How to paint your snowboard

If you’re a typical snowboarder, you want to be a little unique and stand out on the slopes. One way to do this is with the snowboarding clothing of your choice. However, another very popular way to do this is to paint your snowboard.

You can do it yourself, if you have the time and patience. Basically, to do a good job, you need to go through four steps: prepare the board, prime it, paint it, and seal it.

However, to start with, you will need a good working area. There are advantages to painting both indoors and outdoors. If you have an indoor work area, make sure the ventilation system is good enough to exhaust paint fumes from the area. If your work area is located outdoors, your main concern will be finding a windless area where there are little or no drafts so they won’t interfere with your paint job.

To ensure that the board is clean, wipe any dirt from the surface to be painted with a clean, damp cloth. You will also want to remove any wax buildup. Any good wax remover from your local hardware or grocery store should do the job. Then you want to roughen the surface of the board with fine sandpaper. This will prepare it to receive the primer coat. And finally, cover the joint holes with cotton swabs to prevent paint or primer from clogging them.

Once the prep work is done, priming is relatively easy. just spray it according to the directions on the spray can. Basically though, you want to avoid over-priming the board. So instead of trying to do everything in one pass, if necessary, make several light passes until you’ve covered the board well. The important thing is to keep the spray can moving so you don’t get the primer pooling in spots. Then let the primer dry.

When painting the snowboard, lay down the ground colors first, again using several light coats, if necessary rather than one heavy coat. When you’re happy with the density and colors of the background, you can use stencils to apply any design or logo to the board.

The penultimate step is to seal the board with a clear coat. This is usually a multi-step process, as you’ll want to apply three or four coats to the board.

Finally, to give your dash that nice glossy finish, get some rubbing compound at your local auto supply store and give the surface a good polish.


Arrange a congratulatory party for different occasions

A congratulatory party can be organized for many different events. Like a congratulations party for getting a raise, getting a promotion, getting engaged, getting a high score on a test, etc. Congratulations Party means fun and excitement and sharing happiness. For this, the party must be perfectly planned. For those of you who haven’t planned a party yet, you should know that every party plan follows some basics.

The first step you can take for your congratulations party would be to write down the headings needed to come up with a plan. These headers should include the TimeSpec, as to the date you would host a party. The second thing would be to determine how many people you are going to invite to the party. With this determination you are going to put another item that is Designing an invitation card. The next step after that is to write down the decorations that you would like to set up in the party area.

After writing down the decorations for your congratulations party, you will need to write down the list of food and drinks that you will be serving at your party. It is a time consuming process to write down the different foods and drinks because it is such an important part of the party. Once you have the food and drinks on your list, you can now move on to the games and trivia heading, as well as party favors and gifts for guests. This is just a basic plan and can be improvised with creative thinking. I wish you all the best for your Congratulations Party.


Is it more difficult to conceive a boy or a girl?

If you’re reading this article, I’m going to assume that you want to conceive a baby and that you have a specific gender on your wish list. This article will focus on the variables needed to conceive a girl or a boy and how to manipulate them using natural and inexpensive methods at home. Although it is possible to choose the sex of your baby at an expensive gender selection clinic, my personal experience is based on natural methods.

Differences in difficulty between conceiving a boy or a girl: Statistically speaking, the odds are about equal, giving you about a 50/50 chance for either gender, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. Having boys or girls can run in families and there may be a reason for this, which I will get to later. However, due to the characteristics of the female (X) and male (Y) sperm chromosomes, it may take longer or require more planning to conceive one sex/gender over the other, but it is never impossible.

Characteristics of the sperm chromosomes of a girl (X) versus a boy (Y): When a couple is trying to conceive, a man’s sperm contains chromosomes that will result in either a girl (X) or a boy (Y). However, there are numerous factors that will influence which chromosome containing the sperm will reach the egg and fertilize it first. Male sperm are faster, but not as resistant as female sperm. Female sperm are slower, but can survive much longer in hostile (acidic) conditions. You can use these factors to his advantage when trying to choose the gender of your baby.

Variables you can manipulate to help you have a son or a daughter: There are actually three main variables that you can influence/control when trying to conceive a boy or a girl. These are: the time in your ovulation cycle when you are trying to conceive (earlier will favor a girl, as these sperm can survive longer); intercourse/sex positions you use when trying to conceive (closer to the cervix for a boy, further away for a girl); and the vaginal environment / PH that the sperm encounter when trying to reach the egg (acid for a girl, alkaline for a boy).

