From WIIFM to WIIFU: Effective Communication for Your End Users and Stakeholders

From large public companies to small private companies, thousands or even millions of dollars are spent annually on marketing. However, marketing is by far the most difficult business activity to measure return on investment (ROI). In today’s multimedia world, businesses have a plethora of marketing tools to take advantage of, but many of us may feel like we can’t even keep up with the latest news, let alone integrate the newest technology into marketing efforts and marketing. current marketing strategy.

Marketing, by definition, means creating a favorable condition for sales. Your ultimate goal is to convert prospects into end users, consumers, or customers. Also, customer loyalty activities are necessary to retain your customers. For years, marketers have used the “what’s in it for me” approach as the primary way to communicate their message through print and digital media (such as online advertising, social media, video, etc.). But does that approach consistently create a pull effect (ie, draw your customer to you)? Are you considering whether or not your marketing includes a positive social impact message?

So what does social impact mean? According to Rachel Bellow and Suzanne Muchin, partners at ROI Ventures, it stands for “social intent; an intended effect on society that has progressive consequences for social justice, access, equity, opportunity, environmental issues, but not political.” Environmental issues refer to those efforts focused primarily on the marketing environment of the human experience, human behavior, and its sustainability. For example, Groupon and Google are putting power in the hands of their end users, thereby creating social impact. So it’s a good idea, as a first step in marketing planning, to think about the positives. Social impact of your products or services.

Most entrepreneurs start their businesses with the intention of earning more money and becoming financially independent. But most of them also have a great passion for doing good deeds for our society. (It seems that in today’s world, people want to matter more and they want their products or services to matter more.) When money and meaning finally meet at that crossroads, people demand more from producers and expect more from those they love. to buy. It is the ultimate benefit for both buyers/users and suppliers, whether they are publicly traded companies, non-profit organizations, government suppliers, or small businesses.

Have you considered adjusting your communications to include “what’s in it for us?” What positive social impact does it bring to the market? Bellow and Muchin at ROI Ventures, top experts helping innovative entrepreneurs, philanthropists, policymakers, universities, and nonprofits, offer social impact branding strategies for companies poised to make a positive social impact. Bellow and Muchin started ROI Ventures in 2007 and have experienced rapid growth in the field of social impact communication. Here’s an example of his work:

What can you learn from a profitable, fast-growing, but intentionally socially conscious company to create brand permanence that ultimately helps its suppliers and end users?

  • Business model alignment begins with your passion and purpose. This means taking a good idea to a great idea and helps create wealth for both owners and society.
  • Use both vertical and horizontal niches to expand the market. Bellow and Muchin apply a niche concentration on social impact communication. They apply that niche horizontally for for-profit, non-profit, and small businesses. In addition, they apply this strategy vertically in marketing messaging and brand services for integrated marketing and communication.
  • The CHANGE of the norm. The output of your products or services plays a role in how human behavior affects a movement. The change will happen if you have the correct message. As a result, there is an effective attraction of your end users who are looking for you.

Regardless of the marketing tools you use to get your message across, you need to consider the social impact of the message or content. However, “what’s in it for us?” But it goes beyond communication: your intellectual property or know-how can be packaged in a way that leads to the creation of positive social footprints, further expanding the reach of social impact. That is your return on investment in your communication and marketing.


Main benefits of online accounting services

The importance of accounting for all businesses is something that can hardly be ignored in any way. This is why companies are starting to take it seriously in recent times more than ever as they have discovered the roles that their knowledge and skill can play in enabling them to achieve their goals and objectives over a given period of time.

Here is the easiest way!

Are you considering how to do effective bookkeeping for your business? Do you know that with the help of online accounting services this could be a walk in the park? In case you are considering going through this process on your own, you may consider reading this post cover to cover. This is because it will aim to expose you to some of the top benefits of online accounting services. They will help you understand why you need to start using such companies for your business today.

can save you time

Do you want to know why your business is not moving at the moment? It is due to the fact that you are trying to do too many things at once. With the advent of online accounting services, you have the opportunity to outsource the accounting aspect of your business to a professional company that will make sure that all the monetary aspects of your business are covered the way they should be.

