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Is there any way to make my ex-wife like me again and finally come back? Yes there are

Sometimes separation is vital for people to realize the true value of their partner. If you feel that your ex-wife is still your soulmate and you want to get her back, you will have to work very hard. These are the things you must do to get your ex-wife back.

Don’t start harassing her
The moment you realize that you want your ex-wife back, your adrenaline kicks in and you set out to find her. If you are doing this or thinking about doing it, you can forget to get it back. Stalking her and trying to figure out what’s going on in her life will only take you away from her.

Work your way
Use the time you have alone to understand why you are alone today. What were the things that your ex-wife wanted to change in you? Take an introspective journey to discover the reasons behind everything that has happened and work to rectify them. Believe me, it will be helpful to you, as she will want you to tell her and you will not want to go wrong with these things.

Get in touch with her
Once you have resolved your issues and your feelings are under control, you need to get back in touch with your ex-wife. Start with an email or text message if you still can’t have a conversation. Just make the move and be patient if she takes the time to respond.

Tell him you just want to be friends
When you talk to her, tell her that you would like to have her presence in your life. Things may not have worked out for you two as a couple, but you guys were great as friends. Tell him that he has lost his wife, but that it is the friend in her that he does not want to lose. This will give him a reason to be your friend.

Don’t be too personal
Make sure you are never too personal with your wife. Don’t ask her especially about the status of her relationship and never try to sabotage her dates. She will understand and will kick you out of her life.

Be a good friend
When you ask him to be his friend, be his friend. Have fun with her, spend enough time with her, and help her enjoy life. After all, you know her like no one else. Once he falls in love with your friendship, he will start to want to get back with you.

Little by little he starts talking about the old days
Once she’s established herself as a friend, you can slowly start talking about the fun, fun, and fun times we spent together. Memories will warn him that he wants to get back to you.


Apple Mac Mini MGEQ2LL / A review: a must-have mini computer for students and space savers

While it is marketed as a desktop computer for college students, this Mac is truly a great option for any type of user. It is so small that it hardly takes up space on desks in bedrooms or in the office. If you’re looking for something that combines the performance of a desktop with the compactness of a laptop, the Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL / A is definitely a great choice.

The powerful components inside the small tower work together to improve performance. Everything runs on Mac OS X, which is designed with optimized controls for easy application navigation.

This mini tower weighs no more than a lightweight laptop at just 2.65 pounds. It is 1.4 inches tall, 7.8 inches deep, and 7.8 inches wide. Since it comes with Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, no physical connection is required to access the Internet on the MGEQ2LL / A.

A 1TB Fusion Drive comes standard on this model. It combines a SATA hard drive with a fast PCi-e based flash solution. It is faster than typical SATA, but still slower than a flash drive. For most users, it will be fast enough, due to its ability to launch frequently used applications almost immediately, as the files you use the most will have the highest priority. Resources are not wasted on infrequently used programs and data.

Intel Iris graphics are proof that the PC can be used for more than just academic purposes. You can watch videos and movies at your leisure or even play some games.

Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL / A connectivity

The Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL / A has the ability to accommodate almost any type of screen, keyboard, and mouse. You can save money by using the peripherals of an older computer. Just connect the mini to everything via HDMI and USB.

Speaking of which, the Thunderbolt 2 I / O is included. This is the fastest and most versatile I / O configuration on any size desktop. You get 20Gbps channels to transfer data between USB-enabled devices.

The computer works with a fourth generation. Intel i5 dual-core processor with a base speed of 2.8 GHz and a maximum speed of 3.3 GHz with Turbo Boost technology. The 8GB LDDR3 SDRAM memory comes installed with a speed of 1600 MHz.

Not only is this little thing packed with hardware, it’s also packed with useful software that you’ll likely be using. Once the machine is set up and ready to go, it will find iTunes, iPhoto, Keynote, etc., all waiting for you to start using them.

The Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL / A is such a green (Energy Star rated) computer that you will actually save money on your electricity bill by using it. In time, it will pay for itself!

Savings are possible with the use of Apple Mac coupon codes. As with any coupon, be sure to read the fine print. Review the Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL / A discount offers to determine which one is the best for you.


