Lower Your Blood Pressure Quickly With These Helpful Tips

Hypertension is a long-term medical condition in which high blood pressure in the blood vessels persistently increases. Hypertension puts you at risk of developing some serious health conditions, for example; stroke, poor blood circulation, and heart disease. In addition, long-term hypertension has been medically shown to increase the chances of developing cardiovascular disease, damage to heart tissues in addition to a heart attack. Hypertension cannot be linked to a direct cause, which is why it has been a concern for many people today, some of whom are concerned about taking medications to help reduce hypertension. This article will provide tips on how to lower your blood pressure. Also, when reading it, you don’t have to worry anymore as it provides measures beyond just taking medications that you can implement to lower your high blood pressure, for example by choosing a correct lifestyle and therefore reducing your chances of develop prolonged high blood pressure. term effects. These tips include;

Regular Physical Activities – Exercising at least 30 minutes each day a week has been shown to, in return, lower your high blood pressure by approximately 5-10mm HG. If you just have prehypertension, doing regular exercises can help prevent full-blown hypertension. However, if you already have high blood pressure, physical activities can help lower high blood pressure to a safer level. Physical exercises such as jogging, cycling, gym activities, dancing, and swimming help to level blood pressure. It is always useful and important to agree to the training program, as stopping exercising can result in a subsequent increase in high blood pressure once again.

Eat a healthy diet and try DASH: Eating a diet rich in whole grains, fruits, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, and avoiding a diet high in cholesterol have been experimentally shown to help level your blood. pressure at about 15 mm Hg. According to Dietary Approaches to Stopping Hypertension (DASH), it is advisable to keep a food diary, be a smart shopper, and try to include diets rich in potassium ions and ultimately reduce the amount of sodium you consume. This helps reduce hypertension. Additionally, weight loss is another key factor to consider, as hypertension is directly proportional to weight gain. Weight loss according to experiments has been rated as one of the most efficient lifestyle approaches to control hypertension.

Restrict the amount of alcohol – it is advisable to limit the amount of alcohol that you drink since taking it in small amounts helps to reduce your arterial hypertension by approximately 5 mm Hg. Drinking responsibly and setting moderate amounts that aren’t too much can help. When alcohol is consumed in excess, it increases blood pressure in notable points in addition to reducing the effectiveness of medications for high blood pressure.

Reduce and manage stress and anxiety: Stress and anxiety cause a temporary increase in blood pressure. You can participate in activities like; eating well and training, which mainly help you deal with daily stress as well as help you stay calm. In addition, other forms of relaxation such as deep breathing, personal meditation as well as a routine that focuses primarily on calming activities such as drinking a cup of chamomile tea in the morning. Additionally, you can also reduce hypertension by quitting smoking, which is another key factor to consider. Every cigarette you smoke increases your blood pressure. In addition, it is advisable to limit the amount of caffeine as it also raises high blood pressure by approximately 10 mm Hg.


I would recommend the practical tips discussed above, such as;

• Regular physical activities

• Eat a healthy diet and try DASH

• Limit the amount of sodium intake

• Practice weight loss

• restrict the amount of caffeine intake

• Restrict the amount of alcohol

• give up smoking

• Reduce and control your stress and anxiety.

These tips provide solutions on how to lower your blood pressure to a significant degree, as well as lower your chances of developing other major complications that result from hypertension, such as cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, and other heart diseases.


2001 Maniacs; Movie review

Cast: Robert Englund, Lin Shaye, Giuseppe Andrews, Jay Gillespie, Marla Malcolm, Matthew Carey, Dylan Edrington, Mushond Lee, Bianca Smith, Brian Gross, Gina Marie Heekin, Adam Robitel, Brendan McCarthy, Christa Campbell, Wendy Kremer, Kane Hodder .

My thoughts: predictable

Review: “2001 Maniacs” is supposed to be a remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis’s “Two Thousand Maniacs”. Although I have never seen that movie, the problem with “2001 Maniacs” is that it is too predictable. .

The story follows 2 separate groups of young people heading to Daytona Beach Fl. For spring break. Unfortunately, they come across a detour sign on the road, and as any good horror fan knows, “detour” signs always mean “danger” in a horror movie. Before they know it, both groups of teens have stumbled upon a small town called “Pleasant Valley” where the people, while strange as hell, seem friendly enough. Soon, another handful of young men arrive in town, a black boy named Malcolm and his Asian girlfriend Kat.

