How to Organize a Google Contact List

So now you have your Gmail sorted with all the relevant labels and folders. You’ve already used filters to create a neat look. It still seems like something is missing, it looks like your contacts aren’t organized yet, and it’s a total mess. Well, if you knew the trick to sort your Gmail contacts, it wouldn’t bother you anymore. Here are tricks that will help you.

create groups

Google gives you the option to organize your contacts that are already in email. These contacts are organized in a library defined by Google+ circles and your Android favorites list. If you want to do as little effort as possible, simply separate your contacts into groups which will help you create an organized list for yourself. This is useful at times when you want to contact a group of people and send a specific communication. What you can do is add frequently used contacts into a group which will save you time selecting individual addresses without missing anyone.

merge duplicates

Often you can create two contacts with two different names belonging to one person and one email id. This leads to duplicate contacts and is a nuisance. Google gives you the advantage of finding such contacts and then helping to merge some entries that seem related. To do this, you need to go to More->Select Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts from the list of options. This also allows you to save multiple emails under one name, or you can reject Google suggestions if you want. If, in any case, your selected contacts are not recognized as related, you need to do it manually.

Auto save settings

You know very well that even when you are not saving your contacts, they are automatically saved in the Other Contacts folder. This seems convenient for those who do not have time to save contacts. However, this often leads to contact list-related discrepancies and frustrations. If you want to use it as a mass message, you need large groups that are well organized. Click the gear icon on the top right corner->Settings->General->Create contacts for autofill, select the radio button against the option I will add contacts myself. save and go. After performing this action, you will need to save each contact on its own. This helps you instantly group and organize your contacts the way you want.

Export and import of contacts

If you are the one who already has contacts on LinkedIn, then it is essential that you add them to your list. It’s more about keeping your professional contacts organized in your Gmail account. For this purpose you need to export these contacts. Log in to your LinkedIn account and go to Network->Contacts->Settings. This screen allows you to sync your contacts with your iPhone address book, Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook. If you want to export, click Advanced Settings. now export these contacts to your email client and login to your email to import the file there.

export contacts

Export contacts and save the file regularly with new information added. if in any case you lose your account or your account security is compromised, you change jobs or your contacts are inaccessible, at least you have a copy. Another important tip is to keep your contacts updated manually with the latest information about the details including names, new contact number, email id, address and other similar details.

Using the tricks mentioned above will help you organize your Google contact list on a regular basis. This will save you time and help you get the most out of your contact list.


The 10 elements of a successful tender

More than $30 billion is being spent through the bidding process in Australia, yet many companies downplay their opportunities to reap the rewards of generating profitable contracts. I have seen many companies that are too busy responding to bids to stop and look for ways to start winning bids. I have asked many companies about their strategy for responding to particular bids, only to find that there have been none. I have asked companies what criteria they used to determine which bids they should respond to, only to find again that there are none. This is not a good start for any bid, especially when we consider how many hours should be spent submitting a bid.

It’s important to recognize that a winning submission is the end result of a chain of events done well. This chain begins with the offer selection process and ends with the final presentation before a bidding board.

Why is a bid presentation the most important sales document you will ever write? It’s simple. The document you submit is the only basis on which the buyer can make a decision and judge your business on its ability to deliver the requested result. In other sales situations, you can follow up on a proposal with a phone call and discuss any areas the buyer isn’t quite sure about. Being able to follow up on a proposal also gives you more opportunities to sell the benefits of your company’s products or services. However, in a bidding situation, the document has to sell all aspects of the project and offer better solutions than the competition.

The 1st element – Existing Relationships When responding to offers, you must identify whether you are the right candidate for the contract being offered. There is no point in answering if you do not have a clear understanding of the company or organization requesting the tender. It is important to gather information about the offers available in your industry. This will give you valuable information and insight into the potential market, who your competitors are, and what current solutions buyers are looking for. Depending on the industry, many bids are recurring and constantly resubmitted, so you can prepare to respond more effectively to future bids. This also allows you to educate and inform as well as build a relationship with potential clients which drastically improves your chances of being invited to bid.

A great source of information on bids are notification companies who can provide you with bid information specific to your industry, which is easily accessible on the Internet.

