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Smell the cheese frequently to know when it is aging

This quote from the book “Who Moved My Cheese” cautions people not to become complacent in their work, to notice the signs that things could be changing, that the company could be in trouble, and that they could be lost. Job positions.

It was the third time Glen had been fired. He smelled the cheese but did not want to worry his wife Toni so he did not discuss it. Of course, after many years of marriage, Toni knew something was wrong. Glen was quiet and sullen and he was not himself. Then the announcement came and she had to tell Toni about it. Having been through this twice before, it didn’t make it any less traumatic. It was still very demoralizing for both of them!

Losing a job creates many fears. What will i do now This was my identity. Who am I now? And finances? We will be fine? Will we be able to pay our bills, buy groceries, what about health insurance? We are not getting any younger. How long will it take me to find another job? Will we run out of savings? Can we ever take another vacation? These are some of the fears faced by people who have just lost their job.

Toni, of course, had many of the same thoughts and some of her own. Can we get over this one more time? Will I have to work longer hours? Will I be able to do it physically? Will I be able to emotionally support Glen while looking for a new job? How will this affect our relationship? Will you survive another job loss? Will my friends understand? Would you mind? Will they offer me emotional support? Or will they just tell me that everything will be okay if I just have a positive outlook?

So many questions and so few answers. Days go by, weeks go by. Glen is searching, going to job fairs, submitting resumes. I suggest to Toni that Glen read “Who Moved My Cheese”, it would be helpful to both of you. It’s about change and how to process it.

After two months, the recruiter gives you a good tip. It’s the kind of work Glen does, but the problem is, he’s in a city three hours away. It is exciting and scary at the same time. Glen has a phone interview. It feels pretty good and then more time passes. The recruiter says it is important to be patient. Then the good news comes, they want Glen to come in for an interview. You think it is going well, but again you have to wait. Again, the recruiter says be patient. Glen is nervous and Toni doesn’t know how to help. If you don’t get the job, you will be a huge disappointment. If you get the job, it means a big move. So much to think about, so much emotion.

They finally listen again! Glen gets the job. Hurrah! They are ready for the challenges they face. They will “move their cheese.”

It has been three months since Glen started his new job. It got a good review. Toni has moved to the southwest coast of Florida now and has a huge advantage in a job in her chosen profession. They made an offer for a house. They have settled in their new city and in their new circumstances. The future is bright!

When Linda first sent me her story, I realized that she had heard what I said during that difficult time and what I was not saying, she seems like a loyal friend and mind reader. Part of the time I felt like I needed to be brave about this financial crisis during our weekly phone conversations as Linda had tragically lost her husband a year earlier and how could this compare to what was going on. I have noticed that the tides turn, not only because of bodies of water, but also because of lasting friendships. For me, it felt like a smooth rhythm where we took turns listening, talking, and sharing the ups and downs of our weeks.

It’s amazing that almost a year has passed since that phone call Glen had been so nervously waiting for. We knew we had better options than many, but it’s never easy and starting over when you’re this close to retirement is scary. Going through savings, unexpected medical expenses when the policy you buy is basically a high deductible major medical plan that takes you to a hospital. So many people tell us that we would be fine, when in fact it was a very emotional moment, even more so the older you are, the more difficult it is to start over in another place.

We started a journal for ourselves, filled with information about moves, neighborhoods, things to do, etc. Actually, my journal was full of paint, packing, moving fragile possessions on long weekend trips while I was still working for a few months until I moved into the temporary apartment. Glen was learning the ropes at his new job and finding the local running and biking groups. The activities were her emotional and physical release. Working to provide support and doing whatever I had to do was emotionally and physically draining, finding that my dance and art groups eased the tough days.

Once I was transferred, I began to explore our new city. First it was the glorious sunsets that mesmerized me, snapshot after snapshot that filled my phone’s camera album. We had always loved kayaking and looking for herons, egrets and rosette spoonbills and here they were at my back door every night. I took this as a sign that this place was where we should be.

Relocating is lonely when you are losing your community. I kept remembering how my mom moved and what made it easier when she was about the same age. I found all my interests; line classes, art studios, and wonderful volunteer organizations. Finding my niche, offering my talents gave me something to look forward to. Telling my adventures and posting photos allowed me to show others that I was doing well. Communicating with social media was helpful, but many times I miss my close friends everyone needs, your A-team when you want to sit back and be yourself. Those people can’t be replaced, and finding new ways to connect meant frequent travel and time on the phone.

