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Solo Travel Destinations: New Places to Travel Solo: Part 2: Australia

Australia stands out to me as a truly top destination after traveling to 55 countries. Having booked a 5 star hotel in Sydney Harbour, I was pleasantly surprised when I checked in. My view of the Opera House was front and center. He was so close that it seemed as if he was perched on the ceiling. Within two hours of checking in, I was out in a minivan for a half day tour.

Although the Sydney Opera House is the most photographed sight, there is an older symbol of the city: the Harbor Bridge. It hangs high over the horizon. The brave of heart can take a long journey to the top. A local guide recounted how he and his elderly mother put on their harnesses and went on the trek together. For the rest of us, there were plenty of other options closer to street level – from the Quay, Darling Harbour, Parliament House, Sydney Zoo, St Mary’s Cathedral to Mrs. Macquarie’s Point & Chair or just strolling through the local city parks. and trying numerous nearby restaurants.

Of course, as a first time tourist to Australia, kangaroo sightings were high on my bucket list. Most were in zoos or outside the city, but their smaller cousin, deer-like wallabies, stalked the suburbs eating flowers and plants.

After a few days in Sydney it was time to catch a quick flight to Melbourne. As with the faster pace of Sydney, I fell in love with Melbourne. Its Victorian architecture standing alongside modern buildings was a reminder of Australia’s colonial history. However, 21st century Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city. Its vibrant Chinatown quickly became my favorite place to dine.

Melbourne was a great gateway for ecotourism. First, I connected with a day trip along the rocky Great Ocean Road and on a separate day I headed to Phillip Island. In addition to seeing koalas (don’t say bears) in the wild along the way, Phillip Island is home to “little penguins.” They return from the sea in “rafts” at night. Although August was a slow season to spot them, between 1,000 and 2,000 turned up that night. In addition to watching from the stands, tourists can walk alongside them on a low boardwalk as the penguins make their way across the sand back to their nests.

Not having had enough adventure yet, I headed to tropical Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef located in the far northeast of Australia in the famous Coral Sea. As the only solo traveler on my reef-bound tour boat, I was the 201st passenger. No one has to snorkel or get in the water, you can just take the boat ride and if you want, the little submarine. The platform is like a large food court or a small shopping mall.

The Reef is not the only Queensland attraction, but also an ideal vantage point for visiting the rainforest. When the train arrived, I joined another tourist as a walking partner. We got lost, but instead of going further into the rainforest, we found ourselves on the side of a busy road. That was an ironic end to our ecotour. We managed to find the gondola for the half hour ride. Even though I was used to the lifts and my travel companion had scaled the Harbor Bridge, we were both glad to get to the bottom. At one point we were enveloped in clouds with zero visibility. When I heard the birdsong as they flew right outside, I could only guess how high up we were still.

There was still one adventure left: even though it was winter, I had seen a man-made lake from the gondola with “no boat” water skiing, a new concept for me. The next morning, before heading to the airport, I took a local bus to the lake. It was cold enough to rent a wetsuit while the only skiers were teenagers with their parents watching. I waited too late and running out of time to get to the airport, I missed my chance. I don’t regret not climbing the Harbor Bridge, but I do regret skiing without a boat and spending more time in the water at the Reef.

Although Australia was one of the places where I felt like I could stay forever, on the 16th it was time to go home. Considering the size of the country, there were many more places to explore, such as Ayers Rock in central Australia, Perth on the west coast, Port Arthur (Tasmania), the ski slopes of Thredbo or Perisher and Kangaroo Island (Southern Australia). South).

In any case, I recommend Australia to other solo travelers as:

1. It was friendly, safe, and easy to get around.

2. Apart from the airfare, the cost was moderate.

3. There were multiple options for adventures or just relaxing.

4. The time needed to arrive was not a reason to stay at home. Think of all the movies you can watch in-flight!

If you haven’t already, add it to your “to do” list.


How to change the MPI node address for a Siemens S7-300 PLC

I have seven Siemens S7-300 PLCs connected to each other using the MPI (Multipoint Interface) interface. Siemens PLCs use the Siemens MPI protocol to communicate with external devices. I want to change the name of each of the seven PLCs. Here are the steps to accomplish that task.

