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Hot Wheels Cars – Start your own collection

Hot Wheels is a popular brand of die-cast toy cars introduced by the American toy manufacturer Mattel in 1968. The popularity of Hot Wheels is a result of the variety of toys that they make. Many car companies have licensed the brand to build scale models of their own machines. These were originally intended as children’s toys, but over time they became a collector’s item. Therefore, these toys have much more value for some people than just being a source of entertainment.

If you plan to start your own collection of Hot Wheels, it will help to do a little research before you start shopping. Buying them randomly might not be a good idea because you will be buying limited editions and it might cost you a lot. Do some research on the company’s history, understand the options you have, and learn the proper method of storing them. Learn how to get the best deals, online or otherwise. The following tips can help you learn about the brand, make better deals, and make worthwhile investments.


Hot Wheels toys in the 1:64 scale factor are coveted toys or collector’s items. Since they are collectibles, older or older models are supposed to be more valuable. There is also the possibility that certain designs are more valuable than others. Higher value means higher price and it is important for a person who wants to start their own collection to know the history of these toy cars, the popular models and their value. This helps collectors make the right deals not only when buying but also when selling toy cars. The following timeline can serve as an important source of information for those looking to purchase Hot Wheels cars.

1968: Mattel launches the first set of these toys that consisted of 16 models in total. It also featured the preliminary model of the 1969 Corvette.

1969 – With the surprisingly high number of sales, Mattel released 24 new Hot Wheels cars, including the VW Beach Bomb, which remains a prized collector’s item to this day.

1970 – An all-time favourite: The Snake and Mongoose racing games were introduced along with 31 other models.

1974 – The brand began using printed graphics for its cars instead of decals.

1975 – Mattel also began to release motorcycles under the Hot Wheels brand.

1980 – In 1980 Hi-Rakers were introduced, whose rear axles could be raised to increase the lean of the cars.

1988 – Celebrated its 20th anniversary by producing Silver and Gold Chrome cars.

1990 – Produces its first aircraft.

1995 – Limited edition Treasure Hunt cars introduced.

1996: Mattel obtains ownership rights to Matchbox automobiles.

After obtaining the required information, it is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​other important things.

Types of collectors

Knowing the type of collector you want to be is important to knowing how you would like to start acquiring your Hot Wheels. Some collectors who have a purely display collection will want their cars in the original packaging. While collectors who like to play with their cars want them loose without the packaging.

car categories

In general, it can be divided into three categories: Vintage (models released before 1980), Modern Hot Wheels (1980-1989), and Contemporary (1990-Present). The price of the models does not depend only on the rarity or the age, but also on the emotional ties that the owners have with them.


Any edition of Hot Wheels from 1999 onwards would be relatively easier to find than earlier models. Start with models that are easier to find and then gradually rank up with more valuable or older models.

Going up

You can also expand your Hot Wheels collection by adding accessories. The brand also has a number of tracks ranging from simple race tracks to stunt tracks. Some of them are really cool, like the one that sends cars right into an alien’s mouth.

storage and care

A systematic arrangement will help you to better display the models in your collection and also to find them easily. Taking proper care of cars and storing them in good condition means preserving the value of the models. You can store them in the Hot Wheels cases and displays offered by Mattel.

It is necessary to keep them away from direct sunlight, which can fade the color of the cars. Take care that your hands are not greasy to the touch, or that they do not develop stains. If it happens, it will only reduce the value of the items.

While all of the above steps are necessary to start your own Hot Wheels collection, it is also necessary to know where to buy toy cars easily. You can easily buy Hot Wheels cars on online shopping sites that usually have good collections of them.

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Cassandra Wilson and Eliza Gilkyson

Cassandra Wilson: singing the UN standards

Cassandra Wilson presents hypnotic African rhythms mixed with bluesy swing adorable. The artist, known for transcending the jazz tradition, brings harmony to roads rarely traveled. Here Wilson seems to come home to his jazz roots. But she has? The collection of most standards is truly non-standard. The singer inhabits the essence of each melody, making it her own. Her eclectic influences draw from a plethora of genres to form the soul of each song, from the rhythmic blues of “Black Orpheus” to the West African trance chant “Arere.” “I studied the standards, listening to how other singers put their swing on them.

