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How to have the best open house possible

Have you ever been to an inspection where the house smelled horrible, was dirty, or was so messy you could barely walk through it?

It is said that it takes only 30 seconds for a home buyer to decide whether or not they are interested in a property, and if you have ever been in a home like the one I just described, you know it can take much less than that.

As a professional Home Stager, I have been to numerous inspections, where many properties were poorly presented and remained on the market unsold.

Preparation for your Open House begins weeks before the actual inspections. To ensure that your property presents itself in its best light, it is essential to give yourself enough time to complete the following recommendations:

1. Make sure your home has a welcoming entryway brimming with great curb appeal.

Establish a welcoming environment; Mow the lawn, weed the garden, trim shrubs and trees, and clear a path to the driveway of your property and remove any sports equipment or toys. Add some flowering plants to add pops of color around the driveway.

If it looks good from the outside, the buyer will want to look inside.

Tip: Have Open House signs clearly posted. If a buyer is unsure if their home is the ‘open house’ or how to get in the front door, they can walk right on.

2. Make sure your home is immaculately presented.

It is extremely important that you present or “stage” your property to attract potential buyers, as professionally arranged properties sell on average.

30-50% faster and by 7-17% more

Home staging is a proven marketing strategy where you present a property for sale, highlighting the best features and creating a welcoming atmosphere that will encourage your buyers to fall in love and make an offer.

Tip: Before the Home Staging takes place, clear out and depersonalize: put away items like old papers, knickknacks, family photos, or large furniture, and hide all valuables.

3. Make sure your open house takes place at an optimal time.

Talk to your real estate agent about the best time of day to hold your open house for the suburb in which you live.

Tip: Be aware of when the sun shines on the best aspects of your property. Morning of your Open House

Your property must be clean and tidy from top to bottom, inside and out.

Empty trash cans, vacuum, mop, and pick up dirty dishes and laundry.

Tip: Don’t forget to remove any litter or pet droppings. Neutralize odors in the house by opening the windows, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the house instead of using strong scents, such as incense or air fresheners.

Tip: The night before, it is advisable to cook with foods that only emit mild aromas. To make your home seem bigger and brighter, open all the doors and turn on all the lights.

Tip: Bathroom and closet doors should always be kept closed. Buyers feel uncomfortable when the seller is around and are therefore less likely to develop an emotional attachment to the home. To give the buyer the opportunity to imagine their own family living in the home, it is very important that you and your family members (including pets) leave during this time.

Tip: Have a friend inspect your home first, as they’ll look at you with fresh eyes and be able to spot anything you may have missed. By implementing the above recommendations into your selling process, you will ensure that you have the best open house possible.


How to make sweet love to a woman and leave her jaw-dropping with killer orgasms

Are you completely out of ideas on what to do to make your girl reach her peak of pleasure during sex? If so, then you are in big trouble. You need to keep your girl satisfied in bed if you want her to be faithful to you, did you know that? If you don’t satisfy her carnal pleasures, then you need to be prepared for the remote possibility that she decides to find someone who CAN satisfy her that way.

Now, you don’t have to be an expert at playing golf or anything to make girls kneel at your feet. However, you MUST know the following deadly sex tips if you want an endless line of girls waiting to date you. Read on to find out what these 5 deadly sex tips are and start giving girls the best orgasms they’ve ever experienced…

How to make sweet love to a woman and leave her jaw-dropping with killer orgasms

Deadly Sex Tip #1: Surprise her with a surprise. You have to surprise the girls if you want to increase their sexual desires for you in an instant. See, if you start falling into routines that are completely boring and predictable, you’ll most likely suffer from sexual monotony and be sent down the drain with other losers before you.

If you want a way to surprise her that she would never really suspect, try convincing her to do it in public places! To avoid surprising her too much, you can start by having fun in your own backyard, for example. Who says you have to go out to have “public sex” anyway?

Deadly sex tip #2: Surprise her with spontaneity. You need to bring back the old flames if you want to keep things going with your girl. Pretend it’s your first time sleeping with her, if you have to. This is sure to get things sizzling back in bed if the fire has long been out.

Deadly sex tip #3: Surprise their imagination. Get your girl incredibly turned on by working on her fantasies and imagination instead of her body. If you want to turn her brain on with sex, she tries some sexy games.

You could also choose to read some erotic stories and novels together. Then try to get him to open up and share his deep, dark sexual secrets with you. This could go a long way; you have no idea!

Deadly Sex Tip #4: Shock His Hot Spots. Girls tend to have their own personal “sexy spots” that can trigger intense pleasure in them when they get pounded. However, not many men pay attention to these places, so your girl will definitely be surprised if you start looking for them and focus on them more than before. Find out where they are now!

