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How to prepare to speak in public like a professional

Only a small percentage of people say that they have nothing against speaking in public. For the vast majority, the prospect of delivering a speech in front of an audience is as terrifying as the thought of death.

If there’s one thing all public speaking experts agree on, it’s that to minimize anxiety and give a memorable speech, you have to prepare. It’s during the preparation process that you’ll perfect your presentation and deliver your message in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Here are some proven preparation strategies for giving an impactful speech:

Set your goals – To motivate yourself and focus your efforts in the right direction, you need to think about your goals. Do you want to educate your audience or do you want to make a successful call to action? Think carefully about what your presentation will look like and what kind of information you want to deliver.

Remember that practice makes perfect: practicing your speech is the most important part. You need to start well in advance to learn everything there is to know about the topic. By mastering each and every word that comes out of your mouth, you become believable. It will also perfect the delivery of your message so that it reaches the audience.

Rehearse with an audience, don’t just read your presentation/speech, rehearse it. Ask your family and friends if they would like to hear you speak in public for them. You will surely get some volunteers. Although it’s just a small-scale experiment, it will serve you well to replicate how you feel in front of a larger audience. It’s a fantastic way to overcome the anxiety that comes with public speaking. Don’t forget to ask for feedback from people! This is a great way to find out if there are any problems with your speech.

Make a video of yourself: If you can’t get anyone to listen to your speech, you should make a video of yourself. This is another clever way to see your skills in action. By observing yourself, you can spot potential issues with your tone of voice, body language, and even content.

Learn more about the audience – Knowing the type of audience you will see goes a long way in giving a successful speech. It will also help you select the right approach to breaking things off with a joke and melting the ice between you and everyone else. Believe it or not, this will also make you feel better with the audience, since it will no longer seem like you’re talking to strangers.

These are all great tips for preparing to deliver the speech of a lifetime. Keep them in mind and you will be very successful.

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Top 10 Rules for an Older Man Dating Younger Women

If you could imagine the ideal scenario with your social life and women, what would it be like? Can you imagine yourself charismatically drawing the crowd? What girl do you imagine walking by your side, but allowing you to lead and in awe of your use of power and charisma taking over the area? As you walk and work in the room, you can’t help but notice the young and beautiful specimens. They are all dressed in amazing shapewear outfits that show off their young and feminine bodies.

These young women are in their prime age of peak fitness qualities. Is the girl next to you the same level as I am describing? I guess if you’re like most men, she’d be an attractive young woman, of course. Is this in her realm of reality? Because if not, she must and I’m here to help you figure out how to do it.

The advantages of dating a younger woman are the value it will bring to your life, which is a youthful advantage that you may be missing out on. You are never too old to have fun. What I found with most women my age is that they didn’t have as much fun anymore. They were laid back, scolded for destructive relationships, many had deep resentment toward men because of their past relationships, and had baggage that I just didn’t want in my life. I just got rid of all that stuff, and I didn’t need to get close. So I set out to find out how to be a man like George Clooney, or any of the other cool older guys who can easily attract young women.

Through my experiences, I began to study everything I could find about female psychology and what I found is regardless of age; women find the same things attractive in men despite our age. What they find attractive is a man who can carry himself well and with confidence. They want a man who will keep his makeup going when times are tough. They want the man to lean on to absorb the emotional storm of him when they go through her. They need to feel that they can trust the man and trust that he will see them through difficult times with masculine control and authority. They need a leader of men. A man who does not follow others, but makes his own paths through life. A man who lives by his own rules and puts the fun into it. Someone who can take them sexually and allow them to be the bad closet girls they want to be.

There is some truth to the saying “a freak in the sheets and a lady on the streets.” That’s the girl they want you to highlight to them, even though they may not know it yet. I call them close naughty girls. They want to finally be able to let their princess let down the guard that society makes them walk with and loosen up a bit. They want to trust that the man will not kiss and tell. Despite everything, they want to learn about life through your experience and the wisdom you have. They just want a man to be a man. When you hear a girl say that she wants a good guy, this is really what she means. She doesn’t want you to beg her and just do what she wants to appease her. That’s what we call a guy with an agenda and looking for approval. Exactly the opposite of what I just described. If you can get into your head and make yourself believe that you are the man that women want, no matter your age or attractiveness, you will be successful dating women of any age. The first step is to open your mind and allow yourself to believe that this can be your reality.

