Natural Pet Therapy: How Feng Shui Therapy Can Heal Your Cat, Dog, Bird, Horse, or Exotic Animal

farts is it so Feng Shui, according to Feng Shui expert Yvonne Phillips, author of Feng Shui ABC.

“Pets emit a strong, positive form of energy in your home because they are constantly on the move. There is no better Feng Shui for your home,” said Yvonne, “than having an animal running around spreading positive chi.”

Pet Feng Shui for the health and energy of pets

Yvonne noted that animals are drawn to the best energy in a room or home. Bring positive energy into your home and improve your pet’s overall health and happiness.

“Your animal will lie down in the area that has the best energy in the house.

“They will always lie on a rug, rather than the hard floor, unless they are a huge animal and have a lot of fur to keep them warm.”

Feng Shui for pets with fresh food, fresh water, and a clean bed

Yvonne emphasized that pets like fresh food and water just like you do! They also like a favorite blanket and a favorite toy, so treat them to what they love.

Stroke Feng Shui by giving your pet a clean bed!

“We have included them in our homes, so we need to make the right decisions about where they sleep or eat in order to live with us successfully. You like a clean home, they like a clean home too.”

feng shui mascot with a clean home

Yvonne brought up another important feng shui topic: cleanliness. Keep pet dishes clean at all times. Be sure not to leave soap residue in your pet’s water dish or bowl. Soap residues can be very harmful to animals. Pets, especially cats, are attracted to well-lit areas (like the windowsill). Make sure those areas are clean and accessible, that you don’t have anything in the way that could tip over.

feng shui mascot with color

Cats can see multiple colors. My cat is partial to red blankets.

Yvonne indicated that her cat is attracted to both red and green.

He suggested that feng shui pet dishes should be pretty and colorful. Yellow bowls and plates can create an especially happy pet feeding area.

Plastic negative! I have thrown away all those tiny plastic bowls that are sold in pet stores.

My cat eats from a colored glass plate and drinks from a glass container. He is much happier, purring throughout the meal.

Yvonne recommends that red can also be used for energizing and feng shui in a pet’s feeding area.

The eating area should also be a sheltered space, a corner out of the way of humans. Cats (more than dogs) like privacy while eating.

Pet Feng Shui with natural salt lamps and natural salt candle holders

It’s hard to tell if wall colors affect cats and dogs, but pets can definitely feel the flow of energy within a room.

I use Natural Salt Therapy for Pet Feng Shui in every room in my house.

Natural salt lamps and natural salt candle holders release an abundance of negative ions, known to enhance your well-being, energize the room, and gently purify the air.

Natural salt lamps and candle holders clean and purify the air in your home of harmful bacteria.

They also combat dangerous electrical “smog” indoors (computers, TVs, etc.), thus further protecting your pet.

And here is another benefit of natural salt. Salt lamps and salt sconces radiate a dazzling soft pink/red glow.

Pets are drawn to natural light and especially the rich warmth of natural salt lamps and salt sconces.

Yvonne recommends natural salt lamps to her clients and uses them in her own home as well.

A Feng Shui basket of salt crystals will also uplift and harmonize the energy in your pet’s room.

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