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Why choose manual encoding instead of automated encoding for PSD to HTML conversion

Converting PSD to HTML adds interactivity, accessibility, and functionality to a static design PSD file. There is always a confusion between hand-coded code or automated code in the context of converting PSD to pixel-perfect HTML. This leads to a question, which is a better option to convert PSD to HTML, which is better here, human or technological.

There are many online PSD to HTML conversion softwares claiming to be fast and high quality to convert PSD to desired HTML format. It can definitely be said that there is stiff competition between man and machine. People with minimal HTML / CSS skills will prefer automated coding, while trained web developers with a solid understanding of HTML / XHTML / CSS markup will manually code web designs more efficiently and get better results. There are many professional companies that offer manual PSD to HTML conversion, but choosing the right option is not an easy task.

Hand-coded pixel perfect HTML / CSS encoding has great significance over automated version. High-speed, fully hand-coded and SEO-optimized website plays a huge role in getting the right business message across to potential online visitors more effectively.

Automated code appears to be fast and cost-effective, but lacks precision. Manual coding is easy-to-read, tableless, and error-free code that many automated software do not provide. The automatic PSD conversion software works in almost the same predefined way, so the output will always be the same. You cannot modify or customize your website according to your tastes or needs in such cases, it is usually a complex procedure.

It is not a very cheap and fast automatic conversion: Automated encoding softwares seem to offer fast and affordable conversions, but looking at the problems they create in the output, the general procedure is often started all over again. Therefore, it is practically falling short of its initial promise of a fast and cheap conversion process.

Bug free code: Automated software cannot guarantee error-free code. Errors in the code will affect the general appearance and functionality of the website. To provide quality output, the PSD to HTML code must be error free.

Risk factor: Manual coding done by expert and professional web developers is always streamlined, easy to read, table-free, and error-free, which automated software cannot provide. So there is always a high risk of getting high quality PSD to HTML conversion.

SEO-friendly manual code: Code generated from automated software is not SEO friendly, so there is no point in using it. The website backend code must be compatible with Google if you want to use it on the Internet. To promote a website online, it must be SEO friendly. Hand-coded websites are always SEO friendly, W3C compliant, editable, good looking and attractive. Therefore, the chances of it providing more traffic are always higher in manual encryption.

Being meticulous work, an experienced programmer with great knowledge of HTML / XHTML / CSS markup including web programming, manually code web designs more efficiently for better results in terms of browser compatibility, clean and optimized code , pixel perfection you need. for customer satisfaction and good online performance.

In general, considering all the above reasons, it is always good to say yes to manual code rather than automated code in PSD to HTML conversion.

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The pros and cons of retweeting

Online advertising has become an exciting activity, with more and more people joining in to get a piece of the action. is one of the places where you can find funny online advertising. Twitter allows its users to make posts that they can share with their group of followers. If your followers love your posts, they can repost them, something known as retweeting.

Retweeting is a good way to spread content quickly so that it reaches more users on Twitter, including those who are not your followers. Retweeting has its advantages and disadvantages, so we will see them starting with the advantages.

As I said earlier, retweeting is a way to make information posted on Twitter spread like veldt fire. The advantage of doing this is that if your publication is business, you will get more people to see your ad. Retweets serve as backlinks that direct people to your site, so your traffic will definitely increase. Another advantage is that through a retweet, you can post some interesting things on your blog even at times when you don’t have anything new to offer yourself. The great thing about doing this is that your blog will always be full of life and activity.

When you retweet people’s content, they find out. Over time, they will also recognize your line of business and before long they will be retweeting your posts as well. In this way, your business will gain more recognition online.

On the other hand, retweeting, if used inappropriately, can be detrimental to your business. This is true for some people who have also found that social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are a good medium for transferring malice such as Trojan viruses, spyware, and spam. So if you choose to simply retweet anything you find, you may end up falling victim to social media malice. The moment people associate your retweets with spam, they will put the red light on your posts and will definitely steer clear of your future posts as you are no longer a trusted source.

Now think of it this way, if it is possible to get viruses and spyware through retweets, that means people will be afraid to transact online with you if you are ever associated with such acts. Remember that spyware and Trojans can steal your private data, such as credit card PIN codes. That means that if people get infected with these types of computer viruses, they cannot safely transact money online. Now people have antivirus software that detects the sources of computer malice, and if your retweets often contain viruses, people will never do business with you.

