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Is there any way to make my ex-wife like me again and finally come back? Yes there are

Sometimes separation is vital for people to realize the true value of their partner. If you feel that your ex-wife is still your soulmate and you want to get her back, you will have to work very hard. These are the things you must do to get your ex-wife back.

Don’t start harassing her
The moment you realize that you want your ex-wife back, your adrenaline kicks in and you set out to find her. If you are doing this or thinking about doing it, you can forget to get it back. Stalking her and trying to figure out what’s going on in her life will only take you away from her.

Work your way
Use the time you have alone to understand why you are alone today. What were the things that your ex-wife wanted to change in you? Take an introspective journey to discover the reasons behind everything that has happened and work to rectify them. Believe me, it will be helpful to you, as she will want you to tell her and you will not want to go wrong with these things.

Get in touch with her
Once you have resolved your issues and your feelings are under control, you need to get back in touch with your ex-wife. Start with an email or text message if you still can’t have a conversation. Just make the move and be patient if she takes the time to respond.

Tell him you just want to be friends
When you talk to her, tell her that you would like to have her presence in your life. Things may not have worked out for you two as a couple, but you guys were great as friends. Tell him that he has lost his wife, but that it is the friend in her that he does not want to lose. This will give him a reason to be your friend.

Don’t be too personal
Make sure you are never too personal with your wife. Don’t ask her especially about the status of her relationship and never try to sabotage her dates. She will understand and will kick you out of her life.

Be a good friend
When you ask him to be his friend, be his friend. Have fun with her, spend enough time with her, and help her enjoy life. After all, you know her like no one else. Once he falls in love with your friendship, he will start to want to get back with you.

Little by little he starts talking about the old days
Once she’s established herself as a friend, you can slowly start talking about the fun, fun, and fun times we spent together. Memories will warn him that he wants to get back to you.