To locate these places without telling your child you are looking for them, be more aware of how she reacts to the places you touch. If he moans louder in a particular spot, you know he’s found one. You must focus on these points if you want your girl to really explode with pure pleasure.

Lethal Sex Tip #5: Surprise Her With Your Super Powers. There are also several advanced and highly effective sex tips you can learn to boost your sexual superpowers, one of which is even known to make girls orgasm without a single touch!


How to generate free traffic for your online business

Web traffic is going to be one of the biggest factors that will determine whether you will succeed or fail miserably with your online business. You can have the most awesome website on the net with great graphics, video and audio, the best sales copy ever written, all the best advertising “since sliced ​​bread” but if no one sees it, it’s all utterly useless! ! Sure, a professional website and a valuable product or service is obviously important, but you need to have traffic to your website to be successful.

There are many ways to generate traffic to your site. You have pay per click (PPC) services, banner ads, online and offline print ads, search engine optimization (SEO), the list goes on and on… but these methods can be quite expensive, especially for someone . just getting started. So, in this article, we are going to cover some free and effective methods to drive traffic to your site.

1. Social networks – You probably already have an account on a social networking site. These are sites like Facebook, My Space and Twitter. If not, I’m sure you know someone who does. These sites are designed for people to update their “friends” or “followers” on what they are up to. You can connect with people you already know, find long-lost friends, or meet new ones.

Since these sites are designed to update others on what you are doing, they are great places to let people know about your business. Just make sure you’re not “spam,” which means you don’t inundate people with your sales pitch. Be yourself. Use the view to communicate with friends and family and just let people know what you’re up to. If you make a new video, post a link. If you write a new article, let people know. Every time you post new content on the web, you can make a new post on your social sites to tell people about it. Just remember to be yourself. Don’t make EVERY post about your business. Be real and nice. This helps new friends see you as a real person they can relate to and not just another spammer out to make a quick buck.

Social networking sites also have groups that you can join based on similar interests with other members. Groups are a great way to meet new people and share your opinions, ideas and your business… but remember, don’t spam. You don’t want to join a new group and start pitching your “sexy new million dollar business opportunity.” This will ensure that no one will want to be friends with you and will likely get you kicked out of the group.

If you don’t have an account on a social networking site, check one out. I use Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. There are MANY more sites, but these are currently the most visited. Setting up an account is free and easy and can generate many leads and leads for your business. Just remember to be yourself.

2. Free Classifieds – There are thousands of free classified sites on the Internet, so the number of ads you place online is limited only by your effort. Do a Google search for free classified ads and pick some of the best sites to place your ads on. Start with these top sites:,,

The steps are pretty much the same for every ad submission site. Set up a user account; choose a state/city in which to place your ad; Post your ad, repeat.

Make sure your ads are captivating. Your title has to be strong and interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading. Avoid using all caps and avoid asking questions (WANT TO MAKE MILLIONS ONLINE?) That kind of headline looks unprofessional and won’t set you apart from the crowd.

Once you have a captivating headline, you should have an ad that speaks to the reader’s wants or needs, and then gives them a call to action. A call to action, depending on what you advertise, could be “call me for more details” or “visit my website” (be sure to include your contact information and/or website).

Many free classified ad sites will also allow you to upload images to display with your ads. Using images can also be a great way to grab the reader’s attention, but be careful to use images that are relevant to your product or service and make sure to use quality images that look professional. You can do a Google search for free photos and find some good free image download sites to use for your ads.

Some sites frown on posting the same ad in different cities, so be careful to change the title of your ad, and change the text a bit with each new submission. If you don’t, you risk having your account deleted.

Posting classifieds can be a lot of work, but it’s hard to beat the return on investment since you haven’t spent a dime!

3. Writing articles – Writing articles and submitting them online is another great free way to drive traffic to your website or business opportunity. Writing articles about your specific niche establishes you as an authority in your area of ​​expertise and positions you as someone worth listening to.

Choose a topic to write about that is related to your business. Write your article and review it. Be sure to include keywords within the title and body of your article that are relevant to your topic because articles may show up in search engine results. Submit your article to various online article submission sites. You can google “article submission” and find many sites where you can post your articles. There are many free sites and paid sites. Paid article submission sites will distribute your article more widely than a free site. Start with these high-traffic free sites:,, A few things to remember: Your article should teach or address a problem or concern that your reader is facing. Describe the problem and offer a solution. Don’t write a 500 word sales pitch or you’ll find that no one will read your articles. If you’re offering practical advice, don’t be afraid to divulge your secrets. It’s okay to share your “best stuff.” This will only make you more credible as an expert in your field.

