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Women dating the classic bad boy, Pinocchio! (Part One)

Now some men can be five foot four, possess a platinum card, retain a driver’s license, die for our country, and legally sit on the bar stool; but it does not guarantee that they are adults. These are owls and ravens with degrees. Gold overalls with wigs. Then others are more like Pinocchio who falls from addiction to abuse and prison.

In some cases, they are not even teenagers. But still children wait for the maturity of puberty to come.

My advice to women who are dating them, jump ship!

If you stick with them, here is the save them fairy tale that has been in the AI ​​movie and saving nemo. But maybe after this story you won’t.


Now Geppetto wanted has his. But he wasn’t ready to raise one yet because his temperament was great. The example of his own parents did not teach him enough to be a good father. But he did his anyway.

Now, as father as son, Pinocchio was a rascal like his father. Which made things worse for him. Every time Pinocchio got into trouble, Geppetto was reminded of the shame and trouble he brought to his own father. This only made him angrier at Pinocchio. Once in public, Geppetto was seen hitting Pinocchio. So he was sent to prison.

During this time Pinocchio got up. He dedicated himself to doing whatever he wanted. Jumping down streams, valleys, and fields. Always keeping an eye on the police who were originally chasing him the day Geppetto was arrested.

One day, Pinocchio returns home to find a Cricket talking to him. This Cricket has lived in the house for a hundred years. He warns Pinocchio that if he does not learn to earn a living by hand and he cares that he becomes an ass. Then Pinocchio throws a hammer at him and kills him.

This Cricket was a tiny version of Merlin. The wise old man who lives in our mind. They can also be real outsiders talking about what we know we should be doing. It’s like the angel on one shoulder who is brought down by the devil’s promises of fun and easy activities on the other. But they are both friends of ours who draw close to us in our youth. Like Merlin advising Arthur before he draws the sword of manhood and the direction of the stone, the Cricket had come to teach this boy how to be a good king of his own life.

This begins the long and arduous road to Pinocchio’s redemption. He becomes like many who believe that the devil’s way of denial and ease will lead him to heaven. But the devil will be your friend. Like his father, Pinocchio will also find himself in prison in time.

So Pinocchio, without trade or education, is alone at home hungry. Except for a single egg in the corner. He opens it to cook an omelette. But a chick flies off and thanks you for your help and flies away.

The egg is the symbol of the soul and his is broken. The chick, as at Easter, is the resurrection of our redemption in better people. That is far from coming for our little Pinocchio. This is the first of many bird references in history. Many refer to alchemy, which is the spiritual practice of turning your soul’s lead into gold, as the secret language of birds.

Giving up for the night, Pinocchio falls asleep with his feet on the foot warmer in which he hoped to cook the omelette. Being made of wood, he woke up in the morning to find his feet were burned. The feet are the symbol of the parent base, which he does not have.

Geppetto is released from prison that morning and finds his son alone in the house. Geppetto does not have a key to enter and calls Pinocchio. But Pinocchio can’t get to the door. He is reluctant to let the father go back in. But Geppetto walks in through the window and feels very guilty for letting Pinocchio get up himself, he ignores his son’s refusal to let him in and promises to make new feet for him. He also gives Pinocchio his only three pears and he starves. Pinocchio eats them all without sharing any.

Pinocchio is so grateful for pears that he promises to go to school and become a good boy. So Geppetto sells his only coat, being a thin old man cost him a lot, so Pinocchio can buy an alphabet book. But before Pinocchio can buy such a book, he spends his money on a puppet show.

In the puppet show, the puppets treat him like a brother. But the puppeteer finds it and wants to use it as firewood to cook his food. Pinocchio speaks to get out of it, but the puppeteer asks that Harlequin be placed on fire. But Pinocchio pleads for the lives of his new found brothers and saves him. For his kindness, the Puppeteer gives Pinocchio five gold coins for his poor coatless father.

Pinocchio has good intentions. He has shown compassion for his brother, but society is a petty lover. Much worse than any lover pretended to be with their storms and famines. Because society is full of cats and foxes waiting to take advantage of your desires and weaknesses.

Pinocchio is attracted to a fox with a missing leg and a blind cat. Tempted to believe that beyond Simple Simons City was a field. A field that is so magical is called the Field of Wonders. That if someone were to put a buried gold coin inside it, they would sow thousands in its place in the morning.

A bird tries to warn Pinocchio about this deception, but this blind cat snatches him out of the air and eats him for his troubles. Instinct is overcome by greed.

So Pinocchio travels with his new friends a short distance to this field. The devil promised a shortcut, but as Pinocchio discovers that the devil’s shortcut always makes you tired. Then our group falls to an inn for the night.

The Fox who could not think of eating more than a cookie, eats an ox. Where the cat that says it ate before its journey tonight falls to eat the herd the ox came from. But Pinocchio, lost in his dreams, loses his hunger. The group gets up at night.

Pinocchio wakes up in the middle of the night for his friends to continue in the field. But they have been leaving the tab and a message to meet them under the tree in that field. Pinocchio’s first gold coin is lost.

On the way he meets the cricket once more. Like Merlin, Gandolf and, you will soon find out, Dumbledor have returned from the dead to warn us. The voice that we ignore that tells us what to do has never gone away. It may be the voice of your deceased grandfather. Only occasionally do we allow it to leak out to advise us to ignore our ego and do the right thing. But he makes no promises and asks for work. The cricket warns Pinocchio once again that wealth only comes from the work of the mind and the hand. But it falls on wooden ears.

