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BlitzWolf BW-LS1, 3-in-1 camera lens brings more fun in photography

For professional photography, we choose professional photography equipment. However, most of them are heavy so they are uncomfortable to wear when you go out. In this article, I’ll tell you about a BlitzWolf BW-LS1 portable product that can help you take great pictures. It is the 3-in-1 camera lens and must be used with the smartphone.


This product includes a 230 degree fisheye lens, a 0.63X wide angle lens, and a 15X macro lens. The fisheye lens creates the spherical images in front of the camera and captures the ultra-wide 230 degrees of visibility. The wide-angle lens provides a wider view when taking pictures of interiors and landscapes. While the macro lens is used to take close-up images, capturing fine details and small objects.

With the universal mounting clamp, you can use it with your mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Most importantly, the removable lens and lightweight aluminum frames provide more convenience when you wear it. You can take it to take the professional pictures with you everywhere.

Methods of operation and care

The macro lens is designed for ultra close photography. When you use it, please unscrew the wide angle lens first. To ensure sharp focus, you must keep the distance of the objects you want to photograph between 0.4 and 0.8 cm from the lens. For wide angle photography, combine the macro and wide angle lens.

Generally speaking, the usage methods can be summarized in three easy steps. First, screw the phone lens into the clip. Second, attach the clip to the phone. Third, start taking pictures and enjoy your pictures. Very easy and simple.

Smartphone range available

Due to the limited length of the universal mounting clamp, it has the limited use size of smartphones. It requests that the thickness of the phone does not exceed 10mm and that from the camera of the phone to the top of the phone does not exceed 28mm.

Compatible with


iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5 5S 4 4S, iPad Air 2/1, iPad 4/3/2, iPad Mini 3/2/1, etc.


Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 edge / S7 edge plus, S6 / S6 edge / S6 edge plus, S5 / S4 / S3, Galaxy Note 5/4/3/2, etc.


Xiaomi Max / Note, Xiaomi 5/4/3/2, Redmi Pro, Redmi Note 4/3/2, etc.


Blackberry Bold Touch, Sony Xperia, Motorola Droid


In short, this BlitzWolf BW-LS1 is an exceptional product. It will bring more fun when you take photos with your smart phone. If you like it, you can give it a try!


Baseball Odds: Learn How To Earn Stable Income By Betting On Sports Today

Baseball is an American sport that has enriched many people, especially the players themselves who make fortunes worth millions of dollars per season. Why not take advantage of this sport to earn money that has enriched so many people, such as bookies and punters? It is definitely possible, with a little analysis and some well-informed guesswork, to bet on baseball odds and make a huge pile on these types of sports betting.

For thousands of years, since the existence of sports and other organized games, betting on the outcome has been the norm. In baseball today, many people gamble to win untold amounts of money. Before you even start betting on baseball, you will need to know the baseball odds for a particular game. More importantly, you’ll want to know all the relevant information behind these baseball odds, whether it’s a player injury or home-field advantage, that can make all the difference in the direction a game is going.

When you bet on a baseball game, you will come face to face with what are known as money line bets. Money line bets involve bets that a person places on the odds presented by a bookmaker. What distinguishes baseball from other sports is that the outcome of a game is the result of a single team winning a victory over another, one game at a time. This actually makes for a hassle-free point distribution system that is easily understood and managed, an arrangement preferred by many sports betting enthusiasts.

When betting on baseball odds, the winning team is not the only factor to consider. Some bookies offer odds that involve team shots, running lines, and team action, as well as total scores. There are many betting systems to master, and knowing how to play the sport is no guarantee of making enough money to make a living. The key here is to hold on and learn a system that has been proven to establish the basics of betting, particularly when it comes to placing bets on baseball odds. You will have an added advantage by gathering information about the players on each team, which could increase your chances of winning.

Some players improve their chances by consulting baseball experts for vital information to help them decide which baseball odds to bet their money on. For example, the Red Socks face the Yankees, and one is the favorite to beat the other. Getting the opinion of baseball experts on where the betting trends and betting lines lie will give you more confidence on which game outcome to bet on.

