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Top 10 Holiday Destinations for 2009

For those of you planning a holiday this year it’s not all doom and gloom, the places are still very much alive and kicking with many tour operators getting into price wars, there are still great holiday deals to be found this year. Below are some of our top picks for 2009.

northern thailand. One could spend a lifetime in Thailand and still find more things to do. The northern provinces, particularly remote Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son, here you can ride an elephant or raft through spectacular scenery. Get involved in one of the oldest civilizations and travel through 3,000 years of history.

Greek islands. The island waiting through the Greek islands is a unique experience that everyone should experience at some point in their lives. Cycle around the amazing island of Santorini, eat a Gyros in Paros, laze in the Ios sun, what better way to spend the summer in Europe.

Cape Town. For those looking for a little bit of everything, South Africa has something for everyone: wildlife, history, culture and active sports. The city of Cape Town is the perfect place to start. Not many cities can boast a 1 km high mountain overlooking the city, but Table Mountain with some of the most impressive views on the planet. Cape Point or Cape of Good Hope, located at the southwestern tip of Africa, is a place well known for the treacherous seas where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet. Take a ferry to Robben Island and walk through nearly 400 years of banishment, exile, isolation, and imprisonment. For those seeking excitement, go skydiving or shark diving. Be sure to enjoy a drink on one of Cape Town’s many white sandy beaches.

Barcelona. Undoubtedly one of the most glorious and unique cities on the planet. A bustling cosmopolitan city, there is much to see and do. From the infamous Sagrada, this is a giant building designed by the architect Antonio Gaudí, along with many other treasures such as the incredible Park Güell. Be sure to take a stroll down La Rambus and drink sangria on the beachfront.

NY. Everything from shopping, museums, theaters, restaurants, skyscrapers, parks and did we mention more shopping? Be sure to see Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Terminal, and Rockefeller Center, and the list goes on!

Turkey. Nestled between Asia and Europe, Turkey offers a cultural mix to satisfy even the most inveterate traveler. Walk on a magic carpet, relax in a Turkish bath, barter for almost anything in the Grand Bazaar, watch a traditional Turkish dance, see amazing Ephesus and of course Pamukkale, go ballooning in Goreme (Cappadocia) – oh , the options in Turkey are endless.

Paris. The city of Paris, perfect for good wine and romance. We don’t need to spend a lot of time talking about Paris, we all know the attractions; The Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum and the Sacré-Coeur. Paris speaks for itself, now go see it!

Australia. Leave the cradle of the northern hemisphere and go to a place where time seems to have stopped. The cares of the world will leave you behind when you meet some of the friendliest people the world has to offer. Australia is like no other, from big cities like Sydney to the western hinterland and the marine life of the Great Barrier Reef.

dubai. A place that offers a preview of what the cities of the future will be like; a place where Western and Middle Eastern cultures come together almost seamlessly. Only in Dubai could a 5-star hotel be built in 2 months and only in Dubai could it be affordable for even the most discerning traveler! When it comes to buildings, the crazier the idea, the more likely it is to get built, which is why Dubai is full of amazing feats of engineering.

tokyo. Sitting on a pole opposite a beach in the Greek islands. One of the most dynamic and dynamic cities in the world (and probably the most expensive). The neon lights of central Tokyo will take your breath away, and at the other end of the spectrum, the Imperial Palace, several hundred square kilometers of parks and history, is an oasis in one of the most densely populated and congested areas on the planet. Tokyo has plenty of museums and temples to keep you busy for a week.

That’s our top 10 for 2009. Now that you’ve seen a sample of what’s on offer, you’re probably in need of hosting. There are many websites offering great deals on all types of hotels, be sure to check out the cheap hotels that have a great selection of 2, 3, 4 and 5 star accommodation.

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Puerto Rico – A jewel of the Caribbean

Puerto Rico is considered by some as the best island in the Caribbean and by others as the best destination for weddings. The island offers a wide variety of recreational options ranging from coastal venues and ocean activities to inland adventures beyond its shores. Explore the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Rico, hundreds of years of history, four different cultures and, above all, friendly and good-spirited people who leave a mark on the hearts of all who visit.