In the tree, Pinocchio faces murderers who are trying to steal his money. Pinocchio takes it to his mouth and bites one of his hands when they try to steal it. These killers were the cat and the fox in disguise. Then they capture Pinocchio and hang him around his neck in a large oak. Expecting to find him dead in the morning with his mouth open and the coins thrown on the ground.

The Hanged Man from tarot cards which is taken from the myth of Odin who had delivered himself to a tree for nine nights to gain enlightenment. It is the act of dying to oneself that brings a new job, the end of a habit, or the courage to leave our abusive spouse. It is the act of killing Miss Smith only to become Joan. The act of leaving work to become Frank. It is the sacrifice of what is killing us no faster than cigarettes.

An old axiom is that if you want to boil a frog you must raise the heat slowly. Most of what kills us in life comes this slow and easy to deny.

But a fairy who denied him access to his home when he was on the run from murderers now feels sorry for him. She sends a hawk to free him and return him home. This is the woman who can only fall in love with the bad boy. Someone I can save This impulse tends to grow in a child when one parent does not act like one and dislikes the world or the other parent. So the child becomes an adult for soon in vain attempts to save the father. In the hope that parents will love and save them. When they find themselves unable to save the father, they try to save the world.

But not all of them are sweet and light, because like their parents, they have a hyde side. Every victim needs a murderer and the king is the fool’s twin. Tables turn fast in this world.

An owl, a crow and the cricket return to the doctor of our almost dead Pinocchio. The owl and the raven are the airbags of wealth and position that young people in our society must admire in order to become. But Pinocchio knows the truth, if education and work make you like them, he doesn’t want any of that. But Cricket abuses him more for his sins.

Half dead, the Fairy tries to give him medicine. This medicine is trying to point out the faults of Pinocchio so that it can change his life. But you won’t hear any of that without the sugar from your sweaty tongue. Praising him to do better, Pinocchio never listens to his faults until two black rabbits enter the room with a coffin.

How many times does one approach jail, death, or suicide before changing course? He is directly scared. But it becomes too much for the young man to continue without the constant fear of death on his mind. So relapse is imminent for these people.

Always two steps forward, three steps back. The abuser in the codependent relationship always regrets the next day and treats his partner like a god or queen for a couple of weeks until society pulls the rug out of him again. And go back to the abuse of your partner.

Now, the Blue Fairy wants to save her father and Pinocchio and has sent for Geppetto to move. The woman in this relationship not only sees her partner but also her father in him whom she wants to save.

So he asks Pinocchio about his money. Like Irish women in Ireland during the 1930s, they knew their men would spend their allowance at the bar if they didn’t go with them. So she asks where is the money? He says he lost it and his nose grows. Just for the woodpeckers to cut it down when he confesses.

We have a side note. I met a woman who went from one codependent relationship to another. He was tested with a lie detector to see if he had been drinking. She would grow larger than your nose and check the salt content in your semen. The more salty, the more you drank.

But on the way to Geppetto, he meets the cat and the fox again. They convince him to go with them to the field to bury the coins once more. But Pinocchio once again ignores his instincts when he sees that the cat is missing a leg. Oh good.

Now they walk through Simple Simon Town. A city like a crack alley. Filled with animals that gave everything they had for an instant solution in this world. Hairless dogs, featherless peacocks, and shorn sheep. The only ones that traveled in fine cadillacs were the foxes, crows and vultures that fed on these people. The pimps, traffickers, bosses, bad parents and politicians. Passing the town they go to the Campo de las Maravillas where Pinocchio buries his money.

He returns in the morning to find a parrot who laughs at him for believing the cat and the fox. So he runs back to the city to report the robbery, but it is he himself who is sent to jail. Like father Like Son. Swearing that he did nothing wrong because it was only an achievement for his own downfall. To be continue ……

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Famous private jets

While most of us wonder if it’s safe to fly in today’s world or if we want to jump the hoops just to catch a plane, celebrities are sailing the world by racking up miles on celebrity private jets.

Tony Blair angered environmental groups when he said he was unwilling to give up long-haul flights. Although the amount of emissions that the airline contributes to greenhouse gases is very small, environmentalists consider it an important part of reducing carbon emissions. While some of us may think twice about whether we should fly for some reason, celebrities are getting on their private celebrity jets.

Donatella Versace is so rich it is almost impossible to fathom and with that wealth comes a very luxurious celebrity jet for which going green means choosing the color for this season’s runway. Donatella will continue to enjoy those leather sofas and fine wine as she travels the world.

Tom Cruise has been dubbed “impossible broadcasts”. After all, here’s a man who takes celebrity private jets seriously by owning three of his own. In fact, it has been reported that he sent one of his private jets to pick up some organic vegetables. It must be nice!

John Travolta leaves the largest carbon footprint of any of the stars with his Boeing 707 parked in the front yard next to his Lear and Gulfstream. No wonder he calls his home Jumbolair. He has over 5000 hours logged as a pilot. Well, at least he was quick to help with Hurricane Katrina.

Simon Cowell is a man who enjoys his lifestyle and is unwilling to apologize for it. He loves champagne and there is no smoking sign on his face.

Phillip Green is a billionaire who owns more than 2,500 stores. He avoids the tax collector by living in Monaco, but has no problem putting his share or carbon into the atmosphere by traveling almost daily between London and Monaco in his Gulfstream. The irony is that Topshop, a chain of stores he owns, promotes the “highest environmental standards.” I guess what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the goose.