This makes you very effective in other activities that may need your attention. Do not forget that accounting is not only technical, but also very demanding when it comes to time. This is because for the records to be perfect, all oversights must be resolved in the best possible way.

Payment Management

This is one of the aspects in which it can be very difficult to do without hiring online accounting services. It has been discovered that they are platforms where trust is created between employers and their workers. Trying to keep track of who and when to pay is not easy by any means. Through the services provided by these professionals, you will see that such can be handled.

Also, you might make mistakes trying to handle this on your own as you are not a professional. Professional online accounting services try to ensure that there is no room for error when handling monetary matters.

pro tip

This is perhaps one aspect where online accounting services can hardly be ignored. They will ensure that you receive the best advice from others to ensure that monetary activities are handled in a professional manner. Many businesses are struggling today due to the fact that their owners don’t seem to understand how financial matters can be handled. These experts are there to ensure that you receive professional guidance whenever you call on them at any time of the day.

Having seen the above, it is obvious that there are many ways online accounting services can positively affect your business activities.


What is the best duration for an eBay auction?

On eBay, you run your auction for a specific duration. Currently the options are 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days.

But what duration is best for your auction?

In this article, I’ll give you some tips designed to help you answer the question.

You may be wondering why you would want to have less than the maximum exposure, ie 10 days. Surely holding your auction longer would give bidders more opportunities and thus result in a higher selling price? Certainly would seem to think so, as they currently charge a $0.20 fee for the privilege of running a 10-day auction.

However, if you have a very popular item or if you have many identical items to sell, you may want to have a shorter auction duration. Also, it pays to consider the end point of your auction very carefully. Also, if you’re running a fixed price auction, there’s a little trick you can employ to gain additional exposure.

So, let’s go over the elements to consider in setting your auction duration.

a) Auction start/end day

In my experience, for most categories, the weekend is by far the busiest viewing period on eBay. I estimate that about 50% of my auction views take place on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, when setting the duration of the auction, the weekend peak could be important to its success.

If you can arrange to end an auction on Sunday night, you get the benefit of those waiting until the end of the auction to bid, plus the improved viewing traffic numbers that show up over the weekend.

This means that if you post an auction on Tuesday night, a 5-day auction might be good.

Having said that the weekend is the busiest for most categories, some might benefit from a mid-week closing date. Items in this category would include those offering goods for business users.

If your item is targeted at businesses, you want people to bid on your item while they’re at work. In these cases, make sure your auction covers business days and ends during business hours. Office equipment and supplies have also been found to sell well in the morning.

Please note the time you post your auction as that is the exact time it will end several days in advance. There is potentially a big difference between an auction that closes at 10 am on Sunday night and 10 am on Sunday morning. If you can launch your auction to be your first, you could benefit significantly from those extra weekend viewers. (Note the section on time zones below.)

b) Known popularity of the article

If you know your item is very popular and your past experience shows that it will always sell at or above the price you want, even outside of normal peak periods, then a 1 or 3 day auction might be appropriate. The benefit of a 1 or 3 day sale is that you can sell more items, faster.

c) Knowledge of eBay sorting facilities after search

Whenever an eBay user uses eBay search, the default is to return the auction titles in the order of the time the auctions have left to run. Auctions that have minutes or seconds to run will appear first in the returned list. Auctions that have more than 9 days to run will be held last. And the list can span many, many pages.

Experience has shown that eBay users tend to only look at one or two pages in returned listings. This means that it is important that you place your auction on these first two pages at some point in your life; another reason why a 1 or 3 day auction may be better than a 7 or 10 day auction.

Also note that a large proportion of bidding activity takes place towards the end of an auction. this is natural. Buyers look for bargains. If they can bid at the end of the auction, they may get the item at a good price and there may not be time for others to outbid you. (Buyers can also use “sniper” software, designed to bid as late as possible on auctions they’re interested in.)

