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Real Estate Investing Tips to Get Rich

For those of you who own investment real estate and have been nicknamed “Owners”, I share with you the absolute worst case scenario of Buy & Hold real estate investment if you have bought properties at good margins. Note: Although I live in Houston, Texas and wholesale great investment properties in Houston, most of my real estate is in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. If you are interested in learning more about any of the locations, I can help.

Last year I changed property managers because the previous manager just wasn’t up to it. The new manager came along, collected some back rent and kicked out a couple of tenants who had to leave. Of my 18 investment properties that I hold to build long-term wealth for myself, 11 of them were occupied and 2 of them have slow paying tenants. For the first three months after they took over, I had $1,000 more in expenses than income because of all those empty houses. I had no job (Just Over Broke), and I like to eat something other than instant noodles.

So how did I survive? Well, it’s quite simple; I had a cash reserve built up from the previous months and years of investing in case the “worst case scenario” of a bunch of vacant units happened at the same time. My cash reserve is enough to cover all expenses for all my units for 3 months and my own personal living expenses. Without this, you would have been exactly where many other less educated investors were; in foreclosure.

Having a good cash reserve is critical to the success of your Buy & Hold real estate investment. Without it, a couple of bad months can kill you…and don’t expect the federal government to come up with a $700 billion bailout for you. You’ll be just another bad real estate investment story.

We are all in this together!


PS Even though my actual cash flow was negative by about a grand a month for 3 months, I still made a small profit as more than a grand principal was paid off on my mortgages. My property manager found tenants for 2 of my houses that moved in on the 1st of the following month and filled in a couple more of my properties the following month. Once all the units were filled up again, cash flow was around $3,000 per month on the positive side after all expenses.

PPS When bought at the right price on the right terms, even the worst market and economy can’t stop you from being a successful Buy & Hold real estate investor.


what could have been

Try not to think about what could have been, because that was then. And we have taken different paths. That’s the lyrics to the song What Might Have Been, by the country band Little Texas. Excuse me, as I have listened to this piece of music several times since hearing the news of the Jeff Francoeur trade for the Atlanta Braves.
Several weeks ago, I wrote an article stating that it was time for the Braves and Francoeur to go their separate ways, in the hope that each party could find true happiness and success separately. That was my head talking. The part of me that wants the best for the Atlanta Braves and their chances of making the playoffs. I never thought about the bond that had formed between Frenchy and the Atlanta area.

Francoeur had high expectations on his shoulders when he debuted for his hometown team in the summer of 2005. That season was supposed to be the year the Atlanta Braves’ division title series came to an end. It was something of a transition year, with Atlanta integrating several rookies into prominent roles with their club. However, with instant contributions from the likes of Brian McCann, Kelly Johnson, Ryan Langerhans, Wilson Betemit, Pete Orr, Kyle Davies and Francoeur, the team clinched the NL East crown for the 14th straight year. The youth group were labeled the Baby Braves.

McCann and Francoeur were the two who became instant fan favorites, Jeff even more so than Brian. The two had played peddler ball all over Georgia together since they were 12 years old. They played against each other several times a year in high school and remained close friends. By the time the 2002 MLB draft came around, both were highly regarded and Atlanta targeted both local products. The most celebrated player was clearly Francoeur, by some scouts’ estimation a 5-tool player, and the Braves snatched him up with their first-round pick, 23rd overall. When their second-round pick came around, they were pleased, if not amazed, that McCann was still on the board. Without hesitation, Atlanta took the receiver from nearby Athens, Georgia. Jeff Francoeur and Brian McCann became teammates again.

Francoeur and McCann rolled much the same way through the minor leagues and were called up within a few weeks of each other. While both were successful, Frenchy always seemed to overshadow B-Mac. Jeff had the undeniable presence of a superstar. He was a handsome, athletic outfielder with a cannon for an arm and a smile that made the ladies go crazy. As recently as a few weeks ago at Turner Field, more Francoeur jerseys and jerseys were worn by women than all other Braves players combined. Meanwhile, McCann was the chubby redheaded catcher whose face always seemed to be hidden behind his catcher’s mask. He’s not exactly the most marketable guy in the world.

Beyond the celebrity appeal for Francoeur, and the lack thereof for McCann, Jeff put up better numbers when the two burst onto the scene in 2005. Before I present some of these stats, I must inform you that Francoeur had 77 more career at-bats. . rookie season than McCann. In that season, Francoeur hit .300, 22 points more than McCann. Frenchy also hit 9 more home runs and drove in 22 more runs than Brian. As mentioned above, those numbers helped contribute to another postseason birth and took Braves fans on a new kind of journey. One that involved many exciting new young faces.