Offshore factoring can reduce your business tax by 70%

What is offshore factoring? How does it work? Find out how to reduce business taxes by up to 70%

What if there was a way to virtually CONTROL how much you pay in taxes each year … WITHOUT spending money on things you don’t need?

Non-recourse factoring is one of the most powerful yet simplistic strategies you can implement to obtain tax savings and asset protection for your small and medium-sized business that rivals that of large multinational corporations.

What is “Non-recourse Factoring”?

Well, factoring is a commonly employed business solution for a company that needs short-term liquidity or would like to accelerate its cash flow. Factoring involves a company that has extended credit, often in the form of supplier financing to customers, by selling these accounts receivable for cash.

Due to the time before collection of outstanding debts can be finalized and the uncertainty of collecting accounts receivable, the company’s a / r will be discounted by some “factor.” Depending on credit history, industry, collection time, etc., discounts on accounts receivable can range from 10% to more than half of potential accounts receivable.

“Non-recourse” means that the buyer of the receivable cannot attempt to collect from the original owner of the receivable if the debt becomes bad in the future.

Here’s how “non-recourse factoring” can virtually eliminate your tax bill

To illustrate the details of how this works and what it can do for you, I will use a hypothetical case study with a fictional character named Dr. Benedict.

Dr. Benedict runs his own private practice. You are concerned that your assets are in jeopardy from unnecessary lawsuits. Many of your friends have gone out of business because they are concerned about the price of negligence insurance … but you hate seeing your job go to waste and you don’t want to leave the job you love.

What does Dr. Benedict do?

1) Establish an offshore structure.

2) Transfer some after-tax funds to offshore structure. The offshore structure will take on the role of ‘factor’.

3) Sell your accounts receivable to the offshore structure at a discounted price. Non-recourse factoring (where the factor assumes the risks that its clients will not pay) discounts are dependent on the market rate, but in many places they can be as high as 70%. So, let’s say the Doctor sells his accounts receivable to his offshore structure for 30% of their value.

4) Then ONLY the country’s tax on that 30%. The rest is collected by the tax-free offshore structure.

5) The doctor’s practice continues to collect payments from accounts receivable and remits them to the offshore factor.

Not only are you reducing your tax bill to a shell than it was before, but you are also protecting the tax-free money you have earned. If at any point a patient takes you to court or faces financial difficulties, that reserve of savings abroad will be incredibly difficult to attack. The cash saved can simply stay abroad accruing interest or be invested elsewhere, tax-free.

The most complex part of this deal is setting up the offshore structure, but there are people available who can help you with that and guide you through the entire process.

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Papasan Chair Makeovers – Making an Old Chair Look Sleek and Modern

Daddy-what? This would probably be the reaction of most young people today when they hear about Papasan chairs. However, it is perfectly understandable because papasan chairs are not that popular anymore these days, unlike in the 1970s, when virtually every household in the United States had at least one of these chairs.

If you are one of the millions of people who have owned a papasan chair for years and are now trying to decide whether to sell it at an online auction, donate it to a charity, or just throw it away, you might want to stop for a minute. and reconsider your options. Although there are people who are convinced that the days of the papasan chair are over, there are also those who believe that it can still be used as an important feature in modern interior design.

There are actually a number of things you can do to update the look of your papasan chair so that it fits perfectly in any room in your home. Here are some of the easiest makeover tips you can follow:

  • Stain the foundation a different color. Most of the traditional papasan chairs are made of rattan and are treated with clear lacquer to show the light brown color of the rattan. You can change the look of your chair considerably by re-staining it a darker shade like mahogany or even black. This will not only make the chair look like new, but it will also give it a more elegant and sophisticated look. Painting over the rattan base is generally not recommended, but it may work if you plan to move the chair into your child’s bedroom or playroom, in which case a brighter color could certainly be more appropriate.
  • Make a new cushion cover. By changing the color, print, or fabric of your papasan chair cushion, you can make it look like a completely different chair than the one you’ve been using for all these decades. An easy way to do this is by making a new cushion cover. The options are practically endless because you have all the fabrics in the world to choose from. While you’re at it, you may also want to make several additional covers so that you can change the look of your chair as the seasons change, for example.
  • Simplify the design. Many old-fashioned papasan cushions have pretty bold prints and bold colors. They may have worked perfectly with design trends back then, but now it’s more about elegance and sophistication in simple elements. So if you are going to swap out your papasan cushion covers, it would be a good idea to stick to plain, preferably light shades. A papasan chair with a luxurious off-white cushion and a dark stain at the base would certainly look very elegant indeed.