So which sex/gender is harder to conceive of?: Well, that depends on the state of the already existing variables mentioned above. If the mom-to-be is naturally acidic (easy to determine with test strips) and wants a boy, she’ll first need to alter her PH through special douching and/or by eating very diligently and avoiding specific foods to get into the “boy zone.” “. Similarly, if she is naturally alkaline and wants a girl, the same is true. This natural inclination to be acidic or alkaline may be one of the reasons why having boys or girls can run in families. However, this is very possible to rectify so that the cycle stops.

Similarly, if a couple is determined to have a girl, it’s best to try to conceive before ovulating, which leaves a few fertile days on the table until next month. However, the same is true if you want a boy, since you have to wait more in the month to start trying.

As you can see, whether you are trying to conceive a boy or a girl, all the variables can be changed to create the scenario that will foster the daughter or son you want. Depending on your situation, one is not necessarily more difficult than the other. It just takes some very specific knowledge about your fertility/ovulation cycle and your unique PH/vaginal environment. Once you have this information, with careful planning and following the instructions, your efforts that might last only a few months could well be rewarded with the son or daughter you will enjoy for a lifetime.


7 Reasons to Climb Mount Whitney in Winter

1 – The challenge

Conquer the highest point of the lower 48 during the most difficult time of the year. The two main trails are the Mountaineers Trail and the Whitney Trail. Both offer unique challenges at this time of year. When you climb Whitney in the winter, you’re working towards it using winter climbing techniques that make the summit that much more special.

2 – Photography

Capture incredible shots of the snow-capped Sierras, especially during sunrise and sunset. The light from the Alpenglow when it hits the mountains is impressive. Snow covered mountains add incredible depth and contrast to your shots. Frozen lakes and waterfalls add to the beauty of the area.

3-Improve yourself

Hone your mountaineering skills with the use of ice axes, snowshoes, and crampons. Stop buying gear just to take great photos on snowy hills that you can walk around in flip flops and surf shorts. Take a course, or teach yourself, and climb a real mountain that challenges you to use the tools you have. Using crampons and an ice ax is pretty common sense with a bit of practice. The trails have all the conditions to practice your skills. The trail has deep snow, long sections of ice, and steep inclines, which are close to death-defying cliffs.

4 – The insulation

Avoid the annoying summer crowds. Anyone can hike a pre-constructed, paved trail, but only a brave few can climb a mountain without a trail. Head out this time of year when the trail disappears under the snow and make your own route. You will have the mountain almost entirely to yourself.

5 – The night sky

Camp under an incredible endless starry sky. The Sierras offer some of the most beautiful night skies. With so many major cities just hours from Mt. Whitney, seeing the stars seems rare these days. Leave the city behind and fall asleep looking at the REAL night sky.

6 – Learn new skills

Learn to camp in the snow. Anyone can camp in an RV or in the height of summer, but what about winter? Bring a snow shovel to dig for shelter from the wind, learn how to melt snow for water, learn how to keep your stove going, how to stay warm in cold weather, and learn how to keep your wipes from freezing when nature calls. .

7 – No more apologies

The self-issuance permit means you won’t be able to use the “I couldn’t get a lottery permit to climb Mount Whitney” excuse, which I’ve heard a million times. (Because we all know the truth is, you really are scared!) Everyone says they want to climb Mount Whitney, and then they always find a reason to blame the Park Service for stopping them. Well, if you really wanted to climb Mount Whitney, then half the year is totally in your control. You can probably get an entry permit for the other 6 months of the year as well. Stop making excuses to friends and family on Instagram or Facebook, and go to the mountains now. Just get up, get out there and do it! No more excuses. You have until April 30 to make it happen.

The details of the trip

Day 1: We arrive at the Lone Pine Visitor Center at the intersection of HWY 395 and HWY 136 just south of Lone Pine, CA. We issued our own overnight permits to climb Mount Whitney and collected our Wag bags. You can self-issue the free permit from November 2 to April 30. Climbing during this time of year allows you to avoid all the crowds and permit lottery system in the summer. After retrieving our permits, we drove 2 miles north on HWY 395 to Lone Pine, CA and turned left/west on Whitney Portal Rd. From here we drove 7.1 to Lone Pine Campground at 6,000 feet to acclimatize. . The Campground is $20 a night and you can self cater a campsite. The campsite provides water and toilets. The camp offers a clear view of Mt. Whitney and the challenge ahead.