First, connect your MPI cable to the first PLC. I will connect my laptop to each PLC individually. Power on the PLC and open Simatic Manager. The “New Project” wizard window will open. Just click Cancel to close the window. Now click on the Accessible Nodes icon on the toolbar. A window will open showing the identification of the PLC to which it is connected. My window shows MPI = 2 (directly). Make a note of this address and close the window.

Next we need to download a hardware configuration to the PLC. This is where we will change the name of the PLC node address. There are probably a couple of different ways to do this – here’s how I accomplish this. All seven of my PLCs are the same model; therefore I am using the same hardware configuration. For the obvious reasons, I want to give each one a different MPI node address. I have a project file that contains the seven programs for my PLC and a hardware configuration file. I open the hardware configuration file, and then double-click Hardware in the window on the right. This will open the HW Config window. In this window you should see your PLC with its given MPI address.

Remember when we clicked on the Accessible Nodes icon and saw MPI = 2 (directly)? My hardware configuration window shows an MPI address of 7. Place your mouse cursor on 7 and double click. Your CPU Properties window will open. It should open to the General tab. Look down and you will see MPI Interface Type with an address of 7. Click Properties and the MPI Interface Properties window will open. Using the dropdown menu, choose your MPI node address and make sure MPI (1) 187.5kbps is highlighted and click OK. You are now back in the CPU Properties window, where you will see that its address has changed. Click OK and you will be returned to the Hardware window where you can verify that your MPI node address has changed.

Now click on the Save and Build icon and then click on the download icon. The Select Target Module window will open. Click OK and the Select Node Address window will open. Here you will see the MPI node address that you assigned earlier. You will need to click the View button just below this. You will see the address of the current node appear, it should be the same one you saw earlier when you clicked on the Accessible Nodes icon. Just click on this number and you will see it appear in the MPI address slot under Enter Destination Station Connection. Click OK and the Download to Module window will open. Click OK and the Stop Target Modules window will open. Click OK and “Do you want to start the module?” the window will open. Click Yes.

Now go back to the SIMATIC Manager window and click on the accessible nodes icon. You will see your new MPI node address. You can view this same article with images at


Successful Marketing Tips for a Paintball Field

‘Build it and they will come’ is a phrase made popular by the Kevin Costner film ‘Field of Dreams’. While this phrase actually refers to a baseball diamond built in the middle of a remote cornfield, for some reason many small startups seem to think it applies to them. Too often, the excitement about their new venture clouds their viewpoint as the business they are about to open will be so new that all they have to do is open the doors and they will be inundated with new customers. While this situation can occur, it is extremely rare and even more so for a business that appeals to as narrow a demographic as a paintball field. The reality of the matter is that if you don’t have a meticulous marketing plan in place to start at least 8-10 weeks before opening day, you’re already planning to fail.

The unfortunate statistic for small businesses is an 80% failure rate in the first 18 months. Forbes magazine will tell you that the main reason for this is because they ran out of money. While this is why they end up closing their doors, the reason behind it is simply a lack of planning. Many new paintball field entrepreneurs get so caught up in designing and building their business that they forget about marketing entirely or, at best, it’s an afterthought. More often than not, the reason startups run out of money is because they didn’t start their marketing efforts early enough or they failed altogether. The bottom line is that they were unable to generate enough business to keep their operation running. Not starting your marketing efforts early enough will ensure that your first few months of business are slow and stressful. Wrong marketing is even worse, wasting valuable time and limited start-up money to produce nothing.

Although paintball may be one of the favorite pastimes of the entrepreneur who owns the course, it takes an adult to come out of yourself and realize that not everyone has the same interest. In fact, paintball is aimed at a very small demographic, making marketing to a broad audience useless. Because of this, it’s smart to avoid expensive TV commercials, radio and newspaper ads designed to ‘keep the name of your field in everyone’s mind’. This type of media should only be used to increase publicity for specific events and not to provide the “regular exposure” that most sales reps will try to sell you. Since the game of paintball tends to only appeal to certain types of people, your most profitable form of advertising is to target these specific groups. This is called niche marketing and if done correctly it can be very effective. The first task is to make a list of all the different niche groups that play paintball on commercial fields. Then target specific campaigns and promotions only to these groups.