4. Press releases – Another free or low-cost way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. A press release is a piece of news about you and/or your business submitted to online press release websites which, in turn, will distribute your release over the Internet.

The steps for writing and submitting a press release are similar to those for writing and submitting articles. You pick a topic, write your press release, and distribute it to press release websites (again, do a Google search to find the best sites to submit to). Also remember to enrich your writing with relevant keywords because, just like articles, press releases can show up in search engine results.

However, the content of a press release is very different from that of an article. An article is usually where you share interesting information, tips and tricks, or opinions. A press release, on the other hand, is “news” and should focus on something newsworthy (like starting your new business or launching a new website). If you submit something that is better suited to be an article, your press release will likely be rejected for submission.

Anyone searching the web for your targeted keywords is already searching for your business. They’re just in research mode…and a well-written press release about your business can show up in their search results and give you credibility over your competition.

5. Video marketing – Video is arguably the most powerful marketing tool available today. More than 30 billion videos are watched online each month (yes, BILLIONS). That makes up almost 60% of all Internet traffic!

You can drive a massive amount of free traffic to your website with a well-written video marketing pitch.

Make sure your videos address a specific need or question regarding your business and be sure to offer a solution and call to action, either to visit your website or call you directly, whatever works for your business. Make sure your videos use keywords that are specific to your business. What keywords will your customers search to find your business? Be specific but not too generic. If you sell tires and use the keyword “tires”, you’ll see hundreds of millions of results in a web search and never get a first page ranking. Perhaps a good keyword would be “tires for sale in Dayton, Ohio” or wherever your business calls home. Distribute your videos to video hosting sites (You Tube, Daily Motion, etc.). Do a Google search for more video sites you can join and submit to. Make several videos each week and keep sending them. A great aspect of video marketing is that once they are uploaded, they are available forever and will continue to drive traffic to your site.

Remember to be professional and not too over the top or fake. Don’t act like “Crazy Bob” at the used car lot. Offer education and value specific to your business and you’ll be sure to drive quality traffic to your website.

Be sure to share your video posts on your social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) so all your friends and followers can see what you’re up to. More exposure can only lead to more traffic. Just be yourself and have fun.

6. Blogging – Blogging is a more advanced method of free advertising for your business, but it has many benefits. Wikipedia defines a blog (a contraction of the term weblog) as a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular comment entries, event descriptions, or other material such as graphics or videos.

Setting up a blog is free and easily customizable, so you can change the look and feel to suit your needs, and also add images, videos, audio, links to your social media profiles or other sites… the customization possibilities are too great. to list here and become the perfect place to build an online presence and position yourself as an authority in your industry or niche.

Once you’re happy with the look and features of your blog, it’s time to start adding content. You can use articles and press releases that you have previously written or write new content. Just make sure that you are offering something of value to the reader. Many make the mistake of using their blog as a big commercial for their business, which is a huge turnoff and if you make the same mistake, you won’t have many readers (if any). The most successful blogs are those that offer substantive content that teaches something valuable, shares interesting opinions, or tells a great story. This is where you can get creative and let your personality show. People are more likely to do business with someone they know, like, and trust. Your blog is the ideal place for your customers to get to know you. Have fun with your blog and be yourself. Keep it professional, but not sterile and stuffy. You want to be able to engage readers while offering something of value, and ultimately convert readers into loyal customers.

I hope these few free traffic generation methods will help you succeed in your Internet business. Stay consistent and focused and NEVER GIVE UP!


Wellness activities to stay healthy

The workplace is like a second home for every employee. Creating an on-site wellness program is important because most of an employee’s time is spent in the workplace. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that the average healthy person loses three days each year, while an overweight or obese person loses five days. Without forgetting the productivity of the employees and the cost for the company. This is precisely why many companies are embracing ways to care for their workforce. It is also one of the ways to attract talent, create bonds between employees and decrease staff turnover.

Good health starts with a good diet. And what better than introducing healthy menu options for employees in the workplace cafeteria. It is a proven fact that the lack of time often forces the employee to eat the available options and that usually turn out to be the cafeteria options. An internal company menu that allows employees to choose healthy foods and not resort to junk food is an ideal added value. Also, since many company profiles require travel, educating staff on what kind of food selection to make on the go, reading the label can help them tremendously.

Empowering employees with an understanding of a healthy, balanced diet is a smart way to help them eat mindfully. Nutrition consultations, bootcamps to educate employees on various aspects of health such as portion sizes, essential nutrients, body composition assessment, workshops to discuss employee concerns, and assessments of health would create an environment of awareness within the organization. Health updates through various newsletters or online updates can also be a fun way to educate them. Outsourcing nutrition experts to design a diet that takes into account the likes, dislikes, allergies, lifestyle, economic situation, health conditions, blood parameters, age and gender of the employee can be a tool to motivate employees to take care of their health and physical condition.