A good baseball expert will not only point out the team most likely to win, but also the reasons behind that chance of victory, such as the presence of a handsome new pitcher, a bad hitting streak, or a sudden injury sustained by one of the players. players in the middle of the season. These factors can affect the outcome of each game, and the additional information can help you make an informed decision.

With all of these factors guaranteed to help you win consistently, plus a proven system based on trends and expert experience, chances are you can make a living by making winning bets on baseball odds.

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Can you copyright a fight song or a school motto?

The other day, I was having a conversation about copyright law, you see, I am the author of an article online and produced several e-books, and before my period as a writer, I was quite concerned about protecting the operations manual from our company. to fall into the hands of the competition. I have had mild success in all of the above things and therefore I have had quite a few experiences both positive and negative when it comes to copyright law.

Now during our conversation, we broached the subject of writing quotes, slogans, poems, and even school wrestling songs that are often used in soccer, basketball, and other athletic competitions. Obviously, if you have a good fight song, let’s say you’re a college or university, someone might kidnap it and use it at their high school in some small town somewhere in the United States. Now as a big university, you probably don’t care if a high school uses it in their soccer game.

However, it is your brand and your school’s fight song, and you need to protect it. A very short quote or school motto could be a trademark. However, it is difficult to trademark something that you have not used in interstate commerce. However, if you are a college student traveling to other states for athletic competitions, that would be sufficient, therefore, you can register. If you do, you legally have more teeth if someone uses them without your permission.

Of course, if your school motto has multiple sentences and your fight song has multiple verses, then obviously a trademark is completely the wrong place, and you won’t be able to assure it from the USPTO. So can a copyright suffice? In other words, if you put a little “c” at the bottom that warns everyone that you are claiming copyright and that they can’t use it without your permission, and of course you would grant them permission sometime, then it’s safe, right? ?

Hardly anyone could still try to take it; you can even use it on your blog or modify the words to make your school look bad. In that case, they are violating your copyright in many respects, but you have yet to defend that. They could claim that they added significant new value by changing the words and trashing the school fight song, so that’s okay? Well, legally they could have a good defense in that case under the “fair use” principle; however, that doesn’t make you or your school very happy.

And if you think that won’t or can’t happen, think again, it happens all the time. The problem with trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other things of this nature is that even if you claim copyright, have a trademark, or have filed a patent for something, that’s where the fun begins, from henceforth he still has to defend it. That costs money, it takes time, and the internet is rife with hijackings of copyrighted material. In fact, I hope you will please consider all of this and think about it. In the meantime, good luck.


How Parylene Coatings Protect A Variety Of Components

Parylene coatings have been used over the years to protect a wide variety of equipment. They are useful in various industries including medical, automotive, electronics, military, etc.

Medical devices and components, such as catheters, needles, stents, electrosurgical tools, eye implants, etc., receive exceptional dielectric, moisture and chemical protection through the parylene coating. The coating reaches every corner of the components because parylene is used in the vapor deposition process.

Parylene coatings are used to protect automotive components such as sensors, circuit boards, MEMS, gaskets, etc. The coatings are pinhole-free, ultra-thin, and fully compliant, providing excellent chemical, moisture, and dielectric barrier protection for components that need to survive in harsh automotive environments. They are well suited for the protection of vital components with many applications such as power train control, emissions monitoring, tire system monitoring, and engine / fluid monitoring systems, just to name a few.

In addition, electronic components are also protected against parylene coatings. Parylene is used in the vapor deposition process that ensures ultra-fine coverage that breaks into the smallest cracks and profiles of electronic devices for absolute encapsulation. Since there is no liquid phase in the deposition process, there is no build-up, meniscus or bridging effect as applied in liquid coatings, so the excellent dielectric properties of the coatings are not compromised.

Other components such as sensors, circuit boards, multilayer packages, and MEMS are protected with an ultra-thin parylene coating, while LEDs used in various applications such as utility meters, agricultural equipment, hydrocarbon drilling, etc., are not left out. . Coatings are lightweight with outstanding barrier properties that do not add significant dimension or mass to components that are delicate. They are UV stable and optically clear, which makes them preferable to other conformal coatings such as urethanes, acrylics, silicones, and potting compounds that were used for older electronic devices.