The citizens of Pleasant Valley make all the young people of the north their guests of honor and waste no time showing a little southern hospitality. But soon some of the young travelers from the north start to disappear, and it becomes clear that all may not be as it seems with the so-called good folks of Pleasant Valley who, behind the back of unsuspecting Northerners, are planning a big “Party.” … literally. “2001 Maniacs” offers a good subplot that explains the sudden appearance of the city out of nowhere. It appears that, during the civil war, a group of renegade soldiers from the north wiped out the entire town of Pleasant Valley, indeed all of its citizens in 2001.

Now they have returned to exact revenge on the north, the same day their city was desecrated all those years ago, no less, and from the beginning it became clear that these travelers from the north are going through a bad time. However … it takes a while for travelers to realize this and the question is: will they be able to put 2 and 2 together before it’s too late? While “2001 Maniacs” certainly delivers in the gore, gore and spatter department in general … the movie lacks an hour of mystery and is telegraphed way too early. Everything happens as one would expect until the end, where a bit of creativity is shown when the last two survivors launch themselves to fight for their lives. The deaths are pretty creative, but you can figure out who’s going to die and in what order, further enhancing the predictable nature of this movie. The people of Pleasant Valley themselves are an annoying bunch, even the very attractive girls in town are painful to watch when they start talking.

Southern stereotypes of bestiality jokes, incest jokes, and generally Southerners in general are eerily weird jokes are everywhere in this movie. And that’s what kills most of the fun. It would have been a nice change of pace for the people of Pleasant Valley to differ in personality rather than each acting the same as the other. The teenagers in the movie are portrayed a little better. While we did take out the usual group of guys for a fuck, we also have a guy with two friends who has a great twist applied to his character later in the movie. You’ll have to see for yourself, but trust me, it’s pretty fun, and we have the interracial couple where the black guy is a biker and adores Led Zepplin … which is pretty much the latest in creating an exterior. the character of the box.

Robert Englund puts in a good performance as Mayor Buckman of Pleasant Valley, rivaled only by Lin Shaye as Granny Boone. But even the two of them can’t fully make up for the rest of the actors who played the citizens of Pleasant Valley in a very unsatisfying way. “2001 Maniacs” has its good points too, and director Tim Sullivan, who also co-wrote the movie with writer Chris Kobin, really knew how to make this a “horror movie.” No annoying cuts or shortening of scenes to avoid showing too much blood on the screen. No, we get the full deal here, including body crushing, mutilations, eyeballs popping out of their sockets, death from acid, and two other deaths that are even more twisted than the ones I just mentioned. I just wish they had surrounded all this great blood, gore, and mayhem with some better villains.

While I thought Englund was a great villain as Mayor Buckman, the other baddies were either played by bad actors or were just too annoying to be great villains. Now you could say that because I’m a Northern boy I don’t connect with the whole Southern personality thing, so I didn’t care about most of the villainous characters. But on the other hand, I thought that the Firefly clan in “House of 1000 Corpses”, which was another southern psycho movie, were incredible villains. But they were much tougher than the folks in Pleasant Valley, who struck me as a little too dumb and not serious enough to make good villains.

Pros: creative assassinations, abundance of blood and gore, travelers from the north were pleasant for the most part. The final act of the film, which includes a showdown between the two survivors and Mayor Buckman and the citizens of Pleasant Valley, was incredible. Lin Shaye gives a good performance as Granny Boone despite the limited screen time.

Cons: With the exception of Robert Englund as Mayor Buckman, the villains weren’t badass enough and, as I said in the review, everything is explained to the viewer too quickly about what will happen to these kids and how. I also didn’t like the ending and the chain of events leading up to the end of the movie left me shaking my head.

Overall – Average horror movie that has a few elements that keep it from being a total waste of time. It’s worth renting when it hits DVD on March 28.


What are these little brown worms on clothes?

The title of this article may sound a bit silly to you, but if you Google this phrase, you will find over 13 million articles containing the words * little brown worms in clothing *. Since one of these articles is on my blog, and quite a few visitors find my blog by searching for this phrase, I decided to find out more about this topic.

Almost all the articles I found are in the “questions and answers” category. And, perhaps not so strange, many of them are not unique. Some are actually exact copies of the original questions and answers. I found three groups of these identical items:

1. “Little brown worms on your clothes?” – This is the oldest group, originally posted in 2005 on the forum. There are only two copies, the first to appear five years later on Yahoo Answers.

