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tell the future

Since time immemorial, humanity has tried to gain advanced knowledge of things to come. The Old Testament of the Bible has numerous books of prophecy, although strangely many Christian fundamentalists now denounce fortune telling as a sin. Today many of us consult psychics, hoping to catch a glimpse of what tomorrow holds. Popular newspapers and magazines invariably feature a horoscope column, and who wouldn’t want a sneak peek of next week’s winning lottery numbers?

Does the future already exist?

Is it really possible to predict the future? To answer that question we need to examine the fundamental nature of reality.

Suppose we can really predict the future with certainty. Our first reaction may be excitement and joy. Those winning lottery numbers are out there somewhere, ready for the taking.

But let’s think again. This means that the future already exists, and our existence is a bit like being in a (ready-made) movie. What we perceive now is simply the frame that is currently being projected on the screen. But tomorrow, the day after, next week, next year, and so on, until the end of the universe, they’re already in the can. Nothing we say, think, feel, or do really matters one iota. We are powerless puppets enslaved within an inflexible and inescapable destiny.

Wouldn’t that be a nightmare?

Fortunately, I don’t believe that the true nature of reality is that of a fixed destiny. Despite the fact that the world appears to be ordered and to obey the laws of cause and effect, science has discovered that, at its most fundamental level, the physical world is anything but orderly, and every basic particle appears to behave randomly. Usually, because we observe millions of these tiny particles acting together, their individual randomness is averaged out and we perceive the illusion of order.

Examples of precognition

Having concluded that the future does not exist, it follows that it cannot be predicted. Yet history is literate with examples of seemingly amazing precognition. Here are a few:

In 1966, a coal waste landslide at a school in Aberfan, Wales, killed 28 adults and 116 children. Many people reported premonitions of the disaster, including a child victim who told her mother of a dream the night before in which something black fell on the school.

In the classic book “An Experiment with Time”, the engineer JW Dunne reports that numerous minor details were predicted in his dreams.

A study by WE Cox on train ridership found that significantly fewer people were traveling on trains involved in accidents.

And my personal experience:

One Saturday when I was about ten years old, I convinced myself that I would win the soccer pools (a weekly betting game based on soccer results). Throughout the day I repeated my belief to my family. Checking the soccer results, I found that I had won a minor dividend, an event of just under 2% chance. I have never felt such conviction before or since.

Can psychics and mediums predict the future?

In reality, we can all predict the future to some degree, simply based on our general understanding and knowledge of present conditions. If Manchester United (a major English soccer team) plays a non-league team, we can reasonably predict that United will win easily. And most likely we are right.

We should also note the possibility of the self-fulfilling prophecy. When we consciously and/or subconsciously believe that something will happen, we create the present conditions that increase its probability.

Psychics and mediums, by virtue of their contact with the spirit world, have access to more information about the present than is generally known through purely physical/sensory means.

Perhaps they can detect internal conflict in a soccer team, but a much greater sense of purpose and harmony in their equally matched opponents. So the psychic has an advantage in predicting the outcome of a match between the two, but could still be wrong.

Similarly, in premonitions of disaster, some sensitives may notice a loose bolt in the wing of an airplane, or “see” a terrorist making a bomb in some dark basement. His own higher self only has to extrapolate to create images of doom, but of course the plane may survive its journey without incident, or the terrorist may be thwarted in his attempt to carry out his gruesome act.

According to this model, mediums and psychics cannot predict the future with 100% certainty, but they can predict with significantly greater accuracy than is suggested by the laws of probability.

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Simple Nativity Story – Suitable for young children

This Nativity is suitable for reading to a young audience, preschoolers, and toddlers. Sometimes the nativity stories in young children’s Bibles are too short, sometimes too detailed. For the playgroup I work with or a kids’ talk at church, this version is a happy medium. Power Point slides or other images always help to hold the attention of a young audience and are more effective in communicating the story than using children as actors.

[Maybe start by showing (pink and blue?) baby dolls and say that a baby boy is called a son and a baby girl is called a daughter. This is the true story about the most important, most special baby ever born. It is special because in the Bible God says that Jesus is his Son.]