The second element – Be one of the few answers Many bids are won before they are published. When a company publicly requests an expression of interest, it has already personally invited others based on past relationships to bid on a future project. These organizations will typically look at 3-5 vendors to determine who will be the best provider of a solution. They will then publish the tender to open the response to other potential vendors in the market. If you’ve been invited to bid, your chances of winning are dramatically increased because the organization that asked you to respond understands your capabilities to deliver on projects. Therefore, from a strategic point of view, it is important to build relationships that add value to potential prospects in the market.

The third element – Does the tender follow your marketing strategy? One of the key questions to ask yourself in your bidding process is what are the other opportunities around a bid? For example, if a company was looking for a recruitment firm to consult on developing systems and processes to help develop its HR capabilities, then the company also needs executive recruitment assistance as an additional service. This would be outside of the original request for offer and may be one of several opportunities available for additional work. Another question to consider is whether the tender will produce a strong strategic alliance. This means that by getting involved with a company, can they open the door for you to do business with their customers or other areas of the same company and can they use their expertise to add value to their customers? This will drastically improve your chances of dealing with like-minded companies.

The fourth element: is your bidding team resourced and available? As mentioned above, an offer is the most important sales document you’ll ever write. To maximize your opportunity, you need to be prepared to respond efficiently and effectively. You must clearly differentiate your service and process, and you must prioritize the offer appropriately to meet the submission deadline. You must have selection criteria that determine whether you are ready and able to respond and whether the offer matches your delivery capabilities. It’s also important to improve your team’s writing skills so you can communicate effectively in your presentation. Allow additional staff or help when you bid or bring in outside assistance to help you put together your document. You’ll need all the help you can get to meet a big project deadline.

The 5th element – Have 75% of your document ready before launch You can create a template for most of your documents before a bid is published. This will drastically improve your responsiveness, as you can have the following items prepared in advance:

  • Your mission statement
  • Company Background
  • Executive Summary
  • Referees and testimony
  • Current business activities
  • financial statements
  • Security and health at work
  • Quality Assurance Certificates
  • training programs

The presentation of the proposal must already be decided and designed. There must be a management process for your document. Your cover page, tabs, diagrams, and text layout should be prepared in advance and have an image library available that has templated graphics for use in your documents.

The 6th element – Do you have a competitive advantage? It is important to identify your competitive advantage in your offer. There must be a clear indication of what makes your company an obvious candidate to win the contract. Things to consider when listing that show what sets you apart from your competitors are: you may have specialized services; its distribution systems are state-of-the-art; the experience of his team is highly technical; your service is geared towards solving the frustrations people have with your industry; and can provide extensive backup and support beyond the standards. A key consideration may be, by using their services, that you will reduce your costs and contribute to your bottom line. Part of their point of difference is their pricing policy. The following are issues to consider:

  • Eliminate marketing expenses unrelated to pricing
  • Consider the lifetime value of the customer, not just the offer itself
  • Consider the value of more sales opportunities arising from existing relationships
  • Consider the strategic advantages of external relations

The 7th Element – Clearly articulate your understanding of buyer culture, requirements and value in the presented solution Five things that can dramatically demonstrate your understanding of customer needs:

  1. Write in a way that reflects the culture of the acquiring company (use their terminology and style in your writing)
  2. Clearly articulate your understanding of the requirements and demonstrate that you have the ideal solution
  3. Articulate your value for money
  4. Demonstrate your compliance and non-compliance
  5. Write in the same order as the specs (Q&A approach)

Five ways to avoid making blunders:

  1. Failing in the ability to do the job, without including case studies or referees to illustrate competence.
  2. Trying to teach the buyer a lesson (you already have an idea of ​​what you want, so stick with it)
  3. Criticizing the bidding requirements
  4. Not answering questions or submitting pages backwards and misspellings
  5. Submit a bid after your deadline

The 8th element – Presentation and Submission To set your document apart from your competitors, you need to look different from others – you want them to be attracted to your document. Here are 7 things to consider:

  1. Take your offer out of the stack first – use your images to reflect your corporate brand so the document represents them (if you use their images and logos, be sure to get permission from the buyer to do so)
  2. Reflect the design of the tender documents
  3. Show a level of commitment to win within the presentation
  4. Keep your readers interested visually (use flowcharts, images, and graphs throughout the document)
  5. Make it easy to find specific sections of the document (use tabs to separate different sections)
  6. Have color testimonials with photos on file for digital printing
  7. Use digital printing to enhance the presentation of your document and use quality paper for printing (laminate the covers and use paper that enhances the photographic quality of your images)

The Ninth Element – Your ability to deliver This is very important – make sure you can fulfill the contract. This includes meeting budgets, distribution, service and technology. If there are additional costs involved outside of bidding, be sure to clearly articulate the possibilities for the potential to increase investment and the procedures for doing so. Remember that this is a legally binding contract, so be sure to double check everything before handing over your document.

The Tenth Element – More Bidding and Sales Opportunities Evaluate the value of ongoing relationships with the organization, such as its credibility for the next bid and other sales opportunities that arise from within. By providing a high level of service throughout the contract, this will dramatically improve your chances of renewal. For consistency, please submit ongoing reports with the same level of commitment as your bidding document. This should be pretty easy since you have all the information from your research. Bidding is an exciting game that can generate an enormous amount of business, whether you are a small or medium business or a large corporation. The point here is that preparation and strategy are the keys to a winning bid.

Home Kitchen

Deciding on tables for home and office

Tables come in all shapes and sizes. In addition, they are suitable for specific needs and can be used to design various niches and blank walls throughout the house. Each table comes with a unique skill set and style.

Here are some given below:

  1. rectangular: A classic table style suitable for the cafe, rectangular tables fit perfectly with sofas that are larger than life. Dining tables are the most popular in rectangular formats
  2. Square: Square tables have effortless style and are a great complement to compact sofas and sectionals. Ottomans combine as square tables and are very popular with sectionals. Square tables are also popular options in smaller gathering avenues and in offices.
  3. round: With a modern design, these tables fit perfectly into contemporary homes. Round coffee tables are also a great solution for smaller living rooms, as they take up less space. Round tables are very popular for conferences.
  4. oval: An alternative to round tables, oval tables tend to be longer and fit well in larger living rooms.

No matter what your furniture style is, choose from a wide variety of tabletop options. Have a mix of classic coffee and end table styles, as well as some contemporary designs. Space-saving options are available in the form of nesting tables that come in sets of two and three. Of the previous formats, the tables are designed to adapt to each space in your life according to your requirements. The dining tables adapt to rectangular, square or circular formats to suit your needs and space. Living room spaces accommodate square, oval, circular, and rectangular tables that are used to accent or highlight sofas or alcoves. Small format square and rectangular tables are used to highlight the beds for a complete bedroom look.

Office is a whole different ballgame. Office tabular formats are segregated by area and designation with some additional personalization and personalization entries. Most of the tables used by most of the people in the office are made up of square or rectangular formats with functional areas assigned to each section of the table. Round and U-shaped desks along with rectangular desks are popular choices for office conferences. Corner offices and senior management quarters are intended for large format desks that are typically rectangular or L-shaped. These come with many accessories and features for a complete desk solution for everyone.

Usage is another important factor in selecting the right table for you. Some tables are designed purely for coffee and conversation, while others are used as display pieces or added to break up the monotony of the design. Oval tables are used as statement pieces and to keep magazines and papers close at hand. Square and rectangular tables are placed in corners or niches to add cozy corners to your spaces. Dining tables come in various formats to suit your needs, of which an island dining set is the most popular when placed close to the kitchen.

A table eventually is much more than a table.

Digital Marketing

Gavaskar–Border–Ponting controversy

The dispute between cricket batting legends Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Border was a display of pent-up anger dating back to the Bedi vs Bob Simpson series in 1979, which India nearly won despite unfavorable (read very biased) officiating from the Australians. :

1. Gavaskar – Citing the David Hookes incident:

This is perhaps the only incorrect reference/comment in the entire episode.

David Hookes or anyone else, the quote was taken out of context and Gavaskar lost track of his argument from here, allowing the Aussies to fight back. Thumbs down.