Distinctive Municipalities

With 78 distinctive municipalities, virtually any type of special interest can be found in Puerto Rico. From hiking in a forest or exploring a cave, to excellent cuisine, lively nightlife and exciting casinos, to romantic walks along a moonlit beach. Renting a car allows you to discover small towns, fishing villages and an incredible variety of cultural activities; to an island getaway with a stay at a Parador – Puerto Rico also has it all, including perfect settings for weddings and honeymoons, and spectacular meeting spaces. The Puerto Rico Convention Center is the largest facility of its kind in the Caribbean.

six regions

The island is divided into six regions, each with their own unique features and attractions.

metro san juan

Greater San Juan is one of the top 25 metropolitan areas in North America packed with big-city business, culture, and entertainment. However, the cobbled streets take visitors back 500 years in time. The enormous fortifications of San Juan have been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It’s a seven-block museum, but it also contains lively neighborhoods, with many places to play, dine, shop, and stay.

North “Atlantic Port”

Full of historical sites, beaches, lagoons, lakes, caves and forests. In the heart of the island’s fourth oldest city, Arecibo, founded in 1616. This region is home to the famous Parque de las Cuevas del Río Camuy, the Arecibo Observatory and Barceloneta Outlets.

West “Gate of the Sun”

Visitors can explore 17 small towns; discover some of the best surfing areas and beaches in the world, excellent seafood, coastal forests and unique coffee and sugar farms, numerous regional festivities and various golf courses and marinas. The major secondary airport of Aquadilla (BQN) is located here with direct air service from the United States, serving major eastern cities such as New York, Newark, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale year-round.

South “Porta Caribe”

Twelve towns with beautiful beaches and enchanted forests, freshwater lakes for fishing, golf courses, fishing villages, carnival-style festivities and Victorian-style manor houses in the most important city in the area, Ponce. Flights from Orlando and New York are available year-round to Ponce Airport (PSE).

Central “Porta Cordillera”

This is a major agricultural area with unique mountainous terrain, world famous for its coffee and noted for its outdoor adventure opportunities and numerous natural attractions, including its beautiful waterfalls. The area is also rich with archaeological sites, annual festivals, and shopping opportunities for unusual items from prominent local artists.


There are fantastic beaches, golf courses, nature reserves, impressive underwater reefs and small cays. This area features the picturesque offshore islands of Vieques and Culebra. Vieques was named among the top 10 islands in the Caribbean and Flamenco Beach in Culebra was voted among the best beaches in the world in 2014 by the Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice Awards.

Hotels and Resorts

There are several spectacular beach resorts to a wide variety of value-packed hotels on the beach or on the beach, in the mountains, towns and villages, near historic sites and nature reserves, as well as at or near airports. .

Small hotels, inns, and guest houses (many of which offer bed and breakfasts) can be found in the metropolitan area and throughout the island along with a number of eco-lodges. These are family-oriented posadas with ocean views, a Mediterranean-style boutique hotel in a restored Spanish villa, small European-style bed-and-breakfast hotels just steps from the beach, a hillside villa overlooking panoramic view of the forest, service facilities with swimming pools and direct access to the beach, an old restored convent from the 16th century in the heart of Old San Juan, an old large house from a Spanish sugar plantation, one and two-bedroom villas located in 40 acres of nature preserves – the options are endless.

Paradors of Puerto Rico

Now let’s forget about these little gems. Best known for its affordable rates and quaint, secluded locations, each of its 15 country inns offers a convenient starting point for nearby exploration outside of the San Juan metropolitan area.

Paradores range from century-old haciendas to small estates in local fishing villages. Very often, the Parador restaurant is also part of the Mesones Gastronomicos program that designates restaurants that offer genuine Puerto Rican cuisine with the highest level of quality, high standards, and the best local dishes at reasonable prices.

As you drive around the island, you often see the Parador symbol. The word Parador in the property name is reserved for properties that meet and maintain the standards required for this program.

There is much more to learn about Puerto Rico. If you liked this information and want more, contact me and I would love to help you.

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Italy By Train – Holidays That Cost The Earth Nothing

Before the arrival of the Channel Tunnel and after the Eurostar, traveling by train to Italy was quite an undertaking. Once he had negotiated the British Rail part of the journey and the cross-channel ferry, there was the prospect of an uncomfortable night in a sleeping car. Many people can still be intimidated by the prospect of a 600+ mile journey through at least 3 countries and opt to hop on a plane.