In the military, parylene coating has been used for many years. Parylene N, C, and HT are QPL listed for MIL-I-46058 and meet the requirements of OPC-CC-830. Parylene HT has the smallest molecular structure, allowing it to easily penetrate small areas to provide absolute coverage without compromising operational capabilities. It also has the ability to provide long-term thermal stability up to 350 ° C. It is useful for the protection of military components such as sensors, circuit boards, LEDs, multilayer packages, etc. These components are used in different applications such as radar systems, aircraft control systems, weapons control systems, etc.


Unsecured business loan for people with bad credit

However, it was recently found that small business owners with good credit found it easier to obtain business loans from traditional banks; financing for small businesses is part of job growth. Unfortunately, on another note, those with bad credit may have a hard time getting the money they need during a financial crisis. So what can a business owner do if they have bad credit and need money?

Many are under the impression that they have to stick to traditional banks to get a loan. There are a variety of financing programs and solutions that help business owners get money, regardless of their credit. Instead of credit, other factors will be considered, such as credit card sales, bank deposit history, and credit partners.

Here are some things that can help you get a business loan if you don’t have good credit:

Credit card sales

In exchange for a portion of future credit card sales, some institutions are willing to lend money. If you have monthly credit card sales on a regular basis, but have bad personal credit, you may want to look into a merchant cash advance, but an unsecured business loan is always the best option.

Bank deposits

If you are a business and make regular bank deposits, simply present this information to the lender. You should generally be able to get an unsecured business loan that equals 10 percent of your gross annual deposits, even if you are dealing with bad credit.

Credit partner

Using business partners to help you get the loan can be a viable solution. If your business partner has a strong credit score, you better use it. If you don’t have a business partner, you may want to branch out and find a potential credit partner who is willing to help you. Of course, with this method, there are some risks, because you will be co-signing with the company in order to get the money you need.

So there you have it, if you have bad credit, don’t just sit back and watch your business fail. There are several things you can do to improve your chances of getting that unsecured business loan you need to keep your business running. Go ahead and find a financial institution that is known for lending money to people with bad credit.

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7 mixed media background ideas for your art

Looking for a way to create an interesting background for your mixed media art? You must first decide your general theme. Do you want a rustic and natural look or does your art need a bright and colorful background? Here are some ideas.

Corrugated cardboard. You can add a wonderful, natural look to your art by using corrugated cardboard. Remove some of the paper from the cardboard so the wavy lines can be seen. This is a good way to recycle some of the cardboard that you have been saving.

Old textbook or songbook pages. You can find old books at library sales, yard sales, and thrift stores at very low cost. Pages can be ripped, sanded, tea stained, painted with watercolors, and used to create wonderful backgrounds.

Textured fabric. I like to use fabrics like burlap, denim, or muslin to add texture to my mixed media backgrounds.

Modeling paste. You can create many great dimensional textures for your art using modeling paste and stencils or other elements like plastic mesh. If you don’t want to buy the pasta, you can make your own. There are a variety of modeling clay recipes online.

Paper napkins. Paper napkins are available in a wide range of patterns, designs and colors and offer an inexpensive way to decorate almost any surface. You can decoupage the entire napkin on your background or cut out certain parts to enhance or act as a focal point in your art.

Technical creak. This is a good technique to use when you want to add an aged and weathered effect to your art. The basic idea is to apply paint to the surface and after it is dry, apply a coat of white glue or crackling medium and cover it with a paint that contrasts with the color of the first coat.

Foil. Add texture to the foil by crumpling it and then smoothing it out by hand. It can be colored with alcohol ink, nail polish or permanent markers.

Shelf lining. I like to buy shelf liners at the dollar store to use as a background in my art. I will often spray paint it before use. Note: I usually spray paint over newspapers, which leaves a beautiful design that can be used as a background in other projects.

There is no shortage of materials that you can use to create your mixed media backgrounds. Decide what type of art to create and choose colors and textures that complement your finished piece.