2. “What are these little brown worms found under clothes on the floor?” – This is the largest group of identical articles, and according to Google, it consists of 219 websites (including my own blog). The original question first appeared in 2008 on Yahoo Answers. Obviously, many webmasters thought that this question would be of interest to their visitors.

3. “I found little brown worms in my clothes and bedding.” – This was originally a question posed on the Canadian version of Yahoo Answers in 2010, and has only 9 copies.

Other articles were not cited as widely as these three. I managed to find another 9 to read before succumbing to utter boredom.

So what was interesting about the little brown worms in the clothes? What did people want to know about them?

What are they?

Most of the responses to this question suggested that the tiny worms were some type of insect larvae, most likely carpet beetle larvae. Other speculations included worms, millipedes, and “flea poop.”

What do I do with them?

The first thing, of course, is to get rid of them. If the little worms aren’t dead yet, then they can be easily dispatched with whatever bug killer you have on hand.

The next problem is making sure the brown worms don’t reappear. Therefore, you need to thoroughly clean the clothes in which they were found. Then fumigate the closet. And lastly, don’t let your clothes sit on the floor for weeks.


I realize that none One of the questions was answered by someone scientifically qualified to diagnose the nature of the tiny brown worms. Therefore, I would recommend that if you are not terribly upset about your appearance, or particularly worried about your reappearance, you try the proposed solutions. But if you are completely in awe of these “little brown worms in clothes” then call in a professional bug exterminator!


Who made the PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment is proud to produce the third home video game console for gaming fans. Its official name is PLAYSTATION 3 and is abbreviated as PS3.

PS3 is the third and last of the PlayStation series that was released in 2004. PS3 is the successor to PlayStation 2. It has competition in the market under the brand name Nintendos Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360. PS3 is the seventh generation. video game console.

It’s the new PS3 features that set it apart from its predecessors. Sony has introduced the PlayStation Network, which is a unified online gaming service. Initially, Sony had a policy of relying on game developers to play online. However, the rules of the game have changed with PS3.

Some other noteworthy features include the strong networking capabilities of PlayStations and its connectivity to the PlayStation Portable.

Connectivity with the powerful network capabilities of the PlayStation Portable and PlayStations are some of the other notable features of the PS3. In addition, PS3 uses the Blu-ray disc format, which is the latest high-definition optical disc format on the market. It can be said that PS3 is the first Blu-ray 2.0 compatible player on the market.

PS3 was released in different countries successively. It was first released in Japan, then North America, and finally Europe and Oceania. In Japan, the release date was November 11, 2006, while in North America it was November 13, 2006. In Europe and Oceania, it was released in March 2007 due to technical issues cited by Sony.

Sony first introduced PS3 to the general public on May 16, 2005 during the E3 conference. It was then demonstrated at the Tokyo gaming contest in September 2005. However, a working version was not present at both events. At both events, the demos were carried out on Devkits and PC hardware. Additionally, video footage based on the intended PlayStation 3 hardware were also shown.

The different characteristics of both models lead Sony to set them a different price. The 20GB model was priced at $ 499, while the 60GB model was priced at $ 599. However, some additional features such as the HDMI port, Wi-Fi Internet, flash card readers, and a chrome trim with the silver logo were only available on the 60GB model.


What to expect in FIFA 14

EA sports developers have always been improving their previous version of FIFA every year to offer more accurate gameplay with much better AI. With FIFA 13 claiming the spot for the biggest video game release of 2013, further additions or enhancements are expected to FIFA 14, expected to hit the market later in the fall of 2013.

The following is what to expect in FIFA 14;

Greater depth in manager mode

Admin mode is the most interesting and popular mode in the entire series. With this in mind, EA Sports will improve your depth by adding the coach-player relationship option, such as praising your player who does well on the field, adding more transfer options, giving control over training sessions, and press conferences, etc.

Adding the interior mode

This is something that most people wanted to add for quite a few years. Indoor mode was in FIFA 98 but was removed very quickly. It’s a lot of fun compared to playing grass. FIFA 14 is expected to incorporate this mode when it launches. Futsal mode plays 6v6 on the pitch, it is an omission in FIFA but will be in FIFA 14. So get ready for this exciting new addition to the game.

Obviously, the addition of more equipment and languages

FIFA 14 will have more teams in all categories. There will be more soccer leagues found in the world, more international countries, etc. This means that players who were not in FIFA 13 will be added in FIFA 14. It is also expected that more languages ​​will be added to the latest edition.