These days, thankfully, we can put aside any concerns you may have. Plus, with airports and flying becoming an increasingly dehumanizing experience, there are more reasons than ever to choose a greener, more civilized mode of travel.

I left the beautifully restored St. Pancras International aboard the Eurostar. Although more expensive, I recommend Leisure Select (formerly 1st Class) as it has more space to spread out, tasty food, and free drinks to get you in the vacation mood. You can then sit back and take in the views as the Kent countryside and northern France flash by, before you know it (well 2 hours 15 minutes actually) you’re in Paris!

Arriving at Gare du Nord I took the RER to Gare de Lyon, changing trains at Châtelet Les Halles. The journey takes about 20 minutes. However, if you don’t feel like lugging your suitcase via the metro, take a taxi. It can be a bit longer by taxi, depending on traffic, though you do get the benefit of seeing some glimpses of Paris and the Seine and not have to worry about taking the wrong train or dealing with your luggage. Better still, give yourself 3 or 4 hours in Paris or stay overnight in a hotel and stroll along the banks of the Seine, through the Jardins des Tuileries or around Notre Dame and Ile St. Louis. Whichever method you choose to cross Paris, I would always allow 1 hour to 90 minutes between the two stations to ensure you have plenty of time and can enjoy the experience.

My destination was Dijon, chosen because it is a good place to take a break on your trip and it is a very attractive medieval city. The TGV from Paris gets you there in about 1 hour 40 minutes, passing through beautiful French countryside. I spent the night at the 4 star Mercure Dijon Clemenceau. The hotel is about a mile from the station, a 5-10 minute taxi ride, and is very convenient. There are 2 and 3 star hotels closer to the station.

Feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep and the classic French breakfast of croissant and coffee, I continued my journey from Dijon to Milan, changing trains in Bern. The benefit of this route is that you enjoy a more scenic route to Italy, through the Swiss Alps and, in this case, the beautiful Bernese Oberland. You can also ride another elegant TGV followed by the Cisalpino tilting train that meanders towards Milan. Traveling on day trains, you get the benefit of all the stunning views from the comfort of your seat.

If you’re in a hurry, you can reach Milan in a day from London or travel overnight on a sleeper train. Although I prefer the more relaxed day trip.

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Discover The Beauty Of Valencia In Spain

VALENCIA – A city of two integrated parts, it is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Spain. The combination of gothic and modern architecture makes Valencia a visual and cultural feast. This new Valencia, while still embracing its past history and culture, is a city that, far from remaining outdated, is entering the new millennium as one of the most futuristic cities in Europe.

Valencia is full of tourist attractions eager to captivate you – Museums, Festivals, Beaches, Sporting Events, Restaurants and Leisure Centers, together with a rich and varied historical, cultural and natural heritage to discover.

HOW TO GET TO VALENCIA – Valencia airport (VLC) is located 9 km from the city center and you can choose between 2 buses (the Aerobús is more direct) or a taxi (cost approximately 10 euros).

BY TRAIN – mainly from Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the Estacion Del Norte is located in the center of the city.

BY ROAD – Approx. 2 hours drive from Valencia via the main A7 toll motorway and approx. 3 hours by car from Barcelona. There are many bus and coach trips that go to the Valencia bus station, which is about a 15 minute walk from the center.

BY SEA – There is a ferry service to the nearby Balearic Islands of Mallorca (about 3 hours) and Ibiza (about 2 hours). CITY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES OF VALENCIA – The city of arts and sciences, the Palacio de Congresos, the Alameda Metro Station or the transformation of the port in preparation for the 2007 Sailing America’s Cup, have brought to Valencia the talent of such greats of the 20th century. architects like Santiago Calatrava, Norman Foster and Félix Candela. Between them, they have drastically changed the exterior appearance of the integral area of ​​the port, with panels of steel, white concrete and ceramics interspersed with water features, high areas with plants and lush gardens.

