What is the total unfunded liability of the US government?

One of the main political issues of 2009 was the health care reform plan that Congress is still working on. Due to the vociferous debate over the plan, American citizens have probably become much more informed about the amount of debt owed by the United States government. Much of that debt is in the hands of countries like China and that fact has also caught the public’s attention.

But there is another type of debt that is not talked about as often. I am referring to what is called unfunded liabilities. In essence, the United States government has made promises to pay money today and in the future to its citizens. We are talking about Social Security and Medicare.

The government raises funds for these expenses from various taxes and then uses the money to fund the program. These programs are considered unfunded liabilities because, projecting into the future, tax revenues will not be able to finance projected expenditures. The numbers are truly staggering. The unfunded Social Security liability is projected to be $ 17.5 trillion.

In reality, Medicare’s unfunded liability is expected to be much higher. Medicare actually has Parts A, B and D, Part A funds hospital care. Part B funds doctor visits and Part D funds prescription drugs. The unfunded liability of part A is estimated at $ 36 trillion, part B at $ 37 trillion, and part D at $ 15 trillion.

The total amount of the unfunded liability is just over $ 100 trillion, or roughly $ 33,000 for every man, woman, and child in the country. And since the Federal Reserve estimates that the private net worth of all Americans combined is just over $ 50 trillion, you can see the problem.

The reason many are concerned is that the only two ways to rectify the situation are to dramatically increase taxes or cut promised benefits. Since most analysts feel that it is politically very difficult to cut promised benefits, most anticipate major tax increases in the future. There are some analysts who are much more optimistic about the problem, arguing that there are so many assumptions built into these analyzes that they could be significantly inaccurate.


How Shoko Tendo’s tattoos transformed her life and inspired mine

Simply magical. Not every day a book inspires you with such courage and strength to face the difficulties of your life.

The book I’m referring to is Yakuza Moon, which was written to reflect the life story of author Shoko Tendo. Born in 1968 into a family headed by a Japanese yakuza or gangster dad, she went through arduous upbringing after falling into bad company at a tender age. Descendants of medieval gamers and outlaws, the yakuza were long portrayed as latter-day samurai, bound by traditions of honor and duty while living extravagant lives. Dad was the leader of the gang linked to Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest yakuza group, leading a “classic” yakuza life filled with Italian suits and imported fast cars.

To be fair, Dad never really talked about his yakuza business while at home and raised Tendo to have impeccable manners.

But surrounded by bad influences, Tendo suspended her early school education, transformed into a teenage yankee or gangster, and lost her virginity to her first boyfriend when she was just in high school. And as if life weren’t hard enough, she got addicted to inhaling thinners and “speed” or marijuana, and ended up in a reformatory after getting caught up in a gang fight.

Eight months later, she was released only to learn that Dad became seriously ill with tuberculosis. His family was in total disaster, cowed by the daily visits of rowdy debtors amid mounting debts. In a state of numbness and denial, she continued her usual dose of drugs, mingling with bad company, suffered multiple incidents of rape, and had sordid sex in “love hotels.”

In short, she had become a total maverick who wandered aimlessly overnight and, mind you, she was barely eighteen at the time. It was the kind of growing pains that would make any reader cry.

Tendo’s life took a different perspective at age twenty-one when an old acquaintance took her to a tattoo shop. Although she was exposed to irezumi or full body tattoos throughout her life, it was the first time that she felt so deeply interested in skin art. Transfixed and true to character, she impulsively decided to tattoo herself from the base of her neck to the tips of her toes, with a design centered on a geisha with a dagger in her mouth. And on each of his arms there was a tattoo of dragons.

Interestingly, since getting the tattoos, his attitude completely changed and took on a whole new meaning. Such was the emotional power and influence of tattoos that they can turn a person devastated by a harsh education overnight. Literally, empowerment came when she got a tattoo herself.

Then, on her twenty-second birthday, she married a yakuza member who had to cut off her left pinky to prepare for her marriage and leave her gang. However, the happy occasion had a bittersweet aftertaste for her, as she had been raped by her possessive and mentally unstable ex-boyfriend the day before.

Soon after, she was forced to abort her first child, as she and her husband were simply too poor to be able to raise one. The reality was extremely harsh for both of them.

But the cruelties of life did not end there. Two days after receiving her first salary as a married woman, her mother suffered a massive stroke and died shortly after, without recovering. Depressed blow after blow in life, she gave in and attempted suicide using sleeping pills. Fortunately, she was rescued by hospital staff only to receive the news that her dad was dying of stomach cancer. God help her!