Enhanced comment

If you followed the FIFA 13 comment carefully, you will notice that it tends to be repetitive; same club record in consecutive games. This is sometimes a bit boring and repeated. FIFA 14 is expected to have an improved commentary that is unique to each and every game. It will also be more accurate and will include some new commenters.

More depth in the player’s career mode

The options available for the player’s career mode were very small in the previous version, unlike other different electronic soccer games. The player should be subject to more scenarios and also have the ability to react to this scenario in their own unique way. FIFA 14 is expected to have more scenarios for the player, this is different from FIFA 13.

LAN multiplayer

This feature was available in previous FIFA titles, but was removed in FIFA 11. Many players around the world miss LAN multiplayer. It has made many restrictions on the overall gaming experience. If you don’t have an internet connection, you are forced to play against the AI, which is boring at times.

Although there is little chance that EA Sports will review this feature, it is still expected to return in this year’s title. There are other improvements such as increased graphical acceleration in FIFA 14 but a bit more complex. It is also expected to be more fun compared to previous installments.


Naruto – Bloodline and Bloodline Skills

Creation of Hyouton

User: Haku

This Nameless Ice Skill is the Haku clan’s blood limit obtained from the Land of Water. The boundary of the bloodline manipulates the elements of water and wind. The clan originally lived in the land of water, but was continually blamed for wars; As a result, the citizens of the water country killed most of the clan. Haku’s mother fled the country and married a Water Country citizen. When he found out that she had passed those abilities on to his son, he killed her and tried to kill Haku. Unable to fully control his powers at this time, Haku created a protective structure of ice spikes to protect him from his father. While doing so, he accidentally took his father’s life leaving him alone with no family. He was later picked up by Momochi Zabuza for his own reasons.

Haku’s power allows him to manipulate water and freeze it into various forms of ice. He is able to form most of his jutsu through one-handed seals, which is something most ninjas cannot do. His two main uses of the ability are sensatsu suishou and makyou hyoshou.

Sensatsu Suishou is manipulating water to turn it into sebon ice. This technique is performed by Haku kicking water, the water that was initially kicked freezes upon rising, forming “a thousand needles”.

Makyou Hyoushou is a technique that uses nearby water to form long, thin ice mirrors. They are placed 360º around the lens. Haku can then enter these mirrors and travel from each one at the speed of light. When this is done, it can attack from all directions at very fast speeds.

Shikotsu Myaku – Corpse Bone Paths

User: Kaguya Kimimaro

The Shikotsu Myaku is a lineage boundary of the Kaguya Clan. Kimimaro is the only remaining member of this clan after it was wiped out, unfortunately. What is special about this bloodline allows the user to manipulate their bone structure. They can remove the bones from their bodies at will and use them as weapons. Also, they can change the density of bones, making them as hard as steel.

Ranmaru’s Nameless Bloodline

User: Ranmaru

Ranmaru is the only user of the bloodline who is alive. He has the ability to use his vision to get past the walls of his little hut and see the outside world.

This ability does not have the range of the Byakugan; however, Ranmu is able to see a person’s life force, far exceeding the perception of the Hyuuga’s inner chakra.

If Ranmaru was aware of someone who had recently fallen in battle, he could sense whether they were alive or not, something the Byakugan cannot.

Ranmaru can also spread his chakra into red dust-like particles that allow him to create ghosts and hide his own chakra presence. Even more interesting, they can also create realistic chakra flows to confuse both normal ninja and Byakuygan users.

Sharingan (copier wheel eye)

User: Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Sauske, Katake Kakashi, Uchiha Madara

The Sharingan, which translates to Copy Wheel Eyes, is the limit of the bloodline of the Uchiha clans. This is the most desired and desired bloodline in the entire Naruto world. The eye is said to be descended from the Hyuuga clan who possess the Byakugan eye bloodline.

The most popular feature of Sharingan is the ability to mimic attacks. This eye is capable of copying taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu with perfect precision. To use a copied jutsu, the user must have the necessary skill to perform the technique. In addition, the eye is so focused that it is able to perceive movements even if those movements are faster than the user.

Mangekyo Sharingan (Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye)

Visually, this eye looks different, but similar to the Sharingan.