About two thousand years ago, in a town called Nazareth, there lived a young woman named Maria. Maria was soon to be married to a man named Jose. José was a carpenter, he made things out of wood. One day an angel came to see Mary and told her that she had been chosen to have a special baby. The baby would be God’s son and she is to name him Jesus.

Shortly after the angel’s visit, Mary and Joseph were married. Maria was expecting a baby. The baby was getting very big inside Mary’s belly when they had to take a long journey to Bethlehem. Bethlehem was a town far from Nazareth but it was where Joseph lived. Maria had to ride a donkey for a few days, along the road and over the hills before reaching Nazareth. Poor José had to walk all the way!

Finally Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem. It was full of other people who needed to pay their taxes. Mary was very tired and she needed a place to stay. They hoped to find a bedroom in an inn where visitors could stay for the night. But there was no place for them! All the rooms were already filled with other people! Finally, a kind innkeeper said that he had a stable where he kept his animals. They could stay there, although it would probably smell a bit.

In the stable the baby of Maria was born. She called him Jesus. Mary wrapped Jesus in strips of cloth to keep him warm and laid him down in a manger filled with hay.

At the same time, on a hill near Bethlehem, some shepherds were tending their sheep. A bright light appeared in the sky. They were very afraid. He was an angel sent by God. The angel told them not to be afraid, because he had good news. He said that the Son of God had been born and could be found in Bethlehem.

The shepherds wanted to go see the baby. When they got to the stable, they were very happy to see baby Jesus. They knelt down and worshiped him. They told Mary and Joseph that they had seen the angel in heaven, who told them that Jesus was going to be the Rescuer (Savior) of the world.

Far in the East, a new star was shining high in the sky. A wise man noticed this and was very surprised. He went looking for another wise man: “Look at that new star!” he said. They both thought about it. They knew this was a very special star. Sage number 3 looked in a book and said that a bright new star meant that a great King had been born.

The 3 Wise Men decided to look for this new King. So they set out to find him, riding their camels. It was a long road! They first went to the King’s palace because they thought the new King would be in a palace. But King Jesus was not there!

The Three Wise Men set out again to find the baby. They followed the star to the stable in Bethlehem. They found the baby Jesus, the new king, lying in the manger. The wise men knelt down and worshiped Jesus. They gave him 3 gifts. The gifts were gold, frankincense, and myrrh. That is the true story of the first Christmas.

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9 Important Points for the Best Ecommerce Web Development

Today, the internet cannot be imagined without e-commerce. Trade will be everywhere, it is universal and this will rule the world until it exists. However, today’s eCommerce has come a long way because today’s people know the importance of eCommerce web development and web design. This is the main reason for attracting a large number of customers to your website and this is why the internet is currently flooded with a number of eCommerce websites.

Due to this, the competition in the online market is becoming more and more dense with each passing day and it is not so easy to get ahead of others. To achieve the best in the online world, you need to design a website that is the simplest of all, easy to use, fast in operation and can certainly create a good image among customers. Here is a list of good and highly effective things for ecommerce website design and development.

1. The first and most important page is the home page of a website and it should be professional and very attractive so that the first impression of the website remains in the memory of the user and as we say “the first impression is the last impression” . “

2. The website must convey some kind of purpose, it must be goal oriented; Otherwise, there are websites that have nothing to say instead of distracting the customer unnecessarily to increase their web page traffic.

3. A good and effective e-commerce website should fully represent your business and customer satisfaction for best results are the only two reasons an organization should pursue.

4. The demands and needs of the customers must be taken into account so that people love your website.

5. Ecommerce website design should be highly communicative so that without promoting anything, you can communicate the idea and purpose of your website to the user.

6. Proper website navigation is very important otherwise user may get irritated and leave your website.

7. A filter search option is very necessary for customers.

8. No hidden fees, multiple payment options and a secure way to pay are very important and will keep user trust in your website.

9. A good eCommerce website along with an effective SEO strategy will give the website an edge among others. Therefore, it is very important that good SEO services are included with a good design.

From the above points, you can realize the importance of eCommerce web development and design. It is equally important to choose the perfect company for your website; otherwise, you won’t be able to profit from the ideas.

• Choose those professionals who have a commanding knowledge of various programming languages.

• Opt for those that use the latest technology and stay current with technology.

