How to start a diaper cake business and make money doing it

The best thing about starting a diaper cake business is the fact that you will always have customers and low cost word of mouth is your best advertising medium.

There are, on average, 10,657 babies born each day in the United States. That’s almost four million births a year, and if anything, those numbers will continue to rise each year.

Diapers and formula are the two largest material expenses in raising a child during the first three years of that child’s life. A mother will spend over 3,500 diapers a year at a cost of nearly $2,000 by the time the little one knows about her to go potty. Diapers are a welcome gift for most mothers.

As long as there are babies, there will be a need for diapers. Our diaper cake business model certainly has demand that is expected to continue to increase and that is an important thing to consider when starting any business.

There is no precise estimate of the money Americans spend on baby showers, but it is A LOT! This is a monumental moment in a woman’s life and she wants this to be a memory that lasts a lifetime. So now we add emotion to our business model, which is another positive.

There is a startup cost to this business in the form of materials, but you can work from home, use low-cost word-of-mouth advertising methods, buy in bulk, and take advantage of the many tax deductions available to a home-based business. .

Word of mouth advertising is basically all I use to sell my diaper cakes. I donated ten cakes to friends I knew who were hosting a baby shower themselves or would be attending one in the near future. You can’t believe the response these unique gifts get and everyone wants to know where to get one or how they can make one.

A simple website with pictures of your cakes and how they can be purchased is really all the advertising you may need to earn a lot of extra income. Combine this with other unique baby gifts and necessities and you could make a very good living where the sky really is the limit!