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Search engine optimization of your blog

Today, blogging software installation is just a few minutes of clicking and running jobs. In a few minutes you can install an attractive blog ready to be published. Up to this stage, everything seems simple, but when it comes to promoting something as complex as blogging software or CMS (Content Management System) applications for that matter, on which blogging software is based, it can be quite complicated and painful. It is as painfully easy to install blogging software as it is painfully difficult to promote it in search engines if you don’t know the right direction to move forward.nnAlthough WordPress does come with features that will help you make your blog search engine optimized, but these are features too basic to rely on and you will still have to make changes yourself to improve it. Tags Kill nn Meta tags that are important for search engine optimization come bundled with your WordPress when you install it. You will do it!

You need to install plugins for your meta tags to show up in your blog header. Meta tags can be added in your blog header.php file. You can find a list of popular Mata tag plugins at [].nn Permanent link tag nnEach blog has a permalink feature; is the permanent link (URL) to a post or page on your blog. Having keyword rich URLs will surely help your blog to be attracted to important keywords. You can customize your permalink structure to have more keywords instead of default / category / year / date / time / hour / minute / second / post_title as your post URL. For example, you can remove% seconds%,% hour%, or% post_id% in your parmalink tag. These are not required and having them as your URIs will only make it look longer. You can also completely remove the% date% tag to have only% category% in the URIs.nn Category names nn!

Be careful when creating categories. You can always have the ca!

tegory m

ames as keywords so that your final URIs are filled with keywords. Labelled nnCan have labels, especially Technorati Label Plugin installed for your blog posts. Tags are basically category or topic names. With tags on your post, you can categorize your posts based on these tags. While tagging will increase traffic to your blog, it will also make it search engine friendly.nn Making the above changes to your blog will definitely make it look more search engine optimized and help you increase your online visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). nnHappy SEO Blogging !! nn

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Three words not to use in your sales letter

If you sell something online, especially if you sell information products, I’m sure you know how important it is to use the right words. They are words that are sold online and not what your website looks like.

You can have an eye-catching website, but if you don’t use the right words, your products won’t sell. Of course, it is nice to have a clean and decent website, but more emphasis should be put on the words on your sales page.

Here are three (3) words you should never use on your sales page. If you are already using them, you probably don’t know that they are affecting your sales. I highly recommend that you remove them and replace them with more effective words.


If you sell information products, it might be tempting to use the word learn in your sales letter. Please do not do it. When you tell people to learn, it instantly reminds them of the four walls of a classroom. Nobody wants to remember school. What people are looking for is a fun way to “learn” so they don’t remember school.

Instead of using the word learn, use “discover.” When you say discover, it sounds more adventurous and also reflects a kind of exclusivity about the information you want to sell to them.

2. BUY.

Despite the fact that people shop on the Internet every day, no one really likes the feeling of putting money in someone else’s pocket. Reminding them can only make things worse and ultimately hurt your sales.

Don’t use the word buy in your sales letter, rather use “invest.” Telling your prospects to invest will make them feel more comfortable about giving you their money. Another word you can use is “order.”


Using the word please in your sales letter connotes desperation. You portray your product as a slow moving product and you simply want to gobble it down your potential customers’ throats. Being polite just doesn’t work here.

I did not use it. And there is no replacement for him. So instead of saying “Click here to order,” just say “Click here to order.”

Replace those words on your sales page and your conversion rates will increase tremendously. That I’m sure will put a smile on your face.

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Why Your Facebook Posts Aren’t Going Viral and How to Fix It

Are you envious of viral posts? You know what I mean, it’s that nagging feeling that everyone else’s Facebook posts are being shared, but yours isn’t. And frankly, getting people to share your posts is not an easy thing to do. And to make matters worse, Facebook has continued to decrease the organic reach of most posts … particularly those on business fan pages. Even getting people to see your posts in the first place can be challenging.

But if you want, people might not only see your posts, but share them as well. Now I can’t promise that solving the following five common problems will make every post go viral, but it sure will help you get more love from the people on Facebook.

1. Your posts lack emotion

Your posts are likely simply lacking in emotion. And emotion is what draws people in on social media, it draws people in through visual drama, humor, and sometimes even anger or frustration.

