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The one skill you must learn and master to succeed

When I was born, my mother had a growing “Institute for Secretarial Studies”. Why didn’t she just call it the School of…? I hope I remember to ask him one day. And now I remember that most people referred to her high school as a typing school. The typical ones were sought after everywhere in those days. It was a rare skill and owning a typewriter was not necessarily a luxury but a symbol of business status, much like owning a laptop today. Since their job was to write B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer) correspondence, typists often doubled as secretaries or, let’s say, all secretaries had to be typists. That explains why Mom named it the Institute for Secretarial Studies and not the Institute for Typing, and actually trained students to become secretaries.

What is the point? The ability to use a typewriter was an indispensable high-tech skill decades ago. But today? I am writing this on my mobile phone and will make it available to the world with a tap on my screen. The glorified typist is gone forever. We are all typists today! That ability was a fad, like many others. In fact, you can think of many other abilities that are extinct or endangered in the 21st century.

What skill never goes away?

Let me tell you a little more about my mom. She had to close the institute when I was 8 years old or older, due to health problems. But she did not withdraw. She was too strong to do that. She opened a grocery store and later added a patent medicine store. I was too young to see her vigorously sell her institute to parents and young adults, but I saw her drive her sales with her grocery and medicine store. I quickly learned that all businesses are about sales and mys truly became a ‘store manager’ at age 11. Yes, it was a neighborhood store, but I’m grateful for that ‘experience’.

If you’re wondering why we’re talking about my childhood instead of the one skill you need to learn and master…

Back to my mom’s typing school, someone had to sell the typewriters, someone had to sell the stationery, the ribbon was sold, the desks were sold by a furniture maker, the classrooms were rented (still a sale) , students and teachers My mom and I wear dresses and shoes that are sold in stores. And I remember the banana street vendors that I was especially fond of, they made my life sweeter.

Still don’t get it?

In the corporate world, they call it different names. Business Development Manager, Business Development Executive, Business Development Assistant, Marketing Executive, Financial Planner, Financial Advisor, Account Manager and much more cheeky names. Very few are direct in calling you a sales representative. But it seems that only ice cream vendors are called vendors! Did you notice that I used seller instead of seller, at the beginning?

The seller or seller must know a little about everything. He must be an eloquent speaker, a Shakespearean writer, a technology enthusiast, an excellent accountant, economist, teacher, banker, and everything in between. She completes or combines all the Roles in the value chain. The seller is indispensable!

You can write a million lines of code. Without someone to sell your app, you’ve only wasted time, coffee, and cookies. Ask Facebook, Uber, Google, Airbnb, they will tell you that sales are everything!

Have you ever been asked in an interview: Can you sell me item X in 2 minutes? Even if it’s not a sales job, they want to know if the company was in trouble and everyone was sent out into the field as a salesperson, you would manage. In the end, all a business does is sell.

I hope you are now convinced and not confused (please let me know if a similar line ends school debates in countries other than Nigeria) that sales is the only skill you need to learn and master.

PS: We recently asked graduates in an African country to apply for internships at a tech company. One of the fields on the application form was “List any sales experience you have (optional).” Because it was optional, 55% of applicants skipped it. Their apps were promptly removed.


Learn how to get paid to complete online survey questionnaires

Want to know how you can get paid to complete online survey questionnaires and quickly create a consistent online money making opportunity? Well, the opportunity is now here, and you can succeed with paid online surveys immediately and today!

This is what you want to do first of all, you want to find the legit websites and avoid all the scams out there, trust me even free survey websites can scam you by spamming your email with a fake survey opportunity . You want to avoid most of them and read reviews about every so-called “survey” opportunity you come across!

How long will each survey take?

The question that people want to know is how much each survey will pay and how long it will take to complete. This is a valid question, as time is money, and you don’t have to waste it! Well, first of all, all the surveys will take you around 5-20 minutes, and you can expect an average of $5 per survey when you take them.

It’s a good deal, and the pay is pretty good, although it can’t replace your day job, it can give you a great stay-at-home income!

How do they pay me?

First of all, you want to know how you get paid, right? Well, there are big companies, the companies you see every day, the big corporations, that are willing to spend millions out of pocket to get your opinion on their products, services and things of that nature.