Conceived as a place to publicize scientific and artistic knowledge, the city of arts and sciences has five main spaces – L’HEMISFERIC – A half-sphere surrounded by enormous metal “tabs” and which is doubled through its reflection in the spectacular pool that surrounds it With a semicircular screen of 900 square meters, where three-dimensional films in Imax format are projected, this building seeks to instruct people in topics that are normally the responsibility of scientists.

REINA SOFIA PALACE OF THE ARTS – It is the jewel of the city of arts and sciences, with 40,000 square meters distributed in three auditoriums dedicated to opera, dance, theater and music in general. Like a great symbolic sculpture, its nautical form is a contrast between the opaque and the transparent, giving rise to sensations that change as we move. This building created by Santiago Calatrave is full of architectural surprises, a place that, according to its creator, seeks to “take people to a circular place so that they can move around the music.”

PRÍNCIPE FELIPE SCIENCE MUSEUM – The educational approach inherent to the complex finds its maximum expression here. In a center that aims to synthesize the contents of the 17 museums of this kind in Spain. It is an iron, glass and concrete structure that plays with light, creating the sensation of seeing the skeleton of a large white dinosaur. Modernity and Technology come together at the service of a museum of the future, a place where the visitor ceases to be a mere spectator to become an interactive element of this new way of understanding science.

L’UMBRACLE – Fantastically pleasing to the eye, this massive sculpted steel covered central walkway is a walkway of different trees and plants blending into the concrete and metal of its modern setting. A truly serene place to pontificate about life.

L’OCEANOGRAFIC – This is a new type of aquarium, an 80,000 square meter underwater city that allows you to discover the treasures of the seven seas. Designed by the late architect Félix Candela, the oceanographic park is considered the largest in Europe by the number and variety of its animal species and one of the largest in the world by volume of water.

THE HISTORIC CITY OF VALENCIA – The historic center of Valencia is the stretch of town that arose around the cathedral and was included within the medieval wall built in 1356, parts of which are still preserved.

The Old Town consists of five districts. Among which the Barrio del Carmen stands out and is popular. Visiting the Roman, Muslim and Visigothic remains of La Almoina, the Portal de la Valldigno or the Arab Baths of the Admiral will allow you to delve into the historical roots of the evolution of the town. The archaeological remains around the Plaza de la Almoina take you back more than 2,000 years to Roman times. Valencia was originally a walled city with towers located in strategic places, of which two are preserved, Quart and Serranos. The Quart towers were built between 1441 and 1460 to protect the Quart gate and the Castilla road. The Serranos towers were built between 1392 and 1398 next to the bridge of the same name, to defend the path of the Serranos region, hence its name. Both towers have been used as prisons. Barracks as a women’s prison in 1626 and Serranos for nobles and knights between 1586 and 1887. Also noteworthy is the Valencia Cathedral, which was built between 1262 and 1356 on top of a Roman temple and later a Muslim mosque. Recently discovered 15th century frescoes by Francesco Pagano and Paolo De San Leocadio can be seen on display.

For history buffs there are many other beautiful historic buildings, plus a number of iconic monuments, notably the Plaza De La Reina. Also fantastic museums (24 in total) such as the Museo De Bellas Artes (founded in 1683 and is the museum of fine arts), Almudin (built in the 14th century and between 1908 and 1991 became the paleontology museum) and Museo De La Ciudan (for the full history of Valencia) to name just a few. LEISURE – For the Horticulturist there are some beautiful gardens in Valencia, most of them inherited from the Arab culture. Some of the obligatory visits are the Jardines De Viveros (children’s gardens) that previously belonged to the palace of the Muslim king ABD Al-Aziz, Alameditas De Serranos which is a garden area on the right bank of the Turia river, built in 1830 with many sculptures placed among the varied fruit trees and palm trees and the multiple flora. Jardines De Monforte (now classified as a national artistic garden) and Jardín De La Glorieta (the oldest garden in Valencia built between 1817 and 1844) BEACHES – Valencia is blessed with four beaches, all with fine golden sand and ranging from 2,700 meters in long up to 4,940 meters in length. Two beaches, Pinedo, south of the Valencia seaport and Arenas-Malvarrosa, which are the city beaches, have bars and restaurants along the adjacent avenues, while the beaches of El Saler and La Devesa are a few steps from the car parks and, therefore, are much quieter beach areas. . GOLF – There are five golf courses spread throughout Valencia, Club De Golf El Bosque (18 holes), Club De Golf Escorpion (27 holes), Club De Golf Manises (9 holes and the oldest club), Club De Oliva Nova (18 hoyos ) ) was designed by Severiano Ballesteros, and the El Saler Golf Club (18 holes) is considered one of the best golf courses in the world. SAILING – Valencia has a fantastic port which has recently been significantly upgraded to host the America’s Cup and is open to the public with a wealth of activities, games, restaurants, bars and shops. MOTORCYCLE RACING – Valencia has its own circuit named after Ricardo Tormo, the first Valencian rider to win a world championship.

