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Lose weight while you sleep

Lose Weight While You Sleep – Wow!

I have many clients who constantly ask me how to lose weight, but very rarely do people consider the fact that you can increase your metabolism while you sleep. I think this is because most people associate fat loss with hard work and high intensity exercise. This is definitely true, there are no quick fix shortcuts to achieving the body you want. However, there are little tricks you can do to help increase the number of calories you burn.

Let me explain how to burn fat while you sleep. The first tip that is probably the most important is to increase your overall resting metabolism.

In addition to increasing your RMR (resting metabolic rate), there are other solutions for losing weight while you sleep. One of those solutions is to focus on specific types of training that break down more muscle tissue.

Weight training in general has been shown to be the best way to safely and effectively break down muscle tissue. Slow reps with a heavy enough weight is one of the best ways to maximize hypertrophy or muscle breakdown and gain.

When muscles break down, it takes time and energy (also known as calories) to repair damaged muscles. So if you do weight training and break your muscles, while you sleep at night, your muscle tissues will use calories to repair themselves.

The other very effective and simple way to lose weight while you sleep is by eating a meal high in fat and protein before bed.

Although a high-fat meal before bed sounds a bit counterintuitive, trust me, give it a try. Fat slows down the digestion of whatever food we eat. So if I have a piece of steak, it will likely take longer to break down than a whey protein shake.

Don’t eat fat after your workout because you want the protein to break down and get into your bloodstream and muscles as quickly as possible. To further slow down the digestion of the food you eat before bed, have a source of slow-digesting protein. Again, whey protein is not very slow digesting, but there are many sources of slow digesting protein to choose from. This, combined with the fat, will literally create a weight loss dinner.

Protein sources such as casein, cottage cheese, milk, pork, steak, chicken, turkey, salmon, and nut butters. Be careful with nut butters because one macronutrient we don’t want to consume before bed is carbohydrates. Nut butters typically come with carbs, so if you were trying to cut down and lose weight, you’d probably avoid them all together.

I hope I have helped answer the question about how to lose weight while you sleep. Go out to dinner to lose weight and make it rich in fat and protein.