I was lucky to find a job and be part of a new inclusive wellness program. For as long as I can, I want to see the expression on someone’s face when they have given me a massage and then their cancer treatment and hear them say how grateful they are for my touch. I am grateful that my passion and my life’s work are one and that I can continue to offer a comforting therapeutic touch during difficult times for survivors of cancer treatment.

I recently played a game with my grandchildren when they were visiting and took them to see the puppies at Southeastern Guide Dogs. It was spring break and the line was long, and waiting is so hard when you’re young. Remembering the AT&T commercial where the gentleman sits at the children’s table and keeps asking questions to make them think. So I asked my trio, “what’s worse, waiting in line to play with the puppies or NEVER watch TV or see your parents or visit us anymore?” It was good to have that perspective, and sometimes it helps to ask tough questions. Life is not always easy, sometimes it is so difficult, you wonder why try? They fade and then a smile, a song, a sunset reminds you that “The tides turn and have faith.” Sometimes not only does the cheese move, but the hardened edges are cut off, a bit of old mold, which helps to see the new possibilities.

We have a new life in a new home with a view of the sunset over the pond every night. Work we enjoy, hobbies that keep us young and engaged. It was easy, right? Was it necessary, yes? Feeling grateful and resilient and depositing those good feelings for those moments that will come and that will make you scream “for real, again.”

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WoW TCG Loot Cards: Why Going To A Darkmoon Faire Event Is Your Best Chance To Get Free WoW TCG Loot

Looking to get popular WoW TCG loot cards like Spectral Tiger for a low price? Then check out a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Darkmoon Fair event near you. Darkmoon Fair events are monthly mini-conventions run by Cryptozoic Entertainment, giving away tens of thousands of dollars in WoW TCG loot at every Darkmoon Fair.

Interested in finding out what happens at a Darkmoon Faire and what you can do to get some of those great loot? Here are some details to help you know what to expect at one of these great WoW TCG events.

WoW TCG Beginner Events

One of the first things players who haven’t played the World of Warcraft trading card game will want to consider participating in is one of the beginner events. These events take place throughout the weekend and are the perfect place to get acquainted with the game.

These events are great value and a great way to get acquainted with the rules. Beginning events are held several times a day and cost $ 10 to participate. With that ticket, you get a WoW TCG class starter deck to play for three rounds, and you get a booster pack from the latest WoW TCG expansion – win or lose!

The main event

If you’re a more experienced WoW TCG player looking for a way to win one of the 8 Spectral Tiger loot cards, try the main event starting Saturday. The format for the main event ranges from Classic Constructed, Core Constructed, and Sealed Pack, but the reward for reaching the top 8 at the end of this Swiss elimination tournament is a Spectral Tiger.

Plus, if you do well in the top-tier playoffs on Sunday, you can win other incredible prizes, like thousands of dollars in travel vouchers, electronic devices like an iPad, and more.


The Lootapalooza event takes place on the Sunday of the Darkmoon Fair. It’s one of the craziest events for people to win loot cards. The Lootapalooza event costs $ 20 to participate and is a Class Starter Deck tournament, which means you play with the random Class Starter Deck they give you.

In each round of this Swiss event, the judges randomly award loot cards to participants. Yes, this includes a Spectral Tiger, which is awarded in the last round of the tournament. Rare loot cards from the latest WoW TCG expansion are also given out to the people with the best records at the end of this tournament, making it one of the Darkmoon Fair tournaments that brings you the most value. Loot card for your money.

Darkmoon Fairs are a fun event for everyone, but if you want to save a fortune on WoW TCG loot cards as well, it’s definitely worth checking out if there are any in your area. With Cryptozoic Entertainment working hard to produce more exciting events each month, these big tournaments are only becoming more valuable to attend.

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How can I earn money with an online course?

There are many ways to earn income with online courses.

You can set these up on your own website, such as a paid email course, or on a special website that promotes courses like Udemy. You can earn money directly from a course, or you can earn money on the back end (or both).

Paid course

You can earn money directly with a paid course. There are course websites like Udemy, Fedora, and many others. Search for “sell your course online” and you will find many of them to help you. You can also set up your course on your own website using a membership website feature like AWeber, InstaMember, or even just a PayPal button with a password only website.