The ages of players participating in paintball are from 8 to 40 years and older, however it is recommended that players be at least 18 years of age. This is because the pain of getting hit is often too intense for younger players. While it will take some thought, targeting youth to market your paintball field could be a worthwhile venture in the long run. Considering that most courses cater to high school and higher, young players are a large demographic that tends to be left out of the commercial world. When making your initial equipment purchase, consider purchasing paintballs, pistols, and .50 caliber equipment. These are a smaller size ball and don’t hurt when they hit you compared to the larger .68 caliber standard paintballs. This is a great decision because .50 caliber equipment is limited in the types of weapons available. It will be too expensive to buy .50 cal and .68 cal markers and balls for your course, so you’ll have to settle on one and stick with it. While .50 caliber equipment is quite limited in terms of the types of markers available, they are actually more cost effective than .68 caliber. Offering .50 caliber paintball will also allow you to market ‘painless’ paintball to a younger audience and cater to a market that is largely untouched.

Paintball is not gender specific, however it is mostly played by men. It is not a sedentary game and it is much more fun for people who are more athletic and can move quickly. Target targeted marketing campaigns to facilities and programs targeting youth, men, and athletics. To do this, network with groups like the local YMCA, sports centers, and even gyms. Meet with owners and/or planning managers to promote your course with informational flyers, special events, and/or certain days or games that you have scheduled just for your group. Most cities and towns have numerous health clubs. Consider hosting a one-day paintball war to have rival gyms battle each other for a local title. This can also be done for high school sports teams during the end of their season or between seasons. Many high school coaches like to keep their team together during downtime with activities that are fun, challenging, and different from the sport they normally play. It’s a good idea to market your field to these leaders and help them schedule an event that helps your team come together.

It is quite common for certain groups to use outside activities for bonding exercises to bring a team closer together. Many corporate companies take their employees on rafting adventures, ropes courses, and even paintball to enjoy these valuable experiences. Marketing your paintball field to all corporate companies with more than 10 employees is a great idea for this purpose. Reach out to every corporate business of this size within a 120-mile radius, set up a certain day in your field that you will hold the event, and/or offer them a special corporate rate. Take the time to try to meet with executives or HR managers who might be interested and set up an event. Another good niche group to market your paintball field to is police and military personnel. Active duty Soldiers/Officers may want to rent their field for certain simulation tactical exercises. Inactive staff often still love the adrenaline rush and strategy of a good battle and have the potential to be very good repeat customers. Offer these groups military and police discounts, as well as group rates and/or special field hours.

Don’t waste your time, energy, and money trying to get every taxpayer in your zip code to play your field. The list goes on for specific niche groups to market to and the more creative you get with your promotions the better. Take your time to think of more groups to communicate with, and try to constantly generate new ideas to keep them interested in playing your course. Keep simple stats on which marketing events/campaigns and niche groups were the most successful so you know which ones to keep doing and which ones to go back to the drawing board. Once you have a steady stream of new players, focus on internal marketing strategies to keep them coming back. For example discounts for frequent players, free tank refills or ammo after a certain amount of games they have paid for etc. Set up your paintball field early on so that it can be rigged to host different events and competitions for different niche groups to play there and many players will call your field home.

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Black and Decker CTO6301 Digital Advantage Stainless Steel 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven Review

I’m going to look for another Black & Decker toaster oven; this time the Black & Decker CTO6301 Digital Advantage Stainless Steel 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven, a 6-slice convection toaster oven.

First, let’s get the basic summary out of the way:

  • Dimensions – 17.75 x 14 x 11.5 inches
  • Weight – 19 pounds
  • Characteristic – Pizza and baking pans included, removable crumb tray, nonstick interior
  • timer – 120 minute adjustable timer
  • Slice Capacity – 6 slices

The CTO6301 is a stainless steel convection oven from Black & Decker. It features a monochrome digital display at the front right of the face and digital controls below. The controls are intuitive for the most part, but I did find some of them a bit hard to understand at first, but a quick read through the manual quickly fixed that. The buttons themselves are pretty solid; I really like the overall feel of them.

The interior of the Black & Decker CTO6301 is quite large; It easily fits on a 12″ pizza and is nonstick, making it quick and easy to clean. This unit is quite large, so you may want to review your counter space before purchasing this model.