That rookie year led Francoeur to many titles, which have recently been used to mock him. Most famously, Sports Illustrated put him on the cover, deeming him “The Natural.” When Bobby Cox started all 162 games the following season and saw him hit 29 home runs and drive in 103 runs, the local media began labeling Jeff the “golden boy,” meaning he couldn’t be wrong. . It seemed that Jeff Francoeur was born to be an Atlanta Brave. Perhaps the old saying “love is blind” is true, since no Braves fan could have seen that the honeymoon would end. Not only did it end, but Jeff Francoeur’s train went completely off the tracks and we were all blindfolded, trying not to look.

Many people point to the beginning of their demise, as well as the loss of affection from the Braves fan base, until the offseason prior to 2007. The Braves, impressed by the play of Brian McCann and Jeff Francoeur, offered both long-term contracts that bought out the remaining years of arbitration. McCann quickly accepted the 6-year, $27.8 million offer. However, Francoeur did not accept the long-term deal presented to him by the front office. I’m just speculating, but it seems likely that the dollar figure has probably outpaced McCann’s by a few million. For an organization that for the past fifteen years has seen players take less money to come play for Bobby Cox and the Atlanta Braves, fans of the team scorned Francoeur’s rejection.

All contractual frustration was put to one side in 2007 when Francoeur managed to raise his batting average by 33 points, even though his power numbers dipped. Apparently, the decline in home runs that year weighed heavily on Jeff’s mind. He reportedly put on 20 to 25 pounds in the offseason, hoping to improve his power punch. As is often documented, he backfired in 2008. Francoeur’s performance at the plate was completely abysmal, culminating in a demotion on July 4 in Double A, Mississippi. Francoeur made it known that he was very upset about being ejected, and after a couple of well-timed injuries, the Braves were forced to call up Francoeur again. The complaint of his demotion only further alienated him from fans and members of the front office. He finished the year with a .239 batting average and what once seemed like a match made in heaven began to look like a nasty and inevitable divorce.

Francoeur slimmed down again ahead of this season, trying to regain the form that had endeared him to so many across the South. It didn’t work. His average was only a few points higher, yet he was fighting for an even lower percentage than last year. Frank Wren and John Schuerholz had simply seen enough. They couldn’t keep letting Bobby Cox add Francoeur, in the midst of a two-year slump, to an already anemic lineup. Atlanta sent him to the first club that offered some kind of major league-ready player in exchange. Oddly enough, that team turned out to be a divisional rival, the New York Mets. A lifelong Peachtree Estate native to the Big Apple. It is better for Francoeur to act if he wants to rest in the city that never sleeps.

How did we get here, Jeff Francoeur? The hometown hero. The next face of the franchise. Golden Boy. The natural. No one could have known that you would be out of town gambling before your 26th birthday. Now there are only two Baby Braves left, and without a doubt, your departure has been the most devastating blow. It wasn’t supposed to end like this. The stars were never intended to align for such an abrupt death. The suave, charismatic right fielder has brought his act to New York, and the chubby redhead, whose face remains behind the catcher’s mask, has become the face of the Atlanta Braves.


The misconception around "Easy" With affiliate marketing misdirection

When trying to make money online with affiliate marketing, more than 95% of people end up in the devastation of defeat. Because? Due to simple misdirection, they miss the whole point and logic behind affiliate marketing. Those who still think affiliate marketing is all about randomly picking products and flooding every major social network with affiliate links? Well good luck…

Affiliate marketing is not a contest, it’s a journey and if “instant riches” is how you see affiliate marketing, then please stop already! That’s exactly where the 95% go wrong, and when reality sets in and they make little to no money, many are doomed to despair. But what should you understand about affiliate marketing?

Understand why “Easy” creates a false sense of security.

Especially in the times we are living in, and people are desperate. A sneaky but disturbingly effective marketing technique is to show you how much money “they” are making. But what you are often not told is how long it took them to get there! Most of those awesome screenshots are legit, but after 5, 10, or even 15 years.

You need to lower your expectation compass to a realistic level. Here are some facts to accept before you even consider making money online, affiliate marketing or otherwise. Maybe I’m going to step on some toes, but the truth is no less.

1. Accept the fact that you will probably fail the first time, I guarantee it!

2. Accept the fact that there is a possibility of losing some money.

3. Accept the fact that you will probably be testing several systems/programs.

4. Accept that success is about knowledge and time.

5. Accept the fact that the only magic money button is you!

6. Accept the fact that your work hours will increase exponentially.

7. Accept the fact that learning is more valuable than winning.

8. Remember to make the freedom you long for greater than the need you feel.

Dissecting the 8 Realities of Affiliate Marketing Misconceptions.

