Cam Girls Play With Tits

Cam Girls Play

Cam girls play with tits is one of the most enticing things to watch. The videos are a lot of fun and there are some amazing features you can try. All you have to do is visit a cam site that has mature content. The minimum age is 18 years. This is the age to view adult content. This site has a wide variety of options for you to watch these videos. Among the many available options are the cams of real women and webcams of the same age. Camgirls need a good computer. They prefer a functional computer to a fancy one.

Cam girls play

Generally, they don’t like to use slow computers because they are infected with malware or viruses. Download a virus removal tool free of charge to make your machine run faster and more efficiently. If you don’t have a virus cleaner installed on your PC, you’ll have trouble uploading videos. If you’re new to camming, you’ll need a computer that can support your needs.

A good laptop or desktop will allow you to upload videos with ease. It’s better to have a faster machine than a slow one! Having a computer with a slow computer will not give you the kind of results you need when you’re streaming. You should have a high-speed internet connection so you can record your sessions. Another great way to save money on your doll is to buy online! You can find many discount dolls online by shopping at discount retailers.

Cam Girls Play With Tits

These stores usually have more options and lower prices than brick-and-mortar shops. You can even buy discount dolls online from eBay! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start browsing! You won’t regret it! There are a ton of options out there! There are many types of cams where girls play with their boobs.

BDSM cam models are the best example of this. These girls have huge boobs and a soft body that’s perfect for sexual pleasure. They will bind and torture each other and have huge tits. They’ll torture you until you’re satisfied. Then, you’ll probably want to watch them again. If you’re looking for a teen cam girl who loves extreme stuff, then you should definitely check out Elise19.

She’s an extremely hot teen, and does some pretty intense stuff. Those who watch her videos will be amazed at how much she likes extreme things. She’ll play with machines, men, and women! And if you’re a tats freak, you’ll love her video!


Christmas Gifts for the Girlfriend: How to Stay Out of the Doghouse

Wondering what kind of gift to give your girlfriend for Christmas? Women are easy to please as long as you get them a gift that shows that you love them and that you pay attention to their tastes and preferences. There are many things to take into account when deciding what is the ideal gift for your girlfriend. This article will help you determine which gift would be ideal to give your girlfriend on Christmas morning.

First of all, you’ll want to base your decision for the moment on how long you’ve been dating and how serious the relationship is. You will not give the same type of gift if you are a new partner as if you were dating for a year or more. If you give her a gift that is too serious like a ring, it may scare her. However, if you’ve been dating for a while, you might be looking forward to and appreciative of a gift that says you’re not afraid of commitment.

Christmas gifts designed for brides are those that show that you pay attention to their tastes and preferences. Do you enjoy knitting, cooking, tattoos, books, music, tech gadgets, or embroidery? Buying her a gift that she wouldn’t necessarily buy herself because it’s a luxury item will really treat her and earn her points. Any of the following gifts will allow you to purchase a ticket out of the doghouse and secure a place in his heart. I hope these ideas inspire you to find the perfect gift for your honey cake.

The 5 best gifts for the girlfriend of a new relationship

1-music CD or iTunes card

2-Necklace or bracelet (if you plan to be with this girl for a while)

3-Flowers (not red roses unless you love the lady)

4-Pamper Me Gift Basket

5 tickets for 2 for concerts, plays or other events

Top 5 gifts for a long-time girlfriend

1- ring

Gift certificate for 2 spa treatments

3- romantic getaway

4- Garden basket of indoor plants

5- Perfume

6- clothes

Another gift that would be perfect for most brides is a Christmas flower arrangement. There are many options for giving your loved one flowers during the holidays, even if you have no idea of ​​their tastes. From roses in an elegant vase, a mixed Christmas bouquet to a centerpiece made up of fir, pine and cedar branches around a candle, perhaps a Christmas keepsake statue along with fresh red and white flowers, pine cones and berries will please. the vast majority of all. women at Christmas.


How to tell if a woman likes you: 3 ways to tell if a woman loves you

How do you know if a woman loves you? Well, try to keep an eye out for the telltale signs. In this article, I will answer three questions.

1) Q: I just gave her a gift and she accepted it. Does this mean that you like me?

