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Diet for yeast infections: foods to include to get rid of yeast infections

What do you mean by ‘yeast infection diet’? Can I heal myself by eating the right food? Yeast infection or Candida Albicans occurs very frequently in women, although men and even children can also be affected. The main cause of the infection is the overgrowth of a natural fungus – Candida Albicans. The areas of the body most commonly affected are the vagina, in the case of babies: diaper rash, thrush (throat and mouth) and the male genitalia. With the right diet, you can help your body heal itself from Candida overgrowth and prevent further breakouts.

Yeast Infection Diet – What You MUST Eat:

– Colorful vegetables (all yellow, purple, red and green, like bell peppers, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes)
– Other vegetables such as sweet potatoes, bok choy, celery, romaine lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, and spinach.
– Low-carb whole grain breads, pasta, noodles and rice
– Salad dressings without sugar, although a limited portion
– Garlic, onion, olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, fresh herbs
– Fresh fruit, such as lemons, apples, limes, oranges, pineapples, berries, melons.
– Protein in the form of fish, chicken, eggs, turkey (either baked or grilled)
– Unsweetened soy milk and natural yogurt (ideal for
-establish bacterial balance)
– Some butter, almond butter, walnuts, almonds, roasted soy nuts and pumpkin seeds, all rich in unsaturated fats

Diet for yeast infections
– What you MUST NOT eat:

– Many spices, very spicy food will not be useful, but will irritate the already infected tissue.
– Drinks such as fruit punch, teas and caffeinated drinks, soda, cola, sweetened fruit juice, sugary drinks, coffee
– Peanuts and peanut butter, pistachios
– Certain dairy products such as cheese, milk, flavored yogurt, ice cream
– Meats such as red meat and pork, cold cuts, salami, bacon, mortadella, hot dogs, hot dogs.
– White flour bread and products such as hamburger buns and hot dog buns, soda crackers and others, bread sticks, breadcrumb batter
– White vegetables such as white rice, potatoes, corn grits and all kinds of canned vegetables, as they lose most of their vitamins in the canning process.
– Alcohol and fermented foods like beer, ginger ale, cider, soy sauce, most salad dressings.
– Sugars, including honey and white sugar.

Under normal circumstances, our immune system prevents and manages yeast overgrowth. With a yeast infection diet, you can give your immune system a boost to eliminate overgrowth and prevent Candida infections more efficiently.

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Easy Chinese food recipes

Looking for that great flavor you find in Chinese recipes, but just don’t know where to start? Or maybe you think it is too difficult or too time consuming. Well, you don’t have to be a professional cook to make great, quick and easy meals for the whole family. I’ll help you bring home the flavor of the restaurant with some quick recipes.

Spicy Beef, Shrimp, and Bok Choy

* 1/4 cup Shao Hsing rice wine

* 1 1/2 tablespoons oyster flavored sauce

* 2 teaspoons cornstarch

* 4 teaspoons canola oil

* 3/4 ​​pound sirloin

* 1 / 4-1 teaspoon crushed red pepper

* 10 raw shrimp

* 1 pound bok choy


1. Whisk the rice wine, oyster sauce, and cornstarch in a small bowl until the cornstarch dissolves.

2. Heat 2 teaspoons of oil in a large nonstick skillet or wok over medium-high heat. Add the meat and the crushed red pepper. continue cooking, stirring, until meat begins to brown. That should take about 2 minutes. Add shrimp and continue cooking, stirring, until shrimp are opaque and pink. Again, this should take about 2 minutes. Transfer the food to a plate.

3. Heat the remaining 2 teaspoons of oil over medium-high heat in the same skillet. Add the bok choy and cook, stirring, until it begins to wilt. That should be about 3 minutes. Stir in the cornstarch mixture. Return the meat and shrimp mixture (from step 2) to the skillet and cook and stir. Continue like this until heat penetrates completely and sauce thickens; it should take about 1 minute.

Prawns with Salt and Pepper

* 1/4 cup lime juice

* 4 teaspoons low sodium soy sauce

* 4 teaspoons sesame oil

* 1 teaspoon sugar

* 6 cups of cabbage

* 2 small red or orange bell peppers

* 1/4 cup of rice flour

* 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

* 1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

* 1 teaspoon five-spice powder

* 1 1/3 pounds raw shrimp

* 2 tablespoons canola oil

* 2 jalapeno peppers


1. Whisk together the lemon juice, soy sauce, sesame oil, and sugar in a large bowl until the sugar dissolves. Add the cabbage and bell peppers. Stir.