If you’re not satisfied with their service, being a consumer, then they want to know, because if you’re not satisfied, in the end; they lose a lot of cash! So why not get started and get to the bottom of the situation today and start making money with online paid surveys?


Party games for kids: great ideas for a great party

Are you wondering what kind of party games for kids can celebrate your child’s next birthday? The games will depend on the theme of the party, the age of your child and his friends, and the time of year. There are HUNDREDS of games to choose from. Here are some good ideas to help you out!

indoor party games

When the weather is bad, or if it’s simply too hot or too cold to hold an outdoor party, then an indoor party is called for. But that’s okay, there are plenty of games that can make indoor kids’ parties just as enjoyable as their outdoor counterparts.

For example, there’s the timeless Twister – it’s great for all ages, and even parents can join in and have a good laugh. Other game ideas for kids’ parties include Freeze Dance, Musical Chairs, and the Ha Ha game. Older kids and teens might like quieter, more intriguing games like Truth Or Dare.

outdoor party games

If the weather is nice, have the party outside! It is a great opportunity to have a good time, sun and fresh air. And running after the kids will also mean some good exercise for parents and other adults!

Popular games for children’s outdoor parties include the perennial sack race – if there are a LOT of kids, you can pair them up! You can also get the parents involved in the game with a three-legged race. Treasure hunt games are also great for pirate-themed parties or when your child’s birthday is coming up around Easter.

An outdoor party will also allow you to have attractions like carousels, pony rides and petting zoos. On a hot day, you can have a pool party, water slides on the lawn, and even a “foam bubble” area where the kids can cool off and have fun. These aren’t games per se, but they’re still guaranteed to keep kids busy for hours.

Games or shows? Why not both?

Sometimes the best party games for kids aren’t games at all. You can have shows and other attractions instead! You can have face painters, magicians, and balloon artists going around and making everyone have a good time.

Now, if planning a children’s party seems like a lot of work, that’s because it is. That’s why our next tip is to find an experienced and passionate professional to help you. It’s always, always a good idea to enlist the help of someone who entertains at children’s parties for a living!

So if you’re wondering what party games for kids you can pull off at your child’s next party, ask an expert for help. They can give you great ideas and great deals, and they can take care of the entire party from start to finish. That way, you can focus on enjoying the party with your child, and that’s the most important thing.


Five great ways to have more fun at work

According to Bob Pike, author of “The Fun Minute Manager,” bosses should strive to create an office culture that is fun, productive, and profitable. He adds that having fun at work reduces employee turnover, increases creativity and innovation, and is good for the bottom line.

A fun work environment is one in which formal and informal activities occur regularly that are designed to lift people’s spirits and remind them of their value to the organization. This can be done through the use of humor, games, celebrations, or recognition of achievements.

For managers and employees alike looking for ways to bring more lightness to the workplace, here are five ideas you can start implementing right away:

Establish a daily routine to energize the office in the afternoon

Most people need an energy boost in the afternoon. At Microsoft they play loud music at three o’clock when everyone’s energy starts to wane: some people get up and dance and everyone claps when the song ends. In another office they spin around in their chairs for thirty seconds around two in the afternoon. Another idea is to take a short coffee break where you can watch a short stand-up comedy routine on DVD in the cafeteria.

Bring some fun to meetings

In the book “The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Liven Up,” Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher explain that researchers reported that humor during meetings was found to “facilitate a transition from a feeling of tension and defensiveness to a realization relatively safe.” And joy”.

Some companies start their meeting with a Laughter Yoga session to encourage people to relax and present their best ideas. Other companies make sure food and candy are available during meetings. Still others provide paper and crayons and other fun accessories, like slinkys and play dough.

Have friendly competitions

There are many companies that put up a basketball court in the parking lot so that employees can have basketball tournaments during their lunch hour. Others send an email with a brain teaser or brain teaser every Monday and offer a small prize to the first person to solve it. Still others have pie-eating contests, darts contests, or office chair relay races.

Celebrate important events and milestones

It is important to celebrate the achievement of personal and company milestones. Get together once a month in a restaurant or pub and congratulate each other on birthdays, weight loss, kicking the nicotine habit, or meeting your company’s sales quota. Employees need to feel that the company is aware of their achievements and that management is interested in their personal goals.

