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Big Tit Sex Doll – woman-like sex object

Big Tit Sex Doll

The big tit sex doll is a woman-like sex object, complete with a large breast and a full set of female features. These sex toys also have movable joints and a flexible anus, just like a real woman’s. The best part is that these sex toys are incredibly realistic, mimicking the way a woman would feel in the act.

big tit sex doll

Designed to be highly realistic and comfortable, big tit sex dolls are extremely flexible. Because of their metallic skeleton, they stay put, and are able to be folded and twisted without tearing. These toys are also easy to maintain, since they can be cleaned with water. They are made in the United States and Canada, and shipped from Los Angeles, Vancouver, and other locations across North America.

Big tit sex dolls are a great way to have fun during unusual situations. You can purchase a plain version, or customize it with a variety of accessories to make it more sexy. Among these options are skin color and breasts. You can also choose whether you want your big tit sex doll to be hollow or filled. You can find a complete list of customizable features on each big tit sex doll’s page.

Big Tit Sex Doll – woman-like sex object

A big tit sex doll has a real body that resembles that of a real woman. You can squeeze her boobs and mouth, and she will respond in kind. If you’re in the mood for some missionary-style action, you can also turn on the big tit sex doll’s ejaculate buttons. In addition to the face, you can turn her into a missionary style doll, which has a rounded and slightly asymmetrical face and a soft apron.

A big tit sex doll has a realistic-looking body. The dolls will make you squeal with delight. The big tit sex doll is a real-life sex toy with realistic facial expressions. Some even convert it into a missionary style of ejaculation. If you’re in the mood for a missionary style of sex, the doll will do the work for you.

A big tit sex doll is a realistic-looking toy that can be customized to your liking. Its breasts and boobs are real-looking and it’s a great way to give your partner a real-life experience. You can customize your toy as much as you want. But don’t forget to check the safety of your toy before you start squeezing it!

Another popular toy is the big tit sex doll. This toy is made to mimic the shape of a woman’s breasts and is perfect for satisfying your classic fantasy. You can customize the size of your big boob sex doll with various features. You can choose from the nipples, cleavage, skin tone, and hairstyle of your big tit sex toy.

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Affordable mini sex silicone love doll

Mini sex silicone love doll

There are many reasons to choose an affordable mini sex silicone love doll, but the main focus is on getting the most satisfying sex experience possible. There are many advantages to these dolls including affordability and quality. These mini sex toys are full size and come with multiple outfits to suit different sexual needs. They have fully articulated arms and legs, soft skin, and fascinating eyes. The affordable mini sex doll is cheaper than full versions and can be cleaned with a small amount of baby powder.

affordable love doll

The price of these adorable mini sex dolls is affordable too. They’re about 50% less expensive than full versions. This means that they are made with much less material and are therefore cheaper. They are a fun way for teenagers to relive their high school days. You can also do BDSM acts with your new doll. They are the ultimate in sexual thrill! So go ahead and treat yourself to an affordable mini sex silicone love doll!

The affordable mini sex silicone love doll is a great gift for anyone. It is an ideal sexual object for all ages. The small size and curvy body make it an ideal choice for couples. The low price makes it an affordable option for the budget conscious. The puppet connections are flexible and can also be displayed in many positions. Some models have 3 in 1 functions and realistic anus cavities. Best of all, they are safe as kids too.

Affordable mini sex silicone love doll

The affordable mini sex silicone doll is a great gift for any occasion. These MINI love dolls are around 50% cheaper than their full counterparts. This is mainly because they require less material and are easier to transport and store. Since they are cheaper, they are also an economical choice for any budget. You can use these dolls as gifts as well as a way to relieve stress. You can also play any role you want.

The affordable mini sex silicone doll is a great gift for any occasion. They are available at an affordable price. They are small and curvy and are a great way to get a partner or a sexy one. These toys are great choices for many reasons. They make a fun and realistic gift for any sex lover. They are also a great companion for sex games or just a fun companion that is viewed on the company.

