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Get rid of man boobs! Home workout solution

First of all, I don’t want to mislead you. There is no “secret” exercise that will magically make your man boobs disappear. HOWEVER, let’s take a look at some strategies we can employ that have a good chance of helping you get rid of man boobs:

  • Boost testosterone with strength workouts that focus on lifting HEAVY for low reps
  • Increase your body’s fat-burning human growth hormone (HGH) levels by doing several high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts per week
  • Eat less (combined with training more) to create a calorie deficit and gradual fat loss, week after week.

The importance of testosterone

Although the general opinion suggests that you cannot “punctually cut” fat, real experience shows that hormone levels play an important role in where we accumulate fat.

Just look at the differences between men and women. Higher estrogen levels in women cause them to accumulate fat in their breasts, hips, and buttocks. Men, on the other hand, tend to gain stomach fat.

More specifically, bodybuilders who abuse steroids (they basically overload their bodies with synthetic testosterone) eventually cause the body to produce excessive amounts of the female hormone estrogen. This leads to the accumulation of fat in the breasts, also called man boobs or gynecomastia.

So since injecting testosterone is obviously not the way to go, we need to maximize our testosterone levels, NATURALLY.

Lifting heavy weights in the 4-8 rep range can help the body release greater amounts of testosterone.

Testosterone boost with heavy compound elevators

When it comes to testosterone release, nothing beats movements like the squat and deadlift. Your body is forced to move A LOT of weight and muscle groups are fully activated from head to toe.

So ideally you would buy a set of olympic weights, get a couple of training sessions in proper form (crossfit trainers are great for these kinds of tips), and do 2-3 general strength workouts per week consisting of the following types of movements:

  • Deadlift or squat
  • Horizontal pushing movement (dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell press, etc.) or vertical pushing movement (dumbbell shoulder press, military press)
  • Horizontal Pull Movement (Dumbbell Rows, Body Weighted Rows) / Vertical Pull Movement (Weight Pull-Up)
  • [To keep your body balanced, perform horizontal pushing motions on the same days as horizontal pulling motions, vertical press on the same day as vertical pulls]

Good, but what if I have a limited budget?

Coaching – Proper form is essential to preventing injury, but you can learn most of what you need to know on YouTube; for example, there are several GREAT videos on deadlift forms.

Team – It’s pretty tough to beat an Olympic weight set. Even if that’s all you have, you can at least deadlift, which many agree is the ULTIMATE strength move, especially for hormonal activation. Check Craigslist for deals, these outfits can often cost around $ 100.

If that doesn’t work for you, experiment with sandbag training. Get yourself an old army surplus duffel bag, buy a few gravel bags and throw them in the dufffel, and practice lifting it. You can do A LOT with this simple kit and it shouldn’t cost you more than about $ 15.

When it comes to pushing and pulling motions, here are some great options – remember that you can add weight as you gain strength by tossing a bit of gravel into your backpack.

  • Horizontal pressure movements – (Reject Push-ups: Place your feet about 2 feet off the ground. For added difficulty, try it out on a DIY suspension trainer (do a Google search for several great tutorials).
  • Vertical pressure movements – Push-ups (once you’ve developed push-up strength), sandbag shoulder press, push-ups (see YouTube for details)
  • Horizontal pulling movements – Body Row on DIY Suspension Trainer (Elevate feet for added difficulty)
  • Vertical pulling movements – Pullup (no chin-up bar? Throw a rolled towel over a beam), Weighted Pullups (tie some weight through your belt)

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs – HIIT Workout To Increase HGH And Burn Fat

HIIT consists of doing short, intense intervals of exercise followed by short breaks. One option is one minute of exercise, one minute of rest, repeated several times.

Here are some suggestions:

  • HIIT jump rope workout to burn fat – After a few minutes of warm-up, alternate one minute of high-knee sprinting with one minute of slower jumping with both legs. Continue for 10-15 minutes.
  • Belching Intervals– Burpees (do a YouTube search for instructions) are a PHENOMENAL total body conditioner. Alternate 60 seconds of burpees with 60 seconds of easy jumps, for a total of 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Sprint intervals – Alternate 60 seconds of vigorous running with 60 seconds of easier walking, for a total of 10 to 15 minutes.

Again, these are just a few ideas. Feel free to increase or decrease work and rest periods as you see fit.

Doing some workouts like this each week will increase HGH to burn fat. Follow each workout with a brisk 20 minute walk to take advantage of your body’s fat burning state.

Eat less

There are many approaches to dieting to lose fat, and some work well for some people and not others. To start with, I would like to suggest a simple idea:

Eat until you are no longer hungry, NOT until you are full!