2. Combine rice flour, salt, pepper, and 5-spice powder in medium bowl. Add and coat the shrimp in the mixture. Heat oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add the shrimp and cook, making sure to stir. It should take 4 minutes, until the shrimp are pink. Add the jalapeños and cook until the shrimp are cooked through. This should take another minute. Serve in combination with the salad from step 1.

As you can see, Chinese cuisine doesn’t have to be complicated. Have fun!

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God bless women and especially mothers everywhere

When God created the earth, animals, vegetation, and all other living things, man was the only initially created creation that was unable to reproduce itself. Then God said that it was not good for man to be alone, so he made woman to be a companion to man and also to reproduce the species. The man had no idea at the time how lucky he was to not have the task of perpetuating his species (birth) on his shoulders.

According to the circumstances, 4 very strong women raised me without having a male presence in the home. My family immigrated to Los Angeles, California from Hot Springs, Arkansas in the early 1940s, just after the start of World War II. Like so many minority men in our society, my real father was a victim of alcoholism, he was a weak man, and he was not involved in my education.

My great-aunt Lula was an apostolic minister, my grandmother, my mother, and my aunt Nita were instrumental in guiding me throughout my childhood and instilling in me a Judeo-Christian moral foundation. The morals that were taught then are still in effect today and have served me well for over 60 years. The terms “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me” and “I apologize” are timeless and will always be relevant.

I do not know or understand how the erroneous notion that “women are inferior to men” began in history, but I can assure you that it has never been so. From what I’ve been able to observe, if the truth were known, men generally lack many areas in which women excel. It could be that women communicate better with each other and are more honest about the issues that are important in life. This is just my opinion on this situation.

Also, women are more compassionate and show their true feelings more easily than men as a rule. I suppose that God built this function within the woman because of the work she has to do (raising children). While it is true that women “think differently” than men, their decisions are often tempered with emotions that men are reluctant to display. and therefore female results may seem logical and feasible in relation to life’s problems.

There are extremes that can be taken in any area and the “women’s movement” is no exception. Since I am part of the “Baby-Boomer” generation (it was 1960), I have been around to see recent history in the works. While women in America have historically been denied the equal status accorded to their male counterparts in many areas, such as business, I think the point has been made to validate their worth in all areas that they have chosen to pursue. It’s time to face reality, end myths and prejudices, and get in the business of restoring America to its prominence as a world leader.

Looking back on my life, I find that having the advantage of being trained by women and observing the female point of view at a young age has given me a great advantage in looking at life from a balanced perspective as a man.

When I finished my lower secondary education I entered the United States Army and served my country for 3 years. During this time I was introduced to the concepts of “being a man” and was able to “balance” my thinking with what I had previously learned at home, something known as “motherly wit.” I truly believe that this knowledge has kept me mentally grounded and given me a sense of my true identity. An added benefit of my military tour was that I was able to visit Europe and observe other countries and learn about their cultures.

I have been happily married for the past 30 years and have been blessed with 4 adoring great-grandchildren. The feeling is mutual and now my job is to help raise them and pass on the values ​​that I have learned and that have given me positive results.

I thank God every day for the privilege of still being here with my family and the opportunity to see my great-grandchildren and help shape their young lives. Every day is like Christmas; we never know what the next package contains. (smile)

I keep my title, “God bless women and especially mothers everywhere.”

God bless America, our troops and leaders and may God continue to bless Israel and its leaders.

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Perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause: What are the symptoms?

Menopause is divided into 3 phases, each of which lasts an indeterminate time in each woman. To add to the confusion, each woman will experience menopause differently.

The 3 phases are perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause.

Perimenopause begins years before your last period. Small changes may occur without you noticing, and then you have a hot flash, which is a wake-up call. Menopause is when your period stops completely. When you’ve been a full year without your period, you’ve gone through menopause. On average, menopause occurs around the age of 51, although some go through it earlier and others later. Then postmenopause is everything that happens after menopause, basically the rest of your life.

