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SEO strategy: Google gets under way

When you are a multi-billion dollar company, you can develop all kinds of software that is interesting and can benefit users. If you’re Microsoft, you can buy companies and make their software and standards part of your proprietary arsenal. If you’re a giant like Google, you can do some interesting and forward-thinking things for users who aren’t always lining their pockets in the first place.

I’m not complaining about Microsoft (okay, maybe a little), I’m just telling it like it is. In fact, I love Microsoft products because they work (most of the time) and work together as they should. It’s just Microsoft’s business monopoly that I’m opposed to. Microsoft seems to have forgotten that users made them what they are, and they do so by choice.

For most of the Microsoft products available, there actually IS an alternative option, such as open source software, ie Open Office, Firefox. Even when it comes to operating systems, you can choose Linux. (I don’t recommend you do this, unless you are a good network administrator.) Ask your local computer reseller for help when you have a problem with your Linux operating system and you are on the road to the operating system without a paddle.

In the free enterprise world we live in, I’m glad there’s a choice. Thanks also Apple! I’ll probably never buy an Apple computer, but I’m glad they’re on the market to keep the options available and maintain fairness in the market.

Google has released something pretty exciting called “Google Gears.” This isn’t going to make headline news, but it’s a revolutionary piece of software nonetheless.

Web-based software is great for doing all sorts of things while you’re connected to the Internet, like downloading RSS feeds (Google Reader is a good example), but what about when you’re offline? If you bring your laptop to Ma and Pa’s pancake house, thinking you might use their WIFI, and find out that they think WIFI is short for waffle, what can you do?

Well, Google Gears caches your data so that you can continue working on your web apps offline using the stored data. It’s a preview version, but it now works with Google Reader and is supported by Adobe, Mozilla and Opera. Did I mention it’s from Google? That means it’s almost guaranteed to be a hit.

So if you want to access your Google Reader fonts from the subway in New York City or in the middle of Missouri somewhere, you can. What you’ll find is that it’s surprisingly fast, snappy even, because it uses local data. This means that even if your network is down or acting a bit slow on any given day, you can still access your readers’ feeds in a timely manner.

Those of you who use Outlook for email will find this a familiar type of functionality. Even if your Internet connection goes down, you can still access your email from your most recently downloaded emails. When you reconnect to the Internet, you will see the new emails and you will be able to send the newly created emails that you wanted to send.

As for a quick overview of the technology, Google Gears uses an SQL database, and since it’s open source, you can count on it to be robust with all eyes examining the code. Applications run much faster and can be almost 100% reliable available. Say you’re giving a web-based presentation to 100 people, wouldn’t you like to know that you can guarantee the presentation will run regardless of the reliability of your current Internet connection?

Over a million copies of google gears have been downloaded so far. If you want to try it, go to

Here’s the Google Gears blog, if you want more information than you’re probably interested in, on the subject.

I hope this information helps your SEO strategy.


How to start a diaper cake business and make money doing it

The best thing about starting a diaper cake business is the fact that you will always have customers and low cost word of mouth is your best advertising medium.

There are, on average, 10,657 babies born each day in the United States. That’s almost four million births a year, and if anything, those numbers will continue to rise each year.

Diapers and formula are the two largest material expenses in raising a child during the first three years of that child’s life. A mother will spend over 3,500 diapers a year at a cost of nearly $2,000 by the time the little one knows about her to go potty. Diapers are a welcome gift for most mothers.

As long as there are babies, there will be a need for diapers. Our diaper cake business model certainly has demand that is expected to continue to increase and that is an important thing to consider when starting any business.

There is no precise estimate of the money Americans spend on baby showers, but it is A LOT! This is a monumental moment in a woman’s life and she wants this to be a memory that lasts a lifetime. So now we add emotion to our business model, which is another positive.

There is a startup cost to this business in the form of materials, but you can work from home, use low-cost word-of-mouth advertising methods, buy in bulk, and take advantage of the many tax deductions available to a home-based business. .

Word of mouth advertising is basically all I use to sell my diaper cakes. I donated ten cakes to friends I knew who were hosting a baby shower themselves or would be attending one in the near future. You can’t believe the response these unique gifts get and everyone wants to know where to get one or how they can make one.

A simple website with pictures of your cakes and how they can be purchased is really all the advertising you may need to earn a lot of extra income. Combine this with other unique baby gifts and necessities and you could make a very good living where the sky really is the limit!

