Cost recovery with fatal accident claims

The law is contained in the Fatal Accidents Act of 1976 and the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act of 1934.

1. Expenses incurred before death

The LRMPA allows the recovery of funeral expenses under section 1 (2) (c) which establishes that the deceased’s estate can claim them. In addition, other expenses can also be claimed under the LRMPA. These are limited to what the deceased himself could have claimed had he lived. Section 1 (1) of the LRMPA states:

Subject to the provisions of this section on the death of any person after the commencement of this Law, all causes of action that subsist against him or conferred on him will survive or, as the case may be, for the benefit of his estate.

2. Definition of “funeral expenses”

“Funeral expenses” are not defined in any law. The jurisprudence does not give us an exhaustive definition either. What is clear from the case law is that in claims under both the 1976 Fatal Accidents Act and the 1934 LRMPA, funeral expenses must be “reasonable in all circumstances.” The proof appears to be the same in both Acts. Relevant circumstances will include the deceased’s position in life, occupation, and racial origin (Goldstein vs. Salvation Army Assurance Society [1917] 2 KB 291; Hart vs. Griffiths-Jones [1948] 2 All ER 729 to 731 according to Streatfield J; Gammell vs. Wilson [1982] CA 27, [1980] 2 All ER 557, CA).

Some examples of what has been considered (a) a funeral expense and (b) a reasonable or unreasonable funeral expense according to case law include:


St George v Turner [2003] CLY 936 – an exceptional case in which damages were recovered for funeral expenses in Japan in excess of £ 50,000, including a family Buddhist altar and accessories; funeral costs; the cost of a Buddhist renaming ceremony for the dead; payments for the attendance of Buddhist monks; a tombstone and works; a memorial day reception; and an anniversary reception. A Japanese woman had been murdered by her English husband. McGregor on Damages comments on this case “This is believed to be too extreme to be sustained; even murder cannot influence the level of recovery of funeral expenses.”

Smith vs. Marchioness / Bowbelle (January 27, 1993) – Reception was allowed as reasonable. “A claimant cannot ignore the social obligation to provide some refreshments to guests.” Social deficiencies must be noted and the £ 400 spent was recovered. See also St George v Turner (May 10, 2003, not reported). Contrast Gammell vs. Wilson [1982] AC 27, CA

Gammell v Wilson (first instance) – a headstone or headstone would be considered a reasonable expense. In addition, reasonable funeral expenses may include the costs of a burial in another country if that is where the deceased came from (see also St George v Turner above)

Schneider vs. Eisovich [1960] 2QB 430 – the expenses of two family members who traveled to France to organize the return of the body (of the brother) were reasonable. Paull J ruled that the services provided had to be necessary and as the expenses would have been incurred in any event, they were reasonable.

Hart vs. Griffiths Jones [1948] 2 All ER 729 – Embalming the body of a four-year-old was a reasonable expense.

Goldstein vs. Salvation Army Assurance Society [1917] 2 KB 291 – the cost of a tombstone was reasonable.


Harding vs. Scott-Moncrieff [2004] EWHC 1733 (QB) – Funeral expenses did not include funeral expenses, attorneys ‘fees, accountants’ fees, and the appraiser’s report.

Quainoo v Brent and Harrow Area Health Authority (1982) 132 NLJ 1100 AND Gammell vs. Wilson [1982] AC 27, CA– The expenses of an overly elaborate wake failed.

Gammell vs. Wilson [1982] AC 27, CA – The Court of Appeal confirmed, with some hesitation, the lower court award of £ 595 for a headstone in respect of a funeral which had taken place in 1976. A member of the court noted that “the tombstone … in this case it was very close to the boundary between a tombstone and a monument”. The Court of Appeal approved the approach “that there is a distinction between a headstone that finishes off, describes and marks the grave, which is part of the funeral expenses, and a memorial, which is not.” Expenses for an elaborate wake and mourning clothing were unrecoverable.

