Reasons for owning above ground pools

The trend towards more affordable and easy-to-maintain entertainment features offers homeowners a wide range of options when selecting a pool. Above ground pools have received increased attention for their versatile applications and cost-effectiveness without losing design and functionality. Knowing the reasons for owning such a group can help you make the best purchasing decision possible.

Popular benefits of above ground pools

The alternative pool style can be created in many different shapes and sizes with popular and modern aesthetic solutions including glass balustrade and deck designs. These features are more affordable than a more traditional structure and provide the same level of enjoyment and relaxation through the summer heat. The following benefits can convince homeowners to incorporate above ground pools.


The costs of an inground pool can be exorbitant and involve a great deal of labor to prepare the area for installation, including purchasing a fiberglass casing or concrete framing material. Expenses depend on the project completion period, which could take weeks to complete and fill the pool. Alternative designs are erected in a shorter period of time, saving on installation costs while offering quick pre-summer setup.


Above ground pools can be custom designed in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit any garden. It can be placed in the corner of a garden or installed inside a terrace, making it the ideal option for both functional and aesthetic purposes. With an in-ground pool, homeowners are limited to fiberglass frame designs and the increasing cost of depth and length dependent concrete styles.

Efficient installation

The time required to erect above ground pools is shorter compared to the labor intensive requirements for an inground pool. Depending on the type of pool design, alternative structures can be installed in a few days compared to the weeks or months that a more traditional feature can take. Standard styles will be faster to manufacture and develop compared to custom selections.


Smaller and more modern pool maintenance is simpler and more cost effective compared to an inground pool, making it the ideal choice for management. There is the option of including a salt water filtration system that offers less maintenance and healthier swimming conditions. Keeping the pool area clean is easier with modern structures designed for your convenience without compromising your enjoyment.


The unique and custom designs for above ground pools mean it can be installed for any size garden. Regardless of the amount of space available, the pool can be designed for use in a small outdoor terrace area or in a larger garden where a significantly larger structure is desired. An experienced and certified pool company determines a professional assessment of the area and style solutions.

Design aesthetics

Modern options for a pool mean that any style for the property can be created and installed. From traditional rectangular designs to hexagonal shapes, there is no limit to the type of pool to be installed. The right type of pool can be designed according to the width, depth and function for which the feature is intended that is compatible with the theme or style of an indoor or outdoor space.

With the assistance provided by a licensed and experienced pool company, a modern pool design is provided that offers ease of maintenance and aesthetic value. Whether they are traditional chlorinated or saltwater alternatives, these can be incorporated for all enjoyment purposes. A fair evaluation of the available options, including modern styles, can be determined for different functional needs.


Earn cash and earn money online every day

You can earn cash and earn money online every day. The good news is that there are many companies that have multiple opportunities to make an unlimited amount of cash. Actually making cash online every day can be challenging. However, in this article you will find information that will help you know how to earn big cash online. The first thing that is essential when making money on the Internet is access to the Internet. You must have reliable internet connectivity that is fast.

To earn cash online every day, you need to create a website. Make sure you create a website that has a unique design that attracts a lot of visitors. You must use this website to sell products and services. Another way you can use your website is for the purpose of posting information. You can earn money from the information and advertisements found on your site. You can sign up for a service provided by Google so that every time a visitor clicks on your ads, you earn cash. The good thing is that there are several free online websites that you can use to earn money.

Another method that you can use to earn cash online every day is to start your own blog. You must use other services that will allow you to earn cash every time a visitor clicks on your ads. Make sure to post your blog on sites that have a lot of traffic. You should have your blog on some of the most popular blogging sites. One thing that is important to making money online is that you must find a niche that works well for you.

There are different online sites where you can register. Registering with some of these sites will help you earn cash and online. Earning money online depends on your creativity. There are some sites that require you to post a tip, and when approved, you can be sure that you will earn money every day. Other sites may require you to post your opinion on various things. If your review meets the requirements of the sites, you can earn quite a bit of money from this type of service. With this information there is no reason why you should stay home without a job. You can earn a lot of money while enjoying the comfort that your home brings you.


