Step Parenting Answer – Develop Friendship

There is one thing that we see more and more in families these days. It’s actually been around for the better part of the last half century, so it’s pretty normal: it’s all about blended families. I don’t think there’s a stepfather, stepson, or stepdaughter who thinks it’s a perfect situation. The reality is that it is far from perfect and requires quite a bit of work and commitment to get it working, and then even more work to keep it going.

So when you find yourself in the situation of being a stepparent, what is going to work to build a relationship with your partner’s children? Well, that depends on several factors. This is not the subject of this article: dealing with all those many factors.

I would like to share with you one something I learned recently that makes a lot of sense and actually works.

It implies that the stepfather does not “become” a mom or dad to the stepson or stepdaughter, but simply be their friend; being someone who is not intrusive and who is able to nurture and build on trust, creating an environment of mutual respect – this is friendshipin a short word.

Some might say, “How can I be friends with a child or a teenager?” For some, this does not compute. I want to suggest that if you want to be successful in your relationship with your partner, investing time and positive effort in your children is a very good idea. Befriending them is a safe, low-risk way to success. Kids can smell a liar from a mile away, so do it as genuinely, sincerely, and lovingly as you can. Think about it and try it a lot, and seek the advice and support of your partner.

Love cannot be forced. You can’t just “love” them instantly; it does not work like that. You cannot expect too much of yourself in terms of having an intrinsic love for your stepson; and your partner can’t wait too long either. It would be downright unfair to expect a child or teen to suddenly love a stepparent. This kind of love takes years. Possibly, if you entered the relationship early enough in your stepchild’s life, say while they were still a baby or toddler (below school age), you may have had the history and time to develop that love.

One day at a time, work to earn their trust and respect. This does not make you inferior to them; it makes you their ally and advocate, someone they can trust in their hour of need. Earning their trust and respect also means that you dispel any issues they may have with you and they won’t see you as a threat. If you love your stepchild’s mom or dad, the only other barrier is how you treat the child or one of his or her siblings. Trust and respect go a long way in building loving relationships. Trust and respect are key risk management tools for relationships. Remember, trust and respect, don’t work without love.

Some brief tips:

  • Don’t pressure your stepchild to call you “Mom” or “Dad”;
  • Offer friendship unconditionally, after all. love is unconditional;
  • Be patient and forgive well and when necessary. It starts with you. You can model the right attitude and behavior;
  • Find ways you can pass the time and ways you can help them, whether it’s playing sports with them, chatting, or helping them with homework.
  • Are you putting in the kind of time, effort, and commitment to build a loving relationship with your stepchild? Are you calm that you are doing everything possible for both of them to get there? It is not too late if the answer is ‘no’ to these two questions. When you mess up, she bravely apologizes and starts over.

    Finally, it is very important to support your partner in the task of raising their children. Although disciplining children should be the responsibility of your partner (as the intrinsically trustworthy parent), you can be a listening ear and silent support. By support I mean helping them do their job as single parents. Sometimes this means putting your own needs on the back burner.

    Being a friend to a child is knowing God’s blessing.

    © Steve J. Wickham, 2008. All rights reserved worldwide.


    Does your app not convert? 5 tricks to increase conversions

    Mobile apps are playing the role of a marketer for businesses that outperforms all other promotion and advertising methods. However, not all apps prove to be a great tool for marketing a company’s products or services. Apps that are simply good to look at or have great features may fail to convert users due to the complexity of the user interface or navigation. Therefore, the main focus of mobile app development should be on conversions rather than just making it beautiful and innovative.

    There are many ways to increase your app’s user acquisition rate and ensure your conversions. Some of the most effective ones for you are discussed here.

    Make the onboarding experience smoother

    User experience (UX) determines the fate of an app, especially on onboarding. It is the first point of interaction with users and therefore can leave a lasting impression on their mind. So make it as simple as possible by providing fewer actions to users. Make registration/login fast and hassle-free by preventing users from entering too much personal information. Use graphic illustrations and gestures instead of long, boring texts to instruct them on how to use the app’s features.