There are a variety of cooking features on the Black & Decker CTO6301 that are pretty good. I especially like the “bagel” mode which causes the bottom half of the oven to heat to half the temperature of the top half, making sure the bottom of your bagel doesn’t get too crispy. The oven preheats quickly and maintains a nice, consistent temperature whether the fan is on or not. It’s a nice feature to have.

The pans included are the standard baking and broiling pans, as well as a pizza pan. While the pans that come with it are standard fair, regular baking sheets fit easily, which gave me better results. The pizza tray did pretty well during my test and I ended up with a nice cheese pizza for my son and I in about 20 minutes. The interior luggage rack can be adjusted and placed in a total of four positions, giving you flexibility in the type of things you can fit inside. Since the tray is not attached to the door, to remove food you have to slide it out manually, but the door opens completely flat, which makes it easy. This also makes the toaster oven easier to clean on the inside.

The crumb tray is completely flat and pulls out directly from the front, making it easy to clean. Like most larger toaster ovens, the CTO6301 is easy to clean in general. The stainless steel also makes the exterior easy to clean. The cord is a bit longer than most standard toasters, giving you some flexibility in where you put the oven. Just make sure it doesn’t touch the outside of the oven, as it tends to get hot, as it does with most ovens.

Is the Black & Decker CTO6301 worth the price?

For a mid-priced convection oven, I would definitely recommend it. It comes packed with more features than many of the more expensive ovens, and the versatility is virtually unmatched for toaster ovens at this price point. Convection toaster ovens tend to be much more expensive than this model, so if you’re looking for a convection toaster oven, this is most likely a safe buy.

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How SMS Marketing Is Benefiting Various Online Businesses

Did you know that you can use SMS marketing to help your business grow? Here are some of the businesses that can benefit from SMS marketing:

entertainment places

The first businesses to start using SMS marketing were bars and nightclubs. This is because they find mass messaging a low-cost method of promoting special offers and informing customers of entertainment planned for the near future. Announcements like these are often time sensitive and SMS is the best way to get the word out quickly. Plus, it reaches people on the go.

service companies

Any business related to services such as dentists, home maintenance experts, gyms, veterinarians, etc. You can also take advantage of SMS marketing. They can use text messages to send appointment reminders to their clients. This is great because reminders don’t really guarantee a response. It is simply information delivered quickly and painlessly. Studies have shown that SMS reminders can help reduce the number of missed appointments.

Retail stores

This is a great way for stores to inform customers about special offers, new products, etc. Some retailers even choose to offer text-only coupons. The texts can also be used for opinion polls.

Food establishments

Bulk SMS has been used by the restaurant industry for a long time. They can target people at key times of the day. When they are deciding where to go for lunch or dinner. They also make it easy for restaurants to distribute daily deals or promotional offers. People like to think with their stomachs.

real estate agents

Real estate companies can use SMS marketing to inform their clients about open houses or new listings. Real estate is a highly competitive industry and being the fastest is essential. Most real estate agents spend very little time at their desks. Offering mobile solutions can be very beneficial for them.

Radio, TV and editorial

When the objective is to increase the audience or the number of readers, there is nothing that can work better than SMS marketing. Compromise is key here. SMS can be sent about changes in the schedule or when new articles are published online. Readers will know where to be at all times. It can also be used to get fans excited during the build-up to a major event. It’s about being creative.

online business

And lastly, online businesses. SMS marketing is very flexible and can be used by eCommerce sites as well as most other websites. By including a link to a registration/subscription form, Internet businesses can greatly benefit from using bulk SMS marketing to announce the arrival of new services or items on their site or to publicize sales events. The texts could even contain URL links to the website or event. Mobile marketing should not be ignored when it comes to online business. It’s still a very effective way to get the word out. Maybe it’s time you started using SMS marketing to your advantage.


5 ideas for children’s entertainment that do not involve video games

Coming up with ideas for kids’ entertainment that don’t involve video games, apps, or other forms of electronics can be a real challenge. Reaching out to kids amid the constant buzz of technology often requires a bit of creativity and a deep understanding of their interests. So next time you feel like putting together a quality family fun experience that will encourage your child to put down their phone, tablet, or game console, try some of these ideas:

Put your child in a starring role.