The Mangekyou Sharingan is a legendary ability that only a handful of his clan members have. In a flashback, Itachi told Sauske that there was a scroll located in his clan’s shrine that would reveal the true origin of the mangekyou; however, we have yet to discover this.


User: All members of the Hyuuga clan

The Hyuuga clan was one of the founding families of Leaf Village. The clan itself is said to be the ancestors of the Uchiha clan, possessing the much desired Sharingan. Each member of the Hyuuga family possesses “White Eye” or “Byakugan”. When activated, the user gains an extreme amount of sensory perception, allowing penetrating vision and telescopic vision.


Solitaire Golf Strategy Guide

Golf Solitaire (sometimes also known as Forty Thieves) is a fun solitaire game, requiring great anticipation and a good degree of luck. While it is not possible to win every game, there are certain strategies you can use to greatly increase your chances of winning Golf Solitaire, and this article will explain some of them.

The most important thing to keep in mind with Golf Solitaire is that kings and aces are

special. All other cards in the deck can be removed into directly sorted cards.

above or below the card. For example, a 5 can be taken away from a 4 or a 6.

But aces and kings are different.

An Ace can only be removed by a Two, and a King can only be removed by a


This means that you must take special care when using Queen’s and


Because of this, the first thing to do when starting a game of golf

Solitaire is counting all the Kings and Aces.

If all the Kings are in the box, then every time you remove a Queen, you MUST

be sure to remove a King as well, or you won’t be able to finish the game. And if a

The Queen is dealt from the Talon, then you MUST remove a King immediately. If you

you can’t, you can also undo it or start a new game.

Similarly, if all four Aces are in the square, then each time you remove a Two,

You MUST make sure to eliminate an Ace as well, and if a Talon Deal is dealt, then

you must immediately remove an ace.

If all the aces and kings are not out, then you need to keep track of how many twos

and Queen’s have been distributed by Talon. In this case it is not necessary to use

every two or queen on an ace or king, but if you follow up and realize that

there are not enough two or queens left to remove all the remaining aces or kings, then

it’s time to undo …

Simply knowing this facet of Golf Solitaire will immediately increase your

chances of winning. It takes about 5 seconds to count the aces and kings on the

start of the game, but it will help you drastically improve your winning percentage!

There are other ways to further increase your chances of winning golf.


If you have the option to remove two cards of the same rank, one is the

last card in your pile, and the other has cards on top, so make sure you

choose the card from the pile with the cards on top. Remove the last card from

battery will not help you remove any other cards, but remove the card with

cards on top will expose new cards, which will help form new sequences, and

it will give you more options later in the game.

You should also look at which cards will be exposed when you are given a choice between

remove cards of equal value. There are two things to look for:

1) Is the exposed card an ace or a king? If so, it would be worth exposing it so that

can be removed by dealing a deuce or a queen.

2) Does the exposed card help with other possible sequences at this time? Yes

so it may be worth exposing because it might help to make a longer sequence

later. For example: if there are many Fours and Sixes exposed at the moment, then expose

a Five might be worth it.

Finally, it is often worth planning sequences and playing with

alternatives, to see how long a sequence can run. You will often find that the

The first sequence that you can see in Golf Solitaire is not the best, and a different one

The sequence can help you eliminate many more cards. You may find it helpful to point out

your finger on the screen while planning your sequence. It seems to help the

thought process and helps you remember the sequence.

If you follow these strategies, will you win every game of Golf Solitaire?

No, you will not. There is too much luck involved and most games will not be


However, it will greatly increase your chances of winning Golf Solitaire and spend

less time trying to finish unwinnable games.


Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming Laptop Review: What You Need To Know About This Affordable Gaming PC

More and more computer manufacturers are jumping on the “portable gaming” bandwagon, and Dell is no exception. If you are looking for a budget laptop that can handle most games, all you have to do is check out the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming model. With good graphics capabilities, fast file transfers, and overall performance, it’s a good laptop for the casual gamer.

One thing you will notice is that this machine has a subtle design compared to other Dell gaming PCs. There is a bit of red in the middle of the lid that differentiates its appearance from that of a standard business laptop. Although its appearance is not daring, it is pleasant to see. There is an option for the WASD keys to be designed with a red backlight.

Another cool feature of the 5000 is its thermal design. Revolutionary Dell technology keeps graphics and processors cool with a design consisting of dual cooling fans, large 186-finned vents, and three exhausts. This means you can play all you want without worrying about the laptop overheating.