    Optimize the loading speed of the application

    Most users stay away from apps that take longer to load, causing a delay in what they want to achieve. Work to optimize the speed of your app as it develops. If you can win over the interests of the users in the first instance with your speed, there are great chances of optimizing conversions.

    Push notifications with personalized offers

    After analyzing the behavior of your users in the app in their first active sessions, come up with a strategy for sending them push notifications. Push notifications are effective in converting users when relevant to their interests or preferences. Give users a hint that you have something just for them. Personal offers make them feel cared for and can therefore better convince them to make a purchase or take advantage of your service.

    Encourage users with bonus points or rewards

    Users like appreciation! Give them little surprises while they complete a task or check out an order with bonus points or rewards. Encourage them to accumulate more points or rewards of this type, which will generate a great offer later. While it’s a great way to encourage user engagement on a consistent basis, user churn will drop significantly. Users will always have a reason to come back and make a purchase/order request.

    Include social media integrations

    Popular social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter have a massive user base, so integrating your app with them can generate a lot of users through referrals. The trick here is to use eWOM (electronic word of mouth). Your need to persuade current users with referral rewards to spread the benefits of your app using their social media accounts. Customers are your main advertisers, so any positive feedback will surely convince others to use your app and realize its benefits.

    Influence users enough so that they don’t just stay, but actively go through the conversion funnel, i.e., reach the payment or in-app interaction endpoint. Together, the aforementioned tips explain how to make your app journey smooth from the start, win over users with custom features or offers, and keep them engaged throughout. If you have an app idea in mind and want it to experience maximum conversions, keep these tips in mind and ask your developers accordingly.

    Home Kitchen

    Tricks to deal with the monsoon

    Welcome the monsoon with a cup of hot coffee sitting in the comfort of home watching a good Hollywood movie with a soft blanket and enjoy the movie. Another option would be to watch the raindrops fall to the ground by sitting on the door step. Oh! Steaming hot samosas or bhajiyas accompanied by hot drinks and to forget about the hot and humid weather say goodbye for a while. The monsoon is also the time to change the look of the interior. This is how you can do it.

    light up the upholstery

    Cloudy skies bring with it dark and gloomy days both outside and inside. the interiors are pitch dark no matter how much light or lamps are on. Open the windows and doors and let the beautiful weather take its toll on the gloomy mood. Also, due to the dark cloud cover, interiors should try to use bright dark colors like red, maroon, and bright yellow, as they are considered warm colors and will add the necessary energy to make the place livelier. Pull out those brightly colored synthetic sheets that won’t mess up if you’ve got muddy feet or want to throw all your damp, wet clothes right on the bed.

    Stack the drawers with medicines

    The monsoon is coming and there is an increase in water bone disease like dysentery and viral fever is on the rise. Keep drawers and cabinets neatly stacked with acetaminophen, an antibacterial and pain-relieving solution as a hand wash. Kitchen sinks should have washed hand towels hung on ceramic hooks and hangers to keep you dry and clean and to ward off germs. Children tend to get injured due to playing and having fun with their friends. A disinfectant should always be kept on hand along with an antiseptic solution and medical tape.

    Check the spices and the functionality of the kitchen furniture.

    Check the spices and groceries in the pantry area. Items are prone to spoilage when they come into contact with the humid atmosphere outside. Eating these kinds of spices would bring trouble to family members and they will be prone to various kinds of infections. Empty your plastic jars that were filled with spices earlier to transfer to ceramic spice boxes in varying numbers of drawers. Hardware or hinges should be greased periodically for proper function and smooth movement of drawer and cabinets.