A: When a girl accepts your gift, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she likes you. Of course, if she rejects your gifts, then it’s another matter.

So how can you tell if he likes you? My question to you is: did you observe his reaction when he gave you the gift? Was she ecstatic or expressionless? “Oh okay, thanks for the gift.” If she’s ecstatic about it, she might like you. Girls like to receive gifts from guys they like.

What gift did you give him? Let’s say you gave him a bracelet. If he likes you, he will most likely wear it every time he goes out. So stay tuned and you may find the answer.

2) Q: We always talk on the phone until midnight. Is this an indication that you like me?

A: If you like to do something, will you try to find time to do it even if you are very busy? If you like a girl, will you try to find time to talk to her? I think your answer is yes.

Why did I ask this question? Well, for a very simple reason. If she doesn’t mind spending time talking to you, even if she’s busy or tired, chances are she likes you enough to spend time with you. Use your own judgment here.

You should be able to feel it.

3) Q: I have a friend who rarely wears skirts. One day, while I was supposed to meet her, she started wearing a skirt. What does it mean?

A: Thanks for this interesting question. Well, I have friends who don’t like to wear skirts either. So what made her start wearing a skirt?

I can only think of one possible reason. She is trying to dress for the boy she likes. Don’t you think?

Maybe she’s dressing for you. There is also the possibility that she is dressing for you. Since I’m not there, I can’t give you the exact answer. You will have to find out for yourself.


The ethics of birthday party invitations

One might think that there is nothing more innocent and free-spirited than the act of extending invitations to a birthday party. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Because inside planning children’s birthday parties and offering invitations there is a minefield riddled with ethical hurdles and booby traps. Here are three tips to help you maneuver the maze.

Pointer # 1: An invitation sticks

How tempting it is for a child to toss out a birthday party invitation after friction enters a friendship. “You are no longer invited to my birthday party!” is a common refrain in the schoolyard. However, it is important for your child to know that an invitation, such as a gift, cannot be claimed. It is best to wait up to four weeks before the party date before sending invitations, verbal or written.

It is rare the child who does not realize an upcoming birthday. I once heard Sam’s 9-year-old older sister say, “So Sam, this afternoon you’re going to see all your friends.”

Glanced up. “Why?”

“Today is your birthday party!” she screamed in exasperation.

“Oh,” he said with a shrug. “Right.”

Other young people start seriously planning the next birthday party the moment the ribbons are pulled from the floor of the current holiday. In the middle are children of various inclinations. Here’s your cue: As soon as your child begins to verbalize plans for the next birthday party, say, “Remember, don’t invite anyone until [give a date four weeks before the party or a reference point such as a holiday, beginning/end of school, etc.] You never know who you will remain friends with later on. Because once you give an invitation, it stays. “

Pointer n. # 2: a guest is 100% invited

Layering guests is another common dynamic. Youth will freely announce who is “next in line” for their birthday party. However, lining up a waiting list clearly shows children that they are waiting for their secondary and lower ranking. It is best for your child to understand that if a guest is invited, the guest is 100 percent invited.

Friends who are not invited to the party may ask their child, “How could I not be invited to your birthday party?” or even continue with: “They invited you to mine. “Your child might respond by saying,” I was only allowed to have [#] guests. Do you want to come and play at my house soon? “Then make the date to play.

In the suburbs, it is not uncommon for children to invite a large number of guests to an evening party, and from that group, invite a smaller number of “closest” friends to stay for an evening or slumber party. If your child proposes such an arrangement, don’t believe for a second that guests not invited to stay will not find out about the most desirable after-party. Faster than the speed at which a birthday present is opened, the word will spread. Those uninvited will instantly and sadly notice your diminished stature. On more than one occasion, I picked up my daughter from a birthday party and found her struggling to hold back tears, while close to me, other parents were similarly comforting their children, who had also been left behind, and knew that true the party was just beginning.

Make sure your child understands that when a guest is invited, the guest is invited 100 percent.

Pointer n. # 3: distribute invitations discreetly

Completing and mailing birthday party invitations is an unwanted chore. It’s no wonder parents are tempted to streamline the process by personally delivering birthday party invitations at school.

