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A survey of figures of speech found Rilke’s poetry

Rilke is a famous German poet who has modernized poetry. His poems are intensely subjective and poetically lyrical. He has written on many topics such as religion, elegies, nature and love.

‘I find you Lord in all things and in everything, in a small seed and you sleep in the small’. This is a beautiful metaphorical comparison. God is placed inside a small seed. We can also look at this metaphor from the Bible. For example: if you have faith as a mustard seed’. God sleeps in the seed and makes it grow and flourish.

“A wonderful game that plays the power groping in the roots and growing thick in the trunks and in the tops of the trees as if rising from the dead.” Here the power is compared to the resurrection of the dead. It may be that Rilke intrudes on religion. It is true in Christianity that the dead will rise and be resurrected. The roots and trunks of the trees are considered raised and resurrected.

A simile used by Rilke is: ‘a star that shines like a white city’. This is a beautiful comparison, so moving with richness and depth of thought.

‘Lord it’s time; the huge summer has passed, now you superimpose the sundials with your shadows’. Here Rilke refers to the fact that God is present with the temporality of the spaces of time.

‘The sky puts on its dark blue coat’. This is a beautiful metaphor that suggests the end of the afternoon and the arrival of night.

‘Every morning when the sunlight enters your house, you welcome it like a friend.’ Rilke is using personification. Sunlight is represented in anthropomorphic terms.

‘Blood is the hardest, hard as stone.’ The metaphor shows that humans are cold-blooded and have no human feelings.

‘My soul has no garden, no sun in it hangs on my twisted skeleton and terrified flaps its wings.’ Here Rilke uses multiple metaphors to bring out the anguish of the body. There is no garden of beauty in the soul; there is no shining sun on Rilke’s body. Through this metaphor, Rilke brings out the pathos of the human body.

My hands aren’t much use; They are like toads after the rain. All your features pass in simile’. Here Rilke is talking about a dwarf. The simile like frogs in the rain is disconcerting and I think it is incongruous.

‘However, entirely images like the ark of God.’ The ark of God refers to the tabernacle of God. It may be that it is a simile alluding to the purity of the body.

‘Whirling faster and faster, she blows her dress into passionate flames from which, like frightened rat-snakes, long bare arms uncoil.’ Here Rilke refers to a dancer. The comparison is interesting. Her dress is like flames and her arms are like rat-snakes.

‘His senses felt as if they were split in two; the sight of him would breed before him like a dog.’ This simile is crazy. Does Rilke mean that he will be able to see quickly?

‘She had reached a new virginity and was untouchable; her sex had closed like a young flower at dusk’. The comparison, a simile between the girl and the flower is interesting.

“We cannot recognize his legendary head with eyes like ripe fruit, and yet his torso is still awash with brilliance from within like a lamp.” Here Rilke is making similes about the god Apollo. His eyes are bright and dazzling. Apollo’s torso is compared to a shining lamp.

‘A screech, envy shakes the parrot’s cage.’ Here Rilke is using the figure of speech called personification.

The gravity of some ancient discontent has set you back in measurable time; this often brings me out of a dreamless sleep at night, like a thief climbing through my window. Here the comparison made between sleeping being a thief is confusing. The simile is not without sensitivity.

‘You, beloved, who are all the gardens, that I have ever contemplated’. This metaphor is similar to the romantic verses of King Solomon, the Song of Songs.

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What is the difference between a detox and a cleanse?

What started all the questions about detoxing and cleansing?

Ever since Spiro and I just completed the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, many people have been asking us what the diet was all about. In a nutshell, it’s a three-week program that removes all the toxins from your body and ends up eating a raw, organic diet. Each week, take different supplements that support the transition. I know what you’re saying, forget it. It was hard but we both felt amazing and really want to keep eating this way. It was a great experience and we are so glad we did. The reboot was basically a detox diet. In this post, I will explain the difference between a detox and a cleanse and follow up with posts that provide more detail on the different types of detoxes and cleanses out there.

detoxification and cleansing

For centuries, body purification has been an inseparable part of our rituals for good health and well-being. The various processes that occur within the body and the substances that enter it generate toxins that are a threat to your internal system. Harmful substances include cholesterol, irritants, excess fat, sugar, smoking, biological waste, and synthetic chemicals. Some, or all, enter your body from various sources, such as a polluted environment, processed foods, and unhealthy habits. If these harmful substances continue to build up inside your system, they can put you at risk for a deadly disease.

There’s a fine line between a detox (or “detox” as it’s called) and a cleanse. People generally use these terms interchangeably to indicate that they are trying to get rid of waste or dirt from the body. However, detoxification and cleansing are very different processes. Although they both aim to help the body get rid of toxins, they work on different areas of the body and on different toxins as well.


Detoxification refers to the body’s natural process of removing or neutralizing toxic materials from cells, tissues, organs, and the bloodstream. It works to remove toxins from the bloodstream, various organs in the body, the skin, and also the liver and kidneys. A liver or kidney detox is usually accompanied by cleansing procedures to ensure best results. Detoxification includes ingredients incorporated into a person’s daily diet. These dietary inclusions are specifically intended to eradicate toxins. Detoxification, being a relatively simple process, can be made a part of your daily regimen. Detoxification targets chemicals, smoke, metals, pollutants, stones, and even fatty deposits that build up in the body and pose harm. Adopting some detox ingredients in your daily diet has positive benefits including better health, beautiful skin, relief from aches and pains, and less anxiety or depression caused by hormonal imbalance. Detoxification can be incorporated into your daily life by simply choosing to eat fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber foods. Avoid eating processed and/or packaged foods; chips, cereals, frozen diet meals, etc.