    Old furniture made new

    To give old furniture a new feel, add accessories in the form of ceramic knobs and handles. Cover the front step with a jute mat to prevent spills or accidents, as the steps become slippery when wet during the rainy season. The piece of furniture can be covered with a plastic cover to protect it from damp and humid situations and increases the useful life of the product that is covered. It also reduces the burden of the periodic washing and cleaning procedure to maintain the clean appearance and increase the aesthetic value of the product.

    Digital Marketing

    Streaming Video on Your Website – Turn Visitors Into Customers

    Streaming video is a sequence of “moving images” that are sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed to the viewer as they arrive. Streaming media is streaming video with sound. With streaming video or streaming media, a Web user doesn’t have to wait to download a large file before seeing video or hearing sound. Instead, the media is sent in a continuous stream and plays as it happens. The user needs a player, which is a special program that decompresses and sends video data to the screen and audio data to the speakers. A player can be an integral part of a browser or downloaded from the software manufacturer’s website.

    Major streaming media and video streaming technologies include RealNetwork’s RealSystem G2, Microsoft Windows Media Technologies (including its NetShow and Theater Server services), and VDO. Microsoft’s approach uses the standard MPEG compression algorithm for video. The other approaches use proprietary algorithms. (The program that does the compression and decompression is sometimes called a codec.) Microsoft technology offers audio streaming at up to 96 Kbps and video streaming at up to 8 Mbps (for NetShow Theater Server). However, for most Web users, streaming video will be limited by the data speeds of the connection (for example, up to 128 Kbps with an ISDN connection). Microsoft streaming media files are in Advanced Streaming Format (ASF).

    Video streaming is usually sent from pre-recorded video files, but can be distributed as part of a live stream. In a live broadcast, the video signal is converted to a compressed digital signal and transmitted from a special web server that can multicast, sending the same file to multiple users at the same time.

    Streaming media is audio and video that is transmitted on the Internet continuously or continuously, using packet data. The most efficient reception of broadcast media requires some form of broadband technology, such as a cable or DSL modem. A packet is the unit of data that is routed between a source and a destination on the Internet or any other packet-switched network. When any file (email message, HTML file, Graphics Interchange Format file, URL – Uniform Resource Locator request, etc.) is sent from one place to another on the Internet, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) layer of TCP/IP divides the file into “chunks” of an efficient size for routing. Each of these packets is numbered separately and includes the Internet address of the destination. Individual packets of a given file can travel different routes through the Internet. When they have all arrived, they are reassembled into the original file (by the TCP layer at the receiving end).

    A packet switching scheme is an efficient way to handle transmissions on a connectionless network like the Internet. An alternative scheme, circuit switched, is used for networks allocated for voice connections. In circuit switching, the network lines are shared among many users as in packet switching, but each connection requires the dedication of a particular path for the duration of the connection. “Packet” and “datagram” have a similar meaning. A protocol similar to TCP, the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) uses the term datagram.

    MPEG, the Moving Picture Experts Group, develops standards for digital video and digital audio compression. It operates under the auspices of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The MPEG standards are an evolving series, each designed for a different purpose. To use MPEG video files, you need a personal computer with sufficient processor speed, internal memory, and hard drive space to handle and play the typically large MPEG file (which has a filename suffix of .mpg). You also need an MPEG viewer or client software that plays MPEG files. (Note that .mp3 file suffixes indicate MP3 (MPEG-1 audio layer-3) files, not standard MPEG-3 files.) You can download commercial MPEG players or shareware from various sites on the Web.

    The term codec is an acronym meaning “compression/decompression.” A codec is an algorithm, or specialized computer program, that reduces the number of bytes consumed by large files and programs. To minimize the amount of storage space required for a complicated file, such as a video, compression is used. Compression works by removing redundancies in the data. Compression can be done for any type of file, including text, programs, images, audio, video, and virtual reality (VR). Compression can reduce the size of a file by a factor of 100 or more in some cases. For example, a 15 megabyte video could be reduced to 150 kilobytes. The uncompressed file would be too large to download from the Web in a reasonable amount of time, but the compressed file could typically be downloaded in a few seconds. For visualization, a decompression algorithm would have to be used to “undo” the compression.