Create a humor bulletin board

Create a humor bulletin board and hang it in a conspicuous place. Look for cartoons and jokes that poke fun at the circumstances that cause negativity or conflict in the office. You can also encourage people to bring in funny vacation photos or images of their children or pets looking funny. Candid employee photos are also a fun addition to the humor bulletin board.


A fun environment is part of a high-trust environment, and building trust among employees is vital for a company that wants to succeed. Trust makes employees loyal and keeps them focused on the organization’s core goals and values. In addition, humor stimulates creativity and helps in problem solving. In today’s economy, a creative workforce is a powerful asset. What other ways can you think of to bring more fun, humor and lightness to the workplace?

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Natural cleaning products and their uses

House cleaning is hard work but it is part of maintaining good health. If you want to have a truly beneficial cleaning process, just use green cleaning products. Not only will it save you money, but it will also make your cleaning effective and safe.

Here are natural cleaning products you can use from your own kitchen with corresponding steps on how to use them.

distilled white vinegar It is used to cut grease and deodorize. It can be used to clean the kitchen, shine and clean glasses, remove dust and soften clothes.

lemon juice it is a mild bleach. You can use it to deodorize and clean toilet bowls and tiles.

Detergent It is used to remove grease and stains and to clean bathroom surfaces and tiles.

Borax it is a natural mineral that you can use to control pests and cockroaches in your home

Salt It is used to clean, deodorize and disinfect your home. It can be used to polish your silver items and to remove rust stains on your metal equipment.

baking soda It is used in cleaning and deodorizing carpets.

Herbs They are used in flavoring. They can be used as air fresheners.

These natural ingredients are really effective and safe to use. They do not contain chemical ingredients, which makes them harmless, especially for you as a user, for all members of your family and for the environment.

Here are 7 tips for making your homemade cleaning products:

Distilled white vinegar as spray for powders

Step 1: Combine ½ cup of distilled white vinegar and ½ tablespoon of olive oil.

Step 2: Mix the combined natural ingredients well with a spoon.

Step 3 – Simply pour the mixture into a container or spray bottle.

Step 4 – Spray solution on dusty household items and wipe clean.

Step 5 – Store or place in your kitchen cabinet with a label if not in use.

glass cleaner

Step 1 – Combine ½ cup of distilled white vinegar in ¼ cup of water.

Step 2: For the combination in a clean container.

Step 3: Mix it well.

Step 4 – Use a cloth to clean your glasses with this solution

Step 5: Store the mixture properly in a clean cabinet.

fabric softener

Step 1: Pour ½ cup of water and 1 cup of distilled white vinegar into a wide container.

Step 2: Mix the two ingredients well.

Step 3: Pour the mixture on your clothes.

Lemon juice as a shoe polish

Step 1 – You need to combine ¼ cup of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Step 2: For the ingredients in a small container, mix well.

Step 3: Apply a small amount to a piece of cloth.

Step 4 – Rub the piece of cloth on your shoes to make them shine

Step 5 – Store or place the remaining mixture on your shelf or shoebox.

Coffee or tea stain remover

Step 1: Mix ½ cup of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of salt.

Step 2: Pour mixture into a spray bottle, shake well.

Step 3 – Spray the solution on the coffee or tea stains and allow to soak.

Step 4: Brush off stains with a brush, rinse with water.

Step 5: Place or place the remaining mixture in your cabinet.

Washing soda and lemon juice as a tile and bathroom surface cleaner

Step 1: Mix ½ cup washing soda and ¼ cup lemon juice.

Step 2: Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Step 3 – Spray your bathroom surface and tile.

Step 4: Brush them well until the dirt is removed.

Step 5: Wash all bathroom surfaces and dry them.

Step 6: Properly store the remaining mix if any.

salt as silver polish

Step 1: Pour 1 cup of water into a medium saucepan.

Step 2 – Add 5 tablespoons of salt.

Step 3: Grill the mixture for about 3 minutes (medium heat).

Step 4: Kindly pour your silver coins into the pan.

Step 5: Let it roast for 5 minutes.

Step 6: Drain the silver ones.

Step 7: Brush with an old toothbrush.

Step 8 – Rinse with lukewarm water.

Step 9: Wipe dry.


Life in the era of my grandparents

My grandparents always tell me that our lives are better now than when we were young, and that I should enjoy and appreciate my life instead of complaining. It is true that, in most ways, our lives are much better than our grandparents did when they were young.