Functions and Features of Police Lights and Sirens

Police lights fall into the category of public safety equipment and are one of the most unique types of lights used by government authorities. The fact that the lights are unique and distinctive is of great importance, as the police have many responsibilities. To maintain the safety of the city and citizens, they must be presented in the most distinctive way possible. To respond to the scene, they use a different variety of lights and sirens.

Led light

The multi-colored lights on today’s police vehicles are typically LED, which gives your cars a significantly different look. Also, your car’s siren lights and speakers are high frequency which makes them visible and audible from quite a long distance. It is the high visibility of your cars that protects them in emergency situations.

The reason why LED lights are deployed to make light heads, dash lights, bars, minibars, and interior lights, front and rear, is cost-effectiveness, durability, and various other positive points and characteristics of LED.

Advantages of LED lights –

Small and efficient – LED bulbs are small and even after being small they shine quite efficiently. Due to technological and design-related advancements, these bulbs are used in various devices today, including computer and laptop keyboards, mobile phones, etc.

Economic – The little bulbs are actually a two-conductor PN junction diode semiconductor, which emits glow when activated with an appropriate amount of voltage. Not many resources are used in the manufacture and lighting of these bulbs; therefore these are quite inexpensive, compared to ordinary gadgets.

No heating, no melting – LED bars and dash lights do not get hot from excessive use, while older generation lights get very hot and sometimes melt the plastic on the lens. No matter what color LED is used on the bar, heat is no longer a major problem.

Extensive design options – As these bulbs do not consume much power, manufacturers are paying attention to the design and compatibility of LED products.

Siren and speaker

A typical police car is incomplete without a siren and speaker. Sirens are often used as a warning sign, in different places, for different occasions. In addition to the police car, sirens can also be seen on riot control and ambulance, army, fire and political vehicles. Different vehicles use different alarm tones and intensities. The loudspeaker is used to broadcast the alarm noise and to transmit some message from the police car.


Why women like naughty boys and how you can turn yourself into a seductive bad boy

Actually, girls are easier to understand than you think. One thing you should know is that if you confuse a girl a lot, she will be even more likely to fall in love with you. Girls tend to be attracted to boys who are more defiant than most and are called “bad boys.”

However, if you are the type of person who spends your weekends at home alone, you really need to shed your barriers and make some changes ASAP. Stop trying to become the perfect guy for the girl you are looking at. From this moment on, your weaknesses no longer exist.

Only good guys focus on working on their weaknesses and you don’t have to live to be one of them. Read on to find out how you can become a bad boy and attract any girl you want today …

How to become the bad boy every girl wants to sleep with

Tip No. ° 1. Control how you feel. You have to discover how you can take full control of both your body language and your voice, to appear the leader in everything you do. Girls are generally born to be submissive, so a dominance trait is sure to make them more attractive in the eyes of girls. Become a dominatrix and watch the girls follow you everywhere.

Tip No. 2. How She Feels Challenge. If you want a girl to keep guessing, you have to pretend that you are not interested in her at all in order to properly challenge her. Guys who always crave a girl’s attention get boring after a while and girls will start looking for other guys to entertain themselves once they’ve had enough. Don’t work hard to get any girl’s attention; make it work for yours.

Tip No. 3. Try hypnosis. The best bad boy technique out there would be hypnosis, as it is easy and incredibly effective. In fact, you even have the power to make girls fall in love with you in less than 15 minutes. You only have to use certain types of hypnosis techniques whenever you talk to girls.

Done the right way, a girl’s feelings will peak and every emotional high she goes through will anchor itself on you. This will make him long to be with you on a subconscious level and he will never be able to stop thinking about you after that.


The best games to play on high-quality gaming laptops

We all know that PC games have the most impressive visuals, but there are always times when you’re on the road with just a laptop. However, playing on a gaming laptop does not mean that you are compromising on the quality of the games. We are here to show you a list of wonderful and intriguing laptop games that will become a reason for you to buy gaming laptops!

Stardew valley

Are you a fan of agricultural simulators? If so, you will definitely want to reproduce this indie sensation on your gaming-related laptop! Stardew Valley lets you create your plant empire, go exploring, make friends in town, and even fall in love. Its simple graphics don’t make the characters any less cheesy; It just means that the game is guaranteed to run like a dream on your laptop! Do you want to be entertained on a long-haul flight? Buy gaming laptops, enjoy idyllic farm life, and your flight will pass in an instant!