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Why Machine Translators Shouldn’t Be 100 Percent

Online automatic translators translate word for word most of the time. And if you’ve ever taken a language course, you know that sentence structure differs from language to language, hence word-for-word translations are rarely correct. Although they can correctly translate “green apple” to “green apple”, they fall short if the translations get a bit more complicated. Take a look at this Spanish to English translation of a segment of a children’s story:

Originally written in Spanish:

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Natalie. She was only three years old, and everyone who saw her fell in love with her. One day her caring mother took her shopping to buy her new pajamas. However, while they were in the store, Natalie saw her true love, a doll! She didn’t let her mother buy her new pajamas, saying she already had some at her grandmother’s house.

Automatic translation into English:

Once upon a time there was a very little girl named Natalie. She was only three years old, and everyone saw it, fell in love with her. One day, his mother lovingly took him shopping to buy him new pajamas. However, while they were in the store, Natalie saw her true love, a doll! She didn’t let her mother buy her new pajamas, saying she already had them at her grandmother’s house.

Human translation into English:

Once upon a time there was a girl named Natalie. She was only three years old and everyone who saw her fell in love with her. One day her loving mother took her shopping for a new pair of pajamas. However, while in the store, Natalie saw her true love, a doll! She refused to let her mother buy her new pajamas, stating that she already had pajamas on her Mimi.

Therefore, you can see from the translation of this children’s story that the automatic translator bombarded his task as a good translator. I must add that I used one of the most popular and widely used online machine translators. I won’t say which one because I don’t want to ruin anyone’s business, but this one is on the first page of Google when I search for a translator online. So, in other words, it’s really “trustworthy”.

You may be thinking that automatic translators work better from English to another language and not the other way around. Let’s look at an example of a business email originally written in English and translated into Spanish with a popular online automatic translator.

Originally written in English:

Dear Mr. White,

I am emailing you about your daughter’s grade in her Spanish class. You have consistently scored poorly on all your assignments and tests. I recommend that you stay after school for at least an hour, three days a week to meet with a Spanish tutor. I feel this is necessary for her to have the opportunity to pass this course.

Kind regards,

Amilia granaries

Vice Principle at Jordan High

Automatic translation into Spanish:

Dear Mr. White,

I am emailing concerning your daughter’s grade in her Spanish class. She has consistently scored low in all her preparations and tests. I recommend that she stay after school for at least one hour three days a week to meet with a Spanish tutor. I feel this is necessary for her to have a chance in passing this course.


Amilia granaries

Vice Principle in Jordan High School

Human translation into Spanish:

Dear Mr. White,

He sent an email regarding his daughter’s grade in her Spanish class. She has consistently scored low marks on all assignments and tests. I recommend that she stay after school for at least an hour, very days a week to meet with a private Spanish teacher. I think it is necessary for her to have a chance to pass this course.


Amilia’s barn

Assistant Principal, Jordan High School

If you are using an automatic translator for school or business, you really should reconsider. Using an automatic translator can negatively affect your rating and your income! If you are trying to communicate with foreign clients using an automatic translator, maybe now you know why they did not respond or were confused as usual.

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How An Online Business Store Can Help Build Your Brand

Do you have a new business and are looking for ways to establish your brand in the market? Maybe you already have an established business and are just looking for ways to promote your brand and expand your marketing efforts? A fun and creative way to spread the word is by using promotional products with your company logo.

Brand recognition through promotional products

Harness the power of brand awareness. The best marketers know that brand recognition is the secret ingredient for the long-term success of a business. That success is not based on the latest fashions, but on the careful cultivation of a brand that your customers know and trust. The sky is the limit for the types of products you can promote with our company logo or brand. Examples include Frisbees, T-shirts, pens, mugs, golf balls, calculators, umbrellas, USB sticks, and more.

Online Company Store

Most likely, you already have a website for your company with details about your products, services, mission statement, etc. Many companies establish an independent online store site just to sell and promote their promotional products with logos mainly among their employees, but also among the public. This separate online business store will provide a solution to successfully manage your brand. Then you can consolidate all of your marketing materials (brochures, brochures, organizers, etc.) so that they are a consistent representation of your brand.