However, the search engine can easily reorder the list of returned titles. A popular option is to reorder the list in the “just listed” sequence. The top of the list will now display auctions that have been recently added to eBay. This is why there is sometimes a flicker of bidding activity at the beginning of an auction, as well as at the end.

d) Time zones

eBay’s default is to start your auction from the moment you submit it. As you know, this means that it will end at that exact moment, the number of days ahead that you select as the duration. However, if you are offering your item internationally, you should be aware of the time zone you are targeting in terms of the end point of the auction.

For example, in the US, half of all eBay members reside in the Eastern time zone. So an auction that ends at 10pm Pacific Time is fine for West Coast eBay members, but on the East Coast it’s 1am! Therefore, you are losing about 50% of potential bidders at a critical point in your auction.

eBay offers an option whereby you can schedule your auction to start at a specific time (and on another day). In fact, you can set your auction to start anytime, anywhere up to 21 days in advance. This means that you can start your auction according to the time that you think will attract the most viewers. There is a small fee to use this feature.

This is a useful capability if you want to create your listings in advance and then post them to eBay in a staged sequence.

e) Fixed Price Auctions – Single Item

I mentioned a little trick earlier. Well here it is. With a fixed price auction for a single item, you might consider managing the auction duration dynamically. You need to be monitoring your auctions closely, meaning around the clock, to pull off this technique.

When bidders search eBay, you know that the auctions with the least amount of time remaining appear at the top of the returned list. Therefore, it is advantageous to keep the time remaining on your auction as short as possible. This is one way you get four bites of that cherry for a single listing fee.

1. Start your 1 day Fixed Price Single Item Auction. Wait for someone to buy.

2. When the auction has a little over 12 hours left, enter the auction and change the auction duration to 3 days. Yes, you can, as long as there are at least 12 hours left. Wait for someone to buy.

3. When the auction has just over 12 hours left, enter the auction and change the auction duration to 5 days. Wait for someone to buy.

4. When the auction has a little over 12 hours left, access the auction and change the auction duration to 7 days. Wait for someone to buy.

5. When the auction has just over 12 hours left, access the auction and change the auction duration to 10 days. (Don’t forget this will cost you a small fee on Wait for someone to buy.

6. The auction ends naturally.

This may sound complicated, but it really isn’t once you learn how to do it. Of course, at any time during the above process, someone could buy your item and your auction will automatically close. If you have another same or similar item to sell, you can republish it.

f) Fixed Price Auctions – Multiple Items

With a fixed price auction for multiple items, I would recommend that you set the auction duration to the maximum: 10 days or 7 days if you are not prepared to absorb the additional fee on

When you have multiple items, it is not recommended to use the chart described above for single item fixed price auctions. This is because as soon as you receive a bid (in this case, it would be a fixed price sale), you cannot change the length of the auction, even if you still have many of the multiple items to sell.

If you sell all of your items within your chosen 7 or 10 days, the auction automatically closes anyway.

g) Value-Based Formula

If you’re happier using a value-based formula to set the auction duration, here’s my rule of thumb for items I haven’t tried to sell before:

Min Bid amounts			Set auction duration to   

£5 - £25 ($10 - $50) 5 days
£25 - £100 ($50 - $200) 7 days
Over £100 (Over $200) 7 - 10 days

If you are selling items that you know from experience will definitely be purchased at acceptable prices, then you can reduce the duration.

I hope you find this best auction duration selection scheme helpful.


Online office supply stores help save money and time for startups

Equipping your office with furniture, machines, stationery and other office products is one of the tasks that requires the most money, time and effort. Using search engines, you can find supplier companies in your area, place an order online, and wait for delivery. Read how online office supply stores can help you.

Order office furniture online

Office furniture is one of the basics of the office process, and before ordering it you should know what and how many elements you need for your office. You will most likely need 2 items: desk and chair, but you can also buy bookshelves, printer stands, boardroom and conference furniture, reception desk and chair, and staff workstations.

Most office furniture providers offer free delivery and installation services.

Order office supplies online

In computer stores you can buy online all the necessary hardware and software, monitors, keyboards and mice, multimedia equipment. Office machines help do business faster and more efficiently, so order phones, fax machines, printers, scanners, copiers, and shredders, too. You can also think about ordering other office accessories that are not essential but can make your work easier and faster: binders, folders, laminators, label makers.