Here is a list of common symptoms:

One of the first signs that you are entering perimenopause is that your period becomes irregular, or one is missing here and there, sometimes even for a few months at a time. The next thing will be the onset of hot flashes. They may start mildly at first, but menopause takes years to pass and eventually the hot flashes will intensify.

Night sweats go hand in hand with hot flashes. You wake up in the middle of the night and your bedding and nightgown are completely saturated. Some women experience night sweats and no hot flashes, or vice versa, or both or neither; but most likely you have at least one of these symptoms.

Vaginal dryness is another side effect of menopause. The decrease in estrogen levels causes physical changes in the moisture and elasticity of the vaginal walls and a decrease in natural lubrication. Over-the-counter lubricants can substitute for a while, but eventually it will be too painful to continue, making love hurts too much, and avoiding it is easier. Ask your doctor about hormone replacement therapy and if it is right for you.

The lack of sexual desire and loss of intimacy in your marriage can be terrifying. Keeping an open dialogue with your partner and an open mind in the bedroom can help both of you during this time. You may also experience urinary incontinence. The incidence of depression is increasing and may justify seeing a doctor for help.

You can gain weight for no reason; it is a side effect of menopause. Fluctuating hormones are to blame, as are the tough times you’re going through. Keep your eyes on a healthy diet and exercise and it may clear up soon enough.

Insomnia is also a side effect of lower estrogen levels. With everything you have in mind, it’s easy to blame stress, but it’s a side effect of declining estrogen levels. Taking melatonin, starting at the 1mg size, an hour or two before bed can help you fall asleep. Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the body when day turns into night. It has no side effects and it is safe. Take the lowest dose and you will wake up refreshed.

Mood swings can take you by surprise. Add in a hot flash and it may seem out of control. Your memory isn’t what it used to be either. You may be concerned, but these are all natural consequences of estrogen withdrawal and very common in menopause.

One of the most debilitating physical symptoms is hair loss, sometimes it seems to be full of brush! This can be scary as your self esteem and confidence get shaken due to your hair constantly falling out. Your hair loses the thickness and body that you had in your youth. Trying out a new hairstyle can be a life saver here.

Not all of these symptoms may all be present at once, thank goodness, but you can be sure that some will be recognizable. Maintaining a sense of humor at all times helps, and looking on the bright side of everyday events will help you get through this sometimes difficult time in life.

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How to remove negative energy from your home

You know that feeling you get when you get to the end of winter and all you want to do is open up the place and air it out? Your home feels stuffy, heavy, and stale after being closed for months and you know good ventilation will lighten everything. Well, when you do that, you are clearing your home of negative energy. This article is about simple ways to eliminate stale and even negative energy, brightening your home and lifting your mood.

Even in the most positive homes, negative energy can build up. There are many ways that negative energy accumulates or is generated in your home. A housemate in a bad mood, traumatic story (of a person or of the house itself), even when interacting with others, going to a mall or to work, can pick up trash in their energy field and take it home. Whatever the reasons, negative energy builds up over time and must be cleaned up.

The effects of negative energy

Negative energy is like a wet blanket at best. Lowers the mood in the house. Anyone suffering from depression is much more likely to experience the blues in a dirty home. If someone is prone to anxiety, it is much more difficult to stay calm where heavy energy prevails. Accidents, blinks and movements out of the corner of the eye, illnesses, are often indicators of negative energy. All of this can often be prevented simply by regularly cleaning your home energy.

To be clear, ‘Negative energy’ covers a diverse list of ‘junk’. The cleaning methods here are tools that anyone can use and they work well to remove basic “congested” or “heavy” energy. If you’re seeing dark movements out of the corner of your eye, for example, using these tools will usually make it clear. However, if you are experiencing more than that – banging sounds, appearance of entity (ghosts or any presence that makes you feel uncomfortable), unless you feel competent to do so, it is best to hire a professional to fix the problem for you. you.

Compensation methods

There are countless ways to clean your home, here are some easy and effective methods that anyone can use.

  • Spring cleaning

– Cleaning your home, opening all doors, windows, cabinets and drawers, letting in sunlight and fresh air, and brushing off cobwebs is a very effective cleaning method. While you have everything open, take your broom and gently brush the walls, behind doors, in cabinets, etc. Heavy energy is palpable and therefore can often be removed by breaking it up with a broom. For a really good clean, take things out of wardrobes, clear out clutter (explosive energy loves to hold onto things we cling to but no longer need – the two have a similar resonance). While all this is going on, put on live music, dance, and play games; all of this generates light and is unbearable for negative energy.

