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St. Lucia Real Estate Tips: 3 Great Locations to Buy an Investment Property

St. Lucia real estate offers many opportunities for people who want to invest in the rental market. Buying a property for long-term lease requires careful consideration. To ensure your property has high occupancy, you need to buy in the right place. Investing in an area for which there is high demand will make your life as a homeowner profitable and fulfilling! Here are my top 3 picks for locations to buy St. Lucia real estate for long-term rental.


Corinto, located in the Gros Islet district, is a great place to buy a rental property. It’s right in the middle of Castries and Rodney Bay, the 2 main shopping centers in St. Lucia. This makes it an extremely convenient place of residence for the thousands of people who work in these towns. Being 10 minutes from Rodney Bay is particularly attractive to many renters as it is a lively, modern and rapidly developing part of St. Lucia.

Corinth has many facilities for residents, including a gymnasium, supermarket and secondary school. These are very attractive to tenants and add to the attractiveness of the area. The location is also home to numerous small businesses, as well as large corporate companies like LIME. Therefore, there is always a strong demand for apartments in Corinto.


Tapion, located along the southern border of the port of Castries, is attractive for its beauty alone. It is a very picturesque area with views of the port and the Caribbean Sea. From here, the cruise ships going in and out of Castries are an impressive sight. This coastal neighborhood, with its constant breezes, is ideal for morning or evening walks. Tapion also has a small beach used mainly by residents.

Just 5 minutes from the center of Castries, Tapion is a very attractive location for people working in the city. The area is also home to many well-established institutions, such as the Tapion Hospital, the Santa Lucia School of Music, the Police Training Academy, and the Tapion School. Doctors, nurses, teachers and civil servants provide a constant demand for apartments in the area.


The Beausejour community is a relatively new frontier in St. Lucia real estate. The neighborhood came to life with the establishment of the Beausejour Cricket Ground in 2002, one of the most modern cricket grounds in the Caribbean. The construction of the stadium opened up a previously untouched part of Saint Lucia. After numerous housing projects, Beausejour is now a highly desired residential area in the north of the island.

Beausejour is only 5 minutes from the town of Gros Islet, a legendary nightlife spot. Rodney Bay is also just a short drive away. This means Beausejour residents have quick and easy access to some of the best amenities the island has to offer. Pigeon Point and Reduit beaches are also close to Beausejour. This is a lively and up-and-coming area with a steady stream of demand for rental apartments.

If chosen wisely, an investment in Saint Lucia real estate will reap financial rewards. The first step is to choose a location that guarantees a high ROI. Residential areas close to urban centers are in high demand from people looking for apartments for rent. This is usually a great place to start if you want to invest in an apartment building.