Free course

You can still earn money with a free course. By providing your audience with a free, short course via email, or through a membership on your website, you can use the course to build your email list. Then you can promote other things to them through the course and email list. For example, in every email you send about your course, you can include a link to your paid courses.


Remember that for any page on your site (like the page you send people to collect the next free module in your course), you can place recommended products that match the things your audience will need to be successful in whatever. that you are promoting through your course.

The three

You can earn money through all three methods if you want. It does not matter if a paid course is taught or not; You can still add add-on products to the delivery page, or via an email newsletter that students sign up to receive.

Complementary elements

For example, if you sell a course on how to write and sell a book on Kindle, you can promote business-related services such as contractors who will do the work for them. You can also promote software that helps them or peripheral products that may interest them.

Future careers

A series of courses are a great way to earn more money through online courses. This works great if the first course is free, then for more information they need to pay for the future updated course.

You can always earn money with the courses. You just have to think about what your audience needs outside of the course and you can also promote those things to them. You can earn money from the course directly and then earn money indirectly by promoting complementary products, services, and more.

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Separate yourself from doubt, the zodiac month of Virgo, 2015

The zodiac month ahead Separate yourself from doubt

What we can all expect from the forecast of our planetary skies, from August 23 to September 23.

Making the most of our cycle in Virgo

Our summer of 2015 certainly projected itself in requested relaxation tones due to the fair reflection that Venus retrograde demanded in Leo. Now is the time to get back to routines and realign what we can refine as purity reigns in the richest harvest of the year.

Virgos may be inclined to push their purification needs to the extreme, as free will chooses to be fussy, doubtful, and worry about anything. Especially at this time, Virgo energy is accused of having “OCD” more than any other sign. Virgo must remember that their scrutiny skills are always necessary to correct the natural mistakes humans make, but living from the space of doubt makes them an unhappy soul. As we can spell the truth from DOUBT, the best thing is – and politely as Virgos always prefer – to say it please DO BUT OUT BUD.

The planet in charge of Virgo is Mercury, who is the Messenger of all our communications, movements and changes within the Zodiac as it travels through its “mercury” cycles. Equally honoring any given sign for about two weeks (with the exception of its retrograde cycles), this planet also determines how our thinking and mindset will flow, why we tend to enjoy or resist change, and ultimately how we will allow our mind to play. tricks for us if we are not in charge of them. Known as a bondage sign of the zodiac, Virgo energy is so wonderful to experience as long as the hygiene they practice develops a soul that serves in wisdom, far from doubt and ego-based energy.

Where do you want your sun sign to break away from doubt?

ARIES: Habits / Routines / Health where I serve

TAURUS: Creativity / Children / Love affairs where I believe

GEMINI: Home / Family / Environments where I grew up

CANCER: Thought / mindsets where I communicate

LION: Gain power / values ​​with what I have

VIRGO: Approaches / First impressions with who I am

POUND: Inner work / subconscious study where process

SCORPION: Hopes / Dreams / Wishes where I socialize

SAGITTARIUS: Career / Public life where I am structured

CAPRICORN: Higher Education / Travel / Growing Where I Believe

AQUARIUM: Regeneration / Change where I transform

PISCES: Associations where I interact

Remember that your weekly #Empowerscopes on Empower Radio guides you through each week of our Sun time in Virgo. Tune in to hear where to plant a personal approach to success and greater results, as well as logging in with valuable time are all tips that astrology always advises.

The sun enters Virgo on August 23

Shine the light by letting go of doubt

After our reflective hearts were asked to help heal the earth during Leo, there is precise work to be done to take us further into Virgo. The glory of this sign is always in perfection when it is in the service of others, extending equally to a personal “check and balance” when it comes to the self. Infamous for being the most flawless fault finder, this innate ability is not to be used against the soul in these detailed quests for perfection. A Virgo soul must be continually reminded that perfection is simply a journey and never a destination, which is a wonderful mantra to allow anyone to break away from the negative cycle of doubt.

As we all collectively live the time of our Sun within the innocence of the Virgin, asking ourselves “why” regarding the new that flows through this area of ​​life is wise, but it must be accompanied by a dedication that only wishes to be of Service. Recognizing what we must clean within our soul both inside and outside where the Virgin lives in our Zodiac cakes allows us to cultivate the breadth of vision, imagination and optimism that we need to never let doubt control our free will.