Whether you are looking for a mini love doll for your partner or you want to satisfy your sexual fantasies, an affordable mini sex silicone doll is a great choice. These dolls are perfect for all types of sex and can be used for a variety of purposes. They make a great gift for someone special or as a present for a new lover.

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Es besteht kein Zweifel, dass Sex einer der größten Freuden ist, die ein Mensch erleben kann. Es ist die menschliche Natur, um nach sexuellen Begegnungen zu sehnen. Kauf einer Lebensgröße Die Silikon-Sex-Puppe hilft Ihnen, Ihr aufregendes Gefühl von Leidenschaft und Verlangen wiederzugewinnen. Diese Silikon-Sex-Spielzeuge werden gemacht, um den Körper einer echten Person zu replizieren, und kann jederzeit und mehrmals verwendet werden. Sie ändern nie ihre Stimmung und müssen niemals geändert werden.

Silikon Sexpuppen

Ganzkörper-Silikon-Sex-Puppen haben eine Vielzahl von Funktionen, die sie realistischer machen. Viele von ihnen haben Heizstäbe, die ihre Innentemperatur erhöhen. Diese Funktion macht das Eindringen noch einfacher. Einige Modelle verfügen auch über Touchssensoren und Selbstschmier. Einige Modelle sind sogar mit künstlicher Intelligenz ausgestattet. Einige dieser Ganzkörper-Sex-Puppen können mit Ihnen ein Gespräch führen, während Sie Sex mit ihnen haben.

Ganzkörper-Sex-Puppen sind auch in Torso-Form erhältlich. Sie bestehen aus weichem Silikon und bieten die gleichen anatomischen Eigenschaften wie die Silikonsorte an. Sie kosten weniger, um zu produzieren und leichter zu sterilisieren. Sie geben Ihnen auch das gleiche orgasmische Vergnügen. Schließlich ist die TORSO-Sex-Puppe leicht zu bewegen und ermöglicht es Ihnen, mit verschiedenen Positionen zu experimentieren.


Es gibt zahlreiche Vorteile von Silikon-Sex-Puppen gegenüber anderen Typen. Zunächst sind sie sehr realistisch, was bedeutet, dass Sie eine bessere Erfahrung haben, als bei jeder anderen Sexualpuppe. Sie bestehen aus Kieselgel, was bedeutet, dass sie Ihre Haut nicht irritieren und dauerhafter und sexy als je zuvor sind. Darüber hinaus sind sie flexibel, was ihnen eine bessere Option macht als die meisten anderen Geschlechtspuppen.

Neben der realistischen und lebensechten, ganzen Körper-Silikon-Sex-Puppen können Sie unbegrenzt vergnügen. Sie sind mit realistischem Mund, Anal, Vagina, Esel, Brüste und mehr hergestellt. Sie kommen auch mit realistischen Funktionen wie ein voller Phallus. Sie sind extrem teuer, aber Sie können die gleiche Qualität für viel weniger Geld bekommen! Wenn Sie eine lebensechte Sexualpuppe haben möchten, können Sie den günstigsten auf einem Rabatt-Site wie Dhgate kaufen.

Abgesehen von realistischem, ganzen Körper-Silikon-Sex-Puppen haben mehrere Vorteile gegenüber anderen Arten von Sexualpuppen. Sie sind sehr realistisch, haben fast perfekte Oberflächen und sind billiger. Darüber hinaus machen ihre anatomische Form und Materialien sie komfortabler und flexibler zu verwenden. Sie haben auch aus Kieselgel hergestellt, was Ihre Haut nicht irritiert und sie eine großartige Option für Sex macht.

Zu den vielen Vorteilen von Ganzkörper-Silikon-Sex-Puppen sind ihre anpassbaren Merkmale. Sie sind in verschiedenen Kopfformen und Größen erhältlich und haben eine realistische Zunge. Darüber hinaus sind Silikonsexpuppen eine gute Wahl für Jugendliche, weil sie sehr realistisch sind, und das darunter liegende Metallskelett macht sie noch wünschenswerter. Eine Ganzkörper-Sex-Puppe liefert Ihnen nicht nur sexuelle Freude, sondern wird Sie auch wohl fühlen und sicher fühlen.