  • Light work

– Put your hands together to create a closed cave and imagine your house in the cave. Now imagine that the angels are flooding the house with light, dissolving the mud. See how the light penetrates directly into the fibers of the wood and other materials that the house is made of (carpet, metal, etc.) dissolving all the hidden accumulation of dirt and heavy energy. If you still feel like the house needs more cleaning, do the same, but with only one room at a time on your hands.

  • Smoke and noise

– Go to your local mystical supply store and pick up a sage wand. Hold a small ceremony in which you set the intention to clear negative energy, restoring your home to Light. Once the sage wand is burning, dedicate the smoke to Divine Light (according to your beliefs). Then move around your home, room by room, brushing the sage smoke around the walls, in the nooks and crannies, everywhere. You can also use a drum and bell to break up negative energy and then use smoke to remove it.

Before and after any cleaning work, be sure to clean your own energy with the same technique: for spring cleaning, take a shower, for light work, imagine yourself in the cave flooded with light and for the ‘smoke and noise ‘. – Brush the sage smoke through your own energy field.

This topic is broad and diverse and can easily become a study of lives; however, the purpose of this article is to provide a few simple versions of commonly used procedures for most people to use without extensive training. Remember, if it feels out of reach, then hire a professional energy surgeon or shaman (for example) to do the work for you. Many energy surgeons can work long distances and do not need to be present at your home to complete the task (no matter how severe the problem has become). But for simple and regular cleaning, most people are perfectly capable of doing the job themselves.

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Natural cures for cheilitis

Angular cheilitis is a very painful and highly visible skin disease in which the corners of the mouth are cracked and injured. Also, the patient may experience chapped lips, in severe cases even the tongue can become infected. However, finding cheilitis cures that work can often be very difficult, especially if you are looking for permanent illness.

A person suffering from low immunity is more likely to be in danger, also people who wear poorly fitting dentures, bite their nails and suck their thumb more often suffer from this disease. However, the most common causes are bacterial and / or yeast infections. Often times, the cure depends on a cause, so for example, if you have dentures that do not fit well, you should replace them and use an antiseptic solution regularly.

People with bad habits like thumb sucking or nail biting, etc. You must break these habits as they can cause bacterial and fungal infections. The regular treatments for the mouth infected by bacteria is to apply a topical cream containing antibiotics, while for the mouth infected by yeast it is recommended to use the antifungal and steroid cream. People suffering from chapped lips should apply petroleum jelly, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, unscented lip balms, etc. If a person has a deficiency of vitamins, iron or zinc then an alteration in the diet would be the best way to permanently eliminate cheiliosis, the use of suitable supplements is also very effective.

The cheilitis cures mentioned above would suffice, although what would really help is a change in habits, a balanced diet, and maintaining a high level of personal hygiene. In this way it can be ensured that Perleche, as this skin disease is also known, does not fight back.

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Benefits of celery and celeriac juice

Celery juice benefits weight loss and health, to effectively improve digestion and the immune system. Celery was originally used medicinally to purify the blood. Calorie-free and high in fiber, celery juice is a stimulating tonic and a great addition to a healthy diet.

Celery and celeriac juice are traditionally used for: asthma, constipation, fever, fluid retention, gout, headache, inflammation, insomnia, kidneys, liver, lungs, migraine, nerve problems, and weight loss.

Fresh celery juice has a mild diuretic effect and helps curb the craving for sweets, which benefits weight loss.

Rich in magnesium and iron, with up to 95% water, fresh celery juice provides a valuable nourishment for blood cells. The celery juice will provide a good source of potassium, which is great for healthy, hydrated skin. An important benefit of consuming celery juice is that it also helps regulate blood pressure. The vitamin C found in celery helps strengthen the immune system and is a cold fighter. Fresh celery contains cancer-fighting compounds that detoxify pollutants, including cigarette smoke.

Common salt or inorganic sodium chloride are harmful to the body, while organic sodium in celery juice is more beneficial. Sodium is called a youth element because it removes acid from the body, reduces stiffness, and loosens the muscle skeleton.