Here’s what to do about it:

Be more personal with your posts. Share stories that would not be expected. Tell people what goes on behind the scenes in your business or in your life. Maybe even some photos of you doing silly things. These types of posts will help you be more real to your followers and go a long way in helping them connect with your business.

Remember, people do business with people … not companies.

2. Your posts cannot be shared

Boring content alert! Interesting fact, it doesn’t make a post to share. Neither what you ate for breakfast, which movie theater you just recorded, or any poignant observation you made (text only). These types of posts are ignored or simply put people to sleep. If you don’t share things on Facebook, keep posting these kinds of things. Otherwise, be more creative.

Here’s what to do about it:

Find out what’s viral and emulate it or share that content with your followers. Two great tools for this are Post Planner and BuzzSumo.

3. Your time is not working

Quick … what is the best time to post to your Facebook fan page? You do not know

So that means you are not tracking your results.

Here’s what to do about it:

Use your Fan Page Insights to monitor when your followers are on Facebook and watch analytics on your page posts. And don’t be afraid to try new things. You may discover something unexpected.

4. You don’t share your own things

If you don’t share, how can you expect someone else to? That’s probably not a fair question. But that fact is, viral posts are often the result of a snowball effect, and you can start pushing that snowball yourself. If you’re not interested in paying for Facebook ads (and you should seriously consider doing some ads), the best thing to do is share your fan page content yourself.

Here’s what to do about it:

Make sure to share things on your personal social media accounts from your fan page that you want others to see. Don’t limit this to just sharing within Facebook. You can extend these shares to other social channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. And, if you have employees or other partners who can help that snowball roll using their personal accounts, so much the better.

5. People don’t care about the topics of your posts

Chances are, your fans just aren’t interested in the things you’re posting about. Viral content does not usually come from commercial or industry-related elements.

Here’s what to do about it:

It’s okay to post “off topic” if it’s relevant enough to your audience, and it will engage them to the point where they will start to see other sales-driving posts from you. So consider posting on topics that have been proven to be viral. Klout created a list of the top 10 viral topics:

– Music


– Holidays

– Software

– religion

– Famous

– Films

– books

– Business

– Meal

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The difference between what and what / what in Spanish

The difference between What and What in Spanish is often a matter of concern for Spanish learners whose mother tongue is English and who cannot make a literal translation into their own language. In this lesson we will look at the differences between the two words.

First of all, let’s see what happens with the verb SER.

What is it: this form implies the question for a definition.

What is a cat? / What is a cat?

A cat is a small, feline animal that is usually kept as a pet. / A cat is a feline and a small animal, generally taken as a pet.

What it is: This is a question for an election. From a homogeneous group, you have a choice. You want to know a name.

What is your favorite movie? (of all possible movies) / What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is Terminator / My favorite movie is Terminator.

What is the capital of Argentina? (of all possible capitals) / What is the capital of Argentina?

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires./ The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires

What is your number (from a long list of possible names) / What’s your name?

My number is Anna./ My name is Anna.

When the question is “what is it” you should only answer with one option, but this question has a plural version, where you can answer with more than one option.

Which are your favorite books? / Which are your favorite books?

Put your favorite books “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and “13.99 euros”. My favorite books are “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and “13.99 euros”.

What are the colors that you like the most? / What are the colors that you like the most?

The colors I like the most are red and blue. / The colors I like the most are red and blue.

What + to the Word

When I ask: What do you want to drink? / What do you want to drink? I am not giving you options, you can answer anything from a heterogeneous group: coffee (coffee), milk (milk), water (water), beer (beer), strawberry smoothie (strawberry milkshake) , etc.

Or: What do we cook, pizza or empanadas? / What should we cook, pizza or empanadas?

Which + Verb

When I ask you: Which one do you prefer? / Which one do you prefer? I have some options for you, and I show them from a table or I have them in my hands: Which one do you prefer, this one or this one? / Which Do you prefer this or this?

We can ask the same thing using What + the noun + Verb.

What drink do you prefer? / What drink do you prefer?

What color do you like more? / What color do you like more?