10 rules on how to attract younger women

The key rules on how to attract younger women are:

  1. Get style for you. Whatever style you choose for your look, make it modern and stylish, not old fashioned. Don’t make your style too serious or too mature. Get the right advice from a gay friend or friend.
  2. Have the mindset that this is natural and that they are extremely attracted to older men. Many times even more than men his age. It is natural instinct. You just can’t be the mundane accountant type with hair slicked to the side, shirt tucked in, stiff older guy.
  3. Don’t be needy or clingy, take your time, and don’t call or text too much. You have to pretend to be a busy man. You have a lot to do in your life and you have other things possibly more important to you than her. You can’t chase her too long. Think of them as little cats, and what happens when she gives a cat too much attention?
  4. Use your advantages: be the cool alpha male, calm, collected and wise with the life experiences that she expects you to have.
  5. Be confident and expect them to be attracted to you. This means that you need to understand in your mind that they are attracted to you, even if you have to fool yourself of that fact. Why not fall on the side of optimism? Do not miss more time. The truth is that younger women love sexy older men. It is a fact.
  6. Tease her like a little sister. Don’t worry about the result.
  7. You must understand that some may or may not want a guy like you. Such is life, and it is so for all women. If you have a few lousy interactions, it’s not going to be all of them, and it’s most likely because you’re breaking one or more of these rules.
  8. Get in the best physical shape you can. They are attracted to an older guy who stays fit. He is extraordinarily sexy to them. You have the advantage that you don’t have to be in very good shape like the youngsters. Older men can get away with just being in great shape and still very sexy. The key is that it has to be your great form, don’t compare it to younger guys.
  9. Get a great haircut, do the best you can with the hair you have.
  10. Just relax and have fun with life.

The way to attract young women it’s creating a lifestyle they want to be a part of. Follow these rules and adopt the closest mindset to reality, and that is that young women love sexy older men.


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Nirad C Chaudhri Review: Thy Hand Great Anarch

Nirad C Chaudhri lived during the time of the Indian freedom struggle and recorded his experiences in the book: Thy Hand Great Anarch. He was a refined man who supported the British regime and was highly critical of the struggle for freedom.

He begins his memoir by recording his life as an employee. Having failed his master’s degree, he was unable to get another job. He criticizes the Non-Cooperation Movement stating that he was a massive brainwashing of the people. The non-cooperation movement was a civil disobedience movement started by Mahatma Gandhi to drive the British out of India. The non-cooperation movement included the removal of indigenous people from work areas and civil protest. The goal of the non-cooperation movement was to paralyze the British government. The agitating masses were illiterate and Chaudhri records a case where he was physically harassed by uncooperative agitators.

After the Non-Cooperation Movement came the Chauri Cahuri incident when an angry mob torched a police station and burned British policemen alive. So Gandhi withdrew the non-cooperation movement. This was followed by the massacre at the Jalian Wallah Bagh incident, where peaceful protesters gathered and were shot dead on the orders of Colonel Dyer. This brutal murder was met with a storm of protests in the country.

Then came the Simon Commission to settle the Indians and offer partial autonomy to India. The Simon Commission met with hostile resistance. People waved banners that read: ‘Simon go back’ and burned effigies. After the Simon Commission, Gandhi adopted the Salt Satyagraha in Dandi, where people would march to the seaside to make salt. This was done in protest against the harsh taxes imposed by the British on basic products. For Chaudhri: Gandhi was not an apostle of peace and gave himself up to moral and psychological violence.

The times leading up to independence were harsh for India. There was a lot of causality. The British were fed up with ruling India, so they decided to leave. Lord Mount Batten was appointed British representative to India. Along with India, the Muslims of Pakistan wanted a separate nation. Jinnah was vociferous in the creation of Pakistan. Gandhi was very disturbed. Independent India was beset by many problems. They were unemployment, poverty, death and hunger. Nehru decided to make India a socialist country.

Chaudhri’s struggle is so movingly portrayed in pristine language. For the average India, life was dizzying. The British exploited India’s economy by taking away its resources and bringing in finished goods. Cottage and cottage industries, the backbone of the Indian economy, were severely in a ditch. A positive development of British rule in India was the spread of the vernacular press and the development of railways. Railroads united the country. Post-independence India was one of the quarrelsome princely states. It was the iron man of India Sardar Vallabhai Patel who united India and made it one country. The press played an important role in spreading the gospel of freedom. The partition of India and the creation of Pakistan created many problems. There was a mass exodus of refugees from Pakistan to India and from India to Pakistan.