Roman Abramovich is the governor of a province in eastern Russia, and while his province might be struggling, it certainly isn’t with Dad’s famous private jets, which include a 180-seat Boeing 767. The renovation itself cost millions, but wow! now you can enjoy giant plasma screens, beautiful mahogany and walnut furniture accented with real gold. This is truly a jet for billionaires.

Michael O’Leary is environmental enemy number one. You will proudly declare that you intend to increase your carbon emissions by purchasing more celebrity private jets. He argues that the airline only contributes 2% to the world’s carbon emissions and that there are bigger fish to fly.

Celebrity private jets aren’t about to leave the skies anytime soon – in fact, you’re likely to find more of them rather than less, regardless of concerns for the environment and carbon emissions. Heck, if you have it, use it, you only live once. And if you really want to get to the environmental issues, the industry is where we could start!

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Examine the cost of claim financing

In the last article, we examined historical pricing patterns in the trial cash advance financing industry. We also discuss the business dynamics that often change prices in any business that puts capital at risk for profit. Specifically, we mentioned how the settlement loan industry evolved from a company that charges as much as 10% per month as “interest” on lawsuit cash advances to a company where applicants are routinely “financed” for as little as 15%. % per six-month period.

In this post, we examine the costs associated with claim financing and look at them from the perspective of an applicant who is in dire need of cash for whatever reason. From this angle, we can more accurately assess the costs associated with this type of financial relief, only available to those who have a pending lawsuit.

Since everyone’s circumstances are different, weighing the costs of obtaining a lawsuit loan or pre-settlement funds against the future earnings of an individual’s pending case can only be accomplished on a case-by-case basis. For this reason, perhaps the best way to illustrate this point is to use a hypothetical example.

Lawsuit Financing Costs – Hypothetical Example

A 36-year-old plaintiff in a lawsuit is unable to work and support himself and his family due to injuries sustained due to someone else’s negligent driving. Since 2008, the plaintiff has exhausted all other avenues of financial aid. You have borrowed money from your friends and family. You have taken out a home equity loan against the equity in your home. You have gone through your disability payments from work and the other “benefits” you receive do not cover your monthly expenses. You are currently 5 months behind on your mortgage and property tax payments.

Forced with an impending foreclosure proceeding, this plaintiff’s options are limited. For one thing, you can file for bankruptcy, which could save your home but ruin your credit rating for many years. You can hire an attorney for this, but the attorney requires upfront payment for their time and expertise.

Another option is to obtain lawsuit funds to help you with your cash flow problems. Let’s briefly dig a little deeper into the analysis.

Cost comparison

We already discussed the costs associated with lawsuit cash advances. But what about the cost of not being able to pay bills on time, or at all? We may not be able to quantify costs exactly, but we can at least identify some potential problems. For example, defaulting on a mortgage could result in the following “costs” for the homeowner.

1. Moving the Home. The defaulting party must then find refuge. Typically, a rental unit requires the first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit. That’s three months’ rent in advance from the new tenant. Of course, if the person has three months’ rent, they could probably at least delay the foreclosure process. Therefore, there is a liquidity problem in addition to the existing problem. One can easily anticipate multiple “costs” associated with moving a place of residence (eg, moving costs, additional fuel expenses, storage fees, etc.).

2. Credit scores destroyed. Like it or not, this country operates on debt. Who is in debt to who is the oldest and possibly the most profitable game in history. Access to credit is an integral part of the game and is a function of credit scores. Obviously, a foreclosure would seriously hamper a person’s access to credit for car loans, future home purchases, appliances, or even credit cards. Also, even if credit is offered, the interest rates charged will be much higher than would be required otherwise. The above are simply two “costs” faced by the person in our example.


When thinking about the above, it is helpful to weigh the long-term effects of these events. The real problem is how to accurately assess the cost and compare it to obtaining cash advance financing for a lawsuit against a case. Ultimately, the analysis depends on individual circumstances. Fortunately, the lawsuit financing business exists for those who do the research and choose lawsuit loans as a possible solution. Thousands of people make this decision every day. Thank you for your interest in the pre-settlement loan business.

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Do you want a true spiritual elevation? Then experience the sovereign hand of our sovereign God

We are looking to sweep the Bible – to get an overview of what is covered in our Bible – and we are now in week four. In our general reading of the Bible, we see that others swept the Scriptures at times, when they were judged for their faith, Stephen in Acts chapter 7, Paul when he preached in Acts chapter 13, and also when they were judged for their faith in Jesus Christ.

We have covered 2000 years – 500 years – and 200 years – in the first three articles.

We are now in the year 1000 BC. C. and David is the king of Israel.

This is the account of God’s people told from God’s point of view. These Chapters are not merely historical, intellectual or academic, they are relevant for each of us, for all humanity.

These kings had absolute power, unlike the monarch in our land. They made the laws and commanded the armies, without parliament, without voting, without opposition, politically speaking, although there was opposition, and sometimes from the men of God, when the king was evil.

God tells us whether the king was a good king or a bad king, depending on his spiritual qualities. Did he worship the God of Israel, or did he bow down to idols and do evil in the eyes of the Lord?

Were you in favor of morality, justice, integrity, or were these qualities lacking in your life?

We read about what God considers important. God is primarily interested in the beliefs and behavior of leaders.

Under David and Solomon, Israel possessed and occupied most of the land promised to Abraham, from Egypt to the Euphrates.

