Can I use an AC car recharge kit if my car has dual-zone climate control?

AC car recharge kit if my car

On a hot summer day, you turn on your car’s air conditioning. However, instead of the cool, crisp air you expect, warm air blows out of the vents. This can occur if your AC system is low on refrigerant or has a leak. Whether your vehicle is leaking or simply not cooling as well as it used to, it might be time for an a/c recharge and repair service.

While you can purchase an car ac recharge kit at most auto parts stores, recharging your own system without evacuating it first is not recommended. Recharging a car’s air conditioning without emptying it first can lead to damage to the compressor and other components.

A professional mechanic will use a special machine or tool to remove the old refrigerant from your air conditioner. Then, the technician will check the pressure on both sides of your system and determine how much refrigerant to add. Manufacturers stipulate how much refrigerant to add to the system based on weight. The technicians will also look for leaks and fix them before refilling your car’s air conditioning system with new refrigerant.

Can I use an AC car recharge kit if my car has dual-zone climate control?

DIY recharging often leads to overcharging your air conditioning system. Most refrigerant kits come with a hose and pressure gauge that makes it easier to find a leak and monitor the amount of refrigerant added. Adding too much can cause your air conditioner to overheat, leading to system failure and expensive repairs.

An amateur auto service tech may be tempted to speed up the process by skipping the evacuating part of the process. However, doing this can result in your system leaking refrigerant out of the evaporator and into the atmosphere. It can also damage the evaporator and other AC components. One of the key advantages of using a car AC recharge kit is its affordability and accessibility. Professional AC service at a dealership or repair shop can be expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars. In contrast, a recharge kit is available at a fraction of the cost, making it a budget-friendly option for car owners who want to save money on maintenance expenses. Additionally, recharge kits are widely available at auto parts stores, hardware stores, and online retailers, making it easy for consumers to purchase them whenever needed.

Many a/c recharge kits feature a “stop-leak sealer,” which claims to seal small leaks in your air conditioning system. This can either temporarily plug the leak, or it can interfere with the hoses, compressor and pumps in your air conditioning system. It’s best to leave this job to a qualified auto repair shop.

If your car’s air conditioning is not cooling as it should, it might be time to get an a/c evacuate and recharge service from Wrench. Our mobile mechanics can perform this maintenance service at your home or workplace, making it easy and convenient for you to keep your car in top shape. Get a quote now and book your service at a shop you trust.


Merry Christmas! How an e-biker spends Festive Season

Merry Christmas! How an e-biker spends Festive Season

With Christmas just around the corner, we at JOBOBIKE would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season! As the festivities begin, we want to share some insights into the e-bikes that receive popularity during this time and provide you with some festive decoration advice for your beloved e-bike.

Electric Snow Bike: Enjoy the Winter Wonderland

During the Christmas period, fat tyre snow bikes have gained immense popularity. These bikes are designed with wider tyres that provide excellent traction in snowy conditions, making them perfect for exploring the winter wonderland. Imagine riding through picturesque snow-covered trails, spreading the joy of Christmas with every pedal.

Cargo E-Bikes: Ideal for Families and Gift Transport

Cargo e-bikes have also gained popularity during Christmas, particularly among families and those looking to transport gifts. With their spacious cargo areas, these e-bikes provide convenience and versatility for carrying presents, groceries, or even your little ones. Decorate your cargo e-bike and embark on a joyful journey, ensuring you have everything you need for a memorable Christmas celebration.

Limited-Edition Christmas E-Bikes: A Perfect Gift

For those seeking unique and special gifts, limited-edition Christmas e-bikes are a great option. These bikes are specially launched for the holiday season and make excellent presents for your loved ones. With their festive-themed designs and enhanced features, they captivate the spirit of Christmas and bring joy to both riders and onlookers.

Decking Your E-Bike with Christmas Spirit

Now, let’s discuss how to decorate your e-bike for Christmas. Here are some suggestions to infuse your ride with festive cheer:

Festive Lights: Add battery-powered LED lights to your bike frame or wrap them around the handlebars. Choose colorful lights or opt for classic white to create a magical glow as you ride through the streets.

Festive Accessories: Attach festive ornaments, ribbons, or mini wreaths to your bike. You can also incorporate tiny Christmas trees or plush toy reindeer as whimsical decorations.