Of course, before following any of these papasan makeover tips, you should first verify that the chair is still in relatively good condition. If there are minor repairs that need to be made to the base, you should take care of them before you start painting or staining. If the cushion has already become thinner due to age and excessive use, it would be better to throw it away and buy a completely new cushion.

On the other hand, if you are not trying to get rid of an old papasan chair but are actually looking for one, you are very lucky because there are so many of these wonderful chairs that are sold all over the country at extremely low prices. . Used ones can be had for only ten dollars if you are a talented negotiator, while new ones can be purchased for $ 50- $ 100.

When buying a new papasan chair, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of the craftsmanship. Papasan chairs are handcrafted and most of them are imported from Southeast Asia, where native workers expertly create these works of art. These chairs go through an intensive quality control procedure and you can be assured of their excellence and durability.

However, there are also some papasans that are not as high quality as this authentic furniture. The rattan or wicker may not have been properly treated and will be prone to rotting or other types of damage within a few months of purchase. You can avoid these problems by making sure you buy your Papasan chairs only from a reputable dealer or retailer.

Whether you are repurposing an old papasan chair or purchasing a brand new one, you can be sure that these chairs will be able to provide comfortable seating for you and the other members of your household for many years to come.


Experience your vehicle’s performance with the latest Ford F150 4×4 accessories

Ford trucks and their respective Ford truck parts are inventively designed and manufactured for very demanding jobs or tough off-road activities. They have the built-in ability to pull light and heavy cargo, tow machinery and equipment, and drive through undulating roads where the power and endurance of the vehicle are put to the test.

These ruggedized pickup trucks can do just about anything you want them to do and they can turn out to be the best off-road vehicles. With the outstanding appearance and solid construction of these Ford truck parts, unmatched mobility and reliability are the main points associated with Ford trucks. Highly efficient and fully functional Ford truck parts exhibit unbeatable performance. Knowing the benefits of all these trucks, anyone can greatly applaud the incredible process and mechanism of operation of the vehicle.

Ford F150 4 × 4 accessories are carefully designed and engineered to increase the already enormous power output of the vehicle. With the high efficiency of all these Ford F150 4 × 4 accessories, the vehicle can pull and drag small and large equipment in a much easier way. So, on your off-road trip to Dubai or other expansive sights, you will come across your most exciting driving experience, as Ford F150 4 × 4 accessories have the most powerful staying ability to withstand even the toughest terrain.

The suspension parts of the Ford F150 provide the dominant forces that the truck requires in order for it to deliver the expected performance. To provide the required power, torque value and better fuel economy; Ford F150 suspension parts are designed so you can celebrate the off-road with your friends and family. Ford super duty accessories such as exhaust kits, microtuners, air intakes, performance chips, air filters and other performance enhancing parts are carefully and precisely designed to keep your unit free voltage and completely safe.

Various types of Ford F150 4 × 4 accessories and Ford super duty accessories are basically designed to keep up with the already superior quality of the vehicle and therefore set it apart from the rest, which is what the brand called Ford is known for. Now if you personalize or personalize your Ford, you’re basically giving your vehicle a personal touch of sorts, making it the ultimate outlet for self-expression and freedom. Your vehicle displays a unique character that is a kind of reflection of your own personality. So whatever you add or subtract, be careful if you really want it or not! Ford Super Duty accessories are designed to enhance towing capacity, innovative tailgate, refined suspension system and other rare and valuable features; thus giving the driver, as well as the passengers, an elaborate experience of excellent driving, excellent handling and excellent stability and that also during the stages when the vehicle is empty and fully loaded. That is what is called hard luxury!