Order office stationery online

Office stationery is the largest section of any online store, selling many small but very useful things. First of all, you need to ask for paper; however, when you walk into the paper section of an online store, you may be surprised by the number of paper types and brands featured. There’s letterhead and copier/printer paper, recycled paper, and colored paper. The most commonly used sizes are A4 and A3, but the quality you need depends on the type and brand of your printer and copier. Just read the paper product description carefully to see if it’s what you need.

Writing and graphic supplies also offer a wide range of products to choose from depending on the type of business. Don’t forget about hanging and filing files for document storage, envelopes, staples, hole punches, scissors, stamp pads and other desk accessories, which will help you better organize your work.

Order catering supplies online

After hard and productive work, sometimes you may need a break with a cup of tea or coffee, so think ahead and order a kettle with cup set and coffee machine. You can also order packages of coffee, tea, sugar and milk online for a few months in advance. If for the next few months you plan to dedicate all your time to work and the development of your business, you should also think about ordering a microwave and refrigerator to eat healthy in the office when you cannot go out to eat.

Order cleaning and janitorial supplies online

To keep your office clean and exemplary you should think about ordering wastebaskets, vacuum cleaners, sanitary dispensers and towels.

Apply for office environment online

If you want your office to stand out and reflect your individuality, you need to pay more attention to its interior design. Artificial plants that look real but take no time to maintain will bring elegance and style to your office. Contemporary or classic desk lamps will add the finishing touch to your work space. When ordering motivational office art and images, don’t forget the frames for them.

The ideal is to find a great online store where you can buy all the office products you need in one place and also get a great discount saving time and money. How to find a good and reliable online store? Look for shopping directories where online stores are ranked by popularity and trustworthiness. For the US you can search at,, and for the UK at, http ://

You can also use price comparison sites, the most popular of which are, for the US, and uk, http ://, for UK customers.

Ordering office supplies online can save you a lot of time and money and also help your business development, because with a reliable office supplier you can schedule regular office supplies and make your business process smooth and stable.


Why Your Business Should Consider Invoice Factoring Financing

Many businesses today are unsure if invoice factoring financing is right for them. The reality, though, is that if you’re running a business that issues 30+ days worth of bills to customers, you really should still keep your back pocket in mind. Why? Because it can give you immediate access to the income you earned from sales.

The first is the first. Before you can understand why you should use invoice factoring financing, you need to know what it is. By nature, most people hesitate when it comes to the unknown. So one of the main reasons people don’t consider this option is because they don’t know what it means. However, the concept of factoring is quite simple. Invoice factoring is a form of asset-based financing in which a third-party lender, called a factor, offers cash in exchange for unpaid invoices at a discounted value. Once the customer pays the invoice, the business owner receives the remaining value of the invoice, less the factor’s fees.

There are many benefits to using invoice factoring financing. First, it’s fast! This is perfect for any fast growing business. Cash flow is a big issue for growing businesses using bill pay. Expenses are rising and you really can’t afford to wait 30-90 days for payments from your customers. Even if you’re not experiencing rapid growth, there will likely come a time when capital demands increase and your cash flow shrinks. Quick access to income during these periods is a significant advantage.

Another great benefit of invoice factoring financing is the flexibility it offers. With more traditional financing methods, there isn’t much you can do to control the outcome because historical data weighs heavily in determining how much, if any, capital you receive. However, with factoring you can choose which invoices you want to factor based on the amount of cash you need and the reliability of that specific customer.

Before making a deal with a factoring company, there are some risks that you should consider. Keep in mind that invoice factoring financing is meant to be a short-term solution. For larger financing needs that require long payment terms, look at other options. You also need to know if your contract includes recourse or non-recourse factoring. In recourse factoring, the business owner is liable if a customer fails to pay their invoice. Non-recourse factoring means that the factoring company bears the risk of non-payment.

In short, invoice factoring financing is an ideal solution for businesses that need a quick, short-term solution to their cash flow problems.