• Analyze your profile and look for references and most importantly previous work experience and history so you can gain confidence about your work.

• Select those eCommerce website design companies that can create online shopping carts on time and on budget.

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Healthy Way to Cook Meat

Cooking is an art that must be learned according to correct principles. People who are well versed in food preparation should not need medication. Animal meat is made up of fibers. These fibers are surrounded by connective tissue that is strong. Cooking softens and breaks down these tissues, making it easier for digestive juices to penetrate and dissolve them. That’s what proper cooking does. Poor cooking usually makes the meat undigestible.

The simpler the cooking, the more digestible the food will be. Flavors develop in the process, but these are hidden if the meats are heavily seasoned.

The various ways of cooking meat include the following:

Boiled: When boiling meats lose muscle sugar, flavoring extracts, organic acids, gelatin, mineral matter and soluble albumin. That is, they lose flavor and nutrition. Therefore, the liquid in which they are cooked should be used. The correct way to boil meat is to submerge it in boiling water. Let the water boil vigorously for ten to fifteen minutes. This will roll up the outside of the piece of meat. Then lower the water temperature to about 180 degrees F. and cook until it suits your taste. If it is boiled at a high temperature for a long time, it hardens, because the albumin curdles completely.

The salts draw the water out of the meat. Therefore, none of it should be used in boiling. The meat must be cooked in running water without adding anything. Vegetables and cereals should not be added. All meats contain some fat, and this enters the water and acts on vegetables and starches, making them indigestible. Season the meat after it is cooked or, better yet, have everyone season it to their liking after serving it.

Meats to be boiled should never be soaked, because cold water dissolves some of the salts and some of the nutritive substances. It’s better to just wash the meat if it doesn’t look fresh and clean enough to attract the eye, which it always should.

· Stew: If the meat is to be stewed, cut it into small pieces and stew or simmer at a temperature of about 180 degrees F. until tender. Must be steward in running water. If you want a meat and vegetable stew, stew the vegetables on one plate and the meat on another. When both are ready, mix both together. Cooking it like this makes a stew that will not “repeat” if it is eaten well. Food should taste while it is eaten, not after.

Broths: If a broth is desired, select lean meat. Either you grind it or you chop it well. There is no harm in soaking meat in cold water, as long as the water is used to make the stock. Don’t use seasonings. Let it stew or simmer at about 180 degrees F. until the meat strength is largely in the water. When the broth is ready, set it aside to cool. Then trim all fat and heat and use. A pound of lean meat will make a quart of fairly strong broth.

Grilled: Cut meat to desired thickness. It is then placed near a high heat, turning it from time to time, until it is done. But be careful not to burn the meat. An ordinary steak should be grilled for about 10 minutes. The time may depend on the thickness of the slice and whether you want it rare, medium, or well done.

Steak topped with onion is a favorite dish, but it is not a good way to prepare either onions or steak. A better way is to grill both the steak and the onions, or to grill the steak, slice the onions about one-half to three-quarters of an inch thick, add a little water, and bake. Steak and onions prepared in this way are tasty and easy to digest.

· Roasting: Roasting is similar to grilling, that is, cooking a piece of meat in front of an open fire. But in roasting a large part of the meat is used and, therefore, it takes more time to do it.

Baking: When baking, place meat in a closed oven. Most of the so-called roast meats are baked. The oven should be very hot for the first 10 to 15 minutes, around 400 degrees F. This heat will sear the outside of the meat quite well. Then reduce the heat to 260 degrees F. If held at a high temperature, it will produce a tough piece of meat. The length of time the meat should be in the oven depends on the size of the piece of meat and how well done it is desired. While part of the juices are baking and part of the fat is escaping. About every fifteen minutes, beat the meat with its own juice. And a few minutes before taking the meat out of the oven, it can be sprinkled with a small amount of salt, and the same can be done with roasted and roasted meats before they are cooked.

Steaming: Steaming is an excellent way of cooking, in the sense that none of its nutritional value will be lost. Put the meat in the steamer and let it rest until done. Cheaper, tougher cuts of meat, which are just as good as more expensive ones and often taste better, can become very tender when steamed. Resistant birds can be treated in the same way. A great way to cook an old hen or old turkey is to steam them until tender, then put them in a hot oven for a few minutes to brown. Some birds are so tough that they cannot be made edible by boiling or baking, but they do not become tough when steamed.