Solomon asked God for wisdom, and God was pleased to give it to him. I’m sure that’s true of anyone who asks God for wisdom. God also gave Solomon wealth, wealth, fame, and power; people traveled to meet this man of God. The Queen of Sheba was so impressed by the splendor she witnessed in Jerusalem.

He built the temple, and we have recorded his prayer at the dedication. II Chronicles Chapters 6 and 7. I Kings Chapter 8.

Building the Temple involved forced labor and heavy taxes, and the people of the North did not appreciate that all this money was being used in the strangely familiar and modern South. It was a colossal task – planning – skill – over a period of time – faith – with everything in place – and we have our place in the Body of Christ.

Worship was now centralized in Jerusalem. But the day came when the buildings were finished and God was going to dwell in the people, and that happened after Jesus Christ lived, died, was resurrected, ascended, and poured out the Holy Spirit.

These were the days of the Psalms and Proverbs – Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes – literary richness – which became the Word of God.

But then there was a civil war, and God’s people divided, and there were ten tribes in the north and two in the south.

Finally, they were taken captive, around 586 BC. C.

But during these years, God raised up prophets. God put his words in the mouths of men.

Isaiah prophesied after the reign of Uzziah and during the reign of Hezekiah.

Hezekiah was a good king to begin with, and then not so good, II Kings Chapter 18 and Chapter 20.

Jeremiah is a prominent prophet right now, giving us a vivid picture of the condition of the nation and explaining what was about to happen.

Manasseh succeeded Hezekiah – II Kings Chapter 21 – and he was bad – very bad – worshiping Molech – and sacrificing children in the valley south of Jerusalem.

Why do people want to do this when they have a temple for pure and holy worship inspired by God? Ezekiel is also writing and speaking.

Josiah – II Kings Chapter 22 – He was a good king – 23 verses 25 and 26.

When the Babylonians came, they killed King Zedekiah – Chapter 25 verse 7 – having bound him in chains – they made him watch his sons being killed – and then they gouged out his eyes.

The people rejected the Word of God, the Covenant that God made with this chosen people, and the men that God raised up to speak His Word.

Although it is mentioned what will happen – into exile – taken as prisoners to a foreign land – there is always the promise that God will bring them back.

Isaiah 11 ver. 11. Jeremiah Chapters 31 and 33. Ezekiel Chapter 36: 16 and following.

The punishment of exile in Babylon is only for a limited period, although 70 years is a long time.

We set the spiritual example – the tone of a meeting – where we go – can be greatly influenced by our very presence. If we have a leadership role that will be even more marked – since those around us will look for an example.

We also see the dangers of having ties to people who serve foreign ‘gods’.

Elijah asked the people – 1 Kings 18 verse 21 – how long will he waver between two opinions? And we also learn that we may not be as popular with certain people.

In verse 17, King Ahab asks Elijah, “Are you the troublemaker of Israel?”

Josiah reminds us that we must be regular readers of the Bible. If we neglect its truth, we can face consequences similar to those of these people.

But one thing is clear, and that is, the sovereignty of God.

God is in control. God is blessing what can be blessed and dealing with situations that need His Sovereign Hand.

Solomon was great but Jesus Christ is greater. Matthew Chapter 12 verse 42

Just as Jonah spent three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so Jesus would rise again after three days and three nights in the tomb, verse 40.

Jesus met and spoke with Elijah and Moses on the Mount of Transfiguration – Luke Chapter 9 verse 28 – we see how much the Old and New Testaments are intertwined and linked. We need the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Even as we read the Bible, see the Hand of God in your own life, take time to worship and thank Him.

“Almighty God, we see again Your Sovereign Hand, a God who blesses and a God who judges. Open us to the truth of Your Holy Word. Save our lives in these days when many would deviate from the authority of the Old and New Scriptures. Testaments. Help us, Jesus risen and alive. Amen. “

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Impotence, infertility and sterility (Part 1)

Male infertility and impotence and female infertility and infertility are major problems and concerns today and are widespread. Impotence, infertility and sterility are sexual dysfunctions or dysfunctions of the reproductive system. They are degenerative diseases and therefore are caused by poor or improper diet and lifestyle and can therefore be reversed. They are also psychological (and mental) illnesses and, again, they can be reversed.

In the traditional form of Djehuty, I always start with or I like to start by defining and breaking down a thing or word so that the meaning can be digested in the mind.

What is impotence?

Impotence derives from the Latin word impotentia [Lat: im “not,” and potentia power]. 1. weakness. 2. inability of the adult male to achieve an erection of the penis or, less frequently, to ejaculate after having achieved an erection. Several ways are recognized. Functional impotence has a psychological basis. Anatomical impotence is the result of physically defective genitalia. Atonic impotence implies an altered neuromuscular function. Poor health, age, drugs, and fatigue can inhibit normal sexual function. SOURCE: Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 3rd Edition (1990)

Basically impotence implies that a man lacks the power to achieve an erection or cannot maintain an erection or cannot maintain an erection long enough to ejaculate. This is a very serious problem if a couple wants to conceive a child and start a family.

