Watch Free Fortnite Porn Videos

Free Fortnite Porn Videos

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Watch Free Fortnite Porn Videos

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Fortnite has a substantial presence on porn websites like Pornhub, and this is despite the fact that animated porn is not embedded within the game. Instead, players on the site share the porn content widely. The content is not exclusive to Fortnite, either, as pornographers have used characters and shapes from other games, including Minecraft. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the content of Fortnite porn content may not be entirely harmless.

While the majority of Fortnite porn isn’t embedded in the game itself, the game is often shared by players on sites like Pornhub. While this isn’t a direct violation of the game’s code of conduct, it is a concern. Fortnite porn is not uncommon, and the site’s recent list of the top searches related to the game highlights that it is widely shared by players.


The Greatest Country Songs of All Time: Four Evergreen Country Songs

Country music, with its harmonious ensemble of banjos, harmonicas, electric guitars, fiddles, and acoustic guitars, has won many fans around the world. Although it started in the 1920s, the music gained popularity during the 1940s. With many styles and subgenres of country music today, there are still many old country songs that remain close to the hearts of their lovers. Here are the four best perennial country songs of all time.

1. George Jones – “He stopped loving her today”

The song was written by Bobby Braddock and Curly Putman for American country singer George Jones. The song was released in April 1980 and was included on Jones’ album “I am What I Am”. For six years, the song remained Jones’ number one single. The song talks about a man who never stopped loving a woman. The day the man stopped loving her was the day he died. Surprisingly, the woman from his life appeared at his funeral.

2. Patsy Cline – “Crazy”

Although originally written by Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline’s version received the most positive reviews and became the number two hit in 1962. The song then went on to Patsy Cline, who charted the song on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles for 21 weeks.

3. Hank Williams, Sr. – “Your Deceitful Heart”

The song was written and recorded by Hank Williams, Sr. in 1952, but was not released until his death in 1953. The slow blues ballad, which tells the true story of a lover who was guilty of cheating on the singer, was inspired by Williams’ first wife, Audrey Williams. The song has been recorded by many notable singers from various genres such as Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Patsy Cline, Van Morrison, Fats Domino, and LeAnn Rimes.

4. Marty Robbins – “El Paso”

“El Paso” was first released in September 1959 on the Robbins album “Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs”. The single not only became a hit on the country music charts; The pop music charts also received the song very well. In early 1960, both music charts placed the song at its number one position. In 1961, “El Paso” received a Grammy Award for Best Country & Western Recording. The four-minute, thirty-eight-second song tells the story of a cowboy from El Paso, Texas who falls in love with Feleena, a beautiful girl who used to dance at Rosa’s Cantina.


10 Kingdom Principles for a Successful Marriage

1. Spend quality time together

In a busy world, the days of most of our lives can easily go by without taking the time to communicate with our spouses. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s intentional, but it can become an unannounced repeat that requires a lot of attention. It is important for married couples to spend a lot of time every day to spend quality time together.

2. Listen and communicate with empathy

Listening to each other can be a unique asset to your marriage. The rushes of our lives often prevent marriages from listening to each other with concern and empathy. This also results in failed communication. When we listen lovingly, most of the time we will respond with sympathy. Our communication will also be tailored to the needs of our spouse and not to our own individual needs. Each party in the marriage must put aside her own selfish needs in order to respond to the other’s needs sympathetically.

3. Be thankful and appreciative of each other

Taking the time to say a simple “thank you” for things big and small is often taken for granted. Married couples often become complacent thinking that each other must get the job done without any affection or appreciation. Something as simple as taking out the trash can be rewarding. Picking up dinner from a restaurant to take home can be a delicious reason to be thankful. When we express appreciation to each other, there is a warm feeling inside because we know we care about each other.

4. Let Compassion and Understanding Rule

It is always good to have the person you see as the most intimate to be compassionate and understanding with the most confidential and essential need of others. When things are painful, it will always be appreciated to have a thoughtful and understanding shoulder to lean on. You will become the tide of the soul and the loving friend of the other. Going beyond the call of duty can increase the chances of pleasing each other.