But it is difficult to make standards. You can’t really sing them until you understand them,” the artist reveals. Sultry vocals float over the melodies gracefully but not without bite. Blues-infused upbeat songs “Dust My Broom,” “Caravan,” and “St. James Infirmary” crashes out of the charts. Marvin Sewell’s brilliant acoustic slide guitar appears on “Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most” along with the playful title track. The self-produced recording is the culmination of a laid-back jam six-day session in the singer’s hometown of Mississippi Unsurprisingly, exudes the warmth and immediacy of a live set to the snap of his fingers Twenty years have passed since Wilson covered the American Song book in Blue skies. Cassandra Wilson’s career marks a growing talent for unique masterful performances. She just keeps getting better and better. Would we expect less?

Eliza Gilkyson: Cowboy Logic

Armed with a flair for storytelling and cowgirl logic, Eliza Gilkyson’s music evokes the spirit of Lucinda Williams, Shawn Colvin and Nanci Griffith, yet produces a sound distinctly her own. No one would say that music and blood are intertwined. The daughter of the distinguished tuner Terry Gilkyson emits music from all her pores. Americana, politics, spiritual wanderings and homey fun all live within Gilkyson’s visceral lyrics. From the gritty to the sublime, her chameleon-like sound always stays true to her poetic heart. “The work I do with music makes me feel hopeful. I find comfort in the warm bodies of those who are taking the same kind of inventory,” explains Gilkyson. Since she signed with Red House Records in 2000, the singer is a force to be reckoned with. Finally, Ella Gilkyson is beginning to get the recognition she so richly deserves with an induction into the Austin Music Hall of Fame in 2003, a Grammy nomination in 2005 for land of milk and honey for Best Contemporary Folk Album and successive awards after Paradise hotel released in 2006.

his last Beautiful world, celebrates the joy and suffering of our silly existence. The songs are raw, vulnerable but relaxing at the same time. The sweet guitar accent of “Emerald Street” is an innocent send to love, a nice contrast to the singing ballad of the title track. The album oscillates between folk, rock and pop and even jazz in an organic way. which is perhaps Gilkyson’s evolution as a songwriter. “I really wrote outside the box,” says Gilkyson. “For many years I disciplined myself to be a stream of modern folk… [Beautiful World], the songs really asked me to go a little bit further out of that and bring in different rock instrumentation. We just wanted the songs to be what they were.”

The artist’s exposition of the derailed American dream in “The Great Correction” is done with a gripping honesty rarely heard: “people here don’t know what it means/suffer at the hands of our American dreams/they turn their backs on it.” Dreadful scenes/Go back to the privileged sons/They have their god, they have their weapons/They have their armies and the chosen ones/But we’ll all be burning in the same great sun/When the great correction comes.” It’s refreshing to see the underdogs take center stage here. The aforementioned track is by far the most thought-provoking song on Beautiful world. Gilkyson states, “What I wanted to do on this record is look at the big picture and how this affects us as communities, as countries, as individuals.” An example of the big picture the composer is referring to is the dramatic change in our global economy. will suffer with the expiration of fossil fuels in the next 50 years. “Prior to this, individualism really has been the height of technological achievement, the separate expression. I think we’ve taken it as far as we can and now we’re at the point where we have to go back to community life.” Gilkyson says. Ultimately, it is Gilkyson’s sincere passion for a harmonious existence that shines through in his lyrics and gives us all hope.

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How Blockchain Can Boost Marketing Strategies

Blockchain is a technology that has flourished at an incredible rate. When Bitcoin was launched, blockchain technology was restricted to cryptocurrencies. Today, more industries are exploring the benefits that come with this technology. Marketing is one of the industries that is benefiting greatly from blockchain. This technology is solving the major setbacks that the marketing industry has faced.

Furthermore, all businesses want to establish a strong online presence in today’s highly competitive digital marketplace. As such, companies want to make sure they are well prepared with their marketing strategies. This is where blockchain comes in handy as a technology that can change the marketing and advertising industry. Blockchains can be programmed in most of the programming languages ​​of your choice i.e. C/C++, Java, Python, Solidity etc. If you are looking to learn these languages, you can find the best programming tutorials recommended by the community on for example Here are the best tutorials to learn Java. To know more about Blockchain, one can always refer to various blockchain tutorials online and get a good handle on it. Read on for more details on how blockchain can boost marketing.

Understand the blockchain

Blockchain is comparable to a database. Blockchain is made up of multiple blocks that are linked together to form a chain. Each block has information stored in it. The information stored in these blocks can be shared with the desired users in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

Blockchain is protected by cryptographic technologies to prevent unauthorized persons from manipulating the data. The data stored in the blocks follows a set of algorithms based on consensus. This means that once the data is stored by mutual agreement, no user can edit, delete or add data in the blocks.

Whenever a transaction is made, be it contractual agreements or exchange of information or money, the transaction is done in block. The block must be validated by all users within the P2P network, and upon validation, a permanent digital record is established. Once this is done, the block is added to the chain.