Stanton vs. Ewart F Youldon Ltd [1960] 1 All ER 429, [1960] 1 WLR 543 – spending on a monument or monument was unreasonable under the circumstances, but a simple headstone would be allowed. McNair J said ““ The legal position is that a stone on a grave can properly be considered part of the funeral expenses if it is a reasonable expense for the persons in the position of the deceased and for the relatives who are responsible for the actual arrangement of the stone. ; but insofar as it is simply a memorial erected as a sign of love and affection, it should not be included.For”

The claim also included £ 5 paid to the minister for attending the funeral, £ 8 for two additional limousines at the funeral and £ 5 for bringing the body home. These payments were also included as reasonable funeral expenses in the damages recovered.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive definition of funeral expenses or, more importantly, reasonable funeral expenses. When considering these elements in a fatal accident claim, it will be a case of considering case law and the two acts as guidance, and making a reasoned judgment based on this.


The Best Ways to Get Your Newborn to Sleep Routine

Sleepless nights are the hardest part of being a parent. Most parents complain that their babies sleep more during the day and less at night. There are several strategies parents can use to help their newborn get into a sleep routine.

According to the researchers, it will be several weeks or even several months before your baby learns to sleep at night and to be awake during the day.

Try to change your baby’s diaper on time

It is essential to strategically change the baby’s diaper. If the mother changes the diaper just before the feeding at midnight, it will prevent the baby from getting up more often after the feeding and will fall asleep soon after you stop feeding.

If you change the diaper after feeding, the baby will wake up too much and it will again be a challenge for him to go back to sleep. In this way, you will get the newborn to acquire a sleep routine.

Don’t keep the baby awake for long periods

The easiest way to get your newborn used to sleeping is when you don’t keep him awake for a long time. If you keep your baby awake in the hopes of tiring him, it will only result in overstimulation of the brain cells and ultimately result in difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.

So if you want your baby to sleep through the night, encourage naps during the day and feeding during the day. Always follow the cycle of eating, waking and sleeping.

Try your best to make your baby feel relaxed

If the baby wakes up at night and starts crying for you to go with him, check him a bit and limit your time there. Place your hand on the baby’s chest and sing a lullaby. In this way, you will get the newborn to acquire a sleep routine. Your baby will learn to calm himself and help you to have a sound sleep.

Calming atmosphere

To help your baby sleep through the night, keep the room clean. And always make sure to keep the room at a comfortable temperature and make it dark. You can also add white noise, as it is very relaxing for babies, and babies tend to sleep longer in white noise.

Regulate your routine to the baby’s sleep needs.

Adjusting your method to your baby’s sleep needs will help your baby sleep soundly through the night.

If you sleep at the same time that your babies sleep, you will feel that the baby sleeps longer. It is the most effective way to help your baby sleep through the night.

Play background music humming

If you put a hum in the background, it will produce a soft and consistent sound, and when the baby wakes up at night, he will fall asleep automatically, listening to the music without disturbing your routine.

So in this way you can help him not only to do but also to maintain the night routine. Music has always been a great source of relief for children.

Apply these simple methods to help your baby sleep through the night and help him get a sound sleep through the night. Consistency and patience is what you will need here. It is essential to follow the techniques correctly and with perseverance to achieve the best results.

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How to develop confidence in basketball that rules the court like the stars

Congratulations. Take a couple of seconds to pat yourself on the back (3 times). Ahead. Has to. There is no one looking. “Rali, why should you pat me three times on the back?

That’s easy … by reading this article, you have just placed yourself in the top 10% of the world’s best basketball players who actively seek advice, tactics, knowledge, and experience on how to improve their basketball skills and produce better “in results”. court.

I know reading an article doesn’t sound like much, but it shows commitment, desire, and interest in improving your game and becoming the basketball player you know you can be. (Very few players show this and have this kind of mental attitude)

Think about it, on a given basketball team, how many players have personal trainers / trainers? How many have basketball improvement DVDs or books at home? How many players have attended basketball camps and clinics to learn the game-changing secrets of basketball?

It is 10%. That is all. I know because I did the research. I have had a basketball transformation company for 6 years and those are the numbers. You are now in that top 10% of the world’s most committed, determined, and unique basketball players. And that’s why you should pat yourself on the back.

So let’s get started with the secrets and tactics I’ve used to help players who lack confidence transform their game, break their fears, and easily develop unstoppable confidence in All-Star basketball.

In this article, I’m going to show you 2 things:

First, the real reason behind your lack of self-confidence, what is causing you to refrain from throwing the ball or making a play, and the mental reason why you are afraid of making mistakes on the court.