    There are numerous standard codec schemes. Some are used primarily to minimize file transfer time and are used on the Internet. Others are intended to maximize the data that can be stored in a given amount of disk space or on a CD-ROM. Codecs are used in many popular Internet products, including QuickTime, Netmeeting, Cu-Seeme, and VDOphone.

    Flash is popular authoring software developed by Macromedia and is used to create vector graphics-based animation programs with full-screen navigation interfaces, graphic illustrations, and simple interactivity in a smoothed, resizable file format that is small enough to be transmitted over a normal modem connection. The software is ubiquitous on the Web, both for its speed (vector-based animations, which can adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions, play while downloading) and for the fluid way it renders graphics. Flash files, unlike animated but raster GIFs and JPEGs, are compact, efficient, and designed for optimized delivery.
    Known as a do-it-yourself animation package, Flash 4 gives web designers the ability to import artwork using any bitmap or illustration tool they prefer, and create animations and special effects, as well as add sound and interactivity. The content is then saved as a file with a .SWF file name extension.

    Internet users with Intel Pentium or Power Macintosh processors can download Flash Player to view Flash content, which works across multiple browsers and platforms. Flash is praised for being one of the most accessible plugins on the Web. According to an independent study cited by Macromedia, more than 90 percent of Internet users already have Flash Player installed. Adobe recently acquired Macromedia in a $3.4 billion deal.


    The Greatest Country Songs of All Time: Four Evergreen Country Songs

    Country music, with its harmonious ensemble of banjos, harmonicas, electric guitars, fiddles, and acoustic guitars, has won many fans around the world. Although it started in the 1920s, the music gained popularity during the 1940s. With many styles and subgenres of country music today, there are still many old country songs that remain close to the hearts of their lovers. Here are the four best perennial country songs of all time.

    1. George Jones – “He stopped loving her today”

    The song was written by Bobby Braddock and Curly Putman for American country singer George Jones. The song was released in April 1980 and was included on Jones’ album “I am What I Am”. For six years, the song remained Jones’ number one single. The song talks about a man who never stopped loving a woman. The day the man stopped loving her was the day he died. Surprisingly, the woman from his life appeared at his funeral.

    2. Patsy Cline – “Crazy”

    Although originally written by Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline’s version received the most positive reviews and became the number two hit in 1962. The song then went on to Patsy Cline, who charted the song on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles for 21 weeks.

    3. Hank Williams, Sr. – “Your Deceitful Heart”

    The song was written and recorded by Hank Williams, Sr. in 1952, but was not released until his death in 1953. The slow blues ballad, which tells the true story of a lover who was guilty of cheating on the singer, was inspired by Williams’ first wife, Audrey Williams. The song has been recorded by many notable singers from various genres such as Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Patsy Cline, Van Morrison, Fats Domino, and LeAnn Rimes.

    4. Marty Robbins – “El Paso”

    “El Paso” was first released in September 1959 on the Robbins album “Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs”. The single not only became a hit on the country music charts; The pop music charts also received the song very well. In early 1960, both music charts placed the song at its number one position. In 1961, “El Paso” received a Grammy Award for Best Country & Western Recording. The four-minute, thirty-eight-second song tells the story of a cowboy from El Paso, Texas who falls in love with Feleena, a beautiful girl who used to dance at Rosa’s Cantina.

    Health Fitness

    When is the best time to eat protein to build muscle?

    Bodybuilders and fitness gurus alike know that for muscle growth you need to eat protein. No matter how hard and how often you train, your muscles won’t grow without the amino acids in protein.

    Protein is the building block of muscle and there are no other nutrients that can substitute for protein for muscle growth. If you want to build and increase muscle mass, it is recommended that you consume 1 gram of protein for every pound of your body weight per day. That’s a lot of protein that many people can’t get through food, and supplements are often needed. If you’re not eating enough protein, then all the muscle building in the gym is just wasted. To optimize your muscle growth, what is the best time to eat protein?