The technology behind blockchain has made it fully auditable and transparent. It has no central point of authority and it also lacks a single point of failure or control. Thus, the transactions carried out with this technology are totally secure and transparent.

Blockchain and the marketing industry

Blockchain technology has changed the current marketing industry. Here are some ways through which blockchain can boost your marketing strategies:

1. Target and engage the right audience

When it comes to online advertising, most advertisers struggle to target the right consumers despite having their behavioral data. Most marketers have a lot of consumer data and still pay exorbitant fees to intermediaries involved in advertising. Despite doing all this, they are still unable to attract and target the right audience.

Blockchain is useful as an effective means of getting the right audience to see an advertisement. Blockchain creates a decentralized search engine where advertisers easily reach their target audience. Through the blockchain, advertisers can also compensate targeted customers using tokens when they provide their personal data to advertisers. Every time a person clicks on an ad, you get paid. People only see the ads they indicate interest in, so only the right audience is targeted and engaged.

2. Prevention of advertising fraud

Ad fraud is becoming more and more of a serious problem for marketers and advertisers. Paying for fake impressions and clicks is a common trend today. Therefore, ad fraud distorts analytics data and this affects marketing strategies and decisions.

Blockchain technology comes in to show clicks on advertising platforms in real time. It also helps marketers rent their ad platforms and drive quality traffic. In this way, clicks are authenticated, thus preventing ad fraud.

3. Creation of reward systems and loyalty programs

Customers never forget when they are made to feel special. Loyalty programs work well with sales because they make customers feel special. Blockchain can be used to create an unforgettable experience for customers. Gift cards can be attached to the blockchain, thus creating a secure platform for maintaining and issuing loyalty programs and gift cards.

If customers accumulate gift cards and cannot redeem or use them, they will have a negative brand experience. With blockchain, gift cards can be converted into digital wallets or currencies, making it easier for customers to use or redeem them. In addition, different gift cards and coupons can be combined and redeemed in a single transaction. This concept can save marketers thousands of dollars on their marketing strategies.

4. Collective collaboration and data collection

Good data is extremely powerful for marketers. Despite having dozens of marketing tools and trying different marketing strategies, most marketers are still unable to get quality, accurate customer data. Only customers themselves can provide accurate data.

But how would a marketer get customers to share their data? This is where crowdsourcing and blockchain come in handy as a way to encourage customers to share their data. In return, they get compensation, so it’s a win-win situation for both parties. In this way, the data obtained is highly relevant and authentic.

5. Decentralization of electronic commerce

Blockchain is decentralizing the way consumers buy things online. Marketers can use technology to create decentralized marketplaces where merchants can sell their products or services directly to consumers without the need to use expensive third-party platforms.

6. Influencer Marketing

Consumers tend to believe what other consumers say about a brand rather than what a seller claims. Blockchain is making it possible to take advantage of influencer marketing. Through blockchain technology, marketers can authenticate the identity of influencers, validate their followers, and get a guarantee on their investment.

7. Eliminate the need for middlemen

Marketing involves finance and this means transacting through banks. Blockchain technology comes with digital wallets and eliminates the need to transact through banks. Blockchain ensures that transactions go smoothly and reduces the costs involved in transactions through banks acting as intermediaries.

As competition in the digital world continues to grow, marketers must look for innovative ways to boost their marketing strategies. Blockchain technology has proven to be a great tool that can boost marketing strategies. While this technology is still new to the marketing world, it is already becoming a reliable alternative to other marketing tools like Google banner ads and pay per click. Undoubtedly, extracting its full potential can benefit markets by creating a transparent, authentic and safe customer experience.

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Benefits of 3D glasses

With 3D movies gaining in popularity and a number of 3D TVs due to hit the market in the near future, it can be a bit confusing how each system works, there is currently no real universal 3D system with a number of methods fighting for control. general. On the market, of the current 4 methods of viewing 3D, there are 3 different 3D glasses used in conjunction with each type. These four types include polarization, active shutter, and lenticular technology, along with the old anaglyph method we all know and love.

To understand how 3D glasses work, you need to have a basic understanding of how the human eye measures depth perception, simply put, each eye is separated by a distance, which means that the image each one sees is slightly different from the other, the brain then does. your thing and turn these two images into a single image with the addition of depth. This process is used to create 3D images, when you watch a 3D movie or a 3D image, you are actually looking at two slightly different images at once, the 3D glasses complete the process by blocking one image from each eye so that your two the eyes are looking at two slightly different images, each like in real life, it really is quite simple but really amazing!