When my youngest daughter, Hannah, was in preschool, I noticed parents placing birthday party invitations in children’s open cubicles. Although this method did not present a problem when all the children in a class were invited to a party, when some youth were invited and others were not, particularly when the invitations were in brightly colored envelopes, it was too clear to the uninvited that there were no about in its cubicle. In the preschool years, it is best for parents to deliver invitations directly to other parents or caregivers. Or, if that’s not possible due to work schedules, bite the bullet and mail them. Better yet, send the invitations by email if that is an acceptable alternative.

The tendency to hand out invitations in public places is traced through ratings. In the hubbub that followed a high school play, I witnessed a preteen distribute birthday party invitations to an enchanted crowd surrounding her. As I looked around, I noticed that other young people were also observing the emotion and were not so happy with it.

Let these three tips guide you toward defusing ethical pitfalls in the world of birthday party invitations. It is perhaps not too much of a stretch to say that the genre of children’s birthday party invitations represents a microcosm of American ethical practice. Aren’t these everyday interactions of family dynamics the essence of our lives?

So approach those birthday parties with vitality, vigor and knowledge. With your guidance, give your child another type of gift, more lasting.


High-Tech Gadget Gifts: 15 Fantastic Gadget Ideas for Father’s Day

One of the most endearing occasions that families around the world celebrate is Father’s Day. This is the day when children can honor their parents for all the things they have done for them. In most countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

In other countries, the festival is celebrated on other dates, especially if it has some national or religious significance, such as in Spain, where Father’s Day is celebrated alongside Saint Joseph’s Day on March 19. Other countries celebrate this festival on the first Sunday in September or the second Sunday in November.

During Father’s Day, wives and children often express their sincerest gratitude by giving their parents a special gift that they are sure to love. Some of the best gifts for your dads are high-tech devices. Most parents have a hobby, a weekend activity, or just a daily pleasure that they would like to enjoy after coming home from work, such as listening to music or watching television.

Knowing what your dad loves to do, you can surely find a high-tech gadget or two that you can gift him this Father’s Day, and the following can jump-start your selection process.

* LED flashlights

For parents who love the outdoors and practice their favorite hobbies, like hunting or fishing, an LED flashlight would make a great gift to give. LED lamps are cheaper, brighter, and would last longer on batteries than ordinary flashlight bulbs. Before choosing one, know what size your dad would prefer, whether he would like a large, sturdy one or a pocket-size version. If you participate in activities related to water, it would be better to give it a waterproof version.

* Solar panels

Even for parents who love the outdoors, solar charges would be a great gift to complement your array of devices as backup power sources, especially if you participate in activities where you may not have access to electricity. Just make sure the chargers’ voltages, current ratings, and adapter plugs match those of your parent’s devices.

* Film scanners

It is normal for parents to have large collections of photos and prints of their family and friends. Help them classify and turn them all into more durable, easy-to-share digital media by giving them Father’s Day film scanners. Choose one that is easy to use and will accommodate most types and sizes of photographic prints.

* USB pens

Have you noticed that your dad struggles with all his files, notes and other things before going to the office? Help him organize his files and make them portable wherever he goes by giving him USB pens. These devices have USB flash drives built into the work pens and would be great for office work and presentations. Just make sure the memory capacity is sufficient for your needs.

* Led lights

Some parents are DIY enthusiasts and would usually start their hobbies in their own homes. Other than that, many are becoming environmentally conscious and would like to install green and energy efficient improvements in their homes. Give them LED lights as exciting and highly practical gifts as a replacement for their energy-hogging incandescent bulbs.

* Inspection cameras

Another great gift for do-it-yourself dads are inspection cameras that can help them see hard-to-reach areas or work around accessories. These devices would also make a great gift for dads in the construction or maintenance business.

* Voice recorders and telephone

Do you have a parent who is a doctor or scientific researcher? Help them with their work by giving them portable voice recorders that they can take with them to work or wherever they go. And for parents who are always on the go, a good phone recorder that can capture all the messages would make a great gift to give away so they don’t miss out on all their important messages.