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How to stack and season apple wood for wood stoves

Applewood is an excellent fuel for burning wood. It is considered a hardwood, which means that it is heavy and will burn longer than softwoods. However, if your apple tree wood is not cured, it will be very difficult to burn it properly.

We have had great success with applewood seasoning because our summers are very hot and low humidity. Seasoning apple wood doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Just cut the wood, stack it or throw it in piles and let it dry or cure for at least a year or more.

However, if you want to dry the wood more slowly, don’t be afraid to put a sprinkler over the top during the summer. Spraying the wood will also help control insects that can damage the wood.

Applewood is susceptible to these tiny mites that drill tiny holes in the wood. Your wood will still burn well, but you need to keep a close eye on your pile so it doesn’t get invaded. I highly recommend burning this wood as soon as you have cured it. Apple wood can be difficult to stack because it has many different shapes and is not uniform. However, as you begin to stack the wood, you can quickly fill in the holes with other smaller pieces. We use a lot of 4 foot tubes to help us keep our wood piles from falling over.

Firewood burners living in a city or town should place their firewood in an area that does not receive water from their garden sprinklers. Wood that gets wet can take 2 years or more to dry completely if you continue to water. As for keeping the wood covered, it is a personal preference. My people cover their wood and we don’t. The benefits of covering your wood during the winter months is that it can dry out faster, but in the west with our dry summers that’s not a big deal.

If you are consistent with your wood cutting and each year you cut more wood than you need, it will not take long for you to have a 3-year wood reserve. That means if during a cutting season you get injured and can’t cut, you won’t have to worry about cutting because you have a reserve.

Those of you who want to buy apple wood can do so, but make sure you get what you pay for. Many places will charge around $ 100 for a wooden rope that has all the branches. These little limbs burn well, but they can never be trusted to burn all night leaving you, the embers alight in the morning.

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The 10 best 1 Mb apps for Android

1. Instadict (973k Mb Apps) Instadict

Instadict allows you to see the meaning of a word anywhere.

Just copy the word and shake your device horizontally to understand its meaning. There is no need to interrupt what you are doing.

It also supports full offline mode! Just download the appropriate dictionary from the link below and voila! It is suggested that you download them for a better overall experience.

Note: If you install these applications, you can save your phone storage, so if you like this post, please share it and you can tell more about this type of application as soon as possible. Be less.

2. Through the browser (793k Mb applications)

This browser is less than 1 MB if we use the second browser, then its size is 20 or 25 or more, its size is the specialty of this browser, in which you can save your data and in it Ad Block, Night mode, Computer mode, translator, pages and many other functions are found in other browsers.

These are some functions of the Via browser

• Save date

• Personalize

• Ad block

• Privacy protection

• Markers

• Add

• Night mode

• Computer – mode

• Translate

• Find on page

• Search engine switch

• Save web page

• Sample of intelligence images

• Free to design your home page

3. Open in Whatupp (110k Mb applications)

If you want to hit someone whose number is not to save you or you don’t want to save your number, but you want to send a message or two to them, then after installing it, you need to select the country and enter your number. and open it. It’s okay to put it in the what and you can send it a message.

4. Shazam Lite (1MB app)

It is much less spectacular and is less than 1MB. The thing about this app is that if you are listening to a song and you have to know about that song, what is the song or what song is playing in your background? So this app will tell you to install it and click on Liston but when can you use this app when internet is on.

About Shazam

With one tap, Shazam connects you to the content and artists you love, identifying music and more that you can instantly share with your friends, all for free.

And that’s just the beginning: one-touch access to video clips, song lyrics, related tracks, and streaming services, where you can either listen to your Shazam in their entirety or purchase them.

* Song names will appear in your history once the connection is re-established.

5. LockWatch (322k MB app)

This app is one of my forever apps as you can see the size of this app is less than 1MB when you open this app and then it prompts you for some permissions.

The thing about this app is that if you put a password on your phone and someone is trying to open it, then their photo is taken and sent to your email. This is a very safe application.