1 – Let me start by saying (as an experienced affiliate marketer) that failure is imminent, but never confuse failure with defeat. You’ll probably fail the first time, and the second, and the third, and so on. Or maybe you will succeed because in the end everything depends on you 100%.

Nobody comes to achieve success for you, you are alone with that one. But also remember that failure is manufactured, you never really fail. You just learn or you win, but you can only really fail when you give up.

2 – At some point you will have to spend some money to keep up with the competition or fall behind. From training programs to plugins and software. There are several tools you need to compete at a professional level. Some of the money you spend, you may end up losing, it’s going to happen.

I am in no way trying to scare you with the idea of ​​making money online with affiliate marketing. Quite the contrary, although being the bearer of the proverbial bad news. No, I’m just pointing out the facts and all the failures I’ve had to overcome for almost a decade. When it starts, just take off with a casual canter. It is not a contest.

3 – There is no such thing as “One size“, what works for one person may not necessarily work for the next. So be prepared to try more programs and systems than you can remember later. But you don’t necessarily have to lose money this way, make sure there is a safety net Safety nets?

Yes, also known as a 100% money back guarantee. When you decide to try something, make sure they offer a money back guarantee. Why any product owner in my opinion that doesn’t? They have little faith in your product, and so should you. However, the benefit of testing multiple systems is the knowledge that comes with it. You shouldn’t try to work with affiliate marketing, you should work through it.

4 – As mentioned above, knowledge is the real gold. Because the two most important elements of success are Knowledge and Time. The longer you continue, the more successful you will be. Go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. It will take time and it will require knowledge to be successful.

Your only secret weapon, especially on a tight budget, is time, make up your mind. Make up your mind and refuse to be outdone! If you can’t pay more than your competitors, then you will have to work more than them! Time, knowledge, patience, persistence and planning!

5 – Stop chasing all the magic money buttons and get rich quick, it’s NOT going to happen. But I encourage you to try them all and gain the knowledge. While you must realize that there is only one magic button that will turn your PC into a money spitting machine, and that is you! Nothing else, nobody else. Focus on a single task, system, and/or program at a time. Let me explain it this way.

When you try to cut down a tree. Running around the tree in circles, hitting it in 1000 different places will be exhausting. All you’re doing is leaving little marks in the bark, with no real damage. But when you keep hitting the same tree in the exact same spot 1000 times? It must eventually come down!

6 – Contrary to popular belief, you are not going to work 10 and 15 minutes a day. Even if that is only needed to configure a particular system or program. Every system, program, or method you try is a tool, and any tool only works as well as the person using it. The more time you invest in something, the more knowledge you will accumulate.

Prepare for a sudden increase in work hours when you start affiliate marketing, and a pretty big one. Because your level of success is determined by how much effort you are willing to apply. The question is how much do you want to succeed?

7 – One of the biggest mistakes you can make is concentrating on how much you can earn and how soon you will go on a permanent vacation to the island! Focus on what you can learn and don’t get distracted by the distant glitter and shiny objects of instant riches. It is up to you to generate your riches with affiliate marketing, everything else is just tools.

Tools that you will have to learn to use correctly. Training videos you’ll have to watch more than once before you get it right. Reading training documents and case studies. Success requires maximum effort.

8 – Why do you want to earn money online with affiliate marketing? Take a moment and decide on an answer. If instant riches are what you crave, then you are still focusing on what you think you need. A wish for the impossible to suddenly happen. You’re missing the whole picture and focusing on the nasty spot in the corner.

But when you want to make money online with affiliate marketing because you want to work towards financial freedom. Well, then you are focusing on the freedom you crave and not the need you feel. Setting realistic long-term goals is how you end up making money online with affiliate marketing.

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing the Right Way.

As mentioned above, sharing raw affiliate links is not recommended. In fact, you shouldn’t even share cloaked affiliate links. Instead, you’ll need some sort of funnel, such as a signup page to collect email subscribers and a bridge page that redirects to an affiliate offer. But that’s a whole topic on its own for another time, before I turn this article into an eBook.

If you liked my article and would like to subscribe to my email list. And you can start your profitable affiliate marketing journey in the next few minutes. Let me walk you through the link in the resource box below.