The cleanse focuses on the digestive tract (the organ from the mouth to the anus) and does a typical colon cleansing job. The cleanse uses a particular program or component for the procedure, i.e. teas, fiber supplements, etc. It targets debris, fungus (like Candida), parasites, and harmful bacteria inside your bowls. Both detoxification and cleansing have several similar benefits. Cleansing is a safe process to keep your digestive tract and colon healthy and your body disease-free.

Our Ultimate Reset experience

I have to say that since Spiro and I did our Reset, we don’t have the cravings we used to. We were eating very satisfying foods that were very satisfying, but we were still “thinking” that we needed to eat something else. Most of us are raised to eat meat, fish, etc. and have a side of salad, vegetables, potato, rice, etc. With the reboot, we learned to really focus on all of our veggies first and add from there. Now that we can eat other foods, we don’t want to. It’s funny, the first day we broke up, Spiro got one of our favorite things; a Costco roast chicken. Did you know? She didn’t hit the nail on the head like we thought she would. crazy huh? In just three short weeks, our taste buds have changed and whole food is what we crave. Now we just have to work on changing our way of thinking. 😉 That’s always the hard part. So what do you think? Think you’re ready to do a cleanse or detox?

One last note: It’s a good idea to talk to your Doctor before starting any program. They can help you determine which one is best for you, as well as how often to participate in that program.

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Do you have difficulty incorporating vegan food into a Paleo diet?

When you stop to think about the dire health conditions in the United States and other parts of the world due to our diet choices, you realize how much damage we have done to ourselves. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women. Preventable heart attacks account for the majority of these deaths. 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese. 1/3 of all American children are overweight or obese, and obesity is increasingly being diagnosed at very young ages.

We eat like there is no tomorrow, and then we pay the price, and not just individually but as a society when health care costs run into the billions due to preventable conditions.

The vegetable alternative

Approximately 16 million Americans currently follow a vegetarian diet, and many of them are vegan, meaning they do not consume any animal products or by-products (milk, honey, eggs).

Celebrities, world leaders, nutritionists, doctors, and children live healthy, energetic lives as a result of a plant-based diet. They enjoy heart health, lower body weight, and lower insulin resistance.

Unbeknownst to many, Bill Clinton, former Democratic President of the United States, suffered from heart disease. He announced in 2011 that he had miraculously reversed his heart disease, and had done so on a strict meatless diet. Recent research has been shown to support Clinton’s claim.

Oxford University conducted a large study and the results of the study revealed that following a strict vegetarian diet reduces the risk of hospitalization due to heart disease complications and the risk of death from heart disease, both by almost 1/3.

Study Results

45,000 participants took part in the study conducted by health and diet experts from the University of Oxford. About 34% of the study participants followed strict vegetarian diets. (In this particular study, a vegetarian was defined as an individual who abstained from consuming both meat and fish.)

Those who participated in the study were followed for more than 10 years, while the researchers collected information on their dietary choices, exercise habits, alcohol consumption and other variables that could potentially impact heart disease risk.

The researchers who conducted the study found that even after controlling for other factors, study participants who followed strict vegetarian diets were significantly less likely to develop or succumb to heart disease.

Francesca Crowe, PhD, of the University of Oxford was the lead author of the study. In a statement, she said: “Most of the difference in risk is probably due to effects on both cholesterol and blood pressure.” In her statement, she added: “This demonstrates the important role of diet in preventing heart disease.”

Research by Oxford University experts also revealed that study participants who followed a strict vegetarian diet tended to have a lower body mass index than non-vegetarians, and were also less likely to have diabetes.

More benefits of following a vegetarian diet

This most recent study was one of the largest studies ever conducted to examine the cardiovascular benefits of following a vegetarian diet; however, it’s not exactly breaking news that a meatless diet is associated with a multitude of health benefits.

For example, another recent study followed about 37,000 adults and found that by eating at least one vegetarian meal a day, you can reduce your risk of dying from cancer by about 20%.

Other research has shown that, compared to meat eaters, people who follow a vegetarian diet:

• Have a reduced risk of foodborne illness

• Experience less severe symptoms of menopause

• Have a longer overall shelf life

• Have better insulin resistance

• They weigh less and are less likely to be obese

Even if you’re not ready to give up your favorite burger just yet, you can still reap the health benefits of incorporating a few more meat-free, heart-healthy foods into your overall diet. Choose plant foods more often. Fill your plate with healthy vegetables and whole grains. Eat raw whole foods.

Some examples of some delicious foods to consider are:

• Avocado

• Berries

• Walnuts

• Seeds

• Lentils

• Green leafy vegetables

• Red, yellow, purple and green vegetables

• Quinoa

• Sweet potatoes

• Steel Cut Oats

• Soy milk and soy beans

• Much more

Consider eating one or two meatless meals a week, and cut meat off your plate whenever you can.

Replace that meat with black beans, kidney beans, chick peas, and other beans that have virtually no fat. Choose fruit for dessert instead of baked goods and raw vegetables for snacks.

Choose a fresh fruit and protein powder shake for three lunches a week instead of a burger or chicken lunch.

Small changes can go a long way, and maybe at some point you’ll cut out meat altogether.

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Advantages and disadvantages of giving gift cards

As the most convenient way to fulfill our ‘gifting’ obligations, gift cards have become very popular ever since they were introduced to modern consumers. Quite simply, all you have to do is walk up to the counter of a popular department store, clothing store or restaurant and buy yourself that little piece of cardboard or plastic with a denomination on it. You give that card to the person you have in mind, and that’s it: all your worries about your budget, choosing the right sweater size or the perfect scent or color, everything is taken care of! You don’t even have to worry about wrapping it. Today’s gift cards come in really cute designs to suit the occasion or season. Some gift cards come in many great designs and colors that you can choose from, from Dalmatian dogs, flowers, or anything you can think of. With that, you can even choose a particular design that suits the personality and taste of the person you are giving it to. Those are just a few of the many advantages of gift cards.