Health Fitness

How many calories do you burn swimming?

The number of calories you burn swimming depends on your stroke, effort, speed, distance, duration, gender, weight, and ability. Since most people swim with a combination of strokes at various intensities, it’s hard to calculate the exact number of calories.

For example, a 150-pound athlete burns about 272 calories swimming 1,500 yards in 30 minutes; swimming the butterfly for 30 minutes burns 38 percent more calories, breaststroke burns 25 percent more, and breaststroke 12 percent fewer. Compare that to a 120-pound athlete burning just 218 calories swimming the same 1,500-yard workout (60 laps in a 25-yard pool).

Generally, the faster an athlete swims, the more calories they burn in an hour. For example, if the 150-pound swimmer above swims one more length per minute, he burns 102 more calories in the same 30-minute period, but that’s almost a half FEWER calories per length. This anomaly occurs because it swims more efficiently.

The following table lists the approximate calories burned per hour for a person who weighs 150 pounds:

Swim moderate effort 272 calories
Ocean, river, lake swimming 408 calories
Swim without lap, leisure 408 calories
Swim span, moderate to light effort 476 calories
Backstroke 476 calories
Swim crawl/freestyle, 50 yards per minute 544 calories
Swimming Side Stroke 544 calories
Synchronized swimming 544 calories
Swim fast, vigorous effort 680 calories
Breaststroke swimming 680 calories
Swimming butterfly 748 calories
Front crawl/freestyle, vigorous effort, fast 748 calories

Your weight affects the number of calories burned, and heavier people spend more than lighter people doing the same exercise. For example, a 100-pound person burns 1/3 fewer calories, so multiply the numbers above by 0.7; a 200 pound person burns 1/3 more so multiply by 1.3.

Since most people cannot butterfly continuously, the crawl or freestyle are the most effective swimming strokes, burning between 540 and 750 calories per hour.

Inexplicably, elite swimmers have an average of 5% more body fat than their running counterparts, even though they burn the same and sometimes even more calories with their high-intensity interval training than more constant pace of distance races.

It’s also interesting that women, regardless of skill level and weight, typically use fewer calories per mile than men due to their higher percentage of body fat. They stay afloat naturally without having to burn calories doing so.

Swimming non-stop for half an hour is realistic for a beginner, but push yourself for an hour. Vary your strokes. For example, warm up by doing 4 lengths of freestyle, 4 lengths of breaststroke, then get your heart rate up by swimming 4 to 6 lengths of freestyle at a faster pace. When you feel tired or out of breath, switch to stroke or backstroke or even skateboard, and when you get your breath back, go back to freestyle.

If you can, incorporate butterfly. Flip spins too; They ensure continuous training without the need to pause between lengths.

If swimming appeals to you, but you don’t have the strength to swim for an hour, consider wearing fins along with the swim board in front of you. Since his head is above the water all the time, breathing is not a problem; while your legs and buttocks get a fabulous workout.

Despite being surrounded by water, you sweat when you swim. Be sure to avoid dehydration by drinking water before and after your session, even if you’re not thirsty.

Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise, uses a large number of muscle groups, and burns as many calories per hour as running or biking at the same intensity. Increase your heart rate throughout, breathe harder and work your entire body.

Swimming strengthens the heart muscles, thus improving the oxygen supply to all parts of the body, improves the physique, flexibility, endurance and balance. If you do another exercise, swimming serves as an excellent cross trainer, lengthening and strengthening your muscles.

Mentally it relaxes you and frees you from tensions; socially you can enjoy it with friends and family to develop a competitive team spirit.

Swimming puts no stress on connective tissue or joints, making it safe for the overweight, the elderly, those with lower back and leg problems, and those whose joints cannot handle high impact sports. Since water supports the body, swimming is recommended as a rehabilitation exercise.

Ideal for pregnant women, swimming strengthens the abdominal and back muscles, allowing them to better carry their extra weight. High blood pressure, joint stiffness, and discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy can be alleviated with gentle exercise in the water, although you may want to check with your doctor beforehand.

Whether you’re splashing around burning 400 calories an hour, or expending 748 calories an hour perfecting your butterfly stroke for tough competition, swimming burns calories. In fact, whatever sport you enjoy is the one that will burn the most calories in the long run.