The loss of both parents finally brought Tendo back to consciousness. Determined to put her sordid past behind her, she launched her life into work, marked by opening her first savings account at age thirty. In fact, she eventually managed to save enough to buy her parents worthy burial plots.

Now in his mid-thirties, Tendo is completely free of his troubled past and leads a happy life with his young daughter, something Tendo had resigned himself to not having for a long time. Her life story has taught us to fully appreciate and treasure our loved ones.. Compared to what she went through, most of the problems we face are simply too insignificant. Remember: no conflict is too much to resolve, quickly. Unfortunately, the tattoos on her will remain, a clear and vivid reminder of her wild days. I wish him well.

Lifestyle Fashion

Improve facial complexion: how to get rid of dull and gray skin

Don’t take good facial complexion for granted. The color of your skin is indicative of your inner health. Most of the time, dull, gray skin can make a person appear much older.

Actually, it is easy to improve the complexion of your face as long as you commit to a good skin care regimen. Fortunately, the integumentary system is resistant. It can perform repair and regeneration functions easily.

Help your skin a little with the following tips:

1. To quickly improve the complexion, you should use citrus juice. Lemon juice contains bleaching properties. Little by little it will clear up your complexion. But unlike other whitening ingredients, lemon juice also improves the vitality of your skin tone. Gives a healthy glow to your skin. It can even make the pores on your skin finer and tighter so that you can have a smooth dermis.

Extract the lemon juice and apply it on your clean skin. Massage gently for about a minute. Massaging it can infuse the lemon juice more deeply. This will also increase the blood circulation to make the skin a rose bush. Let the lemon juice act on your skin for about 30 minutes before washing it off.

2. Use a clarifying moisturizer twice a day. There are natural moisturizers on the market that can improve skin health and improve complexion. Look for the ingredients Extrapone Nutgrass, CynergyTK, Maracuja, and Babassu.

Extrapone Nutgrass roots contain bleaching properties that can control melanin production. This ingredient can improve skin tone in just two weeks. It also contains anti-irritant properties that can heal rashes and allergies. Frees the skin from blemishes.

CynergyTK is an ingredient extracted from sheep’s wool. Sheep wool is a great source of functional keratin. Keratin is a type of complex protein responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. An increase in collagen can make your dermis strong and resilient. Maracuja is a Brazilian passion fruit species loaded with emollient properties similar to human skin. Keeps the skin hydrated for longer. Babassu creates an invisible shield on the surface of your skin to ward off toxins that can make the dermis appear dull and lifeless.

3. Detoxify your system

Make sure to drink vitamin E on a daily basis because this will make your skin glow with health. Vitamin E is necessary for the repair of damaged tissues.

You should also drink fiber-rich fruit juices. Fibers can eliminate toxins. Without toxins, your skin will immediately look more vibrant. You can try eating an apple a day with the skin on. Apples contain nutrients that can completely cleanse the digestive system.


How to select a healthy leopard gecko pet from a leopard gecko breeder – pet store

If you’ve thought it through and made the decision that a gecko is the pet you want, then you can begin your search for your new pet. You need to choose carefully, and you should enter the buying process after you’ve decided on a few things.

One of these factors is the color and pattern you prefer your new gecko to have. You should choose one that you find attractive; Geckos can live a long time, so select a color that you like to look at! You will also need to know how to properly care for your new pet. You have to know what to feed your gecko, when they need to be fed, and as much as possible about their behavior. You’ll also want to have your nursery ready for when you take them home.

Then you should start looking for a pet store that deals with reptiles. Many pet stores sell geckos and there are also specialized gecko breeders who breed leopard geckos for particular colors and patterns, so you may want to research this if you have your heart set on a certain leopard gecko color.

You can find all the information you need on owning and caring for a gecko in a variety of books and websites, as well as on forums frequented by people who keep leopard geckos as pets. Reptiles like these geckos have different needs than cats or dogs, so make sure you know all the important facts before picking up your new pet.

When you are looking at geckos, you will obviously want to choose one that is healthy. The following tips can help ensure that the gecko you choose is in good health:

1) You should look for a gecko that is alive and alert. If they run and hide when you approach their cage, it is a good sign. A gecko that doesn’t seem to mind your approach is probably sick.

2) A healthy gecko should have shiny, healthy-looking skin. If your skin looks dull or has patches of old skin that should have been shed, it is likely that you are not in good health and have been poorly cared for.