Mercury enters Libra on August 27, the approach begins on August 28; Retrograde Sep 17

Where communications become fair and considerate for your review

Our Messenger planet reaches the middle of aligning peace of mind in Libra under its Approach to the last Mercury retrograde (MRx) from September 17 to October 9, 2015. Continuing its review and realignment tour on the subject of signs of intellectual air, has regressed throughout the year: Aquarius in January and February; Gemini in May and June: now ask for a cycle of reflection within the scales. Comparative, precision-seeking and persuasive mindsets and methods of expression will be alive and well as our Mercury “Trickster” phase pursues. Until the retrograde begins on September 17, it’s prep time and a preview of the upcoming retrograde attractions for what the actual cycle will ask all of us to review and redo. Our life and energy within Libra need this waiting time to reconnect with what may be out of sync so that it can balance properly. MRx approaches are sometimes just as disturbing as the actual retrograde passage itself, depending on our mindfulness. The key to navigating here is to avoid unbalanced and superficial mindsets, and to be well aware of the call to slow down in order to honor reflection, always yielding to changes that arise.

Libra’s natural communication energy lacks speed, decisiveness, and application, so being patient with this area of ​​our lives is excellent practice during the Mercury rejuvenation and recharge session. After going direct on October 9, Mercury returns to the forward movement at The Scales and will not enter Scorpio until November 2.

Venus goes straight into Leo September 6

Where harmony and understanding return to purity and pleasure

At least before Mercury requests our reflection, Venus will have returned to direct motion in Leo. While his Shadow will prevail throughout the passage of MRx until October 8, his rebalancing of what needed adjustment within Leo will find himself in proper flux again. Affections that may not have been available to feel sincere, faithful, or inspiring will feel that the heart once again has ownership of what the head might have logically been overlooking.

Whatever the retrograde passage that began on July 25 asked us to reconsider from where El León reigns in our personal life, now it finds happier tones to feel generosity and nobility to develop ourselves in the appropriate way. With Mars still in Leo until September 24, motivation is an undeniable force in this segment of life under the time of our Sun in Virgo. We have a more pleasant conversation that will occur between Venus and Uranus retrograde in Aries around September 23rd. This will put in place the last pieces of the puzzle that began to assemble in late June and early July, which creatively called on all of us to create our now and own our truth, where both Aries and Leo bring spirit and stimulation to our. lives.

Saturn enters Sagittarius on September 13

Where your patience and responsibility is required

While the average astrologer may choose to raise all hands to utter restraint and difficulty each time Saturn enters a new sign, it is wise that we first understand the actual gifts this planet can bestow upon us. Saturn was already in Sagittarius from December 23, 2014 to June 14, 2015 before plunging back into Scorpio in retrograde. Now, since August 2, archers around the world are about to have the planet of ambition, work, discipline, responsibility, and earned rewards visit until December 19, 2017.

No matter what sign you are, you have the current transit of Saturn in Sagittarius calling an area of ​​your life. The request here is to look carefully and closely examine where The Archer is pointing the truth in his life during this period. Similarly, determination seeks to cultivate hope and charity wherever Sagittarius energy is abundant in our personal lives. Having patience is a virtue that you will need to learn from all the experiences that lie ahead in the Sagittarius forecast to allow more stability to develop. Life seemingly slows down in this segment of life so that you can find the time to grow, enjoy yourself, and recognize the rewards you will receive through diligent effort. Resist honoring Saturn’s need to be more gentle, mindful, and balanced within Sagittarius, and that reputation you have as the “Karmic Adjuster” will be heard as a disciplinary parent saying, “I told you so.”

Collectively, there is an effort to develop inspiration, philosophical interests, as well as any type of religious or higher education to expand our sense of spirituality as Saturn transits within The Archer. While the drive for independence will be strong, the challenge will be honoring the restraint that comes from practicing a more mindful and unhurried pace, allowing these learning processes to shape us and become our teachers. It will be interesting to observe what unfolds within the religious and spiritual communities of the world during this passage. Saturn in Sagittarius is motivated by the fear of restriction, which must be combated by presenting intellectual, truth-seeking and divine achievements in your cycle, so distinction is the bottom line. With patience, the Sagittarius energy will flourish when accompanied by honor and truth for the next two years.

As we recognize that doubt is the only thing that stands in our way to create our now, as Virgo calls to cleanse our soul from the roots of fear, that we separate from it and discover that we are purified and that we are already perfect as need. our trip.