Day 2: We drive 6 miles from Lone Pine Campground to Whitney Portal at 8,300 feet, where the Whitney Trail begins. Whitney Portal Campground, store, and even the road may be closed this time of year. We were able to park right at the clearly marked trailhead with no snow. We put on our 45 pound packs and headed for the summit. The first 1.5 miles of the trail was clear of snow. The trail quickly gains elevation as it backs up towards Lone Pine Lake. About a mile before the lake, the trail disappears under the snow and the tracks go in all directions. This is where a good map study and GPS come in handy. If you don’t want to break a sweat or poke holes in the snow, this is a great time to strap on your snowshoes. You may only need them for a short time. You can follow the flame marks on the trees and slowly climb the mountain, or you can cut straight and save some time. Once you get to Mirror Lake, just 0.5 miles past Outpost Camp, you’ll want to fill up with as much water as possible, as this will be the last water you’ll be able to get to before you have to melt the snow. You’ll also want to strap on your crampons for the next steep section and keep them on until you reach Trail Camp. Continue up through the trees to the south of Mirror Lake. After leaving the tree line at about 10,200 feet, head west and keep left near frozen Consultation Lake, at the 6 mile mark on your trip. Continue 3 miles to Trail Camp at 11,800 feet and find a nice spot sheltered from the wind to spend the night. The sunset is incredible and offers an opportunity to capture a great photo.
Total: 6 hours, 6.3 miles, and 3,700 feet of positive elevation gain.

Day 3: I recommend getting up early at 530 or 6 and starting your ascent. The snow will be firm, which is good for climbing. You will also be able to capture amazing sunrise photos. This will also help you beat any overnight storms that may come your way. I recommend bringing two full 32-ounce bottles of water for the climb. From Trail Camp you have to walk up the steepest part of the trail. Head west up the slightly steep snow ramp towards Trail Crest at 13,650. You will need to understand how to properly use crampons, an ice ax, and the proper way to self-arrest in the event of a fall. A fall during this part of the trail could be fatal. Once you’ve reached the top, take a moment to soak in the majestic views of the snow-capped Western Sierras as far as the eye can see. Make sure you have wind and sun protection for this section of the trail. Continue your climb north as the trail enters Sequoia National Park and descends 150 feet to connect with the John Muir Trail. Although there may be long stretches of trail without snow, keep your crampons on! Certain sections along this 3-kilometre stretch to the summit are very icy and bordering on fatal cliffs. After about 0.5 miles into the trail, you’ll see your first glimpse of the stone hut at the top. Continue past the Needles and Mount Muir to reach the summit. Take a break at the summit hut, sign the log, and return safely. If you understand how, you can slide certain sections on the way down to make your descent faster. Once we made it safely to the Trail Camp, we removed our crampons and quickly made it to the Whitney Portal trailhead in 2 1/2 hours. We stayed at Portagee Joe Campground last night. It’s a very easy desktop publishing bootcamp for only 14 bucks. It’s only a mile from Lone Pine, so it was easy to have dinner that night and breakfast the next morning in town.

Total: 8 hours from Trail Camp to Summit Round Trip, 9.4 miles and 2,800 feet of elevation.


5 Tips for Parents Interested in Baby/Toddler Agency Representation – Modeling and Acting Industry

First, some agencies vary on this, but I recommend getting industry-standard professional photos for your baby or toddler. Why? Because industry standard professional images show the potential buyer or casting director exactly how your child will look when taking pictures for their professional project. I do not recommend using portrait photography or snapshots as the only tool for your agency to use in representation. Unfortunately, your son will grow up very quickly, so he doesn’t need to spend thousands of dollars on his sessions, however, he does need to use the best photographers he can afford. Typical pitches for lifestyle markets can range from $350 to $600. Also, unless specifically required by your agency, I don’t recommend reproducing these photos en masse. After 6-8 months, he will need to photograph again and those images will be outdated. The benefit of taking these industry standard professional photos is that the agency can use them, plus parents can have amazing photos every 6-8 months for the child’s scrapbook.

Second, Remember that every agency is different and baby/toddler projects are often the smallest part of what the agency books. So you shouldn’t expect a call, audition, or booking every month. However, a project could repay you for the investment.