Your Exit Plan: Timing Is Everything – How You Can Profit Even In Today’s Economic Downturn

Even in the best of times, disposing of a business is a multifaceted process fraught with danger. With the current state of the economy, what you don’t know can be fatal. Even so, there are techniques that can be used to avoid many of the dangers. For many small and medium-sized business owners, today’s economy can provide an unprecedented opportunity to shore up their exit strategies and receive maximum value for their most important asset. Here are some noteworthy numbers:

  • Recent estimates show that 63% of business owners do not have a formal exit plan.
  • Over 90% of North American businesses are privately owned.
  • According to the US Census Bureau in 2004, there were more than 25 million businesses in the US, most of which were sole proprietorships, partnerships, or limited liability companies.

This means that almost 16 million companies have no formal exit plan.

AICPA – Estate Planning Studthere 35% of multi-owner businesses and 9% of sole proprietors (sole proprietorships and sole professionals) had a written succession plan in 2008, compared to just 25% of multi-owner businesses and 8% of sole proprietors in 2004. *

Current State of Succession Planning Multi-Owner Businesses Sole Proprietors

They have started the plan and will soon complete it. 35% 7%

Will start the process in the next year or two 32% 43%

The process will begin in about 5 years 10% 23%

The process will begin in about 10 years 3% 3%

They have a plan written, but it has not been formally approved 9% 3%

*2008 PCPS Succession Survey conducted by AICPA

These undeniable numbers are compelling arguments for the aggressive pursuit of state-of-the-art strategies and state-of-the-art techniques for planning and implementing 21st century exit strategies, asset/heritage preservation plans, and strategic plans.

As a business owner in today’s economy, growing the business (or lack thereof) and trying to manage day-to-day operations dictate how you will spend most of your time. However, there is no more compelling reason than the current economic situation for you, as a business owner, to take steps to take advantage of trends and opportunities that will result in better valuation, lower tax consequences, and smoother transitions when your event takes place. of liquidity comes to fruition. His future after his departure is also cause for concern. The sooner you plan for all eventualities, the better.

What are your options?

Traditionally, there are two main paths you can choose: Sell to an external third party or Transfer to insiders like your employees or family members. Essentially, there are two paths business owners can take when they decide it’s time to move on to the next phase of life: sell the business to an outside party or transfer the business to “insiders” such as family members or employees. Of course it could also be liquidated, but this is not usually the chosen path, but rather a forced or difficult path when a buyer does not appear or other circumstances intervene.

Today, when selling to third parties, some options that need to be carefully considered include transferring 100% ownership or retaining some equity. While it may be tempting to try to walk away with a large amount of cash, it may not be practical or in the best interest of the seller in the current state of our economy.

In light of the current economic climate, it might not be the smartest strategy for owners of industries where valuations are negatively affected by the economy to sell 100% of their stake when market value is at an all-time low.

Some examples are real estate related businesses, construction companies, automobile manufacturing/sale, and retail stores. Instead of cashing out, a second option is to sell only part of the capital and retain part. The retained capital can be a majority or minority interest. In certain cases, a partial sale may be desirable as it allows the selling shareholder to withdraw a portion of their net worth from the business so that they can diversify a portion of their assets, while retaining some capital for possible future appreciation. .

In uncertain economic times, the ability to free up a portion of your equity can help the business grow, thereby increasing the valuation of the retained interest in the business. More specifically, selling a partial interest in your business allows you to share future business risks and opportunities with a partner.

box illustration

Acme Corporation was valued at $10 million and owned by a single shareholder. However, in light of the current economic climate, the sole shareholder decides to sell 70% of his property to a third party. The result is a liquidity event where the selling shareholder obtains $7 million of tied up capital. The seller negotiates an agreement to continue to participate in the management of the business, with a new owner who introduces a new perspective in the operational and management structure of the company. By retaining a significant minority equity position and combining forces with the outside buyer, the stage is set for the selling shareholder to participate in future growth as the economy recovers. This scenario also gives the buyer reassurance that the seller still has “in-game skins”. This vested interest in the company is beneficial to both the buyer and the seller. With a carefully designed plan, the seller is positioned such that the 30% equity stake could be worth significantly more than it was at the time of the initial transaction.

Another approach is to implement a plan to transfer insiders, such as family members, managers, or employees. In family succession cases, the internal transfer can be used to reduce certain tax consequences. This is because, in the current environment, the tax liability is likely to be reduced as a result of lower valuations. We have seen that company valuations are generally lower than they were a year or two ago. Factors causing this range from depressed earnings, lower profits, tight credit, and lower appraisal multiples.