Holiday Bells: Attach jingle bells to your bike’s handlebars to create a joyful sound as you ride. Spread the Christmas spirit with every ring of the bells.

If you are thinking of buying an electric bike, don’t miss the cheapest sale season.Enjoy the festive season, spread joy with your e-bike, and have a Merry Christmas!


What Technology Is Integrated Into BMW Steering Wheels?

BMW Steering Wheels

A car’s steering wheel is an essential component that allows drivers to remain focused on the road while operating their vehicle. Over time, it has become increasingly common to see BMW steering wheels with features integrated into the design to improve driver safety and convenience. These functions include radio controls, cruise control operation, and other features that help keep the driver’s eyes and hands on the road.

BMW steering wheels are known for their weight and feel, which creates a symbiotic connection between the driver and the machine. This allows drivers to effortlessly glide through corners and feel the road beneath their fingertips. It also helps them to develop a deeper understanding of the machine, which is essential for driving with precision and confidence.

The new Buy BMW steering wheels is one of the latest innovative designs to incorporate this technology. Its flat bottom section mimics the design of a racecar’s steering wheel, creating a more ergonomic and sporty appearance. Moreover, this steering wheel is equipped with an OLED display to provide additional vehicle information that changes according to the mode selected: Efficient Dynamics, Sport or Race. The display shows the level of consumption of fuel, speed, engine temperature, and water and oil temperatures. It also displays the gear shift indicator, lap timer and a G-force meter when the car is in Sport or Race mode.

What Technology Is Integrated Into BMW Steering Wheels?

Similarly, the BMW M Performance Steering Wheel can be upgraded with Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your BMW infotainment system. This allows you to manage calls, control media playback, and navigate your phone’s navigation application without ever having to take your eyes off the road or hands from the wheel.

In addition to its integration of advanced automotive technology, the BMW M Performance Steering Wheel is also crafted with a premium leather material for added comfort and style. This design features unique stitching and a perforated surface to enhance the look of your interior. It also includes the M logo on the lower spoke for a distinctive, performance-oriented aesthetic.

The steering wheel of a BMW is not just a functional component; it’s a tactile interface that connects the driver to the heart of the driving experience. Renowned for its precision engineering and commitment to performance, BMW has consistently delivered steering wheels that are a testament to the brand’s dedication to driver-centric design.

At first glance, a BMW steering wheel may appear as a standard automotive feature, but a closer inspection reveals a careful blend of ergonomic design, cutting-edge technology, and a touch of luxury. The materials used in crafting these steering wheels are chosen with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. From the supple leather that graces the wheel’s surface to the precisely engineered metallic accents, every element is meticulously selected to enhance the driving experience.

Upgrading your BMW steering wheel is a great way to add a personal touch and express your individuality. There are endless customization options, including different materials and finishes, to create the perfect look for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and sophisticated or bright and bold, there’s sure to be a BMW steering wheel out there that suits your personality.


What Is the Ground Clearance of the Nissan?

Nissan is an automaker that makes a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to large SUVs. Many of these models are known for their sporty handling and comfortable interiors, but not all are designed to handle rough terrain. When looking for a vehicle to drive off-road, the Nissan Ground Clearance is an important factor to consider. This figure represents the minimum distance between the lowest part of the car’s chassis and the road, excluding items like the tyres, wheels, and brake backing plates. To help you find a car that can take on rough conditions, we’ve compiled a list of nissan specs with the best ground clearance.

The Nissan Rogue isn’t the ideal vehicle for hardcore off-roading, but it does have a good amount of ground clearance. This measurement refers to the distance between the bottom of the car’s chassis and the surface, excluding the tyres, wheels, brake backing plates, and mudguards. This figure is important for anyone who wants to use their Nissan on muddy, sandy, or snowy roads.

Depending on the model, the Rogue has between 8.2 inches and 8.4 inches of ground clearance. This is enough to allow you to drive over tall speed breakers without risking scraping the underbody of the vehicle. It’s also enough to get over uneven or broken surfaces without too much difficulty.