6. Dock4Droid (1MB app)

Dock4Droid is the first Dock task manager for the Android platform. You can quickly access your running tasks from wherever you are currently on your phone or tablet and launch new applications from the current screen. The icons are rendered in a wave-shaped parabolic view and tasks are accessed by sliding your finger on the base.


You can add custom launchers

also supports your favorite contacts

Dock4Droid is fully translated into Italian

7. Simple Notepad (713k MB app)

As soon as you know it, it is a simple Notepad app that is simple and gives you a quick and fast experience. Besides being easy, there are many different features.

Check list

Send data to Google Cloud Print

Customizable font and background

Voice input

The word count

8. Darker (screen filter) (1MB app)

With this app, you can get your work done while browsing in low light at night. It is very useful for your eyes, it helps to filter the light from your smartphone.


Automatic on and off

Lowest brightness below 20%

Customizable notification buttons

Buttons to set a specific brightness

Up to three buttons can be added for quick access.

9. Photoczip Lite Compress Image (459k MB app)

Photo Clip Light With this application you can compress your documents or photos and resize and compress them as well. We use it as easy as possible before sending or sharing via email, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


Supports compress JPG / PNG and resize

Compress all images together

Share photos easily

No advertising, absolutely free

Small application size


1. Choose image from gallery

2. Choose “Compress”

3. Done.

10. Gallery (851k MB App)

Hearing these names, you might feel a bit strange, but this is very impressive and the Gallery App work application generates images from the internal memory of the mobile and the SD card. Show all images in the managed image Instant access, edit the image with the same application.


3d image view

consumes less power and memory

crop with pix leave

fast answer

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How the Nokia N9 differs from its predecessor, the N8

Veteran mobile phone maker Nokia looks set to tackle the smartphone mass market this summer with the long-awaited launch of its long-awaited N9 phone. This new model not only looks really amazing, but also a new operating system in the form of the Meego platform that has been developed in partnership with Intel. The N9 is the successor to the popular N8 phone, but what differences can we expect from this long-awaited new model?

As you’d expect on any new model, the Nokia N9’s display has undergone some work and outshines what the N8 offered us. Nokia has decided to offer us an unusual size screen with the screen of 3.9 inch phones and it fits very well between the ultra large models like the HTC Desire HD and the more medium size models like the iPhone 4 and the HTC Desire S. Incorporating Excellent AMOLED technology The display uses its high resolution of 480 x 854 to produce natural color depth as well as excellent viewing angles. The Nokia N8 also uses the same AMOLED system but offers a lower resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. If we look at these two displays in terms of what they offer in terms of pixels per square inch, the new model stands out at 238 versus 209 offered by the N8. Both phones use Gorilla Glass, which not only improves the scratch resistance properties of the screen, but also helps prevent breakage if the phone is accidentally dropped.

Despite offering an excellent camera setup, the Nokia N9 struggles to match the N8 in this area. A lot of this has to do with the fact that Nokia actually built the N8 as the ultimate full camera phone with its astonishing 12 megapixel resolution that no phone has improved yet. While the phone was exceptional in this department, let’s not ignore the fact that the N9 still delivers excellent results in both stills and video capture. The snapshots offer a high resolution of 8 million pixels and additional quality is offered thanks to the Carl Zeiss optics that Nokia has once again chosen to use just as it did on the N8. As you would expect from any modern smartphone, video capture offers high definition quality in the 720P standard that not only looks great on the phone screen, but also when transferred to a compatible large screen TV. The biggest problem many users had with Nokia phones was the Symbian operating system they used. This often disappointed the models, as the interface seemed dated and the platform struggled to compete with Android and iOS. Nokia has taken note of this and developed Meego, which is visually a much more attractive system and offers functionality much more in line with what we can expect from other smartphones.

The Nokia N8 was an attractive phone that offered a wealth of features, and the N9 has just risen to the next level by offering improvements in most areas, but most notably in the design of the phones and the excellent new operating system that it uses.

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Truly 360 Fun – Xbox 360

The gaming error in me has been awakened with the arrival of Xbox 360, my wife received this console as a prize from a campaign that her campaign team won in the office, I always used to skip the purchase of my favorite games on my PC from the game settings. It keeps going up every time, and I find it pointless to keep updating my PC’s RAM, processor, and graphics card just to play games, so Xbox 360 was a blessing to me.