The employer can also run many fun-based wellness activities in the workplace. Regular medical check-ups and preventive wellness exams can be arranged to diagnose any health conditions early. Cheering on employer-sponsored teams of athletes is another interesting way to bring employees closer to a health platform. Measuring distances in hallways and company grounds to set walking goals for employees can make employees more active throughout the day. Many organizations also decide on a theme for the month such as a “no sweets” month, a “30 minute daily walk” month, a “low sugar” month, or a “salt awareness” month that keeps the excitement going.

On-site fitness activities like yoga, Zumba, and aerobics can be another step. Research shows that employees provided with these facilities handle stress better and may improve their work productivity. Uncovering the rewards for top achievers for not only work goals but also health goals can further motivate employees to work toward a healthier selves.

Occasional absenteeism is inevitable. But it is the regular absences that can cost employers dearly and compromise the overall productivity of the company and what better way than by introducing health and wellness activities for employees?

Home Kitchen

The Various Uses Of Electric Fences For Your Farm

Those of us who own a farm tend to take certain steps very seriously. Now, whether one needs their farm for a living or as a hobby, the question of protecting the animals present there surely arises, which involves certain investments that people make. One of the ways to start is to make sure that livestock and other farm animals are safe. An electric fence will certainly keep animals in with potential predators out. In the case of the animal, when they are shocked they will stay away from it. They work with vets who will make sure the animals are safely protected by an electric fence.

The Billboard Loader

Start the process by choosing the right fence charger. There are different chargers that cover different amounts of acres and miles. Energy is measured in joules. It will measure the shock the animal will feel directly from the energy output.

There are chargers with low impedance. In this method, a shock will be delivered to the animal even if brush or vegetation is in contact with the electric fence.

AC Electric Fence Charger

Another alternative is AC chargers known as plug-in chargers that are used to connect to a 110 or 220 volt outlet. They are constant and cost effective as they are constantly connected to a power source. They will also produce maximum power.

Now, if you don’t have a proper power outlet, there will be two types of chargers. Now, if you want to confirm that, you’re going to need a high-powered electric fence charger.

battery powered electric fence charger

There are also battery-powered chargers that use 12-volt, 6-volt, 4-volt, or D-cell batteries. Larger batteries will likely generate more volts and last longer. These battery powered fence chargers will offer less power but will certainly be great for remote areas where one does not have access to an electrical outlet.

If one is using a battery charger, try to keep a backup battery just in case. There is a requirement to change the batteries and then keep an eye on the power levels. You may also want to invest in a voltmeter as these are useful for checking batteries.

Solar Powered Electric Fence Charger

As the name itself suggests, the electric fence charger provides less power. They are surely the convenient option since they last longer. Just make sure the charger is in place getting four to six hours of sunlight every day. Use a solar power unit for small areas.

post insulators

The insulators will surely prevent the fence from shorting between the wires and the posts. Try to use a high quality insulator that is the correct design for the fencing materials that will be electrified. Most insulators are usually made of porcelain or plastic which are unlikely to conduct electricity. Porcelain insulators last a long time and are certainly more expensive. Corner posts and posts tend to take more stress. Try to use insulators.

Digital Marketing

How to make your website compatible with Google’s Mobile-First Index

Google has started rolling out its mobile-first index, which is a direct change to one of the biggest changes in user behavior. The change is not unexpected, as over the past two years, surveys and research have revealed that mobile devices account for approximately fifty-seven percent of all traffic. This move by Google means that mobile-optimized websites will take precedence over desktop-only websites in terms of ranking. Once the index changes completely, the mobile version of the websites will become the main version. To benefit from this development, search marketers need to be very vigilant in making sure that their websites are fully optimized for mobile devices.

Here are helpful tips for Search Engine Optimizers to help them take advantage of the mobile-first era.

Observe Google’s crawl activity

When your website has moved to the mobile first index, you will receive a notification from Google through your search console. However, you should collect more detailed information about the search giant’s crawling activity. By monitoring log file data, you can find out how search engine robots access your website. In case you find that there is more activity from mobile devices than on your desktop counterpart, you will have to work on making your website mobile friendly or you will lose end users to the competition. Since Google performs various tests and the data it gets may not be conclusive, you can hire search engine optimization services and ask the experts to keep a close eye on your website activities.