While SUVs are generally the best off-roaders, some sedans and hatchbacks have a lot of ground clearance as well. These vehicles can be just as capable as an SUV in off-road situations, but they offer the benefits of a smooth ride and silky control on paved roads. We’ve rounded up 10 Nissans with the most ground clearance, so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

If you’re planning to buy a Nissan, check out our Nissan car loan EMI calculator for an accurate idea of how much your monthly payments will be. Our tool allows you to calculate your loan amount, interest rate, and term in just a few steps. Once you’re done, you can instantly get your EMI details on the screen. This will help you plan your finances better and avoid any unexpected expenses. To get started, enter the car details you have in mind and our EMI calculator will do all the work for you! You can even compare the EMIs of different cars to see which option is the best for you.

Nissan is well-known for offering an amazing array of vehicles that cater to all lifestyles. From the commuting-friendly 2022 Nissan Versa, to the family-oriented Rogue SUV, and of course the high-performance GT-R monster, this automaker offers something for everyone. Of course, when shopping for a new vehicle, drivers have many things to consider. Some of the most important factors include fuel efficiency, top speed, and more.


Come scegliere i pneumatici per auto giusti per un veicolo specifico

Come scegliere i pneumatici per auto

Gli pneumatici della tua auto sono uno dei componenti più critici in termini di prestazioni, sicurezza e comfort. È importante prendersi il proprio tempo e trovare gli pneumatici giusti per il proprio veicolo.

Pneumatici Auto

La scelta degli pneumatici giusti per la tua auto è essenziale per migliorare il risparmio di carburante, la maneggevolezza e la sicurezza. Ci sono diversi fattori da considerare quando si prende una decisione, tra cui le dimensioni, l’indice di velocità e l’indice di carico dei nuovi pneumatici.

La dimensione di uno pneumatico è generalmente definita da tre fattori: la larghezza del cerchione, il rapporto d’aspetto e l’altezza dello pneumatico. Usando queste informazioni, puoi determinare quale tipo di pneumatico si adatterà al tuo cerchio.

Come scegliere i pneumatici per auto giusti per un veicolo specifico

* Le dimensioni del pneumatico si trovano sul fianco dei tuoi pneumatici attuali o nel manuale del proprietario, nello sportello del carburante o nell’adesivo con le informazioni sui pneumatici.

Si consiglia di sostituire tutti e quattro i pneumatici del veicolo, ma se è necessario sostituirne solo due, è meglio sostituirli sulla ruota posteriore. Ciò ti consentirà di guidare fino alle condizioni dei tuoi pneumatici piuttosto che consumarli in un punto.

Quando si selezionano nuovi pneumatici, è importante scegliere la dimensione e l’indice di velocità appropriati per la marca, il modello e l’anno del veicolo. Gli pneumatici giusti possono aiutare la tua auto a funzionare in modo più efficiente, fornire un’aderenza superiore su superfici bagnate e asciutte e aiutare a prevenire l’aquaplaning su strade bagnate.

Se stai sostituendo tutti e quattro i pneumatici della tua auto, puoi anche selezionare uno pneumatico con una trazione e una temperatura diverse rispetto a quelli esistenti. Ciò aumenterà la capacità dei tuoi pneumatici di aderire alla strada, anche su superfici bagnate e ghiacciate.

Puoi anche scegliere pneumatici con un diverso disegno del battistrada o un diverso tipo di mescola del pneumatico. Queste caratteristiche possono migliorare l’aderenza dei tuoi pneumatici sulla strada, aumentarne la durata e ridurre il rumore.

Ad esempio, uno pneumatico con un battistrada asimmetrico più alto ti aiuta a guidare più velocemente, mentre un battistrada unidirezionale può aumentare la tua aderenza sulle superfici bagnate.

Avere una dimensione e un codice di velocità degli pneumatici adeguati è fondamentale per le prestazioni del tuo veicolo, quindi vale la pena dedicare del tempo all’acquisto di pneumatici sostitutivi. Fortunatamente, queste informazioni sono semplici da ottenere e possono essere facilmente trovate nel manuale del proprietario, nello sportello del carburante o nell’adesivo con le informazioni sui pneumatici sulla portiera del conducente.

Esistono molti tipi diversi di pneumatici sul mercato e ogni marchio può avere le proprie caratteristiche e trucchi unici. Questi possono variare in termini di design, costruzione e prezzo, quindi è importante scegliere uno pneumatico adatto alle proprie esigenze.