5. Be responsive to the requests and needs of others

Pay close attention to the needs of others. It will show that each other is important in your marriage. Answer the phone when you can. If you cannot answer a call, please answer at the next most convenient time. Avoid having delays to request in your relationship. If there is a task to be done and circumstances will delay it, give feedback to others.

6. Commitment

Be foldable and flexible with each other. Both parties may need to change their ideas or opinions. What may seem right may turn out to be wrong in the future. Take the time to sit down and plan together with an open mind. Remember that in all things you are to love one another.

7. Express your concerns respectfully

Arguments can arise in any relationship. The point is that in marriage each party must practice principles such as not allowing anger to turn into sin. At some point it is better to step away for a moment to think things through carefully before responding. Before you leave, respectfully inform the other party that you would like to discuss it at another time. Try to stay away from yelling and criticism. Avoid lying, threatening and obstructing others. Stay focused on the important things in your marriage by remembering the positive aspects.

8. Take time to share memorable moments

Planned events and spending time together can enhance your memorable moments and make your wedding time special. These landmarks from your lives together can keep your marriage exciting and renewed. Doing these moments together on a regular basis can also add spice to your togetherness on a regular basis.

9. Share projects that are meaningful

Participate in meaningful community events together. For example, if you are both passionate about the environment, join a group that does activities that interest you together.

10. Repent with each other and with God

Above all it is important to be repentant with each other and before God. Saying sorry and saying it’s good for the soul. Always remember that to sustain a successful marriage, both parties must be active, involved, and want a long-term relationship as friends and family.


My funniest online dating horror stories

Yes Yes. It’s absolutely true that ultimately online dating worked pretty well for me. But after thinking about it for a bit, I wanted to clear something up for you. It’s not like every date is a wonderful stream of perfection.

Sure, I’ve met a lot of great women and had a great time over a number of years… culminating in meeting Emily on But along the way, especially early on, I certainly found my share of situations sometimes hilarious and sometimes downright nightmarish.

Here are the four most memorable:

1) Not what the doctor ordered

Very soon after my divorce in 1992, I received a “spam” message in my inbox that I actually responded to. Believe it or not, I had never even heard of online dating before. This ad claimed that I could meet the woman of my dreams on her site, so I was intrigued.

The next thing I knew I had spent everything they charged and I started looking at the photos of the women they had listed.

To be honest, this wasn’t exactly the most visited site on the net. Who knew there was a out there? So inevitably, I found exactly one woman I found interesting, a brown-eyed blonde with a friendly smile.

I sent him an email, probably with something silly like, “You seem nice. Maybe we can get along. Would you like to talk?” Remember, this was day one for me in the world of online dating.

Call it “beginner’s luck,” but she shot back. Crazy huh?

Well, one thing led to another, and there we were sitting at each other’s table during dinner. The fact that you shouldn’t have been paying for dinners here has long since been duly noted and besides the point, so forget about it for now and read on.

Halfway through dinner, he begins to talk about his medical problems.

Never talk about your medical problems on a first date. I don’t care if you’ve known the person for ten years, let alone ten minutes.

Between bites of whatever she ate, she would brag about how she had chronic kidney stone problems and how strong she was to be able to pass them without even flinching these days.

Unfortunately, she mistook my casual attempt to entertain the discussion for disbelief.

“Don’t you think I have kidney stones? Here… look…”

Having started to rummage through her bag, she soon pulled out a small vial of medicine.

I thought to myself, “This girl has to be kidding. I believe her now. She doesn’t have to prove her case by showing me her recipe.”

I should have been so lucky.

By pressing and twisting the child-resistant cap, the bottle was opened and the contents soon poured into his hand.

“See, look at this… it has to be at least the size of a pea, right?”

With a freshly severed thumb and forefinger, he pulled out the largest unit of an impressive collection of similar objects he held.

Yes. It was the largest kidney stone I had ever passed.