NIGHTLIFE – Valencia offers a wide and varied leisure scene for young and old, heterosexuals and gays. From theaters (14 in total), concerts, discos, casinos, flamenco and parties, everything is here in large numbers.

HOTELS – Being Valencia there is, as expected, a huge range of exceptional hotels from three to five stars. Among others, Hilton Valencia (5 stars), Hospes Palau De La Mar (5 stars), Sorolla Palace (5 stars), Barceló Valencia (4 stars), AC Valencia (4 stars), Husa Chil Art (4 stars), Husa Reina Victoria (4 Stars), Expo Hotel (3 Stars), Beta Hotel Valencia (3 Stars) and Renasa (3 Stars). Other options are Red Nest Hostel and Purple Nest Hostel, which are good budget options in the city center and Home Hostels has four hostels around the city. To rent an apartment, go to Alojamiento Apartamentos Valencia, which has more than 40 centrally located and equipped apartments.

Valencia has much more to offer the tourist or history buff. It must be classified as one of the most dynamic and versatile cities in Europe. Come see for yourself.

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The city that never really sleeps

Kuala Lumpur is famous all over the world for its endless party life. The bright lights, the energetic crowds, the big clubs are the perfect ingredients for a night in Kuala Lumpur that you will never forget for the rest of your life. The city center and a few other places like Bukit Bintang, Chinatown, and Petaling Jaya glow with energy as young people, partiers, and revelers visit some of the city’s liveliest clubs, pubs, and bars. Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife mostly starts after 10 pm, but there is no limit on closing hours. In addition to partying, tourists can also enjoy the most popular activity in Southeast Asia, karaoke.

If you find yourself in Kuala Lumpur anytime soon, be sure to book a night for some fun. Here are some places that may appeal to you as your party destination. It is quite obvious that at some point in your trip you will visit Kuala Lumpur city center and appreciate its role in the commercial world of KL. It might be hard to imagine that this same place is also the center of KL in terms of the party scene. At night, you will notice a wide variety of clubs, bars and pubs, springing up one by one spread all over the parts of the KLCC. The place would be packed with people coming in to have a good time and no doubt no one came back disappointed.

Party all night

The Bukit Bintang area is the place purely intended for the night activities which always result in lots of fun. The Changkat Bukit Bintang is a street that is home to some of the best pubs, restaurants and bars that transform into major party spots. You might as well give Jalan Bukit Bintang a try if you think you’ve seen them all.

The nightlife in the Chinatown area may not be as glamorous as that of the KLCC or Bukit Bintang, but it certainly has an aura of its own. If you don’t easily have fun just partying, you might want to witness the colorful vibrancy of Petaling Street. The KL skyline is one of the most beautiful sights ever, while it can keep you in it all night.

Most luxury hotels also have some really fancy bars and pubs that you might want to stop by if you’re staying there.

With giving you access to the best hotels in Kuala Lumpur at truly affordable prices, your dream vacation could soon become a reality. Excitehotels brings a Sparkling Path to hotels in Kuala Lumpur

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Ahmedabad: Gujrat Metropolitan City – Sights to See

The growth engine in India, Gujarat is the most imperative tourist spot in the nation. Ahmedabad, one of its major metropolitan cities, is a place where old infrastructure meets modern infrastructure and has given rise to a major trading powerhouse. Ahmedabad has developed fascinating buildings, brilliant structures, excellent restaurants, exciting night markets and has a lot to offer. Here are some things you can do and places to visit if you are planning to visit Ahmedabad.