L’indice di velocità di uno pneumatico è un fattore chiave per la sua maneggevolezza e sicurezza, quindi è essenziale scegliere uno pneumatico con l’indice di velocità corretto per la marca, la marca e l’anno del veicolo. Uno pneumatico con un indice di velocità inferiore comprometterà la maneggevolezza, la sicurezza e la capacità di accelerazione della tua auto.

Se devi sostituire tutti e quattro i pneumatici, dovresti scegliere uno pneumatico con dimensioni, indice di velocità e indice di carico appropriati per la marca, il modello e l’anno del tuo veicolo. Ciò garantirà prestazioni ottimali, efficienza del carburante e sicurezza.


Which Polaris Off Road ATV is Right For You?

Polaris Off Road ATV

The Polaris Off Road ATV is one of the most popular models on the market. It is also among the easiest to ride, and the most affordable. But which model is right for you?

The Ranger XP Kinetic is a new electric off road ATV from Polaris off road. It is a very capable vehicle that is quiet and refined. This is because it has a restyled front end that looks cleaner and more contemporary. It also has a larger battery that will enable you to double the distance. In fact, the XP Kinetic has more power than any other utility side by side.

The Kinetic’s low center of gravity allows it to handle confidently. It has a turning radius that rivals sport ATVs. And it can be maneuvered with precision in high gear. Another feature that sets the XP Kinetic apart from other off road vehicles is its Ride Command. With this system, you can control the cab’s power through a touch of a button. You can also use it to coordinate trips with other riders. As long as everyone has the Ride Command app on their phone, you can all be aware of where the other vehicles are.

Which Polaris Off Road ATV is Right For You?

The Polaris RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Trail Boss Edition off road atv is a tougher, bolder and more capable machine than ever before. It’s designed for the hardworking rider with increased comfort and premium refinement. The RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Edition is available in both Premium and Ultimate trim levels. Both feature a Pro-Shield cab system, a tip out windshield, factory-installed HVAC, and 29″ 8-ply Pro Armor X-Terrain tires.

Powered by a ProStar engine with 82 HP, the Trail Boss is built for best-in-class capability. It also features Active Descent Control, a self-leveling suspension and high-clearance arched A-arms. In addition, the vehicle has a class-leading payload and box capacity. A new LED rear work light illuminates the bed of the vehicle. And the Ride Command Package adds a 7″ infotainment system with front and rear cameras, in-dash speakers, GPS mapping, plow mode and group ride connectivity.

The Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Sport off road ATV offers convenience, performance and style. Its advanced features, including RIDE COMMAND+, enable the ultimate in vehicle connectivity. Whether you’re hunting or just enjoying the outdoors, you can stay connected with the touch of your fingertips.

Powered by a 999cc ProStar engine, the RANGER XP Kinetic delivers 82 horsepower and uncompromising capability. With a full-cab system, this rider-friendly machine is designed for the land owner or trail rider who wants to get more done.

In addition to enhanced performance, the RANGER XP Kinetic comes with a suite of accessories to ensure you’ll get the job done right. For example, the new 12V cargo box power port allows you to connect mobile power to your sprayer, while the new overhead switch panel provides convenience when it’s time to add accessories.


Toy Car Carriers in Florida

Toy Car Carriers

If you have a four-wheeler that needs to be shipped, there are Florida toy car carriers that specialize in this type of shipping. These carriers have the necessary permits and paperwork to move your vehicle to any state in the United States. The third largest state in the union, Florida has 500 miles more coastline than California, and is highly urbanized.

If you want to travel with your toy florida car carriers, it’s important to find a car carrier that can safely transport your toys. These carriers can be used indoors and outdoors. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, and they are safe for children to use. Choose a model that includes a backrest and handles for comfort.

When you have a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler to ship, it’s best to use a carrier that specializes in this type of transportation. These companies are able to ship four-wheelers anywhere in the country or abroad. They also handle the necessary paperwork and permits. Florida is the third largest state in the country by population. It is highly urbanized, with about 500 more miles of coastline than California.

Toy Car Carriers in Florida

When it comes to moving your car, a major concern is how much the carrier weighs. Auto carriers have limited space, and the larger your car, the more expensive it will be to ship. Therefore, if possible, it is better to ship a compact or sedan instead of a truck or SUV. You should also consider the weight of your car, as transportation guidelines set a limit on how much a carrier can carry. Ultimately, a heavier car will cost more to ship, but it will be cheaper than shipping a smaller, compact car.