3) Make sure any gecko you are thinking of adopting do not have broken or weak limbs or other signs of injury. If a leopard gecko you are looking at has a wound that doesn’t appear to have healed or is missing a tail that shows no signs of regrowing, this is an indicator that they are in poor health and that you should keep looking for another leopard. gecko to take home.

4) Look for signs of parasites. One of the most common parasites that affect leopard geckos will be manifested by red patches on the skin, especially around the base of the legs, neck, eyes, and rectum.

5) A well-fed gecko is a healthy gecko, so make sure that any gecko you want to take home as your new pet doesn’t have extremely prominent pelvic bones (this is a sign of malnutrition).

Real Estate

5 hidden office space costs business owners should be aware of

When a small business owner searches for office space for their business, they often assume that the only amount to pay is the cost of the lease. But you have to be very careful when renting office space, as there are several hidden costs associated with renting office space that business owners will not be aware of.

It may be because they are looking for office space on their own or because they are in the hands of an inexperienced commercial realtor who has not explained the terms of the lease and additional costs in detail. This would cause serious problems for them later on, which would make them think about leaving the office space. In some cases, they will not be in a position to vacate the space, as they will have signed the long-term contract.

To avoid these conflicts later on, business owners need to be aware of the hidden costs associated with renting.

So what are those hidden office space costs that you need to be aware of? Check them out here.

1. Maintenance costs

Before signing the lease, you should make sure that it is your responsibility to pay for the maintenance services in the office space. If you have to pay maintenance costs, you need to make sure of the services you will pay for. Maintenance costs can include cleaning charges, services provided by technicians and security guards, repairs, elevator maintenance, parking charges, and other services.

This will often be the responsibility of the tenant and you need to make sure you can afford these costs as they occur down the road.

2. Upgrade costs

You might be wondering what these upgrade costs are! Well, even if you are moving into a newly constructed commercial space, you may still have to make minor adjustments to the office space to make it suitable for your business and employees. It could be just changing the office furniture, adding some simple wall art to make the space look more attractive, or changing the color of the ceiling.

Whatever the upgrade, the property owner will never be in the picture and you will have to pay out of pocket.

3. Operating expenses

If you don’t analyze the terms of the lease in detail, you won’t be aware of the operating expenses you will have to pay each month. Operating expenses included electricity bills, internet charges, air conditioning maintenance, etc. If it is a shared office space, the expense may also include additional charges for the use of discussion rooms, conference rooms, and booths.

Sometimes these operating costs can add up based on the type of office space and services being used. Therefore, it is very important for a tenant to consider these costs when renting an office space.

4. Tax increase

All commercial leases will have a separate term or clause related to tax and maintenance costs. Sometimes the clause also contains terms and conditions related to the tax increase. Whenever there is an increase in the tax amount, the landlord simply transfers the increased cost to the tenant. Although this is the most common inclusion, it is always good for a tenant to know about it sooner rather than face problems later.

5. Costs for pre-existing conditions

Sounds new to a business owner planning to rent their first office space. The costs for pre-existing conditions are nothing more than the costs that you will have to pay to return the office space to its previous condition if you have made any changes during the lease term. Most landlords want their property to be in the same condition when the tenant moves out.

This cost can be really huge if you make a lot of changes to the property during your tenure. See if such a clause exists within the term of the lease and make sure you are able to handle it before making any major changes to the property.

All of these hidden costs can come as a huge surprise to tenants who have not fulfilled the terms of the lease properly. As already said, it happens when you are in the wrong hands. An experienced realtor takes care of all the terms of the lease and explains them in detail. We are one of those property management firms that is by your side throughout the deal and helps you find an ideal office space. Contact us for any commercial real estate requirement.


Using every bit of your leftovers

Food waste is a hot topic these days because it creates havoc with systems along the waste chain. Fermented foods create gases and when sealed in bags these gases can ignite and cause a “popping” sound. Gas itself is not pleasant and can make you feel a bit nauseous if you breathe a lot. These gases and liquids eventually leave the bags and reach the landfill where they can cause fires, wreak havoc on air purity, and can result in the accumulation of toxins underground downhill from the landfill. Edible waste in dumpsters and at the landfill attracts animals, which carries its own set of dangers for both the animals and the landfill. Networking with farmers and various composting methods or machines are obvious answers, and there are numerous programs that work in this regard. However, what if we could reduce food waste right from the start, right in our own kitchens?