Julta Minara

Also known as the Trembling Minarets, they are playful but with a buzz of eerie mystery. They have left the best architects and pioneering design engineers intrigued and in awe without solution. Jhulta Minar is actually part of the Siddi Bashir Mosque. The mosque has been built in such a way that if you apply a little force to its upper arch, the Minar tends to sway. For children, Jhulta Minar in Ahmedabad, India is a really fun place. There are two known pairs of shaking minarets in Ahmedabad, one located in front of Sarangpur Darwaja and the other near the Kalupur railway station area.


A holy city in the Junagadh district, Somnath is worshiped as one of the places where the Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva are kept. The temple is the reception center for all residents and travelers who visit the town. Even though Somnath Temple is the reason why Somnath is a popular vacation spot, another reason may be its picturesque area near the hill. In addition, visitors can also have a great time at the beach. Junagadh Gate and Panch Pandav Gufa (Cave) are the acclaimed tourist destinations in Somnath.

Marine National Park

If you have been to wildlife reserves many times and are looking for something new to explore this weekend, then it is time to be introduced to India’s first Marine National Park, which is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Kutch. This national park is one of a kind as it preserves marine life consisting of corals, dugongs and smaller cetaceans (Finless Porpoise, Common Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin, Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin), large whales like whales Blue Whales, Sei Whales, Humpback Whales and Sperm Whales.

manek chowk

This attractive and well-known open market near the center point of the city doubles as a vegetable market in the morning and a jewelry market in the afternoon, the second largest market in India, obviously with an annual turnover of 3 million rupees.

Badshah No Haziro

The King’s Tomb is to the east of the Jama Masjid and can be reached via a gateway. This mausoleum, dating from 1451, houses the tombs of Ahmed Shah I, his son Muhammed Shah II and his grandson Ahmed Shah II. It was worked during the region of Muhammad Shah. Each of the four corners of the central room is occupied by small vaulted chambers with stone screens set in arches. This is the place where the male members of the royal family were buried. Ladies are not allowed in and men must wear a head covering before entering.

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5 Star Hotels in Agra: A Saga of Luxury

The state of Uttar Pradesh in India is blessed with numerous tourist attractions and Agra is one of the most impressive of its kind. Stunningly located on the banks of the Yamuna River, the city is one of the top attractions on India tours. It is said that no visit to India is complete without a tour of this historic city. This home to one of the seven wonders of the world is highly frequented by tourists from all over the world. The city with a great culture of hospitality is also packed with various accommodation options including 5-star Agra hotels and other hotels.

The world renowned structure, Taj Mahal is synonymous with Agra’s identity. Tourists and honeymooners from all over the world visit this white marble masterpiece of architecture to pay homage to Emperor Shajahan’s undying love for his beloved wife. His everlasting love is still fragrant in the city air. Located just a few hours drive from India’s capital, Delhi, the city is highly frequented in combination with Delhi and Jaipur, the other ingredients of the golden triangle tours. The 5 star hotels of Agra display a great culture of hospitality for the guests who come to the city with glorious monuments from the medieval times.

Through their world-class hospitality and quality services, these hotels ensure a comfortable stay for guests. The hotels staff is well groomed and the services are the best in the industry. The amenities and services offered at these hotels are on a par with world standards. The hotel rooms are equipped with all the amenities, such as a bathroom with hot and cold running water, 24-hour room service, a doctor on call, same-day laundry, and other amenities to make your tourist stay in the city a memorable experience. .

The city is well known for the architectural magnum opus Taj Mahal. But Taj is not the only attraction in the city, as there are other monuments such as the Agra Fort, Itmad-ud-Daula Tomb, built by Nur Jahan and Ram Bagh. The deserted capital of Emperor Akbar, Fatehpur Sikri, is also not far from here.

It is advisable to book your 5 star hotel in Agra before you arrive to avoid any hassles related to booking. So start a tour of Agra and enjoy the world class hospitality of 5 star hotels in Agra.

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Hang Out With Stars – Cheap flights to Las Vegas

Who says the best way to see celebrities is to go to Hollywood? That is not true. If you’re interested in hanging out and rubbing shoulders with the A-List entertainment crowd, go ahead and get one of the cheap flights to Las Vegas and you’ll be enjoying your body under one roof in no time.