Eating a little less, while increasing your activity with the workouts we just covered, will help you gain muscle while gradually losing body fat, INCLUDING excess male breast tissue.


So, here are three ways to attack your target and get rid of man boobs:

  • Increase Testosterone and Muscle Mass with Intense Strength Training
  • Increase HGH Levels to Burn Fat with HIIT Interval Training
  • Eat less to create a calorie deficit

Now all that’s left for you is to get to work!

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Bible Trivia Q&A, Ark of the Covenant, Pillar of Salt and more

Use these Bible Trivia Questions and Answers to promote conversation in your next Bible study class. Print the questions and distribute them in class. As a group, how many correct answers can you get?

Q1: What was Jesus doing when the Holy Spirit descended on him?
Answer: From the King James Bible, Luke 3: 21-22
He was being baptized in the Jordan River.

Q2: What is the name of the ruler who brought large gifts to Jerusalem on a camel for Solomon?
Answer: from the KJV, 1 Kings 10: 1-2
The queen of sheba

Q3: What two animals carried the ark of the covenant to Beth-shemet in Israel?
Answer: from the King James Bible 1 Samuel 6: 7-9
Two cows, “dairy cows” which means dairy cows.

Q4: Who became a pillar of salt?
Answer: from the KJV, Genesis 19: 23-26
Lot’s wife.

Q5: What did God create on the fourth day of creation?
Answer: from the King James Bible, Genesis 1: 14-19
The sun, the moon and the stars.

Q6: Abel was the first man in the Bible to die. Who killed him?
Answer: from the KJV, Genesis 4: 8-11
His brother Cain.

Q7: What happened when the fourth angel poured out the fourth cup of God’s wrath on the sun?
Answer: from the King James Bible, Revelation 16: 8-9
The angel was given the power to burn men with the fire of the sun.

Q8: Who prayed for wisdom instead of wealth? What did God reward him with?
Answer: from the KJV, 1 Kings 3: 9-13
Solomon prayed for wisdom and God gave him wisdom, honor, and wealth.

Q9: Who told Mary to name her son Jesus?
Answer: from the KJV, Luke 1: 26-31
The angel Gabriel.

Q10: What was the name of the city that was destroyed by fire from heaven?
Answer: from the King James Bible, Genesis 19: 24-25
Sodoma and Gomorra.

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Reading Flannery O’Connor in a Pseudo-Modern Era

For anyone who has taken a class in modern literature or creative writing, they will most likely read Flannery O’Connor’s, A good man is hard to find. It is an American classic, written by one of the best storytellers in the world. O’Connor’s dark and often grotesque characters are distinguished by being heartless and morbid, whose actions are often cruel, violent and immoral. However, those of his character, regardless of the path they take, are touched by salvation and Divine Providence.

O’Connor’s stories take place in the South and the reader is taken to a time and place in American history when the civil rights movement was at its peak. Flannery O’Connor’s stories were and continue to be criticized for using derogatory language toward African Americans. Whether O’Connor was a racist herself is still debated in literary and academic circles alike. While race is a focal point in some of his stories, Flannery O’Connor did not take an apparent position on the civil rights movement that was under his feet. He wrote the South as it was, and his character’s emulated racial comments in his dialogue as did his contemporary common folk.

Many people who read O’Connor for the first time do not realize that all his works have their roots in Catholicism. She comes from a school of Catholic writers at the time that includes Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, and Walker Percy. At first glance, most of his works do not mention his Catholic beliefs. In fact, one might question his value system because, frankly, his characters are very un-Christian. However, all their stories are embedded with symbols of Divine Providence and the roots of Catholic thought.

A History of Early Catholicism in Four Paragraphs

In order for us to understand the inner workings of O’Connor’s stories, we must understand the inner workings of the Catholic faith:

In 313 AD, Constantine the Great legalized Christianity, moving the center of the Roman Empire to Byzantium. This would eventually give rise to the Byzantine Empire. With Constantine living in his newly named city of Constantinople, he gifted Rome to the Pope to help him oversee his dominions. This was a final blow to the Roman Empire, creating a ripple effect that would eventually collapse the Empire. Over time, ancient Christianity split into two separate entities: Byzantine Eastern Orthodox Catholicism and Roman Catholicism. This division was caused by two centers of Christian thought separated by two locations on the map.

Bear with me for a second, as this movement in history lays the foundation for Western culture and the beginning of Catholic philosophy, on which O’Connor’s stories were based. Although very similar, Eastern Orthodox Catholicism centered the scriptures on the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit; while Roman Catholics founded their biblical philosophy on the Incarnation of Christ himself, the idea that God had become human to suffer and die for our sins.