If you personalize your vehicle, make sure it displays the optimum ride quality and the high level of occupant competence. Ford vehicles are guaranteed to go through strict quality standards to ensure their efficiency and long-term service to their customers who display a high level of brand loyalty.

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Snapchat Vs Instagram: Which is better and safer?

If there’s one thing young people need, it’s a cool platform with great features for posting photos and sharing videos online. After all, it is your source of entertainment. With the selfie trend at its peak, these platforms have become the necessity of the moment. Businesses are looking for the perfect platform, while the truth is that both Snapchat and Instagram have their own niche and massive followers. Most of the users of these platforms are young people totally driven by mobile devices and obsessed with their smartphones. This article will walk you through the Snapchat and Instagram features and help you decide which platform is better and more secure:


Snapchat is like texting with pictures. Parents are concerned that kids spend a lot of time on Snapchat sharing their photos, which worries them. On Snapchat, there are a certain number of videos and images that you can send or receive at a certain time. Each session lasts a few seconds and when it expires the data is erased. It claims to be safe, but social media privacy policies are often voluntarily suspended without users knowing.

A significant danger of using Snapchat is that teens don’t even know that by agreeing to its privacy policy, they have allowed Snapchat to use their data. It is important to note that any image that your child shares on Snapchat, they are aware of the fact that it is accessible all over the world. Snapchat offers “Snaps” and “Stories”. Snapshots are the images or videos that a user shares with a single person, although anyone can save the photo as a screenshot and share it with ease. Stories are videos that a user shares with numerous people and that can be viewed an unlimited number of times before the session expires, that is, 24 hours.


Have you ever met people who have nothing to do with your life, but you know a lot about them? Surely the answer is yes! We live in 2016, where social media has literally made everything accessible, at your fingertips. Instagram fans share their daily life on this app through photos, especially what they eat during the day, with popular hashtags, although other users are not really interested in what this person had for lunch! Hashtags are all the rage for Instagram users. They are totally obsessed with them, while many others get irritated by this upward trend. According to Instagram policy, user images can be public or private. The configuration depends on the user’s preferences. Users post their photos which can be searched through hashtags.

Analyzing Snapchat and Instagram

Instagram creates a library of images for its users, while the underlying characteristic of Snapchat is that the data shared by its users is not permanent, which, however, is easily violated by its users. The analysis unravels the fact that Instagram is more secure than Snapchat and therefore a better option for the average user.


Playstation 3 blinking green light error: four tips to fix your PS3 and get it working again

Is the light on your PlayStation 3 flashing green? If so, you don’t have to worry. This is a very common problem, which has numerous solutions depending on the problems you face. If your PS3 is flashing a green light, it may take longer for your console to shut down. There is no need to worry. First, take a deep breath and calm down. You can fix this problem without going to any PS3 service center. We will tell you a number of methods that PS3 users have tried successfully.

Here are some ways to get rid of this problem.

1 – Restarting your console

The most common cause of PS3 flashing green light is that your PS3 has encountered a temporary software problem. When this happens, the system locks up and prevents the user from controlling the console. A simple solution to this problem is to press the power button to turn off the PS3. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to allow it to update. Now wait 20 minutes to allow the system to cool down as this problem may have been caused by overheating. Now turn on your PS3. Most users do not encounter problems after following this procedure. If your PS3 is repaired by following this procedure, please enjoy playing with your friends.

2 – Check your cables

If the above mentioned method does not solve your problem and you are still having issues with the flashing green light on your PS3 then you need to check the cables to see if they are connected properly or not. Sometimes PS3 blinks a green light just due to a loose connection. If this is the case, you will get rid of this problem permanently.

3 – Check for damage

If your PS3 keeps flashing that green light and the previous two methods have been to no avail, there may be some serious problem with your cables. The best way to check is to disconnect all cables except the power cord. Now check if any of the cables are damaged or not. If you find any damaged cables, replace them. Now reconnect all cables correctly. Make sure all cables are properly connected to the ports. Now turn on your PS3 and check if the problem has disappeared or not. If your PS3 still has that flashing green light, there may be internal damage to some of its cables. Borrow another cable from your friend and connect it to your PS3. Through proper trial and error, you will find out which of your cables is causing problems. Replace that cable and get rid of this nasty green light error.

