t trust their Irish eyes as the Boston papers yelled that Kevin Garnett would likely be wearing green and white for the rest of his career. Great season for the great man so far. The best player of the best team in the league. Leadership plus…. Doesn’t it happen to KG? Boy, who’s having the year to beat Garnett?

Is it a skinny whiteguard that takes home the prize? Oh, of course. Nash is a great choice. Little Stevie Wonder, Phoenix’s floor general, with his sights set on a title, dazzling assists and as selfless as possible. Neither did Nash? The Arizona sun must be reaching your head, you say. The list of skinny white guys as MVPs starts and ends with Nash. If not Nash, then who?

Heading back east, our NBA MVP quest finds us meandering through Haymarket and Freedom Trail, heading to the Boston Celtics practice. The shooting has begun as the rays of morning light slide across the beige court. Kevin Garnett notices that someone has entered the equipment space. Bald head shoots up, Garnett is wielding an orange and black Spalding in his gigantic right hand. Beads of moisture fall to the shiny strips of parquet from his chin like a New England autumn drizzle.

He starts to move slowly in my direction, maybe two or three steps, then stops. His teammates have left their dribbles, their shots, their morning chores. The team stares at their new leader, who seems to have been there for years.

Garnett glows for a moment, fire in his eyes, beads burning from deep within. He nods slightly, turning slowly towards his teammates. “Work to do,” Garnett says to no one in particular, but everyone listens…and listens. The sound of Spaldings hitting the board again begins to echo through the gym. Paul Pierce dribbles left-handed twice, flips the ball to the right, and pulls out a jumper from the key as I slowly walk out of the room.

I take the elevator up to the team’s executive offices. A beautiful redhead greets me at the reception. Her curly hair falls smoothly to the middle of her back, her attractive legs wrapped around each other, clearly visible through the expensive glass desk. I tell you who I’m here to see. She smiles knowingly and points a well-manicured fingernail toward the corner office, where he’s waiting for me to arrive.

Home of the Boston Celtics. Moving through the pile of green carpeting, I pass the smaller, windowed offices where the business of running an NBA team is done. Finally, I get to his office. Standing there saying good morning to me, 6’4 and still close to his playing weight of 175 pounds, he is the NBA MVP not only for this season, but for years to come. The memory of his career .220 batting average is a dim memory of a former sporting life.

Once the forgotten man in a hall of fame started five, the only way he was said to get into Springfield as a player is to reach into his pocket, pull out his wallet, and shell out the admission fee. Don’t you think Danny Ainge is still a player in the NBA?

It was Ainge, as Boston’s Executive Director of Basketball Operations and General Manager, fighting through traffic, calling for the ball against the 28-GM defense in the Kevin Garnett draft. 29 if you count the last line of defense, Ainge’s old Boston teammate Kevin McHale, who concluded negotiations with Ainge when Minnesota parted ways with the best player the team has ever had.

That shot, perhaps a season winner, brought instant karma to the Celtics in what was a streak of Irish bad luck that spanned nearly two decades. This team is now stamped with his signature next to the shamrock.


Babe Ruth baseball cards, are they still a good investment?

The legend of Babe Ruth is as alive today as it was during her reign over baseball at the turn of the 20th century. There isn’t a baseball fan or baseball card collector in the world who wouldn’t want to get their hands on official Babe Ruth baseball cards, and he continues to have die-hard fans who didn’t even think of being born when he was hitting home runs.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Babe Ruth was actually named George Herman Ruth Jr., but became known by many names, including The Great Bambino, The Home Run King, and The Sultan of Swat. His record speaks for itself with 714 home runs that remained unbeatable by baseball players for 39 years. He was born to Kate Schamberger-Ruth and George Herman Ruth, Sr., but did not spend his entire childhood with them. They worked long hours, and when Babe Ruth was seven years old, his father took him to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys and gave them custody of him. There, he did not adapt well to his rigid environment. Family visiting days weren’t even highlights he could look forward to because his family wasn’t coming to visit.