In the past, gifts for grandparents would definitely not have been plasma televisions or mobile phones. No sir. In the words of my grandfather, “in my day, we were lucky to have a plate of baked beans on the dinner table.”

When my grandparents got married, they moved into a tiny one-bedroom, and I repeat, a room flat, with a divan box spring in the corner, and no running water or electricity. They cooked with a single gas hob and could barely afford to feed themselves. And when their son was born, times got so tough that they often had to eat blackberries for dinner!

In my grandparents’ day, you were lucky if you had a sink in your house. Many people collected water from private wells or public pumps. Without a doubt, washing machines and dishwashers would have been extremely useful and incredibly practical as birthday gifts for grandmothers or birthday gifts for grandfathers, so they would have spent more time resting and less time doing dishes and clothes.

As for debit and credit cards, my grandparents didn’t use ATM cards until they were in their 60s, imagine that! Instead, they would always walk into the bank and do business face to face with the bank clerk, who even knew them by name.

My grandparents often joke that they don’t know why people refer to those times as “the good old days” because there wasn’t much good in them. Grandpa told me a story about a young man who committed suicide due to lack of food and money.

Of course, I treasure these stories and the time I spend with my grandparents. When I find myself drooling over a new appliance, I think of the stories of my grandmother ransacking cupboards for a missing “twopence” piece, which she would have paid for a can of soup for her son’s dinner. It puts life in perspective.

People managed to get by without modern conveniences. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a criticism of today’s modern conveniences, because quite frankly, many of them make life so much more enjoyable. On the other hand, perhaps we should remember that most of these are luxuries, No needs, despite what the media and peer pressure would have us believe otherwise.

These days, we are able to devote more time and money to our hobbies, which was unheard of in our grandparents’ day. My grandfather would have given anything to immerse himself in his favorite book, but he just couldn’t afford it, they were short of money.

As I was walking with my grandmother down the local main street, we passed a tanning bed salon and saw a girl, her skin glowing a reddish-orange hue, strutting out of the salon. Gran whispered to me, “Why pay the earth to cook your skin when the good Lord shines a sun on your head that does the same thing for free?” That made me laugh.

I can safely say that Kindles, GPS devices, Xboxes, Wiis, etc. will certainly not be on my shopping list for gifts for grandpa or birthday gifts for grandma. I think there is definitely something to be said for personalized gifts for grandparents.

Very recently, I gave my grandfather a personalized soccer book for his 80th birthday. The cover featured his name in gold and there was a personal message on the inside cover. This particular book contained newspaper reports on the history of the Sunderland football team over the past century.

When visiting him a week later, the grandfather was already halfway through. As I’m not much of a football fan, I couldn’t share my grandfather’s excitement when he went off on a tangent about all the things he had read about, like the famous League and Cup victories, the stars, past and present, etc etc etc But what he moved me was when he said that this was one of the best gifts that he had ever received, ever. That made me very happy.

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What do you wear to sleep?

A recent survey of 1,004 Britons interestingly revealed what they wear to sleep, asking how that affects their relationship status. They found that 57% of the people surveyed slept naked and that these people were happy and content in their relationships. Of the rest, some slept in their pajamas, nightdress, T-shirt and shorts. It was found that 40% of Britons slept naked, as did almost half of the 55+ age group.

It led me to consider the factors that affect what we wear to sleep.

In the early days of a relationship, sex, intimacy, and the desire to be close are often a driving force in everything we do. Wearing something to sleep is often seen as unnecessary and intrusive, as the need to be close and enjoy the delicious sensation of skin on skin, body on body beckons.

– But, what about the pregnancy? During pregnancy and after the birth of their baby, many women feel self-conscious about their bodies. They may feel dissatisfied with the shape and size of their body, feel self-conscious about stretch marks or scars. They may feel undesirable, less interested in sex, tired from caring for their baby, exhausted, and cold getting up at night to feed and comfort their child. Wearing a nightgown or pajamas to bed can cover your modesty, as well as being a practical solution to your need to get up quickly when called upon without having to stop to get dressed.

– Modesty can be a factor if someone is involved in a shared house, either with tenants or elderly relatives. There may be concerns about being disturbed or needing to be alert if urgently needed at night. A lock on the bedroom door can be an effective solution, but some people may feel a bit unsafe sleeping naked.