The 3D glasses for each method are different, with anaglyph 3D you use glasses that have red/blue lenses, what you are seeing consists of two images per frame that is processed in each color so that each eye filters one image. This is the old method that was used for the massive 3D movie boom of the 1980s. The most popular new method used in theaters is with the help of polarization, with this method two images are shown, each polarized from Differently, the 3D glasses you wear with this method are transparent, and each lens is polarized to allow only one of the two images to enter. In each eye, for example, the right lens may be polarized to allow only horizontal light waves to pass through, while the left lens will only allow vertical light waves.

Currently, there are two newer methods coming onto the market, mainly used for home use in newer 3D TVs and monitors, which use active shutter and lenticular technology. With the 3D shutter active, you need special battery-powered LCD glasses that block alternate images displayed at high speed on a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. The other new method is lenticular technology that doesn’t require 3D glasses because the TV itself creates the 3D image by reflecting light at slightly different angles towards the viewer with its unique screen.

Now that you know the features of the three different types of 3D glasses, you can sit back and enjoy the show.

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A thought for the struggles of farmers

India is an agricultural nation. A large number of the Indians are farmers. They are the foundation of the nation. They deliver the sustenance crops and oilseeds. They create cash crops. They create some raw materials for our businesses. Therefore, they are the backbone of our country.
Indian farmers are the most diligent workers in the world. They are constantly busy farming for yields by working day and night. They usually work under the hottest weather conditions and even in the rain. They are not afraid of any season, but they are afraid that their crops will grow big and give good results.
They usually wake up early towards the beginning of the day before sunrise and rest after sunset. They get the best sleep as they are doing the hardest job in the world which is farming. They serve to furrow the earth and in that they sow the seeds for the development of the crops. In his opinion, the best returns are gold for them. They have no enthusiasm for gold or silver or any kind of cosmetic agent. Their gold is the crops they grow. Just as the guardians do with their children, the farmers watch over the crops during the day and night. They become the guardians of the yields to protect them from steers that stray.
When the crops become plants and the crops are ready for harvest, they again watch for thugs who may come to steal the crops. When the crops are ready for cutting, they get the crops and take them home. The Indian rancher does not have a suitable house.
Farmers fights:
• Instability:
Agriculture in India is highly dependent on rainfall. Therefore, grain generation falters for a seemingly endless amount of time. A time of abundant cereal production is usually followed by a time of intense shortage. This, in turn, encourages value pay and entrepreneurial hesitation.
• Barren land:
Another real problem in charge of low rural efficiency is that the soil is polluted by the expansion level of stream and canal pollution which is caused by high mechanical effluents and poisonous metals step by step. In addition, the disintegration of the soil, which is one of the fundamental bases of corruption, is also happening at an accelerated rate due to the formation of gullies and potholes, waterlogging and shifting cultivation. Improper use of compost and pesticides also results in the absence of supplements in the soil that are vital for healthy agriculture.

• Unorganized Agricultural Procedures:
Agriculture is very much a messy division. No deliberate institutional and hierarchical management is associated with the development, the water system, the collection, etc. Institutional finances are not sufficiently accessible and the smallest amount of money paid by the administration does not reach the poorest farmer.
• Illiteracy:
Illiteracy, lack of knowledge about the advancements in the field of agriculture, and poor financial foundation of ranchers are some of the main reasons behind the steady decline in farm profitability. Likewise, an abnormal state of the income gap between rich and poor ranchers, rural and non-horticultural workers is responsible for the unfulfillment of even the essential needs of indigenous farmers.
• Economically unstable:
Poor finances, untimely funds, and conflicting or opposing government strategies have seriously exacerbated farmers’ problems.
• Economic Exploitation:
Exploitation by the middleman is the reason given for not obtaining the best cost for deliveries from farmers. The administration should promote the arrangement called Farmers Market, where farmers can specifically sell their products at a reasonable cost to customers.
• Government plans not available:
Be that as it may, the vast majority of sponsorships and welfare schemes reported by the central and state governments do not reach poor farmers in Indian horticulture. Despite what might be expected, those plans only benefit large landowners.
• High Indebtedness:
The main cause of farmers ending their lives is the expansion of their obligation and debt problems. Excessive lending, costs should be declared illicit and the legislature should crack down on cash greedy banks. Simple access to institutional credits needs to be achieved by small and peripheral farmers, without timber systems.
Solutions for farmers:
 Multiple Crops:
Multi-crop development eg coconut, pineapple, ginger, banana, apple, turmeric, papaya will produce lucrative results for farmers.