The resulting lower valuations present exceptional options for transferring ownership rights to family members through a variety of techniques that protect or defer tax events and achieve various other estate plan benefits. Because interest rates are still relatively low, these techniques are further improved. Also, if your goal is to prepare the business for another sale to a third party at a future date, the current climate is conducive to recapitalization and intra-family transactions to change ownership and save taxes when the business is sold to a third party in the future. . future. A cautionary note; Because there is a very real probability that hyperinflation could devalue our currency, you should carefully consider where to invest the funds you receive upon transfer, protecting yourself against the eventuality. In addition, such inflationary conditions could lessen or erase any gain you may enjoy from the retained equity interest.

The current depressed state of the economy may also encourage a sale to your employees. You may want to sell through a management buyout to select key managers, or by using an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Again, lower valuations equate to better economics for buyers and potential tax savings for sellers.

How should you proceed?

Planning an orderly succession and obtaining maximum liquidity from the final disposal of your business requires a team approach. By bringing together the combined experience of distinguished tax, legal, insurance and financial professionals, you will gain an integrated strategy that addresses the many facets of your exit plan.

Case study #1

John Smith, 70% owner of ABC Manufacturing, LLC, wanted to plan his exit strategy. The value of his ownership interest in the company was $4 million and he wanted to retire in 5 years, but the question was how? Using state-of-the-art techniques, ABC Manufacturing, LLC agreed to borrow $4 million over 5 years to finance the premiums for an indexed universal life insurance policy on John’s life. John could then start receiving distributions from the life insurance policy after leaving the company. The bottom line: This approach exceeded John’s expectations and provided more than 249% of what John expected to receive for the value of his property.

Box #2

Outgoing owner: Male, age 46 Expected value of owner’s business interest: $2,500,000 Retirement distributions to begin at age 55 Annual retirement distributions: $263,611 for 30 years Net death benefit: $659,700 Total benefits resulting from this approach: $8,568,037 Share of expected value of the owner obtained with this solution: 343%

Box #3

Outgoing owner: Male, age 43 Expected value of owner’s business interest: $8,000,000 Retirement distributions to begin at age 50 Annual retirement distributions: $760,125 for 20 years Net death benefit: $13,758,412 Total benefits resulting from this approach: $28,960,918 Share of Owner expected value obtained by this solution: 362%

For these business owners, using our recommended techniques, the business owners were able to meet their business succession planning needs and enabled funding for a smooth transition of ownership while providing a potential tax-free retirement income.

For yet another example of a strategy that reflects current methods, check out this Wall Street Journal article: Wall Street Journal Article

What is your exit plan?

If you’ve put off planning or implementing your exit strategies, now would be a good time to stop procrastinating and put your plan into action. The current atmosphere is presenting opportunities that we may not see again for many years, if ever. Now is the time for you to take action. Just like death and taxes, you will eventually go out of business. Will your departure be on your terms or someone else’s?

Stop rationalizing, stop managing. Get up from your chair and get to work! denis waitley

Home Kitchen

Maximizing space without sacrificing design and function

Now that it seems that the Mac Mansion is a thing of the past, that smaller houses will be in style, the first thing to reduce is traffic. Instead of a series of spaces enclosed by walls and connected by a hallway, consider removing the hallway and combining multiple spaces. For example, combine the living room, dining room, and kitchen into one Great Room. But do not enter the house directly into the Great Hall. Enter into a small foyer, which is separated from the Great Room with a built-in cabinet surrounded by 6″-0″ tall walls on three sides.

To create efficiency and organization, add built-in features. Perhaps instead of a separate laundry room, put a closet in the kitchen or hallway and put the washer and dryer in the closet.

Instead of small windows on the exterior walls, consider using large, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. These large expanses of glass with natural light entering the areas will make any room appear larger and integrate the interior with the exterior. Instead of the standard 6′-8″ tall sliding glass doors, using 8′-0″ tall doors will give rooms an openness not often seen in basic model homes. If the project has the budget, single panel French doors can also be another attractive alternative.

If the spans between the walls are not too long (16′ to ridge), consider using regular joists instead of trusses with flat bottom chords. Another option would be to use scissor trusses. Any of these can create a vaulted ceiling.

Instead of just planting trees and grass, consider a backyard pergola and deck. Again, this will give the house an area for expansion. If properly decorated with outdoor furniture, it will provide additional space to congregate.

Instead of an eat-in kitchen, provide an island or counter for eating. With a luxurious granite countertop or an equally expensive material, there’s no reason the kitchen shouldn’t be visible from the Great Room.

Use patterns on bathroom floors and tub/shower walls. Use contrasting colors of a similar tile for a dramatic effect.

Lastly, paint the house in a basic color like white, off-white, gray or beige. Then, choose one wall in each room and paint it a bold, contrasting color. It can be the same bold color in each room, or it can be a different color in each room.