Most business owners are too busy to worry about purchasing logo merchandise and all the order processing involved. Choose a company that offers a turnkey solution and it will take all the headache out of product selection, order processing, fulfillment, tracking, and reporting.

Employee recognition and incentive programs

Another benefit of having an online company store to promote your brand is employee recognition, employee incentives, and employee reward programs. Many companies reward their employees by giving them points or a budget to spend on the company’s online store. Employees feel appreciated when they obtain promotional products with high-quality logos, and disseminating those products to the public strengthens the overall brand of the company. So this approach to marketing is win-win!

Think outside the box when you find ways to promote your brand and show employee appreciation. You can set up a site and allow employees to spend a certain amount based on the number of years of service. You can allow them to earn points based on achieving company goals that could be spent at the store or just let them order promotional products as needed for company events, trade shows, etc.

In short, creating an online company store with high-quality logo promotional products and a turnkey operation to deliver those products will help your business drive your overall brand recognition and ultimate success.

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Dentists and dental assistants can get help with chiropractic care

While at first glance the dental profession may not seem physically demanding, surprisingly many in the dental field experience physical discomfort. In fact, a recent research journal study reveals that a vast majority of those employed in this vocation experience ongoing pain. The purpose of this article is to explain what conditions specifically affect people in dentistry and what can be done to help alleviate their illnesses.

The March 2017 Journal of Back in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation published a research study in which dentists, dental assistants, and dental technicians completed an analysis of a health questionnaire. The findings revealed that neck pain is a common complaint. While nearly 76% of dentists, nearly 91% of dental assistants, and 40% of dental technicians experienced neck discomfort, only 40% of those surveyed had sought care for their neck symptoms. The authors of the analysis conclude: “Taking into account that these discomforts affect the performance of both professional and daily activities, their prevention is necessary to avoid the consequences that they entail.”

When one realizes what a dentist, assistant or hygienist has to do each work day, it becomes clear why they are susceptible to injury. First, they are sitting somewhat hunched over their patient, possibly in a crooked posture for long periods of time throughout the day. They also keep their upper limbs in the same position for long periods. This puts great stress on the neck and upper back, as well as the lower back.

Recently, while at a social function, I met a dentist who had to stop practicing her profession in her early 50s due to excruciating pain in her neck and upper back. She told me that she would have loved to continue practicing, but the long hours of sitting and caring for her patients while they performed their tasks were more than she could physically bear.

Being myself in the chiropractic profession, I treat various people, both dentists and dental hygienists, for the care of their neck, middle and lower back pain. Once their discomfort is relieved and they are able to perform their professional duties comfortably, many return periodically for preventive maintenance care.

Chiropractors are considered the “go-to” specialists for common spinal conditions. A chiropractor will have an initial evaluation with the patient and will discuss the symptoms they have. It is also helpful to know if the patient’s activities of daily living are hampered. The chiropractic doctor will also perform a physical exam to determine what is causing the pain. X-rays of the spine are often useful to identify the origin of the problem and rule out more serious pathologies. Since chiropractors are trained to help realign and restore proper spinal movement by gently and safely manipulating or adjusting the areas that have pinched or irritated nerves, they are in an ideal position to assist dental professionals. .

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10 tips to become a millionaire using YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic tool for internet marketing, if used correctly. Consumers watch more than 2 billion videos per day, and this number is increasing at an exponential rate.

For an internet marketer, where can you best get your message across? A large audience comes to you looking for information and products to buy. And the beauty of YouTube is that it’s completely free advertising!

But for you to be able to sell products from your YouTube video, you need to watch it first. To do this, you need to aim for your product to be on page 1 of Google.

Here are my top 10 tips for your YouTube video to become an effective internet marketing tool:

1. Make sure the product you are promoting is of interest to the public. There is no use trying to sell a product through a YouTube video if no one is looking for it. Just type the topic in the search tab on YouTube and see if it is popular and how much competition it will have.

2. To find an attractive niche to promote: when opening YouTube, click the Browse button. Once the new page opens, just click on the Filter tab. This tab will open all the categories on YouTube. This is where you can browse each individual category, looking for “hot” trends.

3. When making your YouTube video, try to join the video. This gives the presentation a more personal touch. Remember, this is about creating a relationship, and this is easier if you can see it.