This woman collected her kidney stones. And she took them with her everywhere, it seemed.

I don’t remember what I said or did, really. But I do remember that there was a second date, believe it or not.

2) It’s not a strip MallDear

Not long after the “kidney stone girl” I met another woman from the same site. She was a Hispanic cutie with flawless skin and booty that would have made Sir Mix-A-Lot slam on the brakes. She said “honey” many times.

He still hadn’t learned the part about not taking women out to expensive dinners on first dates, so he was at one of the nicer sushi places in San Antonio.

she was great. She was smart and loved to laugh. Other than that, she was a huge flirt. Clearly she was digging me.

We had ordered two glasses of red wine and the conversation turned to what she did for a living.

“So you said you were ‘self-employed.’ What do you do exactly?” I asked.

As she answered, I took a sip of the Merlot. And it was right then that I discovered that all those antics you see in old school sketch comedy have their roots in objective reality.

It took everything I had in reserve to keep from spilling grape juice everywhere.

“I run a chain of strip clubs, honey,” she’d announced matter-of-factly.

Sitting across from me was a decidedly elegant woman, whom I’d picked up at a decent house in a nice neighborhood.

“You mean, like a strip mall…right…with the nail salons, a tanning spot, and a Chinese restaurant.”

“No dummy! LOL! I mean…you know…get naked.” clubs. the guy with girls.”

Now, if you already know my style, you will have already realized that the date was already over.

However, it was like a train wreck. She couldn’t look away.

And I asked him the inevitable question.

“Yeah, well…my ex ran the day-to-day operations and I pretty much ran the books. But he let the ‘interview process’ go on too often, and I couldn’t trust him anymore. I got the business in the divorce settlement.”

It was then that I told him the truth.

“I’ve never been to one of those places in my life, and I don’t see any reason to start now.”

Uh oh.

You may have read a roman candle. That girl practically attacked me as soon as we left the restaurant. I tried to handle things the best I could at the time, but let’s just say she wasn’t a happy camper.

By the time I got home, she had already emailed me the nude photos from her “Adult Friendfinder” profile (which was my first introduction to that particular reality). “This is what you missed. GOOD LUCK!!!” was the only line that accompanied the photos.

3) June Carter Cash Gold Charge

She should have known better, considering the only photo she’d attached to her profile was blurry.

And in my heart of hearts, I really knew better. Suspecting that this particular date might not go so well, I invited her to dinner (yeah, yeah… stubborn, right?) at 5:30 pm.

I walked into Chili’s or TGIFridays or whatever, and immediately got that queasy feeling all online daters get at one point or another. Specifically, the one where you see someone waiting alone at a table who vaguely resembles the person you were hoping to meet about as much as burnt toast resembles the perfectly good slice of bread you tossed in the toaster and forgot about.

My first honest thought was, “OMG… who replaced the woman with the nice smile in profile with June Carter Cash!”

I was too “Mr. Nice Guy” to turn around and leave town right away, so I gathered up my gut strength and walked over to the table.

The conversation was forced from the beginning. She began to make a feeble attempt at flirtation.

The woman was at least 55 years old. And he’s not a very attractive 55-year-old man.

She was dressed in solid black with a bunch of stainless steel shit and fringe, like she was some dust-farting legend from “The Grand Ole’ Opry” or something.

The thickness of her Texas accent was dwarfed only by the thickness of her black eyeliner.

Finally, she excused herself to go to the ladies’ room, offering me a blessed reprieve from the impending regurgitation.

That’s when the waiter came over to the table asking if I wanted another beer. “NO!” I proclaimed, promptly apologizing for the abrupt tone that neither he nor I had anticipated.

“Okay, um…what about your mom?


“Would your mom like another beer?”

Suddenly reminded that one must take oneself much less seriously in order to get the most enjoyment out of life, I burst out laughing.

I was still recovering when Mrs. Cash came back to the table.

Having ordered a small salad (after all, who could eat it?), my attention was drawn to saying as little as possible in the hope that I would finish eating.