2. Ponting defends the sled by referring to it as a cultural difference:

Of course there are cultural differences and India and the West Indies are at one end of the cultural spectrum and Australia and England at the other end (England has moved to the center of the spectrum of late). This end of the spectrum is red (blood), and they sure do play hard and would resort to any style to win, indeed. winning is everything. Remember how Bob Simpson never delivered in the 1977-78 series directed by Bishan Singh Bedi where the The Australians could not cope with the Indian Spinners, so only their partisan arbitration saved the day. I don’t know how many remember him Trevor Chappell’s clandestine delivery? New Zealanders surely do, and they will never forget it. Or, more recently, Ponting plays sled to the minnow nations; well he should go to the soccer world cup and take a position there first. Similarly, England turned to Bodyline, Vaseline (John Lever in India) and even by racial means that they later abandoned (discrimination in MCC, etc). At the West Indian and Indian end of the cultural spectrum (which is white as at peace) we have always known that the game must be played fairly and even manipulating the opponent’s psychology is not fair. Now this is another matter if manipulating psychology is fair or not, but it is part of the tactics of the game. Thumbs down.

3. Ponting – on the Gavaskar Chauhan strike:

Well, that incident is a stain on Gavaskar’s flawless career (other than Kapil Dev’s fall in Calcutta). Still, let’s face it, they didn’t resort to sledding and his decision hurt none other than his own team and Chauhan in particular (he lost what, in retrospect, was probably his last chance to get a score of 100). . It’s still much better than the Aussies’ tricks of keeping Murali away through various unfair means.. It is a well known fact that only the actions of the cricketers from the subcontinent have been found to be wrong. Ricky Ponting, what do you say to that? Thumbs down.

4. Ponting – on Adam Gilchrist leaving without being turned in:Considering that Ricky Ponting didn’t take it lightly, and that he didn’t like Adam Gilchrist’s gait, it says a lot about how Australians play cricket – not in the best of sportsmanship, that is. Thumbs down. The bottom line is that some teams want fair results and others just want to win. And recently, since they have been winning, they have not been found to be champions, they are just winners. The West Indies were champions. Champions are winners whatever the results. thumbs up.

5. Frontier: On how Gavaskar played his cricket:

Well, Gavaskar surely played it better than Border, who went on and on until he could cross Gavaskar in the number of runs he scored, and on what average? If Border wants to refer to Gavaskar’s ODI career, well, it’s about India taking the time to adjust to the new style of playing cricket and Gavaskar’s 36 world cup runs was the background. Thereafter, Gavaskar adjusted well and put in a host of good performances. Finally, it is a fact that India and the West Indies took the cup long before Australia could stand up and be counted. Even Sri Lanka took it before them. Thumbs down.

6. Border – Quoting the David Hookes incident:

This is perhaps the only incorrect reference/comment in the entire episode.

David Hookes or anyone else, the quote was taken out of context and Gavaskar lost track of his argument from here, allowing the Aussies to fight back. Thumbs down.

7. Darren Lehmann – joining the controversy:

Darren who? Well, what is Darren’s need now to get into the controversy? Thumbs down.


Home Business Ideas for the Disabled or Disabled

The best home-based business ideas start with knowing your niche. If you are one of the many people with disabilities who wants to contribute, remember that you have certain skills, life experience, interests and values ​​that others may not, so finding your niche will be that much easier.

Here are the top 10 home-based (handicap accessible) business ideas you may want to consider:

1. Bed & Breakfast: especially for other people with disabilities. If you live in a big house and love visitors, this is a turnkey handicap accessible business to help the handicapped get out and travel. A great work at home business.

2. Pet sitting is a small business option for those who love to care for animals on a temporary basis. I know many people who would like to get away for a weekend but have no one to leave their pets with who loves them as much as they do.

3. Jewelry Designer: Did you see Oprah’s show about 10-year-old Shiloh Peppin who wants to become a jewelry designer? Her disability from her fused legs won’t stop her from pursuing her dreams, nor should she stop you.

4. Gift Basket Service: Gift baskets can be designed in-house by the entrepreneur for specific niches and mailed to shoppers or made available at local specialty stores.

5. Internet Store – If you are computer literate, consider opening an Internet based business that sells affiliate items. You receive a commission for each affiliate item you sell to others. See my website for more information on affiliates.

6. Life Coaching: Who knows better than you what it’s like to survive and thrive with a disability or challenge of any kind? Many people are waiting for your words of encouragement.