Choking: This is a modification of cooking. Any kind of meat can be smothered, but it’s especially fine for chickens. Take a young bird, separate it at the joints, place it in a pan, and add a pint of boiling water. And if a chicken is lean, put it in a little butter, but if it’s fat, use no butter. Then cover the pan tightly and place it in the oven and let it bake. A chicken weighing two and a half pounds dressed will require one hour and fifteen minutes to bake. You must keep the lid on the baking sheet until the chicken is done, you must not lift it even once. The sauce (basically the juices that drip from cooking the meats) will be found in the pan.

· Frying is an objectionable method of cooking. It is generally held that when high-temperature fat is introduced into meat, it becomes highly indigestible. And in fact, the crust that forms on the outside of the meat cannot be digested. It is folly to prepare food in such a way that it is harmful to the body. However, there is a way to use a frying pan so that there is practically no damage to yourself. Grease the pan very lightly, just enough to prevent the meat from sticking. Put the pan very hot and place the meat in it. Turn meat frequently. French fries can be cooked this way with good results. The same goes for steaks and chops.

Finally, you should strive to avoid greasy cooking. It is an abomination that kills thousands of people annually.

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10 Essential SEO Terms Every Budding Marketer Should Know


You can never underestimate the importance of using the right keywords. A keyword or keyword phrase is a set of words used to help exemplify a product or service on the web. The use of keywords is considered important mainly because it helps search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to identify a website by using search terms that are relevant to a particular business. That said, keywords should be used sparingly, as overusing them can have the opposite effect and even hurt a website’s ranking in the SERPs.

anchor text

An anchor text or hyperlinked text is visible and clickable text present within a hyperlink. It is important because it helps improve the ranking of a website. That said, when used in articles or press releases, an anchor text can also appear as a link scheme, so it’s always best to keep the anchor text as natural as possible.

title tag

The title tag has always been the most important factor in achieving a high ranking in the SERPs. The title tag, which is indicated by , represents the title of the page and can be seen in the browser. Having a unique title tag helps search engines identify what a particular website is for, before you can display it on the search engine results page.

meta description

A meta description is another form of .html tag, but its purpose is only to describe the content of a web page. While meta descriptions don’t necessarily have any effect on a web page’s ranking, they do help increase your click-through rates by showing up in the search results field. Just like the title tag, meta descriptions should always be short, to the point, and unique.

canonical URL

Canonical URLs are used in cases where duplicate content is found. For example, suppose your business sells shoes that come in various sizes and colors, and you have assigned a specific page for all of them. Search bots reviewing web pages would not be sure which one to index, as they will all be similar. Therefore, canonical links are used to specify which page should have priority in SERPS results.

301 redirect

It’s important to note that every time you delete a web page, it doesn’t just dissolve into the digital universe creating those annoying ‘404 error’ or ‘Not Found Page’ error messages. By using a 301 redirect, one can forward users and even search engines from an old discontinued URL to a new active one as specified by the user.


Search Engine Results Page or SERPs are the pages that are displayed in the browser after someone types a search term. In short, it is a page that shows all the results that the search engine has found related to your search term or query.


All web pages that are created are stored in massive databases. Indexing is the process a search engine uses to gather technical news and information from a website.


SEO experts usually have two types of links in their vocabulary, which are internal and external links.

Internal links occur between pages within a website, such as links in the navigation bar. External links are links to or from the website, such as when someone links to a website.

Tag Rel=”author”

Rel=”author” is also known as Google authorship mark. It is a tag used to associate authors with their Google+ profiles. Rel=”author” is a great SEO tool as it works as a ranking signal for Google and also puts a face behind the author of the online content.

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Latest trends of mini laptops in the market

Minicomputers are the latest trend to hit the market. It has become more of a necessity, because it is compact and convenient to carry. Except for the size, the biggest factor in its popularity is its low price. We see business travelers, students who are proud owners of mini-laptops. Asus will start the credit mini laptop trend, but now many brands like HP, Dell, Sony, Samsung, Acer and others have jumped on the bandwagon.