I had already asked for the bill and ended up apologizing to go find the waiter and pay for it, now.

Finally leaving, I shared manners with her at the table and wished her well. There was no way I was going to risk the awkwardness of walking her to her car. My inherent sense of chivalry was, in fact, overwhelmed with utter, unapologetic disgust.

Arriving home at the late hour of 6:30, I was once again greeted by a “date published” email. In her vitriolic message to me, Mrs. Cash had “accused” me of a series of offenses that clearly aroused the deepest feelings of grief and anger in her. Among the most particularly amusing was the pronouncement that I was “obviously gay” because I didn’t find her attractive.

If she was the last woman on earth, she might have been right about that.

By the way, I finally learned my lesson and quit that particular dating site… forever.

4) Cook for your drunk

She was a very cute kindergarten teacher of Lebanese ethnicity. She was also a total sweetheart. Realizing that photos of her always got 9.5 seconds on, I rolled the dice on her and let her come over to my house so I could cook for her.

There were no disappointments. She was exactly my type. And she was already being delicate/emotional/smiling enough to know that this was going to turn out very well.

I mixed him an “apple-tini.”

“Oh, this is GOOD!” she said. Noticing that her glass was empty, I refreshed it for her.

The glass was empty again the next time I looked at her. At that point, making eye contact with her, she jumped at me, threw her arms around her neck, and began to bite me with a giggle.

This girl was maybe 110 pounds with a full tank of gas. her (in other words, she was probably 110 pounds at the time). So I decided that maybe two drinks would be enough.

However, when I wasn’t paying attention, she had found some raspberry stuff in my stash and started mixing vodka with it.

Ten minutes later, dinner was finished… and it was spectacular, if I may say so.

But she was nowhere to be found.

It was then that I remembered that he had excused himself to go to the bathroom.

I went to check on her and she had thrown up (thankfully with tremendously accurate aim) in the toilet, and was currently passed out on the floor. Whatever.

Managing to wake her up, her groggy self agreed to let me take her to the bedroom and let her sleep… which she did.

I had dinner alone, watching SportsCenter. The Spurs had lost, no less.

He woke up 8 hours later to find me asleep on the couch and had made me breakfast when I woke up. It was a great breakfast. She clearly had the feeling that I was a man she could feel safe with. There was a second date.

Obviously, I learned a few things from my early misadventures with online dating. My evening with the Lebanese cutie actually happened about six months before I met Emily, so that just proves you have to be vigilant at all times. Actually, that was probably less of an “online dating disaster” per se and more a matter of protecting my stash of liquor from the repressed schoolteachers!


The 10 most effective home remedies for tonsillitis

Tonsils are known as part of the immunity system present in the mouth. However, there are certain conditions that can lead to damage and infection. The state of inflammation of the tonsils is known as tonsillitis. The person suffering from tonsillitis often experiences a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, pain in the ear, weakness, and enlarged lymph nodes.

Before consulting a doctor for treatment, it is recommended to try some home treatments capable of treating this undesirable disorder.

  1. salt and water – It is the most common home remedy for tonsillitis to gargle with salt added to warm water.
  2. vegetable juices – Vegetable juices such as carrot, cucumber and beetroot are in fact the most effective home remedy to treat tonsillitis. You can consume these juices separately or as a mix.
  3. Mustard – It is often suggested to rinse the throat with a solution prepared by mixing mustard powder in hot water. This helps to clean the germs that cause this problem in the throat.
  4. lemon and honey – The mixture of lemon juice with honey prepared in hot water is another great remedy to relieve sore throat and infection. You can also add a pinch of salt into the mix.
  5. Fenugreek seeds – Fenugreek seeds should be boiled with water and the resulting mixture should be used as a gargle to alleviate this problem. However, you must allow the mixture to cool down before using it.
  6. Milk – Pure boiled milk is another recommended home remedy to treat tonsil infections. It is also recommended to add turmeric powder and pepper powder to the milk before consuming it.
  7. Banafsha Flowers – You can boil 12g of banafsha flowers with milk and filter it after boiling. Filtered milk should be drunk warm to relieve tonsil infections in the throat. Also, you can use the flower extracts filtered in the above process and gently massage it around your throat before going to bed.
  8. Turmeric – Due to the antiviral and antibacterial properties that turmeric presents, it is recommended to prepare a paste of turmeric roots in hot water and apply it externally around the throat.
  9. Dried figs – Dried and boiled figs are quite effective in reducing the pain and roughness caused by tonsillitis. You must crush these figs and consume them with a tablespoon of honey.
  10. onion and ginger – Onion juice and ginger juice are considered to be the best home remedies for various problems and tonsillitis is one of them. You can use these juices as a gargle to reduce a sore throat.