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Lifting the corners of your mouth is your hidden superpower

One of the best examples of success through optimism is Sir Winston Churchill.

His directness, wit, and faith in building others up helped him lead England from the darkest shadows of World War II to victory over Nazi Germany.

It’s not just my opinion, here are several others:

When Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of England, the German air force was “dropping plane after plane of bombs on England” at all hours of the day or night. “Nobody knew if the British Empire would be able to hold out for another week.”

Despite the grim prospect of the Nazis rushing over France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Joseph P. Kennedy, the American ambassador in London, “told Washington that Britain was finished.”

Cameron C. Taylor wrote: “In the midst of darkness and confusion and in the face of what seemed to others impossible odds, Churchill took office with optimism and determination.” (*8 Attributes of High Achievers by Cameron C. Taylor)

Churchill understood the can of optimism to lay the foundations for victory.

On the day he took office, Churchill wrote: “I felt as if I was walking with the destiny that my past life had only been a preparation for this hour for this test… and I was sure that I would not fail.”

The key to Churchill’s bravery “was his boundless optimism”. Optimists are courageous because they depend on the hope “that dangers and threats can be overcome.”

In 1910, Churchill said: “I am one of those who believe that the world is going to get better and better.” He “disapproved of negative thinking.” In 1916, in “a speech to his officers in the trenches in France, Churchill urged: ‘Laugh a little and teach your men to laugh… If you can’t smile, smile. If you can’t smile, stay out of the way until you can.'”

On May 13, 1940, Churchill made his first speech as Prime Minister to the House of Commons. He said, “You ask, what is our goal? I can answer with one word: Victory… victory despite all the terror, victory no matter how long and hard the road may be… with all the strength that God can give us… I assume my task with optimism and hope I am sure our cause will not be allowed to fail.” (Winston Churchill, World War II, Volume II, His Finest)

Just after becoming Prime Minister in 1940, Churchill “was informed of a doomsday plan to be implemented in the event of a full-scale German invasion of Britain.” He “would not allow contingency planning for failure, knowing that it would inevitably trickle down and breed pessimism.”

The plan: “The royal family and top members of the government would be evacuated to Canada. Churchill flatly vetoed the proposal, adding: ‘We will make them regret the day they tried to invade our island'” (Celia Sandys and Jonathan Littman, “no we will fail”)

Even in the worst of times, Churchill remained optimistic and confident that they would achieve victory.

During a BBC broadcast, Churchill proclaimed: “We are determined to destroy Hitler and all vestiges of the Nazi regime. From this, nothing will separate us.”nothing. We will never parley, we will never negotiate with Hitler or any of his gang. We will fight him on land, we will fight him by sea, we will fight him in the air, until, with God’s help, we have rid the earth of his shadow.”

“Churchill not only saw reasons for hope and confidence in the darkest days of World War II, but He was able to infuse his unique blend of stoicism and optimism into the backbone of the nation, the military, and his own personnel.”

Leo Amery, a minister in the Churchill government said: ‘Nobody leaves his cabinet without feeling like a brave man.’… Great leaders bring out inner strength that people often don’t know they possess.”

Churchill empowered others to be their best selves!

“Churchill’s determination to never relent and his optimism that victory would be achieved enabled his country to fight bravely and bravely through tremendous difficulties and also enlisted the support of other countries in the cause until victory was achieved.”

The free world owes a debt of gratitude to Prime Minister Winston Churchill. At the age of 66, he inspired, motivated and encouraged his people to fight. He was a leader with a positive attitude. in the face of adversity,

Churchill died on January 24, 1965. “More than 300,000 people passed by his casket and millions watched the funeral” on television paying “his final respects to the man who helped change the course of history.”

Churchill presided over one of the great and most dramatic turning points of civilization. His actions were instrumental in shaping the world we live in today.

“He knew that if he could unite the mind, spirit and heart of the British people, they would eventually emerge victorious. Churchill not only saved Britain from defeat, but now, in retrospect, saved democracy as a form of government in the world”. Here was truly one individual whose life made a profound difference to everyone on our planet.” Hyrum W. Smith, what matters most (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2000).

What 3 Leadership Lessons Did Prime Minister Winston Churchill Teach?

1) Be optimistic and confident. “It brings out the inner strength of people.”

2) Churchill, ‘Laugh a little and teach your men to laugh’.