4. If your video consists of a PowerPoint presentation, use OneTrueMedia or Animoto to incorporate music and themes. Here you can also set the length of the slide, the watermark and the transition.

5. Once your video is on YouTube, type in the search tab the niche you are promoting. Check out the video above. Just copy and paste your title into your title. Then copy and paste your labels onto your labels. The reason for this? If it works for them, it will work for you!

6. Write a keyword rich description about your product. This description should be quite long (4-5 paragraphs), but do not repeat yourself too much with your keywords as it will be considered spam. Make sure you end your description with your URL.

7. The first line of your description should be your URL, followed by an attractive, keyword-rich description (just one line in length). When you’re on YouTube looking for videos, this description is what you’ll see.

8. Leave constructive comments on other people’s videos. Always leave your URL.

9. Don’t stop with just one video per product. Change things up a bit and see what works.

10. Make sure the title and tags are accurate. YouTube will quickly remove your video if it finds it misleading.

By following these ten simple tips, I have been able to rank number one on page 1 in numerous videos.

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Project management office delivers better marketing results

Many people believe that the rigor and discipline of project management mixes with the creative nature of marketing like oil and water. While it takes some getting used to, once the routines are established, not only does the relationship work, but the marketing effectiveness actually improves. The more marketing channels: television, radio, print and digital media, and the higher the creative refresh rate, the greater the benefits. In marketing, media, and advertising, a conventional approach to project management will not work. There has to be a better way!

Companies often implement a Program or Project Management Office (PMO) to manage large, complex, or expensive projects. Differences between a Project and Program Management Office will be left for further discussion. In some cases, marketing budgets represent a significant part of a company’s overall operating budget. When viewed holistically, marketing projects potentially require complex coordination across multiple agencies and across channels. Therefore, marketing is a logical candidate for a PMO. Unfortunately, marketing departments often view the sheer rigor of the Project Management Institute (PMI) prescribed approach as too structured to support the creative process. Additionally, many marketing organizations believe that the PMI process requires too much overhead for the necessary agility to quickly adapt to market. The solution is to use an approach that balances rigor and flexibility while providing the necessary health visibility and control of marketing projects using only the highest value components of the PMI process.

PMI is a large project management training and certification organization. The PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) is only a certification available to project managers and is a widely known and accepted form of accreditation. The number of PMI-certified project managers influences most project or program management offices (PMOs) to follow the approaches established by PMI. The similarity fostered by PMI results in very similar documentation templates and processes, regardless of department or industry. While this similarity simplifies staffing and training issues – perfect for information technology projects, for example – it doesn’t establish the flexibility that marketing and advertising organizations require. PMI certification is just one indicator of project management competency in an individual. The marketing project manager will require more than project management skills to successfully manage marketing projects or establish a marketing PM. The project manager will need to be agile in managing multiple workflows in a fast-paced environment, where market forces can and often do dictate sudden changes in direction. The project management approach cannot slow down the marketing process.

Establishing a PMO in a marketing organization presents a special set of challenges that requires creative approaches. Successful PMO requires a thorough understanding of project management principles. Experience in striking a balance between prescribed project management methods and avoiding disruption of creative development is essential. The right approach to establishing a marketing PMO adds value by:

Provide sufficient process to maintain financial visibility and organizational leadership status through the chief marketing officer (CMO) and above.

Establish a communication process to improve the coordination of brand messages through marketing channels for consistent impact marketing that motivates customers and consumers to buy goods and services.

Flexibility to adapt to our clients’ specific objectives and market needs, as well as to consistently deliver outstanding service

I found that using a PMO approach tailored to the special needs of the marketing department offers additional value beyond the points listed above. These will differ by organization, but often include the following:

· Increase senior management confidence in the solution. Project sponsors and decision makers must believe that creative direction is strong and well supported before they can accept it. Regardless of the specific creative approach, senior management will be more confident when brand managers and other key stakeholders have contributed to a comprehensive consideration of the issues involved in the selection process.

· Stakeholder alignment. By establishing the coordination of multiple activities and providing a forum for all stakeholders to contribute, they will be briefed on the direction as ideas are transformed into marketing and branding content and effective execution in the marketplace.