A penis must be at a 90 ° angle (erect state) to help create and reproduce life by penetrating the female vagina. Impotence leaves the penis at a 0 ° to 33 ° angle, which just isn’t going to do the job. Numerology (study of numbers) testifies that number 9 is the number of life and number 90 is: 9 + 0, which is equal to 90, since any number multiplied by zero is equal to that particular number or specific. A woman normally carries a child in her womb for 9 months. Mathematically, the number 9 is the reproduction number of the number 9 is the only number that when you calculate it (or multiply it) by another number, it will be equal to the number 9. Example:

9 X 2 = 18, which is 1 and 8, and 1 + 8 = 9

9 X 5 = 45, which is 4 and 5, and 4 +5 = 9

9 X 12 = 108, which is 1, 0 and 8, and 1 + 0 + 9 = 9

Try it yourself! Just multiply (or multiply) any number by the number 9 and see what the final result is when you add all those numbers.

Devout Western religious brethren, contrary to what you believe or have been wrongly taught, especially my beloved Christian brethren, numerology is NOT of the devil or demonic in nature. Numerology deals with mathematics, which is the language of God. We are in the Age of Aquarius and we must metaphysically cope with the times or perish because I believe that we can all witness that what we have is not working or working optimally and God is not a half step by step. With God, it’s all or nothing. Then you cannot be a God hugger and be plagued with so many pathologies, illnesses and disorders and personal and social dramas of life to the point that they rob you of an abundant life and optimal health, or furthermore, that you cannot solve all of them. these dramas (problems) of life. The problems are solved (solved). I do not intend to make anyone feel bad or depressed, but I have a duty to encourage people to think to stimulate them and to propel them to action, because religious faith bears witness to actions. Jesus Himself instructed the Christian believer and follower not to be a hearer of the word, but a DOER of the word. The word “do” implies ACTION!

So men, in order to reproduce (in many cases, yourself through the birth of a child or male child), cannot be powerless and must be able to achieve a 90 ° angle for penetration of the sacred cave of life (vagina, Yoni). The penis in erect state at 90 ° vibratoryly proclaims the secret password in the sacred cave of life, whose password was “Open, sesame”, which was related to the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) word seshemu, which meant “sexual intercourse”. The hieroglyphic sign for seshemu was a penis inserted into an arched yoni symbol.

So what causes impotence? The number one cause, without a doubt, is poor diet and lifestyle. Excessive consumption of meat (dead animal meat), dairy (liquefied cow mucus or mucus) and starch play a fundamental role in impotence. Starch, by far, would have to be the first thing to leave alone to reverse impotence. Starch is that material that dry cleaners use to stiffen your clothes. If the starch makes your clothes hard, what do you think the starch will do to your penis? So cut back or cut down on our starchy foods (white rice, yellow corn, white potatoes, etc.). Eat brown or wild rice (black), blue corn, and colored potatoes (red, purple).

Meat and dairy will put animal fat and cholesterol in your body, greatly affecting circulation throughout your body, including the male genitalia. The penis is a sponge (organ made up of tissue) that is made erect by the veins of the penis that circulate oxygen and blood, causing it to swell and create a girth (roundness of the head of the penis) that is important for stimulate the vagina during intercourse or lovemaking. American men would do well to refrain from eating foods rich in fats and fatty oils. Your sex life depends on it!

I can’t forget to eat eggs (female chicken eggs). Eggs create toxicity in the body and also cause a hormonal imbalance in males.

Protein? Unnatural sources of protein (meat, eggs, etc.) cause toxicity and excess uric acid in the body. Protein misuse is the number one cause of food-based cancer development in the body. What are meat and dairy in technical terms? PROTEIN!

As a street minister in the day or my embryonic consciousness days, I used to warn young African American males to drop off certain brands of beer (Old English, St. Ides, etc.) and fried chicken sold exclusively in urban areas. black. because the chemical “potassium nitrate” is heavily mixed in these products to slow the birth rates or population growth of African Americans who were deemed useless, expendable, or undesirable eaters by government eugenicists working undercover in the industry food. Potassium nitrate was once used in the power of the American military apparatus. Potassium nitrate is commonly known as “saltpeter” which weakens the penis. The United States government allowed this substance in the food of male military personnel to help curb the high rate of rape of foreign women by the United States military. Potassium nitrate is a highly controversial topic with some agreeing that it has an adverse effect on the male apparatus (penis) and others disagreeing. Based on my research, I agree that it does, in fact, have an adverse effect on the male apparatus.

You may believe it or not, but impotence is very high among African American men today. There are still a lot of stallions and Mandingos, but there are also a lot of Willie Lump Lumps. I know this first hand, because I am a herbalist and I receive many requests for help in this area from men, young and old alike. And yes, these men are very ashamed of their situation, because they unconsciously know that it is a basic and primary function.

While the impotence rates for African American men are high these days, the impotence rates for white or European men are even higher. Impotence was always a fancy disease for the most part because it was rich men who could afford to eat steak, smoke the best cigars, snort the best quality cocaine, and drink the best wines on a daily basis. All of these played and do play an important role in impotence.

Smoking cigarettes and marijuana will make an erection difficult. The by-product of smoking is carbon monoxide, which has an affinity for blood ten times that of oxygen. Cigarettes and drugs cause degeneration of the sexual gland and the reproductive system. The result is impotence or low sperm count.

Drinking alcoholic beverages causes penis weakness and also causes degeneration of the male reproductive system. Remember, American wine is processed with ether (sleeping gas) and formaldehyde (embalming fluid). So how is a man going to be conscious and alive for intercourse if his eyes are bloodshot red and droopy (drowsy) and his penis cannot become erect due to being stiff from being indirectly embalmed? Billboards, especially those in urban areas and communities, always promote alcohol use and sex. It is true that there is a lot of sex when people get drunk, but what is the quality of that sex? And God forbid, what kind of child is conceived from that sex and mental state?

