Versatile Review

What is Versativa?

Versativa is a brand. They are renaming what is often misunderstood as marijuana. Versatile cannabis sativa…get it?

Versativa is a hemp MLM.


So what’s the deal with this hemp company? Versativa is a new division of ForeverGreen, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Orem, Utah. It is a new line of hemp-based products. Versativa was pre-released in January 2011, with an official release planned for later in the year. ForeverGreen has four other brands with a number of health and wellness related products.


Ron Williams, the founder and CEO of ForeverGreen, was recently named president of the International Network Marketing Association. He previously founded Whole Living Inc., known as Brain Garden in 1998, and served as an executive at Neways and Young Living Essential Oils. Corporate executives come from previous MLM backgrounds, including Noni and Xango.

Movement and Market

What is unique about Versativa is the great hemp movement they work with. Google “hemp” and you’ll quickly discover that this super plant that can produce 30,000 different products has been banned since 1937. Hemp activists know the history and benefits of hemp very well, and are very passionate about the movement to legalize it. grow it in the field.

Hemp is a sustainable resource and an ecological solution to many of our problems. Vegetarians and health conscious people love the nutritional value of hemp seeds, and others are fascinated with the history and truth about hemp. There are not many options for hemp products or foods.


So what are these hemp products? Versativa currently has two unique products called Pulse and Hemphoria. Pulse is a completely organic and raw meal replacement based on hemp seeds. Hemphoria, the “peace and happiness blend”, is a hemp seed concentrate with all natural raw extracts. They will be launching a hemp body care line soon, and 40 other products are in development as well.

You might be interested to know that 80% of ForeverGreen’s products are purchased by customers, as opposed to distributors.

Payment plan

ForeverGreen has a unilevel compensation plan based on dynamic generation compression. Generations are not levels, and this structure allows you to go deeper than levels. You can start earning commissions from your first sale, and there’s no balance or requirements on either leg. The plan has a 60-day holding tank, which means you can keep your new members in a holding tank for up to 60 days before placing them on your team.

Leadership and support

Versativa is run by a number of seven figure earners in the industry. They offer a training program that you can connect to immediately. If you’re new to network marketing, or have limited time to work on your business, you may be interested in the lead co-op program where you can buy a share of exclusive leads who specifically inquired about Versativa.

What does this all mean?

Let’s see if I have this right. We have a 7 year old company with a new pre-launch opportunity, ground floor, on a product that is a hot topic and green breakthrough, with a unique selling proposition in a high market demand.

It sounds too good to be true, you could say. Are there any disadvantages? We’ll see. MLMs at this early stage tend to have a few problems to work out, and some people may prefer to wait until they have more product options.

Could Versativa be Amway’s version of hemp?

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