Buying a computer can be a very daunting task, due to the wide variety available, and particularly when there is little information about the properties. And it’s just as hard to give a mini laptop reviews as it decides what the best laptops are.

Since its introduction, mini-notebook computers have taken the world by storm. They are also known as mini-notebooks and are highly targeted at a user new to browsing and viewing online content. If you’ve ever used on these PCs, it’s easy to see why this is such a phenomenon. They are highly portable, inexpensive, and highly practical.

At the time of writing this article (January 2010), one of the latest mini-laptop models on the market would be the 10.1-inch Asus Eee 1005PE netbook. It is one of the newest models, the legendary Asus Eee series of netbooks and one of the most interesting netbook models so far. The mini laptop isn’t complete without a mention of 1005PE. In general, the Asus 1005PE is almost identical to the parent (and very successful) 1005HA model, with the exception of a few updates.

Many networked laptops or books are rapidly growing in popularity due to their diminutive size, with no compromises. Most manufacturers now make them in different colors, sizes, lenses, etc.

If you buy one of these machines, you have to carefully consider many things, such as the price range, what you need, and what you need. what you want and the environment, you use your computer primarily for screen size, battery life, reliability, and much more.

For more information, visit

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Ringworm Can Affect Anyone – Here Are Home Remedies

Ringworm doesn’t really care who it affects: you, your dogs, or your cats. And since it spreads easily, if you have kids at school, you might find yourself dealing with it.

It’s not really a worm. It’s a fungal infection of the skin that usually appears in humans as raised red spots with sharp edges… that look like a worm coiled under the skin. It doesn’t always look like a ring when it affects your pets, but it causes hair to break over the affected area.

Ringworm can be transferred back and forth between pets and humans, pets and pets, or humans and humans. Fungal spores can live for a long time in the environment, so it’s important to do a good fungal cleaning if your house has had it.

But – I promised some home remedies, not a lecture on cleaning the house, so here they are. Use most several times a day.

1. Aloe Vera

2. Tea tree oil

3. Honey and olive oil in melted beeswax

4. Apple cider vinegar

5. Listerine Mouthwash

6. The herb oregano – mix with olive oil

7. Epsom Salt Solution – Soak once a day

8. Nail Polish – If using on pets, make sure they are dry before letting go

9. Chewing tobacco: any moist tobacco. Use as a poultice and wrap it.

10. Sulfur of diluted lime: one part to 16 to 32 parts of water. It will stain!

11. Grapefruit Seed Extract

12. Raw papaya

13. Fresh garlic

14. Bleach: 1 part bleach to 6 parts water

15. Balm Bag

16. Pure Virgin Coconut Oil – Good for diaper rashes too!

Remember that everyone, both pets and people, has a different system. Watch for allergic reactions and discontinue if they occur. Remember that allergies can take many forms, including headaches and muscle aches.

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Upgrade with a ceramic sink

Are you tired of looking at your sink and seeing the ugly blemishes and scratches? Are you embarrassed when you have company and they see you helping in the kitchen or washing up in the bathroom? You can give your home a face lift with the installation of a ceramic sink. Not only do they look amazing, but they are durable and easy to clean. They are not easily damaged.

This means that your new sink can look as good as new years after it was installed. Such an item in your home is used often, and that means it affects the item. When materials aren’t durable, it’s hard to keep them looking good. Despite the fact that this material is durable and beautiful, the cost is not much more than the cheapest materials. It is a good investment.

This type of material means that you can always clean your sink quickly and easily. It won’t stain, so there’s no need to use harsh chemicals to scrub it down. Just wipe it down with a clean cloth and it will look great every time!

Select your size

If the only update you want to do right now is the ceramic sink, no problem. Take your measurements carefully so you can get the correct fit. The new sink should be snug and secure, not forced into the opening or loose. If you plan to make other changes, like a new vanity, you can change the size and shape of the one you’ll put there.

You have many options when it comes to sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. As you look at the ceramic sink options out there, you will be impressed. However, this also means that with some time spent identifying your needs and preferences, you can get the one that is perfect for your needs. Not only with respect to the overall function, but also the beauty it offers.

Where to buy

Finding overall value with a ceramic sink starts with shopping at the right supplier location. You have to investigate his background. Typically, the longer they’ve been in business, the more you can count on them to bring you an outstanding product. If they have a lot of satisfied customers, it stands to reason that you would also be satisfied with your purchase.