There’s even more…

They then made gift cards available for online orders, making it more convenient for any busy shopper. With just a few clicks of the mouse, it cuts your Christmas list in half. Wait a couple of days for the cards to arrive at your home, then you can start passing them out to your loved ones. You can even choose to have the cards sent directly to the recipient’s mailbox, with a short greeting from you. Especially for distant relatives and friends whose interests you are not so familiar with, gift cards give them the freedom of how to use them and what to use them on. When you have nieces and nephews in the next city or state and you’re pretty sure how much they’ve grown, the gift card would also put the money you intended for them to better use, as picking them out a sweater that doesn’t fit them just kills your money. present and is expected to end up pushed to the back of the closet or in the garage. That saves the recipient from having to go back to the store and change the size or color, or worse yet, return it.

In addition to convenience, these little plastic pieces are also very practical if you think about it. Not only from the point of view of the giver, but also from the point of view of the receiver, since these things are good as cash. They can decide what to choose from that particular store, online store, or what they want to eat at that particular restaurant. They also don’t need to worry about how to make that fake smile look as genuine as possible when they get that bright purple sweater with weird patterns.

The disadvantages

People also have different views about receiving gift cards. Others believe that it is very impersonal.

Other than that, many people who get them never use them at all. Either because they forgot to use it before the expiration date, they forgot where they put it, or they may not be very interested in shopping at the particular store that issued the card. Some other reasons some people don’t use their gift card is that they don’t have time to travel several miles to the nearest store that accepts the card. One thing donors should consider before buying a retailer-specific card from someone is to check to see if the recipient lives in a place where there are no big department stores or chain restaurants. Statistics show that about 8 to 10 percent of purchased gift cards go unredeemable.

When gift cards contain an expiration date, recipients would have to run to the issuing store to make use of it. Otherwise, the value of the card goes down, or they would have to pay a certain amount for its replacement. With only a third of recipients redeeming within 30 days, imagine how many stores are benefiting from these cards. However, most gift cards today no longer expire. People have also become wise and have learned many tricks to make the most of the gift cards they receive. With the competition getting tighter, better deals and features come with most of these cards. Just do some reading before you buy them to make sure the recipient really enjoys their little gift.

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10 tips to get your ex back

If you are reading this series of articles, chances are you are on the wrong side of a divorce/breakup. Chances are the relationship ended before you were ready to let it go. No matter which side of the breakup you’re on, breaking up is never easy. After a breakup, it’s not uncommon to have separation anxiety and wish things would go back to the way they were.

Getting your ex back is a slippery slope and not always successful. It’s no wonder the term get my ex back, get my ex back, how to get my ex back, or any similar combination is Googled over a million times a month. There are many people who are looking for answers on how to recover the love of their life. The sad reality is that most of these searches will produce results full of gadgets, tricks, and mind games that, at best, will temporarily attract the attention of the love you are trying to win.

For a longer-lasting result that will make your ex fall in love with you again, you should look no further than yourself for the answers. It is extremely important to understand that attraction is not a choice! I’ll say it again. Attraction is not a choice. Although there are numerous factors that affect attraction, the one thing that is certain is that attraction is an emotion and not a decision.

So what does that mean?

Since we should all agree that attraction is not a choice and that it is an emotion that is felt, then we should look at what makes someone attractive to the opposite sex. Without a doubt, the most attractive trait in the opposite sex, whether it is their attraction to a man or a woman, is confidence. So how do you develop trust? I’m glad you asked, as it’s a very good question, but it doesn’t get asked very often.

Confidence develops when you connect with who you are. Let me explain. Have you ever met someone who wasn’t the most beautiful person, but still had an extremely attractive way of being? That is trust. When someone feels so comfortable with themselves and connected to who they are, the traditional things that society labels as attractive go out the window. It is as if they somehow defy the laws of attraction.

So let’s apply this to your situation. The fact that you are on the wrong side of a breakup is probably due to the fact that your partner is no longer attracted to you. I know this sounds harsh and there are probably hundreds of reasons why you feel like the relationship has fallen apart. However, if you search hard enough, you’ll find that the core of the problem usually revolves around attraction.

Since confidence is found by those who are comfortable with themselves and confidence equals attraction, your goal is to attract your ex back. So the answer may lie in reconnecting with yourself and once again becoming comfortable with who you are. It is through this process that your ex will see you in a new light. But here is the best part. By the time you evolve to this level of trust, you may find that you are no longer interested in your ex, as you may have opened up a world of new possibilities.

However, first things first. The starting point of this journey is to create a separation between you and your ex. The first 30 days are the most critical and often the most painful. During these first 30 days, you’ll need to eliminate old patterns and behaviors that keep you connected to your ex as you begin to develop your own sense of independence.

These 10 tips for getting your ex back focus on what many call the no contact rule. The first month or two after a breakup is often filled with decisions, choices, and words spoken that destroy any hope that your ex will ever find you attractive again. So now it’s time to save the pity party and do what you came here to do. Your goal here is if possible all communication and connections with your ex. If you find yourself in a situation where this is impossible, you’ll want to severely limit communication to only relevant items, like kids, bills, business, etc.

The non-communication phase:

(1). Do not contact them for any reason: I don’t think I need to say much more about this. No matter how sad or lonely you feel, you can’t contact them for emotional reasons. As mentioned above, if you have business to attend to, handle it with them and you’re good to go. You should not show any level of emotion.

(two). Do not call them: Enough said on this point.

(3). Don’t text them – all the rules mentioned above apply to text. Especially the text. This includes the ever-popular late-night text message after a few drinks when you’re feeling the most emotional.

(4). Don’t email them – Email is the silent enemy during this period of no communication. It’s all too easy to compose a quick email and send it without thinking about the overall consequences of your words being printed forever.