Second, how you can easily develop unstoppable confidence in basketball so that you can step out onto the court and produce the basketball results you’ve been imagining in your head (dominating the game, making all-star plays, scoring 20 points per game, or more, and wink at the cute cheerleader on the sideline in style =)

Self-confidence in your soul is equivalent to gasoline in your car, without it you are not going anywhere. Lack of self-confidence will take you to the bench or, worse, to the stands. It is vitally important that you know these secrets so that you can develop your self-confidence like a star.

Are you ready to inject a dose of “mental confidence” into your game and your life?

Let’s go!

So have you realized that you don’t have confidence on the basketball court? That is a bitter feeling. I know how you feel, I’ve been there myself. Now, let’s take a look at what’s really going on and how you can easily destroy your lack of self-confidence for good.

What you really mean when you say “I’m not confident” is “I’m not sure.”

You see, certainty is one of the 6 human needs that we all MUST have in order to live well and function functionally. When he’s absent, all sorts of weird nonsense happens in our heads (including a lack of self-confidence).

You are not sure what will happen in your next game. He is not sure if he will take his next shot. You are not sure if you are part of the basketball team. You are not sure you are making the right move.

You see, all that really is a lack of self-confidence is a lack of certainty. Here is a real life example:

If you take a look at where you are right now, while reading this article, take a look at the ceiling above your head. You are absolutely sure that the roof over your head will not collapse. You are sure that it will not collapse or fall. You are sure that you are safe. If you weren’t sure about the roof over your head, would you ever get close to it? Would you ever walk under it? Would you ever put your bed under her?

I do not believe it.

The same rules apply to you and your game of basketball. Your lack of confidence in yourself is actually a lack of certainty. The only reason you hold back is because you have no certainty. Lack of certainty is the only reason you are not the basketball player you want to be.

Well, we have identified the problem, that is good, but it does not produce changes. Only the solution produces change. Let’s see the real solution to destroy your fear and lack of self-confidence once and for all.

First, don’t take your lack of uncertainty personally. It has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with your future. Your future is always unknown. It is always uncertain. The only reason you lack self-confidence on the basketball court is because you are focusing your thoughts on your fears. You’re thinking about what you don’t want to happen.

But it is not personal. Brush it off and say, “I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow, I’ll do my best and pursue my dream anyway.”

Second, stop focusing on what you fear. Fear represents Fthe rest meevidence FORappearing Real. Having your mind focused on your fear is the fastest way to develop a lack of self-confidence. There is a successful saying that goes something like this: “You become what you think about.”

If you don’t believe it, look in the mirror and see if everything you think you are is reflected on you. How do you think you look? What you believe. You become the literary in what you think.

You see, the mind is a goal seeking mechanism, what you think about what it produces is. What you focus on becomes your reality. What you believe becomes true. What you pay attention to becomes important and intensifies.

Third, reduce the intensity in your mind of how important it is to produce whatever results you want to produce on the basketball court. Ask yourself: “From a 1 to a 10, how important is it that I do___”. If you lack self-confidence, I’m sure that number is at least 7 or higher.

How much would you think about it if it was just a 3 or less? Would you still be afraid of messing up or making a mistake?

No, you wouldn’t mind. And that is the attitude you should adopt. You have to know exactly what you want. Make a serious commitment to get what you want. Work hard and learn the secrets and tips that others have used before you to create a similar result. And do your best when you call their number and an opportunity presents itself.

But, with understanding, as you pursue your dream, you will make mistakes. They are unavoidable. You’re going to screw it up. Don’t take your faults or mistakes personally. A mistake is a teacher. A mistake is a learning experience.

When you make the mistake or make a mistake, acknowledge it, don’t take it personally, and understand the correction you need to make to ensure that you never do it again. Mistakes are not bad, but making the same mistake over and over is mental suicide.

My last suggestion for you is that you stop comparing yourself, your talent and where you are now in your career with others. When most players feel inadequate or lack self-confidence, self-comparison with other players is often lurking. It is a destroyer of dreams.

The only person you need approval of is yourself. Now if you live with your parents, there are some rules that I’m sure you should follow, but don’t seek approval from anyone else. And never compare yourself to other basketball players. You have no idea how long they have been playing. How much training they have had, how many hours a week they spend working on their game, or from whom they have learned and from whom they have been trained.