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A dedicated server is the best option for quality Minecraft hosting

The Minecraft game is for one or several players depending on the number of spaces purchased. The more slots you purchase, the more players will gain access to your online world, since each player occupies only one slot. Minecraft has quite a few add-ons and mods to enhance the gaming experience. In addition, there are also control panels that allow the formation of user groups with different levels of access. But you can only take advantage of these opportunities with the help of Minecraft servers. Often times, it is recommended that all these updates be set on dedicated Minecraft servers to improve the game.

There are several Minecraft hosting companies that offer a variety of servers to buy. Many plugins tend to consume more resources. In this case, it is crucial to check with your Minecraft host before installing add-ons to make sure you have the proper resources available. A dedicated server is the best option for quality Minecraft hosting. This is because dedicated servers ensure that the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the location where the game is running on the server, and the Minecraft CPU are not shared. Sharing these resources can have a negative impact on the performance of your gaming world. A dedicated server supports multiple player slots, allowing players to expand their online community. Additionally, players can use features other than Minecraft, including the cPanel control panel, web server, and much more.

Dedicated Minecraft servers are safer from attack as the gaming world is in its own server settings. Take, for example, if your Minecraft game is hosted on a shared server, other clients on the same server may be on the receiving end of a DDOS assault. In this scenario, the server has problems with traffic, which negatively affects the game. On the other hand, on a dedicated server provided by a trusted Minecraft host, you will be the only person operating on the server, which means that attacks targeting other servers will not harm you.

Other benefits associated with dedicated servers for hosting Minecraft include the superior control you have over network settings. You can modify your Java virtual machine with custom options, allocate adequate disk space, and incorporate any modifications and plug-ins you want. Hosting Minecraft on a dedicated server also gives you root access, which means you have full control over your server, including secure shell access.

So how do you know if a dedicated server is right for your Minecraft world? Well, it is important to check with your Minecraft hosting provider to find out what resources are needed for the plugins you want to bring to the server. After investing in a server from a reliable Minecraft host company, you will make the decisions sooner rather than later.

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The Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Instructions

Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White

Even though the Vanish Oxi Action Crystal is still being promoted to consumers as the miracle cure to every health problem, most of the information is just plain old false. This means that if you want to use it as a remedy, then you should be careful in believing everything you read from the package’s literature. However, with the right knowledge, you can make use of this amazing product to bring your body back into tip top shape. Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy once you use this amazing crystal in the right manner.

Vanish Oxi Action suppliers

First and foremost, you can expect a boost in energy level. This is perfect for women who are in their menopausal stages. The estrogen levels in the body are decreasing with age, and this is when the toxins start to affect the health of the woman. By using the Vanish Oxi Action Crystal, you can eliminate those harmful substances and bring back the needed amount of copper in the body. Thus, the unwanted effects of aging will be greatly reduced.

Stress relief is also one of the many advantages this amazing crystal can do. No matter how much stress you are suffering from, you can always find something to help you relax, whether it is through music massages or even a massage. This wonderful product can alleviate stress by balancing the five elements. Toxins, poor circulation and even fatigue are all eliminated once the five elements are balanced.

The Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Instructions

Another benefit of using the Vanish Oxi Action Crystal is that it can increase the amount of blood in your body. If there is enough oxygen, the body can function at its optimum level. You can experience greater energy, clearer skin, enhanced immune system and overall better health after using the crystal. You even get more sleep and better rest since the crystall can soothe the mind and the muscles while you sleep.

Another great advantage you stand to enjoy is that it can improve the appearance of your skin. It has anti-aging properties that keep it from sagging and drooping. It can help you maintain the youthfulness of your skin. When you look older, your skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity. With this amazing product, you can easily tighten the skin and make it look younger and healthier.

Even if you have been battling with many health problems, you can now rest assured that your body is protected from bacteria and viruses. Your immune system is strengthened and you can now fight back against these germs and diseases. You no longer have to use drugs which can harm the body. Vanish Oxi Action Crystal is a completely natural substance which comes from pure natural sources. It has been proven safe and effective to use by thousands of people.

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DIY – How To Fix A Slow Computer!

It doesn’t matter how careful you are when removing programs, if you use a firewall and antivirus program, or even if you use your computer infrequently. Your computer will likely start to slow down and frustrate you. It’s like a bad kid rock song that just won’t die and go away. So what can you do to repair your computer cheaply and make it work like new again?