Do they have a wide selection of ceramic sink products for you to choose from? Do they offer friendly customer service agents to help you with any questions or concerns you may have? How long will it take to ship the item? What type of packaging do you use to ensure that the product is not damaged during the shipping process?

Evaluate the cost

The price you’ll pay for a ceramic sink depends on where you shop, the size and style of the sink, the brand, and other variables. It’s a good idea to compare the cost with other providers to make sure you get the best deal. Of course, the overall quality of the item also influences the price. It makes sense to pay more for the best made, but don’t take advantage and overpay.

Before you complete the purchase, also find out how much the retailer charges for shipping. You don’t want to find a terrible deal, but then pay too much at the end because they have high shipping costs. Ideally, purchase from a supplier that offers low-cost or free shipping. Always compare prices, including shipping, to find the best deal on the one you want.

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How to burn Xbox 360 gameplay using ImgBurn

imgBurn is a free tool that allows you to burn all kinds of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs. It works for PC CDs, music CDs, and even Xbox 360 games, and here’s how to burn your 360 games with it.

Before you can burn any Xbox 360 game, you must first obtain the ISO and DVD files that will be used to burn the disc. These files are crucial and can be extracted from the game CD or downloaded from the Internet. Once you have the ISO and .DVD file for the game you want to burn, you need to install imgBurn on your system. This is quite simple and the software can be downloaded from

Once you have installed the software, you need to open the .dvd file for your game. There, there will be a LAYER BREAK number, which you need to copy to your clipboard with CRTL + C. Copy it and then open imgBurn and find the “options” panel at the top of the screen. Open the options window, and then find the “layer break” setting, where you’ll need to paste that number with CRTL + V.

After you have pasted the skip layer number into the settings, you can close them and return to the main imgburn screen (the skip layer is where the burner stops burning one layer and goes to the next layer of the dual layer DVD). . On the main screen, you need to click on the “Burn from image” button, which will then open a new screen, which will ask you to open an ISO file. Open the game file you have and then proceed to change the ‘write speed’ of the program to 4X. This will give you the highest success rate. After that, you just need to click on the big button at the bottom left of the screen to make it burn.

Most computers will take around 40 minutes to save the game, but if you’ve done it right, it should finish and be successful. This means that you now have an Xbox game burned to a blank DVD, congratulations! However, in order to play the game, you need to do other things on your PC and console which are not many, but crucial.

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The “Big Four” Factors That Attract Women To A Certain Man

I’m pretty much talking about what I call the “Big Four.” However, it has occurred to me that I have never dedicated an article to making sure you have the exact concept I’m talking about down to the pinpoint.

“About time,” someone said. And I have no arguments for you there.

Although better late than never. So let’s fix the situation.

The “Big Four”, in principle, are the most basic and fundamental factors that decide whether a woman is attracted to you or not.

Do them right, and women will respond powerfully to you. Ignore them (or worse yet… be ignorant OF them) and you could spend the rest of your life wondering what the problem is.

Obviously, this is one of the most important newsletters I’ve written to you.

Before I break down the “Big Four,” I want to offer an honest warning: There is NO WAY this newsletter is going to cover every nuance of what these concepts entail.

That’s fine for now, because my goal in writing to you today is not to cover minute details, but rather to give you a “big picture” view that provides a valid framework to work from as you discover more and more how to deserve what you want. .

After all, literally everything I speak or write depends on the “Big Four.”

So without further introduction, here they are:

1) Masculinity

Last time we talked about how to “man up” exactly the way women want us to. That is the first component of the “Big Four”.

Men and women are designed to be attracted to each other. This is such a fundamentally simple concept, yet one that is so easily clouded in today’s world.

Men are softening their demeanors, taking the edge off the strength that makes them inherently male. Instead, they are giving in to the temptation to become more feminine in the name of “sensitivity.”

You, as a man who desires feminine and attractive women, must absolutely and positively resist the feminization of your personality and lifestyle.

If you read that as “being insensitive” or any other misogynistic way, you’ve been duped, duped, duped, duped, and every other synonym for “duped” you’ve ever heard before in an old cartoon.