(5). Don’t IM Them – IM is just as bad as email, so to remove any kind of temptation, you need to remove them from your IM list to avoid the instant gratification of communicating with your ex. Don’t worry, you won’t lose contact. If they really want to reach you, they still have your number.

(6). Don’t send them a letter: Does anyone really send letters anymore? Skip this one.

(7). Remove all social media traces – It would be wise to remove any and all social media traces or connections with your ex. The last thing you need during this phase of the breakup is to read a tweet about them on a date, or see a picture of them taking body shots from a bartender. Eliminate temptation and darken social networks.

(8). Remove all images from them for easy access: Get rid of all your images. This includes hard copies as well as images you have stored on your phone. You don’t need the constant reminder. Don’t worry, this is only temporary. You can back up everything and leave them with someone you trust who is looking at them later when they are more confident.

(9). Delete all old text messages: The same principle applies to text messages as it does to digital images. Delete them, or make a backup and then delete them, but you must remove them from your view. Also, what are you keeping all those ancient texts for? When everything goes as planned, you will soon start receiving new ones.

(10). Change their name on your cell phone: The last step in this phase is to delete your ex’s contact photo and change the name on your phone. This simple step is extremely powerful. When I was going through my breakup with my ex. I changed her name from Cassandra to NEVER AGAIN. Every time she called or texted, she was reminded of the path she was on and that she needed to avoid going back into dysfunction at all costs.

As time went on and I got through the first 30 days and had established new habits, I changed the name to THE DEVIL. Now, every time she called or texted, I was reminded that being with her was living in my own personal hell. These simple reminders set the tone and correct my thoughts.

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How to have hypnotic body language

When I worked at a national newspaper after leaving university and heading to the gold-paved streets of London, the receptionist for the entire paper was also a model: at that stage of my life, I had never met anyone so attractive in my life. real. Every day she would come in and try to be nice, even try to be cool, and then I knew she had made a fool of herself!

Why did I react that way towards her? Why was it that she became so successful? Do you ever respond to people with a lack of confidence? And what about those other people from my school? My friend knew almost nothing about them as people, he had never heard them speak, but his success was not a surprise to him…

They all had a certain air about them, that without even opening their mouths, all these people could have a hypnotic effect on those around them. It is this hypnotic body language that I want to talk about today because it can help you achieve more and stand out more without really having to do much more than slightly alter your non-verbal communication. I’d like to share with you 3 ways that are key to improving your own success.

3 keys to hypnotic non-verbal communication:

1- Genuine smiles and real laughs: I remember as a child, when my parents would invite friends over for dinner, my mother would always tell me to make sure to smile and show my teeth when I smiled when guests arrived (I was never enough cheeky enough to snarl when I did, though I was tempted). My mother knew that, on an intuitive level, smiles produce positive reactions in people.

I’m talking about a real, authentic smile here. A smile that has come from the depths of you and that expresses happiness. A natural smile produces wrinkles around the eyes and face, insincere people smile only with their mouth. Genuine smiles often come from your unconscious mind, people can feel, see and feel that they are real. A real smile means that you smile with your whole face: the muscles of the mouth move, the cheeks lift, the eyes crinkle, and the eyebrows dip slightly.

So smile more. Also, smile with enthusiasm, fun and joy. He really smiles at the world.

The reason photographers use ‘cheese’ is because to say that word you have to pull your facial muscles back, but it often gives an insincere smile. How many photos have you seen that show that smiles are full of cheese and not genuine?

There is some scientific evidence to support the widely used saying “when you smile, the world smiles with you”.

Professor Ruth Campbell of University College London claims that there is a ‘mirror neuron’ in the brain that activates the neurology responsible for the recognition of facial expressions and is the cause of an instantaneous and unconscious mirror reaction. In other words, whether we realize it or not, we very often unconsciously mirror the facial expressions we see.

So if you smile a true and genuine smile more often, the people around you smile more genuinely, that means they feel good around you. You are creating a better immediate environment for yourself and those around you. How do you feel if you are walking down the street and see someone with one of those deeply unhappy or angry faces? Science has shown that the more you smile, the more positive reactions people give you.

Do you laugh more if you watch a funny movie with friends or alone? Robert Provine found that laughter was more than 30 times more likely in people in a social setting than when they were alone. He found that laughter has less to do with jokes and funny stories and more to do with building relationships. Laughter creates a bond.

When you smile (a genuine smile) at another person, they almost always smile back with a genuine smile of their own, which leads to really positive feelings in both you and them; by cause and effect. Create a cycle of well-being: you smile and they feel good, they smile back and you feel good, and so on.

Studies show that most encounters work better, last longer, have more positive outcomes, and dramatically improve relationships when you push yourself to smile and laugh regularly to the point where it becomes a habit. I guess you already knew all this, but are you really smiling that much? Recent research suggests that we smile 400% more as children. How often do you genuinely smile at the world today?

2- Confidence – Something that I obviously lacked when I was younger; embarrassingly responding to the Newspaper receptionist.

I remember seeing a documentary about a murdered schoolgirl in the UK. The girl’s parents gave a press conference to ask for help in capturing the murderer. It was the fall of the assassins. The manner in which the father communicated during this press conference led the police to suspect that he was investigating and ultimately obtained evidence that he killed his own daughter.

Many criminals are caught not because the clues point them out, but because they act guilty, self-conscious, and lack confidence. These feelings communicate enough for suspicion to arise.

When we are internally congruent and more importantly confident, our body language becomes confident and this is communicated to the world.

Psychologists tell us that we can change our attitudes by changing our physical actions. Therefore, adopting the physiology of confidence can help you appear and, in fact, be more confident. Think about how you hold your body when you are confident and keep it that way more often: cause and effect means that holding your body this way will make you feel more confident too.