dietary recommendations

You need to follow a perfect diet plan to relieve tonsillitis. You must consume fresh fruits and vegetables to benefit your throat against this problem. Also, products such as yogurt, tea prepared from Echinacea, Goldenseal, nuts and cereals.

You should avoid alcohol, tobacco, spices, seasonings, fried foods and carbonated drinks in case of tonsillitis.


Proven Ways for Teens to Earn Money

I know you’re tired of being broke, right? The reason I know is that I was once a teenager (Hard to believe I know!) penniless (and I mean no money!) and now I have two teenage sons who, up until recently, were constantly telling me how sick and tired they were of not having money.

They looked at me, a successful business person, who had made a lot of money over the years and spent almost 20 years training other people on ways to make money, so why couldn’t I show them ways for teenagers to make money?

So, I put my mind to the task, and to this day I’m happy to say that my then-teenagers (who are now touching their early twenties) He made money, and I mean a good amount of money!

How did I go from being “broken” to having almost all the money they needed to go to school and college, enjoying life comfortably? In fact, it was quite simple. This is how I trained them…

  • Step 1. Define your real needs: I had them identify in themselves the difference between ‘want’ and ‘real need’. You see everyone ‘wants’ things: a better car, more party money, shiny new gadgets, money to spend on vacations… there are many things we all ‘want’, but identifying the things you really NEED is the first key. Really focus on deciding if what you want more money for is a real necessity; if it is, great. Then continue with Step 2…
  • Step 2. – Set a Figure for Your Goal: Define exactly what it is you need in a monetary sense, and I mean exactly. If you ‘need’ new clothes, check out clothing stores, identify what you want to buy, and know exactly how much it will cost. The key with this step is to give a true figure of what you are looking for. Let’s say you’ve seen and identified exactly the clothes you’re looking for, and they cost $122; that’s your goal…to achieve an additional $122. In Step 3…
  • Step 3 – Take responsibility: This Step is crucial; you have identified exactly that you really ‘need something (step 1); you have defined exactly how much you need as a figure to get what you need (Step 2); now you need to tell someone you’re going to get it, and I mean really ‘get it’. The reason you need to tell someone is to hold yourself accountable to someone while you work to get what you need. It’s easy to give ourselves personal excuses for why we didn’t achieve what we set out to achieve. It’s much, much harder to make those excuses verbally to others, especially when they remind you of what you said you would do every day. You need someone to hold you accountable for the commitment to get what you’ve defined in Steps 1 and 2 as needed.
  • stage 4 – Have a plan to earn the money you need: This is the easiest step because there are literally a lot of things you can do for teens to earn money. Below is a really great guide that I recommended to my teens to give them ideas for ways they could make money.
  • step 5 – To take action!: Probably the hardest step! You know exactly what you need; you have calculated the precise amount of money you need to have to meet that ‘need’; you have shared your commitment with someone that you are truly committed to getting exactly what you want; you found a way (like) to get the money; and now, finally, you have to ‘take action’ to get it… and this is where most teenagers (in fact, most people, period) they fail themselves: they simply don’t take the steps they need to take to get what they really set out to do.

never forget Action is the merchandise of kings– Follow these steps and take action and you really will have all the money you need as a teenager.


love an aquarius man

Are you dating a guy who was born under the sign of Aquarius? Are you wondering what a relationship with this water sign has in store for you? Well hold on to his seat ladies because this is a mess. Aquarians are very emotional and relationships with them can be like a virtual roller coaster, both in good times and in bad.