Celery juice is helpful for people who have high acidity that results in calcification and degenerative bones and joints. This harmful buildup comes from too much animal protein, too many grains, refined and concentrated sugars, and concentrated starches. The body can benefit from increased consumption of celery juice which helps remove calcium deposits before they build up and cause harm.

Drinking a glass or two of fresh celery juice can benefit people suffering from nervous disorders and insomnia. Celery juice is a revitalizing brain tonic, improves memory, and is good for dizziness. Some have even discovered the sobering qualities of raw celery juice as an antidote to alcoholic indulgences.

Celery root or celeriac juice is valued as a snack that stimulates digestion. Celeriac juice has an almost immediate beneficial effect on the body when sipped. It’s amazing how much juice can be extracted from these large, hard, dry-looking roots.

Ideal in tropical climates, celery juice is a natural and protective coolant in hot climates. A glass of organic celeriac juice will keep you dry and comfortable, while those around you perspire. Great if you enjoy a vigorous workout like I do, celery juice can be used as a natural sports drink to replace valuable fluid and mineral loss due to sweating.

The higher the chlorophyll content, the darker the celery. Use celery stalks and greens, which contain sodium and insulin. Squeeze only firm celery stalks with fresh leaves. Celery can add a refreshing yet salty flavor to your juice recipes and is best paired with carrots or apples.

The health benefits of making celery and celeriac juice are enormous. Introducing celery juice to your daily diet can not only improve long-term health, but also promote weight loss. So get out your juicer and start making celery juice today!

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Zacatecas – A colonial treasure

When you think of vacations, the idea is often to go to the beach. But what about those of us who aren’t too fond of the beach? Well, if that’s the case, why not visit Zacatecas, Mexico? Traveling to Zacatecas is like traveling back in time, because this city is one of the best preserved colonial cities in the world!

Zacatecas is located in the Mexican state of the same name. To be more specific, the city of Zacatecas is located in the most central part of the country. It is surrounded by vast mountainous terrain that includes two of the most famous mountains in the world, La Sierra Madre Occidental and La Sierra Madre Oriental. This particular city boasts incredible historical wealth and its annual traditions are lessons from its culture. It is this same wealth that has earned this city the designation of a UN World Heritage Site. The name of the city is derived from the indigenous Nahualt language and refers to the grasslands that are specific to the area. The nahualt word for grass is transliterated to “Zacalt” and evolved into the modern Spanish word “Zacate” or grass. However, at one point this beautiful city was called “Zacatlán” and it was its inhabitants who were called “Zacatecas”.

The first inhabitants of this area were indigenous groups. First it was inhabited by indigenous Caxcan and Guachichile. It wasn’t until the 16th century that the Spanish arrived and took over the land. Zacatecas was founded as a city in 1546, although some historians will argue that it was in 1548. But it was in force in 1546 when silver was discovered for the first time in these lands. The population increased in the late 1550s, which was when the great silver discovery was really noticed. The silver mining business flourished and can almost be compared to a similar historical event, the “Gold Rush”. The Spanish used indigenous serfs and African slaves for the arduous and dangerous work. Soon the silver was shipped to Europe. In fact, if it weren’t for the silver from Zacatecas, the Spanish Crown would not have accumulated the wealth necessary to finance future wars.

Not only this, but silver had a general impact on the European economy. The disbursement of the precious metal was such that in the 17th century Zacatecas was recognized as the third largest city in Mexico, or “New Spain” as it was known at the time. The business continued to prosper and the success was such that by the following century, Zacatecas silver was ranked as the fifth largest silver producer in the world. The 19th century brought with it the introduction of the railroad, known as the Central Railway of Mexico, which in turn facilitated the shipment of silver. But this success was not eternal. Unfortunately, that same century that brought the railroad also brought the disappearance of silver mining to Zacatecas. The price of silver dropped, leaving the mines deserted. As a result, people began to migrate north and some even to what we now know as the state of Colorado, in the United States, to be exact. But do not regret it, that terrible destiny was not eternal either. In reality, to this day, silver mining is still a profitable business, but never quite the same as it once was.