Comparing yourself is ridiculous. It won’t make you better. If you want to make a goal to get to the level of the game another player is playing, by all means go ahead. Choosing another player as your target and saying that you want to be better, or as good as him or her, is healthy. But comparing your game and talent with that of another player is disastrous.

Do not do it.

I just shared with you some of the secrets I used to transform ballplayers so they can achieve their goals of being a star and playing college ball. The secrets I just revealed are easy and straightforward. Don’t take them for granted. Anything complicated is usually too difficult to incorporate. It’s the simple secrets that make an incredible change in your game.


How to Find the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Best Carpet Cleaning Company

If you are in the market for a new carpet cleaner, there are many things to look for. You want to make sure that they use safe, effective cleaning agents and the best tech in the industry. If you find that a particular company is not trustworthy, you should try to find another one. However, this can be a difficult task. Read reviews from customers to make sure that you are getting the highest quality service. Check whether the carpet cleaning company is insured and if the technicians use any chemicals on your carpet.

If you’re considering hiring a carpet cleaning company, you should make sure they are IICRC certified. These certifications show that the company’s technicians have received special training. Also, you should make sure that they provide you with a written guarantee in case the cleaning doesn’t remove certain types of stains. Although character is an overlooked factor in the world of service contractors, it’s something that’s very important to look for.

Privat rengøring

Consumer reviews also give you an idea of how satisfied or unsatisfied past customers are with the company. You should be able to find several complaints against a particular company by using Google. A good company will have a large number of positive reviews and have a good customer service record. By reading online customer testimonials and reviews, you can determine the right carpet cleaning company for your needs. Once you have identified your needs, you should contact the company and ask about their service.

How to Find the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

A Virginia Beach carpet cleaning company should be able to offer the best services in the area. They should have the latest technology and equipment to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the service. A good carpet cleaning company should be able to answer your emergency and respond quickly to any problems that may arise. You can choose from a variety of services and prices. This is the best way to save time and money. A great company will be able to provide these services in a timely manner.

A good carpet cleaning company should train their employees on all the methods and equipment used in cleaning. They should also be able to use the latest cleaning solutions. Moreover, the best company will have trained its employees on all types of materials, so they can provide you with high-quality services. You should not worry about the cost because the best carpet cleaning service will explain everything in detail to you. In addition to their excellent customer satisfaction, a good company should be upfront about all the process.

Choosing the best carpet cleaning company for your home is a big decision. While you should consider the price of the service, you should also make sure that the company offers a guarantee on the job. This will ensure that you are satisfied with the work of the company. You should also ask for a written guarantee for the service. It’s always better to choose the best carpet cleaning company if you’re concerned about the quality of the service.

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How Trees Affect Luck and Wealth Feng Shui

You may have previously read about how trees can enhance Feng Shui, protect against negative energy, create auspicious energy for Feng Shui, etc. Trees are really beautiful and they make up the landscape of a house, however trees were never a part of good Feng Shui. Take my words, trees in and around your home are bad Feng Shui and definitely no no. We will focus on large trees here, as smaller trees have little effect on negative Feng Shui.

Did you know that trees prevent the good flow of positive qi energy (this positive energy contains your elements of luck and wealth) from entering your home? Trees break down or worse, block the flow of this element of wealth into your home. It should not be blocked. Some are right that negative energy will flow as well, but it shouldn’t pose a big problem for us as negativity is low compared to all good elements. Think about this, if you lock in the elements of luck and wealth, how are you or your family members going to be successful in business, career, or even lotteries?

We only think about blocking or allowing energy into the home, so we leave out a very important issue here. Having trees around your home will also get the element of wealth to drink! The branches (roots) of a tree and the dead branches will deplete its element of wealth.

You should also know that the branches of a tree can touch the bottom of your house. Definitely very bad Feng Shui. If you put Feng Shui aside, you should know that too large branches can also damage the structure of your house.

One more thing you should know is that trees are yin energy, that in simple terms, trees are very suitable and attract spirits (ghosts). When you have spirits around you, you will always have bad luck. How can you take advantage of good luck when spirits are ominous?