Aquarius men are extremely sensitive and will take anything you say seriously. Sometimes you have to be careful with words. While a bit of light teasing may seem harmless at first, if you accidentally hit a nerve, he could go completely nuts on you and not want to talk to you for days. It might even end your relationship! This isn’t to say that you have to tread carefully around him (and you shouldn’t for ANY man, ever), but it’s a good idea to think before you talk to this guy so you don’t hurt his feelings.

Although Aquarius men are extremely sensitive, they are not always good at showing or admitting it. They tend to bottle up their feelings until they explode, especially the negative ones. They usually try to be happy people and live each day to the fullest, but they can take on a great deal of stress and disappointment before it all comes to the surface. It may even seem like it comes out of nowhere, like you’ve tripped over a wire to blow it up, but the truth is, he’s been holding on to every little thing that bothered him since the last explosion and he’s letting it all go over this one little misstep.

While it sounds like dating an Aquarius man can be dangerous and unpleasant, this is just one of the things you need to keep in mind. Aquarians are actually very friendly and fun-loving types to have relationships with. If you like adventure, meeting new people and trying new activities, you will do well with an Aquarius. They like to be busy and entertained, so if you want to impress him, show an interest in everything you do together.

Aquarius men are also very, very loyal. If he manages to hold his interest for the first few months of your relationship, chances are he’ll stick around to see him until things go horribly wrong. You have found a solid match in a male Aquarius.


The Wedding Planner’s Daughter – Book Review

Finally, 12-year-old Willafred Havisham, or Willa as she likes to be called, believes with all her heart and soul that she and her mother, Stella, are finally in the right place at the right time. Willa’s dreams of her first best friend and the strong connection between her mother and her English teacher, Sam, ensure this. Could it be that her thirteenth birthday wish comes true this time? But for as long as she can remember, Willa has dreaded the day when steel armor surrounds her mother. It could only mean one thing, another movement.


In her efforts to secretly assist her mother Stella’s weddings, Willa always includes a secret thirteenth ingredient until the day it all comes to an end no one suspected.


“Mother, your weddings were perfect, but you were sewing sadness on them, like a spell. I know you didn’t realize it, or you did it on purpose, but the day after the wedding your girlfriends started crying and….”


Willa’s hopes and dreams will cast a spell on the reader. Add co-conspirators, you’ll cheer Willa on with every action she takes for the one thing she’s ever wanted. However, sometimes what you want is not really what you are looking for.


No wonder “The Wedding Planner’s Daughter” has sold half a million copies and is now a series. Visit Coleen Murtagh Paratore at: to learn more about her exciting career as a writer.

Qualification: The Wedding Planner’s Daughter

Written by: Coleen Murtagh Paratore

Soft cover: 200 pages

Centuries: 8-13

Editor: simon and schuster

ISBN-13: 978-0-689-87340-9

Publication: February 2005


Versatile Review

What is Versativa?

Versativa is a brand. They are renaming what is often misunderstood as marijuana. Versatile cannabis sativa…get it?

Versativa is a hemp MLM.


So what’s the deal with this hemp company? Versativa is a new division of ForeverGreen, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Orem, Utah. It is a new line of hemp-based products. Versativa was pre-released in January 2011, with an official release planned for later in the year. ForeverGreen has four other brands with a number of health and wellness related products.


Ron Williams, the founder and CEO of ForeverGreen, was recently named president of the International Network Marketing Association. He previously founded Whole Living Inc., known as Brain Garden in 1998, and served as an executive at Neways and Young Living Essential Oils. Corporate executives come from previous MLM backgrounds, including Noni and Xango.