 Use of New Techniques:
Research efforts must proceed to the creation of crops with higher yield potential and better protection against insects in Indian agriculture. Innovative developments in agribusiness must be passed on to poor ranchers. Where current crops would not perform well under drought and weather conditions, ranchers should move to developing yields that would be simple and conservative to develop.
 Farmer education:
Although education in urban areas has improved a lot, the same has been overlooked by the administration in provincial areas in general and in the agricultural area in particular. This is the reason why farmers are not sufficiently informed about the different plans given by the administration.
 Crop Insurance:
Yield insurance is a must and the claim should be resolved effortlessly under the supervision of local authorities. Customary harvest protection is based on the immediate estimation of the damage suffered by a rancher to decide its payment. Be that as it may, field disgrace assessment is often not plausible or costly as most of our ranchers are smallholders. Log-based protection, on the other hand, reacts to the characterized parameter. Index based protection has the focal points which is simple and all backup plans within the characterized land territory are treated similarly.
 Best Irrigation Facilities:
In general, it is not the absence of water but the absence of legitimate water management that causes water deficiency. Today’s improved techniques for rainwater harvesting should be created. Water stewardship can be made more powerful through interstate co-tasking over water assets, where surplus water from durable streams can be seized for destitute territories.

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Avoid buyer’s remorse: 7 tips to spend money wisely

Spending money wisely means having to think before you make a purchase. It means making the most of the money that comes in and not being an impulsive or compulsive buyer. It frees you from buyer’s remorse and helps you control your financial destiny.

Here are some tips to help you be a good spender.

1. Comparison store. When shopping for expensive items, compare prices, quality, and other item-specific details. Is it a good value? Consider if it’s an item you need or it’s just a wish.

2. When shopping for groceries, always use a list to avoid impulse purchases. Don’t shop when you’re hungry as you’ll tend to buy more, particularly in the junk food and snack line. Take a regular trip to the store and don’t rush to make purchases between those times.

3. Make your shopping list when you get the special offer sheet in your mailbox for the week. Yes, your spam can be useful… use it to check the foods you need that week or the foods you buy regularly. List any specials along with the price and you’ll have an idea of ​​how much you’ll be spending on your purchases that week.

4. Use cash as much as possible and avoid adding your purchase to your credit card. Save for the purchase, it will give you greater satisfaction.

5. Be aware of “limited time only” offers, or OTO’s as known in internet marketing. These are designed to help you spend your money TODAY. Think before you jump in with a “must have” frame of mind. Would you buy it as a normal course of events or is it because you think you will lose and never see this offer again?

6. Keep your financial records up to date. Record the checks you write and deduct the amount from the balance you have in your account. Keep an up-to-date total so you know where your finances are and that money is available to cover the checks you write.

7. Always pay your bills on time. Penalties and interest charges will add to your expenses and increase any debt.

Here are just a few tips to help you start spending your money wisely, avoid impulse buying, and avoid buyer’s remorse. Only you can change bad habits that have been formed over time, and by becoming a smart shopper, you’ll have more control over your financial destiny.

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Xbox 360 solutions to avoid

Does your Xbox 360 have the RROD, E74, or some other common error? Confused about which Xbox 360 solution is right for you?

Many owners are overwhelmed with the number of potential Xbox 360 solutions available on the Internet.

Most people are looking for the fastest solution possible, but you want to make sure you’re on the lookout for so-called “quick fixes.” Some of those quick fixes include the Towel Trick, which involves wrapping your Xbox 360 in a towel, and the Toothpick/Clip Trick, which involves stopping fans with toothpicks or paperclips. The Towel, Toothpick, and Paperclip Trick are three well-known Xbox 360 fixes and they’re all over YouTube. Both of these alleged fixes are harmful to your system, and I strongly advise you to stay away from them. These fixes overheat the entire system, instead of just targeting problem areas, causing more problems than it was before.

The two cheats I mentioned above will get you a working Xbox 360 for about a week at most. That is, if it does not damage the system during the process. Both the towel and the toothpick trick are designed to heat up your Xbox 360 so that the GPU chip’s solder can re-attach to the motherboard. The GPU is a computer chip that is almost always responsible for causing red rings of death (RROD). Now most of the time you can reattach the GPU to the motherboard with the towel or toothpick trick, but there are two main issues/risks. The first problem is that the system alone does not generate enough heat to fully reconnect the GPU to the motherboard. Another risk is that the motherboard is not properly insulated. If the motherboard is not properly insulated, you risk damaging other motherboard components. The Xbox 360 motherboard can never be properly isolated unless you disassemble the console. If a solution doesn’t involve opening the console, it most likely won’t work or will last a very short time.

