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Tricks to deal with the monsoon

Welcome the monsoon with a cup of hot coffee sitting in the comfort of home watching a good Hollywood movie with a soft blanket and enjoy the movie. Another option would be to watch the raindrops fall to the ground by sitting on the door step. Oh! Steaming hot samosas or bhajiyas accompanied by hot drinks and to forget about the hot and humid weather say goodbye for a while. The monsoon is also the time to change the look of the interior. This is how you can do it.

light up the upholstery

Cloudy skies bring with it dark and gloomy days both outside and inside. the interiors are pitch dark no matter how much light or lamps are on. Open the windows and doors and let the beautiful weather take its toll on the gloomy mood. Also, due to the dark cloud cover, interiors should try to use bright dark colors like red, maroon, and bright yellow, as they are considered warm colors and will add the necessary energy to make the place livelier. Pull out those brightly colored synthetic sheets that won’t mess up if you’ve got muddy feet or want to throw all your damp, wet clothes right on the bed.

Stack the drawers with medicines

The monsoon is coming and there is an increase in water bone disease like dysentery and viral fever is on the rise. Keep drawers and cabinets neatly stacked with acetaminophen, an antibacterial and pain-relieving solution as a hand wash. Kitchen sinks should have washed hand towels hung on ceramic hooks and hangers to keep you dry and clean and to ward off germs. Children tend to get injured due to playing and having fun with their friends. A disinfectant should always be kept on hand along with an antiseptic solution and medical tape.

Check the spices and the functionality of the kitchen furniture.

Check the spices and groceries in the pantry area. Items are prone to spoilage when they come into contact with the humid atmosphere outside. Eating these kinds of spices would bring trouble to family members and they will be prone to various kinds of infections. Empty your plastic jars that were filled with spices earlier to transfer to ceramic spice boxes in varying numbers of drawers. Hardware or hinges should be greased periodically for proper function and smooth movement of drawer and cabinets.

Old furniture made new

To give old furniture a new feel, add accessories in the form of ceramic knobs and handles. Cover the front step with a jute mat to prevent spills or accidents, as the steps become slippery when wet during the rainy season. The piece of furniture can be covered with a plastic cover to protect it from damp and humid situations and increases the useful life of the product that is covered. It also reduces the burden of the periodic washing and cleaning procedure to maintain the clean appearance and increase the aesthetic value of the product.