Houses that are smaller don’t have to be dull and boring. They can contain interesting spaces with unusual finishes. Creativity is not limited by size.

Digital Marketing

Social networks: Are social networks bad for people’s mental health?

For many people, social media is as much a part of their lives as breathing. When you’re a big part of someone’s life, you might have several different accounts online.

By having these accounts, it will be possible for you to keep in touch with your friends and family. In addition, they will be able to see what these people have been doing with their lives.

it’s all there

Even if your friends and family are spread across several different accounts, it won’t take them much time and effort to keep up with what they’ve been up to. If they were to contact each person individually, this would take much longer and require much more effort.

Also, some of these people may not even live in the same country as them, let alone in the same area. This won’t matter though, as you’ll still be able to talk to them and see what they’ve been up to.


Talking to your friends and family online can have a positive effect on how they feel, resulting in increased well-being. Therefore, if you have moments where you feel isolated from others, you will be able to do something about it.

What can also improve your mood is sharing something that other people will like and comment on. This could be a picture of themselves or it could be something that is not related to them in any way.

An event

Organizing a night out or a meeting, for example, can also be much easier thanks to social networks. You can invite whoever you want to invite, without the need to issue individual invites for everyone.

The other part of this is that it’s also easy for someone else to let you know if they can do it or if they’re not interested. From these examples alone, it is clear that having just one online account can be very beneficial.


However, to say that social networks only have one side or that they have only had a positive effect on humanity would not be accurate. There are people who believe that it is generally good, while there are others who believe that it has done more harm than good.

Perhaps the best way to look at social networks would be to say that the way they are used defines whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. So this is not unlike how a knife can be used to cut food or used to cause harm.

Other side

In the same way that someone can become addicted to alcohol, drugs, food or exercise, really almost anything, they can also become addicted to social media. Due to the chemicals that are activated within them when they use it, they may end up developing a strong urge to use it.

However, this is not something that will happen by chance, as the social media app they get hooked on may have been designed to do this. The application they use will not have been designed by engineers alone; brain experts will also have been involved.


What may also play a role here is that one may find it difficult to feel good, which may mean one will be more susceptible to being sucked in. So if you find it hard to feel good and even lack self-control, you may be an easy target.

Either way, if they end up hooked, it’s likely to have a negative effect on other areas of your life. The time you spend online could be spent connecting with real people and working on something that will improve your life, for example.

Anything else

If you spend a lot of time with them and share a lot, how your friends and family respond to what you share can define how you feel. After they’ve shared something, they can feel anxious and then this can change once the likes and comments start pouring in.

Without this positive feedback from others, they may feel like they don’t exist. You will be like a child who needs constant attention from his caregivers or else he will feel invisible.

Two parts

If they don’t get the kind of feedback they expect, they could end up hitting rock bottom. Because they have given up their power, other people will be in control of their inner world.

Still, if one is experiencing life in this way, it could show that they lack a strong sense of self to begin with. If this had been in place, they would not have needed so much approval from others.


A very simple way of looking at social media would be to say that it can draw someone in and away from the things that really matter. When used at the right time and for the right length of time it can be fine, but when it’s not, it can lead to a number of different problems.
One way for someone to get an idea of ​​the effect it is having on their life would be to think about whether it is causing them to neglect some area of ​​their life. If it is, there’s no need to shame or blame yourself; they can think about what they need to do instead and take action.


Versatile Review

What is Versativa?

Versativa is a brand. They are renaming what is often misunderstood as marijuana. Versatile cannabis sativa…get it?

Versativa is a hemp MLM.


So what’s the deal with this hemp company? Versativa is a new division of ForeverGreen, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Orem, Utah. It is a new line of hemp-based products. Versativa was pre-released in January 2011, with an official release planned for later in the year. ForeverGreen has four other brands with a number of health and wellness related products.


Ron Williams, the founder and CEO of ForeverGreen, was recently named president of the International Network Marketing Association. He previously founded Whole Living Inc., known as Brain Garden in 1998, and served as an executive at Neways and Young Living Essential Oils. Corporate executives come from previous MLM backgrounds, including Noni and Xango.

Movement and Market

What is unique about Versativa is the great hemp movement they work with. Google “hemp” and you’ll quickly discover that this super plant that can produce 30,000 different products has been banned since 1937. Hemp activists know the history and benefits of hemp very well, and are very passionate about the movement to legalize it. grow it in the field.

Hemp is a sustainable resource and an ecological solution to many of our problems. Vegetarians and health conscious people love the nutritional value of hemp seeds, and others are fascinated with the history and truth about hemp. There are not many options for hemp products or foods.