10 tips for choosing a real estate agent

Whether you’re buying or selling property, choosing a real estate agent may be the most important decision you make. Good real estate agents can save you a substantial amount of time and money. They can also ensure that the buying or selling process is an enjoyable and memorable experience. Here are some tips for choosing a real estate agent:

1. Ask friends/family for referrals
Ask family and friends for advice on local agents. This way, you will be sure to find a reputable agent.

2. Consider more than one agency
There are a number of agents who will kill for your business. This is why you should interview as many agents as you can. Compare agents on their area knowledge, experience, and qualifications. Also, ask for references from previous clients.

3. Choose an agent who knows the importance of customer service
By interviewing different agents, you will be able to establish their level of customer service or how far they will go to satisfy the customer. Look at things like their attitude toward returning phone calls and their willingness to meet with you.

4. Choose an agent who handles homes in your price range
When you choose an agent who deals with homes in your price range, you’ll be sure to end up with an agent who will give their best effort. Some agents deal only with high-end properties and are used to high commissions. They are more likely to pay attention to these properties first.

5. Choose an agent who respects your schedule
If you won’t be able to view properties during office hours, you need to find an agent who is willing to work after hours or on weekends.

6. Find an agent you can contact
Communication is vital when buying or selling real estate. Make sure you choose an agent who understands your needs and communicates them well. You’ll be better off choosing an agent who registers a high level of comfort with you or who is compatible with you.

7. Choose an agent that provides multiple services
It will be to your advantage if you can find an agent who can handle the buying/selling process as well as other additional services like arranging property inspections or who can refer you to a reliable real estate attorney.

8. Choose an agent who can negotiate
The ability to negotiate is an essential quality of a good real estate agent. Make sure you choose an agent with impeccable and proven negotiating skills.

9. Choose a resourceful agent
Ask the agents where your property will be advertised. Make sure the agency uses print advertising (newspapers/magazines) as well as other promotional material such as brochures. Also check to see if the agency uses the Internet to advertise their listings.

10. Follow your instinct
Choose an agent you feel comfortable with and trust. Your comfort and satisfaction level will let you know if you’ve met the right agent.


Pros and Cons of UV Hoods

Taking steps to be more environmentally friendly has become important to more Americans in recent years, and the green movement has reached nearly every industry.

But when it comes to range hoods for commercial kitchens, the most environmentally friendly options aren’t ideal for every commercial kitchen, and in some cases, they still aren’t cost-effective.

When manufacturers of UV hood systems touted environmental friendliness, cost effectiveness, and reduced cleaning costs, he decided to investigate the problem further.

UV hood systems have been used in Europe since 1998 and in the US since 2000.

UV systems: how they work
Oils and fats used in restaurant cooking processes accumulate over time in traditional kitchen exhaust fans, hoods and ducts. When these parts of the hood system are not cleaned regularly, these kitchen materials pose a fire hazard.

Manufacturers of UV hood systems claim that their systems provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods because they are equipped with a series of extractors for extractable grease particles, Carter stated in his article.

Other benefits of UV hood systems:
o No costs or special installation requirements.
o Equipped with self-monitoring capability for the operation of fans and lamps.
o Does not require washing.
o Uses less than 300 watts of light for every seven feet of hood.
o Identical maintenance requirements as standard baffle hoods, and filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher when needed.
o Grease is prevented from building up in the ductwork, helping to keep the ductwork and exhaust fan clean.
busted myths

But for some of these claims, field realities are different. Commercial hood companies believe that routine maintenance costs are more expensive.

UV hood systems require less maintenance than traditional hood systems, according to the manufacturers. Where traditional hood systems may need cleaning four times a year, UV systems can be cleaned twice a year. However, the cleaning and maintenance they require are more complicated and technical than their traditional counterparts. UV systems require maintenance by technicians specially trained by UV hood manufacturers. These technicians must have specific knowledge on how to assemble and disassemble the system and how to disassemble and clean the filtration system of the fans.

They also disagree with the manufacturer’s claims that these systems are cheaper to maintain.