Members of the early Eastern Orthodox had a Greek orientation and, following in the footsteps of Socrates and Plato, they created a philosophy around the Holy Trinity. They questioned faith: if Jesus was both God and man, did he know he was God? In the flesh, was Jesus capable of sinning? As a man, did Jesus know everything or did He have limited knowledge?

The focus of the Incarnation of Christ in the Roman Catholic faith made God human. According to the Roman Catholic faith, Jesus knew everything and, through his crucifixion, saved humanity. Since God had made Himself present in the flesh, God could intervene in human affairs through Divine Providence, the very foundation of Flannery O’Connor’s stories.

The Short Stories of Flannery O’Connor

Of all the forms of fiction, the short story is the most difficult to read and write. The story itself is very condensed. Take O’Connor’s story, The life you save can be yours, where O’Connor’s protagonist, a nomadic man, Mr. Shiftlet, a carpenter whose first notable gesture is to raise his arms towards the sun, “his figure forms a crooked cross,” approaches a house and is greeted by Lucynelle, a toothless washed old woman, and her mute and innocent daughter, also named Lucynelle.

While talking, Mr. Shiftlet notices a rusty, black, broken-down car in the yard. The old woman tells him that it hasn’t worked in fifteen years. Mr. Shiftlet and the old woman talk all afternoon, while the sun sets on the three of them, symbol of things to come. Eventually, Mr. Schiftlet is welcomed into the house, where he fixes up the place in exchange for room and board. Finally, repair the damaged and rusty car.

The old woman convinces Mr. Shiftlet to marry young Lucynelle, his only prized possession. Mr. Shiftlet accepts this arrangement and they go to court to get married. The old woman will give her seventeen dollars, so she can take her innocent Lucynelle to a motel for her honeymoon.

The two married men leave in the afternoon. They continue driving into the evening, where they stop at a restaurant for a bite to eat. Young Lucynelle, tired, falls asleep on the counter. The guy who works the counter says, “It looks like a God angle.” In response, Mr. Shiftlet responds, “hitchhiker” and gives the boy money for food when he wakes up. Mr. Shiftlet leaves, leaving the mute Lucynelle in the middle of nowhere.

O’Connor’s story of Divine Providence takes root when Mr. Shiftlet wanders off into the night toward Mobile, Alabama. Along the way, you see signs that say, “Drive carefully. The life you can save may be yours.” After driving, pick up a hitchhiker, a boy, another symbol that tells Mr. Schiftlet to “go to hell!” The boy jumps out of the car. The story ends when a cloud of turnips passes by and it starts to rain.

The life you can save can be yours it is based on Matthew 5:45 which says: “That you may be children of your Father who is in heaven, who makes his sun rise on the bad and the good, and rains on the just and the unjust.

The literary analysis of this satire is astonishing. There is symbol after symbol: there is the heart that Mr. Schiftlet talks about at the beginning of the story in relation to the turnip cloud at the end of the piece, the descriptive color of Lucynelle, which makes her the symbol of the Virgin Mary, and The colors of the newly painted car should be carefully examined. All this symbolism paints another story: a truth of the human condition and free will in relation to the divine order of the world.

Reading O’Connor in a Pseudo-Modern Era

Reading O’Connor at the foot of the 21st century not only takes us into the history of the Deep South, at a time when black men and women were fighting for equal protection under the law, but their stories force us to confront each other. reality. unpleasant truths and flaws of ourselves. This demonstration cannot be more evident than in its history, Everything that arises must converge.

This is a compelling story of the social and racial changes facing the South in the 1950s, and integrates it into a self-transformation, in which the protagonist, a young Julian, faces the sudden death of his mother, symbolizing the African American freedom. His mother’s death emulates the realization of a new era in which the South has arrived.

As a pseudo-modern society, we are at a turning point. In the wake of global communications, we see the world as it is, as O’Connor saw the south. We see poverty, war, revolution, hunger and disease filtered in our news headlines on a daily basis. Most of us wander aimlessly, sipping a frothed coffee drink, plugged into our mobile devices and 3G networks, unknowingly aware that half the underdeveloped world is looking to us to save them. All of O’Connor’s stories boil down to salvation and the possibility that Divine Providence can touch our lives in the way we least expect.


Ways to minimize your ferret’s odor

Ferrets will always have a smell around them, just like you always have a smell around them and your dog always smells like a dog. You can’t do anything about it. However, you can minimize the odor. Here is a list of what you can do to minimize your ferret’s odor, in order of importance.

Clean the litter box daily.

Keep the litter box clean. Clean the litter box at least once a day, and if you have more than a few ferrets, you may need to clean the litter box more than once a day. Producing a creature smells much more than the actual creature.