Perhaps one of the most famous events in Zacatecas occurred in June 1914, during the Mexican Revolution. “La Toma de Zacatecas” was the bloodiest and most frightening event of the Mexican Revolution. It was the battle led by the world-renowned bandit “Pancho” Villa against the Federal Army led by then-President Victoriano Huerta. Villa’s troops, known as Los Dorados, managed to outwit and corner the Federal Army. This was mainly due to Villa’s intelligence and ability to use the mountainous terrain to his advantage. In fact, Villa used a deception technique, making the Federal Army believe that Villa’s people would attack from a specific point. Villa ordered the troops to be positioned the night before the battle to surround the Federal Army. Villa’s troops also blocked all exits from the city so that the Army had no alternative but to surrender or die. Today, three great monuments of Pancho Villa and his two main generals (the three men on horseback) stand rigid in celebration and honor of three of Mexico’s greatest protagonists. You can find these statues at the top of “Cerro de la Bufa”, which is exactly where this event took place.

When you visit Zacatecas, you will be surprised by the number of places to admire. In fact, you can ride an aerial tram or “cable car” to absorb the most magnificent aerial view of this beautifully preserved colonial city. A quick fact: the cable car was built by a Swiss company in the late 1970s. “El Cerro de la Bufa” is not just the platform for the Pancho Villa monument, but just the journey down the narrow and rough roads it can take you back in time. Knowing the mining history of Zacatecas, you cannot leave without visiting “El Edén”, an old mine that has been transformed into a museum and underground disco.

One of the best times to visit Zacatecas is in September, because that is when the Feria Nacional de Zacatecas (The National Fair of Zacatecas) takes place. This event is like the melting pot of cultural events. You will have the opportunity to witness art exhibitions, horse races, impressive culinary creations, bullfights, Palenque (small arena with musical guests, cockfights, horse shows), and even charreadas (an elaborate rodeo). Did I mention that the weather this time of year is only 70 degrees Fahrenheit? Another great celebration is “La Morisma”, which takes place during the last week of August. This particular event celebrates the battles between Christians and Moors during the expulsion of the Moors from Spain from the Peninsula. The most impressive thing about this celebration is that there is a live presentation of the battles; this includes actors in full medieval costumes using actual weapons (with blanks, of course).

They do an amazing job recreating this historic event; It’s like bringing history to life! The Zacatecas Cultural Festival (El Festival Cultural de Zacatecas) is another excellent event, but it takes place during Easter week. This event is mainly dedicated to the arts, including poetry, literature, music, painting, sculpture, and film. People from all over the world come to participate in this cultural event. In fact, just two years ago there were participants from more than 20 countries and more than 40,000 tourists attended. This is definitely a global event, as there are participants not only from Mexico, but also from Japan, Iran, Russia, Spain, England, and Austria, just to name a few. On the music scene, which by the way is free, international artists from Bob Dylan to Gloria Gaynor to Ricardo Arjona to Van Gogh’s La Oreja have amazed audiences with their timeless music.

Accommodation is very affordable and most hotels retain that traditional colonial style. Quinta Real used to be a bullring and has been transformed, for your enjoyment, into a five-star hotel. In fact, you will be surrounded by the bullfighting environment down to the smallest detail. If you want to continue enjoying the Baroque style, stay at the Hotel Emporio. Hotel Emporio has managed to preserve the colonial style of the city and from here you can admire the liveliness of the city. Lastly, Hotel La Casona de los Vitrales is an incredible place to stay. As it is aptly called, “vitrales” means windows, the windows are brilliantly designed and decorated by a local artist. You have to see it to believe it!

Unlike most cities, Zacatecas has only three performing arts theaters: the Fernando Calderón Theater, which was completed in 1897 and is based on purely French architecture (pretty amazing if you ask me); Ramón López Velarde Theater, which is a bit more commercial, for Mexico City theater companies they often perform there for the general public; The IMSS Theater is the third theater in the city, but unlike the other two, this one is dedicated to providing entertainment mainly for children. As for movie theaters, there is only one in the whole city! This is called MM Cinemas. There used to be more movie theaters in the city, but most are abandoned or have been turned into something else. During the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, all of these movie theaters were open, but once this era came to an end, so did the movie theaters.