Chaudhri’s work is highly philosophical and literary, synthesizing India and its turmoil into political catharsis. Nehru commented in his opening speech that we have made an appointment with destiny. When the world sleeps, India will wake up to freedom. Chaudhri’s wonderful interpretation of the political and cultural landscape of India is essential reading.

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Association and Dissociation – Mind Play for Cricket

Association and Dissociation – Mind Play for Cricket

“When I cross the boundary line, that’s the only time I feel like I’m in total control.”

-Dickie Bird

This is where you can use your imagination or visualization skills, because when you recall or mentally rehearse something, you do so by association or dissociation. Association means reliving an event as if it were really happening to you, seeing through your own eyes, hearing sounds through your own ears, and feeling all the physical and emotional feelings. Dissociation is noticing the situation as if you were seeing yourself, like in a movie or on stage. As you become more detached from the situation, there is less emotional impact, as this is where you want to be if it is a troubling event.

Which of these two exercises feels more natural to you? Think of a time when you had a bad game. How did you feel? As you remember it, are you looking at it through your own eyes or are you seeing yourself as if you were in a movie? How about a great game? How are you seeing that? How do you feel about that? Remember the bad game. If you’re associated, seeing through your own eyes, walk away from that to see yourself on film. Do your emotions feel less? If you feel worse when you disassociate, then associate. If you agree with the dissociation, keep it, there is no need to associate it with a bad memory. Now go back to that great game you played. Are you associated or dissociated? If you are associated, notice how the senses are dissociated from the way you feel. Likewise, if you are dissociated, notice the impact when you associate.

You can also use association and dissociation for mental rehearsal. Think of an important match coming up, perhaps a cup competition. Imagine watching you play. There are a few things you need to keep in mind. In addition to noticing how your body moves, be aware of any emotions that may be going on inside your body. Spend some time on this exercise and look at ‘you’ from all perspectives, front, side, back and up. Then repeat the exercise associating it. Be there inside your body as if it were really happening. See everything you would see, listen to all the sounds around the ground, and include any positive words you would say to yourself. Feel everything both physically and emotionally. How was that?

Every time you hit and get into your 90s nervously, your nerves get the better of you. Your thoughts become distractions, you can back up and take your eyes off the ball. Psychologically, it is becoming a problem for you as you keep replaying missed opportunities in your mind. Here is a visualization you can try. Players in other positions can adapt this for themselves. First, remember or visualize yourself sitting in the pavilion (associated) during a game, watching yourself in the middle approaching your century (dissociated). What encouragement and advice would you give to that ‘you’ who is hitting? Let that mental movie run as you look at yourself and stop at the point where you would normally be thrown or caught. Being dissociated, this should help you remember the moment without the negative emotional content. Freeze the frame of that image. This is where you can have fun. Play with the image. If it’s in color, turn it into black and white. If it’s clear, blur. It is brilliant? If so, make it dim. Change the sounds, make them quieter. Change the location of any noise. Change any feeling. Rewind. Start the movie again in all its glory; this time team up to be there and speed everything up to the point just before you exit. Now play the movie at normal speed and adjust as much as you like, which will turn the ending into a hook or a sweep while continuing to send the ball flying over the edge. Celebrate your success, feel how good scoring your century will feel, feel the pride. Disassociate now and return to the pavilion for you to associate and applaud. Give positive and helpful feedback.

Repeat that visualization several times a day until it feels like a real memory. Remember, for most people, dissociating from the memory of a bad event reduces any emotion, giving it less power, while associating with a positive scenario brings up pleasant memories and emotions. It will boost your confidence.

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What to expect in a personal injury case

Proceedings in a plaintiff’s personal injury case can take anywhere from six months to several years, and a client’s patience can be severely tested during this time. However, it has been our experience that clients who are forewarned have a much higher tolerance level for the slowly turning wheels of justice. The following is a portion of the details that you may want to share with your new personal injury clients after you have been hired:

Procedurally, the following events occur in most personal injury cases. First, your attorney must complete the investigation and file. This will involve the collection of data from your doctor, your employer, and our researcher. When we believe we have enough information to form an opinion on the financial extent of your damages, we will begin negotiations with the opposition to reach a settlement.