You may be thinking: “Some leftover broccoli, 1/2 cup creamed corn, 1/4 cup peas in the pot … It seems like a waste to throw in the compost bin, but what can you do with so little? “a lot, actually.

Freeze even the smallest amount of leftovers in small containers or resealable bags. Clearly label the content and quantity. They can now be taken out when you are making soups, stews, casseroles, enchiladas, or sauces. It’s amazing how much these little additions will enrich the flavor and nutritional content of the dish. The advantage is that the family will save a great deal of money over time.

In our cookbook, From One Small Garden, we have recipes designed specifically to help you deal with small amounts of leftovers. Some of our favorite ways to use up leftovers are to make veggie patties, pakora, fritters, spicy crepes, or a hearty homemade soup.

While it may seem silly to save such a small amount of leftovers, now you can see that it is a smart and eco-friendly habit. Doing this means you took something that was formally considered waste and turned it into a whole new food that is both tasty and nutritious. With an extended budget and less time spent shopping, creative food planning like this can certainly have a positive impact on both waste production and the family budget.


3 day diet to lose 10 pounds

The 3-day diet is a fad diet, that is, a weight loss diet that has quickly gained popularity, but in a time whose popularity has waned. It had been a well-known diet from 1985. The 3-day diet is a regulated diet plan that still exists in the texts and is practiced by some for rapid weight loss, lowering cholesterol, cleansing, and increasing levels. of energy. . It is purely a diet plan that does not recommend any type of exercise in conjunction with the diet.

The 3-day diet is often incorrectly referred to as the Cleveland Clinic Diet. This diet plan must be followed for exactly three consecutive days. This should be replaced by a normal diet for the next four to five days, after which the 3-day diet plan should be opted for again. Those who follow the 3 Day Diet plan are assured of losing up to 10 pounds in just three days. If you follow this diet for a month, you can lose up to 40 pounds in 30 days. However, it is a fact that the weight lost due to the 3 Day Diet is probably liquid weight and not fat weight.

A strict diet of the specified foods in the exact specified proportions should be followed when following the 3-Day Diet. Eating too much and too little in the specified amounts will deprive the dieter of the benefits of the 3-Day Diet.

Below is the 3-day diet meal plan.

For the first day

  1. Breakfast: Have a cup of black tea or black coffee, a single slice of toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and half a grape.
  2. Lunch: Have a piece of toast and a half cup of tuna.
  3. Dinner: Have two slices or about three ounces of any type of lean meat. One cup of beets, one cup of green beans, one apple (small), and one cup of vanilla ice cream (normal size).

For the second day

  1. Breakfast: Have an egg, half a banana, a piece of toast and a cup of tea or black coffee.
  2. Lunch: Have a half cup of tuna or cottage cheese and five servings of regular crackers.
  3. Dinner: Have two slices of meat, a cup of cabbage or broccoli, half a banana, half a cup of carrots, and half a cup of vanilla ice cream (normal size).

By the third day

  1. Breakfast: Have a cup of black tea or black coffee, five pieces of regular crackers, an apple, and an ounce of cheddar cheese.
  2. Lunch: Have a cup of black tea or black coffee, a hard-boiled egg, a piece of toast.
  3. Dinner: Have a cup of tuna, a cup of cauliflower, a cup of carrots, a cup of cantaloupe, and a half cup of plain vanilla ice cream.

Dieters, who consume the 3-Day Diet, along with prescribed foods, drink more than 9 glasses of water or any other non-caloric beverage. Substitutes for any type of food cannot be used on this diet. No seasonings or flavors are allowed. However, you can include salt and pepper according to taste.

The magic force behind

Wondering how this diet helps you lose so much weight in such a short time? There is no written record of how the 3 Day Diet works to cleanse the system, burn fat, improve energy levels, and lower cholesterol. However, the way it works in weight loss is supposed to be as follows.

This unique combination of the specified foods works magically to create a particular type of metabolic reaction in your body. Certain types of chemicals in these foods are believed to improve your metabolism and burn fat at a faster rate than is normally burned.

Returning to the normal diet style after these 3 days of dieting is to prevent your system from slowing down your metabolism, re-storing fat, and preventing you from starving. As long as you alternate this 3-Day Diet with 4-5 days of normal diet, you can do countless days of this type of diet.