What’s in the box: Xbox 360 Pro console contains Xbox 360 console, brick charger, HD component AV cable, Ethernet cable, gaming headset, multimedia remote, wireless controller, 20GB hard drive, manuals, warranty card, alkaline batteries for remote and wireless controller, I also received two free games along with the console, Viva Pinata and Forza Motor racing 2.

Console details: The Xbox 360 pro console is elegant and can be placed horizontally or vertically, it has a white look and a chrome finish on the sides, on the front panel it has a disc loading tray and two memory drive slots (sold separately), a slot that has 2 USB ports, on the back it has a power connection slot, an Ethernet port, additional USB port, AV HD cable connectivity port, digital output port (used for digital audio cable).

Setup: I have a Philips 32TA800 LCD TV that is HD ready, setting up the console is easy and I plugged in the Component HD AV cable to my TV’s composite video ports, connected the audio output to my Artis S6600 5.1 speakers , I set my TV screen to 1080i (1920 X 1080 resolution = 2,073,600 pixels), then I set the cable option to HDTV mode (it also has TV mode to play games on normal TVs), I started setting my console after turning it on, I created my gamer tag (game profile), the gaming experience was ‘AWESOME’.

Console Navigation: The Xbox console has a really cool dashboard that can be customized in terms of colors and you can even keep your favorite images in the background of the dashboard. It had 5 board sheets, Market place, Xbox Live, Games, Media, and System. These board options are easy to access, it would not take much effort to navigate through them, you also have an option to configure family settings for games in case you have a child at home and you would not like your child to play certain genres of games.

Console performance: I started playing all 6 game titles that I have with me (Viva Pinata, Forza Motorsport racing 2, WWE RAW Vs Smackdown 2008, Army of Two, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Halo 3), the clarity of the game in the mode HD is ‘Amazing’, I checked the visual quality in normal TV mode, where the video quality takes a slight impact, it can still be played in case one does not have an HDTV or HD TV ready. I did not experience any lag in gameplay during gameplay and the graphics delivered by the console are top-notch and flawless, playing with the wireless controller is fun, you only need to pair the wireless controller once with the console and the controller buttons and joysticks. They are easy to use, you will not end up giving your fingers once you have finished playing, with great visual and audio clarity, the game becomes immersive, you can also play your own soundtrack in the background while you play, this function is based in games.

Beyond games: Xbox 360 pro not only gaming, you have the Windows Media Center connectivity option to connect your Windows PC to Xbox, you can dump your existing DVD player as you can watch your favorite movies on Xbox, with the latest software update. for Xbox you can also view DivX files on Xbox, it also allows mp3 playback and movie playback from USB devices, surprisingly it would not play a VCD, you can connect your mp3 player or Ipod, digital camera to play music or view photos on Xbox , it also provides the option to copy songs in case you want to load tracks to Xbox hard drive from music CD, with the multimedia remote control you can easily operate multimedia functions and even record live TV in case your PC is equipped with a TV tuner card is connected to a decoder.

Xbox Live Service: Microsoft offers free silver membership to the online service for Xbox 360 called Xbox Live, I connected to this service by connecting the console to my laptop sharing my wi-fi connection through my router in my other room, I got 1 month Xbox Live Service Trial Gold Membership, this feature allows you to see new game trailers, download game demos and participate in live game events, download Xbox arcade games, you can also share your gamer achievement score that you follow scoring in different games as you do so unlocks various challenges in one game.

Support and Warranty: The Xbox 360 console has been criticized for being a noisy console, quickly heating up, and the most famous RRoD (red ring of death) problem that most consoles have reported encountering, but I have observed that my console has no problem regarding overheating or being too loud, since I have played games in a row for 4-5 hours, in terms of warranty, Microsoft offers 3 years warranty against RRoD problem with the replacement of the console and 1 year warranty for other problems. You can be a part of the bustling Xbox forums on the Xbox website, which offer plenty of tips and tricks for playing member games around the world and other Xbox discussion topics.