Being masculine is NOT synonymous with acting like a low-evolved “caveman” who rapes, loots, and is responsible for all forms of pain on Earth. Be the guy who leads, plans, protects, and decides like a man. Put aside “softness” and “weakness” while maintaining sincere benevolence towards everyone.

And watch how women are drawn to you like a magnet to steel.

2) Trust

If you know what you want and don’t act out of fear or indecision, then by definition you lack confidence. A woman wants a man that she directs, and contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, she wants a man who will take charge of her own destiny and SELECT it out of her.

That’s right, YOU MUST BE THE VOTER. Offloading that responsibility onto women, or dismissing it entirely as mythical is COP OUT. As a man who is comfortable with the fact that he deserves what he wants, his inner game must be close enough for him to ACT ON it.

In concept, confidence is no more complicated than a firmly held belief in your ability to succeed at a high level while ruling out the possibility of failure (preferably completely).

So at the bottom line, trust is absolutely necessary for you to be able to meet the women you want, let alone demonstrate your ability to provide a balanced environment for the relationship to grow.

This transitions nicely to the next factor…

3) Inspire confidence

Once you’ve reached a level of confidence that allows a woman to believe in you the way you believe in yourself (which has an important cause/effect relationship), then you’re ready to make a difference in your relationships with her. MOTOS (Members of The Opposite). Sex) that is intensely powerful.

It’s like this: Women want SECURITY.

Unfortunately, the man women most need to protect themselves from is the ONE THEY ARE WITH.

If you drive like a maniac when she’s riding shotgun, openly flirt with other women in her presence, lose decisions, have absolutely zero ambition, and have no idea what to do with her when you pick her up (let alone when it’s KISS TIME ELLA), guess what? She will have no sense of stability around you.

Not knowing what to expect next is fun for women when it comes to special surprises, unannounced plans, and other light moments that contribute to “being unpredictable.” And of course, if you’re boring and unexciting, IT’S NO FUN for women. In fact, one could effectively argue that “Being Fun and Interesting” could have made this list a “Big Five.”

But what we are covering here is something deeper. YOU are like a bastion of strength, no matter what or when it happens.

This builds the most important measure of trust in your heart and mind.

When you have made a woman believe in you the way you believe in yourself, no matter what the situation, you have INSPIRED CONFIDENCE. She can stay in your presence.
Without it, she’ll feel you, if she’s not repulsed.

4) Character

This is one of the most misunderstood terms in the English language.

Do not fool yourself. “Character” should not be confused with “being a character”. Simply letting go of routines and openers does NOT equal the “character-based” seduction as some “natural game” advocates would have you believe.

“Character” is rock-solid stability at your core. It’s doing the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do, not because of “what’s in it for you.” A man of character promises only what he is capable of delivering and often delivers more than he promises out of sheer self-improvement.

It does what it says it’s going to do and avoids disappointment. It’s all about building others up instead of tearing them down in a feeble attempt to appear “better.” The man of character realizes that this is neither ethical nor even effective.

In general, the man of character has his identity figured out and his conscience agrees with it.
And when it’s all done, you will NEVER, EVER have to ask “What do I do now?” “Character” is “seductive” by definition.

Do you get the feeling that each separate component of the “Big Four” is in fact the component of a larger cohesive concept? If so, then YES… you are 100% right. It’s like they each contribute to and actually amplify each other.

And that “biggest concept” is, in case you haven’t figured it out, HOW TO BE A GREAT MAN.

And GREAT MEN attract and deserve GREAT WOMEN.

It all comes down to this: A GREAT WOMAN wants a man who has her bottom covered so she can be RELEASED to be the feminine woman she was born to be. You make her feel like a woman, and you are that man.

If you miss it, you sit back down to figure out how two neutral creatures are supposed to be attracted to each other… which, of course, is a pointless exercise. Unless, of course, you agree with a neutral woman. Or one who “wears the pants”.

But I tell you, show me a woman who “wears the pants” and I’ll show you a BITTER woman, not a BETTER woman.

So why force her to do both jobs? Why enforce her on the masculine and feminine?

Or is it really okay for you to cover the feminine part?

If so, good luck with that.

But my vision for you is much, much nobler than that. All you have to do is visualize it for yourself.