3) “If you can’t smile, smile. If you can’t smile, stay out of the way until you can.”

Churchill was a builder and lifter of people.

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How to prevent side effects of antibiotics with probiotics

Probiotics have been shown to prevent and treat common side effects of antibiotics, such as

  • stomachache
  • Diarrhea
  • vaginal infections

Some forms of antibiotics, especially cephalosporins, clindamycin, or fluoroquinolones, induce colitis, an inflammation of the large intestine, in some people. This type of colitis is caused by a toxin produced by the Clostridium difficile bacterium, which is resistant to many antibiotics and grows in the intestines when the antibiotics destroy other normal bacteria in the intestine.

You can protect yourself from these uncomfortable side effects by following these guidelines:-

  • take an extra dose of probiotics a few days before taking antibiotics. An additional dose could be an additional 10 billion CFU of probiotics or a serving of yogurt or kefir.
  • during the period of intake of antibiotics, take two or more doses of probiotics during the day. Take probiotics at least Three hours Other than antibiotics. Taking both at the same time simply defeats the purpose as the drug will totally destroy friendly bacteria.
  • get a variety of bacteria by taking yogurt and kefir or supplementing with six different strains of bacteria.
  • spent saccharomyces boulardii, a non-pathogenic yeast that works as a probiotic. Antibiotics can only kill bacteria and cannot kill yeast.
  • Continue taking an additional dose of probiotics daily for one week after completing the antibiotic medication to replenish the good bacteria.
  • Support the growth of your good bacteria by eating a high fiber diet.

Note for people with candidiasis/candida and/or sensitivity to milk

  • The supplements work best if you are sensitive to cow’s milk in yogurt and kefir or if you have Candida. Brands like UAS Labs and Natren carry the dairy-free version.
  • Saccharomyces boulardii it has nothing to do with candida, the yeast responsible for fungal infections. Pretty, S.boulardii It is recommended by nutritionists for the treatment of Candida overgrowth. Research has also shown that this form of yeast is effective against Clostridium difficile infection. Florastor is a well known brand name for this health promoting yeast supplement.

No AKC Recognition Doesn’t Bother White German Shepherd

The dog there looks like a German Shepherd, it has pointy ears and the expression of a German Shepherd, it’s the same size as one, but the dog is totally white, with a pink nose. What kind of dog is that? Believe it or not, they are called White German Shepherds (and often American White or Swiss Berger Blanc). They are everything other German Shepherds are, except that they are not recognized by most kennel clubs in the world.

There is a strange color bias in the world of dog breeding. Despite having purebred parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, a white German shepherd or white boxer is not considered a breed standard. Then again, this is the same world that docks many dogs’ tails to a prescribed length or cuts naturally drooping ears to points for purely cosmetic reasons. White German Shepherds and White Boxers may be the luckiest breeds of all.

White dogs are not albino, although they have white fur and often have pink noses. Their eyes are dark instead of pink or red like true albinos. Most dog breeds have white varieties, and the white shepherd is thought to be just a reflection of the normal diversity of dog genes. The American White Shepherd Association is the parent organization for the breed, although the American Kennel Club does not sanction them.

Many representatives of this striking type claim that they are easier to care for than other colored shepherds. German Shepherds, regardless of color, often come in a few varieties of coat length and thickness. The official breed standard states that the coat should have two layers to protect them from the elements. Many white German Shepherds lack this double-coated coat. Since most pets today live indoors, not having such thick fur has proven to be a blessing.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the uniqueness of a White German Shepherd, and many thousands are abandoned each year. Although there are many good dog rescues, there are some groups dedicated specifically to rescuing White German Shepherds. They will often take the time to meet, train, and medically assist the dogs in their care before considering placing them up for adoption.

If you’re looking for a dog that’s predictably kind-hearted, doesn’t mind dog hair, and has room in your heart, home, and wallet, the White German Shepherd is for you. Don’t buy one from a pet store as they get all their puppies from inhumane puppy mills. You can get a puppy from a breeder, but there are not as many breeders of this breed as there are of other types of German Shepherd. Go to and adopt a wonderful companion from one of the many dog ​​rescue groups in this country.

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Ways to improve employee motivation for small businesses without spending money

Vacation pay is three weeks for employees who have worked for the same employer for five years.