Florida has strict weight limits for car carriers, which are enforced by the Office of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (OCVE). These limits are in place to protect highways from being damaged by heavy trucks. If you exceed a weight limit, you can be fined $.05 per pound. In addition, there are 39 weigh stations throughout the state, some of which can process oversize loads quickly. However, if you want to avoid fines, you need to be aware of the weight limits.

Weight limits for car carriers in Florida vary based on the size of the vehicle. Larger vehicles require more space and weigh more than smaller vehicles. As a result, they are more expensive to ship. Typical commercial car carriers in Florida can carry anywhere from five to nine cars at a time. The distance that the carrier must cover can also affect the cost.


A history of Vickers VC10 aircraft accidents

As one of only four first-generation four-engine long-range airliners, along with the Boeing 707, McDonnell-Douglas DC-8 and Ilyushin Il-62, the Vickers VC10 was one of only two to have wings. uninterrupted. , aft-mounted Rolls Royce Conway turbofans and a T-tail to maximize its short-field and high-lift performance.

Although it was praised by passengers and crew members alike, its oversized and oversized design, produced in short-body Standard and long-body Super versions, limited its sales to just 54 aircraft, including those for the Royal Air Force. , and made it a technological success, but a financial failure.

This study analyzes its short history of accidents.

Other than the initial stall and drag deficiencies encountered during the VC10’s flight test program, the type experienced few airframe and engine failures, reflecting both its superior engineering and relatively few in operation.

However, teething problems arose in December 1964 when a landing gear warning light illuminated on a BOAC Standard 1101 as it approached Manchester. Although it landed safely after the landing gear was extended by gravity, the anomaly was identified as gear locking down, which was later changed. The real culprit, however, would surface later.

The same plane issued the same warning three weeks later as it approached Jan Smuts International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. Despite several extension attempts, it did not lock into place. During their next circle to burn off fuel and reduce the risk of fire after landing, the crew finally managed to lower the gear and landed without incident.

Its more permanent grounding, during which engineers flew in to discover the real problem, led to the discovery that a corroded spindle had been behind the incident and it was recommended that further corrosion protection be applied afterwards. Although all VC10 operators were informed of the finding, no further incidents occurred.

Another, albeit relatively minor, incident occurred on August 9, 1967 when a BOAC Super 1151, en route from Lima, Peru, to New York-JFK, with an intermediate stop in Jamaica, severed a four-by-four wing section. two and a half meters. , which traveled behind the wing and then fell to the ground, piercing the roof of a home at 214 North Street in Manhasset Hills, Long Island. There were no injuries to those in the house or even awareness of those on board, so Flight 500 landed safely at 7:56 p.m. local time. As passengers disembarked from what they considered a “routine” bout, the incident testified to the aircraft’s design, as the missing flap did not even affect its lift during approach or landing.

Of far greater scope was his September 9, 1970 hijacking, along with that of a TWA Boeing 707 and a Swissair McDonnell-Douglas DC-8, carried out by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, or PLFP, in Jordan’s Dawson Field. , the largest-scale and unique event of its kind in history. Since the passengers had been allowed to leave the plane, there were no fatalities.

However, the type suffered two fatal accidents during the 15-year period between 1964 and 1979.

The first of these occurred on November 20, 1969 with aircraft 5N-ABD operated by Nigeria Airways on a multi-sector flight from London to Lagos with intermediate stops in Rome and Kano. The aircraft itself, the first production standard VC10-1101, was originally registered as G-ARVA and served BOAC for five years, between 1964 and 1969. Nigeria Airways only operated it for two months and had 18,431 hours in its airframe at time.

The crew was hardly inexperienced. Captain Val Moore, 56, had flown for BOAC in several notable piston and pure-jet types, including the Halton, York, Hermes, Argonaut, Comet 4 and VC10. Of the 15,173 hours on his log, 3,323 of them had been commanded by that same Vickers design.

First Officer John Wallis, 30, had also flown the type with East African Airways for two and a half years. Of his 3,500 hours, 900 of them had been on the VC10.

Also in the cockpit were flight engineer George Albert Baker, 50, and navigator Basil Payton, 49, both serving Nigeria Airways but employed by British United.

The four crew members operated all three sectors.

Flight WT 925 had left London the previous evening at 22:10, undergoing routine operations to both Rome and Kano. But before he left Lagos, the captain requested 30,000 kilos of additional fuel, fearing that civil unrest in Lagos would prevent him from landing and force Kano to turn back.

