Squirrels at home

Since he was a puppy, my dog ​​Kona had a very strong bladder. So when he grew up, it didn’t surprise me that we could leave him alone for a long time. The day I went to work and left it for more than 12 hours, it was one of those days.

I was greeted at the door when I came home by a somewhat submissive dog. It looked like he might be guilty of something. Thinking that I had to get out right away, I opened the door for him. He stumbled out, went through the closed area and urinated for a very short time, then came back in a minute.

As I thought, his bladder was not as good as it used to be, he must have urinated somewhere in the house. I thought I could smell urine, but where. I wanted to clean it asap so there were no stains on the carpet. I was completely wrong, thinking that he would help me find his place to pee as he lay next to the couch looking down the hall.

My house wasn’t that big, it shouldn’t take long, but when you’re looking for a humid place, you tend to use your limited sense of touch more than your sight. Bare feet are necessary in these situations. I felt around what appeared to be the entire main floor and was about to head for the basement when I saw a small creature running down the hall. Kona looked at me and then in the direction of the trail that we both saw and then looked at me again. “Well what should we do about it?”

Not knowing exactly what I had just seen, I froze for a few minutes, hoping to see it again. I went in the direction I saw him run now while Kona led the way. He was back in the bedroom, but wait, there was another one who ran across the hallway into a bedroom and another followed.

“What the hell is happening here?” I said out loud “What is that?”

I turned to the guest room and saw another in the corner of the closet.

“It’s a squirrel!” i whispered

It all made sense to me now, the way Kona was acting guilty, the short pee, the stares down the hall. She knew what was going on and the squirrels were probably entertaining her all day.

I called the exterminator and within 2 hours I had at least 3 small basket traps in my house. Kona would sniff out the squirrels and the exterminator would catch them. Basically you would let a squirrel have some space and then cut off their escape route. For example, when you were behind the sofa, you would pinch one side and the squirrel had to run to the other end. At the other end, there would be a cage waiting.

The chipmunk came in, lowered the hatch. As the exterminator left the house, Kona sniffed excitedly around the stove. “It seems your dog has found a few more,” he said.

The top came off relatively easily and sure enough, there were 2 more chipmunks crawling on the hot stove.

In total, we found 6 chipmunks inside my house that day, 2 may never have been found if it weren’t for man’s best friend’s great sense of smell.