Since you now know that trees are not good for you and your family, you want to cut down all the trees around your house, but wait, there is no need to waste time, energy and money, I have a better and simple solution. for you.

All you need to do is tie steel cables around the trunk of the tree. According to the principle of Feng Shui, it means that a particular tree has been cut down and its growth has been stunted. In this way, you can keep the beautiful trees around your home while at the same time enjoying your element of wealth flowing into your home.


Natural Home Remedies for Itching – Treatments for Itchy Skin

Itchy skin causes skin irritation or a peculiar tingling of the skin. Itching is caused primarily by allergies to pollens, plants, pets, feathers, cosmetics, perfumes, chemicals, cleaning solutions, and fumes. Dry skin is also one of the main causes of itchiness. The main symptoms of itchy skin are itching, scratching, and rubbing of the skin. There is also a feeling of anxiety, insomnia and discomfort in advanced cases.

This article covers some of the simple and effective home remedies to relieve itchiness. The best natural remedy for itching is to keep your skin clean and healthy. Using moisturizers is also beneficial in preventing itching.

Home remedies and natural treatments for itchy skin

Aloe vera is one of the helpful herbal remedies for this problem. Use aloe vera lotion, soap, or cream to keep your skin healthy. You can also use margosa (neem) soap instead of aloe vera. Apply sandalwood oil mixed with coconut oil or sesame oil and gently massage the affected area. This is a useful home remedy for itching.

Add five grams of camphor to 100 grams of coconut oil and mix in a glass bottle. Close the bottle with a tight cork and leave it in the sun until the camphor dissolves in the oil. Apply this oil daily all over the body before bathing. It is an effective home remedy for dry itching.

You can also add 10 drops of this oil in a bucket of water and use it for bathing to cure the itch. This oil is also useful to heal any wound caused by itching. This will heal the wound in a week and the skin will turn white. Apply only coconut oil at this stage. The skin will normalize in 25 to 30 days.

Margosa (neem) is a widely used home remedy for itchy skin. Just boil some fresh neem leaves in water and bathe with this water. Alternatively, take 20 fresh neem leaves. Clean it properly. Now add 10 black peppers and mash them in 60 grams of water. Drink this in the morning and in the evening for a week. It will purify your blood. This remedy is also effective on boils.

Coconut oil is one of the simple home remedies for itching. Apply this oil to the affected area to relieve itching. Alternatively, you can also mix some turmeric in coconut or mustard oil and heat it up a bit. Apply this to the itchy area.

Mix a small amount of alum (phitkari) in two teaspoons of lemon juice and apply it to the itchy areas. It is an effective home remedy for itchy skin. Local application of coconut oil mixed with mixed lemon juice is helpful in relieving general itching. Another useful remedy is papaya seeds. Crush the papaya seeds and apply to the itchy areas.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the opinion of a qualified healthcare professional before embarking on any healthcare program.

Copyright © Nick Mutt, All rights reserved. If you want to use this article on your website or in your ezine, please enable all URLs (links).

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Gentle Creek Golf Club – Live Where You Play

Gentle Creek – “For those who really enjoy golfing in a private and friendly environment …” This is the brand of the Gentle Creek Golf Club in Prosper and lives up to its motto.

The course

Designed by DA Weibring, this 7,300-yard, 18-hole course traverses 236 acres of varied landscape including manicured fairways, wooded edges, elevation variations, and water hazards provided by a 20-acre lake. It can be enjoyed by average and expert golfers alike, although beginners should take advantage of the white tees to get the most out of their game. There’s a reason Gentle Creek was voted 13th out of 1,100 fields in the state of Texas.

Gentle Creek is especially known for the 9th hole. It may only be a par 3, but you will remember shooting over the large pond, waterfall, and rock face to get to the green. There are eight sets of shirts for this one.

Another challenge of 3 faces you on the 15th hole. At 139 yards, you will fight for each of them. Start by shooting over a huge pond, but don’t go too far or you’ll end up in the sand bunker directly behind the green. Add to this a pecan-lined fairway that creates a kind of wind tunnel and makes club selection all the more important. Don’t worry, the green is larger than most and will allow some inaccuracy to the right or left.