Develop content for mobile devices

Companies with responsive websites have very little to do in mobile-first index preparation, but only if their content is tailored to a mobile audience. In case you have the same content on multiple devices, there is no guarantee that your site’s ranking will remain the same. In fact, research suggests that keywords yield different results on desktop and mobile. This means that consumers expect different content on different devices. For smartphones and other mobile devices, you need to create content that helps users achieve their goal quickly. You can integrate Progressive Web Apps into your mobile content strategy to give your consumers a fast experience.

Understanding the journey of a mobile user

On mobile, the audience’s attention span is even shorter than on desktop. Therefore, you must have a solid understanding of micro-moments. When your audience is on mobile, you basically get very short windows of opportunity to engage with consumers. To make the most of this opportunity, you need a powerful data-driven strategy, like perhaps a voice search strategy, since it targets certain micro-moments. If studying consumer behavior is too much of a task, you may want to hire the services of a professional SEO agency, as they have the tools and experience to instantly provide you with the answers you are looking for.

Cover technical SEO best practices

To prepare for the mobile index first, you need to follow certain technical SEO best practices, which are:

  1. Verify that your website is a mobile site in Google Search Console by adding the robots.txt file. Your site should have an “m”. to be a mobile site.

  2. Review the metadata to see if you can further optimize it for a higher CTR (click through rate) on mobile.

  3. Run a speed test to make sure your mobile site isn’t slow. In case it is, you should take appropriate steps to optimize and speed up its speed.

You can no longer delay having a mobile website. So, get in touch with expert SEO agencies and improve your chances of ranking.


Acupuncture Weight Loss? More 5 Step Weight Loss Plan

I remember in my last year of high school: my best friend since fifth grade lived in France. He wrote that they didn’t like Americans very much. “They think we’re all fat,” he said. With his own slim body, of course, he mistook his belief.

But it added a funny, or perhaps ironic, twist to the subject. “I went to a store, and they were selling statues of these fat people, and at the bottom of each one was written, ‘American.'”

Obesity is not just an American problem. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is a global problem. They call it globosity. Paradoxically, his understanding of this problem began with his original mission to eliminate hunger and malnutrition. We live in a world where many have nothing to eat and many eat too much. From 1995 to 2000, the number of obese adults worldwide skyrocketed from 200 to 300 million. That’s a 50% increase in just 5 years!

What is obesity and what is overweight?

Overweight means excess body weight. This excess weight can be muscle, bone, fat, and/or body water. Obesity specifically refers to an abnormally high proportion of body fat. You can be overweight without being obese, for example, a bodybuilder or other very muscular athlete. But many overweight people are also obese. It doesn’t directly measure body fat and isn’t gender specific, but it does give you a pretty reliable estimate.

To find your BMI, divide your weight (in kilograms) by your height in meters squared. Yes, for those of you struggling with math, that’s complex, so I’ll give you a website that will figure it out for you, the National Institutes of Health BMI Calculator ( ). This will tell you very quickly if you are normal, overweight or obese, and does all the calculations and metric conversions for you!

Overweight is defined as a BMI greater than 25 (including those with a BMI greater than 30), and obesity is a BMI greater than 30. Therefore, all obese people are overweight, but not all overweight people they are obese.

The obesity epidemic

Obesity isn’t just about not feeling well or having trouble getting dates…

* Leads to more than 300,000 premature deaths each year in the United States. 90,000 are preventable cancer deaths. (CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION)

* Severely obese men die 13 years earlier than normal-weight men (JAMA).

* As a cause of death in the United States, obesity is second only to tobacco. (CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION)

The weight loss industry

* Spending: Americans spend between $40-50 billion per year to lose weight.

*Results: I haven’t seen any recent news that Americans are losing weight, have you?

* Conclusion: What people are doing is not working. If we want different results, we have to try a different solution.

Weight loss with acupuncture: fantasy or reality?

* Fantasy or Reality? As a well-trained and fairly conservative Chinese medicine practitioner, he had assumed that acupuncture for weight loss was a marketing fad and a patients’ fantasy.

* Evidence: But while researching my next book Chinese Medicine: A Practical Guide to Optimum Healing, I came across surprisingly positive information that changed my mind.

Collective Chinese Medicine Clinical Data on Acupuncture Weight Loss

Chinese medicine has thousands of years of clinical experience. These collective data are not as convincing as randomized controlled trials, but they contain the truth: they are imperfect but still valid and important.

A US government study in the 1980s concluded that 85% of Western medicine is based on clinical experience, not research. (US Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, The Impact of Randomized Controlled Trials on Health Policy and Medical Practice, Background Paper OTA-BP-H-22. See also Michael Millenson’s book, Demanding Medical Excellence)

There is good Chinese medicine research in Taiwan, Australia, and Europe that is ignored by American scientists and media. Much of the research in Chinese has not even been translated into English.