How to make gray and brown paint with primary colors

This title was presented by the publishers as a challenge, so how could a painter resist? My first reaction was to wonder why anyone would bother, when more subtle and compatible neutrals can be achieved in other ways. I could visualize how it could be done but hadn’t actually tried it. So, still in my nightgown, I sneaked into the studio early this morning and experimented. See what you think of my results, below.

And for those readers who are taking the first steps on their journey to becoming an artist, I’ll add a few definitions as we go along.

  • So what is a neutral shade?

Neutral shades – Neutrals can be crudely classified as gray or brown. In experienced hands, they are a series of extremely subtle mixtures of the colors used in a painting. However, they can be done by mixing the three Primaries. That’s how:

1) Make gray

The simplest way to achieve gray by mixing all three primaries is this: mix equal parts blue and red, resulting in a raw violet. In that mixture, add small portions of yellow until a dark gray appears. To lighten your Chroma * you can very carefully add small amounts of white.

*What is Chroma?

This value refers to the darkness or lightness of a color.

2) Make browns

Mix equal parts of blue and yellow, resulting in a raw green. In that mixture, add small portions of red until you achieve a suitable brown. For example, you may want a lower intensity brown or Chroma for your current paint.

It may seem obvious to add white to your new brown mix. But this would be a big mistake. Instead, add more yellow.

  • How to avoid making mud

All this mixing should be done on your palette, using a spatula. This is the only way to achieve “clean” color blends, vital when using gray or brown. In the excitement of creating a new painting, it’s fatally easy to reach for a brush and start mixing the color right onto your canvas. Despite what you see in Hollywood movies about famous artists, you can never remove all the pigment from the bristles by cleaning the brush with a cloth or rinsing it with peat moss. The colored residue will end up in the new mixes and turn them into mud.

TIP. I urge you to get into the habit of using your brushes to place the paint, never to mix it.

  • Other ways to make neutrals

You can make Neutrals much more subtle from the colors you are using in your current painting. For example, if you are painting a landscape with storm clouds above, you have probably used cobalt blue mixed with white in the sky background. If you want to make a gray to further define those clouds, you can do this:

  • Take some of your Cobalt Blue, mix it with its Complement * – Burnt Sienna – and you get a subtle gray shade that you can vary by mixing a little White.

* What is a plugin?

This is the color opposite the dominant hue * on the color wheel. For example, the complement, or the opposite, of blue-purple is yellow-green.

* What is a dominant tone?

You guessed this one, right? It is the color or shade that is most widely used in the paint you are working on. So if your painting is a portrait and you need to enhance the subject’s hair color with a dark but neutral brown, try this:

  • Mix earth red, like Burnt Sienna, which you’ve already used for skin tones in your portrait painting, with ultramarine blue for a deep but neutral brown.

When you want to do Neutrals, whether Primary or otherwise, experimenting is the only way to find the mixes that best suit your personal style and chosen theme. One advantage is the fun you will have doing it. (C) Dorothy Gauvin


5 reasons to make your own baby food

Many parents feed their babies store bought baby food, and why not? They are convenient, inexpensive, and come in a variety of flavors for a baby to enjoy.

When I was pregnant with our first child, I decided to do a little research on the food I would put in her mouth when the time came. I drew some interesting conclusions.

For a mother who is exhausted from frequent feedings and diaper changes, it is easy to seek options that are quick and convenient. While we definitely deserve quality rest and ‘me time’, a few extra minutes to shred will not only save money and time in the long run, but will also help our babies grow up healthy and strong and develop a pallet for the foods that they will. You will soon be eating solid food.

Best health choice

Our babies deserve a great quality of life, but it is difficult to control what we are putting into their bodies when the food has passed through a few hands before reaching the shopping basket. When you make your own baby food with fresh fruits, vegetables and more, you know exactly what you are putting in them.

Unfortunately, store-bought baby foods contain less than a fifth of the recommended amount of calcium, zinc, and magnesium. Packaged foods are cooked at high temperatures to kill bacteria. In part, this is how they make it possible to store them on the shelves for so long. Some see this as a negative, because many of the nutrients in food are lost as a result.