First of all, you need to understand that many antivirus and firewall programs, such as McAfee and others, take up a large amount of your computer’s RAM (or random access memory). This means that there is much less RAM available to run other programs. This can cause your computer to slow down a lot or even crash or hang. You should also be aware that as antivirus programs are updated year after year, they get bigger and take up more and more memory and RAM.

Therefore, you cannot have the same memory and computer that you had five years ago and expect it to run programs from today with the same efficiency as five years ago. My advice to most people at this point is to take a look at the amount of RAM you have on your computer and see if a RAM upgrade is a viable option. At the time of writing, RAM is very low cost and you can get 2 megabytes of RAM whether you have a laptop or desktop for around $ 40- $ 50.

So if you currently have 2 megabytes of RAM, you can easily double that to 4 megabytes of RAM for $ 40- $ 50 and that’s definitely a worthwhile investment that will greatly increase your computer’s speed and your ability to run various programs for both. themselves and together with others at the same time. Now keep in mind that if you have a 32-bit operating system, you won’t be able to add more than 4 megabytes of RAM to your computer. A 32-bit operating system like Windows Vista can only run 4 megabytes of RAM. To use more RAM, you will need to upgrade your operating system to a 64-bit operating system such as Windows 7 or Windows Vista 64-bit.

Another idea that I have come across is a very easy solution and basically what it is is that some people decide to install one antivirus program on top of another. You don’t need antivirus programs. Many of these people do not understand that their computer is ready and comes with one installed, so they see these ads on TV or in a magazine, or they hear from a friend that they need to have McAfee or another antivirus program and install it on top of the other. This will basically use up all of your RAM and get everything going at a blazing pace unless you have 4 megabytes or more of RAM on your computer.

If you are in this situation, choose one of the antivirus programs that you want to keep and remove the other completely. This will definitely speed up your computer. Another great step is to check your hard drive and periodically schedule it to defragment. I recommend that you do this once a month to keep your hard drive in optimal shape. This is easy to do and Windows has programs that are free and already installed for you to do it with each and every operating system. Just run it and then schedule it to run once a month or every other month. This will keep your hard drive organized and running at its best speed.

Now if you don’t have an antivirus program on your computer, what could be slowing down your computer could be a virus, Trojan horse program, worm, or other malware. Make sure you get a clean copy of an antivirus program (never download a hacked antivirus program just because it’s free – 99 times out of 100 it will be loaded with viruses or other malware and take control of your computer and screw things up even worse). Antivirus programs are cheap, and the best ones can be found for less than $ 30. They are definitely a worthy investment for anyone who is going to run any type of website or business over the Internet.

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Composition: The Effective Use of Tension and Release in Ingrid Michaelson "Keep breathing"

Have you ever been curious about a great way to create tension in your songs, so that you can have a moment of liberation in full swing? Ingrid Michaelson effectively creates one of these moments in her song “Keep Breathing.” We’ll see.

You can watch the song on YouTube, if you want to follow it. The times I refer to below (for example 2:41) refer to the approximate minutes and seconds of the song.

This song begins with two short verses that end in the chorus “Keep Breathing”.

Verses 1 and 2 (minus the refrains) tell us:

Verse 1: The storm is coming but I don’t care if people die, I close my blinds

Verse 2: I want to change the world, instead I sleep I want to believe in more than you and me

So that’s concise and straightforward … It’s this general, nonchalant language that says “I can’t do anything about it. I’m not going to do anything about it.”

But what happens next is interesting. When the second verse ends and it enters the second chorus (“All I know is that I’m breathing …”) we have exactly two minutes left in a song that is less than three and a half minutes long. “Who cares?” you may be wondering. Well, those last two minutes are almost ENTIRE the phrase “All we can do is keep breathing” repeated over and over again. There is a slight variation in the words of the phrase and after the second chorus it lingers a bit on the word “now”, but other than that all we can do is keep breathing to keep our balance. song!

Normally, so much repetition of both the lyrics and the melody means that Ambien won’t be needed tonight … but not here. Here it really works. Let’s see why …

There are two main things that happen after the opening two verses of this song that make the vocal repetition work so well. The first is that what is happening UNDER the voices is changing dramatically. And it’s not just changing, it’s creating tension.