I remember reading David Schwart’s brilliant book “The Magic of Thinking Big” a while ago and he gave me 3 brilliant tactics to improve confidence with just your body:

First of all, he recommended being a ‘front seat’. Whenever you go to theaters, classrooms, meetings or presentations, the last few rows always seem to fill up faster, don’t they? Most people go to the back so they are not too conspicuous and this often shows a lack of trust in that person. Start sitting up front today, comfortable in the sight of others, and develop the confidence to be there.

Second, making good natural eye contact says a lot about confidence. If someone avoids eye contact, we can begin to wonder what is wrong with him or what he has to hide; maybe even holding something back. Lack of eye contact can suggest that the person feels weak around you or is afraid of you in some way. Conquer this and force yourself to look the person in the eye, you don’t have to stare! It is enough to look into their eyes long enough to tell them that you believe in yourself, that you are honest, open, trusting and comfortable with who you are.

When you seem confident and believe in yourself, the other person tends to subconsciously agree with that view that there is something worth knowing about you: if you don’t feel confident or feel good about yourself, why not? should someone else be? This is communicated unconsciously beyond consciousness, often with those wise ‘gut feelings’.

The other great tip David Schwartz gave is to walk 25 percent faster. I know when I was taken to football games to see my beloved Nottingham Forest when I was young, my dad would always tell me to slow down because he was excited and excited about my destiny.

Psychologists associate slovenly posture and slow walking with unpleasant attitudes toward oneself, work, and the people around us. But psychologists also tell us that you can change your attitudes by changing your posture and speed of movement. The action of the body is the result of the action of the mind, and vice versa, as I have already said; cause and effect! The person with low morale drags his feet and literally stumbles through life with little confidence. In the same way, average people have an average walk. You can see it and feel it.

Confident people move deliberately, they have an important place to go, and they are going to be successful every time they get there. Open your chest, throw your shoulders back, hold your head up high, take pride in who you are, move a little faster and feel your confidence grow. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, just hold your body confidently.

3- The right side of the brain: Most people are right-handed and as such have all the emotional aspects of their experiences and lives stored in the right side of their brain and the motor responses and practical use of the brain exist in The left side. side of your brain.

Evolutionary psychologists debate this, most tend to believe that we all have six basic emotions. Everything else is a derivative of those. Those six core emotions are: Happiness. Surprise. Disgust. Fear. Anger. Sadness.

What is worth noting here is that only two of them are considered really good. If we’re honest with ourselves, only one is guaranteed to be good, right? With April Fool’s Day just over, I remember how much I ‘enjoy’ the surprise!

The vast majority of our emotions stored in our brains are unpleasant in some form. It is true, bad things tend to stand out much more in our minds than good things.

So if you’re going to respond to anyone’s right brain, you might be subconsciously associating yourself with all those emotions stored in the right brain. You don’t want to do that.

To use this information to help you in life then when you meet someone for the first time; position yourself so that they have to look slightly to the right to see you. Look into your right eye when you shake your hand. I believe in this to the point that my photo is on the right side of the page on my websites, in my offices I position my chair in such a way that my clients have to face slightly to the right when communicating, etc. .

So, there are three powerful things to keep in mind when it comes to improving your success and achievement levels without saying a word.

Notice how when you smile genuinely and enthusiastically; when you carry yourself with confidence and resonate with the right parts of the brain, you begin to resonate with the whole world much, much more progressively.

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Bogner Amps – The Story of the World’s Best Amps

In 1989, Reinhold Bogner revolutionized the guitar amplifier after moving to the United States from Germany. It was during this time that the external multi-channel preamp configuration was widely used and Bogner seemed dissatisfied with the performance of it, wanting to return to the sound of real, powered tube amps. It may have been his meeting with guitar legend Eddie Van Halen that was the catalyst for his explosion on the music scene, as Eddie hired him to overhaul his original Marshall Plexi.

Over the years, Bogner amplifiers have changed considerably. In this article you will learn how Bogner guitar amps have evolved over time.

Bogner Ecstasy 100

In 1992, external multichannel preamps dominated the guitar amp market. This type of setup was widely used because various sound effects could be easily achieved. And so Bogner developed the Ecstacy 100A and 100B. This is considered to be the first production 100-watt Bogner amplifier. The “A” version represented the American-sounding version, using 6L6 power valves, the type of power valve traditionally used in American-made Fender amplifiers; with the “B” version representing the British-sounding version, using EL34 valves, the type of power valve typically found in Marshall amps.

Ecstasy 101 (aka The White Chassis)

Three years later, Bogner, still looking for a high-quality sound from the amp, decided to create another version of the Ecstasy, the 101, also known as the White Chassis. This guitar amp is considered by many to be second to none, even when compared to guitar amps made today. This amp was very similar to the original 100 model, but had more features to suit the demands of modern players. Over the years, the Ecstasy 101 underwent a number of changes, including a stripped down version very similar to the original 100 model known as the Classic. In 1997, the Bogner 101 had a total overhaul. Instead of just having the usual white chassis (which the amp is known for), it was now covered in a sleek black.

the cave man

This was introduced to the market in the mid-1990s, but had limited availability. The prototype was said to have the word Mojo on the back because this amp was originally a slightly different amp called Mojo. This two-channel amp had an interesting six-position Schizo knob that changed its sound a lot.

super sonic

Also known as the German Uberschall, the Super Sonic is a high-gain monster with two channels. A section of six 12ax7 power tubes gave way to an EL34 power amp to generate 120 watts, a massive amount of volume. Over time, the company released three versions of the amp: the original, an early revision, and what was called the “blue revision.” The different versions related to issues such as volume normalization between channels.


The Shiva is a more subtle and complete amplifier. It is designed to produce a bright, Fender-like clean tone and a gain tone similar to that of a vintage Marshall JCM800. This model possibly represented an attempt to expand market share by producing an amp that could be used by a wider audience and not just metalheads.

