What is the Kindle with special offers and is it worth it?

What is this new Kindle with Special Offers that Amazon has been offering since the beginning of May? What features does it have? Is it better or worse than previous models? You will find all the answers right here.

How is the Kindle Special Offers device different from other Kindles?

This new Kindle is identical to the Wi-Fi-only Kindle that Amazon currently offers, in addition to the Wi-Fi and 3G Kindle. It has the same functions as the Wi-Fi enabled device, allowing you to freely connect to a wireless Internet network whenever you are within range of one in a cafe or in your own home.

How is this Kindle different from the others?

The device itself is identical in characteristics to the other models, but it has one big difference. Whenever the old Kindle device was idle, it would turn on a screen saver with an image of a famous author. But with the new model, you’ll see a full page “special offer.” Basically, it’s an ad that offers you a gift card or a significant discount on a product for signing up for a new credit card or making a purchase.

These ads will also appear on the bottom row of the Kindle screen when you’re reading your book. They are quite small and inconspicuous, so they don’t really get in the way.

How much is this new Kindle?

There has to be a reason Amazon can get away with showing ads on a device you paid over $100 for. It’s the fact that they dropped the price from $139 (the price of the Wi-Fi-only model with no ads). ) to $114.00. Basically, you’re getting the exact same Wi-Fi-enabled device, just for $25 less because you’re willing to look at or consider taking advantage of the ads.

What ads will I see?

The Kindle device with special offers will display ads from car companies like Buick, hygiene companies like Olay, and banking and credit card companies like Chase and Visa. Amazon also gives away coupons from time to time.

Which Kindle is the best option for my needs?

If you want to save money, you definitely need to get the Kindle on special deals, especially if you don’t need 3G access everywhere you go. If you were planning to get the WiFi-only version in the first place, save yourself $25 and get the Kindle on specials.

Remember, there’s nothing different about this Kindle than the Wi-Fi-only Kindle above, so you’re not sacrificing any quality or features. You’re simply skipping the regular screen saver option in favor of viewing offers and ads instead.