Taking off the short 66-minute segment at 06:24 resulted in an estimated time of arrival (ETA) of 07:28.

At 07:11, or six minutes after the aircraft made its initial contact with air traffic control (ATC), it requested clearance to descend from its current altitude of 35,000 feet to 14,000 feet, the latter to avoid the interference from a Fokker F departing from Lagos. 27 Turboprop friendship. After visually checking and passing the Nigeria Airways quad-jet, the VC10 received further clearance to descend and maintain 5,000 feet.

His subsequent request for a straight-in approach to runway 19 was granted, although he was required to report that he had reached 2,200 feet.

The misunderstanding of the local climatic conditions seems to have played a crucial factor in the event. While the airport was under clear skies, the area around it was not. Thick fog, from treetop level to about 2,000 feet, covered the ground a mile to the north, and poor visibility rose to 5,000 feet.

Descending through 2,200 feet at 07:29, VC10 complied with its earlier report request and was asked to do so again by the tower when it reached a point six miles from touchdown. No further transmissions were received.

Shortly after the 08:05 departure of two Nigerian Air Force planes from Lagos, they saw smoke rising from the clouds on the approach path to runway 19.

Nearly in its final landing configuration, with 35-degree trailing-edge flap, landing gear extended, and a 6.7-degree tailplane configuration, Aircraft 5N-ABD had skimmed the treetops at 207 feet. on the ground, losing his number two and three. port flaps and left main landing gear bogie. After another 350 feet, she lost her entire port wing.

Going through three other trees over the next 250 feet, it lost more of its structure, in this case, right wing flap panels number two, three, and four. After covering a distance of 1,700 feet from its initial crash into a tree, it hit the ground nose up and left wing down, losing its tail and four stern-mounted engines, before the rest of the aircraft stopped. 300 feet beyond this point.

The fuel that ruptured from the tanks ignited a fire with no survivors.

Although the aircraft was not equipped with a flight data recorder and no definitive cause was determined in the sequence of events that led to the aircraft’s destruction, it was evidently unable to clear obstructions in its approach path and monitor its altitude and rate of descent during what was, but should not have been, a visual approach during instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) at the end of a high three-sector flight, which placed the crew outside their legal duty time.

VC10’s second fatal accident occurred three years later, on April 18, 1972, when a Super 1154, registered 5X-UNA with 18,586 airframe hours, crashed on takeoff from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Operating East African Airways Flight EC 720 to Rome and finally to London, it was given its start-up clearance at 09:21 and subsequently followed the east taxiway to runway 07. Winds were reported to have no variable addresses. at five knots.

Cleared for takeoff at 09:38:40, he made his acceleration run. But, just before reaching its V1 speed, or the moment at which its takeoff had to be aborted or continued, its nose wheel ran through a steel jack pad left by a Cessna 185 that had set off earlier, resulting in in the perforation of the right of its two tires. The cabin crew experienced the collision as a strong shock and vibration.

The nose rose briefly, but touched the ground again.

Upon aborting takeoff, the captain pulled the throttles back to idle and engaged the thrust reversers, while the T-tail quad-jet banked slightly to the right and one of the main gear tires blew out. Now turning left, it struck an embankment, causing the port wing to lift momentarily and then intercept the runway 25 light steel lattice approach strut.

The impact, which ruptured fuel tank 1A, unleashed a cascade of flammable liquid as the aircraft fell 10.6 meters to the lower ground beyond the runway and broke apart. Eight of the 11 crew and 35 of the 96 passengers perished.

According to the investigation report, “The accident was due to a partial loss of braking effort derived from an incorrect assembly of part of the braking system, for which the aircraft could not stop within the remaining emergency distance after a correct procedure. abandoned takeoff executed”.


How to cure hemorrhoids with beer, chocolate and nuts

Now you can cure hemorrhoids with delicious fun foods! What more could you want?

Experts estimate that up to 90 percent of all diseases are related to free radical damage in the body. Hemorrhoids are caused by free radical damage to the region in and around the anus.

Free radicals are a natural byproduct of the body that converts food into energy. However, if there are more free radicals than the body needs, they can become harmful.