Bogner amps are played and loved by a who’s who of artists. Heavy bands like Slipknot and Disturbed have used Bogner amps to create incredibly heavy sounds. However, world-class guitarists like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani have also played Bogners to create some of the most beautiful and tonally complex music in the world. A Bogner amp is a real investment, so if you can get your hands on one… go for it!

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The best sailing destinations in the world

1. The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands boasts of having more yachts there than anywhere else in the world, reminding everyone that this destination is the perfect place to charter a yacht. With luxury oceanfront resorts, pristine white sands, chic boutiques and fine dining, the British Virgin Islands has it all like a true sailing fantasyland with over 40 islands and hundreds of anchorages all within sight of one another. . The ideal deep water easy island hop blend is perfect for the whole family. Combine all this with crystal clear turquoise waters averaging 26°C all year round, perfect beaches, stunning rock formations, plenty of land activities and a great selection of dining options and you can see why so many A la people love to surf here.

2. The Seychelles

The stunning Seychelles archipelago of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa, boasts some of the most brilliant flora and fauna on earth, just 4 degrees south of the equator. The outer islands are low-lying, mostly coral atolls, and boating is mostly within the inner islands, all close together, making island-hopping easy. The Seychelles Islands can best be described as a paradise on earth with towering granite boulders, swaying palm trees and turquoise inlets that are framed by sparkling white sand beaches. Mahe is the largest island and being surrounded by other islands, its beaches are relatively calm and safe. Mahe is a mountainous island with peaks approaching 1,000 meters and tropical forests that are intertwined with hiking trails. The beautiful tropical scenery, white sand beaches and sparkling aquamarine waters make Seychelles a perfect sailing holiday destination.

3. The Greek Islands

Cruising is truly the best way to experience these stunning islands, set your own island-hopping itinerary, find out-of-the-way spots, or dine on Greek cuisine. Greece has 6,000 islands spread across the Aegean and Ionian seas, of which only 227 are inhabited. The Greek islands are home to some of the best sunsets in the world and with over 300 days of sunshine a year, this is one of the best places in the world to charter a yacht. Each of these islands has its own unique character, making every port visit unique. The continuous sunshine, traditional whitewashed villages, ancient archaeology, stunning natural landscapes and rich culture attract sailors from all over the world.

4. Croatia

Dubbed the ‘new Greece’, the ‘new Riviera’ and the ‘new Tuscany’, Croatia has become an increasingly must-see destination for all types of travellers, but there really is no better way to experience it than sailing the Adriatic, where the sun almost always shines. Croatia has revamped its infrastructure over the last decade to make it a popular destination for anyone looking for great cruises, historic scenery and remote beaches. Croatia is one of the hidden gems of the Mediterranean, with 1,185 islands and 1,778 km of coastline, it is a true paradise for sailors. The Dalmatian Islands are wild, rugged and mostly uninhabited and offer some of the best sailing in the area. The rolling coastline is dotted with pristine beaches, lush green hillsides, and old towns steeped in history.

5. French Polynesia

Roughly halfway between Australia and California, the 118 islands of French Polynesia are scattered across an expanse of the Pacific Ocean that spans more than 2,000 square kilometers. French Polynesia is made up of five main island groups, including Tahiti, a landscape of jagged volcanic peaks dotted with lush vegetation and spectacular waterfalls. The islands offer an alluring mix of beautiful lagoons, traditional culture and exotic marine life, with plenty to explore both on land and at sea. The wide lagoons around Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora offer plenty of sheltered sailing in calm waters, and off the reefs, the long waves of the Pacific will give you a taste of ocean sailing at its finest.

6. The Côte d’Azur, France

It would be hard to find a more romantic place to cruise than the French Riviera. The Mediterranean coastline in the southeastern corner of France offers more contrasts than probably anywhere else in the world and there’s no denying the glitz and glamor of the French Riviera. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world (after the Vatican) compressed into 1.95 square kilometers. The French Riviera, or Côte d’Azur, is the world’s most legendary place to charter a yacht filled with stunning beaches and stunning scenery. Some of the biggest, newest and most impressive superyachts from around the world gather here, with cruising itineraries that may include St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Antibes. This is the heart of global superyacht culture, with vibrant nightlife and exceptional cuisine and special events such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix. The French Riviera manages to combine historic architecture, unspoiled islands, small marinas, rugged landscapes and white sand beaches with the great cosmopolitan resorts of Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo.

7. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

From Naples to Positano to the historic island of Capri, Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a historic region full of picturesque harbors and historic sites. This is a more remote part of Italy, away from the tourists of Rome and the crowded marinas along the Riviera, a place where charter guests can sail in comfort and plenty of privacy. This region also offers some fantastic southern Italian cuisine, with Michelin-rated restaurants within walking distance of some beautiful anchorages. Dine on board or ashore for both lunch and dinner and you won’t be disappointed. While the French may have their Riviera, it’s nothing compared to the endless beauty of Italy’s coastline. Often overlooked due to its proximity to places like Monaco, Italy’s coastline is no less beautiful and arguably less marred by advancing real estate developments. But for the best sailing trip in Italy, I recommend starting on the Amalfi Coast and working your way to Naples and the islands of Procida and Capri. The sparkling seas here and the beautiful Italian coastline are the perfect sight to complement a highly cultural region. You’ll see ancient ruins, clean sandy beaches, quaint towns, and some of the best seafood you’ve probably ever eaten.

8. Minorca, Spain

Although it may be the smallest and least known of the Balearic Islands, Menorca is dotted with beaches more spectacular than Mallorca and Ibiza combined. The undulating landscape of Menorca offers charming villages with traditional colorful houses and cobbled streets, beaches with secluded coves and an ideal climate for sailing, making it a true nautical paradise. Recent changes to Spain’s tax laws mean the charter scene has changed, as new superyacht owners can now offer their yachts for charter without having to pay taxes that used to make the practice prohibitive.