Over a long period of time, drinking alcohol will greatly sabotage a man’s ability to perform in the sexual act. It is already an established fact that alcohol affects motor skills and coordination, two functions of the brain and I have always said that the most important sexual organ is not between the leg of a man or a woman, but between their ears: the brain! The brain is the motor or device that controls sexuality.

Men should also refrain from wearing tight underwear (boxer shorts) and start wearing boxers. Poor circulation due to suffocation of the testicles leads to low sperm count and production, as well as penile weakness (impotence).

And lastly, on this note, excessive and mindless sex will undoubtedly cause premature degeneration of the male reproductive system.

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How do you speak, eat and live in a language that you are learning?

From teacher to student

To clear things up, I’ll confess: As a teacher, I was a bit self-righteous in telling students how easy it was to learn English. Then I arrived in Chile in July 2010 and the only words I knew were Hello there and friends. Would what you had been telling the students to do work on the other side of the language learning experience?

Come with me while I live, eat and speak what I preach.


I rearranged my life so that Spanish became the center of attention. The language learning formula is that you will quickly be able to read and follow what is happening. The context will help you even if you don’t understand every word. Then you will be able to understand more and more what people are talking about. If you keep going, you may start talking like an 18-month-old, but the vocabulary will develop. Writing is the most difficult. Even people who speak the language very well rarely write like native speakers.


So how do I live Spanish? When I get up in the morning I tune in to the radio and / or television of RTVE from Madrid on my laptop. There are no commercials and the announcers speak in a clear and crisp voice. If the people you are listening to speak well, it is much easier to follow the conversation.

And when you actually listen, you will begin to hear how many words are, in fact, the same as in English, but with a different pronunciation. English emphasizes the first syllable; Spanish the penultimate.

Another advantage is that the news is repeated, so what I miss the first time I will see more in the second round. My usual station is 24 hours outdoor radio – live. I became fluent in economics since 23 of the 24 hours are dedicated to discussing the financial crisis in Spain.

For television newscasts, look at the mouth of the announcer. Remember that deaf people are learning to speak now, so pay attention and imitate. Sports broadcasts are also good listening exercises, as vocabulary is limited.

Now I only listen to Spanish music. And only watch Spanish movies. Subtitles, which makes it a waste of time since you are reading in English instead of listening in the target language, is not a problem on RTVE. If your family and neighbors complain about the gongs and wailing of the Chinese opera you are listening to or watching, get headphones and unplug them.

For the first few months, when I was reading the news in Spanish on the BBC, I really didn’t know much about what was happening on the news. But once I was able to follow it, I realized that I hadn’t missed much anyway. However, my reading skills improved.

I’ve been keeping a diary since August 1981. So I force myself to write a little bit in Spanish every day. It’s not great literature, but it’s fun to reread it after a few months and spot the mistakes. When I read or write, I try to focus on the verbs. More on this later.

To experience the language, also visit local food festivals, multicultural events, language exchange programs, and Internet offerings. Even if you want to learn rather obscure languages, such as Khmer or Inuit, there are online resources ready and waiting.


Studying Spanish, and one should experience the culture, is much more fun with a glass of Chilean sauvignon blanc in one hand and some tapas in the other. The same goes for the steak and Malbec at midnight. In fact, after a couple of glasses of High floor wine I get a lot talking.

While at the bookstore, grab a cookbook in the target language and prepare some dishes. If in doubt about the ingredients, check with a translation program, as you don’t want a cup of sugar in your soup. Next, put on some music, pour a drink, light some candles, and mentally transport yourself to the country of your target language.


Once you get past the growl stage on a single noun, it’s time to tackle the verbs so you can talk to people. Although memorizing how to conjugate verbs rivals getting a root canal, all languages ​​revolve around these stubborn little creatures. No verbs, no action. End of story, so go ahead and accept the verbs as friends.

Make verb learning a fun activity to say a sentence in the present, past, and future. Then reward yourself with a sip of saki if you’re learning Japanese. Read a passage and underline all the verbs.

Also write down what time they are in: past, present, future. Suddenly you will have a “eureka” and patterns will start to appear. Everything will start to make sense. And when that happens, eat out at your restaurant in the target language. Hopefully, the waiters at the Korean cafe will be able to talk to you.

To learn to speak well, you have to practice every day. When I started working as a teacher at the University of Waikato, I used to practice my lessons in front of a full-length mirror. By observing myself, I learned how I presented myself to the 400 radiant sophomores in the auditorium. Now I do the same with Spanish. And it’s also a good thing, since I now live in Phnom Penh and Spanish speakers are not readily available.

I would pour a glass of wine, pull up a chair in front of the mirror, and review my day. Topics include what I did and what I will do tomorrow. Sometimes I just walk away and talk about whatever. I take my Spanish book with me so that I can consult it, especially the verbs, when I need it.

Okay, it might sound a bit strange, but trust me it works. Another option is to record yourself. If you are concerned that other people might think you need a mental health evaluation, tell them that you are trying out a role in the Ukrainian play. As long as you have a cover story, no one ever asks.

Learning another language is mental gymnastics. The more practice, the better you will get. In short, live, eat and talk and it will be more fun.