1. Physician/Treatment

It will help your case to let us and your doctors know about any injuries or medical problems before or after your accident. Good cases can be lost if the injured person hides or forgets a previous or subsequent injury or medical problem. Insurance companies keep a record of each and every claim against any insurance company. The insurance company will surely find out if you have ever made a previous claim.

Tell your doctors about all your complaints. Physician records can only be
as complete as what you have given. Keep track of all prescriptions and medications taken and corresponding bills. Also save all medicine bottles or containers.


You should keep a journal of your experiences since your accident. In addition to this daily log, we also ask that you begin to describe a single day in the course of your life. In other words, describe what you do when you get up in the morning, the first thing you do after going to work, what kind of work and effort you put into your job, what activities you do after work, etc.

In other words, we need you to describe the changes in your work life,
your gaming life, your life as a husband or wife or child or parent. In your written description of his day, we would appreciate it if you could explain in as much detail as possible and in his own words how the accident and subsequent injuries have affected his life, personality, and his perspective.

And remember that suffering does not involve mere physical pain; suffering can be emotional and can spread to your family and friends, at work and at play. When you have completed this description, please return it to this office in the enclosed envelope.

Keep a diary of all matters related to this accident, no matter how trivial you think it may be. You must include notes on the treatments you receive, therapy, casts, appliances, hospitalization, change of doctors, change of medication, symptoms, recurrence, setbacks, disabilities and discomforts. If you have any questions about the property including any particular information, please call the office and let us assist you.

3. Record of medical expenses and out-of-pocket expenses

You can also start setting up a system to record the expenses incurred along with your claim in detail. Medical and legal expenses are a significant part of the value of your claim, so good records of these expenses should be kept at all times. Your attorney will keep track of your legal expenses, which may include filing costs, service of process, investigation, reports, depositions, witness fees, jury fees, etc.

From time to time, however, there will be expenses incurred that you need to keep track of. We ask that you do your best to avoid any potential errors or inaccuracies, as jurors have an unrelenting reverence for the truth. Keep your canceled checks and expense list together, as we’ll need them at a later date.

Collectively, these procedures can take anywhere from six months to several years, and your patience can be sorely tested during this time. However, it has been our experience that clients who are forewarned have a much higher tolerance level for the slowly turning wheels of justice.

4. Don’t talk about the case

The insurance company may call you on the phone and record the conversation or send an adjuster (investigator) who may carry a concealed recorder. You should not discuss your case with anyone.

Obviously, we cannot stress too much that you do not discuss this matter with anyone other than your trusted attorney or immediate family. You must not sign any document without the consent of this office. Remember that at any time you can be photographed and investigated by the opposition. By following the simple precautions we have laid out on your checklist, we believe we will be able to obtain a fair and adequate amount for your injuries. If you receive letters from anyone regarding your case, mail or fax them to your attorney immediately.

5. Questioning

If you are approached by anyone regarding this accident without your attorney’s permission, please take full notes on the incident. These notes must include the name and address of the party, a description of the person, and a narrative description of what was said or done. Under no circumstances should you answer any questions. All questions should be referred to your attorney’s office.

6. Invoices

Keep all bills related to your injuries, including medical bills, hospital bills, drugs and medications, therapy, appliances, and anything else needed to help you recover. If possible, pay these bills by check or money order, so that a complete record can be kept. If this is not possible, be sure to obtain a full receipt with the header of the invoice, to indicate where the receipt came from and the issuing party.

7. Evidence

Be sure to keep anything in your possession that could be used as evidence in your case, such as shoes, clothing, eyeglasses, photographs, faulty machinery, faulty parts, foreign substances that may have been a factor in your accident, etc. Be sure to let the office know that you have these items in your possession.

8. Photographs

Take pictures of all motor vehicles, machinery, appliances, etc., that may be directly or indirectly related to your accident. Again, be sure to let the office know that you have such photos.

9. Keep your lawyer informed

Please keep this office informed at all times regarding address changes, major changes in medical treatment, termination of treatment, termination of employment, resumption of employment, or any other unusual changes in your life.

10. Insurance reports

Before making any report to your insurance company, consult with this office about the advisability of the type of reports to be made regarding liability, medical payment coverage, property damage or other claims under your policy, or claims against your own policy for part of a third party. party.

11. Lost wages

Keep a complete record of all lost wages. Obtain a statement from your company that describes the time you have lost, the rate of wages you are paid, the hours you work per week, your average weekly wages, and any losses suffered as a result of this accident. Whenever possible, also obtain other types of evidence, such as accounting sheets, copies of time cards, canceled checks, check stubs, vouchers, pay stubs, etc.