Seven studies of acupuncture for weight loss

How it works: By improving the function of two neuroendocrine pathways that regulate many bodily processes, including metabolism.

What are you doing:

* Reduces body weight, body fat, insulin levels and blood lipid levels

* Decreases excessive appetite and makes it easier to satisfy hunger with less food.

* Decreases menopausal weight gain

* In one study, acupuncture removed 10 pounds in 2 months, that translates to 60 pounds in a year!

* Combined with diet control and aerobic advice, you not only shed the pounds and body fat, you keep it off, especially if you’re diligent about your exercise.

(See references at the end of the article for research)

Ephedra misuse and bad legislation

Ephedra is a Chinese herb for colds and coughs. It has been misused to increase metabolism, and this misuse has caused numerous deaths. As a result, the FDA is considering an outright ban on ephedra products. We can blame two main things:

1. Supplement companies that care more about your money than your health (no, not all are like this, but some are, especially those that market weight loss formulations).

2. The idea that you can safely self-medicate with herbs: Self-medication of any kind is risky. Herbal self-medication is off the radar and people generally think they can do it safely. The ephedra debacle is an example of how dangerous it can be.

Traditionally, Chinese herbs are given in formulas (not alone), which is safer and more personalized. They are prescribed by a Chinese medicine practitioner who first diagnoses your specific imbalances. Ephedra would never be given for weight loss, but only for certain types of colds and coughs, and only to people whose bodies can handle it.

No traditional Chinese herb should be banned without allowing Chinese doctors to continue to use them traditionally.

food cravings

* Problem #1 (Enzyme Deficiency): The foods you crave depend on your personal imbalances. Modern digestive science explains that when your body can’t digest a food, it wants more of it, it’s not getting what it needs from it. This leads to a cycle of craving and overeating the exact food you can’t digest.

* Problem #2 (Low Blood Sugar): Another vicious cycle occurs when you can’t digest complex carbohydrates, so your blood sugar is low, so you eat simple carbohydrates that raise your blood sugar. blood sugar, which increases insulin, which lowers blood sugar again. , and you’re stuck eating donuts and feeling horrible.

* Solution: Enzymes (I recommend several enzyme formulations from a company called Transformations) and Chinese herbal formulas can help you digest your food and break both cycles.

Weight can be lost safely if done slowly and naturally.

You can lose up to 2 pounds a week without gaining it back. That means you could lose 104 pounds this year and keep it off!

Positive change is like stretching a rubber band: if it is stretched too far too fast, it will snap or snap back.

So avoid the temptation to take an easy fix like ephedra or citrus aurantium (both misused Chinese herbs), because you’ll gain the weight back and risk heart problems and stroke.

5 things to do right now

To lose 10 pounds in 2 months

And keep them away:

1. Avoid highly marketed supplements; instead, consult a trained herbalist (acupuncturist) professional; it is safer and more effective; my preference would be a chinese medicine practitioner, but some very well educated western herbalists are good too.

2. Acupuncture Weight Loss: Consult a Chinese acupuncturist/herbalist. Receive acupuncture (one to three times per week) to SAFELY regulate your metabolism and satisfy hunger. Your acupuncturist can also provide you with the herbs that will balance your digestion and cravings, and based on your Chinese pattern diagnosis, can also provide personalized dietary advice. Herbs and enzymes (specific formulations from the Transformations enzyme company) can eliminate your food cravings.

3. Develop a plan and goals with your acupuncturist and aerobics instructor, make it realistic, and stick to it. If you mess up, don’t beat yourself up, get back to normal as soon as you can. Any progress is better than nothing at all.

4. Eat less, exercise more: Eat a low-fat diet and don’t skip breakfast! Weigh yourself regularly and exercise for an hour a day. Start by walking for a few minutes each day or take the stairs at work. Don’t overdo it! Remember the elastic band. In fact, you may want to wear a rubber band around your wrist to remind yourself to make changes slowly. Get help with aerobics: a public class or private aerobic counseling.

5. Join a support group like Weight Watchers or Overeaters Anonymous. There’s nothing like positive friends to cheer you up and keep you on track. OA members say this spiritual action program has changed the way they relate to food.

References and resources

1. US Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, The Impact of Randomized Controlled Trials on Health Policy and Medical Practice, Background Paper OTA-BP-H-22.

2. Michael Millenson’s book, Demanding Medical Excellence

3. Effect of acupuncture on weight loss assessed by adrenal function. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1993 Sep, 13(3):169-73.

