Complete Piano Transcriptions For Piano Vol 1

Complete Piano Transcriptions

There are some great pieces on this disc, but it is the transcriptions that make this a special edition. The music is transcribed in a way that makes it easy to learn.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new collection of the complete works of Stravinsky. Alexey Zuev has a deep love of the composer’s music and this album is his attempt to capture his vision in all its splendour.

One of the most important aspects of this recording is the inclusion of an innovative transcribing device called the ‘Berlin Piano Magic’, which allows the pianist to make transcriptions of the original score without the need for a midi keyboard or computer. Using this technology, Zuev has created an impressive 5 discs that encompass some of the most exciting and interesting piano music of all time.

Complete Piano Transcriptions For Piano Vol 1

This is a major milestone in the career of this accomplished pianist and this volume will be a delight to those of us who are fans of the man and his work. The three discs feature the most important transcriptions from his extensive catalogue of solo piano music, a feat which had been a long time in the planning.

The first volume in the series, this is a truly wonderful set of the best transcriptions of the most exciting and challenging of Stravinsky’s solo piano music.

Featuring some of the most impressive piano arrangements we’ve ever heard, this is a must-have for the serious Stravinsky fanatic.

A plethora of other great works from the same period is also available, including 24’mouse-moving’ pieces from Handel, Telemann and Couperin that are perfect for the intermediate pianist.

This is a wonderful set of the best transcriptions of the best solo piano music from the most exciting and challenging of all time.

These programs are usually compatible with multiple devices and are available for both PC and Mac. They’re generally very affordable and are a great way to learn how to transcribe music from any source, especially for students who aren’t ready to purchase a full-featured notation editor yet.

Using automatic music transcription can be helpful in the classroom, as it can allow students to quickly play a piece of music and understand the notes that go with it. This is a great tool for developing musicality and listening skills, as well as helping students to identify the melodies and harmonies of songs they hear on the radio.