Why Xbox ?: It is very difficult to choose between the two major game consoles Xbox 360 and PS3, Nitendo Wii has not yet officially launched in India, is available on the gray market, PS3 is slowly gaining popularity and has fewer titles from games from now on. which mostly cost close to $ 3,000 and up, while Xbox 360 has an impressive line of game titles with backward-playing compatibility of some Xbox games, aside from a Windows-based PC being bound to connect seamlessly. With Xbox compared to a PS3, both PS3 and Xbox 360 have their pros and cons, but I’m happy with the performance of the Xbox, which combines the features of a gaming and entertainment device. In India, Xbox 360 games are available in a range of Rs 999 to Rs 2510.

Why game consoles: We all like to play games and spend money on a PC to upgrade the graphics card, memory and storage turns out to be an expensive affair that is not always affordable, Sony PS2 is the best selling console until the end. dated and is still alive and well with a huge library of game titles and new games still being produced for this console, it also happens to be the biggest sold console in India so consoles can gain the upper hand due to the long lifespan they enjoy, the flip side of console games is expensive game titles, unlike cheaper PC games and pirated game CDs available for PC, Sony PS2 gained popularity in India because PS2 has a lot of pirated games and this console has been broken a long time ago, while Xbox 360 has also been pirated, hardware has to be modified, but voids warranty, PS3 not yet e It’s broken (I personally wouldn’t recommend hacking your console to play pirated games), so with game consoles extending their capabilities to become a full multimedia device, it makes sense to invest in a game console.

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Annual Feng Shui for the Year of the Rabbit (2011)

All residential and commercial buildings are affected by energy, whether you can see it or not. Every year millions of people buy, read or come across books on how to organize the arrangement of items, furniture and special features in the living space. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, in Chinese, it is called Yin Metal Rabbit, or ‘xin mao’. Before we begin to assess the cosmic energy of Feng Shui for the year, we must understand that Feng Shui affects our mood, psychology, luck and many other factors in life. By following the flow of our own cosmic system and aligning the energy around us, we can live a much more harmonious and auspicious life. The old saying goes “One destiny, two luck, three Feng Shui”. Feng Shui has a definite influence on our lives, whether we choose to believe in it or not. Obviously, education and the things we choose to do affect our luck as well. If you are in a good cycle, with Feng Shui, you can enhance good luck, on the other hand, if you are in a bad cycle, Feng Shui can help you reduce the negative impacts of bad luck.

The following is a summary of what everyone can do with a limited knowledge of Feng Shui. Keep in mind that if you are unsure about your home’s Feng Shui setups, hire a professional to evaluate your home. Apart from the annual energy of Feng Shui, you may need to consider the use of other traditional Chinese methods, such as the flying stars, the eight mansions, etc. The annual star also has an impact on the flying stars which is determined by the time factor. The use of trinkets, ornaments and statues can be considered. Although some may consider them superstition, certain animals such as the Dragon Dogs, Kirin, and Pi Yao, if positioned correctly, can have powerful defensive qualities. If you intend to make changes to Feng Shui for 2011, be sure to do so after February 4, 2011.

The Grand Duke of Jupiter (82.5º – 97.5º East)

Every year, Asians who are into Feng Shui always worry first about where the “Grand Duke” resides during the year. It is an area where there is an energy imbalance due to its interactions with the planet Jupiter and the cosmos. This is an area that should not be disturbed. For the Year of the Rabbit, the Grand Duke is in the East, so avoid major renovations and activities in this area of ​​the house. The unfavorable 5 stars carried over to this sector as well, making the East sector an even more difficult area to deal with. Things to keep in mind and remedies in the East sector:

• Avoid red and earth colors in this sector.

• Put six coins in a row or metal objects here.

• Brass, bronze, silver or gold dragon ornaments are also recommended.

• Pi Yao dogs (preferably two) are a very popular ornament used to appease the Grand Duke.

• If you have a different entrance sector to the house, try to use it instead of the east sector. If east entry is unavoidable, try not to slam or slam the door when entering.

• Calabash or Wu Lu Gourd can also be used.