Important money savings

While small jars of baby food seem cheap at first glance, the money really does add up. The amounts babies eat can vary each day, and the jars that come in standard sizes cannot accommodate that. With homemade baby food, you decide how much to store and serve. If the ingredients are for sale, you can buy them in bulk, prepare them, and freeze them to serve weeks later.

environmental friendly

Whether you’re reusing plastic bags, containers, or glass jars, you can easily store your own food without having a stack of containers from the store with every purchase. If you’re used to throwing out the jars once the baby is fed, consider how much better homemade baby food is for the environment. You can easily prepare food and store it in reusable containers. Once they are empty, the next batch is ready.

More authentic flavors

If you have the time, it’s fun to see the difference in taste for yourself. Packaged fruits, vegetables, and meats are different in texture and flavor from the real thing. Most of the brands cannot be compared to the real business and the manufacturers cannot be blamed. There’s a reason such foods can last a long time without being refrigerated!

Easier to transition to solids

If a baby is used to eating packaged foods, it will be a big transition to get him to switch to the foods you eat on a regular basis. At ten months, our son was able to eat chunks of meat and vegetables from our plates because he had already tried them pureed.


Online Shopping for Housewarming and Weddings in Lebanon and the Middle East Where are you today?

Why is Lebanese e-commerce so inactive?

The retail sector has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Shoppers are no longer limited by the physical presence of inventory, nor are they forced to venture into their overheated cars, getting bogged down in hours of traffic, only to find that the crowded mall has run out of their favorite item.

E-commerce has allowed users to buy anything they want with the click of a few buttons and a couple of days of delivery time. Lebanon, with its growing internet and credit card penetration, as well as its modern, tech-savvy shoppers, should be an early adopter of e-commerce in the region. However, Lebanon still relies heavily on physical shopping, while online shopping is only thought of for the second time (third, fourth or fifth). So why has e-commerce in Lebanon and the Middle East lagged behind the rest of the world? Below are the top three reasons why Lebanese e-commerce has struggled to catch up:

1- Lack of viable payment portals:

The country has two relatively outdated payment portals that do not integrate with websites. As such, customers are directed to external links and required to re-enter their credit card details for each purchase. This is highly impractical and reduces the ease of second purchases.

In addition to the outdated nature of payment portals, they control a monopoly on the market and charge exorbitant fees: initiation fee of $ 350- $ 500, transaction fees of 3.5-4.0%, as well as $ 35- $ 50 / month maintenance costs”.

Furthermore, the lack of Paypal and other online payment portals in Lebanon creates an immense challenge for e-commerce companies.

“Ease of payment” is ranked as one of the highest conversion factors for e-commerce businesses. Lebanon offers lousy options and therefore online businesses struggle to offer dynamic options like one-click shopping and Paypal.

2- Lack of practical online purchases:

Most of the e-commerce startups in the Middle East have been created to cater to the “hip” and “trendy” crowd. They offer flash sales of high-priced designer items, indexing of exclusive local boutique designers, or niche gift items that cater to niche consumers. In addition, the “old guard” of e-commerce in Lebanon provides the typical online gift selections: flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and other “one-of-a-kind” emotional gifts.

With the exception of very few sites, most Lebanese websites have a very basic design with little attention to practicality and detail. Pop-up menus in impractical ways, data entry is challenging, and most products are not searchable.

Some examples of these “old guard” websites are:

Exotic flowers: This site charges high shipping costs, surcharges for its bouquets, and tends to deliver smaller and cheaper bouquets than it promises online (this has happened to me multiple times!). Also, they only deliver flowers! It is one of the highest ranked e-commerce sites in Lebanon with 1.3 million globally ( They also take credit for adopting the online delivery system early, though they haven’t felt the need to upgrade due to the lack of a sizable competitor.

Buy Lebanese: The colors, fonts, sizes, photos and charts are not easy to use. However, they rank pretty high on – 2.5 million globally. This group takes credit for being one of the early adopters of e-commerce in Lebanon! Hat to your foresight!