One of the places they go whenever the stars decide to play in Las Vegas is Planet Hollywood for one obvious and main reason, which is because it’s owned by celebrities. This Hollywood-themed resort houses a 100,000-square-foot casino that glows continuously with lamps that change color from time to time, and hundreds of flat plasmas around the room. The best place for celebrity spotting is the Heart Bar and Extra Lounge, where you will see a crew from a TV show called “Extra” near the hotel lobby entrance. Instead, book a room with a “Drinks on Us” package along with your cheap flight to Las Vegas so you can enjoy Planet Hollywood even better.

A-listers like to eat the best cuisine in town, so it’s no wonder they go and reserve a table at Spago Café. No celebrity can resist Wolfgang Puck’s world-class culinary skills. He shouldn’t be put off by the whole aura of fine dining, as the renowned chef believes that dinner is more about dinner than anything else. The restaurant staff are very friendly and welcoming. Far from the snobbish staff usually found in fine dining restaurants.

If you can’t reserve a table at Spago, try some authentic Japanese food at Nobu at Hard Rock. You can never go wrong with a Kobe beef carpaccio or any of their Japanese bestsellers. If you miss seeing a celebrity, those sumptuous tickets will make every penny worth it.

Taking a cheap flight to Las Vegas and then bar hopping at night will give you the chance to drink a Martini in front of someone you only see on TV or in the movies. The Tao located inside The Venetian Hotel would be a good place to start, especially if your musical tastes lean towards house music along with hip-hop and R&B. The place is popularly known for hosting wild and fantastic parties , which are often the reason. celebrity stuff to relax there. There is also the versatility factor that offers varied moods and themes in this bar. It was designed to meet the different whims of the clientele. It’s a nightclub to eat, drink and swim in one place.

If you get tired of the atmosphere in Tao, you can go and stop by LAX inside the Luxor Hotel. It opens at 10 pm and the hippest crowd just chills there. Around 1,100 can occupy this bar without being crowded. There is a grand staircase connecting two levels near the gothic style doors and it is also a good place for stargazing wishing they had their grand entrance.

Just remember that in these exclusive clubs, a rigid dress code is enforced. If you weren’t able to get a reservation, just make sure you get there early so you can be accommodated with ease.

These are hot spots for celebrity bullying in Sin City, but there’s no better way to see lots of high-profile stars all around you on one roof in Las Vegas than if you catch a boxing match, especially if it includes the top pound fighter. per pound in the world. Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao on the ticket. Just look at all of his previous matches and you’ll see an array of big stars at ringside that can rival any awards night red carpet in Los Angeles.

Las Vegas has been proven time and time again to be a magnet for celebrities who love to party, gamble and watch big live boxing matches. This November you’ll have another chance to chat and rub shoulders with the elite of Hollywood and sports when you purchase a ticket to the Pacquiao-Coto game and take advantage of cheap flights to Las Vegas available year-round.

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Hello from Ottawa – Darcy McGee’s on Sparks Street – An Irish Pub with a Bit of History

When traveling to a new place, you can also combine history with a unique dining experience and great food. Literally steps from our temporary home at the Lord Elgin Hotel, we found Darcy McGee’s, which calls itself “Ottawa’s real Irish pub.” Darcy McGee’s is located at the intersection of Sparks and Elgin streets, a stone’s throw from Parliament Hill and all of Ottawa’s main attractions.

In reality, Thomas Darcy McGee was a prominent Ottawa politician and one of the Fathers of the Confederacy. What made him famous were his moving speeches, which helped unite this new fractured country called Canada. On April 7, 1868, he was murdered outside his boarding house in Sparks Street, a few minutes from where the pub now stands.

When we entered the pub it was absolutely packed, every seat was full and the areas in front of the bar were full of people standing around. I found out later that there was a concert scheduled for 8pm with Lyle Lovett at the National Center for the Arts, which is literally across the road from the pub.

We got a comfortable seat in one of the corners of this cozy pub and relaxed after a busy day of skating on the Rideau Canal. Concertgoers started pouring out at 7:45pm and it got a little easier to breathe in this very popular venue.