An annual white star (northeast)

This year, the Romance Star flies to the Northeast sector. For those who are interested in enhancing the romantic aspect of their lives, or increasing the chances of meeting people, place metal objects and water in this area of ​​your living space. The sound of metal, like the chime of a metal clock or music box, can do the trick. Water is also recommended for this area. If you had to choose one element or the other, definitely go for metal, as the northeast area represents the earth. With metal, you are providing a bridge between the energy of the earth and the water in this area.

Annual Two Black Star (South)

The star of two blacks is often referred to as the star of sickness. For 2011, this is not a good area at all, as the star of the disease is reinforced by the fire from the south. If the south area of ​​your home is the bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, or storage room, then you are less concerned. In Flying Star Feng Shui, when the 2 and 9 come together, there is a greater potential for misfortune.


• Place six metal coins in this area.

• Avoid major construction work or renovations. If you need to, hire a professional to select a date for the renovations.

• The brass ingot can be used to protect wealth.

• Metal Wu Lou Gourd (Calabash) is also recommended to reduce the effects of the sick star.

• Avoid red colors and the use of fire (eg candles and electronic equipment) in this sector.

• Some books that I have come across in Hong Kong recommended placing wood in this sector to combat the energy of the earth. Personally, I prefer to reduce bad energy before fighting it.

Three Annual Jade Stars (North)

This star is not as bad as the Two Black Star or the Grand Duke, but be aware of discussions and disputes in this area of ​​the house or business unit. The remedy for this area is simple. Since the Three Jade Stars have wood energy, use red colors and fire-related objects to reduce the resistance of wood. Avoid using water features in this sector during the year unless a Feng Shui consultant has correctly diagnosed this area using Flying Stars. Do not hang wind chimes or place metal instruments in this area.

Four Annual Green Stars (Southwest)

This is often referred to as the scholarly or scholarly star. It governs not only academic and artistic talents, but also other parts such as career, travel, wisdom, education, and interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, this star flies towards the southwestern sector that possesses Earth energy, as a result, the academic star is weaker for this year due to its conflict with Earth energy. To increase the energy of the academic star, you will need to place four bamboo sticks in a vase of water. Do not place plants with soil in this area as you may end up creating conflict in this sector for those who are studying. Avoid placing metal objects as it will weaken the academic star. Having a wooden bookshelf or pagoda in this area is also auspicious.

Five Annual Yellow Stars (East)

As mentioned above about the Grand Duke, this sector is not suitable for important activities. Not everything is pessimism when we deal with Feng Shui. The key is to identify the bad sectors and find the right solutions. Many traditional Chinese cures involve the use of salt water or six Chinese coins in this area. Those methods may work, but it is more important to avoid disrupting this sector. Use more metal in this area. See the description above on the Grand Duke for remedies in this area.

Six annual white stars (southeast)

The Six White Star is a good star for those who want to improve their career luck. It is also considered a military star that favors politicians or officers. Since the Six White Star has metallic energy, while the southeast has wood, we would need a bridge to upgrade the metal. To do this, put together the elements related to fire and earth. Logically, you would have the wood feeding the fire and the fire strengthening the earth, then the earth can strengthen the metal. You can also place a real quartz crystal or crystal spheres in this area to activate the energy of the White Star.

Annual Seven Robbery Star (center)

This year, the ‘Broken Soldier’ ​​star is imprisoned in the central palace. This star represents robbery, cheating, theft, gossip, and backstabbing. This star needs to be taken care of or there may be chances of loss of wealth and theft. DO NOT use red colors in the center of your home and try to avoid candles and electronic equipment here. Bells and metal instruments should also be avoided here. The best remedy for this sector is to put water here. If you intend to use water features in this sector, make sure the water flows slowly. Water colliding or vibrating in this area would accidentally activate the robbery star. When in doubt, you can always update your security and alarm system.