But why watch a movie when there is so much to see, including 24 museums? For example, the Pedro Coronel museum (named after Diego Rivera’s son-in-law) features pieces of international art from Egypt, China, Mexico, Japan, and Africa, to name a few. You can take your time and admire original paintings by Picasso, Dali and Delacroix! If you’ve ever wanted to see the world’s largest collection of masks, why not visit the Rafael Coronel museum? However, if you like modern art, visit the Manuel Felguerez Museum of Abstract Art (The Manuel Felgurez Museum of Abstract Art). This particular museum is the most important in Latin America and features modern and abstract art by Manuel Felguerez (for whom the museum is named), Juan García Ponce, and Vlady, among many others. Native indigenous art, particularly from the Huichole tribe, can be admired up close and in person at the Zacatecano Museum. The churches of Zacatecas look a lot like monuments or, better yet, architectural art that has stood the test of time. A church that you should not miss is the city’s cathedral, La Catedral Basílica de Zacatecas, with its baroque style.

The splendid and fantastic details in carved red stone were carried out between 1730 and 1760. The carved images of the Apostles are almost incredible, not to mention the small details! Inside are the remains of San Mateo Correa, a martyr from Zacatecas canonized by Pope John Paul II. Unfortunately, the cathedral was looted during the religious persecutions of the early 20th century. Yet it is an architectural marvel! Another architectural beauty that you cannot miss, and that turned out to be almost right in front of the cathedral, is La Iglesia Santo Domingo de Guzmán. Like the cathedral, the Church of Santo Domingo has the Spanish Baroque style. It was built between 1746 and 1749 by the Jesuits, although the Jesuits lost control of the church after their expulsion and the followers of Santo Domingo took control (hence the name of the church). The most spectacular of this building are the wooden altarpieces carved in gold, which house three ships. It really is an extraordinary sight!

If you want to take a walk around the city, the best street is Avenida Hidalgo (Avenida Hidalgo). This is the most important and captivating street in Zacatecas. It literally takes you through time, since on your walk you will find colonial buildings, colonial-style squares and even a shopping center of the same style (Mercado González Ortega). In fact, most of the streets in Zacatecas are narrow and cobbled and will remind you of the streets of France; but they are full of life and color like no other street you have seen. It is not unusual to see local marching bands performing along the street on the weekends. As far as gastronomy is concerned, “La Leyenda” is one of the most famous restaurants in Zacatecas and its specialty is a dish called “El Minero Platero”.

You can also visit “El Barretero” (El Minero) which has live music to accompany its traditional Mexican food. Zacatecas comes alive at night and there is entertainment for the young and the youthful soul. “La Otra España”, “Gaudí” and “Cactus” are three of the most popular bars among young people, but places like “Cazadores” and “El Mesón de Jobito” (which used to be an old town) have a kind of atmosphere much more traditional. Oh, and when you go out, don’t forget to savor the traditional Zacatecas drink: mezcal, which is derived from the agave or maguey native to this area. Health! Go see it now at!

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Is your weight gain due to a caloric imbalance or intestinal breakdown?

I see clients every day who have struggled for years to achieve a healthy weight. They have tried every diet on the market with minimal results at best. And very often they also live with chronic digestive problems. Their stories almost always include some or all of the following: a history of the standard American diet, regular use of antibiotics in childhood or adulthood, a period of time on the contraceptive pill, over-the-counter or prescription reflux medications, constipation or diarrhea.

What do the statistics tell us? (data from the National Institutes of Health)

  • 230 million Americans are overweight or obese.

  • 63 million suffer from chronic constipation.

  • 61 million experience chronic heartburn.

  • 2 million live with inflammatory bowel disease.

  • 15 million (some estimates say between 25 and 45 million) suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

What does this prevalence of digestive problems have to do with the epidemic of overweight and obesity?

Research supports the idea that a collapse in the gut can be the cause of weight gain. An animal study published in Science Translational Medicine found that changes in gut bacteria affected weight loss. Another study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism looked at a specific gut microbe and the impact it had on overweight or thin people. It is not fully understood, but one hypothesis is that the imbalance in gut bacteria can lead to inflammation and potentially affect the body’s use of insulin.

Weight gain may not be such a clear sign of intestinal breakdown, but the chronic digestive disorders that affect millions and millions of Americans certainly tell us that there is a problem in the gut.

Why does the gut collapse in the first place

  • Antibiotics They do a good job of destroying bacteria, but unfortunately they will destroy the good bacteria you need for a healthy gut.
  • Tea morning after pill it is used in many cases for hormonal regulation in order to minimize symptoms. Estrogen is recognized as a factor in impaired intestinal barrier function and increased inflammation.