They spoke with manufacturers’ representatives and to the best of their knowledge, maintenance costs for these systems can be up to four times the cost of maintaining traditional hood systems.

And while manufacturers recommend UV hood systems for widespread applications, they’re not for everyone.

Hood cleaning companies don’t think they would be recommending the right thing to their customers if they said they are a viable option for everyone because of the costs involved after installation. In my opinion, the product is good, but people should do their research before buying the system.



¿Qué es un sistema de control AV y por qué es importante?

Qué es un sistema de control AV

Un sistema de control AV le brinda la capacidad de controlar una variedad de equipos AV, incluidas luces, proyectores, micrófonos, cámaras y mucho más. Es una excelente manera de mejorar la eficiencia de las salas de reuniones de su empresa. Los sistemas de control AV pueden evitar que ocurran una variedad de escenarios desagradables durante las reuniones y presentaciones. Al proporcionar un dispositivo centralizado para todo su hardware, simplificarán la configuración y administración de sus salas de conferencias y reuniones.

control audiovisual

Con el sistema de control AV, puede cambiar o actualizar fácilmente la configuración para uso futuro. También ofrece total confiabilidad y redundancia del sistema, evitando la conmutación y programación manual. Además, es escalable y flexible, lo que permite la expansión. Por otro lado, no tendrá administración centralizada, informes de datos de instalaciones integrados ni exportación de datos empresariales. Sin embargo, si necesita realizar cambios en un solo equipo, deberá llamar a un programador especializado y gastar más dinero.

Los sistemas de control de audio y video son piezas esenciales del rompecabezas de la productividad. Desde reuniones de directorio hasta conferencias, la tecnología moderna ha evolucionado para respaldar la forma en que trabajan las personas. Las salas de conferencias pueden conectarse entre sí a través de satélites o conexiones a Internet, mientras que el software colaborativo puede ampliar las reuniones. La oficina del mañana es un lugar de trabajo digital y requiere dispositivos audiovisuales que funcionen juntos sin problemas. Con el sistema adecuado, su equipo puede ahorrar tiempo y dinero utilizando menos herramientas.

¿Qué es un sistema de control AV y por qué es importante?

Los sistemas de control AV ofrecen muchas soluciones diferentes para operaciones AV específicas. El FSR FLEX-LT es un potente procesador de visualización y control que se puede montar empotrado o estar contenido en una caja de mesa T6 FLEX. Los usuarios pueden ajustar el volumen y seleccionar fuentes de entrada con una pantalla táctil de 3,5 pulgadas. El FSR FLEX-LT también incluye un programador que puede apagar dispositivos y enviar alertas a sistemas de control remoto.

La plataforma de control AV habilitada para IP Atlona Velocity ha comenzado a distribuirse en la segunda generación actualizada. Con esta nueva plataforma, puede integrar sin problemas los productos Atlona Omnistream y los productos Atlona Omega. Los sistemas de control de AV también se pueden integrar con las principales plataformas de códec de software para una gestión de medios perfecta. La arquitectura basada en IP significa que un solo procesador puede servir para múltiples sistemas AV, ahorrándole tiempo. Los sistemas de control AV se pueden implementar rápidamente sin una programación extensa.

¿Qué es un sistema de control AV? Proporciona una interfaz central para controlar equipos AV en una sala de reuniones. Por lo general, este sistema incluye una interfaz de pantalla táctil, lo que facilita su uso. Ya no tiene que administrar múltiples controles remotos y cables, lo que le brinda control total sobre su presentación y equipo de audio. Esto significa que puede concentrarse en otras cosas cuando organiza reuniones.