One way to get your kids involved in the notion of family outings (that don’t involve devices) is to put them in the middle of the night. For example, you can look for events and activities that give kids the chance to wear a crown, be knighted, or become a sheriff for a day, etc. in an environment that is fun and memorable.

Or, you can focus attention on your child by asking him or her to be the emcee or host for the evening. If you’re going out to dinner, for example, your child can order for the entire table or “pay,” depending on his role as host. If you are going to see a show, you can have your child research the venue and then make the announcement or presentation to the rest of the family about the evening’s agenda.

Explore the past.

Time travel is another great option to add flavor and excitement to a family outing or activity. And don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on a real time machine, because there are plenty of other ways to time travel, both real and virtual.

Let’s say you want to plan a board game night. You could declare it’s 50’s Night, and all clothing, conversation, food, and drinks must be 50’s themed. You can play 50’s music in the background, dress in ponytails, pompadours, or poodle skirts, and serve cheeseburgers and shakes for dinner. To get everyone in the mood that afternoon, consider streaming a couple of episodes of 1950s sitcoms on Netflix on your home TV or computer.

You can plan everything yourself and surprise the rest of your family, or you can ask your kids to help you with the planning. The research you do will help you learn a bit about the era you’re highlighting; Plus, getting them involved will go a long way toward getting them into the spirit of things.

Attend a live performance.

In an age where almost anything can be experienced on a television, tablet, or laptop, many children have very little exposure to live theater, dinner theater, and other forms of live entertainment. Taking them to see a dinner show or theater production can prove to be the thrill of a lifetime, and it will also open their eyes to a whole new world of arts and entertainment.

Create a themed family evening.

Surprise your kids by announcing on a Saturday morning that tonight will be about a special theme, like “Medieval Night,” “70s Night,” or “Sports Night.” Tell them they have the day to figure out what they will be wearing tonight, and you can also ask them to research some theme-related fun facts to share with the rest of the group.

When night falls, you can serve themed appetizers or snacks before heading to the main attraction: a themed activity. If it’s “Sports Night,” you could go to a college or professional sports game; if the theme is the 1970s, you can turn the living room into a retro disco. For medieval (or should we say knight?) theme night, you can enter a local tournament game or a medieval re-enactment show.

(Bonus tip: Turn up the fun when you challenge your family to stay in character all night using language, slang, or slang associated with your chosen theme or era.)

Host a family sleepover.

Stack mattresses, blankets and sleeping bags in the living room and get ready for some fun – it’s a slumber party for the whole family! You can make it really authentic when you surprise your kids at the breakfast table with printed party invitations. As for activities, some to consider are ghost stories, prank contests, arts/crafts, watching movies, and board games. Other bells and whistles to consider adding are making popcorn, midnight snacks, making Coke floats, and sleepover pranks.

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Weight Loss: Do’s and Don’ts

Weight loss journeys are hard no matter where you start or how far you’ve come. At some point, most people have tried to lose weight and ended up giving up due to stagnation or inadequate guidance. There are also seemingly endless weight loss tricks that advertise that they are all you need to lose weight, which is simply not true, NOTHING WILL HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT. It is a combination of puzzle pieces that must all fit together to complete your weight loss puzzle. Here are some things you should and shouldn’t know during your weight loss journey:

Don’t just do cardio

While cardio should be a part of your program, it shouldn’t be the ONLY thing in your program. Yes, cardio is great for burning calories and obviously necessary for good heart health, but when it comes to losing weight, cardio is just one small piece of the puzzle. Now, I’m not saying skip cardio because it’s necessary, but it’s not the biggest point of emphasis in a good weight loss program. You’ll still want to work up to about 5 days of cardio per week for best results.

Lift weights at least 3 times a week

Weight lifting and strength training is an absolute must when trying to lose weight as it makes it easier to build muscle. Why is that important? When you build muscle, your metabolism increases, allowing you to burn more calories. Building muscle is also great for bone health, as bones get stronger as muscle builds. For beginners, 2-3 days of weight lifting per week is sufficient, but eventually you’ll want to work your way up to 3-5 days per week depending on your schedule.

don’t go too fast

Trying to do too much too fast is just as detrimental to your adherence to a fitness program as not doing enough. Too often, people try to do too much at first and end up burning out after 2-3 weeks and falling back into old habits. The typical 4-week weight-loss guru on Instagram touts a 20-pound weight-loss program that’s easy to follow, but truth be told, those programs are not stickable and don’t encourage lasting healthy habits. Don’t get sucked into these “inspirational” 4 week transformations because most of the time, those people end up gaining that weight back and then some in a couple of weeks. Choose the slow and steady approach, you are much more likely to succeed!

