Does your app not convert? 5 tricks to increase conversions

Mobile apps are playing the role of a marketer for businesses that outperforms all other promotion and advertising methods. However, not all apps prove to be a great tool for marketing a company’s products or services. Apps that are simply good to look at or have great features may fail to convert users due to the complexity of the user interface or navigation. Therefore, the main focus of mobile app development should be on conversions rather than just making it beautiful and innovative.

There are many ways to increase your app’s user acquisition rate and ensure your conversions. Some of the most effective ones for you are discussed here.

Make the onboarding experience smoother

User experience (UX) determines the fate of an app, especially on onboarding. It is the first point of interaction with users and therefore can leave a lasting impression on their mind. So make it as simple as possible by providing fewer actions to users. Make registration/login fast and hassle-free by preventing users from entering too much personal information. Use graphic illustrations and gestures instead of long, boring texts to instruct them on how to use the app’s features.

Optimize the loading speed of the application

Most users stay away from apps that take longer to load, causing a delay in what they want to achieve. Work to optimize the speed of your app as it develops. If you can win over the interests of the users in the first instance with your speed, there are great chances of optimizing conversions.

Push notifications with personalized offers

After analyzing the behavior of your users in the app in their first active sessions, come up with a strategy for sending them push notifications. Push notifications are effective in converting users when relevant to their interests or preferences. Give users a hint that you have something just for them. Personal offers make them feel cared for and can therefore better convince them to make a purchase or take advantage of your service.

Encourage users with bonus points or rewards

Users like appreciation! Give them little surprises while they complete a task or check out an order with bonus points or rewards. Encourage them to accumulate more points or rewards of this type, which will generate a great offer later. While it’s a great way to encourage user engagement on a consistent basis, user churn will drop significantly. Users will always have a reason to come back and make a purchase/order request.

Include social media integrations

Popular social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter have a massive user base, so integrating your app with them can generate a lot of users through referrals. The trick here is to use eWOM (electronic word of mouth). Your need to persuade current users with referral rewards to spread the benefits of your app using their social media accounts. Customers are your main advertisers, so any positive feedback will surely convince others to use your app and realize its benefits.

Influence users enough so that they don’t just stay, but actively go through the conversion funnel, i.e., reach the payment or in-app interaction endpoint. Together, the aforementioned tips explain how to make your app journey smooth from the start, win over users with custom features or offers, and keep them engaged throughout. If you have an app idea in mind and want it to experience maximum conversions, keep these tips in mind and ask your developers accordingly.