· Improving efficiency. The implementation of marketing materials generally requires significant effort. There are planned events that need to be addressed like sales conferences, new product launches, sporting events, concerts, etc. that require the material to be available at specific times. The PMO provides planning to enable the highest quality materials without the inefficiencies and lowest quality of a last minute struggle. I have come across situations where important opportunities to connect with the consumer were missed, or were found with mediocre content, all due to lapses in the planning process.

· Marketing performance improvement. I have witnessed situations where, after the PMO was established, the marketing team was able to reverse the decline in sales and generate significant growth by improving cross-channel communication and consistency of consumer-facing messages.

When all of your departments within your brand marketing group are working toward shared goals with a coordinated schedule, you know your PMO is working. You will be able to consistently present your brand across all channels and your marketing efforts will increase sales.

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Top 5 ways to make yourself more marketable while unemployed

Does it sound familiar to you? You’ve been out of work for over a few months and you’re on the edge of your wits. Your resume is posted on all social networking sites; You’ve gotten in touch with every former high school classmate and classmate you can think of. and has applied to all job openings in his field since last November.

You are stuck and don’t know what to do next.

While you’ll obviously keep looking for work, here are some ready-to-use ideas that will not only keep you busy, but also help you build your resume while you’re out of work. Who knows, they might even take you to your next job.

Living and working abroad

Perhaps you once dreamed of packing your things and moving to another country, but you were worried about what might affect your resume. If you don’t have a job and are looking for what’s next, now might be the perfect time to work and live abroad.

Living abroad will not only give you the opportunity to experience another culture and learn another language, but if you play your cards right, you can get paid to do so. Working as an au pair or working for one of the many English teaching programs, for example, can provide you with the funds you need to live and work in Japan, Korea, France, and many other countries.


One of the worst things about being unemployed is being stuck at home all day. Go back to the world by volunteering. Helping out at your local animal shelter, homeless center, or religious organization will get you out of the house and surrounded by people.

Plus, it will help fill that gap on your resume, give you a sense of personal fulfillment, and may even introduce you to a potential contact, client, or colleague.

Free throw

These days, many companies prefer to hire a short-term consultant than to hire another FTE (full-time employee). You may not realize it, but you likely have business skills that could help you get to your next job and generate a great deal of cash while doing it.

Think about the experience you have and how you can promote yourself. If you worked in marketing, advertising, public relations, or communications, you probably have the writing skills to work as a freelance writer and editor. If you’re a former IT / computer science pro, try offering your web design services to smaller businesses and startups that can’t afford an in-house webmaster. If you’ve ever worked as an art director, take advantage of your skills and start a freelance graphic design business.

In addition to earning a few extra dollars, freelance projects can help you grow your personal network and portfolio, and can even lead to a relationship with a future employer.

Brush up on your skills

If you graduated from school a while ago, your industry has likely changed slightly since it last hit the books. Take your time off as an opportunity to catch up on the latest technologies, software products, and paradigm shifts in your career field.

A quick and inexpensive way to update your education is to take a certification class. Certification classes can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the level of commitment and the information you are looking for. Best of all, they can show a future employer your personal drive and motivation, as well as add a continuing education component to your resume.

Find temporary work

If a full-time position just doesn’t present itself, consider working at a temp agency or staffing company. These organizations will test your skills and then compare them to a company that needs a worker to replace another employee who is sick, on vacation, or on maternity leave.

While some positions are short-term and may last only a few days, other “temporary to permanent” positions can turn your temporary job into a full-time career. Either way, these opportunities give you a chance to network, add to your resume, and put some money in your pocket.

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For you, for me, for those who are in a time of trial

So many times I despair

And sometimes I don’t care anymore

You might think i’m strong

But very often you would be wrong.

There are times, quite often, when I seriously wonder why I am upset. Times came and went on the waves of self-loathing and self-recrimination. Moments when my inner world implodes for an hour or more. Moments when a daunting drop breaks the camel’s back.

Somehow I’m called to a life that I can’t no alive, when I would gladly say to God ‘I’m not enough for this … use someone else …’ and He seems to reply, ‘You, I love you, and I’m not going to take no for an answer.

A large part of me, of course, is relieved. I need to be loved.

However, I hate to be misunderstood.