Feed your ferret things that smell good.

You are what you eat. I like garlic Whenever I eat my plate of garlic gratin potatoes, I sweat garlic the next day. My body odor changes significantly.

Ferrets are also what they eat. Look at the ingredients in your ferret’s kibble. What do the individual ingredients smell like? I don’t buy my ferrets food that contains fish, because I think fish is the stinkiest meat of all. My ferrets get food made with chicken, turkey, venison, and duck. (They like Totally Ferret).

Remember to change slowly if you decide to change your pet’s food. Some furry ones get used to a particular food. Some furry have allergies. I have a young lady who cannot eat chicken without suffering from GI problems.

Clean the cage weekly.

Wash all the plastic trays in your ferret cage once a week. I use a vinegar and water solution. Several times a year, completely disassemble the cage and rub it. I have a Ferret Nation cage and I take it outside, hose it down, spray it with soap and let it soak. After hosing down the soap, I do a visual inspection for anything that has been lost. Sometimes I need a scraper and scrape.

Change the bedding weekly.

You have pores all over your skin and you sweat. This gives it a fine human scent. Ferrets have scented tassels all over them and this gives them a fine musky ferret smell. The scent glands release oil. The oil collects in its bed.

So, change your beds once a week. I like to have at least two sets of bedding so I can wash a little while the ferrets use the rest in their cage.

Consider scented tassels.

Most ferrets descend before reaching the pet store.

What this means is that your anal scent glands are removed. Do you know how your cat or dog sometimes drags its butt across the ground? The cat or dog is trying to express its anal glands. Most creatures express these glands naturally when doing their job, and unless your creature has a problem, it’s best to leave them alone.

Ferrets also have these anal scent glands when they are born. If your ferret still has its olfactory glands, you may consider having them removed. Do a lot of research and talk to a vet or two before doing this. While this surgery is regularly performed in the US, in the UK it is considered cruel and veterinarians only do it when medically necessary.

I live in the US and all the ferrets that I have rescued or encountered have already descended. I have been told, however, that while ferrets with their olfactory glands intact have a stronger odor overall, they rarely “poof” and the “poof” smell dissipates quickly (unlike a skunk you bathe in your dog in ketchup for days). ).

Don’t bathe your ferret too much.

The bathroom schedule is important. That is, it is important not to bathe your ferret too often. It may seem counterintuitive, but if you bathe your ferret too much, it will stink more. Not to do Bathe your ferret more than once a month. Less is better.

Bathing removes oil from the ferret made by body odor glands, and the child’s body works to fix that problem. If you bathe your ferret too much, your little friend’s body will speed up and produce a lot of oil.

Do not bathe your ferret more than once a month. My ferrets usually only get three baths a year, and those baths are usually due to being covered in mud. If your ferret gets too dirty, dirty or something similar, rinse it only on the affected area or wipe it gently with a baby wipe or damp cloth.

Products are an option.

I don’t think additional products are necessary, but if you really need to reduce your ferret’s odor further, there are a couple of products that can help. A couple of products, designed to reduce body odor, are a clear liquid that is placed in the ferret’s water. I tested them on my ferrets. They really work. However, I don’t notice it until I take the product off. (It’s like watching a puppy grow. You don’t notice the growth overnight, but suddenly your puppy is a dog).

I no longer use that product. I don’t think it’s necessary and I can’t seem to find an ingredient list. That makes me nervous.

Perfumes are another method, but instead of reducing the smell inside the animal, they cover it up by making another smell stronger.

My sister hates the musky smell of the ferret, so when she comes to visit, I make my weasels stink of baby powder or cucumbers. My ferrets don’t like it and I don’t like it, but it appeases my sister. However, we don’t do this very often.

In summary

1. Clean the litter box daily.

2. Change bedding weekly.

3. Clean the cage weekly.

4. Feed your babies foods that do not smell bad.

5. Don’t over-bathe them.

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Which shed design will best suit your needs and garden?

Building a house involves many stages. These involve building the foundation, frame, plumbing, and electrical, just to name a few. Another aspect of building a home could include building a shed in your backyard.

Depending on the style of the house you build and the type of attached backyard, the shed design will be very good. This design should complement your home. The type of shed you choose will also have to be practical for your backyard.

Consider a house with a small backyard. This type of patio will require a simple and compact design shed. Consider the shed shed. The attached shed is ideal for patios with limited space. This style of garden shed can be attached to the side of your garage or patio driveway. It would be a great place to store your garden supplies and tools.

The attached shed consists of a roof that has a single slope. The roof may be flat, but having a slope makes it more resistant to the effects of rain and snow.