At about 2:07, almost all the instruments have disappeared from the song when she says “All I know is that I’m breathing.” Then each time the phrase is repeated, more instruments begin to appear below the voice. It’s starting to create tension. The drum has a great influence on this. As it hits and gets louder and louder, we are building a really strong tension that begs to be released. This has to break soon, right? And it’s going to lead to something big, right?

So what happens? The tension is broken at 2:41 when the lingering beat of the drum ends and it enters a regular drum beat. At the same time, the vocal harmonies singing “ahhhh” are activated, in the background. The tension has officially eased. So let’s see what the lead vocal is doing at this point, because it MUST be doing something different now … Nope. Still breathing. “Exactly the same as before the tension was released. Yet we still feel the release due to what is happening UNDER the words.

But there is more. There is a second thing that makes the ending of this song work well, which is the way the meaning of the lyrics relates to the music. “Hey?” you ask. Well think about it … what happens when you literally keep breathing with your lungs? Well … repeat. No matter what is happening in the WORLD around you, your BREATH continues to happen. And … whatever is happening in the arrangement of this SONG below the words (drums, guitars, etc.), the LYRICS AND THE MELODY keep repeating and keep happening, over and over again. The same thing they did before in breathing.

When you stop breathing, you are dead. When this song stops repeating itself, it’s over.

So now we can see why almost two minutes of the same lyrics and melody work here. Because there is a whole world changing underneath the lead vocal. And at the same time, the repetition of the lead voice is so strongly linked to the meaning of the words.

THAT IS good writing (and arranging). It is the structure that supports the meaning, achieved in a big way. (You can’t see, but I’m standing and clapping.)

Another interesting thing to note here is that what broke this song (and essentially Ingrid’s career) was its location in the final episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 3. The song ended up fitting perfectly with the emotions of the final scene of that episode. I can’t post links here, but you can do a YouTube search for “Grey’s Anatomy Keep Breathing” to see the scene. It’s the (almost) wedding scene.

Well … it was almost a perfect fit. As Robin Frederick points out in his book, Shortcuts to songwriting for film and television, the song was expanded to fit the scene. As anyone who watches television knows, that’s pretty weird. Songs are usually shortened to fit a scene. Not to mention that what was being expanded here was something that was already much more repetitive than normal, as we learned in the previous paragraphs. But still, the rerun of “All We Can Do Is Keep Breathing” just wasn’t enough for Grey’s Anatomy’s musical supervisors. They expanded it even more! That just goes to show how well it worked. It shows you how well it fits in with the emotion of the scene, which is the main reason a song will be placed on television in the first place. Because actually, a song is put on TV to TELL US what emotions we should be feeling at that moment. And clearly this song nailed it for that final scene.

Oh, and see how they aligned the break in tension in Ingrid’s song that I mentioned earlier, with the actress’s line: “I’m free … damn it” (at 2:34 in the Grey’s Anatomy clip). .. Just before she freaks out and takes off her wedding dress. Yes, that is not a coincidence.

Great song and great TV location. See if you can incorporate this kind of moment into your own music. Done right, it could be a great experience for your listeners.

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World of Warcraft: Runic Cloth Growing in the Expedition Armory

In previous posts, I examined the possibilities, or lack thereof, of cultivating Runic Cloth in Azeroth, as opposed to the blessed Outlands.

Today, I cultivated the Holy Grail of Runecloth (off the table, of course), the Armory Expedition. The Expedition Armory is a destroyed city south of the Honor Hold on Hellfire Peninsula.

It is a depressing place, haunted by 2 types of ghosts: the nice ghosts, who just walk and work and laugh and do other ghostly activities, and the bad ghosts, who you can interact with and who actually drop the runic cloth.

Once again, Grunman was appointed Runecloth farmer, a task with which he is becoming well acquainted.

There are 3 types of mobs, and these are their “official” Runecloth drop rates:

  • Unyielding Footman – 34%
  • Unbreakable Knight – 34%
  • Unyielding Sorcerer – 34%

To the inexperienced eye, these drop rates may appear similar. In fact they are. However, it SEEMED to me that Wizards were more generous in their Runecloth contributions, often dropping three at a time.