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5 reasons why content marketing is important to building your brand

The expression “Content is king” is an absolute truth. It seems like there’s a shiny new object every week to drift off, but content marketing is still the most powerful technique for building an audience and generating leads. In this short article, I will give you 5 of the top reasons why you need to do content marketing as a great component of your advertising and marketing method.

Reason n. Content Marketing # 1: Establish Trust and Build Reputation

There are dozens of effective methods of content advertising. Blogs, podcasts, videos, or interviews are powerful ways to demonstrate your expertise in your market and help your prospects at the same time. Content marketing will not only show your trustworthiness as an expert, but it will certainly help you create a report with your target market, which is crucial for brand awareness.

Identify the most common pitfalls or pain points your target market faces and also develop material to help them find options. And don’t make your content a great sales pitch! The goal of content marketing is to develop goodwill by offering solutions that will also develop your brand. Ultimately this will lead to even more organic sales without being a constant release festival.

Reason n. Content Marketing # 2: Build Brand Awareness

If you routinely refrain from doing content marketing, then the opportunities are undetectable. You may even have the most effective services or products in deep space, but unless people learn about you, you don’t exist either. Web content advertising can help you transform that. When people come to your content to get the answer or find solutions, you increase brand recognition organically. Use your content to demonstrate your competition, as we said above, and also to increase web traffic to your website.

Reason n. Content Marketing # 3: More Leads = Additional Customers

Having a steady increase in leads and customers is vital, right? And also advertising and content marketing allow you to reach an unlimited flow of customers who otherwise would not have understood about you. When you offer relevant, fast and useful material, you attract potential customers like a magnet. Simpler simpler.

Plus, the quality material keeps customers coming back for more. People are more likely to return to a resource that has helped them in the past. Once they start to depend on you to provide professionally appropriate web content in your field, your customers will automatically go to your content whenever they have a request related to your market.

Reason n. Content Marketing # 4: Online Search Engine Rankings

Its material allows you to integrate search phrases that will certainly help you to rank better on the Google search results page. The more you post relevant web content, the greater your authority, and that means more traffic to your website. A small portion of people strive beyond the initial web page of the search results page, so the higher and longer you rank, the better your results will be.

Also, if you upload high-quality material, other organizations will want to connect to your site, further expanding your target market. And also, these “backlinks” are great for your site SEO. Do you intend to rate better? Backlinks are an important part of getting there.

Reason n. Content Marketing # 5: Engage Your Target Customer

Yes, the role of content marketing and marketing in general is to attract leads, however you don’t want unqualified leads or tire kickers who never employ you. Rather, you want to attract your target customer, your perfect customer, so that you don’t waste time or power on the wrong people. So exactly how do advertising and marketing materials attract the optimal customer? In other words, only those who are interested in your industry are sure to search for your material. And also only those looking for your material will click on your Call to Action and end up going to your touchdown web page and seeing your service or products. This indicates that quality leads will surely be thinking of buying from you.

Produce even more content!

There is no better time like the present to start creating and providing high-quality content as a component of your marketing approach. Add content marketing to your technique, and invite those organic leads!

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WordPress Development – Shopify Development Company

For an entrepreneur or an organization growing there, any business must keep its production creation practical, marketing strategies, and growth plans. Website building includes certain areas such as colors, style guide, redesign, typography, responsive, and SEO.

A recent study led by Harvard Business Review is that the strategies should be used to attract buyers to buy the products and services of a specific website that can help to obtain the integrity from that buyer.

What is Web Design Architecture?

That means everything about your website. It consists of a content process such as; the way it looks, the way it works, logo design, construction, web development, conceptualization, layouts, colors, graphics, text style.

There are many options for creating a professional website. If someone does not have any knowledge of design and development applications, or HTML programming language, then it does not mean that they cannot create a website with many other options and forms that can help to create a good professional design:

  • You can hire a professional web design expert, who can help you create a unique website.

  • Use software like Dream Weaver or FrontPage, but the software is like a professional expert who has knowledge of that software to create a website.

  • There are different online tools available for customizable web design templates that help you customize your business graphics, styles, and text.