12. New information

In the event that any new information pertaining to the evidence in this case becomes known to you, please notify the Attorney immediately. This is particularly true of witnesses who have so far been unavailable.

13. Tracking

Remember at all times that you may be under surveillance and therefore subject to being photographed or filmed by the opposing party. Please note that there are instances where photographs and film have been presented in court showing plaintiffs alleged to be in serious condition engaging in activities they claimed they were unable to perform. You don’t have to live in fear of being photographed, of course, if your cause is just.

14. Filing of complaint

If early settlement is not productive, then a complaint is filed and the parties are notified that a claim has been filed. The opposition is then given a set amount of time to file what is known as an “Answer.” The answer yes is usually followed by a request for written interrogatories. These are questions that the plaintiff must answer with the help of an attorney. Written interrogatories are generally followed by deposition, which is recorded testimony given under oath by anyone the opposition wishes to question.

However, as you go about your normal business, keep in mind at all times that you are subject to investigation. If you have been seriously injured, do not do anything that could jeopardize your case during the course of your daily life. You should always follow your doctor’s advice. If you have to do things that cause you pain, this can usually be explained to the satisfaction of any court or jury.

There are cases where the insurance agent has attempted to discredit a
personal injury plaintiff by taking movies of the plaintiff performing various physical activities. In one case, large rocks weighing over one hundred pounds were placed on the garage door overnight so that the claimant had to remove the rocks to drive to work. This, of course, was filmed and used to discredit the plaintiff’s claim in court.

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THEL Weapon for the Chinese

Well, they are finally here; high energy laser weapons like in Star Wars and they are so deadly and powerful and soon these lasers will be very small in size. An airborne laser the size of a refrigerator is now being developed, which can fit into the bomb bay doors of a stealth fighter aircraft. They even have a unit so big that it has to go on a 747 and the Israelis have a unit called THEL, which is portable and can be installed on a border, which can shoot down SCUD missiles or ICBMs, which are headed for their country.

New high energy laser systems are becoming the ultimate tool in the battle space and soon everyone will have them. In fact Israel is considering selling these to China. China is also buying Russian technology and China is also selling missiles and so on. to nations that are hostile to US interests in the Middle East.

Is Israel making a mistake by selling THEL to Red China? Some say yes, although others point out that Israel wants China as an ally. Especially since China is selling SAM and missile defense and perhaps offensive systems to Iran. Iran, of course, wants to wipe Israel off the map.

A person looking at the big picture has to be a bit concerned because it seems that Asia and the Middle East are preparing for World War III and the amount of spending on weapons, both offensive and defensive, seems to be something out of the Carl von Books. Clauswitz’s plays when he pointed out that leaders who fail to protect their nations do so at the expense of their people and their civilization.

Surely there are many backdoor arms deals and nation-state relationships forming in this lead-up to an ongoing modern Machiavellian alliance. The stakes are higher and this game is far more complex than the American liberal anti-participation voter understands from his prickly comments, as they have not followed the events leading up to our current situation in the Middle East. The liberal anti-war movement in the United States should be told that perhaps they should look at the big picture and ask them to think through the game from start to finish. Your thoughts?

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Family Feud: a fun game also for children

Camp Med, a licensed day care program and summer camp sponsored by the City of South Pasadena, asked me to give a presentation to our campers about the upcoming Summer Olympics, as I would be leaving for Beijing shortly to work on the games. I thought if I just talk and the kids just listen, it might get a bit boring. So instead I proposed an Olympic family feud.

The campers were divided into 4 groups. Each winning group would receive a prize. The way it worked is that it would ask a question and give a specific group a chance to respond. Unlike Family Feud TV, where only one person can participate, anyone in the group can participate here. Then the team leader would try to write the best answer. If the answer was wrong, the question would go to the next group. If a group was noticeably weaker, they would get the easier questions.

What struck me is how engaged the children were. You could see the wheels turning. They began to think. They wanted to give the correct answer. They wanted to win. They were having fun and so were the other counselors.

The questions that were asked required different skills, memory, reasoning and also listening (which he had talked about all summer). Thanks to the internet, it was very easy to ask questions as there are multiple sites for trivia, kids and information.

When I came back from the Olympics, the children were very interested in my experience. It was as if the Olympic family feud had opened the door for them to be aware of and interested in the Olympics. The event was such a success that we will be following it up with a Halloween Family Feud. For Halloween Family Feud, more jokes and questions will be included with an element of levity. And there will be more questions that our younger children will be able to answer.