Another type of backyard shed to consider for a small patio is the recessed roof style shed. Unlike the sloped-style shed, it is designed to be a freestanding structure. Its design is very distinctive. The roof consists of a single flat piece that has a slight slope or inclination. The base of the structure can be made of concrete or wood.

The gable roof shed is another design to consider. Depending on its size, it can easily fit in a small or medium backyard. This shed design has an A-frame style roof. This means that the roof has two sides of the same size and slope. The roof allows for more headroom and more storage space for your garden tools and supplies. This style of shed will be more complicated to build compared to a shed with a pitched or sloped roof due to the design of the roof. The gabled roof shed also complements many home designs due to its A-frame style roof.

The clerestory-style shed is another shed design with a very distinctive roof. It is well suited for a larger backyard with a well-developed garden. The roof structure consists of a row of windows on top of the roof. These are known as clerestory windows. Windows allow sunlight to travel through them and spread out onto the shed structure. This provides excellent illumination from the sun. This also makes the shed a great place to work or store potting plants. By the design of its roof, it is the most complicated of the sheds mentioned here.

Building a shed in your backyard can be a rewarding experience. Knowing the best layout for your garden will help make your building experience even more rewarding. It is recommended that you use some type of proven shed design plan to guide you through the shed construction process. Using proven shed construction plans will help you determine which shed design is best for your needs and your yard.

Best regards

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AB Guthrie’s big sky

The plot of the story takes place in the landscape of the mountains and the early days of the fur trade. During those days men left the comforts of their own homes to go west, trusting their instincts and the directions of the rivers.

From Missouri to Yellowstone and through the caldera of geysers where the serpent’s birth begins to wind its way into the Teton mountain ranges, it was the beaver that attracted them, but it became something else that held them back, something that is still there. .

Guthrie’s “Big Sky” is not just a story of outcasts and renegades. It is a work that deserves brakes for its beautiful portrait of history. The book is about the wisdom that people used to have, the wisdom that one acquires through the need to survive where “nature favors no man” and every opportunity is valuable as you can only knock once on their door. It is about the emotions of jealousy, love, and friendship that occur at every step of the journey. It is a story about the passions of youth and the energy that fuels it. All these feelings are manifested without any restriction and survival, because each day is the only thing that really matters and everything that follows is secondary.

The protagonist of the story is Boone Claudill who leaves his home for the unknown land of the West after an altercation with his father. With a vague idea of ​​an uncle who had also gone to the West a long time ago, she decides to leave with the vague hope of finding him. The character has no idea of ​​the difficulty that awaits him on his journey into the unknown.

As she sets out on her search, she meets another man who becomes her trusted friend, until an unexpected tragedy occurs. As we read the book, we see him go from being a clumsy person who lacks confidence to a mentally strong mountaineer who flies towards his destination. On his way he meets a beautiful girl whom he recognizes from his childhood, his is in love and madly in love with her. For me, the big sky is storytelling at its best and honesty, a love story with unspoiled nature and the first travelers.


Five cool facts about Doug Flutie’s touchdown passes

Doug Flutie seemed to be a fan favorite wherever he played. He captured the attention of a nation for his play at Boston College University, was one of the most popular and successful quarterbacks to ever play in the Canadian Football League, and was even popular on the charts of the four different teams they played with. juice. in the National Soccer League.

Here’s a look at some interesting facts surrounding the TD passes that Doug Flutie threw while in the NFL.

# 1 Doug Flutie was more effective during the second quarter. During his time in the NFL he threw 17 touchdown passes in the first quarter, 16 in the third quarter and 22 in the fourth quarter. During the second quarter he far exceeded these numbers by scoring 31 TD passes in that span.

# 2 Flutie’s first NFL touchdown pass came during his rookie year and was completed for one of the best players to ever play the game. It happened during the second quarter of a 48-14 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while playing for the Chicago Bears. The pass was 27 yards and was caught by eventual American Football Hall of Famer Walter Payton. His first postseason TD pass came that same season and went for 50 yards to Willie Gault in a loss to the Washington Redskins.

# 3 No player caught more NFL touchdown passes from Doug Flutie than Buffalo Bills wide receiver Eric Molds. Together, they teamed up to score 15 times during their brief time as teammates.

# 4 During her career, Flutie threw more touchdowns against a team she also played for than any other. He threw eight TD passes against the New England Patriots, just barely surpassing the seven he threw against the Indianapolis Colts.

# 5 The longest touchdown pass he would throw in the NFL was 84 yards during a 25-21 loss to the New England Patriots. He was caught by speedy catcher Eric Molds.