    How and what type of protein should you eat to increase muscle growth?

    Eat protein…

    First thing in the morning. Having rested well for the night, her body is in a catabolic state. This means that since your glycogen store is low, your body is burning muscle for energy, so right before you brush your teeth, eat a digestible protein like whey protein first thing in the morning so your muscles don’t break down and break down.

    Between meals. This is to keep the protein flowing in your bloodstream to fuel your muscles continuously throughout the day, you can take casein protein between meals. Casein protein digests slowly while continuing to release protein into the bloodstream to fuel your muscles between meals, so your muscles get protein throughout the day.

    Before/After a workout at the gym. Eating fast to digest proteins, such as whey protein before a workout, will promote muscle growth while you exercise. Eating buttermilk and some carbs after your workout will repair the muscles you’ve worked.

    Before going to bed. Building muscle is best when you’re sleeping. And since you’ll be going without food for so many hours, you should stimulate your muscle growth by eating casein protein before bed. As stated above, casein protein is slowly digested and will consistently fuel your muscles for up to 7 hours while you sleep, encouraging muscle growth.

    So now you know when is the best time to eat protein. Follow these steps and watch your muscles grow the way you want.

    Legal Law

    Things that can motivate someone to become a lawyer

    A lot of people try to be a lawyer for a few different factors. Some people see it as a respectable practice to uphold the law and uphold justice, while others see becoming a lawyer as an impressive and surprisingly well-paying job. In this document I will explain some of the reasons why one would love to be a lawyer.


    First of all, it will be a considerable salary that will attract people to become lawyers. One of the best advantages of becoming a lawyer is considered the earnings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a lawyer was $110,590 in 2008. Even starting her job, she is likely to make around $68,500 just nine months after finishing her studies. Few other careers offer as good an initial income.

    career diversity

    There are many different sections of the law, with a number of career paths working with many parts of the law. Potential legal work includes being attorneys or legal professionals for law enforcement, court personnel, and legal aid and administrative staff members. Consequently, having a law degree is likely to create a variety of legal career options for you. Also, even within a single niche, an individual’s day-to-day responsibilities can vary considerably, which will make their life in the workplace remarkable.

    Discovering much more know how

    By becoming a lawyer, you will likely gain knowledge frequently, although you may not return to college for formal advanced training. By participating in cases, he will research past cases, discover more about vague laws, and become familiar with the details of his area of ​​focus. He also has the opportunity to resume college to continue learning, and if he is employed by a law organization, some may even offset his college tuition to persuade employees to consider pursuing another degree or diploma.

    An understanding of the law.

    Being knowledgeable about the law can be an asset in your everyday life, whether buying a home, getting over a car accident, preparing a will, or making any type of purchase. This is not necessarily a detailed list of when familiarity with the law can help you in your day-to-day life, and you will generally find that family and friends will often come to you for unofficial ideas regarding legal or business issues.

    No complications to obtain the title

    In the past, it was very tedious to get a law degree. He was required to give up a long period of his life to earn a degree from a university or law school full-time and then work several more years as a student or senior paralegal before becoming a full-fledged lawyer on his own.

    Having said that, it is now much easier to get a law degree with all the creation of the world online. It is due to the accessibility of online law degree programs that are available at authorized universities and colleges, which makes it less difficult and less time consuming to obtain a law degree. Especially for people with an existing work or family commitment, this is very good news. Legal scholars can certainly study online on their own time and in their own home to earn their law degree to secure an occupation or enhance their career prospects in the legal field.

    Pleasure at work, growth and security

    Lawyers truly have the opportunity to make a difference both in the lives of their clients and in the lives of people in each location, as a single case can set a precedent for countless cases to come. This type of occupation, one’s own perseverance is normally honored not only in income, but also offers a sense of joy as part of your work.

