The Basic Tools of the Dog Training Trade

Dogs are creatures of habit, and if trained, they will exhibit certain behaviors to mark particular times of the day, even more clearly. There are many training aids that you will find at the dog store, for the ever growing line of pet supplies that will aid in the task of dog training, making things manageable for you.

Among the many different tools for the dog training trade, items such as clickers, leashes of different varieties, halters, electronic collars, electronic and chemical training aids, muzzles and treat holders are the staple tools in the world of trainers and can make their jobs easier. efforts to train your dog. dog.

Let’s start with the clicker, which is a plastic-coated metal box that makes a clicking noise when the metal is pressed and released. It is a practical device that helps to achieve quick attention in your dog once it is taught to recognize the sound. After being trained, your dog can distinguish sound even with a lot of background noise or relatively long distances. Leashes are useful tools ranging from a very short leash of less than eighteen inches in length to an extremely long leash of twenty feet or more.

The shorter leashes are used while training your dog for fence behaviors like the Sit, Heel and Stay commands, while the longer leashes come with some nice features like the retractable leash that prevents tripping and entanglement hazards. , are essentially used for behaviors that allow more freedom. Unlike a short leash, a long leash poses dangers to your dog or other people when walking in a crowd before, now they have been modernized and consist of a spring loaded reel that will allow the dog to explore from a distance, but will wind up like the animal. returns.

The halter allows more control for the owner and less strain on the dogs neck, it is essentially an extension of the collar. The electronic collar is another control device that comes in two main categories, sonic and shocker, both of which are applied when the dog engages in a certain unpleasant behavior, although the sonic version is the more humane of the two. Electronic shock mat and chemical-based training aids include products like Bitter Apple sprays or creams that are used to prevent your pet from jumping up on your expensive leather sofa or recliners and to prevent chewing or self-mutilation behaviors. Last but not least, the special treat holder that has become quite popular in training circles provides a neat way to carry treats on the side without constantly digging into your pockets or keeping your hands full.