Excessive free radical buildup can be caused by stress, smoking, the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, metabolic waste products, toxic chemicals from pollution, pollutants, and/or pesticides in foods and high-intensity/short-period exercise known as distress exercise. .

Free radicals are associated with oxygen molecules that damage cells in the body by stealing electrons. Antioxidants stop the damage by providing the electrons demanded by dysfunctional oxygen molecules. When the body cannot produce enough antioxidants, supplements are needed to keep the body healthy.

Fortunately, there are many foods that provide antioxidant materials for the body, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating a wide range of different types and colors: blueberries, green and red grapes, and deep orange fruits will provide the “free radical scavengers” to neutralize harmful molecules.

Of the many foods, barley is one of the best antioxidants. Barley is used in beer, so drinking beer will help cure hemorrhoids and other diseases.

Similarly, dark chocolate has been shown to be a great producer of antioxidants. Dark chocolate is especially good for the skin. This is why it is useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a skin condition.

Walnuts are another food that helps produce a higher than average amount of “free radical scavengers.” Walnuts are high on the list of antioxidants because they are rich in vitamin E. Walnuts also contain omega 3 fatty acids that have been shown to reduce fat. Excess fat is often associated with hemorrhoid problems.

Now, you don’t have to drink beer to get your share of antioxidants from barley. In fact, you can combine barley, chocolate, and nuts to make delicious cookies. Here is the prescription:

  • 1-1/2 cups organic barley flour
  • 3-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/4 cup of oil
  • 1/2 cup rice syrup or malt syrup
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 cup of finely chopped walnut
  • 1 cup dark or carob chocolate chips
  1. Place the barley flour in a large bowl. Add the baking powder and mix well. Slowly add the oil and work through the flour with a fork until evenly distributed. Add the rice syrup or malt syrup, the vanilla and the egg. Mix until a stiff dough forms. Add the nuts, chocolate or carob chips and mix until evenly distributed throughout the dough.
  2. Dip a 2-tablespoon measure (like a coffee spoon) in water to prevent the dough from sticking. Use this measurement to place the dough on a greased baking sheet. Dip your hand in cold water and flatten each cookie with the palm of your hand. Bake at 350F for 10 – 12 minutes.

There you go! Now you can get rid of hemorrhoids by eating cookies.


Delicious Sausage Recipes We Bet You Haven’t Tried

Sausages are a lot like hot dogs: they’re comfort food, easy to prepare, and most of all, versatile. While they are good to eat on their own, they taste even better on a plate. These much-loved pieces of meat are eaten primarily for breakfast, but can also be used as an ingredient to create hearty, satisfying dishes that are ideal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Try these hearty sausage recipes now:

Macaroni and cheese and sausage and peppers

What do you need:

  • 1/2 kilo of Italian sausage
  • 1 red bell pepper, diced
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 4 cups low-sodium chicken broth
  • 2 cups marinara sauce
  • 1 1/4 cups shell pasta
  • 1 cup grated mozzarella cheese
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • olive oil, for frying
  • Chopped fresh parsley to garnish

Heat the olive oil over medium-high heat in a large skillet, then cook the sausages until cooked through and browned. When ready, add bell pepper, onion and garlic and cook for 5 minutes. Add the pasta, chicken broth, and marinara sauce. Lower the heat to medium and simmer for 20 minutes, or until the pasta is cooked al dente. Finally add the mozzarella and heavy cream. Stir until well combined with other ingredients. Remove from heat and garnish with parsley before serving.

Italian Sausage Subs with Cheese and Garlic

What do you need:

  • 1/2 kilo of Italian sausage
  • 4 pieces of sub rolls, divided lengthwise
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely grated
  • 1/2 stick of unsalted butter
  • 2 cups marinara or tomato sauce
  • 1 cup grated mozzarella cheese
  • 1/4 cup basil leaves, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

Combine garlic, unsalted butter, parsley, and kosher salt in a small bowl. Arrange the secondary rolls on a rimmed baking sheet and brush the cut sides of each with the garlic butter mixture. Bake in a preheated oven (350F) for 8 minutes or until golden brown. Set aside. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium high heat, then cook the sausages for 7 to 8 minutes. Add the marinara sauce and continue cooking for another 2 minutes. Pour sausage mixture onto toasted buns. Top with mozzarella and bake again for another 6 to 8 minutes. When ready, sprinkle with basil before serving.

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