Annual Eight White Stars (Northwest)

Of all the stars, star eight is the most auspicious as it rules the flying star during this period until 2023. Star eight’s auspicious earth energy resides in an area of ​​metal where its fortunes are reduced for 2011. For those I like to place crystals at home, this is the area to which it should belong this year. The best quality of hand-selected quartz crystals are recommended and should be set correctly and visible in the Northwest by 2011. Wealth and fame will also be found in this area of ​​the world and I will cover this next month in my annual predictions. for 2011. If your bedroom is located in the northwest, you may also consider placing an amethyst crystal here to strengthen the White Eight Star. The northwest should also be clear of obstacles. Many Chinese tend to place 8 white pebbles lined up in a cross shape like the image shown on the star chart. White pebbles can also strengthen and solidify the energy of the earth in this sector.

Nine Annual Purple Star (West)

This is supposed to be a very auspicious star as it is considered a “future” wealth star with auspicious influence in this current period. For 2011, the Nine Purple Star, representative of the fire energy, is in conflict with the metal energy of the west. To make matters worse, the Three Annual Murders reside in this sector. Do not place metallic objects in this area, as you could end up disturbing the negative energy of the Three Kills. It is best to delay major renovations or activities in this area of ​​the house to 2011. Remedies for this area would include water and wooden objects. Green plants or fresh flowers grown in water would be your best solution. If you are interested in placing Chinese ornaments to take care of the Three Kills, many would use 2 kirin dogs in front of the Three Kills.


This report presents you with many options in terms of what you can do to disperse negative energy for 2011 and improve specific areas of your home. This is by no means a panacea, as Annual Flying Stars are only one aspect of a complete Feng Shui system. To maximize your use of Feng Shui, you may want to consult a professional Feng Shui practitioner who can calculate the flying stars in your home based on time and incorporate the eight mansions theory to locate the sectors related to your health. wealth and career. Remember that the energies in the house change often and it is by no means static. Incorporating a professional reading of the Four Pillars of Destiny can provide greater precision in determining all your favorable and unfavorable directions.

Feng Shui is not just about balance and harmony, it is also about following the flow of your own cosmic system. It is very difficult to maximize the use of Feng Shui methods without understanding the person and the cosmic energy that one possesses.

I hereby wish you all a happy and healthy Year of the Rabbit!

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Benefits of CPanel web hosting

In 1996, cPanel was introduced for the first time. In just 20 years, this platform became quite popular and reliable among all types of users. This dashboard offers tons of benefits. In this article, we are going to shed some light on some of those benefits. Keep reading to know more.


This control panel offers a very simple interface. Apart from this, it is very responsive and quite easy to use even for beginners. In other words, even if it is used for the first time, you will not have a problem navigating through it.

The graphical user interface allows you to perform even complex tasks without any hassle. With just a few clicks, you can manage email accounts, statistics, software installation, database, FTP, and file management.

Software installation:

The benefit of this control panel is that it allows you to install BookedScheduler, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. All you need to do is install the software you want and click on it to run. You do not need to learn any coding language to install the desired software.


The beauty of cPanel is that it allows you to enjoy a wide spectrum of high-end features. With these features, you can manage the host and access your website accounts. Apart from this, cPanel is under the protection of an antivirus scanner and a powerful firewall. Thus, you can have protection against malware and viruses.


You may not have read about a web hosting server that gives its users the freedom to transfer their website and its content to another hosting server effortlessly. In the case of cPanel web hosting, you can move your website, database, and email account settings to a new server using a single compressed file.

So you don’t need to worry about losing your data. With a few clicks, you can create a backup of your website. Creating a backup is very important in the event of a service failure that may affect all the websites hosted on this server. So flexibility is another great advantage of this platform. Even if you are a first time user, you will not have to look for a helping hand to be able to use this platform.


Another great advantage of cPanel is that it supports a wide variety of web browsers, such as Google, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and of course Google Chrome. Apart from this, it supports tons of third-party plugins that can help you boost your website dynamics. Some good examples of these plugins include digital marketing boards, guest blogs, and regular blogs.

Simply put, cPanel offers tons of benefits that are quite attractive to millions of users around the world. This is the reason why this platform is ideal for both beginners and experts. In short, you don’t need to be an expert to be able to use this web host. Even if you have a very basic knowledge of web hosting servers, you can take full advantage of this platform.