    When you finally have a degree and certificate to practice law, it is also possible to pursue advanced line of work possibilities. Lawyers with knowledge of their professional background can rise through the ranks of a private practice to become partners in the firm. You can also become a judge or teacher within your field.

    Career development in the legal sector is very likely to approach 13 percent between 2008 and 2018, which is standard when considering any job growth across all industry sectors. If you are employed by a law firm, your job can be very secure if you are always a good employee, which is not something you can say in many markets, especially if the economy is bad. People will always require lawyers, and the progression of the occupation can be even faster than normal in some legal areas, for example, health and ecological law.


    Lawyers are definitely not focused on one region of a country. They never focus only on urban centers either; Field lawyers are also needed. Which means you can choose where you want to reside as a lawyer. As long as you receive a permit to be hired in your chosen place, you can go anywhere in your country and practice law.

    Rich sociable way of life

    Lawyers interact with people from all walks of life. As you do work with clients, you’ll begin to network, which in turn will not only grow your corporation, but also contribute to incentives in other aspects of your life. When you need an honest service provider, a customer could certainly advise someone.

    Ability to run a business

    You are simply not tied to working for other firms as a lawyer. When you first gain knowledge of your career, you can open your own law firm, and when you have your own company, there is the ability to set your own hours, take the cases that interest you very much, and try to make other important decisions related to your practice. If you work for yourself, you can play by your principles, and while owning a business takes quite a bit of effort, it really pays to know that you’ll be putting money directly into your own bank account, not the wallets of those who own the legal business where you work.

    Lifestyle Fashion

    Quick Weight Loss Tips: 5 Quick Weight Loss Tips

    The key and the most important thing when it comes to losing weight fast is to be honest with yourself and set realistic goals. It’s not going to happen overnight, think of it this way, you didn’t gain weight overnight, why do you expect to lose it overnight?

    The people who put themselves in a position to win are often the people who win. There are ways to lose weight quickly and safely, but there are no magic pills. If you want to lose weight quickly and in a healthy way, keep in mind that it will take some effort on your part, but if you are honest with yourself, you will find that losing weight is almost as difficult as you might think.


    1) Set a realistic goal: Be honest with yourself, consider the condition you’re in now, how long it’s been since you got serious about losing weight, and the goal you want to achieve. If you’re losing 8 or 10 pounds or whatever, write it down and stick with it.

    2) Keep a food journal: When you keep a food journal, you’re not as likely to cheat and eat something you shouldn’t if you have to write it down. It may sound silly but it works.

    3) Avoid processed foods: At least at the store I shop at, I’ve noticed that if I stick to the outer ring, I’ll be fine. What I mean is when I walk in and I think most grocery stores are set up this way.

    All of the healthiest process elements are in the outer ring. All the fresh fruit and vegetables, the fresh meats, the fish, the eggs, the milk, you can buy all the food you need without ever going through an aisle.

    3) Eliminate soft drinks and replace them with water, at least eight glasses a day. Water cleanses the system and keeps the body hydrated and healthy.

    4) Eat more to lose more: Replace three large meals with several smaller meals, at least four or five. It is a healthy breakfast, if you want you can make it the biggest meal of the day. This way, when lunch rolls around, you won’t be as hungry, so you won’t get drunk on fatty, unhealthy snacks.

    Eating smaller meals more frequently will keep you from feeling hungry and incredibly helps speed up your metabolism so your body burns more fat and you lose more weight.

    5) Another quick way to burn fat and lose weight is to exercise. Weight training is a good way to tone your body, but the added benefit is that your muscles burn fat long after your workout is over. Fast weight loss won’t happen overnight, but if you follow the plan, the weight will come off fast.

    Another way to add and speed up your body transformation and enhance your workout while losing weight is to add Muscle Morph. It is safe and has been proven to work. Not only will you lose weight, but you’ll add sexy, lean muscle to your new, leaner body.