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Smoke your meat and hug your inner caveman

As I write this, I can smell the fragrant goodness of mesquite and hickory mixed with country-style pork ribs and the intoxicating meatiness of sirloin-tip roast. My Masterbuilt electric smoker spews clouds of white smoke into the suburban network and I am disturbing my neighbors with the aroma of freshly smoked meat. Today is a celebration of the meat.

Meat. Love it. A luxurious and delicious frontal lobe benefit. Man is more intelligent than other animals, therefore, he will make a spear, kill what he needs and roast it over the fire. I am an unapologetic apex predator and when in this mindset, there is no amount of tofu, fresh veggies, or nuts to satisfy my craving for the fatty, lustful, carnal craving for freshly smoked meat.

I don’t care what meat it is. Game, beef, poultry or lamb, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I crave meat. I am comfortable with my carnal desires and the sins of smoked meat.

It’s like an ancient caveman jumps into the cockpit of my brain and takes over. I call him Gug. Gug is my friend and although his language skills are not very good, we understand him. The meat is good. Fire is your friend. Cook the meat with firewood.

The smoker must have come from the Home Shopping Network. It is a Christmas present from my wife that I received many moons ago. My ancestor Gug approves of the ease of turning the electric thermostat to the perfect cooking temperature, although he doesn’t understand how it works. Gug also enjoys drinking some iced pineapple liqueur with me as I write this article. Life is good for us knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

Gug doesn’t understand the idea of ​​looking for food in a grocery store with a stainless steel cart. Your small, undeveloped brain gets confused with such strange ideas. Gug evolved to hunt, gather, eat, and breed.

Gug is a good friend. It links me to my past. Long before political correctness, childhood obesity, and lean tofu, there was Gug. There are moments as a man when it’s important to ignore my inner caveman. Gug can get me in trouble. Gug needs to stay home during weddings, cocktails and heated discussions with PETA supporters. I’m not ashamed of my inner Neanderthal and my love of meat. It’s just that you can’t wear a loincloth all the time and be taken seriously.

I check the digital thermometer and see that the meat is a perfect medium raw. I rest the meat and pat Gug’s hand. Gug wants to eat now. He growls and has a puzzled expression on his face as I begin to grind coriander, parsley, lemon juice, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil in the blender to make a chimichurri sauce to complement the meat.

Country ribs need a little more smoking, so I open another jar of cold moonshine. This time it’s apple pie and Gug grins a big toothless grin. No hurry. I smile too and wait patiently for a slight breeze to blow under my loincloth. This is a wonderful meat-inspired caveman Sunday.

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Before They Were Famous: The 10 Most Famous Truck Drivers

Actors, athletes, and mass murderers – it takes all kinds to drive trucks. With brief details of their involvement in the trade and subsequent celebrity, here’s a countdown of the top 10 stars who worked as truck drivers before becoming famous, with varying degrees of success.

# 10 Chris Tarrant:

This radio and television host, best known for hosting the television game show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’, Did several jobs before finding his place on television. Tarrant’s previous roles include long-distance truck driver, safety officer, and school teacher.

# 9 Chris Eubank:

Chris Eubank stands out as the only member of our list who has started driving trucks. after He became famous. In October 2003, a politically motivated Eubank descended on Whitehall in his personal heavy vehicle to protest the war in Iraq. The former world middleweight boxer champion ended up being arrested for blocking the front doors to Downing Street, driving through Parliament Square honking his horn, knife in his pocket, and getting into a delivery van.

# 8 Rock Hudson:

Hudson was a popular American television and film actor and romantic leading man in the 1950s and 1960s. During World War II, Hudson served as a Navy aircraft mechanic and after the war as a truck driver. His size and good looks led him to the movies.

# 7 Chevy Chase:

Our Number Seven is an Emmy Award-winning American comedian, writer, and film and television actor. Before his breakthrough as a comedian, Chase worked as a trucker, taxi driver, motorcycle courier, waiter, busboy, construction worker, audio engineer, production manager at a supermarket, salesman at a wine store, and usher at theater.

# 6 Clara long distance:

The only woman on our list and, unfortunately, Clara, a fictional monster driver, was the star of the ’80s children’s cartoon’ Pigeon Street ‘. Some see Larga Distancia Clara as an anonymous feminist icon: her marriage to chef Hugo demonstrated a refreshing shift from gender stereotypes.

# 5 Charles Bronson:

Charles Bronson was an American ‘tough guy’ role actor who made his name starring in several major Hollywood movies, including ‘The Great Escape’ and ‘The Dirty Dozen’. Before becoming famous, Bronson was drafted into the military and assigned to the Air Corps in 1943. He started out as a truck driver and then trained as a pilot, winning awards for good service.

# 4 Richard Pryor:

Pryor was the first African-American comedian to speak frankly to mixed audiences using the language and jokes of the black community. She worked numerous jobs before achieving fame, including truck driving and meat packing.

# 3 Liam Neeson:

Liam Neeson is a movie star best known for his role as Oskar Schindler in the 1993 blockbuster “Schindler’s List.” Irish-born Neeson once worked as a truck driver and forklift operator for Guinness, assistant architect and amateur boxer.

# 2 Sean Connery:

This retired Scottish actor is best known for playing James Bond in seven Bond films. Heartthrob Connery joined the Royal Navy after leaving school, but was discharged for medical reasons. He went on to a succession of jobs, including truck driver, laborer, and lifeguard.