So what are these hemp products? Versativa currently has two unique products called Pulse and Hemphoria. Pulse is a completely organic and raw meal replacement based on hemp seeds. Hemphoria, the “peace and happiness blend”, is a hemp seed concentrate with all natural raw extracts. They will be launching a hemp body care line soon, and 40 other products are in development as well.

You might be interested to know that 80% of ForeverGreen’s products are purchased by customers, as opposed to distributors.

Payment plan

ForeverGreen has a unilevel compensation plan based on dynamic generation compression. Generations are not levels, and this structure allows you to go deeper than levels. You can start earning commissions from your first sale, and there’s no balance or requirements on either leg. The plan has a 60-day holding tank, which means you can keep your new members in a holding tank for up to 60 days before placing them on your team.

Leadership and support

Versativa is run by a number of seven figure earners in the industry. They offer a training program that you can connect to immediately. If you’re new to network marketing, or have limited time to work on your business, you may be interested in the lead co-op program where you can buy a share of exclusive leads who specifically inquired about Versativa.

What does this all mean?

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It sounds too good to be true, you could say. Are there any disadvantages? We’ll see. MLMs at this early stage tend to have a few problems to work out, and some people may prefer to wait until they have more product options.

Could Versativa be Amway’s version of hemp?

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Foods that cure hard stools

Everyone suffers from constipation from time to time. But what do you do if it is a daily occurrence?

The human intestine is most comfortable when it produces feces (bowel movements) of desirable consistency and size. “A brown banana” is a good way to think of the ideal stool: not too hard, not too soft, not too big, not too small. The muscles of the colon are designed to move soft stool the size of a banana. The colon has a harder time passing hard stools, whether small or large.

Although certain diseases and many medications cause constipation, the most common culprit is a lack of fiber in the diet. Civilized man does not eat enough soluble fiber to keep the intestines well regulated. Soluble fiber is the kind that can soak up fluids to soften your stool—think dried beans. Dry, hard beans can turn into mush if they are soaked and cooked long enough to absorb enough water. Soluble fiber is not absorbed in the intestines; it passes through raw, absorbing extra water along the way, just like the gelatin in disposable diapers.

So before you get to the food, don’t forget the water. No matter what food you eat, your stool cannot soften if not enough water passes through your intestine.

Also, food cannot soften stool that has already formed; the fiber just softens the next stool down the road. Think of your intestinal tract as a conveyor belt. You want to keep a good supply of fiber moving throughout the tract to keep all of your bowel movements a good consistency. The hard stools you have now should go away in a day or two. New, higher-fiber stools can then begin to form from an improved diet. Sometimes it takes a while for the intestine to get used to this: it has to stretch out a bit and get used to working properly again. Until then, you may experience gas, bloating, cramping, or mild discomfort.

Remember the proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? That is a good place to start. A medium apple has about 3 grams of fiber. You would have to eat 4 slices of white bread to get that much fiber (and with 4 times the calories).

Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber. In addition to apples, other fruits with a particularly high soluble fiber content are raspberries, blackberries, and pears. Don’t peel the apples and pears; Eat the skin, too, for the highest fiber content. And any fruit is a better food choice than simple carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, sweetened cereals, pasta, white flour, or sugar.

Vegetables that are high in fiber include beans, artichokes (who eats them?), peas, spinach, carrots, and broccoli. Raw vegetables are healthier than cooked ones, however they are somewhat more likely to cause bloating. But any vegetable, cooked or not, is healthier to eat than a simple carbohydrate.

Whole grains are also a reasonable source of fiber. Anything with bran is a good choice. Whole wheat or rye bread is better than white bread. Oats, shredded wheat, brown rice, and peanuts have a good amount of soluble fiber.

Try to eat at least 5 servings a day of these high-fiber foods. Again, it may take a few days or perhaps a few weeks for your colon to adjust to the increase in fiber, but it should be worth it in the long run. An added bonus: Most of these foods are low in calories but packed with vitamins and other nutrients—good for you in every way.

Copyright 2010 Cynthia J. Koelker, MD

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Veer Review – Everything Falls Apart

Salman Khan said in an interview that if Veer fails he will take responsibility, this might be the time. Here, for a change, director Anil Sharma shifts the focus from Pakistan to British rule in India without compromising his high-speed rants about motherland, honor and machismo. The film stars Salman Khan in the lead role and has one of the biggest hits of 2009 to its credit. He has also put himself in the shoes of a screenwriter with this movie and it is obvious that this movie is very close to him, but he disappoints his fans with his latest proposal.