961 gifts: I’m not sure of the name of the website, the layout seems basic, but the menu items are clear. Its product strategy relies heavily on unbranded flowers, perfumes, cosmetics and accessories – global ranking of 4.2 million

Some examples of the newer “consumer niche” sites are:

Lebelik, Eezmeez, Marka VIP

Some of the newer websites have focused on great design and have achieved relative success in modern and young markets. However, apart from Marka VIP, which is based in Dubai, none have actually managed to achieve a large enough market.

3- The purchasing power is in the expat community

Businesses that focus on local purchasing power online will struggle in the short term. Hopefully this will change as Lebanon progresses (I wish). However, until then, the purchasing power of Lebanese e-commerce sites will come from the Lebanese expat community looking to provide gifts to their families and loved ones in Lebanon. This creates quite a challenging market for ecommerce businesses. How do you address your diaspora? Who is your target consumer? Is the market saturated with one-of-a-kind gifts, like chocolates, flowers, and niche designer items?

How to fill the void

As such, we identified the need to establish a practical, well-priced website that provides customers with quality and practical options for gifts or personal use. The reasons why I believe that this model will overcome the challenges of the sector are:

a- The technology of the payment portal will inevitably improve, along with the market’s confidence in online payment.

b- The market is saturated with unique gift items that normally fall between flowers, chocolates and traditional gift items. Therefore, the competition is minimal

c- The market has seen high-quality designer pop-up stores online, but these only cater to a niche market segmentation. Highlighting the fact that online shopping adoption is on the rise

d- There is no website that offers useful and practical household gifts with high-quality branded items.

In summary, There is a gap online in high-quality, well-priced branded items in the Middle East and Lebanon. There is a gap in websites that provide quality home furnishings like Riedel, Nambe, Pip Studio, Bodum, Greenpan, Images D’Orient, Voluspa, as well as many other global brands. Instead of shipping high-priced niche products, chocolates, or flowers, the consumer would not want to have an online option to:

a- Housewarming gifts to Lebanon

b- Wedding records in Lebanon

c- Wedding gifts to Lebanon

d- Lebanese gifts that do not involve cheap Chinese goods, high-priced niche items, or flowers and chocolates!



Practicality of plastic: the many uses of plastic bags

Plastic bags are traditionally seen as a kitchen staple; Containers prepared for fresh food and leftovers.

However, the truth is that plastic bags have uses in every room in the house and beyond.

In the bathroom, for example, people frequently use them to organize and store toiletries, cosmetics, and bath products.

In the bathroom, people organize and store toiletries, cosmetics, and bath products within the confines of these bags.

In the children’s playroom, parents keep small collections of children’s toys (such as dolls, marbles, cats, etc.), as well as small items of clothing such as hats, socks, and gloves, in plastic bags. However, they are always careful to keep them on high shelves, away from the hands of small children and babies.

In the children’s playroom, these poly bags can be used to store children’s toys (such as small dolls, colored marbles, cats, etc.), as well as small items such as hats, socks, and gloves. However, be sure to keep them on high shelves, safely out of the reach of babies and young children.

Home-based professionals often keep a supply of plastic bags in the studio to store their pencils, pens, paper clips, and other office supplies.

Ah, but how can they be useful outside the home itself? In many, many ways.

Those who work in the garden can deposit their grass clippings in these bags. They can also be used to clean up pet waste during walks or to clean up trash from the property.

Children heading to school should always carry plastic bags with them. They’re handy for carrying school supplies and can be stored in lunch boxes to hold everything from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to cheese slices, crackers, pretzels, and even French fries.

Although none of us want to freely admit it, the vast majority of us have used polybagged bags to sneak chocolate bars, trail mix, and even celery sticks into our neighborhood cinemas.

Plastic bags are a valuable travel accessory when you are on vacation.

After all, items like jewelry and small coins can get lost in large suitcases, unless they are separated into bags. And those who fly know that, according to airline rules, certain items must be stored in quart bags before being loaded onto a plane.