How merchants can reduce credit card fraud

If you operate a retail or e-commerce business, accepting all major credit cards and electronic checks is a required method of customer payment. However, when deciding to accept electronic payments, business owners must also consider the potential cost of fraud. Studies have shown that traditional and online merchants have lost billions in fraudulent transactions. Today, technology provides proven methods to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Fraud can take many forms. It goes without saying that fraud is bad for business. If you process a fraudulent customer order by the time you discover your credit card was stolen, you’ve already shipped the product. Fraudulent orders usually result in a chargeback from the customer’s credit card to your business. Unfortunately, by that time you already delivered and lost your product, you lost the income from the sale and to top it off; you will receive a chargeback fee from your credit card processor. I’m sure we can agree that there is a great need to identify and stop a fraudulent order before your product is delivered. Fortunately for the merchant, there are many steps and processes that can be implemented to reduce and eliminate credit card fraud.


1. Address Verification Service (AVS) – is a simple and easy process to implement to decrease your chances of accepting a stolen credit card. When you process a credit card transaction; be sure to capture the cardholder’s billing address and zip code. Manual non-swipe transactions (Internet and MOTO) will require you to enter cardholder information. However, card present (swipe) transactions will not. Once you capture the cardholder’s billing address and zip code, you’re ready to process the sale. Your POS system will verify AVS with the card-issuing bank. You may receive a street address match only, a zip code match only, or a street address and zip code match. If you do not receive a match from AVS, you should consider declining the transaction. Approximately 80% of fraudulent transactions in the US are AVS discrepancies. Note that most AVS systems are configurable, so be sure to check your AVS settings. The implementation of AVS can have a great impact in reducing credit card fraud.

two. Card verification (CVV/CVV2) – is similar to AVS. CVV is the 3-digit code on the back of a credit card (4 digits for American Express). Like AVS, CVV is entered at the point of sale. The cardholder’s CVV code is verified by the card-issuing bank when the credit card sale is processed. If you don’t receive a CVV match, you should consider declining the transaction. Online merchants must make CVV a required field.

3. Use a threshold management service – Threshold management allows the merchant to set parameters for the transactions they will accept. For example, transactions can be filtered based on amount of money charged per transaction, number of transactions charged, transaction frequency, average user ticket, etc. Transactions that are flagged as a possible fraudulent transaction will require further review by the merchant. Threshold Management services are usually available as an additional service.

Four. Browse orders for free email accounts – Scammers and thieves like to hide. One of the easiest ways to hide a thief’s identity is to use a free email account. Most fraudulent transactions use a free email service. Merchants should not decline all transactions from a free email service. However, you may want to provide those orders with more scrutiny.

5. Browse orders with a different shipping address than the billing address – The thief with the stolen credit card may have the owner’s billing address and zip code. If so, he will receive a matching AVS and CVV on his order. However, to receive your product they will request that the order be sent to a different address. Merchants should review all orders with a different shipping and billing address. If the shipping address is a foreign country, please pay even more attention to the order.

6. Screen International Orders / Foreign Credit Cards – If your business model requires you to ship to foreign countries, you must obtain an international business account. Since non-domestic orders have a higher fraud rate than domestic orders, having an international merchant account will provide you with a higher level of protection. Additionally, an international merchant account will allow you to settle in the local currency. If you need a domestic and international business account, you must use a load balancing payment gateway. Load Balancing provides the merchant with the ability to use multiple merchant accounts on a single payment gateway account.

7. Understand that an authorization code does not mean that the credit card is not stolen – An authorization code is provided when the transaction has been approved. However, an authorization code simply means that the credit card is valid and has the credit available to process the transaction. Ultimately, as the business owner, it is up to you to decide whether to accept or reject the transaction.

8. Use a fraud protection service in advance – Advanced fraud protection services allow the merchant to block transactions by IP address, country of origin and other fraud filters. Advanced fraud protection services are often available as an additional service.

9. Use a PCI-compliant data storage service – Merchants that have a requirement to store customer credit card data must use a PCI Compliant Data Storage Service. A PCI-compliant data storage service allows merchants to transmit and store customer payment information in a PCI Level 1 certified data facility. Once the customer record has been securely transmitted and stored, the merchant can initiate transactions remotely without having to directly access credit card or electronic check information. This process takes place without the merchant storing the customer’s payment information in their local database or payment application.

10 Review and implement PCI policies (Payment Card Industry Standards) – Merchants can review PCI standards online at If you’re using a PCI-compliant POS solution and don’t store payment data, you’re in good shape. However, merchants should contact their merchant account provider for more information.