As you can see, your father is not to be thanked for improving his then unrealistic baseball skills. The man entitled to that claim is brother Matthias of St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys, who eventually became something of a father figure. He played on the school’s baseball team, starting out as a catcher and later having the opportunity to play the pitching position. His talent was evident. Babe Ruth was signed by the Baltimore Orioles at the age of 19 by his owner, Jack Dunn. It was during this time that he got the nickname Babe, because people saw him as “Jack’s newest baby”…Jack Dunn had a reputation as one of the best talent scouts at the time. The Orioles were a minor league team of the Boston Red Sox, but Ruth’s contract was purchased by the Red Sox after he played for the Orioles for only five months. He was now playing with the big boys in the major league.

Babe Ruth is, of course, known primarily for his incredible hitting talent. However, for the first six years with the Boston Red Sox he was a pitcher. He set incredible records in both pitching and hitting positions in the years that followed. The good times lasted for the Red Sox until 1919, when Harry Frazee became the team’s new owner and decided to sell Ruth to the New York Yankees. What did he get in exchange for handing over the legend in this transaction? Ruth was sold for $100,000 and a $350,000 loan which Frazee in turn used to finance his dream Broadway productions.

It was this turn of events that led to the “Curse of the Bambino.” The Yankees experienced tremendous victories, while the Red Sox would not win a World Series title again until many years later, in 2004. The legend of Babe Ruth will always live on, and the curse will always be felt in the hearts of Yankees fans. Red Sox. . Therefore, Babe Ruth baseball cards will always be highly sought after.


The greatest show in the world

Today something common happened. Something that happens two or three times every weekend in two or three cities in the United States every week.

Today something common happened. Something he had never thought about before, never really noticed before.

Something common happened today and I finally realized it.

Today I took my family to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus in Orlando, Florida. We wander among the animal enclosures admiring Asian elephants and several varieties of tigers. We were in awe of the beautifully groomed horses and the somewhat stubborn zebras. While the animals were preparing for their part in the show, the humans were ushered into the arena. There are circus performers of all kinds mingling with the audience giving autographs, posing for pictures, smiling and waving. This was everyday Americana.

It was only when the lights dimmed and everyone found their seats that something happened. One of the world’s greatest emcees, Tom McFarland, officiated. Tom McFarland is a master of ceremonies extraordinaire. He is attended by some of the highest paid motivational speakers in the world. As he enters the arena, PT Barnum himself can almost be seen standing before the crowd, ushering them in for the Greatest Show on Earth. Mr. McFarland’s singing voice is a rich baritone, but when he came out he wasn’t singing. He walked out humbly despite his big, sequenced emcee uniform. Like the General that he is (at least in the circus), Tom McFarland strode out in a single white spotlight. On the huge television screen appeared the tape “We Support Our Troops” by the Ringling Brothers.

The audience fell silent as a humble emcee stood up and announced that he would like to thank the troops, those serving in foreign lands, those serving here at home and the Orlando public. Mr. McFarland stated that he had proudly served his country for 12 years in the United States Army and wanted to invite one of his acting partners, a former Air Force reservist, to perform.

Without fanfare, the curtains parted and hoofbeats were heard. Like Calvary of old, the lone horseman galloped into the arena carrying our nation’s flag. She stood upright in the stirrups as her steed halted and Mr. McFarland held out his hand. He invited the audience to rise and join him in the National Anthem. This is a common scene in American sports; a lone singer invites the audience to their feet and for a moment we all come together in support of our nation, our neighbors and our troops.

But today was somehow different. As the words began to echo through the arena, the little children began to chant at the top of their lungs. Heard even over the amplified voice of Mr. McFarland and the accompanying brass band, the little children sang:

“Oh tell me, can you see by the early light of dawn? What we so proudly hail at the

the last glow of twilight…”

In all my various professional roles, I have learned to avoid emotional displays, but tears streamed down my face as my voice joined the voices of hundreds saluting our nation and the more than 3,000 who have given their lives for it. in recent years. .

A beautiful thing happened today, and in the words of the final song on Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth, “Anything is possible.”


Who was “El Pípila” – Famous hero of the Independence of Mexico?

The territory that covers what is now known as Mexico was one of the richest and most important colonies of the Kingdom of Spain. Under the name of “New Spain” it was the main source of gold and silver for the Kingdom during the 400 years of Spanish domination of this territory, contributing greatly to the emergence of Spain as the great power of its time.

But things were not going very well for the inhabitants of the colony, many of whom were treated as slaves, mainly the Indian and African population; and many others as “second” and even “third” citizens of an empire that at the beginning of the 19th century was a fading shadow of its past greatness.