4 – Unplug the hard drive

If you still have the problem after using all the methods mentioned above, you will have to disconnect the hard drive. There may be a memory problem. Take the hard drive out for at least 10 minutes to allow the hard drive to cycle through memory. This generally restores memory and fixes the green light issue. After waiting 10 minutes, reconnect the hard drive to the console and restart your PS3. By following this method, you will surely be able to get rid of the green light error.

Errors make your game so frustrating. Nothing is more annoying than encountering an error like the blinking green light on the PlayStation 3 when you were about to complete a stage or, even worse, if you are about to beat a friend. These guidelines will allow you to enjoy the games to the fullest. Enjoy the game!

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Let’s burn some calories!

I see this error all the time; people wonder why their hard work is not paying off. You need to understand your body’s caloric needs and respond accordingly! The science is solid: To gain weight, consume more calories than you burn. To lose weight, burn more than you consume. It really is that simple.

Taking every daily activity into your schedule and diet plan may seem like a stretch, but it isn’t. Ignoring something as small as a protein bar can have a huge impact over the course of several days. The difference between gaining and losing weight is only 600 calories!

Okay, now you know why it is so important to stay on top of things. You’ve figured out how much you need to eat, but now there’s only one problem: how many calories do you burn lifting weights? It is definitely a good question and it depends on the person. The amount of energy you expend also depends on the intensity of your workouts.

Sprinting is going to be more intense than jogging: common sense. Generally, I expect to use around 500 to 700 calories per training session. However, I train on a high intensity schedule that incorporates a lot of volume. Your needs are probably different.

Although that’s fine! Regardless of how hard you train and what body type you fit into, there is a simple and easy way to determine how many calories you need per day. Eat the same number of calories every day for a week, say 2,500. If you haven’t gained or lost weight by the end of the week, you know your calorie maintenance is 2,500. That means to lose weight, try to gain around than 2,200. To gain muscle, eat about 2,800.

You will have to experiment to find out how many calories your body needs. Goal number one is to feel more comfortable knowing how your body responds. Calories are not the only important thing to consider. You also need to eat enough protein.

Try to eat at least 1.5 g of protein per pound of body weight. Chicken is a great source of protein that doesn’t have a lot of calories, it’s perfect for fueling your body when you’re trying to lose weight. On the other hand, red meats like beef and pork are excellent high-calorie protein sources for those trying to gain muscle.

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How to choose an LSAT class


When choosing an LSAT course, rather than trying to determine which test prep course is the “best,” you should be concerned with the course that best meets your needs. Determine what is important to you: Lots of practice material with explanations and computer grading? Many hours of class? Small classes with personalized attention? Easy to learn material? Once you’ve determined your needs, review each company to see which one best suits your needs.


What should a good LSAT teacher possess? Test teaching experience and enthusiasm. When choosing a course, contact companies directly and ask who specifically will be teaching your course, rather than assuming that all teachers in a company are necessarily the same. When evaluating teachers, many students assume that a higher score equates to a better teacher. This is not necessarily true. What is the difference between someone who scored in the 95th percentile (approximately 167) and someone who scored in the 99.1 percentile (approximately 172)? Little. In fact, above the 95th percentile, a higher LSAT score often simply reflects the speed at which an examinee reads, not necessarily how much knowledge of the LSAT the examinee has. As such, someone who scored in the 99th percentile probably reads a little faster than someone who scored in the 95th percentile. Thus, the difference between a teacher who scored in the 95th percentile vs. the 99th percentile it means very little. What does count is how well the teacher can teach you to score well. What about the teacher’s experience with law school or law? This is a nice bonus, but for teaching the LSAT, it doesn’t matter much. The LSAT assesses logic and reading, as such, no knowledge of law is required. If you have questions about law, law school, or admissions, check with your school’s pre-law advisor or other source (many test prep companies also offer law school admissions consulting).