The stately clubhouse features the Lakeside Grill restaurant with covered terrace, full-service pro shop, fitness center, men’s and women’s changing rooms, game room and steam room. Practice facilities include putting green, bunkered chipping green, and over an acre of grass practice tees.

Gentle Creek is a member course and offers different levels of membership:

Full membership: includes green fees, locker, shoe care, storage and cleaning of clubs, field balls and service for the disabled. Club facilities can be used by members, their spouse and children under 23, or full-time single students still living at home.

Corporate Membership – Same privileges as full membership for designated corporate employees.

Senior Membership: The same privileges as the Full Membership for people over 65, with some restricted departure times.

Non-Resident Membership – For those residing outside of a 100 mile radius of the club and any county that borders Collin County. They receive the same benefits as the Full Membership, but are limited to 4 tee times per month.

Gentle Creek Houses

Gentle Creek Estates – This golf community sits on 630 acres of scenic Prosper countryside. The grounds are a generous 1 acre or larger in size, with home styles ranging from courtyard style to custom properties that surround the field. Custom homes range in price from $ 300 to $ 1.5 million. In light of our current economic times, prices have dropped in Gentle Creek and there has never been a better time to buy a place.

Vistas of Gentle Creek offers homes priced from $ 229,900 to $ 369,900. Sizes range from 2,103 square feet to over 4,000 square feet, with 1- or 2-story floor plans. Standard features of many of the homes include granite countertops, brick front porch, security system, granite edge gas fireplace, ash, hand stained kitchen cabinets, granite foyer, tile kitchen flooring, utilities and restrooms, 13 SEER high efficiency air conditioning, mahogany entry door with beveled glass, crown molding in foyer, living room and dining room, wrought iron stair balusters, full lawn and sprinkler systems.

Quality builders at Gentle Creek include Alford Homes, Grand Homes, Perrin Homes, Darling Homes, and Dave R. Williams Homes. Be sure to contact them directly to find out about the builder promotions on offer. For example, Grand Homes is over $ 50,000 off select homes and includes a free pool in select homes.

A future phase is being planned along 18th fairway with many homes with beautiful views of the lake and golf course. Gentle Creek is managed by the Gentle Creek Homeowners Association which manages, maintains and social activities in the neighborhood.

The owners have the option of joining the golf club, as well as sharing a lap pool and service center.

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The 10 best 1 Mb apps for Android

1. Instadict (973k Mb Apps) Instadict

Instadict allows you to see the meaning of a word anywhere.

Just copy the word and shake your device horizontally to understand its meaning. There is no need to interrupt what you are doing.

It also supports full offline mode! Just download the appropriate dictionary from the link below and voila! It is suggested that you download them for a better overall experience.

Note: If you install these applications, you can save your phone storage, so if you like this post, please share it and you can tell more about this type of application as soon as possible. Be less.

2. Through the browser (793k Mb applications)

This browser is less than 1 MB if we use the second browser, then its size is 20 or 25 or more, its size is the specialty of this browser, in which you can save your data and in it Ad Block, Night mode, Computer mode, translator, pages and many other functions are found in other browsers.

These are some functions of the Via browser

• Save date

• Personalize

• Ad block

• Privacy protection

• Markers

• Add

• Night mode

• Computer – mode

• Translate

• Find on page

• Search engine switch

• Save web page

• Sample of intelligence images

• Free to design your home page

3. Open in Whatupp (110k Mb applications)

If you want to hit someone whose number is not to save you or you don’t want to save your number, but you want to send a message or two to them, then after installing it, you need to select the country and enter your number. and open it. It’s okay to put it in the what and you can send it a message.

4. Shazam Lite (1MB app)

It is much less spectacular and is less than 1MB. The thing about this app is that if you are listening to a song and you have to know about that song, what is the song or what song is playing in your background? So this app will tell you to install it and click on Liston but when can you use this app when internet is on.

About Shazam

With one tap, Shazam connects you to the content and artists you love, identifying music and more that you can instantly share with your friends, all for free.

And that’s just the beginning: one-touch access to video clips, song lyrics, related tracks, and streaming services, where you can either listen to your Shazam in their entirety or purchase them.

* Song names will appear in your history once the connection is re-established.

5. LockWatch (322k MB app)

This app is one of my forever apps as you can see the size of this app is less than 1MB when you open this app and then it prompts you for some permissions.

