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Why are floor tiles so popular?

As with most things in life, there are new trends that come and go, but one new trend within interior design that I think is here to stay is Floor Tiles. They have been available for years and it would not be a surprise to find them in the bathroom of most houses. But today you can also find them in the kitchen, hallways and sunrooms.

The most common materials chosen were carpets, then everyone accepted the idea of ​​laminate flooring and, if your budget allowed, real wood flooring. Now more and more people choose tiles. But why? Below are the top reasons why I think you should follow the crowd and consider them for your home:

modern look- Floor mosaics in other rooms, such as the hallway, kitchen, and other rooms in the house, are a relatively new and more popular concept. So, to keep your home in touch with modern taste and designs, you should look for Tiling. Imagine walking down the hall of a house with a light-colored floor that leads to the kitchen with the same tiles. Create a modern, open and elegant look that all your guests will notice.

Choice- A big reason why floor tiles are highly sought after is because of the number of styles and color options available. Whether you’re looking for a neutral stone effect or basic white tile to create a fresh, modern look, there are many variations available. You can also choose quartz tiles that are inlaid with shiny metallic pieces within the tile that shimmer in the light. So if you are looking for something different and trying to give your room that WOW factor, this might be the option for you.

Add value – If you have tile installed and are selling your home, they will help add value. They are classified as a luxury material and since they create such a modern look that will make your home more attractive to potential buyers, it will add value. Also, it could be the deciding factor in the sale of your home.

easier to clean – A very good advantage is that they are much easier to clean. You spill red wine on a rug and then have a hard time removing the stain. If you spill red wine on the tile floor, you’ll be done cleaning up in a few minutes. Plus, general cleaning is easier, as carpets have been shown to harbor all sorts of bacteria no matter how many times you vacuum. They are also great for pets as all the hair and dirt that comes with them can be easily brushed off.

Tile flooring will always look amazing and won’t get too old, while rugs can, over time, start to look faded and dated. Therefore, tiles should be the only option when thinking about which floor to have in your home.