So, if your warranty is up and you’re determined to fix your Xbox 360 yourself, stay away from the towel trick, the toothpick trick, and any other quick fixes that don’t require you to open up your console.

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The fight between the game console and the Trusty PC

Computer games will never die for me. They’ll have to remove my steaming mouse and keyboard from my cold hands and cut the cable to disconnect me from my steaming server. The reason for this outburst is someone pointing out the information that PC games are “smaller” than console games. What exactly is that supposed to mean? Computer games have a greater scope for modification that allows gamers to vary the way they play the game. Players can create their own maps much more easily than console games. Digital download seems to be a promising future for computer games, as long as the price works. What is not usually mentioned about the physical box and the disk is the security of the backup.

Enjoy computer games, sound, and movies with theater-quality sound and bass at home—within your own personal listening environment! As a result, the PC game market is increasingly devoted to more immersive games, such as complex first-person shooters like Crysis, while consoles are seen as more of a social event.

Not only is the hardware more powerful, but developers are more used to working on computer architecture than consoles, and there’s a lot more graphics RAM, system RAM, and storage space to play with. Compare Bioshock in 360 to Bioshock in a mid- to high-end PC, it’s obvious that the PC can achieve more meticulous textures and impressive effects. Computer games have evolved over the years to be just as sophisticated, fast and graphically rich as console games. In fact, if you want the ultimate in gaming machines, the polygon-generating king of the hill, you should look to a computer, not a console.

With today’s growing data storage capacity, the rise of downstream ISPs, and developments in multimedia computing technology, the demand for a single-service multimedia platform has developed significantly in recent years. When PC game sales fall, a major factor is probably the absence of rationally constrained, quality-focused game design on that platform.

Although the console market dominates the gaming world, the personal computer remains the king of first-person shooters and real-time strategy games with its incredible ability to display excessive high-resolution and amazing effects. visuals. Some of us swim against the current and see the demise not of computer games, but of game consoles. The main reason consoles are marketed so heavily is that piracy prevention is the main reason for their current form, and explains how the marriage of the GPU and CPU is the next big thing in the gaming industry. . The situation prompted Infinity Ward’s community manager to complain about the number of people playing Call of Duty 4 online compared to the number of PC versions of the game that have been sold.

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Whiting New Jersey feeds water to aliens on Mars; Read all about it!

I was walking through the foundations of the old hotel near Docspond. You know the ones Piney burned in the late sixties. Ah, you know, I saw you in the hidden forest when it was on fire with your ax in hand and the helmet you fought to keep slipping over your eyes. But that is years ago and neither heard nor exists. But you want to know a bigger secret I found out than the local fire company burning down the stripper in town. MY B.

Yes, that is correct, MIB. Yeah. I found one of those mind-wiping things. You might think I’m a little crazy, but I sure found one. Marked “United States Government Property”. Very good, it’s a little rusty and one end is missing, but the piece that slides up and off the shaft is still intact.

Now Officially, it was first cleared and established as an iron forge and swamp mining site in the 19th century. Gone are the glory days when the swamps provided the devil’s pills for the Revolutionary War, but no less viable. The hotel was originally built to house employees in this industrial city. On three plots, an industrious young man even grew produce to feed these forge men. Until 1944, being abandoned for years, until that time, Miss Jeanie Epolito was forced to sell when the county foreclosed on all Manchester Land Companies properties for tax evasion. It was then that Mr. Giovanni Enea, a doctor of sorts, owner of United Spring down the street, seized that property for a nudist colony. To build on your success selling mineral water to New York City, why not have a spa where you can not only drink the water but also bathe in it? Adding many years to your life.

Now you may not have liked Mr. Enea, or the Doc as they called him, but you have to admit there was some fortiture and propensity, if not fortunsity! Being a Doctor and genealogist in Biotechnology. Did he grow some monster blueberries with Mrs. White of Whitesbog, the first woman or man to grow blueberries. He even made those little plastic baskets that all the fruit comes in these days. I still eat them from the garden and they are so juicy! But there was more to this Sicilian Doctor…

When I first moved to this corner of the colony kitty house, I used to see this strange star. He sat low in the sky. Too high for a lamppost that stood on a small hill through the woods. But too short to be any star. Yes, Fort Dix was shooting flares, but these were yellow and they zigzagged and fell in fifteen minutes. No, this sat motionless in the sky all night, just after sunset. I have seen this star every summer for four years. Then one summer, he left.