Third, the agency needs to be very aware of your baby’s temperament. Is your son sleepy? Speak? Smile a lot? When does your child nap? Does your child get to know new people easily or does it take a little time to get used to it? This is important, as some projects and buyers need specific types of babies. Not every project needs a baby with a perfect smile.

Four, feel free to enter your baby/toddler into online contests and projects. This could help repay your investment in images and the amazing photos of your child could help you gain additional exposure. Just make sure you approve each project with your talent agency.

Finally, Always check with your agency via email and email any updated snapshots you take of your child. For example, if your child’s first tooth comes in, the agency should know about it. This is important as your child changes frequently and the agency or reservation manager needs to know about these changes. Also, it’s important to make sure your agency has the correct sizes, since not every 2-year-old wears a 2T.

Have fun with the images and give your agency the best tool they have to represent your baby/toddler!


Holly Mann’s Honest Riches

Holly Mann, author of Breakthrough Money Secrets Revealed, is a 24-year-old single mom who makes between $10,000 and $12,000 a month from her own marketing businesses. For her 24 year old, she has an incredible understanding of internet marketing that I’m sure would make some of the more well-known gurus envious. She doesn’t think of herself as such, she markets herself with an enthusiasm of straightforwardness and utter honesty, which seems to be one of her most marketable traits.

Holly is a disabled veteran of the US Army who found herself in real financial difficulty after being sent home. Being single with a very young son, she had to find a way to earn a viable income, so she sold everything she owned and moved to Thailand, until she launched her internet marketing business. She had already lived there a few times in her life and she knew that she could probably stay there while she grew the business. And she made it grow, also in record time.

I recently read an interview with Holly Mann, and her success has been a bit overwhelming for her as well. But I guess that’s what you get, when you spend close to 24 hours a day building your business and drinking copious amounts of coffee, to stay awake in the process.

Holly’s book Breakthrough Money Secrets Revealed has become a true favorite among marketers just starting out, or intermediate to advanced marketers who want to go back to basics a bit, after being bombarded with everything. the hype that exists on the subject.

As a member of Holly Mann’s HonestWorkFromHomeSuccess forum, I can say that I have never felt a stronger connection to any community than this on any forum. I think a lot of it has to do with Holly really caring and trying to help each member, and she encourages us to help each other as well.

Not many people who have had the kind of success that Holly has would take the time to come and talk to us every chance they get, but Holly does. I’m not sure if Holly knows what kind of impact she’s had on the whole thing, but we all do.

I really enjoy Holly Mann’s material, straight to the point, easy to understand and also lots of ideas for marketing just without a website, all at an exceptional value. Be sure to check out her stuff, you can’t miss it.


Bead kits are safe for children

The discovery of poisonous ‘pearls’ in a highly publicized and popular new toy being sold in Australia until recently alarmed people with children of all ages.

I can hear you say, “No more accounts in this house!”

But wait a minute, not so fast… normal pearls are NOT poisonous! Here in Australia, there are high quality, safe and fun bead kits created and manufactured for children of all ages and abilities.

The beads in these kids’ beading kits have holes for stringing onto elastic, wire, or string. The carefully created bead patterns are made to be very easy to follow with you and your child in mind, although your younger child will definitely need your help with reading and comprehension. An incidental opportunity to spend quality time with your child.

There are beading kits for kids made with wire to create a crocodile, spider, swan, clowns, angels, fairies and scorpions, as well as Christmas decorations… the list goes on. Other kid beading kits include nylon thread and some include needle and thread for the right-handed older child who is up for that challenge.

Bead making can be part of children’s party themes, used as children’s party activities, or bead kits can be tucked into kids’ party bags. They can also be stocking stuffers or Christmas decorations for the tree, something special for the child.

There are several easy beaded decorations in the category of Christmas decorations.

The bead kits are designed for both boys and girls, teenagers and also for 3-4 year olds. Lots of exciting projects for those busy fingers and inquisitive minds!

So next time you’re looking for a small, quality, and interesting craft idea for kids, remember not to put all the “beads” in one “poison” basket.

Bead kits for children are safe. They give hours of fun. Your children will not only be busy, but also safe and happy.

Look out for a children’s beading kit made here in Australia. Your kids and teens will love you for it!