4. Wozniak, P., Oszukowski, P., Stachowiak, G., and Szyllo, K. [The effectiveness of low-calorie diet or diet with acupuncture treatment in obese peri- and postmenopausal women] (in Polish). Ginekol.Pol. Vol.74 Number 2 pages. 102-107. 2003

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Is talcum powder the best for removing penis odor?

Strong penis odor can be a source of embarrassment for men, especially during the hot and sweaty months of summer. For some men, a simple application of powder early in the morning is all they do to combat this common problem. But is the use of talcum powder compatible with proper penis care? And, equally important, does it really combat penis odor?

The penis odor dilemma

The smell of penis has existed since men have existed. Yes, our early ancestors ran without clothes and therefore enjoyed the benefits of constantly ventilating the penis. But those same cave-dwellers didn’t have soap either, and they didn’t wash very often, which means their packs had an even higher degree of penis odor than ours.

So why is this particular body part prone to stink? Well, for one thing, it’s usually packed under two solid layers of clothing: pants and underwear. And often those underwear are tight fitting, adding to the warmth quotient. Add to that the fact that unless a man shaves his manhood, it’s topped off by a large layer of insulating hair, in addition to the hair that lines the balls. Finally, men get erections throughout the day, whether they are aroused or not. The erection process consists of enlarging the penis by filling it with blood; this in turn adds even more heat to the area.

Excess moisture is a natural byproduct of all that heat, and sweat tends to bring with it odor-causing bacteria—hence, the scent factory that is a typical man’s crotch.

talcum powder solution

For many years, men have tried to keep manhood odor at bay by strategically sprinkling, or in some cases, liberally pouring, talcum powder on their penises, balls, and crotch. Talcum powder is famous for its use in keeping babies’ bottoms soft and dry, so its use on the penis is understandable. But is it the best solution for penis odor?

Since most talcum powder comes with a scent of its own, it can be effective for a short time in masking odor. The drying qualities associated with the product may also be effective in the short term; but it lacks the staying power needed for a tough case of stink.

More importantly, talcum powder does not contain ingredients that can actively combat the causes of penis odor, especially bacteria. So once the initial benefits wear off and the sweat starts to rain down, the dust just keeps piling up. Therefore, while it may provide some temporary coverage, it cannot by itself provide an effective solution to the problem.

Adding to this issue are concerns expressed by some that prolonged use of talcum powder may have negative health benefits. The problem is that not enough studies have been done to answer this question one way or another, so some doctors advise caution in long-term use of the powder.

beyond the dust

Even men who use talc need to take other steps to combat unwanted odors. Proper cleaning of the area is crucial, of course; so is finding time each day to let masculinity “air out.” (Sleeping naked is one way to achieve this goal.)

Most importantly though, a man definitely needs to go beyond talcum powder and regularly use a superior penile health cream. (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to help with penis odor. To be effective, the cream must absolutely include vitamin A. This vitamin is well known for its antibacterial properties that do a splendid job of actively fighting bacteria that are the main cause of a smelly penis. It is also essential that the cream contains alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant. Alpha Lipoic Acid helps modify the aging process of penile cell metabolism, which in turn keeps penile skin healthier. Healthier penile skin is in a much better position to fight off odor-causing bacteria. With the right cream, penis odor can be effectively reduced.

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History of Turkish erotic movies – The protagonists – Alev Altin, The Turkish Traci Lords

Altin’s early professional life is reminiscent of American porn film star Traci Lords (b. May 7, 1968), who made her first X-rated film in the low-Age 16 years old. But unlike Lords (whose mature good looks still command attention in softcore action cops), Altin died young.

Without a shred of formal film school training, Altin landed her first (known) film break in a supporting role: playing a buxom, non-speaking girl in the non-erotic film. bucket; sister in law (starring morning idol Kadir Inanir and exuberant young Müjde Ar) in 1975.

He made his adult film debut that same year in the low-17 years old, in the farce of erotic sex Civciv Çikacak Kus Çikacak; The chick will emerge to become an adult bird. (starring the curvaceous Mine Mutlu and the lead Ünsal Emre). Alev Hanim played the role of a nightclub singer (with musical voiceover by Belkıs Özener), who also strips for special paying clients.

Belkis Ozener…

who did musical dubbing for actresses like

Türkan Soray, Hülya Koçyigit, Fatma Girik and Feliz Akin

in more than 300 romantic movies,

also provided musical vocals for ‘Civciv’ —

before knowing that the film was erotic.

When she finally found out the truth, it offended her sense of propriety so much that she never lent her voice to anyone again, becoming a singing star in her own right.