Focus on how one company teaches you methods rather than which company has the “best” methods. Many focus on the Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) methods of a course, as this section often turns out to be the most difficult and unfamiliar to many examinees. This is certainly an important section, but keep in mind that the Logical Reasoning section consists of two full sections, compared to an Analytical Reasoning section. As such, be sure to review a company’s logical reasoning methods (and how they teach those methods).


This is an area in which courses vary. Check each company to see what you get besides class. Most prep companies offer multiple LSAT prep tests as part of the course. If you take a course that LSAT PrepTests do not offer, you must purchase them on your own.


If you think that a prep book is not enough, but a live course is too expensive, consider taking an online course, which provides essentially the same content as a live course, but over the Internet. Many online course options give you an email contact if you get really stuck – a huge advantage over a book. If you’re fine without a teacher but want a lot more support than that in a book, consider online options.

WHAT COURSE SHOULD I TAKE? Follow these steps:

Step 1- Decide what is important to you: flexibility or structure? A lot of time in the classroom or a lot of practice material? Serious or relaxed atmosphere? Small classes? Online course?

Step 2- Contact the companies and get specific information about the expertise and enthusiasm of your local teacher.

Step 3- Choose a course. Optional: If you haven’t taken a logic course, consider taking one before your LSAT class or purchasing Richard Feldman’s Reason & Argument, a great introduction to the basics of logic.

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What happens when we die?

There are as many opinions about the potential of an afterlife as there are stars in the sky. Devoutly religious people anticipate a conventional life after death in heaven, hell, or purgatory; others believe in reincarnation. Imaginative atheists conceptualize alternative dimensions. Agnostics claim that there is no existence after death. Einstein believed that no one could understand the universe except through his own imperfect perspective.

Most of us agree that science gives us the opportunity to empirically confirm or disprove any concept, including life after death. Many piously religious people despise science for that very fact. For example, we know through carbon dating that the Earth is billions of years old. This is an empirical fact. It is as real as gravity. We can measure it. This fact refutes the biblical claim that the earth is only a few thousand years old. But what about other religious concepts? Could they be true? And how can scientists reconcile their own religious beliefs, when they conflict with empirical evidence?

We know that our consciousness (everything we think about, all our memories, values, loves, hates, fears, and emotions) is the product of neurons that fire in our cerebral cortex. When the cells of our cerebral cortex die, our consciousness perishes. This is the physical and legal concept of brain death. We can quantify it and calculate it. To prove that there is an afterlife, we must empirically show that consciousness exits after brain cells perish and that it exists elsewhere. In all of human history, no one has been able to achieve this. Until someone does, we cannot know that there is an afterlife. We can believe it by faith. But its certainty eludes us.

Some people use common near-death experiences to validate an afterlife. For example, people who have been revived from near-death experiences express common characteristics of the experience, such as “traveling through a dark tunnel into white light.” However, we know from empirical evidence that brain cells for visual functioning are often the first to stop running in the absence of oxygenated blood. Brain cells can function for about six minutes after they stop receiving oxygen. Therefore, it would be normal for revived people to see their vision gradually disappear, mimicking a tunnel with white light at the end. This in no way suggests an afterlife; rather, it is a normal part of conscious brain death.

In the end, we don’t know if there is life after death. If so, it has not been tested (empirically) over time. If not, then we must accept that the sum of our existence occurs during the time that we are alive. Therefore, it is essential that we use every minute wisely. In this, religion produces a paradox. What if there is an afterlife? Would that imply that inappropriate behavior could be redeemed in the afterlife? Can we act with senseless brutality and be forgiven? Would such a truth allow humanity to be intolerant and cruel? Could the religious concept of an afterlife inadvertently allow for more hatred, mistrust, and selfishness?

In the absence of science, when great leaps of faith leave us wanting, we must resort to logic. The fact that we have doubts about an afterlife means that we must feel compelled to act in ways that benefit our descendants now. We must be tolerant and kind to each other, care wisely for our planet, and hand over a world to our progeny that is better than the one we inherited. If we only have one chance to exist, let’s make sure our actions are based on wisdom, love, and charity. If there is an afterlife, then we might have one more chance to act wisely. Otherwise, we will have wisely used our only chance to create a better world.