Would I serve You, God, for nothing, for the ‘pleasure’ of doing it, but for the constant struggle that occasionally completely punishes my spirit? Does it have to be so difficult sometimes?

And yet you constantly bring me back to life. After each subsequent death! I first died about 15 years ago. And yet I have died a thousand deaths since then. (If you care about me now, you’re more than a decade late, so don’t worry, I’m just being honest here. I’ll be okay. I’ll be okay because there are so many times that I haven’t been okay and I’ve survived.)

Every time I think I have taken my last spiritual breath, You Lord come and revive me. I still don’t know why.

And I know this is a death sentence for the aspirations of a pastor, counselor, mentor, and any other helping role. How can I help people and be so screwed up myself? I do not understand. There are so many things that I just don’t understand. How is it that God uses people like me when I feel, and I’m not saying this is true, that everyone in positions of authority thinks I’m so inadequate? Do you see how unreasonable I think and feel sometimes?

At one point I wonder why. In another moment I am grateful that I did not die. It is exhausting …

So discouraged by what I sow that it never seems to grow, yet I look at some things and am in awe of what God has done. Things that should never grow, do. If you despair, and often, you are not the only one.

Don’t worry, when you read, although raw, it will be disinfected for general consumption. I’m not that insensitive.

But I hope that what I write here will be of some use. It’s everything I feel I am sometimes. Be useful’. Of course I am more. I know that. Like you (I hope I’m not the only one) I need to remind myself.

So how do I end this correctly? I can’t leave it as it is.

Sometimes when we are tested to our limits and pushed from one pillar to another, we must ask God for help.

We may hear His soft and still whisper. I imagine his words …

Son, be My son, you are My son, don’t worry. Here for today, and although it seems long, in reality it is not much, and yet you cannot bear that your eventual passing means leaving your loved ones here, without you. I’m here with you, second by second. Know it even if you can’t feel me, I put you here and you’re sure where you are. I can assure you that there is purpose in what you are doing, even when it feels purposeless, and beyond what you are doing, there is solemn purpose in the pleasure I get from your presence here. Wait for My encouragement. You know it will come. I always command it. Don’t leave before it arrives. I love you, I believe in you and I know that you can get by. My grace is sufficient for you. You are much better for My Kingdom when you are weak, because in that you redeem My strength. Do not despise these deaths that you die. These deaths are life for you and for others. You know you can trust the consistency of all of this. I can see that you are doing the best you can, even though you have flaws. Be patient. Come.

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Tips on how to create a website

Many people complain about how difficult it is to start a business. They often say that they can’t keep going because they can’t afford to pay for the ads. It’s good that the internet has opened up a lot of opportunities and taught people how to create a business website. Apart from the fact that it is easy to access, it is also convenient, because you will not have to invest a lot of money. All you have to do is find a free web hosting site and pay the necessary fees if you need any updates. If you are interested in learning more about creating a website, here are some tips to help you:

• If you want to learn how to create a website for your business, the first thing to do is plan its content and layout. Since your main goal is to attract more customers, your website must be attractive and interesting at the same time. Present your products well, so that customers are encouraged to try them.

• When creating content for your website, you need to be aware of the things you are posting. It would be helpful to make an initial draft and read it well before uploading it online. As the old saying goes, “don’t make promises you can’t keep.” This will prevent you from running into complicated problems in the future.

• The basics you need to know when learning how to create a website is to keep things simple. Don’t add unnecessary things that make your site difficult to understand. As much as possible, stick to the basics and make sure your ads and website appeal to your target audience.

• If you want to create a website to promote your business, you must be constant in updating it. People will want to know how credible you are based on the updates you are making. You need to keep up to date if you want your customers to continually visit your site and recommend it to their family and friends.

• If at any point you decide to look for a hosting site that allows you to expand, try looking for options and surfing the internet first. Find a good deal to help you achieve your goals at the right price. If you have friends who are also in the same business, try asking them for recommendations. They may be using something that you can put to good use.

• If you want your website to increase in ratings, the best thing you can do is create inbound links on other websites. Doing this will give your site a better chance of being recognized.

Creating a website is not that difficult, especially if you know what you want. Set your priorities and set clear goals so you don’t waste time and money on things that are not important. If you want your business to be successful, you have to work hard to achieve it!