The questions (with answers) of both family disputes are attached:

olympic family feud

1. Where am I going tomorrow?


2. The J in Beijing, how is it pronounced?

ace to z

3. How far is Beijing from Los Angeles?

6300 miles

4. China is the third largest country in the world. What is the world’s largest country?


5. What is the second largest country in the world?


6. Which country is expected to win the most medals at the Summer Olympics?


7. Where were the last Olympic Games?

Turin, Italy

8. Which country won the most medals at the Winter Olympics in Italy?

Germany (29)

9. The United States won the second most medals. How many medals did the United States win in Italy?


10. Who is shooting to win 8 gold medals and what sport is he in?

Michael PhelpsSwimming

11. Dara Torres is on the US Olympic swim team. How old is she?


12. Why have so many world swimming records been set in recent months?

The swimsuit: Speedo’s LZR Racer.

13. Which women’s sport will no longer be in the Olympics after this year?


14. Why don’t some of the athletes go to the Opening Ceremonies?

To avoid air pollution

15. What kind of work do I do at the Olympics?

Ticket Sales

16. Name this famous person that I gave Olympic tickets to in Korea in 1988? Key 1; She lives in California and is over 50 years old. Clue 2: She has been in science fiction movies. Clue 3: She received weightlifting tickets.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

17. Name this famous person that I gave Olympic tickets to in Spain in 1992. Hint 1: He lives in California and is over 60 years old. Clue 2: He appeared in one of the Batman movies. Clue 3: He received basketball tickets.

Jack Nicholson

18. How many Olympics have I worked on?


19. Name a Summer Olympic event that many people find better to watch on television than to see it in person.

Gymnastics, diving, water polo

20. Where will the next Olympic Games be?

Vancouver, Canada

21. What year?


22. In which country did the Olympic Games originate more than 2700 years ago?


23. When I was a 12-year-old boy, at the Mexico City Olympics, I was present when Bob Beamon completely broke a world record. He broke the previous world record so much that Sports Illustrated named him 1 of the 5 greatest sports moments of the 20th century. In what sport did he break the record? Hint: It was in athletics.

Bob Beamon set a long jump world record with a jump of (29 feet 2½ inches). It was one of the most amazing feats in the history of the Olympics. He broke the record by more than 21 inches. Since then it has been called the perfect jump.

24. What Olympic moment did Sports Illustrated call the greatest sports moment of the 20th century? Hint: It happened at a Winter Olympics. Clue 2: It involved the United States

In 1980 in Lake Placid, a group of amateur and college hockey players from the US defeated the best professional hockey team in the world, the Soviet Union, 4-3. Since then, this has been called the Miracle on Ice.

Halloween Family Feud

1. In what year did the first Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon appear?

1924? 500 BEFORE CHRIST? 2004? 500 BEFORE CHRIST? 1945? (this) The Middle Ages?

2. Which famous movie character did Boris Karloff play?


3. What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?


4. What famous movie character was played by Bela Lugosi?


5. How much does the world’s largest pumpkin weigh? A: 245 pounds, B: 485 pounds, C: 685 pounds, D: 1,385 pounds (east)

6. What famous movie character was played by Lon Chaney Jr.? Hint: Michael J. Fox also played this character.

The werewolf

7. According to those silly and scary movies, when do werewolves come out?

on full moons

8 What do birds give away on Halloween night?


9. How are the bodies that are wrapped in cloth and kept in tombs known?


10. In folklore, a witch is known as?


11. As a Halloween gift, which chocolate bar do children like best?


12. According to legend, which Halloween creature usually has all of the following: a single eyebrow, tattoos, and a long middle finger?

A: a werewolf (this one), B: a vampire, C: a witch, D: a golem

13. If you were to draw a witch, what specific element would you like to include on her face?


14. Several famous sci-fi and horror movies were filmed in South Pasadena, name 1:

or Back to the Future (1985)

o Back to the Future Part II (1989)

o Back to the Future Part III (1990)

Halloween (1978)

Halloween II (1981)

o Halloween: 25 years of terror (2006)

or Night of Hell (1981)

o Jurassic Park III (2001)

o Prom Night (2008)

o Scream 2 (1997)

o Teen Wolf (1985)

Terminator, The (1984)

15. What is the favorite dessert of the monsters?


16. Name 1 of the 5 most popular Halloween costumes for kids last year (2007)?

Princess (10.7%)

Spider-Man (4.8%)

Pirate (4.7%)

Witch (4.2%)

Fairy (2.8%)

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TW Jackson Review: The Magic of Making Up

In this TW Jackson review I am going to tell you a little bit about author TW Jackson and then review his best selling book on the topic of how to get your ex back. The magic of makeup.