In Ontario, there are certain employment guidelines regarding vacation leave that provide employees with rights to paid time off. Although there are some categories of work that are exempt, most employers must comply with the Employment Standards Act (ESA) when it comes to granting paid time off.

It is important to note that time off and vacation pay are different from vacation pay and entitlement.

As of January 1, 2018, vacation time and pay place employees into two groups based on the number of years an employee has worked with the same employer. Here are the key differences in minimum vacation time and pay:

  1. Employees who have worked less than five years. earn two weeks of vacation time after each year of 12-month vacation entitlement, calculated by four percent of your gross wages (excluding any vacation pay) earned in the 12-month vacation entitlement year or period of proof (if applicable).
  2. Employees who have worked five years or more earn three weeks of vacation time, calculated at six percent of your gross wages earned in the 12-month entitlement year or voucher period (if applicable).

As an employer, you can provide more rights and benefits to your employees in addition to the minimum standards set by the ESA. However, it cannot be less than the amounts listed above.

10 Vacation Pay Facts for Ontario Business Owners

Here are ten things to keep in mind, in addition to the minimum standards for vacations:

  1. A vacation entitlement year is a recurring 12-month period that can be counted from the employee’s date of hire or, alternatively, throughout the calendar year. If the latter, you must allocate a prorated amount of vacation time for the duration between your employee’s start dates and their calendar year; this is called a “chunk period”.

  2. You are not required to provide vacation time if an employee does not complete a full year to which they are entitled to vacation or a hold period. However, employees earn vacation pay as they earn their wages.

  3. Vacation time is accumulated during a leave of absence, such as Parental or Maternity, since there is no interruption in the employment relationship.

  4. Your employees must take vacations within ten months after the end of one year of vacation entitlement or shelter period.

  5. As an employer, you also have the right to schedule vacations and ensure that your employees take time off before the end of that ten-month period.

  6. Employers must schedule their vacation time in blocks: blocks of two or three weeks, or in one-week blocks of two or three, based on years of service. For shorter periods (ie, one day), your employee can request it, and the agreement can be made in writing or electronically.

  7. In most cases, earned vacation pay must be turned in in a lump sum before your employee takes vacation. However, there are several exceptions to this.

  8. Your employee cannot use all or part of your vacation time; however, as an employer, he is still obligated to provide them with earned vacation pay. In this case, he will need electronic or written consent along with the approval of the Director of Labor Standards.

  9. In cases of termination of employment, you must provide your employee with earned vacation pay. This is required within seven days of termination or on the next payday.

  10. If your employee requests a record of your vacation pay (in writing), you must provide the statement within one week of the request or the next payday.

If you’re still wondering how to calculate vacation pay, or have questions like what to do with vacation for seasonal employees, it’s always a good idea to get help from an HR expert.

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Intel Core i5 Processor: Overview of Key Features and Benefits

When it comes to processor performance excellence, Intel continues to go all out with its latest market entries. Released in early September 2009, the Intel Core i5 processor is one of Intel’s recent innovations, delivering intelligent performance with a boost of speed. This processor offers solid performance for everyday applications, not to mention its ability to increase speed as needed for the most demanding tasks. And it is already promoted as the main version of Intel Core i7.


The Intel Core i5 processor will power an ultra-slim laptop to enhance not only its performance, but also its style. Now you can enjoy a laptop that’s much faster, smarter and thinner than ever before, in an ultra-sleek design and with improved battery life. A thinner laptop weighs less and is more portable, allowing for greater mobility.


Intel Core i5 Turbo Boost Technology enables automatic acceleration of the processor when the PC requires additional performance, giving you intelligent performance with a speed boost. However, this feature is only available on select models of Intel Core i5 processor-based systems.

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology features 4-way multitasking processing that allows each processor core to handle 2 tasks simultaneously, thus providing the performance required for intelligent multitasking. No matter how many applications you are working with at the same time, you and your PC will not slow down at all.

Intel HD Graphics technology is included to provide excellent visual performance for rich colors, sharp images, as well as lifelike video and audio. Now you can enjoy your movies and Internet videos in high definition, get full compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7, and play popular game titles. You can do all this without the need for an additional additional video card, since everything is integrated.

Laptops with Intel Core i5 processor and 4g WiMAX wireless technology can deliver excellent smart performance from Internet speed which is four times faster than 3G.