9. South coast of Turkey

Turkey’s south west coast has long been a popular yacht charter destination, with itineraries running from Bodrum to Fethiye. Sailing in Turkey is among the best in the world due to the constant winds, crystal clear waters, and abundance of beautiful beaches, secluded anchorages, coves, inlets, and marinas. Throughout its history, Turkey has been a crossroads of religions, where East meets West with a mix of cultures and cuisines. Turkey has more than 8,300 kilometers of mountainous coastline with small fishing villages and historical sites. The charter yacht of choice here is the Goleta, a local style of motorsailer. The quality of schooners has improved tremendously and many are as luxurious as motor yachts. They use sail and wind power and offer the best of both worlds and is one of the most enjoyable charter vacations you can enjoy with family and friends.

10. Montenegrin

Montenegro has in recent years become the new superyacht hotspot of the Mediterranean due to huge investments, from chic beachfront restaurants to luxury accommodations to attract yachting enthusiasts. Tax benefits outside the EU (0% VAT) and rapidly growing infrastructure have made Porto Montenegro an advantageous yacht charter base for exploring the thousands of islands from Greece to Croatia. The deep blue and serene waters of Kotor and Tivat Bay are the perfect place for a great vacation. The mountains include some of the most rugged terrain in Europe with a picturesque coastline 295 km long, with 72 km of beaches and many old towns. Swim in clean and protected waters with magnificent bottoms or simply enjoy the incredible sensation of gliding through the water under sail.

11. Saint Martin

St. Martin has to be one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world and it’s no wonder why, as this island is bursting with beauty. The island is ruled by both the French and the Netherlands and you can really experience two cultures in one place when you visit. When you charter a yacht here there are plenty of other islands to explore including St Barths, Anguilla and Saba. Expect beautiful deserted beaches filled with silky white sand, exceptional waterfront restaurants, and exceptional shopping. Explore the waters and discover why Saba is a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. Enchanting tropical scenery combined with plenty of nightlife, world famous beaches and other islands to explore make this the number one Caribbean escape.

12. The Grenadines

White sand beaches and tropical waters make this area a paradise for boaters. The “Spice Islands”, as the Grenadines are sometimes called, are a chain of 32 picturesque islands scattered across 60 miles of the southern Caribbean in the West Indies, offering a perfect blend of spectacular scenery, culture, abundant marine life, friendly people. and pristine white sand beaches. Known as one of the best sailing waters in the world, you’ll find that the ideal sailing conditions and lack of crowds make it one of the best places for a vacation on the water.

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Why Men Leave Their Wives: Reasons Why Men Leave And How You Can Save Your Marriage

Why do men leave their wives? If you are thinking about this, you are in the right place. There are many reasons why men decide to leave their wives and in this article I will tell you why:

1. Boring sex life. Sex life can be great when you first marry your man. But has it deteriorated in recent years? Good, long-lasting sex is one of the key factors that makes a successful marriage. When you are not as wild in bed as you used to be, your husband may lose interest and cheat on you. Don’t start blaming yourself as this is not entirely your fault. Regaining passion and intimacy in the bedroom requires both you and your husband to work on it.

2. A man becomes suspicious of his wife. When a man begins to suspect that his wife is having an affair, it will cause problems for the marriage. You should not be secretive about things as this will lead to various unnecessary misunderstandings. A lasting marriage is built on trust and openness.

3. A man confirms that his wife is having an affair. When a man confirms that his wife is having an affair, he will definitely leave her. No man likes to be a cuckold.

These are the common reasons why a man will leave his wife. If he is experiencing a divorce now, he will not be discouraged. No situation is insurmountable. Every day, couples get back together no matter the situation. Find out below the exact methods those couples are using to get back together:

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Military Spouse Resume Tips

My friends came over the weekend and brought two small gifts for my children. One gift was a small stuffed animal and a book, the other a small puzzle; but what stood out was the presentation! Clear cellophane wrap around the book and beautifully tied rawhide ribbons in a bow that was so beautiful I didn’t even want to open it, or at least wanted to store it somehow to give it away again. Presentation makes a difference! So I keep this in mind when I look at client resumes. I like a resume printed on a good quality printer, no smudges, on thick, unbleached paper, and if you email it, no italics and I like a little white space. Whether you’re delivering your resume in person to a company or passing it out at a networking event, make sure you have a fresh manicure and a good haircut. Clients often want to know a clever way to combine their chaotic work history and how to package the gifts they’ve earned throughout their military lifestyle. Should they opt for “spouse-friendly employers” or hide the fact that they are spouses on the run; they recall hiring managers making comments about why they should or shouldn’t hire a candidate. Consider these tips as you search for your dream job, and remember that the law of attraction applies to resumes too, so regardless of my advice, if you love your resume, others will too!

1. Appearance matters.
First impressions count, so make your resume pretty! Consider limiting any bold or italic fonts, as these often look cluttered if the resume is scanned; Better yet, try creating a clean PDF version of your resume as well so it can be sent to jobs electronically and doesn’t lose its professional appearance. Hiring managers don’t like hard-to-pronounce names, so if you have a hard name, put a nickname in parentheses next to it for the job search; they can learn to pronounce Vandana after they hire you. If you have an equally exquisite email address, consider changing that too. While friends may enjoy emailing [email protected], consider renewing the email on your resume with your initials or first and last name and Internet provider; It will look much more professional. You never know if a human resources manager is spying on MySpace or judging her personal address. Also, make sure your home and cell phone voicemails are brief, professional, and clear while you’re looking for a job.