Movement and Market

What is unique about Versativa is the great hemp movement they work with. Google “hemp” and you’ll quickly discover that this super plant that can produce 30,000 different products has been banned since 1937. Hemp activists know the history and benefits of hemp very well, and are very passionate about the movement to legalize it. grow it in the field.

Hemp is a sustainable resource and an ecological solution to many of our problems. Vegetarians and health conscious people love the nutritional value of hemp seeds, and others are fascinated with the history and truth about hemp. There are not many options for hemp products or foods.


So what are these hemp products? Versativa currently has two unique products called Pulse and Hemphoria. Pulse is a completely organic and raw meal replacement based on hemp seeds. Hemphoria, the “peace and happiness blend”, is a hemp seed concentrate with all natural raw extracts. They will be launching a hemp body care line soon, and 40 other products are in development as well.

You might be interested to know that 80% of ForeverGreen’s products are purchased by customers, as opposed to distributors.

Payment plan

ForeverGreen has a unilevel compensation plan based on dynamic generation compression. Generations are not levels, and this structure allows you to go deeper than levels. You can start earning commissions from your first sale, and there’s no balance or requirements on either leg. The plan has a 60-day holding tank, which means you can keep your new members in a holding tank for up to 60 days before placing them on your team.

Leadership and support

Versativa is run by a number of seven figure earners in the industry. They offer a training program that you can connect to immediately. If you’re new to network marketing, or have limited time to work on your business, you may be interested in the lead co-op program where you can buy a share of exclusive leads who specifically inquired about Versativa.

What does this all mean?

Let’s see if I have this right. We have a 7 year old company with a new pre-launch opportunity, ground floor, on a product that is a hot topic and green breakthrough, with a unique selling proposition in a high market demand.

It sounds too good to be true, you could say. Are there any disadvantages? We’ll see. MLMs at this early stage tend to have a few problems to work out, and some people may prefer to wait until they have more product options.

Could Versativa be Amway’s version of hemp?

To learn more about Versativa, please continue reading below.


Fighting for His Family: The Billy Miske Story

Billy Miske, a middleweight from St. Paul, Minnesota, has come to town. He has issued a challenge to any of the boys of his weight.” (Milwaukee Free-Press, September 14, 1913)

One of the greatest and bravest men in history was only six feet tall and weighed around 160 pounds. He pale white, bony knees, and fists that flew faster than his nickname implied: St. Paul Thunderbolt.

Billy Miske was a boxer, a man greased with grit and determination. Born in 1894, his glory years were destined to fall into decades plagued by tightwads and hungry mouths. He got married, had kids, and was broke. Dead broke.

But Miske used his God-given abilities to make ends meet: he screamed with his fists and pummeled opponent after opponent in the ring. His style was orthodox; not sexy, not flashy, but quick and decisive. Every jab, every hook, every uppercut was thrown with a purpose, whether they landed or not. In preparation for each fight, Miske literally punched himself in the jaw 10 times a day.

Miske fought head-to-head with some of the best boxers of the day: Jack Dempsey, Harry Greb, and Battling Lavinsky, among others. In his illustrious career, Miske racked up around 45 wins, 34 of which were by knockout. The 1900s are known as the “No Contest” era, meaning that in some states a bout not decided by knockout was considered a no contest and therefore did not fit into the boxer’s overall record. Miske could easily have close to 100 wins in his career if it weren’t for the length of time he fought.

But the knockouts didn’t matter to Miske. His family did. He’d do whatever it took to keep them going, and if he’d grind 15 rounds of dizzying punches he’d pull it off, he was all for it. But his time in the ring appeared in 1919.

At the ripe age of 24, Miske told his trainer Jack Reddy that he felt more tired than usual. Naturally, he chalked it up to boxing. However, after a few visits to the doctor, Miske learned the dire news: he was battling Bright’s disease, a serious kidney disease for which he had no cure. Doctors gave Miske about 5 years before he died. But even worse than that, Miske was told he couldn’t fight anymore.