The downsides of the 3-day diet plan

  • The diet is very low in carbohydrates. Since carbohydrates are responsible for retaining water, the weight loss is initially due to cutting carbohydrates from your diet. So once you get back to your normal eating habits, you tend to regain the lost weight.
  • The diet does not offer you the nutrition that your body needs.
  • The diet is very monotonous so dieters tend to love their old eating habits more and therefore return to it once again. So, in most cases, the resolution to lose weight is left in the middle.
  • The belief that the 3 Day Diet works due to a unique metabolic reaction is not based on a solid foundation.
  • The weight loss achieved is also due to the severity of the caloric restriction that is not good for health.
  • Since this diet involves eliminating a lot of calories, it would be necessary for you to take time off from work for these three days.
  • If you have a regular exercise program, you should restrict your exercise to the minimum possible, as you will experience lower energy levels. And this can make it difficult for you to slip out of the tract and get back to your normal routine.
  • Rapid weight loss is not permanent and you will likely regain the lost weight soon.
  • The fad diet can starve your body.


Although the diet plan recommends a strict diet, it is best to stop if you feel very dizzy or too tired. Take care of yourself.

Home Kitchen

The importance of your kitchen sink

The kitchen sink should be the center of attention in your kitchen. This is a critical decision, particularly when redesigning, redecorating, or building a new home. It is important to install the correct type of kitchen sink that not only fits your lifestyle, but will last a lifetime of use and abuse.

Kitchen sinks hold up a lot; Depending on your needs and how you use one, you may be able to find a sink that is perfect for you. Large one, two or even three bowl sinks play their role very well. In addition, the bar sinks will complement the design of your sink and kitchen.


Depending on how you like the style of your kitchen, you should consider your options carefully. The sinks come with automatic flush and undermount. Sinks with automatic edge sit on the countertop and their edge sits on the countertop. The undercounter sink, as the name implies, is attached under the counter. You’ll find that the undermount sinks will make it easier to clean the countertops, while the self-rimmed sink frame will add more style to your kitchen.


The bar sinks are great; offer a smaller version of the traditional kitchen sink to help you entertain yourself. Bar sinks are often offered as smaller versions of kitchen sink models, but you can also find bar sink styles to mix and match your kitchen’s decorative theme.


The amazing finishes of the kitchen sink go beyond the standard stainless steel sink. Various materials will bring your kitchen to life. Take a look at sinks made from cast iron, porcelain on steel, vitrified porcelain, or natural stone. Americast sinks from American Standard are an incredible invention. A combination of steel and porcelain make this great material; it is lightweight and exceptionally durable. The Americast sink has superior noise-reducing insulation properties that will help improve the longevity of your sink.


Consider different types of sinks for your lifestyle. The two- and three-bowl sinks are ideal for cleaning and rinsing, ideal for busy kitchens. The triple bowl is a great bonus – you can dry dishes, soak pots, and drain and rinse vegetables at the same time with the triple bowl feature. Large single bowl bowl sinks are by no means inferior in quality. The single bowl sink will leave you plenty of room to work with and can also work well with those who have less counter space to work with.


Your kitchen sink should be a critical focus when designing your kitchen. Right at the height of your kitchen faucet and other utilities, your sink can come in great styles to add life to your kitchen. There is a perfect fit just for you, with these sinks varying in different widths and depths. Buying right, you will find the sink of your dreams. Top home plumbing manufacturers, such as Franke, Kohler, American Standard, or Moen, have an industry-leading history of great sink styles for your home.


Reflections from my tour of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

36 years later, across the street from the Royal Palace gate, in a public square, a dozen small children were playing. His parents, mostly in their twenties, were not yet born when the horrible Khmer Rouge event took place. They looked just as happy and innocent as their children. Time has healed, life has moved on.

Phnom Penh became the capital of the Khmer kingdom in the 15th century, replacing Angkor. Legend has it that an old woman named Penh found four Buddha images that had perched on the bank of the Tongle River. A city grew up around the hill where it housed them for worship and came to be known as Phnom Penh (Hill of Penh).

For centuries, Phnom Penh struggled to survive repeated attacks from its two powerful neighbors, the Vietnamese and the Thais, until the arrival of the French in 1863, who made Cambodia a protectorate and in fact protected it from foreign invasions until their departure in 1953..

The French gave the city the layout we know today. Phnom Penh therefore has a specific colonial feel: grand boulevards lined with century-old trees, elegant villas surrounded by lush gardens; However, it seems that a new face of the capital has been formed, as some modern structures are being built, a landmark of the modernity that the country seeks.