I didn’t think much of it for the next five years, until! My parents left when I was in high school and I invited some friends to a party. Being a little worried, rough people, we sat outside on the porch. One named Shambo pointed up and looked us all in the eye and said, “Have you ever heard of the alien that got shot trying to escape over a fence at Fort Dix?” I thought he was full of shit. “They captured his boat and were examining him until one day he got tired and apologized. Well, he made it to the fence just fine, but no further.” I learned a long time ago from Pugsley, or Peanut in the account that he was the first to be caught stealing peanuts or anything else in the new food store, listen to stories and not interrupt them with questions of validity as long as money and transportation they were not part of it. So I listened, though not believing Shambo until…

“Yeah, that alien was shot five years ago!”

Five years ago? No, it can not be. It has been so long! Summer of ’73, yes it has been. These are things that went through my head at the time.

Now the window that faces northwest from my room. It’s a bit strange. Now look to the southwest corner, that’s where I saw the star. Now we know what happened to that. Below is where the doctor got burned. But in the north corner, that’s where the tower that was supposed to connect to the Hindenburg is located. But we all know what happened before he could do that. The window of destruction.

Now let’s go back to yesterday. I found that MIB mind eraser thing right. I did some research on topographic and aerial maps. They were inspected in the field. Not only were they inspected in the field, but the 1947 aerial map is top secret. 1947 Roswell sighting and all. The USGS office doesn’t even have access to it. Have you ever heard of Whiting, New Jersey? So why should the military do it?

When I was little walking through the swamps behind Docspond, I found PVC pipes coming out of the center of the swamp. Ventilation? A young mind of five years goes towards underground silos. Could there be men sneaking in here in the middle of the night with lunchboxes to go to work? “Hello Joe”: Good evening, Frank.”; in the swamp. We have a known silo just three miles away. It has been closed since June 7, 1960. A BOMARC missile at McGuire Air Force Base, [near Trenton,] The New Jersey in storage ready condition (allowing launch in two minutes) was destroyed by explosion and fire after a high-pressure helium tank exploded and ruptured the missile’s fuel tanks. The warhead was also destroyed by fire, although the high explosive did not detonate. The nuclear safety devices acted as planned. Contamination was restricted to an area immediately below the gun and an adjacent elongated area approximately 100 feet long, caused by drainage of firefighting water. Well, the next town on Toms River has radionuclides or something in the water, but not to worry.

The New York Times reported that the 47-foot missile “melted under intense fire fueled by its 100-pound TNT blasting cap…The atomic warhead apparently fell into the remaining melt of the missile, which burned for forty-five minutes.” . .” The radiation “was caused when the thoriated magnesium metal that forms part of the weapon caught fire, … the metal, already radioactive, becomes highly radioactive when burned.”

I think the aliens did this on purpose. To mark the place. You know like a poster seen from the stars. a beacon. Were the Doctor’s nudists Earthlings or not? Was Giovanni Enea more than a recent alien from Sicily, or was he from the stars? They might say New Yorkers might be out of this world, but did you sell your mineral water to Mars? As all scientists know, there is no water on Mars. So who else would need it more than them?

I don’t know how in 1947, three years after the opening of Nature’s Rest Nudist Colony, how they came to meet these aliens. MIB, how did they find out? Was it spied on during normal aerial photography that they saw something strange? Atop Devil’s Mountain from the forest colony is a circle of felled trees like dominoes. On the outskirts, for a sixteenth of a mile in thick undergrowth, trees have been felled. Now, this was the landing site?

But what brings them here in and around 1940? Well, in 1938, the Hindenburg was the world’s first internationally broadcast news disaster. Now those waves bounce back into space forever. Did you hear it? Did it take you six years to hear it and travel here? In that report it was heard: “In the resort town of Lakehurst, a Manchester boro outside of Whiting in ..”. Perhaps all they cared about was the mention of a resort town. Could this be all that was needed? Did some cosmic Lief Erickson sell some aliens to travel to Whiting NJ? Exploring parties reported United Spring Co drawing water from one of the largest aquifers in North America, the Cohansey-Kirkwood Aquifer? 17 billion tons in Cohansey alone. Where else would you go if you were from Mars and needed water? Have you ever heard of whiting?

So, Doc Enea wasn’t just hated for his car with the black devil of a redneck hood ornament taunting you, or his clothing optional style, his intellectual snobbery, or his dangerous choice of nudist fauna (Honey Locust and Holly), but he was hated for allowing illegal aliens in.

That explains all the military transports flying low, very low, over the site at all hours of the day. You know!