# 1 Elvis Presley:

The American singer, musician, actor, and cultural icon took up truck driving as one of his jobs after graduation. The future ‘King’ was driving a truck for the aptly named ‘Crown Electric Company’. Presley even started wearing her longer hair in a ‘ducktail’ – the truck driver’s style at the time. One musician a young Elvis Presley auditioned for advised him to “just drive a truck, because you’ll never make it as a singer.”

The Mass Killer – Peter Sutcliffe:

Possibly the most evil and unhinged presence in truck driving history, the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ is too nasty to make our top 10. Between 1975 and 1984, this truck driver and former gravedigger killed 13 women in a five-year period. year of reign of terror before being sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison. In his arrest, Sutcliffe claimed that God had told him to go out and kill prostitutes. A sad stain on the good name of truck driving.

Celebrities Who Were Truckers Before They Were Famous – A heady mix of talent, eccentric, obnoxious, and downright brilliant. Who knows what magical creatures sit behind the wheels of our country’s trucks today?

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Five dollar buffets in Las Vegas

Let me tell you, if you are in Sin City, buying a local newspaper or browsing local magazines will reward you with deals from some buffets. If you are unsure, you can often read or hear about such offers before even checking the newspapers. Once we found coupons for dollar buffets for Palace Station. Even if it’s not the best buffet in town, what can you eat or drink for a dollar these days?

The Palace Station Buffet, Palms Buffet, Main Street Station Buffet, and occasionally the Stratosphere, LV Hilton, Gold Coast and Orleans buffets will offer specials (always mid-week, never on weekends) where you can eat. for about five dollars per person; a great bargain these days. There are other establishments off the Strip that give you these great deals and you really need to be on the lookout when in this city. These deals are advertised on their own websites, published in local newspapers or magazines (some of them are free and can be found everywhere in this city) or even on large billboards while driving around this city. Always watch where you are going because very often there are specials off the Strip. During the week, you will never have to eat at any buffet off the Strip for less than $ 10, often less if you have a player card.

Let me explain: a rewards card or a player card will allow you to enjoy “member rates”. For example, an already cheap buffet like Gold Coast often lowers its rates even further for ‘members’. You may have to pay a little over five bucks, but you’re essentially guaranteed to eat for next to nothing at most establishments off the Strip.

The Stratosphere complex (which is on the Strip, albeit on the north side) occasionally also has specials and, with the very good Main Street Station, they actually offer good food for a low price.

Based on what you can find, Orleans and Gold Coast are very popular with seniors and locals (they have specials that are easier for locals to find); If you are not looking for gourmet food, here you will eat well enough for a low price. The salad section is probably the poorest of the sections, but all other sections include the average food you are used to finding at average (or low-end) buffets, such as a small section American, Mexican, Asian, pasta, pizza and some cooked vegetables (not many) or soups.

The Main Street station is, among the low-cost buffets, by far the best in Las Vegas. In fact, it offers a great selection of dishes and the quality is better than the other low-priced buffets.

LV Hilton is a very small buffet, but it offers very good daily grilled fish, seafood, mountains of artichokes (in a decent salad section), and delicious rice pudding. If you are not after eating a wide variety of foods, this may be a good option if you are in the area.

Palace Station Buffet: Probably one of the low-priced buffets in the city. Digging through your purse for coins is likely to give you enough money to pay for this buffet. Therefore, considering what we have just said, your expectations will not be disappointed. It is better than you would expect, considering the price. Here they line up for made-to-order burgers and fries, for example, although you can enjoy roast beef, a decent salad section, and a few other dishes too (they change quite frequently) including the ubiquitous pasta, Mexican dishes, Asian dishes, and the rest.

The Palms used to be a large buffet, but they recently lowered their prices to appeal to locals and unfortunately also decided to offer lower quality food than before. Everything was too salty or just undercooked, at least not to our liking. If they solve this problem, this may be a good option if you are in the area.

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Signs that you haven’t gotten over your ex-wife

Loving a man who has not gotten over his ex-wife can be really painful. You love him without reservation while he loves you half. He may profess his love for you, but you have the feeling that his heart does not fully belong to you. What are the signs that you haven’t gotten over your ex-wife?

I. He feels a lot for her. Whatever it is that separated them, he still has a strong feeling for her. He gets angry and frustrated at the mere mention of her name. He just can’t talk to her without getting excited … she just drives him crazy … a clear sign that he hasn’t gotten over her.

ii. It still bothers him what she did (or didn’t do).A man who has not gotten over his ex-wife will continue to bring up the things (or things) his ex-wife did to contribute to the breakup. You may even angrily blame her for what she did or didn’t do in the relationship.

iii. He wants to know things about your love relationships. A man who has not gotten over his ex-wife will want to know who he is dating, where they are going, what they do together, etc. Any news of his ex-wife’s love interest captivates him … and sometimes he seeks that information through the vine or by looking at her (stalking her?).

iv. You compare yourself to your new love interests. A man who has not gotten over his ex-wife will wonder what she sees in new boys. He’ll keep looking down on his ex-wife’s new guys almost like he’s the best she’s ever had … and nothing will compare to him. He’s not being arrogant … he just can’t believe she’s gotten over him and replaced him in her life as he still had hopes of being with her again.

v. Compares you unfavorably with her. One sign that you haven’t gotten over your ex-wife is that from time to time you mention how well your ex-wife did this or that … sometimes it just slips out of your mouth. He still sees her as a great person … and you’re still not up to the task. In time, he may see your great qualities, but right now he is still in love with his ex-wife.

A man who has not gotten over his ex-wife will still have strong feelings for her that will manifest in his actions and speech.