Fraud prevention is a necessary activity for traditional and online merchants. Exposing your business to fraudulent transactions and high chargeback rates is bad for business and could cause you to lose your merchant account. Leading real-time payment gateway services provide advanced fraud protection tools. However, many fraud prevention techniques can be implemented at no additional cost.

Main real-time payment gateway services

1. Planetauthorize (US domestic and international)

2. Authorize.Net (United States national)

3. PlugnPay (United States domestic)

4. Skipjack (United States National)

5. Electronic processing network (United States domestic)


Reserved Parking Spaces – A Major Business Necessity!

Parking spaces are an important asset for any business operating in a major city. Despite the availability of public transportation and the rising cost of gasoline, many workers still prefer the convenience of driving their own cars to work. Most statistics from large cities would support an increase in registered cars on the road and this number is projected to even double in the next ten years.

Business Owner Considerations

What does this mean for the business owner? Regardless of the type of operation of the company, it is always necessary to have an assigned place for the vehicle. Therefore, every business owner has two factors that need to be considered about the parking space: an area for customers and an area for employees.

  • Employees – The main issue workers are considering is whether or not to drive their personal car to work, and most aren’t looking at where to put their vehicle, but the traffic congestion they’ll face driving that commute every day. For any employer, this reality could mean an increased need for parking and the likely existence of a shortage.
  • Customers – On the other hand, customers will certainly prefer driving a private car over public transportation due to the convenience factor, and they certainly expect the same consideration once they get out of their vehicles. Whether the business is located in an office building or a fancy restaurant in a business center, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide customers with the necessary parking spaces. Any customer anticipates that he should be able to leave his car at a nearby secure location without worrying about police tickets to get to a business destination.

Options to consider

Commercial establishments at places of business typically have parking spaces on or near the building premises. The size of that space varies depending on the size of the company. In many cases, unfortunately, the number of available parking spaces is limited, resulting in congestion of car parking stalls during peak or business hours.

Locating a business or office within a building with limited car parking can be a real problem, especially if most customers use private vehicles. Unavailability of parking spaces could potentially drive customers away.

research needed

To avoid such problem; When choosing a location for a business, finding a business building with enough parking space for customers is imperative. Survey the area surrounding the business site as thoroughly for enough assigned vehicle spaces as you would for other essential building amenities. Do it during business hours to see the real status of the parking lot, whether it’s generally full or somewhat open during the business day.

Some businesses require larger physical parking spaces than others. To get a good understanding of the required area within a given location of all the businesses operating there, conduct research on all the businesses within the area being considered. Such research should provide a clear picture of the number of customers traveling within an area and their preferred mode of transportation.

The size of a parking area is influenced by factors such as the company’s target market, as well as the hours customers spend inside the business premises. For example, a restaurant may require a larger area compared to a convenience store simply because restaurant customers tend to stay longer than convenience store customers, so the total number of parking spaces would be larger. for a restaurant. When renting or buying office space, always use these factors to get the full picture.

Available options

For established businesses with a limited parking space issue where moving to a different location is not an option, the best way to resolve this dilemma is to provide customers with alternative vehicle spots nearby, perhaps in commercial car parks provided by the owner of the company. . Unfortunately, this may not help with the similar issue for employees.

If business growth has caused this new concern, consider asking nearby businesses and establishments if they have parking areas that they can share or even make available for lease. A good example of this arrangement would be a restaurant located downtown that primarily serves dinner; That business and its customers could share a parking area with a business that operates during normal daytime business hours.

The best way to handle this problem is to think it through carefully when selecting a specific building to lease. Many commercial buildings may offer restricted car stalls for tenants, even if it is an additional charge. This may need to be something that is included in the office space lease in order for assigned vehicle spaces to be provided to the customer and employee.

The bottom line is to ensure that adequate customer and employee car parking spaces are provided with any office space lease being considered. Location is important; however, parking is also important for any business, so find a workplace that provides adequate facilities for clients and employers, and you’ll both be satisfied!