Coming home from a vacation trip, you can store any souvenirs and postcards in plastic bags, keeping them straight and safe for the long trip home.

And when you return home, you can always go back to the more traditional use of these bags; as a useful helper in the kitchen. Large portions of food can be divided into bags for storage and freezing. And after a meal, it’s easy to store food scraps in sealed plastic bags.

Whether you’re at home or away, the plastic bag is a convenient, easy-to-use tool that serves many purposes. They are not just for kitchens anymore!


Why do boys confuse girls? Here are some of the main reasons this tends to happen a lot

Just as women strive to attract a man, a boy, a boy plays the game of confusion with the girl. The end result of this is the same in both cases. They both want to increase their value. These are some of the reasons that boys confuse girls.

Makes them more desirable
Increases the desire ratio of a man to a woman when he has the ability to confuse her. She gets caught up in what he has to say and his hot and cold demeanor leaves her a bit stunned. But at the same time it makes it more desirable for women.

Help him get the bad boy image.
Good guys go to heaven and bad guys have fun. Being a confused man, he has the opportunity to adopt a carefree attitude and bad boy image. And almost every girl wants to be with such a bad boy.

Helps to make an impact.
When a man confuses a woman, he helps him make his mark on the woman. She will be confused by his reactions and therefore will try to understand him and will be thinking about him all the time in the process. At the end of the day, the guy makes his girl think of him and that’s what he wants.

It helps them to have an aura of intrigue around them.
When a man is able to confuse a woman, an aura of intrigue is created around him. No one can predict what he is going to say or how he is going to act in the next moment. This intrigue helps him keep the girl hooked on him.

They don’t want to be stereotyped
Some men don’t want to be stereotyped or classified as a particular “guy.” He wants his girl to keep guessing what he really is and thus he keeps confusing her to keep her full attention on him. It definitely gives her an advantage over others, as she will be the one trying to understand it rather than the other way around.

Keeps things interesting
Also like men, many women enjoy both the chase and the hunt. Confusing her keeps the spark alive and keeps her hooked on him.

Wants to keep things light
Lastly, a guy will confuse a girl when he doesn’t want things to move too fast. He wants to enjoy the early part of the relationship long enough before he gets serious and therefore keeps confusing her.


Can’t the baby poop? Try the chayote puree

My baby’s favorite puree is made from chayote.

Do you have visions of the Road Runner and Wiley E. Coyote, wondering how I got the coyote meat on my hands? Let me tell you up front that no, I didn’t misspell “coyote”!

Chayote is a green vegetable that looks like a pear. The background reminds me of the way a toothless mouth is pursed. I have only seen chayote in the supermarket and I have imagined that it grows on trees. I even caught myself humming “… and a partridge and a pear …” while making my selection in the produce aisle.

I was completely wrong about the tree. The chayote is part of the pumpkin family, like the squash, zucchini, and squash … which brings visions of Charlie Brown calling the Great Chayote. Except the chayote is much smaller than a pumpkin and would not work for carving on Halloween.

It can be eaten raw, but I have always boiled it. The root, stem, seed, and leaves are edible. I have eaten the seed soft, flat and cooked, which tastes quite good. An important tip to maximize your enjoyment of chayote is to cut off the wrinkled part at the bottom, because it has a stringy, stringy quality that extends to the vegetable. I think this is where the seed is preparing to sprout.

To prepare a baby puree, boil the chayote. After boiling, peel the skin. Next, place your knife along the wrinkled bottom and cut all the way to the top. You will go through the soft seed. Cut off the stringy part. Cut it into large pieces. Mixture. Delicious!

The puree has a consistency similar to applesauce, but perhaps more watery. You can also add a smaller amount of green zucchini, carrots, squash, etc. Try different ratios to see what your baby likes.

Are you wondering how I came up with the idea of ​​feeding chayote to my baby? Well, it wasn’t my idea. It belonged to my husband. It is from Mexico and this is one of the first foods they give to babies there.

Chayote is a good source of amino acids and vitamin C, as well as niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin K, zinc, copper, and manganese.