2. Don’t play hard to get:
You don’t want a potential employer calling your home and freaking out over your sarcastic recording. Bottom line, make sure you include a correct name, email, and mobile number that you can access at all times. Try to send resumes when you have time to interview too. If you work full time, take night classes, and are about to have a baby, you may not be free for potential interviews, and if a company calls you in and you postpone the date, another candidate may be hired instead. the act. because they appear first. Perhaps postponing the résumé until summer vacation or three months after giving birth will increase your chances of being selected.

3. Make up for lost time:
Spouses often struggle with the proverbial gaps in their resume. Stop worrying so much about it and just think about what you did during that time that would still be worth listing. When you have a gap in your career, it’s okay to include those extra part-time jobs you just took to earn some money, and remember to word them as professionally as possible and include transferable skills, like customer relations or multitasking, to that your future employer sees some benefit to the job. You can also fill in a gap with any volunteer work or education you may have completed, especially if it’s relevant to the job you’re looking for. If you have a long gap in your resume, try to fill the gap with some bullet points instead of a long explanation in a cover letter that should focus solely on your strengths. If the blank space is so big that you can’t fill half a page, then take an introductory computer class and volunteer at organizations associated with the type of work you want to do, join some professional organizations, or attend a conference. so you can have something current to brag about.

4. Boldly define the benefits:
Job selection experts aren’t mind readers, so don’t assume they’ll understand military spouse jargon; Make sure your resume is clear and to the point. Write your resume with the needs of the company in mind rather than highlighting what you’re looking for. Resumes are not job descriptions of what you did, but rather a personal press release showcasing accomplishments in clear, succinct bullet points that highlight your strengths, your transferable skills, and past contributions that will make you stand out and pique your interest in instead of a summary of your entire employment history. Businesses should be able to quickly see your credentials and spot highlights that make you a good fit for their company.

5. Size doesn’t matter:
While one really good page is better than two average pages, don’t shrink or start shrinking the text to comply. Remember that short and sweet is all you need; and I say go for the more modern “profile” instead of a generic goal (job description you’re looking for). The company knows the target if you are applying for a job and a profile summarizes their selling points. One-page resumes are back in style, so consider moving some of those accomplishments into the cover letter and pairing the resume content so it looks more like a sales brochure than a dissertation. In addition to choosing a simple, clean font, have your resume professionally edited and avoid any jargon. Note that a positive tone and active tense in the first person reads more engagingly.

6. Do not pretend:
Some spouses hire a fancy resume writer who rephrases what they’ve done in previous jobs into percentages and dollar signs of what they’ve accomplished, but then are stumped during interviews when asked about their own resume. Do not mention that you are a database expert if you have never worked with one. And instead of sprinkling buzzwords and clichés on the resume, make the resume authentic. Think about your top strengths first, and then use a strong verb that describes where you really stand out rather than what looks good on paper. Not only will your confidence shine through, but once you’re hired for the job, you’ll end up being a much better match than if you overdo it on your resume and end up being placed in a job that requires “attention to detail.” hate.

7. Peeking is not cheating:
Go grab a coffee at the local library or bookstore and take a look at the resume book section. Do a search online, or better yet, ask friends who have good jobs if you can use their resume as an idea template. I’m not saying to plagiarize a resume manual word for word, but reading other people’s resumes can “remind” you that they also awarded you something that you forgot. It may even be helpful to go back to your old employee handbook that outlines your previous job description to help refresh your memory of your skills and successes. As long as your ideas come from enough different sources and really resonate with who you are, you’re not cheating.

8. Tell your friends to brag:
As with everything else in military life, it never hurts to be over-prepared. When you go to an interview, take a few extra copies of your resume in case you need to pass it on for a second interview, you never know. If you wrote “references available upon request,” make sure you really do have references and have a pre-written pager of these references and their contact information ready and available. Don’t forget to let people know you’ve used them as a reference so they don’t blow your cover and say “Sara, who” when a future employer actually calls.

9. Don’t assume:
Don’t assume the hiring manager knows how you’re connected. If you know someone well in the organization, include their “contact” in the first paragraph of your cover letter. Some spouses assume that an employer knows they are computer literate or have references available upon request. It never hurts to include all relevant job skills. Another assumption people make is that the HR professional reviewing her resume knows all the jargon associated with each job. He wants to stay away from abbreviations and jargon no matter how common he thinks the word is.

10. Show off your stuff:
A beautiful resume that sits on your computer won’t get you that job. Contact all military spouse job resources and post your polished resume. Also, print out a few extra copies and take them with you so you can pass them out to your network. Also try traditional job search sites and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince, and the same goes for your job search. Buy some nice folders and put some resumes in them to drop off at your idea organizations. If an organization isn’t hiring, ask them if they can keep your resume in case something opens up.

Now let’s get started!

o Write down everything you have done in the past about your work history from your first job until now. Include any relevant volunteer work, seminars, and training you’ve received, and next to each item list the skills you’ve acquired, such as answering a 5-line phone, introducing yourself to a group of 50, generating X dollars in income, etc. . .

o Create a skeleton resume with the main content you want to share with potential employers and then save it as a “skeleton resume” on your computer; and then you may want to create two different resumes for the two addresses you are targeting. For example, one resume might include all of your military volunteer work and be great for applying for that perfect position with a spousal-friendly employer, and the other resume might look more corporate and include just your work history, a P.O. Box, and that.” great” corporate contact in the cover letter.

o Ask mentors (outside the military) to review your resume and give you honest feedback. Please consider the resources available to you on base or email me at [email protected] to schedule a resume consultation, which includes editing, discussing your resume, and lots of support, training you to take the next step in your career!

If you would like to work with me as your coach or have any questions about the profession, please feel free to write to: [email protected] and subscribe to The Military Spouse Coach e-zine which offers low cost, high quality training products that you can take advantage of. !