TW Jackson (also known by his nickname T Dub) is the least likely person to write a best-selling book on relationships. He has a military background that began at the age of 17 when he enlisted in the United States Navy. For many years, he has lived in countless homes in five US states and 11 different countries around the world.

She has not studied at any university or college and has not worked as a professional relationship therapist. It was during his time in the military, through the School of Hard Knocks, that he learned his relationship skills. How it worked was that in the military he was forced to travel to many different places and interact with an even wider range of different people. Failure was not an option: he had to quickly find out what worked and apply it. This resulted in him developing far superior social skills in that he could read people, predict their likely behavior, and even influence their actions. Over time, his friends recognized these abilities and came to him whenever they had problems with people (especially in the area of ​​romantic relationships).

Through years of helping those around him strengthen their troubled relationships and restore broken ones, Jackson has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in these particular areas. The high divorce rate of military couples meant he had no shortage of people to practice with! He eventually realized that he needed to share his experience with a much wider audience through the writing of a book.

In The magic of makeup, Jackson boils his entire experience down to a simple, easy-to-follow recipe for getting that special someone in your life back after a breakup and then maintaining that relationship. The advice he gives follows these steps:

1. Find out what caused the breakup

2. Take time to regain emotional control

3. Expand your life

4. Contact your ex and try to reconnect with him

5. Work to keep the spark alive if you successfully restore the relationship.

6. Accept that it’s over and move on if the relationship can’t be saved.

For each of the steps above, Jackson goes into a lot of detail to make sure you know exactly what to do and when to do it. And this brings up an important point: the right time for each step is absolutely crucial in the methodology of it. Because if he makes a mistake here, his chances of restoring the relationship with the person he loves will be drastically reduced. To give an example, immediately after the breakup you are likely to feel emotionally shattered because of how much the relationship means to you. As a general rule, we humans do not react to such a significant loss in a very productive way. Because of this, you will not be thinking rationally. Instead, you’ll have a tendency to do stupid things like call him right away and explode on the phone, or alternatively, you might burst into tears and beg him to accept you. But none of these strategies is going to help the situation; they will most likely drive your ex away and extinguish any real hope of reconciliation. This is why Jackson’s methodology has steps two and three and why he puts them before step four. But what most people do is jump from step one to step four, skipping the crucial steps in between that give you the best chance of making your ex feel like he’s made a big mistake. Without going through these important steps, all it will do is reassure him that he made the right decision in leaving you.

In general, my opinion on The magic of makeup is that it contains some really great tips on how to get your ex back that have been tried and tested over time. I trust that if you follow this advice, you will have every opportunity to restore your relationship, if indeed it is possible to do so. Of course there are no certainties, since it is the will of another human being. But what Jackson does to reduce his risk is to offer a 60-day guarantee on the book. Try the material and see if it works; if not, you can claim a full refund. And the book is only $39 to start. Not a big investment to get your ex back!

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Breast Massage Orgasms – Breast Foreplay Guide To Drive Her Wild

Guys, listen while I am about to tell you about the importance of breast foreplay in sex that can lead to a breast orgasm.

The ancient knowledge of tantra tells us that the positive pole of a woman is her breasts and the negative pole is her vulva. In a man the opposite happens. The positive pole is the penis and the negative pole is the heart area.

The basis of sexual attraction

Sex is like magnets, the positive attracts the negative. When a man and a woman come together with a lot of sexual attraction, the energy flows strongly and effortlessly.

Men love to stimulate their positive pole, their penis, usually at the beginning of sexual intercourse, while a woman first needs to open her heart and emotions from her breast area.

What most men do wrong in foreplay

Most men tend to be too quick to stimulate the negative pole of the woman first without opening the positive pole. When they do this, the woman is likely to stop wanting to have sex that night.

So now we can see the importance of breast stimulation.

Tips for breast massage

Spending a lot of time touching, blowing, kissing and licking the breasts allows a woman to open up. How about using a little skin to touch the breasts? The energy then moves down to her genital area. How about spending 20 minutes enjoying the softness and femininity of breasts the next time you make love. Really enjoy touching this area and she will love you that much more.