The thing about this app is that if you put a password on your phone and someone is trying to open it, then their photo is taken and sent to your email. This is a very safe application.

6. Dock4Droid (1MB app)

Dock4Droid is the first Dock task manager for the Android platform. You can quickly access your running tasks from wherever you are currently on your phone or tablet and launch new applications from the current screen. The icons are rendered in a wave-shaped parabolic view and tasks are accessed by sliding your finger on the base.


You can add custom launchers

also supports your favorite contacts

Dock4Droid is fully translated into Italian

7. Simple Notepad (713k MB app)

As soon as you know it, it is a simple Notepad app that is simple and gives you a quick and fast experience. Besides being easy, there are many different features.

Check list

Send data to Google Cloud Print

Customizable font and background

Voice input

The word count

8. Darker (screen filter) (1MB app)

With this app, you can get your work done while browsing in low light at night. It is very useful for your eyes, it helps to filter the light from your smartphone.


Automatic on and off

Lowest brightness below 20%

Customizable notification buttons

Buttons to set a specific brightness

Up to three buttons can be added for quick access.

9. Photoczip Lite Compress Image (459k MB app)

Photo Clip Light With this application you can compress your documents or photos and resize and compress them as well. We use it as easy as possible before sending or sharing via email, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


Supports compress JPG / PNG and resize

Compress all images together

Share photos easily

No advertising, absolutely free

Small application size


1. Choose image from gallery

2. Choose “Compress”

3. Done.

10. Gallery (851k MB App)

Hearing these names, you might feel a bit strange, but this is very impressive and the Gallery App work application generates images from the internal memory of the mobile and the SD card. Show all images in the managed image Instant access, edit the image with the same application.


3d image view

consumes less power and memory

crop with pix leave

fast answer

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Cheap Hotels in Chicago Guide to the Most Affordable Lodging Options in the City

As the third most populous city in the US, Chicago is packed with hotels, inns, hostels, and every type of accommodation available. It is a center for international business and tourism. There is such a wide range of accommodations that you should be able to find a place to stay regardless of your budget. Cheap hotels in Chicago are found in every neighborhood, including downtown and the surrounding area.

The best thing about many of these hotels is that although they are cheap, they are still quite nice. Take the

Warwick Allerton, for example. This is a four-star hotel on North Michigan Avenue that receives many positive ratings. You may also be interested in the Congress Plaza Hotel on South Michigan Avenue. It has some very beautiful rooms with free Wi-Fi and a business center.

If you are a business traveler or just want to stay on the Magnificent Mile or “The Loop,” there is the four-star Talbott Hotel, which is a short walk from the John Hancock Center. Its highlights include a business center, free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and pet-friendly rooms. Some budget hotels in Chicago, like the Sofitel on the Magnificent Mile, are four-and-a-half-star luxury hotels. There are budget rooms, deluxe rooms, superior rooms, suites, etc.

A good budget hotel for families is The Lincoln Park Inn. It has free breakfast, family rooms, concierge and air conditioning. It is located near a variety of restaurants and shops. The Willows is another budget hotel located in a low traffic area near Lincoln Park.

Wrigley Field is a popular attraction for baseball fans. It is the home of the Cubs and is surrounded by budget hotels and sports bars. Just 1 km from Wrigley Field, the Majestic Hotel offers free breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Another option is the City Suites Hotel, which also offers great amenities. Not only is the Versey Days Inn (by Wyndham) Hotel affordable, it also features spacious rooms with unique décor.

Other cheap hotels in Chicago

• The James Chicago

• Club Quarters Hotel (Central Loop)

• Chicago freehand

• Motel 6 Elk Grove Village (near O’Hare Airport)

• Essex Inn of Chicago

Decide if you want to include airfare and car rental in your trip planning. You can book everything at once or separately. Online travel price comparison sites often offer discounts on complete packages or “bundled” deals. Chicago is not the easiest city to get around, as traffic can be stressful, so you may want to opt for public transportation, of which there are many.

During the winter months you will find cheap hotels in Chicago with the lowest rates. However, winter in Chicago can be quite extreme.