* IP cameras

Does your dad live alone or does he have a store for his business? Give them additional security through IP cameras that they can easily install anywhere in their homes or businesses where they would need a third eye to monitor a particular area.

* Video glasses

Is watching TV or a home movie one of the best pleasures your dad has after coming home from work? Bring him a new level of viewing pleasure by wearing video glasses that you can connect to your television or video player and watch your favorite shows in peace.

* GPS navigation devices

Is your dad easily lost when going somewhere while driving or on foot? A portable GPS navigation device would be a great gift that can help them reach any destination safely and accurately through interactive maps and driving directions.

* GPS tracking devices

Does your dad ever have trouble locating his cars after parking? Well, help them out by giving them a GPS tracking device as a Father’s Day gift. They can conveniently place the GPS transmitter on their cars, which they can activate and track to help them locate their cars with the push of a button.

* Car rear view mirrors with Bluetooth

Give your dad a high-tech breakthrough gadget gift with a bluetooth rearview mirror that can give them a clearer view behind their cars than any common rearview mirror can. It’s like giving them eyes behind their back, giving them a safer and smoother ride.

* Action sports cameras

Some dads are really athletic and would continue to play physical sports even at their age. A good action sports camera would be a great gift so they can record their activities while in action, and show them off while watching the recorded videos with friends and family!

* Resonance speakers

Is your dad a music lover? Surprise him by giving him a resonance speaker set that makes his favorite music resonate across any surface via ultrasonic technology.

* Handheld scanners

Give your dad a great tool to turn their favorite documents, photos, magazine clippings, and newspapers into digital files that they can store on DVDs or on their computers so they last longer, are properly classified, and can be easily shared with friends and family. .

Father’s Day is an important festival that gives everyone an opportunity to show how much their parents mean to them. Show your appreciation for the great job your parents did by giving them these cool high-tech gadgets that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.


The Best Ways to Get Your Newborn to Sleep Routine

Sleepless nights are the hardest part of being a parent. Most parents complain that their babies sleep more during the day and less at night. There are several strategies parents can use to help their newborn get into a sleep routine.

According to the researchers, it will be several weeks or even several months before your baby learns to sleep at night and to be awake during the day.

Try to change your baby’s diaper on time

It is essential to strategically change the baby’s diaper. If the mother changes the diaper just before the feeding at midnight, it will prevent the baby from getting up more often after the feeding and will fall asleep soon after you stop feeding.

If you change the diaper after feeding, the baby will wake up too much and it will again be a challenge for him to go back to sleep. In this way, you will get the newborn to acquire a sleep routine.

Don’t keep the baby awake for long periods

The easiest way to get your newborn used to sleeping is when you don’t keep him awake for a long time. If you keep your baby awake in the hopes of tiring him, it will only result in overstimulation of the brain cells and ultimately result in difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.

So if you want your baby to sleep through the night, encourage naps during the day and feeding during the day. Always follow the cycle of eating, waking and sleeping.

Try your best to make your baby feel relaxed

If the baby wakes up at night and starts crying for you to go with him, check him a bit and limit your time there. Place your hand on the baby’s chest and sing a lullaby. In this way, you will get the newborn to acquire a sleep routine. Your baby will learn to calm himself and help you to have a sound sleep.

Calming atmosphere

To help your baby sleep through the night, keep the room clean. And always make sure to keep the room at a comfortable temperature and make it dark. You can also add white noise, as it is very relaxing for babies, and babies tend to sleep longer in white noise.

Regulate your routine to the baby’s sleep needs.

Adjusting your method to your baby’s sleep needs will help your baby sleep soundly through the night.

If you sleep at the same time that your babies sleep, you will feel that the baby sleeps longer. It is the most effective way to help your baby sleep through the night.

Play background music humming

If you put a hum in the background, it will produce a soft and consistent sound, and when the baby wakes up at night, he will fall asleep automatically, listening to the music without disturbing your routine.

So in this way you can help him not only to do but also to maintain the night routine. Music has always been a great source of relief for children.

Apply these simple methods to help your baby sleep through the night and help him get a sound sleep through the night. Consistency and patience is what you will need here. It is essential to follow the techniques correctly and with perseverance to achieve the best results.