It’s good to communicate how you like to have your breasts touched with a few simple yes-no questions while you perform breast stimulation. Every woman is different in how she likes to be touched.

breast orgasms

Some organically sensitive women can have breast orgasms from breast foreplay with the right stimulation. This can happen if the breast massage lasts 20 minutes or more. Take your time and see what happens!

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Role of a Real Estate Attorney Know Your Role When Buying or Selling a Home

Role of a real estate attorney

First, your attorney will send you a letter outlining what documentation they may need from you. Since you are likely to pay at least $1300 more for legal services, I think it is important that you know what your attorney will do for you! Below is detailed information about the role of a real estate attorney and what you need to do when working with your attorney and obtaining a mortgage. Don’t wait to hire an attorney before deciding on your new purchase, be sure to interview them well in advance of the closing date.

Your Real Estate attorney should tell you what expenses you are likely to incur in connection with closing procedures, including:

Property Transfer Tax
legal fees
property tax

If you bought a new home from a builder, your Real Estate attorney can give you an informed estimate of how much you should budget for “hidden fees” such as:

Ontario New Home Warranty Registration Fee
Installation expenses for water and hydroelectricity meters
fencing charges
Qualifying Deposit Fees
much others

If all the conditions of the Agreement have been fulfilled and the Offer is firm, the lawyer proceeds to investigate the property title. Initial searches include:

utility searches
property tax searches
building searches, zoning and urbanism
registered title searches

The letters are sent by your lawyer:

to all municipal or regional utility departments to confirm there are no arrears or outstanding charges
to ensure that there are no conditional sales contracts, easements or unregistered agreements, encumbrances
to discover other liens affecting property or equipment left by Seller

Easements are a big problem and there are always stories written in the real estate newspapers and magazines about buyers who didn’t realize they weren’t allowed to put up fences or create a parking space because the inspection of the property they were on they worked didn’t work. It doesn’t actually show the city’s rights to access the property. Your attorney’s job is to make sure all of this is disclosed to you. Your attorney will also inform the utility departments of your name and scheduled closing date, and request that final meter readings be taken on the closing date so final bills can be sent to the Seller.

Your attorney requests a Tax Certificate to verify the amount of current year’s taxes and to inquire about arrears and outstanding tax charges. Your attorney will also write to the Department of Building and Zoning for full details on zoning laws, restrictions, and permitted uses (so you know if you can operate a business from your home or build a huge deck, for example). It is important that you send your attorney a copy of the property survey as soon as possible; If the seller has a survey, I’ll get it for you if it’s not already included in the offer documents. If there is no survey, tell your attorney so he can advise you how his interests can be protected through Title Insurance.

A Property Title Search is initiated at the Property Registry Office to ensure that the Seller is the true owner of the property, has the right to sell the property to you, and that the property is not subject to encumbrances, usurpations, easements . , liens, agreements or mortgages that were not disclosed in the Contract or Sale. You may have heard of fraud cases where people’s homes were sold by scammers who didn’t have title! This is where your attorney really earns his fee. This search must be completed by the Application Date (title search date) shown on your Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Other important duties of your attorney include:

Do a foreclosure search at the appropriate sheriff’s office to make sure there are no foreclosures against previous owners of the property that could affect your title.

Prepare and deliver a letter to the Seller’s attorney requesting that any items revealed in the initial searches be dealt with at or before closing.

Review the content of the Mortgage Commitment letter that your bank will prepare when you process your financing, and check with you the results of your signature.

Inform you of any closing day costs related to mortgage financing when your financial institution provides you with a Final Mortgage Commitment Letter.

If your attorney is also acting on behalf of the financial institution (which is often the case), he or she will prepare all necessary mortgage paperwork and submit this package to the financial institution for approval prior to closing:

– Certify the title of the property to the financial institution at the time of closing.

– Advise you of government programs designed to help homebuyers that would apply to you, including Land Transfer Tax Refund programs, Ontario Homeowner Savings Plans, RRSP plans, and information on CMHC’s 5% down payment.

– Inform your insurance broker of the name, address, telephone number and fax number of both your lawyer and the financial institution that grants your mortgage. Your attorney needs a letter confirming that insurance coverage is in effect at closing; This is very important because the bank will not advance the $ to close your purchase until they know you have homeowners insurance.