The new ideas of the French Enlightenment and the American Revolution had influenced a series of intellectuals and progressive personalities in the colony, making them think of becoming independent from Spain and implementing a series of reforms that would make the territory a new country under many of the values ​​proclaimed by illustration.

Among the people seriously thinking of achieving independence from Spain, the figure of Miguel Hidalgo, a non-traditional Catholic priest who had been living in the town of “Dolores” in what is now the Mexican state of Guanajuato, looms large. He had contributed to the improvement of the native population, making it very popular, teaching them a series of trades and, some, even to write and read. Many of these crafts have survived to this day; for example, the world famous “Talavera” ceramic pieces that you can find in what is now known as the town of “Dolores Hidalgo”. In addition to his popularity, he was also the leader of the local conspiracy against the government of Spain.

It was the year 1810 when the conspiracy against Spain was finally ripe enough to be carried out. It was in the month of September when, accelerated by the sudden discovery of the conspiracy by the “realist authorities”, the fight for Independence began. It was the night of September 15 when Hidalgo and others decided to go ahead and rally the town of Dolores to constitute the first army that would march against the Spanish positions.

The long column of peasants and the few trained officers that make up the “Insurgent Army” marched for several days through the region gathering more people and resources. Once they felt strong enough, they aimed for the largest Spanish post in the area. The world famous mining town of Guanajuato.

And it is during this episode that the figure of “El Pípila” enters the scene during the first battle of the fight for Independence. The insurgents had besieged an old grain storage building. All the Spanish had entered this large building and were using it as a fortress to resist the “Insurgent Army” until some reinforcements arrived from the capital or some other post.
The insurgents were desperate. The building seemed impregnable and they were losing many men trying to get close to one of the two gates or scaling the walls. Also, the “royal” reinforcements could be closing in and were stuck in that position.

Hidalgo and other officers had concluded that only by destroying one of the gates could they hope for a victory. But who would? Who would dare to approach the door dodging the bullets and set it on fire?… It seemed that no one was willing to risk his life so much. Until “El Pipila” appeared from among the peasants. He approached Hidalgo and told him that he was willing to go ahead and burn the door. He had been thinking about how to approach the door and had come to the conclusion that he would wear a thick piece of stone strapped to his back as bullet protection and then crawl to the door.

And that’s how he did it. With the heavy chunk of stone on his back and a torch in hand, he crawled slowly under enemy fire until he finally reached the gate and with his last strength set the wooden gate on fire, allowing the Insurgent Army to escape. He entered the building and complained. the first victory of the fight for the independence of the country that is now known as Mexico.

Very few things are known about what happened to ‘El Pípila’ after this historic episode.


Need to join Top Soccer Academy for boys and girls for kids

Better idea, in-depth knowledge of football and more practice – give your child the best future!

Along with a wide and deep knowledge of the game; Joining specialized soccer training classes will also give your little star more exposure to the real world.

Doing so will not only help develop your child’s sports skills and physical fitness, but will also improve their game outlook, decision-making skills, and game instincts. Joining a soccer training school could be an excellent foundation for your child’s overall intellectual, physical, and social development.

Needless to say, joining Top Soccer Academy For Boys And Girls will also help kids get physical exercise, gain body strength, agility and better outlook on this phenomenal game. As a responsible parent, it is always worthwhile and gratifying to see your children grow up, be properly nourished and play one of the most popular games like soccer and achieve all these dreams of yours; Soccer training camps and schools can be helpful.

What is soccer training about?

Soccer training sessions for kids are primarily designed to provide children with a stable foundation so that they can quickly learn tactics and decision-making skills related to the game. Training is provided in sets and sequences because children often slowly adapt to game rules, manners, and once they begin to get to know the game and its decision-making situations well; they are given more training.

During the training session; The main objective of the coaches and trainers is to develop the five most important attributes of the applicants, and they are:

1. Self-awareness: Self-awareness is essential for all children to understand the difference between a practice game and a real game on the field.

2. Attention: by developing children’s concentration and attention to detail; soccer coaches ensure they are aware of what is happening on the field and what will come next!

3. Knowledge: In-depth knowledge of different exercises, goalkeeping manners, and matches is essential to become a master of mastery and develop children’s knowledge and learning ability; The best football academy for boys and girls ensures that they are smarter and smarter!