Set realistic short- and long-term goals

To complement the above, setting realistic goals provides more stable results. Aiming for 0.5-1 pound of weight loss per week is a very realistic goal and possible for almost anyone, no matter how overweight or not. If your goal is an average of 2-4 pounds of weight loss per month over the course of a year, that’s 24-48 pounds lost in a year! Not to mention, you’ll have established long-lasting healthy habits that you can continue for the rest of your life.

Don’t take supplements to burn fat.

They are usually a waste of money packaged with fancy advertising and less than true claims about how they work. Most “fat burning” supplements don’t actually burn fat! If they do something, they help you burn more calories by increasing your metabolic rate, which can lead to weight loss, but if you don’t burn more calories than you consume, then you won’t lose weight. Some supplements will claim they can “target belly fat” which is absurd. There are no supplements that target fat in specific parts of your body, that’s not how your body works. When you’re losing fat, fat cells shrink throughout the body, and everyone reacts differently. You are better off spending your time and money focusing on your nutrition plan and making sure you burn more calories than you consume.

Spend most of your time and effort on your eating plan

As I mentioned earlier, you will only lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. Since diet accounts for about 70-80% of your results, you should spend the majority of your time on this aspect of your fitness program. Meal prep takes less time than you think and will make your entire week so much easier. Meal prep takes all the guesswork out of what food to eat next because your meals are already prepped and ready for you to heat up and eat.

Don’t drink liquid calories

Liquid calories are sure to derail your weight loss journey for many reasons. One of those reasons is that it contains extra (often sugary) calories that don’t help you feel full. Now, having protein shakes is still acceptable, as long as it’s just whey protein without the added added sugar. The extra protein will help you recover for the next workout. The liquid calories that you should avoid are sugary drinks (juices, Gatorade, soda, etc…) and alcohol. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram compared to carbohydrates and protein, which have 4 calories per gram and also have additional carbohydrates attached. Alcohol can also disrupt your sleep cycle, and getting your restful sleep is a critical part of recovery. What about the wine? While some are good for heart health, they still contain those extra calories you probably don’t need.

Drink half your body weight in ounces of water

Most of your body is made up of water, so be sure to drink! A good rule of thumb for how much water you should drink in a day is half your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink 100 ounces of water per day.

Don’t focus on the scale

This may seem counterintuitive, but hear me out. It’s a great feeling to see the numbers get smaller every week on that scale and it can give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment. When you start to level off and the numbers on the scale don’t change as often, it can be easy to get discouraged. It’s important to remember that the scale only tells part of the story when it comes to results, so don’t put all your value on what the scale says. One more important measurement to also pay attention to is body fat percentage. When used in conjunction with the scale, your body fat percentage can help you determine how much of your body is fat mass and how much is fat-free mass. It’s not uncommon for the scale not to change much, but the percentage of body fat does. If you stay the same weight and your body fat percentage goes down, then you’re a rock star! This means that he was able to decrease his fat mass and increase his lean body mass (most likely muscle mass)! Circumference measurements and progress pictures are also more helpful in determining progress than scale.

Focus on improving your overall fitness

Sometimes it’s best to shift your focus to different, but related goals to boost your results. Instead of weighing yourself weekly, try to track and improve your fitness levels, such as improving your run time on a 3-mile run, or instead of running 3 miles, try doing 4 or 5. For strength, focus in trying to lift heavy weights and improve their overall strength levels. You can also try different programs to improve the number of push-ups or pull-ups you can do. The main point is to stop focusing on the scale and work on your strength, flexibility, or cardiovascular fitness.

If you’re ready to start your fitness journey, make sure you’re ready to change your entire lifestyle. If you don’t feel like you’re ready to do that, then ask yourself why. What prevents you from changing your life to improve your health? If you’re having trouble answering these questions, please let me know and let’s get started on your path to a healthier you!