Classic Provence dishes: chicken with aromas of Provence

Chicken with aromas of Provence
(Chicken with Lemon, Basil and Garlic)

Ingredients (for 4 servings):

2 small (and preferably free-range) chickens fed corn;

2 tablespoons of olive oil;

2 lemons;

2 large garlic cloves;

1 teaspoon of dried Herbes de Provence;

1 bunch of fresh basil;

salt and freshly ground black pepper.


Peel and crush the garlic. Squeeze the juice from the lemons.

Cut each chicken into 8 serving pieces: 2 legs, each separated into thigh and thigh; and 2 breasts, each cut in half.

Put all the pieces in a large bowl or a glass/crockery casserole and add the olive oil, dried herbs, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix the chicken pieces well in the marinade and leave for at least an hour (but longer is better).

Preheat oven to 190C/ 375F/ Gas Mark 5.

Heat a solid, ribbed cast-iron grill. There is probably no need to add more oil. Place the chicken pieces in the pan, skin side down, and cook for 3-4 minutes. Flip them over and cook for another 3-4 minutes. The skin should be golden brown, perhaps even a little burned here and there.

You will probably have to cook the chicken pieces in 2 or 3 batches.

When the pieces complete this preliminary cook time, transfer them to a roasting pan in the preheated oven. Allow them to finish cooking until the juices from the thighs run clear. This should take about another 15-20 minutes or so.

When all the pieces are cooked, serve them in a large serving platter. Sprinkle a little coarse sea salt and some finely chopped basil leaves on top.


Harmful Effects of the Sexualization of Children

The children are growing up too fast. They are growing up in a toxic atmosphere of consumerism, media overexposure, and aggressive marketing. The cyber revolution offers free communication and uninhibited visuals that sexualize and objectify children at an early age. Body image and appearance become the main focus. Long before they understand what it is to be a sexual being, sexual behavior is internalized.

Researchers in Great Britain state that boys and girls reach puberty before the age of 8. Their findings showed that 1 in 6 girls menstruates before the age of 8. Fifty years ago, I out of 100 girls started menstruating at that age. Children also reach adolescence at the age of 12 or 13.

Precocious puberty has its dangers. The surge of hormones at puberty can cause boys to have sex at an early age. Teenage pregnancies are on the rise. The irony of this is that while they are physically capable, they are emotionally immature and ill-equipped to handle the consequences of their behavior. 40% of young people between the ages of 13 and 15 are no longer virgins.

Children’s websites such as encourage children around the world to enjoy Bimboland. Here the images of curvy girls with doe eyes are projected as if they are in fashion. You can create your own bimbo and become a fashion star. have an absorbing game where 230 photos of topless girls can be combined with any of 10,000 breasts in a game called “Rate My Breasts”.

At the beginning of January this year, two new plastic surgery applications were launched on the market. They are called “Plastic Surgery”, “Plastic Doctor and Plastic Hospital Office for Barbie versions”. The instruction reads: “This unfortunate girl has so much extra weight that no diet can help her. In our clinic she can undergo a surgery called liposuction that will make her slim and beautiful. We will have to make small cuts in the problem areas and suck out the extra fat. Will you operate on his doctor?” Although the general public is outraged on Twitter, the number of visitors to the site registers its popularity.

“Childhood pinkification” or color coding of children’s merchandise is another way of portraying girls as purely decorative, pleasing to the eye, and pleasing.

The hypersexualized images that children are exposed to and the easy availability of pornography are turning children into precocious mini-adults. The loss of innocence comes too soon. They grow up with a distorted image of the human body and sexuality. Linda Papadopaulos, a psychologist, calls it the “pornification of society” due to the incorporation of the sex industry.

A permissive family environment is another reason why children are sexualized prematurely. Parents need to be good role models and not shy away from their responsibilities. A mother who drags her 5- or 6-year-old daughter to a beauty salon for facials, lipstick, eyebrow plucking, and hairstyling is encouraging the child to believe that appearances are all that matter. Mothers even compete with each other to have the best dressed and elegantly groomed daughters. There was a time when children wanted to be doctors, nurses or teachers. Today, their goal is to be fashion models or movie stars.

Lack of supervision is a growing problem when both parents work. No one controls what they see online or on TV or who their friends are. Parents have no control over who they meet on Facebook or other social networks, and what type of interaction occurs. Exposure to pornography is rampant.