Top 30 Fun Sight Word Games and Activities

Learning sight words is an important part of learning to read.

Sight words are words of service. They are not meant to sound. Learning these words helps the reader maintain fluency in reading without getting caught up in the meaning.

I like the Dolch Sight word list, but there are many other lists available. I like to place them on cards of about 12cm x 6cm.

Use these cards for fun 30 FUN ACTIVITIES AND WORD GAMES

1. Play Warship with sight words on a grid with a partner or

as a class.

2. Play coin toss – words on the floor – children take turns to

Flip a coin to a word and say that word.

3. Have a box of small blanks mini cards or paper you can

buy a large post that is aware of these days (approx.

10 cm x 2 cm) by hand at all times so that children can

write words from word walls, graphics, etc. and later

return the card to your writing. It is also useful

write words when doing writing lectures.

4. Play who I am? for example, I am yellow, I have 5 letters and

end in ___.

5. make a letter tornado graphic with chalk on a cement

floor, children place their feet and hands on the letters

to spell words.

6. Words around the world in sight – blink a word – first player

say a word of that pair passes to the next person

to make a pair and another word flashes, etc., etc.

7. Play Executioner using the words from the word card.

8. How fast can you find a certain word recognizable by sight in individual

read books while reading in small groups.

9. Play domino using the same final letter / initial letter.

10. Circle of letters within words using a whiteboard marker on

Laminated cards of easily recognizable words.

11. Play Chinese whispers – say a word – pass it on.

12. Circle the smallest words inside words using white board

marker on laminated word cards.

13. Children go out and practice writing their words with

chalk on concrete.

14. Practice handwriting tracing words using

whiteboard marker on laminated cards of visually recognizable words.

15. Place the flashcards of recognizable words in the alphabetical order.

sixteen. Flashlight words turn off the lights, light a torch

words on display to look at and say.

17. Children make their own word wall / dictionary using

photocopied small words recognizable to the eye and scrapbooks labeled with a

alphabet letter on each page … can be added to

throughout the year.

18. Play tic tac toe, here I go, where I stop I don’t know

children say the word you stop at.

19. Cloze – children find the missing word

within a sentence.

20. Play musical words – children pass words in a

circulate until the music stops – that child says the word – can

be played with 1 or more words.

21. Come on, we have word walk / drive – find words in the environment –

signs etc.

22. make words using clay.

23. make words using glued thong.

24. Make words using letter tiles –scrabble pieces.

25. make words using templates.

26. make words using alphabet stamps.

27. make words using magnetic letters.

28. Play steps – place words on the floor and

the children walk on them saying the word while they go to search

across the stream.

29. Beat the clock – how many times can a word be written

in 1 minute, etc.

30. Children write their words in list form and then write

over words 2 or more times using different colors

create rainbow words.

There are many ways you can make teaching and learning sight words fun; I’m sure you can think of more too.


8 brilliant storage ideas for tiny houses

Whether you have a lot of things or not, they need to be stored properly to avoid clutter and clutter in your home. This is an added challenge if you don’t have a lot of storage space. It is important to be creative and smart when using the unused spaces in your room and turning them into additional storage.

Follow these brilliant small home storage ideas:

Layer your shelves

Make use of your walls! Install some shelves and arrange them in a row. Shelves are a great way to store books, bags, shoes, and other small items that could cause a mess.

Vacuum thick clothing

To save space in your closet, take out all your thick clothing like coats, thick sweaters, oversized jackets, and other clothing that you only wear seasonally. Vacuum pack these clothes and store them inside your suitcase or in a drawer.

Replace your usual nightstand

A nightstand is very useful but takes up space on the floor. If you have limited space, try a wall-mounted nightstand. Just install a small corner shelf next to your bed and you can place your books, alarm clock, and essentials there.

Double your desk as a nightstand

If you can’t make it with a small shelf as a nightstand, another option would be to use your desk as one. Just place your small work desk near or next to your bed and it can double as your nightstand.

Invest in a clothes rack

A huge closet is not ideal for a small bedroom. Try a clothes rack! This way, you can hang only the clothes you wear regularly. Mix, donate, or vacuum wrap the others you don’t use or use infrequently.