4. Administrative skill: making the right decision at crucial moments is not everyone’s cup of tea and keep an eye on this; coaches improve students’ decision-making skills!

5. Intellectuality: Intellectual is another area; where aspiring players are trained! With the right level of experience and intellectual; they can make superlative decisions for their team!

Know more details:


The rulers of hockey

The Los Angeles Kings is one of the professional hockey teams in the National Hockey League (NHL). It is one of six expansion teams in 1967. The team was owned by LALakers owner Jack Kent Cooke. He bought the franchise for $2 million. Fans hailing from the northeastern United States and Canada make up the majority of Kings ticket connoisseurs.

The team played at The Forum for its first 32 seasons. Cooke built the Forum to house the Kings of him. The Kings’ tickets were sold to crowds of fans who were accommodated by the newly created castle of the Kings.

The team had a good first two seasons. They placed second in their first season in the West Division. They were only one point behind the Flyers. Tickets for the second season also paid off as the Kings clinched the fourth seed in the West Division. However, the team seemed to meet with misfortune the following years. Those at the top of the team preferred veteran players who, in most cases, are declining in their careers. Because of this, the once-solid support for the Kings waned. Tickets became popular again in 1972 when the team acquired Rogatien Vachon. Kings ticket holders singing Rogie! Rogie! to cheer up your beloved player. The team’s improved defensive plays under Bob Pulford also helped put the Kings back on the pedestal. With Pulford’s guidance, the team experienced three of its best seasons. In 1979, the Kings welcomed Marcel Dione to the team, further strengthening their offense. Between Vachon’s defense and Dione’s offense, Kings’ tackle connoisseurs were rejuvenated.

The Kings saw an improvement in management once Mcnall managed the team. The acquisition of Gretzky led the team to a second-place finish in the Smythe Division in his first season. In the 1990-1991 season, the Kings won their first and only division title. The team was disabled when its main star was injured. Gretzky returned after the first 39 games. They placed third in the Smythe with the help of Luc Robitaille. In 1993, the Kings played for the Stanley Cup. Gretzky and the teams became popular even though they lost the match. After such a game, Kings tickets became a more popular item than ever.

The Kings moved from the Forum in 1999. The team now plays in the modern facilities of the Staples Center.


What is Chinese Zi Wei Dou Shu?

Zi Wei Dou Shui is a star system. It has ancient origins and a map of this celestial astrology was found in the Dunhuang Chinese Grotto in 1899, one of the oldest known star maps.

Zi Wei Dou Shu literally means “calculate the purple star” and is a natal chart based on the pole star. There are fourteen major stars depicted, including the Sun (Tai Yang) and Moon (Tai Yin), as well as the nine dipper stars used in Feng Shui (i.e. Tan Lang, Ju Men, Lu Cun, Wu Qu, Lian Zhen , Po Jun, You Bi, Wen Qu and Zuo Fu). Most stars are considered mathematical points in space. The pole star (Zi Wei) is known as the emperor of heaven as it never moves and all other stars revolve around it. A chart in Zi Wei Dou Shu is similar to ancient southern Vedic charts and may have been originally inspired by the Indian Jyotish system.

There are twelve houses on the chart called courts or palaces through which the stars move in regular cycles. The houses used are very close to the more familiar western houses (numbers are shown below), although they do not follow the same order. The western house system progresses according to the season of the year. The palaces below follow a typical life path for an Asian individual in the past.

Karma/Virtue… (the inner self or self that comes before birth) – (12-Pisces)

Parents… (your parents and their resources) -(2-Taurus)

Ming/myself… (developing the self) -(1-Aries)

Brothers… (consciousness of your family) -(3-Gemini)

wedding…(the partnership is fixed early) -(7-Libra)

Children… (children follow soon) -(5-Leo)

Money…(money must be maintained to support a growing family) -(8-Scorpio)

Health…(health must be maintained as well) -(6-Virgo)

Trip… (travel is often needed to expand wealth) – (9-Sagittarius)

Friends/Colleagues…(networking is necessary for continued growth) -(11-Aquarius)

race… (vocation takes a good part of life to fulfill) -(10-Capricorn)

Property… (family wealth and property) – (4-Cancer)

There is also a 13th house known as the Shen or house of the body that coincides with one of the basic twelve, revealing a particularly important area of ​​your life.