Parents with busy schedules buy themselves into the guilt of excess. Too much pocket money or even the use of credit cards is a way of pampering them. While girls go for trendy clothes and accessories, boys buy expensive computer games, videos or gadgets. Children absorb consumer trends. The impact of brands is so great that they want to dress up as their favorite characters and only use the brands they promote. Girls want to strut and twirl like Miley Cyrus or Beyonce and guys want to imitate Sharook Khan or Brad Pitt. Their “nuisance power,” the ability to influence parents to buy what they like, increases.

Harmful effects of sexualization:

1. Promiscuity. This can lead to casual flirtations, posting sexy photos online, experimenting with sex even though they have little sexual knowledge.

2. Drugs and alcohol become part of your lifestyle, leading to irresponsible behavior and health risks.

3. Unwanted pregnancies.

4. Dropping out of school

5. Social problems.

6. Anorexia due to her desire to lose weight.

7. Juvenile crimes, including rape by children between the ages of 7 and 12.

8. Victims of pedophiles.

9. Attracted to act in porn videos.

10. Anxiety and depression. Many times suicide.

How to protect your children:

• Provide a stable family environment. Children who grow up in such a home develop self-esteem and social confidence. Basic rules and guidelines regarding behavior should be established, ie, when can a girl wear adult clothing and makeup? At what age is dating allowed? There should be open communication between parents and children. Talking with them will encourage them to discuss their problems. Parents also have a responsibility to monitor children’s use of computers, tablets, and phones, and crack down on suspicious activity.

• Sex education by teachers and parents. Children are curious. Teachers must be trained to communicate on the sensitive subject of sex. They must have the appropriate resources to teach about body image and wellness. Sex education should start at 7 or 8 years old. Children should be taught to focus on healthy bodies instead of beautiful bodies. The need for a healthy diet, hygiene habits, regular exercise and outdoor activities should be emphasized. Parents shouldn’t be ashamed to talk to their children about their bodies. They must pay attention to the questions asked and give honest answers. When a child reports a disturbing event, she should be investigated. He must be sure that you will stand by him against the abuser. Children should also be educated about the dangers of viewing pornography, sexting, divulging too much personal information online, or uploading too many photos.

• It is important to teach children to recognize sexual abuse. They must know how to distinguish between ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ and be bold enough to reject the latter. Both parents and teachers need to explain what misbehavior is and how to avoid it.

• The media must self-regulate.

• Mini-Miss pageants should be banned. In September 2013, France voted to ban pageants for girls under the age of 16, in a bid to stop the hypersexualization of children. “Let’s not allow our girls to believe that their only value is appearance,” said Chantal Jouanno, a former sports minister in Nicolas Sarkozy’s government. “Let’s not allow commercial interests to overcome social interests.” Those who broke the rule were punished with two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros.

• Severe penalties for pedophiles and child traffickers.

• Politicians and industrialists must also share the responsibility to make the world a safe place for our children.

All children need help and encouragement to learn to take responsibility for themselves. Self-respect, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, and resourcefulness are what will give them the confidence to grow as stable individuals in a world that boasts harmful lifestyles.


How to start a diaper cake business and make money doing it

The best thing about starting a diaper cake business is the fact that you will always have customers and low cost word of mouth is your best advertising medium.

There are, on average, 10,657 babies born each day in the United States. That’s almost four million births a year, and if anything, those numbers will continue to rise each year.

Diapers and formula are the two largest material expenses in raising a child during the first three years of that child’s life. A mother will spend over 3,500 diapers a year at a cost of nearly $2,000 by the time the little one knows about her to go potty. Diapers are a welcome gift for most mothers.

As long as there are babies, there will be a need for diapers. Our diaper cake business model certainly has demand that is expected to continue to increase and that is an important thing to consider when starting any business.

There is no precise estimate of the money Americans spend on baby showers, but it is A LOT! This is a monumental moment in a woman’s life and she wants this to be a memory that lasts a lifetime. So now we add emotion to our business model, which is another positive.

There is a startup cost to this business in the form of materials, but you can work from home, use low-cost word-of-mouth advertising methods, buy in bulk, and take advantage of the many tax deductions available to a home-based business. .

Word of mouth advertising is basically all I use to sell my diaper cakes. I donated ten cakes to friends I knew who were hosting a baby shower themselves or would be attending one in the near future. You can’t believe the response these unique gifts get and everyone wants to know where to get one or how they can make one.

A simple website with pictures of your cakes and how they can be purchased is really all the advertising you may need to earn a lot of extra income. Combine this with other unique baby gifts and necessities and you could make a very good living where the sky really is the limit!