Shopping Product Reviews

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Strategies

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is one of the best ways to get instant targeted traffic. PPC is amazing because it allows you to do so many things with ease. You generate affiliates, test landing pages, test sales pages, test keyword variations to target SEO, and more. It’s an amazing way to promote products online and it’s unique in that it has the ability to get results fast.

The 2 biggest PPC search engines are Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. Google Ads is bigger (since it’s owned by Google) and Microsoft Ads is owned by Bing. You’ll get most of your traffic from Google Ads, but Microsoft Ads can also get you high-quality traffic. You just want to be more specific with your keyword targeting, your budget, and your keyword’s cost per click (CPC).

I know that these abbreviations and terms can be too many to remember, but I assure you that they are very simple. Pay per click is great because of its ability to let you predict the results you may get. If you know the math of your business ahead of time and you’re getting certain results on pay-per-click networks, you can adjust certain aspects of your campaigns so that the numbers work in your favor.

But there are plenty of other pay per click search engines out there. Now you should know that I don’t normally recommend these other PPC networks. This is mainly because they are synonymous with click fraud and poor traffic. You’ll find that keyword cost per click is surprisingly cheaper than Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. While you can pay $1-$3 for a click for a particular keyword on Google and Microsoft Ads, on lower tier PPC networks you can pay 5-10 cents per click for those same keywords. Don’t expect to get good results with those networks.

The only time those networks get decent traffic is when you’re promoting something illicit. That’s all I’m going to do in regards to downplaying the other PPC networks, but here’s something you need to know before you start investing hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in these other programs. You may say to yourself, “Wow, I have no competition on these other networks!” But you should know that you have no competition because no one else who knows what they’re doing knows to stay away from those sites.

You will be bidding against yourself. And you will be losing all the time. You’ll invest your money in these low-grade PPC networks convinced that if you simply “tweak” some aspect of your campaign, you’ll get leads and sales. Unfortunately, it will not happen that way. You can tweak things as much as you want, but you won’t be able to get the leads and sales you’re looking for. So it’s best if you stick to Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, and make sure the math in your business works with the keyword bids you’re targeting.

So once you’re in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, what kind of strategies should you implement to get the best possible results? Well, I am going to give you some tips that you can use to get the upper hand over your competitors. Let’s start with this first tip. This is something I stumbled across when doing a different form of marketing that involved email marketing:

1) Tier 1 target countries

If you’re selling globally, there’s no point in selling to an audience that doesn’t have the financial ability to buy your products. Also, if your primary language is English, you’ll want your prospects to be able to speak English. So you’ll want to target the top 5 countries that have the most financial ability to buy and also speak English. These countries are: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these are the only countries that have people who speak English and have the financial ability to buy. Many people in countries around the world meet this criteria, but these 5 countries are the main ones you’ll want to target for overall campaign effectiveness. I’m not trying to disrespect other countries, but if you want practically bonus results, you’ll want to stick to these 5 countries. Here is another pay per click marketing strategy:

2) Don’t put all your keywords in one ad group

It’s best to have multiple campaigns, and more importantly, more than one ad group. For me personally, I have 2 sets of PPC keywords that I bid on. I have those keywords that I bid $1-$1.50 cents on, and then another set of keywords that I bid $0.50-$0.75 cents on. I do this because I’ve found that the high cost set of keywords converts better for me, and the lower cost set of keywords converts well, but not as well as the higher cost ones.

So for the lower cost set, I get more clicks, but lower conversion rates. So, to compensate, I lower the cost of those keywords so they can match the same conversion rates that higher cost keywords give me. Other people have their own reasons for creating multiple ad groups for the same campaign. When you start, you will also have your own reasons. This is what I do, and I have found that this works best for me. This is the last PPC tip I want to give you:

3) Never bid on broad match keywords

Never bid on broad match keyword terms. Broad means bidding on a raw keyword. For example, if you wanted to bid on the keyword “bicycle tires,” here’s what the broad match, phrase match, and exact match keyword types would look like:

WIDE MATCH: bicycle tires
MATCH PHRASE: “bicycle tires”
EXACT MATCH: [bicycle tires]

When you bid on broad match keywords, you’ll get clicks on your ad for any search query that contains the words “bike” and “tires.” This is a virtually guaranteed way to blow your budget and destroy your campaign. In my experience, phrase match keyword types have worked best for me.

Exact match keywords are great, but they’re very expensive and very competitive, and they don’t necessarily guarantee sales or lead conversions when you bid on them.

These 3 pay-per-click marketing strategies are tips you should consider before spending a single penny on ads. Follow my advice and you will be on the right path to success.