The London rental market is booming and how to arrange your accommodation wisely

“The eye-catching strength of the city of London is obvious to all. The aura of prestigious schools and the beautiful environment have attracted many international students to apply for London schools. The London student accommodation is booming, and it is extremely difficult to apply for school dormitories. Where should we go when we first arrive in London? Xiaoju brings solutions for you to choose from.

School dormitory (On campus accommodation)
Taking food as the standard, there are Catered and Self-catering dormitories. Catered can usually go to the school cafeteria to eat, while self-catering needs to share the kitchen with other people to cook. Standard, En-suite room and Studio are the three most common types of dormitories in London. Studio is a single suite with bed, furniture, bathroom and kitchen, suitable for students who prefer quiet and privacy. The En-suite room has an independent bathroom, but the kitchen is a shared facility, and the price is higher than basic. Standard has the lowest price, and the kitchen and bathroom are shared.

Advantages First, you can share a room with friends from all over the world, and there is a strong cultural diversity in life. Second, for some schools, the dormitory is very close to the school and library, and it will not take too much time on the road. In addition, furniture and facilities do not need to be prepared separately, only personal items need to be brought. Finally, school dormitories are usually safe and suitable for students who are new to London. After all, safety is the most important consideration.

Cons, Many colleges have limited housing, only undergraduate applicants, and cater for first-year students. You cannot choose a roommate, and there may be differences in the living habits and other aspects of the roommate. Many basic living facilities, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are shared, and hygiene and cleanliness are unpredictable. Some universities require students to move out during Christmas and other holidays, or to move to another residence hall, which can be troublesome.

Home Stay
Many people think that Home Stay is an accommodation option that can quickly integrate into local life. Some schools have departments that help students connect with local host families. You can also search through local websites or recommendations from people around you, which will be cheaper. Uncertainty may be the most tangled place for all the friends who want to choose a host family. After all, not everyone is 100% guaranteed to meet a landlord who shares your interests. Whether the host family is suitable for you is really a matter of luck.
There are many other aspects to be aware of when living with a host family. First of all, respect the living habits of the landlord and the whole family, and try to keep pace with their living frequency as much as possible. Secondly, we must pay attention to hygiene, and our room should be tidy at any time, so as not to be too messy. In addition, if you want to bring a friend to your home, you must first obtain the consent of the host family, and do not shout loudly, so as not to disturb the normal life of others. Finally, all equipment and furniture in the house should be used with care and returned to their original positions after use. If there is any damage, it is necessary to honestly inform the landlord and take the corresponding responsibility.

Advantages, the biggest advantage of homestay is of course the in-depth understanding of local cultural life and quick integration. Home Stay will present a 100% real London life scene before your eyes. You get to take part in the daily life of a London family, learning about their hobbies, food and attitudes towards things. Sometimes you can also participate in family meetings and dinners.

Cons, most host families will provide two meals a day. However, with the barrage of complaints about British food, everyone is prepared for a home-cooked meal and cannot complain about the food being unpalatable. Don’t even think about cooking your own meals, many families don’t allow students to start fires. Families in London basically do not have locks for every bedroom in the house, so you may not have a key to your own room, and students who want a private space may have some concerns.

Off-campus student accommodations
University housing in London is generally tight, and students and graduate students who are in their second year or above choose to live in student accommodations outside the school. There are many room types in off-campus student accommodation London, and the prices vary greatly.
Advantages: First, the choice of the area where the house is located, the decoration style of the room, and the choice of shared roommates have a high degree of autonomy; second, there is more privacy and the chance of being disturbed is reduced; third, some landlords allow small animals , very suitable for students who like to keep pets; fourth, the independence of life is enhanced, suitable for students who like to be quiet.

The disadvantage is that it is easy to be deceived by the second landlord, and it is impossible to appeal for rights protection; when the rent is returned, the deposit may be criticized by the landlord and cannot be fully refunded; whether the landlord is lucky or not, sometimes the landlord asks for a large amount of compensation for repairs on the grounds that the items in the room are damaged.

Students apartment
student accommodations are the first choice for most students who choose off-campus student accommodations. First of all, the security measures in student accommodations are usually very good. There are not only access control, but also night patrols, so the safety factor is high. Secondly, London student accommodation are usually managed and operated by large apartment companies, and the quality is guaranteed. In addition, the facilities of student accommodations are generally complete, and the rent includes water and electricity, etc. There are various entertainment areas in the community, which can maintain a high level of living quality. Finally, the service staff of the apartment are very professional and if there is a problem, it can be solved quickly.

Generally speaking, living in a school dormitory is the best way to enjoy campus life, but it is subject to some rules and is more likely to be disturbed by others. Home stay can quickly connect you with a new city and gain an in-depth understanding of the city, but the rent is a bit high, and the food may not be to your taste. Off-campus student accommodations can make your life more free, and you will encounter many problems that need to be solved independently. In general, student accommodations are suitable for foreign students in terms of price, location and living configuration. The choice of accommodation options depends on your financial situation, lifestyle and standard of living, so be specific.”