Skating naturally makes you very hungry, so I had a pick at the fairly reasonably priced menu and one dish in particular caught my eye: a “Melted Stilton Dip,” consisting of Stilton, aged cheddar, and cream cheese mixed with fresh spinach. Served on a rye bun with toasted bagel chips and Granny Smith apple wedges. The taste was actually reminiscent of a creamy blue cheese sauce and I really enjoyed it.

I followed the appetizer with a Mediterranean Tomato Salad of sliced ​​greenhouse tomatoes with goat cheese, red onion, ground black peppercorns and extra virgin olive oil, with a side of garlic bread. Even though Darcy McGee’s has hearty traditional pub grub, I decided to cut back on the calories a bit for the entree.

After dinner I thought I should find out a bit more about the history and unique features of this place and looked up one of the people who run the pub. Jennifer Rafuse is one of the managers and she was kind enough to show me around and give me information about this unique place.

He noted that the pub’s furnishings were designed and built in Ireland and shipped to Canada. In fact, the pub has a unique decor consisting of handmade reddish wood with uniquely decorated glass inserts. The atmosphere is cozy with low lighting and several private seating areas that open onto the main bar area.

There is an area immediately to the left of the entrance that has a large window facing Elgin Street. The view from this window on the northeast side is fantastic: you can see the Parliament buildings, the beautifully lit Chateau Laurier, the National Conference Center and the National Center for the Arts. There really is nothing more central than that.

Jennifer took me to a historical wall exhibit explaining the history of Darcy McGee and showing pictures of his funeral which was attended by 60,000 people. At the time of his death in 1868, it was Victorian practice to create a death mask, an actual cast of the dead person’s head. However, because Darcy was horribly disfigured during the shooting, a cast was made of his hand instead. The cast of his hand is displayed in a glass case just below the historical plaque and I have to admit seeing this guy’s hand cast was a bit creepy.

Jennifer went on to explain that Darcy McGees is a favorite place for politicians who come to cool off after a long day on Parliament Hill. She said the pub used to be a popular gathering place for Liberals, and they are now turning more Conservative since Stephen Harper’s election as prime minister.

He also told me about the Barmaster competition, where bartenders compete in a variety of categories. They are supposed to create Irish “craic” which means a very fun atmosphere. The ability to pour a perfect Guinness, which must always have a shamrock on it, is part of this Barmasters competition.

Naturally, he had to see the technique of pouring a perfect Guinness and putting a shamrock on top. Jennifer was happy to demonstrate: First you pour the beer for about 45 seconds, then let it sit for a while, then fill and swirl the glass to create a perfect cloverleaf-shaped swirl. In total, this process is supposed to take 119.5 seconds. (Time, of course, is not measured by a stopwatch, but by the perfect judgment of an experienced barmaster.)

The atmosphere is enhanced by live music, and Jennifer said that the pub has musicians 3 days a week: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The music on tap is a mix of Irish and rock music.

Jennifer also mentioned that in April, May, Darcy McGees is opening a patio on Sparks Street where her guests can enjoy food and drinks outside. Sparks Street is famous as one of the most important heritage streets in Ottawa. Nicholas Sparks was one of the Ottawa City Fathers, founding the street in the early 19th century.

Once Ottawa was selected by Queen Victoria as the capital of Canada, this street became a bustling shopping center for the entire Ottawa region. Today Sparks Street is a pedestrian zone so cars are not allowed, allowing visitors to freely enjoy the boutiques, specialty shops, craft retailers and restaurants that do business on Sparks Street. This area is also home to a variety of special events such as the Ottawa International Busker Festival, Tulips on Sparks (held in May), and the International Chicken and Rib Cook-Off pitting chefs from Canada, Australia, and the United States against each other. each.

So Darcy McGees is located right in the heart of historic Ottawa and we got a taste of some of that true Irish hospitality. In anticipation of another busy day on Sunday, we finished our early dinner and walked back to our hotel to notice that the action in Confederation Park was still going on. Now we saw the complete ice sculptures, all illuminated in different colors. From there we went down to the Rideau Canal, where an outdoor concert was in full swing at the American Express Sno-Bowl across from the National Conference Center. Hundreds of people swayed to the music and the historic old railway station was lit up in shades of pink, orange and purple.

This city sure knows how to throw a great party…

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