No matter what time of year you go, you will always find deals on cheap hotels in Chicago on Travelocity. Go ahead and use the site to book your airfare or train ticket as well. There are travel guides and resources available to help you plan your itinerary. Use Travelocity hotel promo codes to save even more.

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69 dirty talk messages to improve your texting life

The ability to send text messages from ANYWHERE on the planet is something new and gives relationships something they have never had before … the ability to keep our relationships exciting, even if we are separated from our lovers.

Now the hard part is trying to be creative and erotic on your own. While sometimes it just gets off your tongue, figuring out what to say is pretty easy. Other times, you might get a sexy message and be flabbergasted about how to respond.

Below is a list of obscene messages to use when you can’t see the person you want, and your goal is to make them think OBSESS about you and the fact that they can’t have you right now.

Some of these obscene messages are funny, some are serious, so use them wisely and don’t use them randomly. Sometimes the humor when you’re having a seriously sexy conversation can spoil the mood.

1. Hello. I am horny.

2. I just thought how amazing you are. And how cool I am. Let’s connect!

3. If you were the new McDonalds burger, you would be the McSexy!

4. You are so sexy !!

5. I love you right now.

6. The idea of ​​you turns me on!

7. Can you send me a photo so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?

8. I can’t wait to see you later

9. You are SO hot

10. I love your body

11. I’ve been thinking about you ALL day

12. You make me want to do BAD things to you … and myself;)

13. I’m so h * rd / w3t right now

14. I would give anything to be with you right now!

15. I’ll be waiting for you later … naked;)

16. You can do whatever you want

17. The fact that I can’t have you right now makes me want you MORE

18. What would you do to me?

19. I’ve never been so turned on by someone!

20. I have NEVER loved someone the way I love you

21. You would look so sexy getting off me 🙂

22. Nobody loves me!

23. I want you so much that I don’t notice anyone else

24. I’ve never met someone who turns me on like you!

25. You have the cutest ass on the planet, is it real?

26. Hey, I just realized this, but you look a lot like my next girlfriend / boyfriend!

27. What are you wearing?

28. Your body makes me happy

29. I’m not wearing underwear … maybe I can put it on later

30. Hello, I am a thief and I am here to steal your heart.

31. Can I be your slave tonight?

32. Do you know that your hair and my pillow are perfectly coordinated in color?

33. God must have been in a very good mood the day we met.

34. I think I could fall madly in bed with you.

35. I want to melt in your mouth, not in your hand.

36. I wonder what our children will be like.

37. I’d like to name a multiple orgasm after you!

38. I’ll make you dinner if you make me breakfast.

39. I have a condom with your name on it.

40. Imagine this, you, me, bubble baths and a bottle of champagne.

41. What do you like for breakfast?

42. Why don’t you surprise your roommate and come home tonight?

43. Do you want to marry me just for one night?

44. Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money ?;)

45. Don’t be so picky … I wasn’t! I’m just kidding I love you

46. ​​You love me. I can smell it.

47. Damn … your butt is fine! Do you want to come see mine?

48. You are like pizza. Even when you are bad, you are good.

49. I would lose my wallet just to see you right now

50. I’m in one of those ‘you could do whatever you want’ moods. Too bad you’re not here.

51. Do you have grapes? (No.) So how about a date?

52. Milk is good for the body, but how much did you drink?

53. Do you sleep on your stomach? (If I can not?

54. Great!

55. I say did we see each other again later last night?

56. Hello. My name is (name). I will be your toy tonight.

57. Are you a virgin? (No.) Try it!

58. My bedroom has a very interesting ceiling …

59. So what did you think of me last night? Pretty cool, huh?

60. You’re on my list of things to do tonight.

61. OH GOD! OH GOD! Just practicing;)

62. Do you know how to use a whip? eh eh

63. I’m drunk 🙂

64. Didn’t anyone tell you that you wanted to sleep with me ??? I thought you knew!

65. Hey babe, do you want to get LUCKY !?

66. Your house or mine?

67. Will you come home with me tonight (Jedi mind trick)

68. I’m gay, do you think you can convert me?

69. I’m just looking for a friend with benefits (Uhm?) No, not sex. A car, nice things, etc. Get your mind drain.

As always, we had a lot of fun putting together this list. We know we’ve missed some BIG dirty conversation lines, so feel free to comment on some of your favorite posts.