– The disease can influence a person’s comfort when sleeping naked. Feeling sick can make a person want to feel comfortable, safe, protected. They may want to be left alone. Being in bed in your pajamas or nightgown can feel a little more private and less vulnerable.

– Shift workers often have erratic sleep patterns, as they try to sleep at varied times during the day and night. It can help if you create familiar associations with sleep that quickly inspire a warm, cozy, and restful atmosphere when you go to bed. Pajamas, nightgowns, and bed socks can provide those associations and allow them to rest, hopefully falling asleep fairly quickly.

None of the scenarios I’ve described reflect poorly on a person’s relationship status. They simply reveal how life over time presents situations that benefit from flexible and individual approaches. As a relationship evolves from heady drunkenness to the more practical state of kids, mortgages, stress, and work-life balance, a couple may still choose to sleep naked, but if they don’t, it doesn’t mean that there are problems between them.

– However, when there are serious tensions in a relationship and a couple begins to break up, there is often a desire to cover up and not be seen naked. You may feel too exposed and vulnerable to be looked at or touched intimately by someone you feel less close to; It’s too intimate, it’s not right somehow.

– Another factor may be if our partner has unfortunate bedding. They can also influence how we feel about sleeping naked. Eating in bed can be a turn off, just like dirty clothes on the floor or our partner wearing socks to bed. Reading, working in bed, and restless sleep are also things that can irritate a partner over time. Habits that didn’t occur in the early days of a relationship or seemed attractive at first can gradually start to distract us.

But don’t forget that some nightwear can be expensive, sexy and exciting; A beautiful nightgown, the lace teddy can make the wearer feel desirable and attractive to her partner. Wearing something sexy can be part of your sexy bedtime activity. Likewise, sleeping naked can be sensual, intimate, and a beautiful relationship enhancement. Touching skin, snuggling, being close can heal tension and stress. Naked you can enjoy the touch and feel of the cool sheets, move freely, not feel constrained by the bedding. And as Marilyn Monroe said, whatever she wore to sleep was a pretty lovely fragrance.

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Working from home: Is your personal life bleeding into your work life?

One of the best things about owning your own business is that you have complete control over where and when you work, and working from home is, for some, the epitome of those benefits. But as much as working from home may sound on paper (no more dirty laundry until the wee hours of the morning!), in practice it can be hard to adjust. There’s a definite learning curve involved in suddenly taking control of how your time is structured: think of it like moving to college, where you suddenly have to scold yourself for doing your own homework instead of having your parents around to remind you.

Of course, working from home really can’t compare to doing homework; You likely have many more personal responsibilities than you did in high school or college (kids, pets, household chores, more time commitments, etc.) and these important priorities outside of work combine to create serious distractions for you. And you’re not working to get a good grade, you’re working to earn a living.

When your work life and personal life are mostly centered around the same location, how can you keep the two separate so that you can continue to maintain them effectively? With a few mind tricks, you can rewire your brain so that you can switch from “free time” to “work time” when you need to. That is how.

Separate your home office from your home.

Make this your mantra: Your work space is not your living space.. Going back to the homework analogy: If you’re doing your homework in bed, one of two things is likely to happen: your concentration on your work will be affected because your brain is preparing for sleep, or your sleep will be affected because you can’t stop working when it’s time to go to bed. Ideally, you can’t even see your desk from your couch or bed, and vice versa.

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a free room. What if you work in an open space? No problem. When I moved into my studio, I simply chose the corner of the studio with the best natural light and walled it in with some bookshelves. It’s like my own personal cubicle, only I don’t have to wear shoes!

Maximize your work space.

While the comforts of home are great, it’s the comfort of the office that you’re looking for. Invest in the things that will help streamline your time: Make sure everything you use frequently is within easy reach. Get a file cabinet and dedicate the necessary time to the organization. Your home business may be small now, but you should structure your organizational infrastructure so that if the business takes off, you don’t worry about sorting old unsorted documents and making room for new clients. For help with this daunting but entirely doable task, check out this excellent article from Entrepreneur in organizing.

Remember: you have full control over your environment. Just because your workspace needs to be organized doesn’t mean it should feel like a dentist’s waiting room. Get the paint out! If you find it difficult to tune out your internal dialogue, surround yourself with cool blue; it will help you focus. If you’re not a morning person and you’re giving it a try, opt for bright colors that help you feel energized. If you rent and are not allowed to paint, try drapes or wall hangings. Post a photo of something that reminds you why you are passionate about your business. Whatever motivates you and helps you focus, do it.