In fact, the capital appears to enjoy a distinctly higher standard of living than the rest of the country: Large off-road vehicles abound, the safe deposit box business is a huge success as people find ways to store their newfound wealth. and international schools are full of local children. wealthy families. Of course, that image does not represent the majority of the people of Phnom Penh. Certainly the working class is still very concerned about their daily income. However, an impression of ease and abundance is quite characteristic of the city today.

I decided to walk to the bank of the river in front of the Royal Palace. It is a place where you can meet Cambodians from all walks of life: monks, intellectuals, businessmen, housewives, food vendors and beggars, drawn by the fresh air and the healing effect of the river. In one corner, there was a small Buddhist shrine, where devotees offered candles and lotus flowers on a fresh coconut. I noticed a middle-aged couple ceremoniously shaving their young son’s head. The latter was sitting in a chair, his eyes closed and his hands clasped in a gesture of reverence. Apparently, he was preparing to enter the monk to fulfill his duty as a man and son, bringing merit to his family, a tradition shared in all Theravada countries such as Thailand, Laos, and Burma.

Despite all of Phnom Penh’s interesting sightseeing tours, its laid-back markets, bars, restaurants, and the seemingly carefree laughter of its youth, I still cannot forget the tragic events that have killed a quarter of the population of this country less ago. half a century. I went into a bike shop to rent a bike for a ride. The manager of the store, a young woman in her twenties, did not know how to get to my destination. He had never been to the Choeung Ek death camp, a museum of his country’s past genocide only 13 kilometers away, it is probably a part of history that he prefers not to know.

The Choeung Ek death camp was surrounded by serene rice fields and villages. At first glance, the elegant memorial tower located in the center of the site did not look horrible at all, until I saw the pyramid of skulls with thousands of victims who had been killed at this site during the Khmer Rouge regime. My audio guide took me through all the mass grave sites and then back to the memorial tower. There were no words to describe the sensation resulting from touring the site. The entire site was a terrifying display of the darker side of the human psyche, where circumstances turned people into killing machines, unable to connect with the most basic human consciousness: that of the value of life.

“The choice of the divine bird Garuda and the divine serpent Naga on the roof of the memorial tower is symbolically very significant,” said the tour guide. “In mythology, they are eternal enemies. Therefore, when worn together as ornaments, they represent a strong desire for reconciliation and peace.”

In fact, this spirit of reconciliation had been an attitude adopted by Cambodians in order to move on, keep smiling and rebuild their country. This is how Phnom Penh has managed to put traumatized memories in museums and books, looking to the future and living life to the fullest now.


Christmas Gifts for the Girlfriend: How to Stay Out of the Doghouse

Wondering what kind of gift to give your girlfriend for Christmas? Women are easy to please as long as you get them a gift that shows that you love them and that you pay attention to their tastes and preferences. There are many things to take into account when deciding what is the ideal gift for your girlfriend. This article will help you determine which gift would be ideal to give your girlfriend on Christmas morning.

First of all, you’ll want to base your decision for the moment on how long you’ve been dating and how serious the relationship is. You will not give the same type of gift if you are a new partner as if you were dating for a year or more. If you give her a gift that is too serious like a ring, it may scare her. However, if you’ve been dating for a while, you might be looking forward to and appreciative of a gift that says you’re not afraid of commitment.

Christmas gifts designed for brides are those that show that you pay attention to their tastes and preferences. Do you enjoy knitting, cooking, tattoos, books, music, tech gadgets, or embroidery? Buying her a gift that she wouldn’t necessarily buy herself because it’s a luxury item will really treat her and earn her points. Any of the following gifts will allow you to purchase a ticket out of the doghouse and secure a place in his heart. I hope these ideas inspire you to find the perfect gift for your honey cake.

The 5 best gifts for the girlfriend of a new relationship

1-music CD or iTunes card

2-Necklace or bracelet (if you plan to be with this girl for a while)

3-Flowers (not red roses unless you love the lady)

4-Pamper Me Gift Basket

5 tickets for 2 for concerts, plays or other events

Top 5 gifts for a long-time girlfriend

1- ring

Gift certificate for 2 spa treatments

3- romantic getaway

4- Garden basket of indoor plants

5- Perfume

6- clothes

Another gift that would be perfect for most brides is a Christmas flower arrangement. There are many options for giving your loved one flowers during the holidays, even if you have no idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir tastes. From roses in an elegant vase, a mixed Christmas bouquet to a centerpiece made up of fir, pine and cedar branches around a candle, perhaps a Christmas keepsake statue along with fresh red and white flowers, pine cones and berries will please. the vast majority of all. women at Christmas.