7. Songwriter: For those who love music, why not write and sell your music for a living?

8. Recording Artist – If you have a beautiful voice, you can make a living by becoming a singer. Maybe your niche is jingles. Hey, someone wrote and sang all those McDonalds jingles. Or maybe your niche is spiritual music, rock and roll, or weddings.

9. Screenwriter – Write what you know. Tell your story. Everyone has already told you that your life is like a movie. Why don’t you share your story with the rest of us?

10. Motivational Speaker: There is a great need for motivational speakers. You could speak at churches, community organizations, business meetings, and even write and publish a book or e-book to motivate others.

If you were born handicapped or experienced a life-changing event and became disabled or disabled later in life, and want to work, you can and should.

Seriously think about starting a small business from home. These are just ten simple business ideas.

I know you can come up with more home-based business ideas that are specific to your skills, values, and interests. Here is the success of your business.

Health Fitness

Healthy Weight Loss For Teens: How To Lose Weight Fast

Healthy weight loss for teens begins with a genuine desire to lose weight. Just think how good you’ll look once you’ve done it.

It is about developing a healthy lifestyle. Do this by eating healthy foods and junk foods less often.

Try to eat every three hours. That way you avoid going so hungry that you end up eating yourself later. Trust me, eating smaller meals more frequently is a great way to speed up your metabolism and burn more fat.

Also start drinking more water each day. You should aim for six to eight glasses every day. You may have to go to the bathroom many times, but so what? You want to lose weight, right?

Avoid sweets at all costs. This is a great healthy weight loss tip for teens because many kids their age can’t help themselves. Sugar is fattening because if it is not burned immediately it becomes fat.

Start eating healthier foods like sugar free Cheerios. Eat more fruits and vegetables. These foods help keep you full so you don’t feel like eating more food.

You must avoid starving yourself at all costs. Even when you go to school, you should be prepared with a couple of healthy snacks.

Another great thing to have on your agenda for healthy weight loss for teens is sports. Just be more active. Get out and take walks more often. If you’re in high school, then start using the gym. Just burn the damn fat off yourself.

Legal Law

How to Form a 5x5x5 Softball League

If you find 15 slow pitch softball players, you can form your own league using the 5x5x5 format.

By placing FREE ads on the sports pages of your local newspaper, you will get players. Use too. Check out the local church leagues and you’ll find plenty of players. Post ads at local YMCA gyms/schools/universities.

As an example, we’ll call these teams Red, White, and Blue. You will have 3 teams of 5 players each.

The 5 players from the red team win first. The white team plays 1st base-2nd base-shortstop-3rd base-catcher. The Blue team plays left fielder-left center fielder-right center fielder-right fielder-pitcher.

Play the standard slow pitch rules.

Write down the runs the red team wins until they get 3 outs and then the 3 teams rotate. The red team players go to the outside positions and the pitcher… The white team players go to bat… The blue team players go to the inside positions. Resume the game.

After the white team reaches 3 outs, the teams rotate again. The white team goes to the outside positions and the pitcher… The red team goes to the inside positions… The blue team comes in to bat.

After all 3 teams beat, the first inning is complete. Play 7 innings using this format.

Play a doubleheader once a week and you’ll have your own softball league. If you can get 20 players, you can build 2 standard 10 player teams and go from the 5x5x5 format to the standard 10 player team format. She’s back to playing doubleheaders once a week and has a slow-pitch softball league.

Go online or call your local softball organizations like ASA…USSSA…NSA and ask them about penalty fees (this will cover insurance liabilities) and add credibility to your league and qualify you for local tournaments, regional and national. .

They can also provide certified referees for the games (use certified referees to add more credibility to your league, which will promote growth). Contact your local parks department to rent softball fields. Add up the cost of your expenses and charge each player/team a league entry fee to cover costs (this fee is usually very low throughout the season).

Your league can be a mixed league with male and female players combined, a men’s only or women’s only league, or a senior league made up of players 50+.

Work to expand your league each year and you will see it grow rapidly. Softball is the #1 amateur sport played in the United States and is growing around the world.