Altin’s erotic film career (during which she made over 25 films) only spanned the years 1975 to 1977. And she was treated poorly by the erotic film industry during that entire time. When she was paid something, she was underpaid, and she also suffered physical abuse. Nonetheless, she seemed to have survived her adult film experience with surprisingly good humour. In her own words (translated figuratively):

Alev Altın — during his erotic film career, 1975-1977

“Of course it wasn’t easy… Look at this bump on my nose, left over from those days. The first time I had to undress in front of the camera for ‘Civciv,’ I was extremely shy and hesitant. The Yapimci; ProducerNazmi Özer, gave me a slap I’ll never forget… I stripped on command after that.”

in part 2: Alev Altin gets high with “Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll”…

[Click following to access a fully illustrated HTML version of The Turkish Traci Lords…]

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Abuse, Incest and Karmic Debt – How to Break Free from Past Life – Cycle of Karmic Retribution

One of my readers contacted me in response to my article on past lives and paying off karmic debts. She asked 3 very interesting questions: 1) Why the need to surround yourself with people with similar karma? 2) Self-history of being a victim of incest and abuse, now also an emerging pattern in my son’s life. How do we both free ourselves? 3) Is a transformation of negative karma possible by doing good to others who suffer in a similar way?

I want to thank the reader for contacting me (and apologize for taking so long to address these insightful and thought-provoking questions). I intend to address these questions in this article, but first, I want to make two things clear.

First, I will share my own personal life and reveal that I, too, experienced incest rape by an immediate family member as a child. I say this just to reassure you that I know what you’ve been through, not only from a conceptual level but also from an experiential level. Therefore, this article is written from a place of deeper understanding and humility.

The second thing I want to make clear is that I do not pretend to replace the universal end or be the answer to any question. That’s not my intention (and if it was, I’d stop reading right now if I were you). My intention is to inspire you to your own new thinking, to help you find a key that will open a new door in your mind.

Only your own new thinking can take you to the next level. or give it the growth and expansion it seeks. And, only you can open that new door. No one outside of you can provide your definitive answers because they are unique to you. I just hope to inspire you to that new thinking (whether you agree with the words of this article or not).

So, with that out of the way, let’s dive into those questions:

1) Why the need to surround yourself with people with similar karma?

In fact, you don’t need surround yourself with people with similar karma. you are attractive people with vibrations similar to yours. When your predominant vibration is “victim,” “rape,” “hurt,” “blame,” or anything else (positive or negative), this becomes the predominant message you’re sending out to the universe and the universe absolutely will. reflect the parallel back to you. This is impossible due to the law of attraction. He is an absolute and you can count on him!

2) Self-story as a victim of incest and abuse, now an emerging pattern in my son’s life as well. How do we both free ourselves?

This may be the hardest for you to hear, but in my own experience, there is only one path to true freedom: you must completely let go of the illusion of “victimism,” and even the “survivor” mentality, and abandon the “blame cycle” completely. As long as you are “blaming” or making someone other than yourself responsible for anything in your life, you cannot truly progress. Period. You must take full responsibility for all in your current reality.

This is hard to hear and even harder to do. (Trust me, I know!) But the good news is, if you can accept this message, you won’t believe the empowerment and freedom that awaits you! It’s like a magic wand that will transform you into something you didn’t know was possible. Actually! (And by the way, the most powerful thing you could do to help your child at this point is demonstrate doing just that!)

3) Is a transformation of negative karma possible by doing good to others who suffer in a similar way?

Again, this can be a little hard to hear, but very powerful once fully accepted: you don’t need to “transform” anything negative. What you need is to change your focus from “negative” to “positive”.

You are growing, evolving and looking for more. That is why you are here on this planet right now. You can call this “transform” if you want, but it’s not about focusing on something negative until it becomes positive. (In my experience, this is a waste of energy.)

As I said in the original article, “Reliving painful experiences from the past, whether in this life or the last, doesn’t help us!”Focus on where you want to go from here, what you want to grow into, and give it all your energy.

Now, it’s okay to help others who “suffer similarly” as you put it, if you resonate with that, but be careful not to align yourself with the “suffering” part, because that’s what you’ll attract! It is not about paying a debt or righting a mistake, it is about growth, expansion and advancement, for you and for all of us, for our global consciousness.

Feeling trapped in a cycle of negative karmic debt is one of the most debilitating and limiting beliefs out there. If you feel like you are paying off some kind of karmic debt or experiencing karmic retribution in this life experience, if you feel like your past lives are somehow ruining your here and now, then I invite you to start stepping into your power by taking one. Little baby step right now: forgive yourself for anything you think you’ve done wrong and accept your unfathomable value, to your higher self and all that is.