After 7 months of breastfeeding, I started following the doctor’s orders. I gave the baby rice cereal as his first solid food, three times a day. The result was that he became constipated. After four days without a poop diaper (which was unheard of for him), we ditched the rice cereal and went for the chayote. Once her poop diapers came back, we gave her cereal again, but switched to oatmeal instead of rice.

The baby is now 10 months old and is eating a wider variety of solid foods, while continuing to breastfeed. Whenever he shows signs of difficulty pooping, or when his stools look hard and he has a sore red butt, I go back to mashed chayote again. The baby still eats it with enthusiasm and it works all the time.


Message of encouragement in difficult times

These are tough times, to say the least.

We face the most widespread and extensive global health emergency in at least 100 years. Our economy reels like a delirious boxer. Opinions have become “facts.” Social unrest is boiling over. The political “speech” (as it is), focused on the elimination or retention of possibly the most controversial, divisive and polarizing administration in memory; has become that of a pair of three-year-olds yelling “You’re a poop!” “No, your face is!” It feels like we are together, untethered in an old rusty school bus from the 1950s; without seat belts, hurtling down a bumpy mountain road, out of control, clinging to life as we screamed in terror for someone to save us as we plunged off a cliff on November 3. ; assuming that eventually everything will be fine. Yet that screeching inner voice refusing to shut up, saying, “Don’t get your hopes up,” keeps rising. I just want everything to stop.

But wait, there is more!

Ghia, Mother Earth, is facing an existential crisis, resulting in endless firestorms, incessant floods, dry drafts, and in general an exceptionally harsh climate, which is devastating property and lives (including non-human ones) at an unprecedented global level. (For the record, I long to live in a world where the word “unprecedented” is no longer a standard adjective.)

The catalog of events of aiming, squeezing the chest and producing anxiety has us in the hairpin triggers, damaging our collective and emotional physical and mental health. For those of us who can remember, 1968 is a Disney fairy tale compared to the Stephen King horror story of 2020. No one, not a single person alive today, has ever experienced upheaval like this. None of us.

Of course, I don’t need to tell you that. You see it. You feel it. You are living it, just like me. As the curse says, we live in “fascinating” times.

It is a challenge to keep hope high when even the sky is covered in a thick layer of burnt smoke.

However, a flicker crossed my mind.

In the field of behavior change, the trigger that causes change is known to be a combination of fear, strength, and pain. After all, no one wakes up one morning, examines their lifestyle, decides that everything is idyllic, and proclaims, “God, I love my life! Let me see how I can change it.” No, change only becomes known once we are exhausted, scared, scarred, abused, and overwhelmed. It’s called “rock bottom”, that gut-churning feeling that something, anything, is better than where we are, so despite the pain or uncertainty that awaits us, reluctantly, reluctantly, in a subdued way, we walk cautiously into the new. If done smoothly and repeatedly, change evolves.

As individuals, as a society, as an inextricably linked global community as one, that’s where we are now: hitting rock bottom.

Therefore, I am trying, I will weakly admit, to see these days not as the end of time, but as the momentum that makes us question everything and hopefully take the energy from the turbulence that churns around us as the catalyst to move forward bit by bit. in the direction of what future historians will call the “New Awakening.” From this pain, I envision a world for our great-grandchildren and beyond, that is more compassionate, gentle, kind, supportive, cooperative, and in balance with the planet.

I’m not sure that you and I live there; it will take generations to complete the arc. But we have to believe, pray, affirm, and act like it’s going to happen. The alternative is unthinkable.

We must not let go of hope. We must remember that we are all in this together.


Trespassing of a repeat offender or puppy

The break-in leads the pack in terms of being the topic I get the most questions about, hands down. The key is to really make sure you stick to a consistent plan. Consistency will make housebreaking your dog or puppy as simple as possible. However, breaking and entering remains difficult. And it’s not something you’re going to achieve overnight, not even in a week, even though some of the advertisements you may see online indicate that you can. Breaking is a process. Your dog must learn through conditioning where it is and where it is not appropriate to go to the bathroom.