Be smart about shoe storage

One space that is often wasted but can be used for storage is your door! You can buy a shoe rack specifically designed to hang on your door!

Opt for a floating desk

A desk is one of the most voluminous pieces of furniture. Free up some floor space by using a floating desk; You can choose between the normal wall mount or the window mount to get beautiful views while you work.

Get rid of your basket

Baskets and laundry baskets take up floor space. To save space, try a laundry bag / hamper that you can hang on the inside or outside of your closet door.

Be smart and give these brilliant small home storage ideas a try!


10 birthday gift ideas that cost nothing

In today’s economic climate, we are all looking for ways to reduce expenses while trying to improve revenues! Well, with most people sending 30 gifts per year and each of those gifts costs an average of $ 35, it means that we are spending over $ 1,000 a year in this area of ​​our budget alone. Imagine the difference it would make if you could send half of those gifts for free. This would leave you with more money to spend on the other half or to save a whopping $ 500 each year. Now, that’s a savings worth striving for. Below, I’ve listed 10 birthday gift ideas that won’t cost you a penny. (I did not include shipping costs in the example above, as some of the ‘Free Gift Ideas’ may incur shipping costs if the recipient lives too far away to deliver personally)

1. Find a good online e-card website and send them a really nice online card. Inside enter the following message ‘For your gift this year, I have subscribed you to one Joke service a month throughout the year. Don’t forget to check your emails on the first of every month! ‘Set a recurring reminder on your computer to let you know that you need to email your prank. When you get the reminder, check all the emailed jokes you’ve received in the last month to find a suitable one and send it back. Not only does this cost you nothing, it also gives you the gift of laughter, which in my book is priceless.

2. If they live locally, why not organize a birthday gathering for them and a bunch of friends at home? You can set it up as a total surprise without them knowing and then just invite them over for the night with some excuse like ‘I really need you to help me tune my TV’ or ‘I have this weird wet patch in the bathroom I’d like your opinion on’ . Okay, so how are you going to do it for free? Easy, all you have to do is get organized from scratch. First you draw a list of snacks (maximum 20 items), then invite 20 friends assigning a snack for each of them to bring. Along with this, the odd friends bring beer and the even friends bring wine. Pick some of the extremely eager friends to come over early to help you decorate and now you’ve thrown a great birthday party that will be much appreciated and you haven’t had to reach for your wallet or purse once.

3. Put away any Christmas gifts you don’t want to receive. Put them in a sturdy cardboard box and keep them in a safe place. Once Christmas is over, take them out and assign each one to your birthday list for the year. You will be surprised how many can be recycled. NOTE – Make sure you don’t end up giving someone a gift from your Christmas present!

4. When you go shopping and see something you want to buy but only need one and they are making a 2 for the price of a sale, quickly mentally review your birthday list and see if there is anyone. there you could give the second item to. Not only do you get what you want, but a friend or family member also gets a great gift that costs you nothing.

5. If you have a friend who loves takeout meals, save a lot of offers that are sent to you in the mail, delete all the offers in the local newspapers, print the offers that you can also find on the Internet. Make sure they don’t expire before the target birthday! Aim for around 50-100. Make sure you have an extra large birthday card, write your message inside and pack all coupons and stamp. When they open, all the coupons will spill out creating a big surprise … and I bet they will use some of the coupons.

6. Great sources of giveaways are the hundreds of thousands of online contests you can enter online. Even if you don’t like the article, I bet no one will like it. They are free to enter and it does not take that long to do so and even your return on tickets is 0.5%, you only need to enter a couple hundred to get a ‘Free Birthday Gift’

7. Register online to get free samples; you will be amazed at what you can get. You could go for all makeup and pampering products. Maybe I’ll get 10-15. Decorate a smaller cardboard box like a shoe box and put all your free samples inside. Label the box with something like ‘Chloe’s Pamper Box’ and voila, you have a great ‘No Cost Birthday Present’. It also works well with a large number of food samples that you can get from online malls and manufacturers, which are a great mini food basket.

8. Search your collection of books for books that you have read, but never seem to have been opened. Alternatively, search your DVD collection for those that show no signs of having been viewed before. They’re just cluttering the house, they make great gifts, and again, it doesn’t cost you anything to pass them on. Works well with CD!