Intel Core i5 processors are used to power ultra-slim notebooks such as the Sony VAIO Series, HP dv4, Dell Inspiron 15R, Toshiba Satellite L500, HP Pavilion dv4i Series, CyberPower Xplorer X5, Sager NP7652, ASUS N61JV, CyberPower Xplorer X5, and Lenovo ThinkPad T Series .


Intel Core i5 is optimized for a number of security-related technologies, including MacAfee security, WinZip file compression, Bit Locker on Windows 7 64-bit, as well as PGP security. This will come as a relief to laptop owners, as an estimated 12,000 laptops are stolen every week at airports alone.

some more features

• Intel Core i5-700 and i5-600 processor series with Intel Turbo Boost Technology;

• 4 processing threads;

• Up to 8 MB Intel Smart Cache;

• Intel HD Graphics on the Intel Core i5-600 processor series; and,

• 2 channels of DDR3 1333 MHz memory.

Intel has long been recognized as the leading name in next-generation performance processors, and the Intel Core i5 lives up to this reputation.


What is Chinese Zi Wei Dou Shu?

Zi Wei Dou Shui is a star system. It has ancient origins and a map of this celestial astrology was found in the Dunhuang Chinese Grotto in 1899, one of the oldest known star maps.

Zi Wei Dou Shu literally means “calculate the purple star” and is a natal chart based on the pole star. There are fourteen major stars depicted, including the Sun (Tai Yang) and Moon (Tai Yin), as well as the nine dipper stars used in Feng Shui (i.e. Tan Lang, Ju Men, Lu Cun, Wu Qu, Lian Zhen , Po Jun, You Bi, Wen Qu and Zuo Fu). Most stars are considered mathematical points in space. The pole star (Zi Wei) is known as the emperor of heaven as it never moves and all other stars revolve around it. A chart in Zi Wei Dou Shu is similar to ancient southern Vedic charts and may have been originally inspired by the Indian Jyotish system.

There are twelve houses on the chart called courts or palaces through which the stars move in regular cycles. The houses used are very close to the more familiar western houses (numbers are shown below), although they do not follow the same order. The western house system progresses according to the season of the year. The palaces below follow a typical life path for an Asian individual in the past.

Karma/Virtue… (the inner self or self that comes before birth) – (12-Pisces)

Parents… (your parents and their resources) -(2-Taurus)

Ming/myself… (developing the self) -(1-Aries)

Brothers… (consciousness of your family) -(3-Gemini)

wedding…(the partnership is fixed early) -(7-Libra)

Children… (children follow soon) -(5-Leo)

Money…(money must be maintained to support a growing family) -(8-Scorpio)

Health…(health must be maintained as well) -(6-Virgo)

Trip… (travel is often needed to expand wealth) – (9-Sagittarius)

Friends/Colleagues…(networking is necessary for continued growth) -(11-Aquarius)

race… (vocation takes a good part of life to fulfill) -(10-Capricorn)

Property… (family wealth and property) – (4-Cancer)

There is also a 13th house known as the Shen or house of the body that coincides with one of the basic twelve, revealing a particularly important area of ​​your life.

The natal chart is determined by the time of your birth with intervals of two hours. The fourteen main stars largely determine the overall meaning of the chart. In addition to the natal chart, there is also a 10-year one. luck cycle, a yearly and monthly cycle that should be compared for best results, especially to determine auspicious dates. Charts can include up to 144 total stars; the minor stars may add a bit of spice, but they have minor significance.

Of the fourteen main archetypal stars, their names and personalities simulate the personalities of a royal court, reminiscent of the Western gods and goddesses who lived on Mount Olympus.

one) Zi Wei: “The emperor” It is considered the most important star (north star) and is the location of the pole star in a birth chart. The house you reside in is often what makes you known in your life and is considered a leadership star. If Zi Wei is in his Ming/Self court, he is often the most successful of his family.

2) Tian Ji: “The Counselor” He is strong in intelligence and knowledge. She carries an energy that is sensitive, sharp and perceptive. It is a frank and active energy that can sometimes be unstable because it brings changes.

3) Tai Yang: “The Masculine or Paternal Aspect” It represents the influence of the Sun, it is masculine and shows an area where you will shine and be influential. It is upright, enthusiastic, altruistic and also represents your father or husband.

4) Wu Qu: “The General or Manager”It is the star of wealth earned through hard work and application. He is calm, firm, bound by duty and promises money where it is placed.