Lifestyle Fashion

7 Ways You Can Break A Curse

7. Chapter One Day

Despite what many pastors would have us believe, all power comes directly from the Lord. When we do Obeah it is only because God has given us that power. Thus, it is invoking God and demanding our own authority -as Kings and Queens of the Earth- that we banish Obeah from our lives. What we must remember is that God has given us authority over all things. This even includes the authority and ability to perform miracles (which is what Obeah is when done in a godly way). He has given us the power to loose what others have bound. If he has been spiritually cursed and attacked, the first step is to read his Bible one chapter a day. Consistency is important. The point is not to cram information, but to meditate on the spiritual power within the Holy Bible. However, you must read it with the divine guidance of the spirit in your heart. Only through spiritual vision, not worldly, can we see the true and hidden meanings.

6. Sea salt bath

If you feel there has been a sudden spiritual attack, or an Obeah curse placed on you, then you can try clearing it through the natural sciences. Salt is a pure crystal that will ward off any negative spiritual forces. Relaxing in a bath with a comfortable level of natural sea salt and letting the negative energy that goes with the salt drain away. In addition, it is relaxing and good for the skin. This handy little ritual can break even strong Obeah. Don’t underestimate it.

5. Blending and cleaning with sage

At Obeah we often consider both African and European traditions, but underestimate the contributions of Native Americans. As settlers and slaves populated Trinidad and Jamaica, they displaced and eradicated the native Arawak and Carib populations, as well as contributing to the decline of the Taíno. However, the spiritual traditions of many Native Americans were saved by those of the African Diaspora. The stain may have arisen directly from the Caribbean taught by natives to early Slavic populations or may have arrived at a later date. There is much historical dispute about the origin of the spots at Obeah. Briefly, the practice of smearing is based on a hidden herbal remedy that is burned to ward off evil. The main consistency of most smudge sticks is white sage. This is a practice shared by the Ojibwe and Cree natives of North America.

In Obeah we would blur depending on the type of situation. To drive an evil spirit out of a home would require a different combination of herbs than to break a love spell on a home. Most people in areas where Obeah is practiced can buy ‘smudge sticks’ or get a list of the proper ingredients to make it. The details of the smearing ritual must also be explained by Doctor Obeah. They can be complex and are beyond the scope of this article.


Meditation is a double sword when it comes to breaking curses or spiritual protection. When we meditate we strengthen our entire spiritual body. This includes what some know as our aura, others as our chakras, still our chi, and even what Allan Kardec identified as our perispirit. Strengthening our full spiritual being is a good thing. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can take a person to a spiritual level that they are not ready for. This may mean that they are encountering spiritual forces that they cannot handle. This is rarely a risk and occurs mainly in those who experiment with advanced meditation techniques beyond their ability.

3. Basic protection rituals

If you intend to practice any form of spiritual art or are experiencing ongoing attacks, it may be beneficial for you to learn basic spiritual protection rituals. The best known of these is called the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. This is based on both Hebrew and European traditions but has been widely practiced in Trinidad and Jamaica as part of Obeah since Lawrence’s LW began publishing in Jamaica in the 1940s. This is widely available on the internet and the ritual is very long in itself. It should also be attempted only after you have mastered meditation and a flowing direction of energy. Without spirit control to perform the ritual, you will not be able to drive away the spirits or protect them.

2. Proper removal of the cursed item

A singularly unique case is when you are in possession of a cursed item. In a case like this, deleting the item will end the problems. However, it must be done correctly or the curse may remain. The item must be taken to a rural area, to a crossroads. This is the place of Legba and Eshu; they will carry the curse with them to the spirit world. In this ritual it is required to go after sunset but before midnight. A whole must be dug and cover the element completely. Finally, the site must be sprinkled with salt. It is imperative not to look back; Just as Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back at burning Sodom, if you look back at evil after placing the salt, it may follow you. The entire procedure must be finished before midnight.

1. Professional Spiritual Help

If all else fails, it is best to seek professional help. There are many qualified people who can help with spiritual problems of all kinds. It’s often a good idea to seek out an expert on what he hopes is the cause. If you suspect Santeria, a Santero. Voodoo, to Mambo. And Obeah, an Obi. So on. Many can break curses of other types; most can. However, this helps you make sure that the person has the spiritual experience to deal with the situation.