Minimize distractions that you can’t eliminate.

Forces outside of your control are conspiring against you. For example, when I take my headphones off and listen to the world around me for a moment, I can hear a snowplow clearing the sidewalks, the hum of my refrigerator, a truck pulling up outside, at least two barking neighborhood dogs, and mine. dog taking an intense interest in the cause of the ruckus. Fortunately, with my headphones on, all I can hear is Brian Eno, an instant buffer from distractions.

Make sure everything on your desk has a reason to be there: pencils, lamps, phone, calendar, reference books, etc. Spend a few minutes carefully judging the objects around you; If you haven’t touched an object in the last week, your desk just isn’t your proper home. Find another place for him to live that is out of sight and out of mind.

Set your limits and stick to them.

Friends and family can sometimes focus on the “home” aspect of working from home, listening to the “work” part with deaf ears; it’s up to you to remind them that your home office is not your home, it’s your office. Let people know when you’re working (even if it’s your own watch), and tell them firmly that while you’re happy to be available during your free time, work time is for work. If your loved ones still don’t notice, ask them if they would interrupt you during the day if you were in an office with other coworkers around. The only difference is the location (and the fact that you don’t wear shoes).

In this sense, it is important that you define your limits not only for your loved ones, but also for yourself. Choose hours that match your personal circadian rhythm and work practices. If you are a morning person, embrace it. If your best productivity hours are at night, no problem. Whatever you do, make sure you take responsibility for not only starting on time and putting in the hours, but also getting back to your personal life after work. Anytime you think your day is over, change your clothes, make dinner, and relax. You are working from home, but this does not mean that you should take your work home with you. Congratulate yourself on a job well done and stop for today. There is always a tomorrow.

Lifestyle Fashion

The Impressive History And Symbolic Uses Of The Akuaba Doll Of The Asantes

The Akuaba doll is a special doll held in high esteem among the Ghanaian communities, especially the Asantes. The Akuaba doll was named after an Asante woman named Akua, who was barren and desperately needed a child. Due to her sterility, her neighbors called her a witch, accusing her of ‘eating’ (killing) all the children in her womb. Desperate, she consulted a local fortune teller for a child. The fortune teller, after consulting with the ancestors through some rituals, asked Akua to commission a carver to carve a doll in the likeness of the child she dreams of having. She vividly described all the features that she admires and wishes to see in her future child, reflecting Asante’s concept of beauty. Some rituals were performed on the doll and it was given to Akua. The story continues that Akua cared for, carried and treated the wooden doll as if she were human. Soon, she became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter exactly like the doll. From now on, all barren women were asked to choose a similar doll ‘Akua’ (The name of the barren woman) ‘ba’ (Child). This explains why the doll has been called the Akuaba doll to date.

However, the doll is returned to the shrine as an offering after the safe delivery of the child. If the child passes to the land of the dead, the mother will keep the doll as a memorial to the child.

It is also worth knowing that the doll’s features have symbolic meanings. For example, the culminated or exaggerated head of the doll symbolizes the seat of wisdom. The flat forehead is an Asante beauty ideal. The entire body is in ovals and circles which are symbols of beauty in the Ghanaian community. The neck, which must be strangely ringed, is a symbol of beauty and prosperity. The textured markings or ‘scars’ that appear on the face, especially the forehead, are for medicinal and spiritual protection against seizures and evil forces.

The Akuaba doll is carved from a hard wood called ‘Sese’. The carved doll is then blackened with a mixture of soot from the bottom of the pots and the albumen from raw eggs.

As already noted, the doll was used primarily as a fertility doll to charge barren women with fertility powers. The doll also has other functions. For example, the doll is used as an amulet in the search for missing children. In times past, it was believed that dwarves stole children. Therefore, in order to retrieve them, a doll that is an exact replica of the missing child is carved and placed at the entrance to the forest. The dwarfs mistakenly chose the doll and handed the child into their possession.

Among some ethnic societies such as the Anlos of the southern Volta region, a wooden doll is carved and placed in the coffin of a dead twin to prevent its soul from going to find its living twin. The Akuaba doll is also used for interior decoration of rooms and offices.