Legal Law

Being a stalker can cost you more than money

When we think of bullying behavior, we may picture children calling each other names on the playground or at school. However, bullying is more widespread than that, both among children and among adults. When going through a divorce, you may be tempted to bully your soon-to-be ex into making him or her “pay” for hurting you. This can be an extremely costly mistake. Not only can it cost you a lot of money in legal fees, but it can also cost you self-respect, close relationships, and the opportunity to plan for her future.

It is important to realize that bullying exists when there is an absence of compassion for oneself and others. Of course, when you go through a divorce, you often feel hurt and angry. So you might be tempted to show your spouse that he or she is “wrong” and you are “right.” You might even believe that it is possible to “win” your divorce case. Therefore, you may choose to hire a divorce attorney who is aggressive and claims to “fight for you.” So you pay your lawyer to blast your spouse (or their lawyer) with one nasty letter after another making your case and arguing why your position is indeed “correct.” This forces your spouse to fight back, and before you know it, neither of you is listening (or cares to listen) to the other.

This is bullying behavior, plain and simple. You have no compassion for yourself because you are putting aside the needs of your children and your most important values ​​in the hope of “winning.” You also have no compassion for your spouse and what he or she may need. Believe it or not, this is important information because once you can listen and understand what your spouse needs, you can solve your problems through creative negotiation. It is possible, and certainly more productive, to assertively communicate what you want without being aggressive or hostile. Maybe you even have goals and interests that are the same as your spouse’s, like which school your kids should attend. Knowing this certainly reduces the number of problems to solve and puts you on the same side as your spouse with each other’s problems. This is the approach recommended by the authors of Getting to Yes.

You should also be warned that intimidation only serves to increase your legal costs while maximizing hostility, which in turn further moves you away from achieving what is most important to you in the long run. These are the cases where the legal fees are the highest with the least satisfactory results. You are keeping up the fight, you continue to fan your anger and your pain, while you seek to obtain a “vindication” from the court. You may subscribe to a fantasy in which the judge will point an accusing finger at your soon-to-be ex-spouse and declare you the “winner.” You may believe that your anger and pain will miraculously disappear as a result. However, the only thing that will miraculously disappear is your money, in your lawyer’s pocket. Also, I know of very few, if any, cases where at the end of a divorce trial, one or both parties happily jump out of the courthouse and jump for joy.

Ideally, allow yourself to feel anger and hurt before starting the divorce process by taking advantage of the many resources available to help you. For example, you can find a competent counselor or coach that you trust to help you work through your difficult emotions and set priorities. You can also read material geared toward divorcees, such as Abigail Trafford’s Crazy Time.

Remember, when you have children together, the reality is that your future ex will still be a part of your family even though the family is no longer intact. So instead of attacking the other parent, wouldn’t it be more productive and satisfying to focus on the exciting task of renegotiating what your family would be like after the divorce?

It is important to separate your difficult emotions from your concrete positive goals for the future because it is your future that you can create in the divorce process. And remember, when you think you can “win”, you will most likely lose.

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Tattoo Care: 5 Tips For Proper Aftercare Of A New Tattoo

The best advice I can offer on how to properly care for a new tattoo is DO NOT USE LOTION ON A FRESH TATTOO! Most tattoo artists advise their clients to use a fortified ointment for the first few days of healing, followed by colorless and fragrance-free lotions to keep skin hydrated, protected, and to prevent color from fading. These lotions are relatively cheap and are available at your local pharmacy. However, almost all of these lotions contain ingredients that have recently been shown to do more harm than good for tattoo health. Here are 5 tattoo aftercare tips:

1. Clean Gently, Keep Out of Sun and Heat: During the healing and aftercare process, which can take several weeks, gently clean the tattoo daily with fragrance-free, antibacterial body wash and warm water. During the first days, no sun, swimming, sweating or dirt. Keep your tattoo dry and clean. During the first 24 hours, try to ice the tattoo as often as you can, this will help reduce inflammation and also help with pain.

2. Oil or oil-based ointment only for the first 3 days – Some recommend not using any lotion for the first few days due to the high risk of infection. However, there are safe natural products that are very effective and actually speed up the healing process. For immediate tattoo aftercare, look for a light, oil-based product that contains hemp seed oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera, and jojoba oil.

Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. It is a very effective remedy against countless skin ailments, infections, cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites, skin blemishes, etc. Using tea tree oil combined with hemp seed oil will provide rich omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Using these oils will slightly moisturize, protect and heal the skin without causing irritation or discoloration.

3. Avoid Plasma Scabs on the Tattoo: During the first day, your tattoo will leak a clear liquid called plasma. Try not to leave this scab on your skin, but if you do, wash it off gently with lukewarm water.

4. After the first 3 days, keep your skin moisturized with a natural lotion – Keeping your skin hydrated during the exfoliation process and long after will help with itching, flaking, and preserve the rich color of your tattoo. Like I said before, be careful with lotions that contain harmful ingredients like lanolin or petroleum. Instead, use a lotion that is rich in fatty acids for protection against free radicals and non-greasy hydration. Hemp seed lotions are the best for this.

Hemp seed oil is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 and is easily absorbed into the skin. Hemp contains anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that are healthy and non-irritating to the skin. Continue to use a hemp seed oil lotion long after your tattoo has healed and enjoy truer, healthier tattoo color for longer.

5. Look at the ingredients: Lanolin is an ingredient that some will use, and lanolin causes allergic reactions in many people. Lanolin is the natural oil that comes from sheep’s wool. Some tattoo aftercare also contains products like beeswax or petroleum, which can clog pores and contain contaminants. These ingredients are very popular in over-the-counter creams and lotions because they are cheap and easy to make. The lanolin and mineral oil found in these lotions cause excessive seepage, clogging, crusting, scarring, and loss of color. Stay away from products that contain mineral oil, dyes, propylene glycol, or parabens.

Earthly Body Tattoo Toner preserves tattoo color, does not fade, is vegan, and is petroleum, lanolin, and paraben free. It also works wonders in healing piercings.


Qualities of good dog harnesses

You love your dog and you are doing everything you can to give him the attention he deserves. You want them to eat well and look good, of course. In the effort of trying to make your pup look good and stay safe, you try to check out dog collars or harnesses. Then this certain question arises in your mind: “What type of harness or collar is suitable for my precious puppy?”

Collars are the most popular dog walking accessories, but in addition to dog collars there are also what we call dog harnesses. Dog harnesses are basically used to secure canines in a similar way as a dog collar would. They are a simple but effective accessory to use around dogs. Collars are worn around the neck while harnesses are generally worn around the dog’s body, which causes even distribution of pressure and this will help protect your dog’s fragile body parts. Harnesses are really good for very energetic dogs as these types of dogs often choke on their dog collars. Choking can sometimes lead to serious problems, such as vomiting, retching, or breathing problems. Using dog harnesses will eliminate the choking problem because the harness is worn around the dog’s torso and not around its neck. Also, hyperactive dogs tend to run away with collars, but with dog harnesses, they can’t run away easily. It will take a lot of effort to get a dog out of its harness.

Dog harnesses are available in various types. There are cotton, leather harnesses and also fine traditional ones. There are also harnesses that come in larger sizes. Those are the ones used to wrap the body, like a vest. Many dog ​​owners prefer vest harnesses as there is no pressure on the dog’s neck. These types of harnesses have a D-ring in the back where you can clip the leash on. Since they are larger, more material is required and that is why there are many opportunities for harness manufacturers to design them. There is also the type of harness that is called an “easy on harness”. The name explains it all. Easy-on harnesses are so easy for everyone to use. They have a hook and loop or what they call Velcro attached which makes it much easier for dog owners to leash their dogs. They are still very useful and can be quite comfortable for your dog if he prefers to get that instead of a collar.

So what qualities of dog harnesses do you have to look for?

1. Sustainability

– Of course you have to look for dog harnesses that are worth every penny you spend. You have to make sure that it is made with good quality material and a good design as well.

2. Comfort

– You bought the dog harness for your beloved dog right? So you better make sure your dog is comfortable with it. Look on the coat rack for soft fabrics like fine mesh, nylon, or suede.

3. Machine washable

– You don’t want your pup wearing something dirty, do you? Look for harnesses that can be easily washed.

Dog harnesses can be found at any pet store. You can even find many designs online. Just remember those three qualities that you should consider and that’s it.