Telling a man like Miske that he can’t fight anymore is like telling a tiger to let the herd of antelope pass without pounced on one. Miske focused on his mission in his later years to do one thing: provide financial stability for his family. What if that meant boxing through tremendous pain and fatigue? So be it.

Miske chose not to tell any of her family members about her condition. There was no need for Marie and her children to worry, and the last thing he wanted was for someone to tell him that she shouldn’t fight. Miske tried other ways to earn money. He used his life savings to start a car dealership. Unfortunately for Billy, as good as he was at boxing, he was just as bad at running a business. He had to fight alone to cover the dealer’s losses.

Miske’s options were limited. What made him earn money, the only thing in this world he was really good at, the doctors told him would be detrimental to his health and shorten his life, even limited. But Miske believed that if he could fight enough matches, even if he didn’t win, he could get money to keep putting food on the table. Billy Miske kept fighting as if nothing had happened. He continued regular training routines with trainer Jack Reddy. He fought (and won) numerous matches in the years following his fatal diagnosis.

In today’s era where it’s rare that we see a boxer fight more than one or two bouts, Miske was in dozens of fights. In 1922 alone he entered the ring 15 times. If his kidneys were failing, the outside world certainly didn’t know. But as the interior began to close in, so did Billy. Parties were few and far between. Miske felt too bad to fight. He ate nothing but boiled fish, and he could barely move from the pain, much less dance throwing punches in a boxing ring.

In 1923, Miske could feel the end. The light at the end of the tunnel of his life was getting closer. He knew, however, that he could not leave this land until he was sure that his family was safe. As the chill of autumn fully descended on the Midwest, Billy called his trainer, his good friend Jack Reddy, and told her that death was hitting harder than ever. He needed to fight.

Reddy immediately shot down the idea. There was no way he was going to allow Billy, a 29-year-old man but with a broken body and frail as an old man, to walk into a ring and get beaten up. Reddy was preparing to give Miske money to help with the bills and vacation expenses Billy would be facing in the coming months. Here’s what Billy Miske told him: “I’ve never had a handout and I’m not going to start now. Jack, I’m completely broke and I just want to give Marie and the kids a decent Christmas before I go. You’ve got to get me a payday.” , for the old times”.

Reddy reluctantly agreed, knowing nothing would change the St. Paul Thunderbolt’s mind. He lined up a fight with “KO” Bill Brennan, a man equal to Miske even at the top of his career. Miske had no chance. He wasn’t even in good health to train for the fight. How could he even get in the ring with Brennan?

That was what happened with Miske. You couldn’t judge him just by his appearance. He might have looked more like a minimum-wage factory soldier than a world-class professional boxer, but Miske had the heart of a lion. That lionheart knocked out “KO” Bill Brennan in the fourth round, earning him a generous $2,400.

Christmas 1923 would be special in the Miske house. Billy knew he was probably the latter, but he had long since made his peace with that. Watching his children open presents at Christmas that he couldn’t have received earlier was worth it. And watching his sweet wife Marie tickle the baby grand piano he bought her brought more than sweet music to her heart.

On December 26, the day after Christmas, Miske called his good friend Jack Reddy and told him that he was dying. Jack came and picked him up to go to the hospital where he would finally reveal his fatal condition to Marie. 5 days later, at age 29, Billy Miske’s kidneys did what Miske never did: they stopped fighting. Miske died on January 1, 1924.

Miske’s story traveled fast through the community, state and world of boxing. Tommy Gibbons, a giant in the boxing world at the time and a man who had beaten Miske multiple times, had this to say about Billy:

“Billy Miske was one of the bravest guys to ever put on his gloves. He was always a gentleman in the ring; he always fought within the rules and never took advantage of a defenseless opponent or resorted to rough tactics.”

In fact, Billy Miske is a hero. A man who fought passionately and loved passionately. Billy Miske left a legacy that all men can live in. The moments of family happiness far outweigh the deadly worries we can have about ourselves. Billy Miske lived a selfless life, one in which he proved, no matter the odds, that family is always worth fighting for.