9. Review all of your digital photos on the computer to see if there are any images that contain the birthday boy or girl. Print them out and cut them into different shapes. Pick up some rusty-colored dry leaves from the backyard and build a collage of the pictures framed with the dry leaves. Using different colored pens adds a witty or loving title to each of the images and you have a great homemade gift (always worth extra points) that costs you nothing.

10. For loved ones, there is nothing better than a truly meaningful and moving poem. It may take a little time to put together, and if you’re struggling for ideas, you can always check the internet for some inspiration. You can put your poem right inside your birthday card or you can try a collage like in point 9, but maybe use rose petals instead of dried leaves (you would need to dry them by pressing them first and you will find that they will). Go all brown and gross!)

Well that’s it; Even if you don’t like any of the 10 ‘Birthday Gift Ideas That Cost You Nothing’ I’ve suggested, I hope I’ve given you some ideas of your own to help you cut expenses a bit this year.


Why is my ex still texting me?

As if dating wasn’t confusing enough, these days it’s not uncommon for contact to continue even after the relationship ends. Facebook, MySpace, emails, and now text messages … all of these things are ways for your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend to stay in touch with you long after you’ve gone your separate ways.

But exactly why Does your ex still text you? Are alone? Just being friendly? Or are they getting closer for a more specific reason, like possibly wanting you to come back?

Reasons an ex will text you after breakup

If you were on the receiving end of an unwanted breakout, it’s hard to know how to interpret these mixed signals. At this point, you are looking for signs that your ex might want you back, but at the same time you are also trying to be realistic. That being said, an ex who still texts you after breaking things down is definitely I haven’t finished seeing you yet.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that your ex boyfriend or girlfriend wants to get back together right now. However, the interest they show is certainly more than friendly contact. There is no such thing as having an innocent little chat, not after dating someone and sharing such an intimate connection. Chances are your ex still has unresolved feelings and emotions towards you, and doesn’t know exactly how to handle them right now.

Think of it this way: If your ex had totally and completely broken up with you, they wouldn’t be talking to you at all. There would be no calls, emails, or texts from your ex … this type of contact would drastically decrease the moment your ex made the decision to move on without you.

So what does your ex want? Why are they texting even after the romance ends?

Simply put, your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is I’m still thinking about you. Even though you are no longer dating, your ex has not given up on having you in his life. They would like to keep you close, but they cannot do it directly. So they make the next best thing: they send you random text messages and scattered phone calls designed to keep you close at hand.

You see, your ex doesn’t want you to come back. At least not now, anyway. Instead, your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is trying to keep an eye on you as they get a taste of their new single life. Knowing that you are still on the other end of the phone, even through something as impersonal as texting, gives your ex the confidence and security of knowing that they can always back off if necessary. This allows your ex to move on and possibly meet someone else.

Reply to text messages from your ex boyfriend or girlfriend

Responding to your ex’s text messages right now is a big mistake. Go back and forth with them right now, and you will do nothing but play the game. Instantly responding to that contact lets your ex know that they can probably get you back whenever they want. objective no Reply to these texts and completely ignore your ex boyfriend or girlfriend? This will go a long way toward getting you wanted back.

An ex who doesn’t know where you are or what you’re doing will get very curious very quickly. Ignore them and your ex’s text messages feel the same rejection that you are going through right now. They will start to worry that maybe you’ve moved on, or maybe you’ve already gotten over the relationship. By not playing this little texting volleyball game, you are ensuring maximum future interest from your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

If you’re wondering why my ex still texts me, it’s probably because you want them back. Maybe you’ve already taken steps to reverse your breakup or are trying to get your ex to change his mind. However, in reality, just texting you betrays your ex boyfriend or girlfriend’s current level of interest. As innocent as that contact may seem (or as innocent as they pretend it to be), your ex keeps this line of communication open for a specific reason: to monitor your progress without them.

Do you want your boyfriend or girlfriend back? Don’t leave that important goal to chance. Don’t play games or fall into your ex’s friendship trap. Instead, work to learn to doand what is more important, exactly when you should be taking action.