Developing a professional website design for your online business

When developing a website, you need a solid domain name like Amazon, eBay. The professional finds the need of his clients / visitors. The web design must be user friendly to understand its content, which results in building a good relationship with your visitors.

It doesn’t matter how attractive and tempting your website is; It should be coded in such a way that SEO can read it and appear on search engine operating pages. All pages should be simple and tell visitors what they are really looking for; instead of adding confusing and unnecessary elements.

Different elements

  • Colors: The best color for a website should be a simple design, black and white or multi-color, use web safe colors for your professional website.
  • Sources: Use web-safe fonts because most web browsers read the selective number of fonts.
  • Graphics: Included graphics of logos, clipart, icons or photos that can enhance the front look of the website.
  • Designs: In designs, advertisements, graphics and texts must be well organized.

User friendly web design

User friendly web design can be created with the following factors in mind:

  • Mobile / Navigation Compatibility: Nowadays, people use mobile devices and tablets for their internet access devices, which is why a website optimized for mobile devices is necessary. Use a Google mobile site tester to see how your website appears on mobile devices, if it does not appear then you can use the mobile device design approach first.
  • Multimedia: Related audios and videos should be used in the web design that can benefit the visitors so that they squeeze the information in an easy way. This way the visitor will spend more time on your website.
  • Easy content: The language should be simple, short, bullet points, headings, subheadings, and other techniques and the formatting should be included to make your website easy for readers.

Web design plays an important role in the success of your business. Web Design professionals use good planning and analysis with customer specifications in mind and try to create a simple but elegant Web Design.

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Google Cached Pages: How to View Tips and Tricks

A cached link or page is temporarily stored HTML web documents and data such as images, pages, and content to reduce bandwidth usage and server load time to get the requested web page. The web cache system stores millions of copies of documents that pass through it daily. Once a user requests a particular page, which would normally be previously cached, it would load much faster than the first time. A cache system can be a server such as Google’s cache system or a computer program.

When we browse the web, our browsers generally save a copy of the web pages visited in a cache system to speed up the process of retrieving data, from the browser cache where it was stored, rather than retrieving it from its original source.

What do Google cached pages mean?

When doing a Google search, “cached” pages often appear. Google cached pages are snapshots of the page taken by Google and saved when the bots actually crawled a particular web page and last indexed it. Users are informed that they are viewing a snapshot of the cached page followed by the day it was captured.

How do I check cached pages on Google?

Google’s cached pages can be easily accessed by clicking that green arrow, as shown in the screenshot below, next to the page’s URL. Once you click “Cached”, you will be redirected to a different version of a page that Google usually saves as a backup when you last visited the site and crawled its content.

How do I find Google cached pages?

When you visit a particular website, but the request returns a page fault or inaccessible page, you will usually be prompted to view a “saved copy” of the web page you landed on. Chrome would show a “Show Saved Copy” button option when the browser doesn’t load the page.

If you want to remove cached content, such as snippets or images, that are still in search results and you no longer want people to see it, then all you have to do is submit your request using the Webmaster Tools of Google.

Although the titles and URL of the cached page will still be displayed, Google will remove the snippet and the cached page from the search results.

However, if you want to prevent Google from caching a specific page, you may want to put the tag below in the

<Head> code section of your page.

meta name = “ROBOTS” content = “NOARCHIVE, NOODP, NOYDIR”

Why do I need to see a cached page?

Due to the fact that various websites change quite frequently, their cached versions can be very different from the existing page that you have visited in search results. In fact, it is probably useless to view an outdated web page, but there are specific situations where both website visitors and developers find it advantageous and useful to view cached pages, such as:

When a website doesn’t load or is no longer available, you can still see the cached copy stored in Google files.

When a created website has changed drastically, a cached copy would be useful to quickly find its relevant and familiar content.

Although the cached web page is not updated frequently, it would load much faster than the usual page, which is a bonus for slow internet users.

For SEO purposes, viewing a cached page in a text-only version allows you, as a developer, to discover how Google bots crawl and index pages, which would act as an advantage to improve word content. specific key as well as other items.

Expired promotions and special discount offers may still exist on cached pages and thus you can still catch up and benefit.