The keyboard is full-size and has a numeric keypad. The power button is located in the right corner under the speaker grill. Size wise, this is an average 5.4 pound laptop and dimensions (in inches) of 1 x 15.08 x 10.34 (HxWxD). Its maximum weight is 5.62 pounds.

The Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming comes with the following:

• AMD quad-core A 10 963OP processor

• Radeon R5 graphics

• 1TB SATA 7200-RPM hard drive

• 8GB / up to 32GB DDR4 memory

• 15.6-inch FHD with anti-glare LED backlight (1920 × 1080 resolution)

• Kensington security lock

Expansions and Touchpad for Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming

Easily expand memory up to 32GB when you need more to meet your multimedia requirements.

The island-style keyboard offers a good typing experience. Its spill-resistant platform protects it from accidental spills. There is plenty of room for multi-touch gestures on the touchpad, which measures 4 x 3.1 inches. It supports three-finger taps, two-finger scrolling, pinching and zooming, and other gestures. Bottom corners provide springy response with a slight click.

A built-in subwoofer and Waves MaxxAudio Pro deliver studio-quality sound, and the Radeon R5 video card helps make graphics appear clear and vibrant on the LED-backlit display.

The aptop offers exceptional connectivity, with a long-range 802.11 Wi-Fi (ac) option, full 100/1000 Ethernet port, USB 3.0 ports, and more.

All in all, the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming Laptop offers a lot of value for the casual gamer who doesn’t need 3D capabilities.

The vast majority of Dell coupon and discount codes are intended to help online shoppers save on laptops, tablets, and desktops. You definitely want to analyze these offers to see if you can get a discount for Dell Inspiron 15 5000 games.


How to get Fawkes and Charon as followers in Fallout 3

There are many things to be aware of in the post-apocalyptic world. Raiders, mole rats, and giant mutants are just a few of the horrible things that await on your journey to find your father. If you are tired of getting beaten up by these hideous monsters, having a follower is your solution.

Fawkes and Charon are huge fans who have the potential to save your butt more than a few times. Fawkes is the best to get just because he’s a super mutant, but he’s not available until later. So in preparation for Fawkes, there are a few things you need to do before you get both followers.

First of all, you must retain good karma. Fawkes is a nice mutant and only follows people with good karma. Next, you have to go to the History Museum and hire Charon. To do that, go and buy her contract or kill a girl who asks you to kill. After it’s done, play the story line until you get to the part where you meet Fawkes.

I won’t ruin your game, but after all, you’re going to escape the Enclave. When you go out to the Wasteland, you will see Fawkes fighting people. DO NOT TALK TO HIM. Go straight back to the Museum and rehire Charon.

Once you have rehired Charon, go to Fawkes and he will join you.

Here’s how to get two of the best followers in Fallout 3.


How to record PS3 games

The PlayStation 3 has many new features that make it one of the most advanced consoles in the world. And it happens that one of these features makes copying PS3 games quite difficult. You see, the PS3 uses Blu-Ray, which is a new type of disc that uses a blue laser to burn content. These discs are more powerful than standard DVDs, and the bad news is that if you want to burn them, you need a blu-ray burner. These aren’t cheap, but they are essential for this tutorial to work.

If you have a blu-ray burner, congratulations, you can burn PS3 discs. To do this, you just need to download a program called Nero. It is available on the Internet and you can download it by searching Google for “Nero Burning Rom”. This software allows you to burn blu-ray discs, which is what PS3 games are.

Once you have downloaded Nero, you should have the ISO of the game on your PC. An ISO file can be downloaded from the Internet (which is illegal) or can be “extracted” from the original game disc. To copy a PS3 game, simply put the original game on your blu ray recorder, open Nero and select “create image file from disc”.

When you have an ISO of the game you want to burn, you will need to open Nero and then select “Burn from Image”. This will open a screen where you can select the file to burn to disc, which means you only need to be able to select your game’s ISO and then let Nero burn it to your disc. One tip here is that you should make sure that the writing speed of the program is set to around 4X, which is the speed that has the highest success rate in our experience. BR discs are not cheap and the last thing you want to do is create a roller coaster.

The trick of this tutorial is to be able to get a working ISO of your game. PS3 game ISOs can be between 10GB and 50GB in size, which means if you try to copy the game and it’s not that size, you have a problem. Although this is the basic way of recording PS3 games, there are some other more intricate details that need to be done as well to ensure that you can play your freshly burned game on your console.