Grunman spent an hour going round and round the Armory, killing everything that moved, and here is the total tally:

  • Cash Loot – 12g 18s 19c
  • Seller’s Trash – 6g 2s 17c
  • Traveler backpack – 17g (yes, right)
  • Another green – Maybe 5g
  • Runic Cloth – 111
  • Netherweave – 16

The best thing about Expedition Armory is the respawn rate. Assuming the place isn’t full of pesky Alliance quest players, or God forbid, other farmers, you will never run out of things to kill, you can ALWAYS see your next victim, nor will you be inundated by newly spawned mobs . .

All in all, cultivating Runecloth there is time well spent, assuming you really need it. Of course, the green drops won’t be disenchanted into anything cooler than arcane dust (most of the time), but you’ll earn more than enough money to cover repairs and can level your tailoring at various points per hour. .

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How to Repair Shoes or Boots: Shoe Goo or Super Glue?

Just when your shoes or boots start to feel comfortable, you notice a split on the side of the sole. Or a heel begins to separate. You can take the culprit to a cobbler to have the sole repaired or the heel of the boot glued, or you can do it yourself in seconds. There are a couple of options. Shoe Goo and an advanced or commercial grade cyanoacrylate (superglue).

Shoe goo is the favorite of the skaters as it will glue most things together and fill in some serious voids left by the road scraping parts of the shoe.

Super Glue and Krazy Glue are cyanoacrylates – that’s the chemical basis of Super glue or Krazy Glue. Advanced or commercial grade superglues have characteristics that make them a better solution than commercially available superglues.

Both types of products (Shoe Goo and super glue type glues) have their uses. Both types of glue will last quite a long time, so they are good to have on hand as they will not spoil and will be available when you need them. Both will dry flexible.

Shoe Goo can be purchased at hardware stores and some sports stores and certainly online. It is quite thick and comes in transparent black and white. In fact, it can be used to rebuild a worn heel into a boot or running shoes. It can be used to reattach a split to the shoe sole or heel, but since it’s so thick, I find a product like a high-end super glue (a commercial grade cyanoacylate) more useful.

To rebuild a heel with a sticky substance for shoes, you must first use some sandpaper to scrape the surface. This gives the glue something to stick to. Once done, just squeeze some out of the tube and shape it with a stick. Most Shoe Goo packages come with a stick to apply. If applying in layers to build a little thicker, allow 5-6 hours between applications. Allow 24 hours before walking in the boot or shoe. It dries glossy, but will disappear once you start walking.

If the sole has separated somewhere, you can carefully squeeze out some glue and then press the two surfaces together. This is not the best glue for this type of application as it can get messy, but it can be done with care. When you press the two surfaces together, some will come off and you can scrape with a piece of wood or metal to smooth the edge. Also let it rest for 24 hours. It will be flexible when cured.

How and when to use an advanced cyanoacrylate for a ‘shoe repair’

If you have a sole or heel that is starting to separate, the Shoe Goo can get dirty very easily and if you are trying to repair a very nice pair of dress shoes or boots this may not be the material to use. If you use super glue or Krazy Glue, you can also have problems because they often become brittle when dry and once you start walking in your shoes or boots, it is very likely that they will break again.

Commercial grade cyanoacrylates are made from the same base as super glue, but without the solvents they will dry transparently and flexibly. They are extremely easy to wear and being almost instantaneous, you don’t have to wait to wear the shoe or boot.

Some examples of types of situations in which you could use this type of super glue: the toe cap of the sneaker or running shoe begins to break; the heel of a boot begins to separate or falls off; two layers of leather in dress shoes begin to separate.

One of the benefits of this type of product is that it will be absorbed. This means that if you place a drop on the edge of a crack or joint that is just beginning to split, it will enter that space. You will be drawn to it. This means less clutter.

So for a split in a shoe, try to hold the shoe or boot so that the split is open as much as possible and so the glue can run into it. Place the tip of the spout on the edge and gently squeeze a drop into the gap. If it’s quite long, you may need to run the tip of the bottle along the gap line while gently squeezing out some glue. Set the bottle aside and press the two surfaces firmly together. This type of glue takes only a few minutes to set. Give it a few more minutes and you can walk in your shoes or boots. Be careful, as some of the glue may come off when you press the two surfaces together; support the shoe so that it does not spill onto the upper or other parts where a stain can be seen.

This makes for a great emergency solution – you’re ready to go to work or party and find your dress shoe heel is loose. Scoop out your commercial grade super glue, apply it, and in seconds you’re good to go.

Both types of glue It will be waterproof when cured. With these two types of glue and a bit of tape you can fix almost anything.