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How to Copy and Play Xbox 360 Games Without a Mod Chip

Since the Xbox 260 is one of the most popular and advanced game consoles in the world, it’s no wonder millions of people want to back up or copy legal games they own. However, seeing that some inconsiderate people decided to copy games illegally, Microsoft has placed all kinds of security measures on 360 disks, preventing them from being duplicated. This is a big problem if you want to protect your games from being damaged … but luckily, there is a way around it that you can do without a mod chip.

The problem with Xbox 360 games is really very simple. On the disk itself, Microsoft encodes a set of “security sectors”. These are parts of the DVD that tell your Xbox what game it is and that it is a legal copy. Every time you put a game disc in your console, the Xbox looks for these security sectors. If he can find them intact, he will play the game … but if he cannot find them, or if they are corrupted, then he will refuse to play.

This means that if you want to copy or backup an Xbox 360 game that you own, you only need to be able to mirror the game disc with the security sectors intact. And unfortunately, these parts of the DVD are actually invisible to almost the game’s copy tools, which means that if you try to copy them, the sectors will not be copied and you will have made another roller coaster (which is the term for a fake copy).

Getting a tool or method that can perfectly copy your games (with security sectors) is considered the “holy grail” of the backup and coping community. It is the holy grail because there are hardly any methods and tools that allow you to copy your games and reproduce the duplicates without a mod chip. However, we have been fortunate to find a tool that can do this for you.