  • On the counter anti-inflammatory drugs It can inflame the intestinal lining and weaken the spaces between the cells of the intestine.

  • Tea Standard American diet It consists of pro-inflammatory compounds and lacks antioxidants and many other nutrients that prevent and control inflammation. Excess sugar and inflammatory fats are two specific components of the diet that create increased inflammation in the gut.

Are you on fire?

A great deal of time and energy is spent focusing on controlling calories, carbohydrate grams, protein, or fat without taking other symptoms into account. These chronic digestive symptoms can lead to an understanding of the inflammatory processes that may also be affecting weight gain. This inflammatory process is like a fire burning inside you, causing symptoms that can include weight gain. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you may have chronic inflammation.

  1. Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease?

  2. Struggling to reach a healthy weight?

  3. Do you have ongoing muscle and joint aches and pains?

  4. Feeling fatigued, where do you need to take a nap after work?

  5. Do you have regular constipation, diarrhea, or both that interfere with your life?

  6. Do you experience brain fog where it seems more difficult to solve problems or easily complete simple tasks?

  7. Do you have asthma or allergies?

Lifestyle Fashion

Beginner’s Guide to Achieving the Perfect Twist

Have you ever tried a twist just to achieve a curly lock? Well, I’ve done it before. Throughout the four years of my natural hair journey, I have experienced many hair successes and failures. My failures have helped me learn countless tips for styling natural hair. My many twisting failures have helped me create guidelines to achieve the perfect twist.

Whether you are struggling to combat frizz in your hair or to achieve definition, this article will provide you with the essential steps to achieve the perfect hairstyle.

1) wash hair

Clean hair is essential to start this process. Since you will be applying a new product to your hair to achieve this style, it will be necessary to have clean hair to prevent product build-up and allow your style to last longer.

2) deep condition

The sulfate in the shampoo makes the hair dry and strips it of its moisture. To replenish moisture, you’ll want to deep condition your hair for 15-30 minutes. Since this hairstyle will last for a while, deep conditioning will help replenish moisture and keep your hair hydrated throughout the life of your hairstyle.

After applying the conditioner, put a plastic cap on your hair. Then sit under a hair dryer for 15 to 30 minutes to allow the product to penetrate the hair follicles. Next, wash the conditioner off in cold water to seal in the moisture in your cuticle.

3) Dry hair

Use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel or blow dryer. Wearing a t-shirt will prevent breakage and reduce frizz. Wrap the shirt around your hair and let the shirt absorb the water for about 30 minutes.

4) Moisturize hair

Once your hair is slightly dry, take off your shirt and start moisturizing your hair using the LOC method (liquid, oil, cream), this will give your hair the best results.

Since your hair will already be damp, you can skip the first step of adding liquid to your hair. Then apply any hair oil of your choice to help retain moisture in your hair, such as olive oil, coconut oil, Jamaican black castor oil, or even a mixture of all of them. Finally, you will apply a butter-based moisturizer to lock in the moisture with a hair cream of your choice, such as a Whipped Shea Butter Blend, Cantu Shea Butter, Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner .

5) Section and untangle

Once your hair is hydrated, it’s time to section and detangle it. First divide your hair into 4 sections and pin each section together. Then detangle each section using a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle each section. Once you have detangled all four sections of hair, choose 1 of the 4 sections to separate into smaller sections to begin twisting your hair.

6) Twist your hair

Once your hair is divided into smaller, medium-sized sections, you will apply the holding product of your choice to your hair. Before you start twisting your hair, you’ll want to untangle the section you want to twist to ensure a defined twist. Once you’ve finished twisting, repeat the process until you’ve finished twisting your hair.

7) dry

Now that you have finished twisting your hair. Let your hair air dry completely. You can do this by wrapping your hair in a hat and sleeping through the night. If time is running out, you can speed up the drying process with a hooded dryer.

8) Unravel

The unraveling process is one of the most important parts of achieving a sharp turn. To avoid frizz, you should apply oil to your fingertips before detangling your hair. Keep repeating the process until you have removed all of your twists.

9) Shape and separate

When all your twists have been removed, then you will separate your untangled twists. Once all your twists have been parted, then you give your hair the desired shape.

10) Maintain

To keep this style defined, wrap your hair at night in a silk scarf or beanie. Once you’ve removed the bonnet, hydrate and reshape your hair as needed.