Even if you are going through all the steps, you may still encounter unexpected setbacks in the housebreaking process, that is, when your dog starts using the bathroom indoors again after he apparently had a solid housebreaking or when his dog start using the bathroom in his cage. There are different processes for handling these issues, so I’ll address them separately, starting with dealing with a dog that has started urinating indoors after you thought it was fully tame.

Before we dive into housebreaking, keep this in mind … even the best-trained dogs will have accidents. The goal is for it to be so occasional that you can’t remember 2 of the last 3 times it happened. Even my 11 year old dog surprised me a few months ago with a little runny gift near my back door after being home for a decade! In that case, the accident was entirely my fault. He had left the city during the night and she had nowhere else to go. Keep this in mind when you are potty training your dog or puppy because a single accident may not mean your dog has completely relapsed. However, if you are dealing with accident number 2 or more in a short period of time, you should take immediate action to avoid further problems.

The common reasoning I hear from owners when their dog begins to regress in potty training is that the dog is angry, or does it out of spite or to “get back” at the owner for some injustice committed against them. I am also guilty of having these thoughts before, but the quickest way to find a solution is to put that train of thought aside and adopt the mantra that your dog does not do things out of spite or hatred towards you. Dogs generally want their owners to be happy. They are pack animals and want to be in a happy, cohesive herd. They also do not have the same feelings as humans and do not hold a grudge or act out of spite.

It’s actually pretty simple … from the dog’s perspective. He thinks he’s supposed to go home now … he’s done it so many times without correction (or with the wrong kind of correction).

That means when you can’t keep an eye on your dog, it should be in a crate or confined so it doesn’t have accidents and it should have very limited access to roam freely around the house until you control the break-in again. Here is the specific strategy for handling burglary problems:

1. Tie your dog to a leash attached to your belt or some piece of furniture so that it is never out of sight.

2. Be vigilant and learn to determine when your dog is reaching the maximum threshold of potty ability. In general, the ground is sniffed just before an accident. Take care of your dog!

3. When you see your dog crouch (or squat) in that classic “I’m going to potty” pose. JUMP (even if you’re standing up), clap your hands to get your dog’s attention, say “Ah-Ah” in a clear, firm voice (you don’t need to sound hysterical here, the idea is to get your dog to pay attention to you instead of going to the bathroom).

4. Using the leash, guide your dog outside. Pick up your dog if necessary to get him out quickly.

5. Encourage your dog with gentle praise and smiles to go to the bathroom once he’s outside. Praise your dog DEFINITELY with treats and hugs and love for ending up outside. Is that what you want.

The “Ah-Ah” was enough to stop my Sheltie long enough for me to get her out. Then he would persuade her with a smile and a friendly command to “go to the bathroom” until she went to the bathroom OUT. Then it’s time for lots of compliments and even some goodies if you have some on hand. A few times of doing this, your dog will understand that potty training should only happen outside.

What I want you to get out of this strategy is that you shouldn’t just focus on punishing your dog for using the bathroom indoors. In fact, the only time he should punish them for that is when he catches them in the act (with the “Ah-Ah” or a firm “No”). Punishing your dog after the fact, even 3 minutes later, will not work.

Your dog will NOT, I repeat, will NOT make the association between what he did even 2 minutes ago (ie going to the bathroom inside) and you ranting and delirious and poking his nose in the mess.

Clean up the mess, don’t let your dog see you clean it up, and be ready next time to catch your dog right when he’s squatting.

For a puppy, this process is even easier because they tend to be light enough that you can pick them up and carry them outside. This is a good way to get your puppy outside quickly before he finishes eliminating indoors.

With my English Bulldog I ran into an unexpected problem that you may be experiencing yourself. Even with the firm “Ah-Ah” and the hopping, I couldn’t / couldn’t stop going to the bathroom once it had started. And this frustrated me a lot! But go on with the process. Get your dog out as quickly as possible and encourage him to go to the bathroom.

So show your dog where you want him to go to the bathroom when he needs to go to the bathroom. Reinforce behavior more quickly. And make it beneficial for them to go to the bathroom outside by showering them with love and treats when they do.