Eventually, the Google cache is such a useful feature that it can help not only visitors but also developers to find, view, and / or delete the content of a particular web page.

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Tips to boost your business marketing strategy with LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a popular business social networking site, has emerged today as one of the potential platforms for developing and promoting business. LinkedIn, known as the most powerful site for entrepreneurs, currently has more than 90 million registered users. Professionals around the world look to LinkedIn more to brainstorm industry details, strengthen business ties and contacts, and expand reach. The site offers multiple scopes for social media marketing with new features that are regularly introduced to it. There are essential LinkedIn marketing tips that can help people get the most benefit for your business and your products / services. By serving as a poignant advertising tool, LinkedIn can serve to deliver a marketing pitch for an individual’s professional field.

Below are five important steps that can help registered users to use the site as a social media platform to promote and advertise their business alongside the company’s products / services.

Keep your profile active – It is very necessary to update your LinkedIn profile regularly to get maximum visibility on the web. Be sure to highlight your field of expertise and experience in the particular area. This will bring visitors not only from the site’s domain but also from Google in general. Let your profile page be clearly visible in the Google search result at all times.

Make the most of research tools: You can use the LinkedIn site as your social media platform by making use of more and more research tools. This implies the wide reach that the site offers to users who can search a large group of people belonging to a particular industry.

Join new groups: Perhaps one of the best LinkedIn marketing tips is the group option that allows a person to associate with a number of professionals in the field of interest. Not only can you learn the contact details and business portfolio of other group members, but you can also express your own ideas through the Responses section of LinkedIn. The Open Groups option available on the site encourages broader discussions and has a different visibility on the web.

Scope of updates: LinkedIn offers the unique opportunity to share content directly that allows you to upload news and updates about your business portfolio to the site. You can make use of the appropriate tools to connect your news and updates to your blog, twitter, etc. This will instantly connect you with multiple members of the site who share the same interest as you.

Testimonials Help – It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee or a businessman, the relevant testimonials page on your LinkedIn site can help you grab the attention of your potential customers. Collect success stories and reflect them on your testimonial page to ensure maximum traffic for your page. The word of mouth marketing strategy helps a lot in the business field and LinkedIn offers you this option.

So when you have all these options available without the need for a premium membership, you should use them to achieve the best online marketing and networking strategy for your business.

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SEO tools to learn

Your online business will prosper if you master the art of search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization will increase the chances that business-ready customers will see your website. If you know the basics of SEO, your website will rank higher and appear among the best search results. This will allow customers to easily view your website. There are several tools that you can use to help you in your online marketing. These SEO tools are as follows:

Google keyword planner. When placing content or articles on your website, you need to know the right keywords to use. The Google Keyword Planner is a great SEO tool to help you determine which keyword or keyword phrases has the highest search volume. With the keyword planner, you will be able to know which version of the keyword phrase to use that will bring the most traffic to your website. The keyword planner will also give you information about what customers expect to read on your website page.

Google Trends. Another tool that SEO experts use is Google Trends. This tool will show you people’s interest in a specific keyword phrase over a period of time. Basically, this tool will help you determine when to publish your content. Google Trends will show you what potential customers are searching for and the period in which a specific keyword is the most searched. This tool is important as it will let you know when is the right time to post new content on your website.

Plagiarism checkers. Search engines frown on the use of duplicate content. If you need to publish existing content, you must give credit to the original author or else search engines will see your content as plagiarized and this content will not be allowed to publish. There are a large number of plagiarism checkers that you can use for free that will determine the authenticity of any content that you are about to publish on your website.

Common sense. If you are writing on your own, you should be aware that writing blogs and web articles is not enough. You should always write content with a specific goal in mind, which is to get your readers to buy the product or service you are selling. Google Keywords and Google Trends can give you a list of different versions of keywords that you can use that are related to your product. However, you should use these keywords in such a way that they flow naturally throughout the article. Bombarding your article with too many keywords can trick search engines into ranking you higher, this practice will not be attractive to your potential customers as they are the ones who are going to read your content.

When writing content for your website, remember to always write for people before writing for search engines. One way to make sure you have good quality content is to read your work out loud or have someone else read it too.