5) Tian Tong: “The lover of life” It is the star of good fortune, of leisure, it has a good heart and it is an area of ​​sensitivity. He is childish, dreamy and idealistic.

6) Lian Zhen: “The politician or charismatic”It is the star of charisma and gives you the ability to convince others of your goals. People of the Lian Zhen type may be indecisive because they like popularity, but they know right from wrong and love peach blossom.

7) Tian Fu: The Treasurer”It is a conservative and tolerant influence that represents treasure and has the ability to store things like wealth that is beneficial for success.

8) Tai Yin: “The feminine or maternal aspect” It represents the Moon, the changing lunar influence and femininity. You are emotional, quiet, reserved and moody and have the power to attract opportunities where you are placed.

9) Tan Lang: “The artist or the talented” It is the star of the arts, desire, romance and personal drive. Tan Lang is curious about life experiences, he is acquisitive and likes material things, and he may also be spiritual in the future.

10) Ju Men: “The Speaker” It is the star of thinking, communication, speech and verbal skills.

eleven) Tian Xiang: “The Administrator”He has a social conscience and represents prudence and perseverance. He is conservative, impartial, and is often called the prime minister.

12) Tian Liang: “The Master or Priest” He has the power to turn bad luck into good luck in the court where he resides. She represents honesty, justice and truth. He is a person of high rank, or someone who has the power to change your fortune.

13) Qi Sha: “The Adventurer or Soldier” He is an assertive star, loves to take risks and can bring about big changes. Qi Sha is brave, fiery and adventurous and she loves challenges or difficult situations.

14) Po Jun: “The Rebel” It represents a collapse to rebuild something better, sometimes with violence. This star is a powerful reformer, revolutionary or transformer similar to a Uranian or Plutonian influence.

Some of the smaller stars represent things like advisors, affairs or angelic protectors with some troublesome stars coming to test one’s progress. The oldest and most traditional Chinese interpretations of these stars can be quite negative, as the survival of ancient man was more tenuous in the past. I have reinterpreted many of these archetypal influences in light of modern times and modern psychology.

Also important are transformation stars that change monthly, annually and every ten-year cycle. These are Quan (power), Ke (fame/name), Lu (happiness), and Ji (trouble). These transforming stars can change the meaning of the other stars quite dramatically as they move through the cycles of time. You have a permanent set of these stars in your natal chart and then a moving set for 10 years. annual and monthly cycles.

When drawing a personal birth chart for a client, I use Zi Wei Dou Shu and Western astrology to do a comparison study. There is a wealth of information available when comparing these two systems that is astonishing in its detailed descriptions of our life potential. Free will always plays into this template, and we make better decisions when we know our hidden or shadowy side. Areas of our personality veiled from us will have a subconscious influence, so it’s best to understand those tendencies, as they can undermine our best efforts to be happy. Many psychologists today (especially Jungians) are increasingly using astrology as a tool to understand human personality and what makes us tick. If you’ve never had your birth chart done before, isn’t it time you found a good astrologer to reveal your life’s potential?

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Star Hotels Spain – Accentuated luxury

Once luxury is attached to something, it becomes a real experience, especially if it’s a touring extravaganza. Spain has always been a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world. star hotels in spain add the same royal experience to your spain tour. Luxury at affordable prices is the special feature of these luxurious hotels in the country.

Diverse geographic, climatic, and personal patterns pervade the entire country. Old alleys and ancient monuments in any of the cities, be it the capital Madrid, the famous Barcelona or the unique Gibraltar, lead you to an avenue where you can enjoy yourself forever. The Barcelona that became famous after the Olympic Games has many attractions for you. As for a luxurious stay, the five star hotels in Barcelona Spain are there to serve you.

Flamenco music and dance, and Bullfight, surely you have heard of these terms; Spain is recognized by these terms throughout the world. The ancient culture and tradition preserved by the inhabitants of this country is an exemplary specialty of this wonderland. star hotels spain [] Furthermore, it provides you with the environment in which your mind and body are replenished with fresh energy and enthusiasm to enjoy all of the country’s ancient and modern natural assets. is the best of the platforms where you can familiarize yourself with the types, services and costs of hotels virtually. And you can also book rooms for yourself in one of the most suitable hotels listed on our website. It goes without saying that these luxurious hotels have world-class facilities to provide you with the best comfort.