It’s a well-known fact to moviegoers that films directed by Anil Sharma care less about accuracy of facts and historical figures, but offer plenty of entertainment where the central character defeats evil almost single-handedly (remember Sunny Deol does in Gadar Ek Prem Katha). Here’s Salman doing it to the ruler of his state who has sided with British rule to oppress the Pindari tribes.

The film revolves around colonial India in 1862 and is mainly based on the Rajputana tribe of Pindari who are tough alcoholic warriors. They are good at war and drink (that’s what the movie suggests). The film begins with the king of Madhav Garh betraying the Pindari tribe after winning a war with them, in order to appease the British. The tribes, as they wish, use revenge. The entire movie revolves around his revenge and it is in the last few scenes that the focus shifts from revenge to liberating India from British rule.

To achieve this revenge the chief of the tribe Prithvi Singh (Mithun Chakraborty) sends his two sons Veer and Punya to England to learn how the firangi mind works and can beat them at their own game. The matter is complicated by the arrival of the princess of Madhav Garh played by Zarine Khan in Veer’s life, who falls in love with the princess. Our hero Veer fights fearlessly with the amoral king, the British government and lays the foundation for the Indian independence movement.

The problem with the movie is not the lack of logic but the amount of boredom it gives the viewer. The hero takes a man’s intestine with his bare hands, engages in a strange kind of Swayamwar to win the princess, and finds himself clothed in the motherland. Such things are only boring and even more so they give a rather comical angle to the movie which is obviously not the intention of the director and screenwriter.

We have best movies in recent times about patriotism (Chak De) and epic movies (Lagaan and Jodhaa Akbar). Here even the duration of the film bores the viewer. The music is fine for the movie, if not great. The filmmakers have tried to bring conviction to the project and have worked hard to make it work on screen.

The movie deserved a better script than this to back up the hard work put in by Salman Khan on virtually every scene. He has done his best to take the film to a new level, but unfortunately he has been let down with this epic. The brilliant presence of him in every scene surely deserves approval.

The film has many exaggerated scenes and dialogues that give it an unintended comedic effect. Even the appearance of the warrior Salman and the mass appeal of him might not save this movie from losing to oblivion in the near future. Watch the movie if you are a die-hard Salman Khan fan or want to see the hard work put in by him or save it for a DVD later.

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Spaghetti Squash and the Candida Diet

Have you ever heard of spaghetti squash? If you’ve ever been on a low-carb diet, you’ve probably heard of this amazing winter squash that, when cooked, falls apart into spaghetti-like strands. Spaghetti squash is a low-carb dieter’s dream, containing just 5 grams of carbs per ½-cup serving. It is for this reason that it is also an ideal choice for those following the candida diet.

The candida diet, also known as the anti-candida diet or yeast-free diet, is the cornerstone of treating a condition known as yeast infection. Candidiasis is characterized by an overgrowth of Candida albicans in the intestinal system. Candida albicans is a typically benign type of yeast that is innately present in the intestinal system. Ideally, Candida albicans will work in concert with the types of “friendly” bacteria to create a unique intestinal microflora that helps keep the body healthy. Unfortunately, numerous external factors allow Candida albicans to grow too large and become an opportunistic organism. These external factors include excessive use of antibiotics, steroids, oral contraceptives, stress, and diets high in processed/sugary foods. When Candida albicans grows too large, the body often experiences numerous seemingly unrelated symptoms, such as joint pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, PMS, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic sinus infections, chronic yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis. chronic, anxiety and depression. Once the delicate balance of intestinal microflora is disrupted, it is very difficult to restore it. The candida diet seeks to restore this balance by cutting off the food supply to Candida albicans, starving and killing them. Although prescription and/or over-the-counter antifungals may be necessary to treat a yeast infection, the most important part of treatment is following the yeast infection diet.

The candida diet eliminates foods and ingredients that feed yeast, such as sugar, vinegar, processed foods, glutinous grains, dairy products, and fruits. The diet also calls for eating only moderate amounts of complex carbohydrates and starchy vegetables. This leaves low-starch vegetables, meats, poultry and fish to enjoy freely. With all of these limitations, you can see why spaghetti squash may be such an important food for a candida diet. Spaghetti squash is extremely versatile and can be eaten as a side dish with meat, chicken, or fish or enjoyed as a main dish to replace some of those complex carbohydrates. Spaghetti squash works great as a main dish and can be used in place of pasta in your favorite recipes. Additionally, spaghetti squash is an excellent source of vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. It is quite available year-round and will stay fresh for several weeks if stored at room temperature. Spaghetti squash is very easy to cook, as it can be baked, boiled, steamed, or even microwaved.

For more information on living yeast-free on the candida diet, visit Yeast-Free Living.