The natal chart is determined by the time of your birth with intervals of two hours. The fourteen main stars largely determine the overall meaning of the chart. In addition to the natal chart, there is also a 10-year one. luck cycle, a yearly and monthly cycle that should be compared for best results, especially to determine auspicious dates. Charts can include up to 144 total stars; the minor stars may add a bit of spice, but they have minor significance.

Of the fourteen main archetypal stars, their names and personalities simulate the personalities of a royal court, reminiscent of the Western gods and goddesses who lived on Mount Olympus.

one) Zi Wei: “The emperor” It is considered the most important star (north star) and is the location of the pole star in a birth chart. The house you reside in is often what makes you known in your life and is considered a leadership star. If Zi Wei is in his Ming/Self court, he is often the most successful of his family.

2) Tian Ji: “The Counselor” He is strong in intelligence and knowledge. She carries an energy that is sensitive, sharp and perceptive. It is a frank and active energy that can sometimes be unstable because it brings changes.

3) Tai Yang: “The Masculine or Paternal Aspect” It represents the influence of the Sun, it is masculine and shows an area where you will shine and be influential. It is upright, enthusiastic, altruistic and also represents your father or husband.

4) Wu Qu: “The General or Manager”It is the star of wealth earned through hard work and application. He is calm, firm, bound by duty and promises money where it is placed.

5) Tian Tong: “The lover of life” It is the star of good fortune, of leisure, it has a good heart and it is an area of ​​sensitivity. He is childish, dreamy and idealistic.

6) Lian Zhen: “The politician or charismatic”It is the star of charisma and gives you the ability to convince others of your goals. People of the Lian Zhen type may be indecisive because they like popularity, but they know right from wrong and love peach blossom.

7) Tian Fu: The Treasurer”It is a conservative and tolerant influence that represents treasure and has the ability to store things like wealth that is beneficial for success.

8) Tai Yin: “The feminine or maternal aspect” It represents the Moon, the changing lunar influence and femininity. You are emotional, quiet, reserved and moody and have the power to attract opportunities where you are placed.

9) Tan Lang: “The artist or the talented” It is the star of the arts, desire, romance and personal drive. Tan Lang is curious about life experiences, he is acquisitive and likes material things, and he may also be spiritual in the future.

10) Ju Men: “The Speaker” It is the star of thinking, communication, speech and verbal skills.

eleven) Tian Xiang: “The Administrator”He has a social conscience and represents prudence and perseverance. He is conservative, impartial, and is often called the prime minister.

12) Tian Liang: “The Master or Priest” He has the power to turn bad luck into good luck in the court where he resides. She represents honesty, justice and truth. He is a person of high rank, or someone who has the power to change your fortune.

13) Qi Sha: “The Adventurer or Soldier” He is an assertive star, loves to take risks and can bring about big changes. Qi Sha is brave, fiery and adventurous and she loves challenges or difficult situations.

14) Po Jun: “The Rebel” It represents a collapse to rebuild something better, sometimes with violence. This star is a powerful reformer, revolutionary or transformer similar to a Uranian or Plutonian influence.

Some of the smaller stars represent things like advisors, affairs or angelic protectors with some troublesome stars coming to test one’s progress. The oldest and most traditional Chinese interpretations of these stars can be quite negative, as the survival of ancient man was more tenuous in the past. I have reinterpreted many of these archetypal influences in light of modern times and modern psychology.

Also important are transformation stars that change monthly, annually and every ten-year cycle. These are Quan (power), Ke (fame/name), Lu (happiness), and Ji (trouble). These transforming stars can change the meaning of the other stars quite dramatically as they move through the cycles of time. You have a permanent set of these stars in your natal chart and then a moving set for 10 years. annual and monthly cycles.

When drawing a personal birth chart for a client, I use Zi Wei Dou Shu and Western astrology to do a comparison study. There is a wealth of information available when comparing these two systems that is astonishing in its detailed descriptions of our life potential. Free will always plays into this template, and we make better decisions when we know our hidden or shadowy side. Areas of our personality veiled from us will have a subconscious influence, so it’s best to understand those tendencies, as they can undermine our best efforts to be happy. Many psychologists today (especially Jungians) are increasingly using astrology as a tool to understand human personality and what makes us tick. If you’ve never had your birth chart done before, isn’t it time you found a good astrologer to reveal your life’s potential?