Cuphead is possibly the most visually appealing game you can play on a laptop! The hand-drawn and classically animated 2D graphics are nothing but vibrant and whimsical. Although its multi-stage bosses are intimidatingly challenging, it can still be conquered thanks to the patterns and cues that can be learned. Not to mention the sensational soundtrack and visuals alone are already worth the time spent on a laptop! Buy gaming related laptops now and start enjoying this phenomenal piece of art!

Under the story

There is no better reason to buy gaming laptops than to play Undertale! In this charming role-playing game, you are an innocent child fallen into an underworld full of monsters where the only way to survive is to think fast. What makes this laptop game interesting is that you have the option to befriend or fight bosses. Your actions will determine how the bosses react! The fact that it can be played on virtually any gaming laptop is a huge plus. Undertale is the kind of game that makes you easily sit in front of your gaming laptop for years. It’s almost impossible not to buy gaming laptops and start playing this game!

Papers please

You won’t think working as a border control officer is fun until you play Papers, Please on your laptop! Set in a fictional corrupt communist country, your job is to prosecute refugees from a hostile neighboring nation. Check passports and visa documents to see if they meet entry requirements and detain refugees with false documents. Your salary will be reduced if you make mistakes, and your family’s life will be in danger! This fascinating indie game is perfect for playing on players’ laptops thanks to its small 50MB size and pixel art graphics. Looking for excuses to buy laptops? Look no further!


Hearthstone cannot be neglected when it comes to the best games you can play on a laptop! A collectible card game set in Blizzard’s Warcraft universe, you’ll fight other players with magic spells, weapons, minions, and special abilities. It’s one of those addictive classic games that makes you end up sitting in front of your laptop much longer than planned!

The game is mostly static, making it easy for your laptop to process. If you plan to buy touchscreen gaming related laptops, this game is even more ideal as you can play by drag and drop. You definitely have to add Hearthstone to your list of games to play if you are looking to buy gaming-related laptops!

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5 foods that will easily lower triglycerides and prevent heart disease

If foods can cause triglyceride levels to increase in the body, there must be foods that lower triglycerides as well. Life works that way, doesn’t it? If it’s daytime, there should be nighttime. So if it’s what you eat that causes your triglycerides to skyrocket, it only makes sense to use food as your weapon to get the number back to normal.

On the other hand, you may be wondering why it is necessary to regulate triglyceride levels. Are triglycerides not necessary for the body? Actually, when you think about it, triglycerides, as a form of fat in the blood, which play an important role in the anatomy of the body, can’t be a bad thing. They are, in fact, an excellent source of energy and make possible the transport of dietary fats. The problem starts when your triglycerides are more than 150 mg / dL because then you can now be considered at risk for developing heart disease. Uncontrolled elevated triglycerides can cause the heart to lose its function, increasing the risk of strokes, coronary artery disease, or heart attack.

Fortunately, elevated triglycerides are easily manageable, especially in its early stages. In many cases, you don’t even need to go to the doctor because elevated triglycerides can be regulated simply with a few healthy habits. Start with the food you choose, for example. When preparing your meal plan, there are two things to keep in mind if you are looking to lower your triglycerides: Omega-3s and fiber. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that has earned worldwide recognition for its health benefits, especially on the heart. Meanwhile, the fiber works like a broom: it sweeps away anything from the body that shouldn’t be there in the first place. It goes without saying then that foods that lower triglycerides must contain Omega-3 or fiber. In particular, these would include the following:

one. Fish. A rich source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, it is recommended to include fish in the diet at least 2-3 times a week. However, there are certain varieties of fish that are more contaminated with mercury than others, so limit your options to salmon, tilapia, flounder, sardines, and canned tuna;

two. Vegetables. Vegetables are good, even if you eat them every day. Green leafy vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, celery, and spinach, and other types of vegetables like squash, bell peppers, green beans, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts have excellent triglyceride-lowering properties, as well Make sure you have a healthy serving of vegetables every day.

3. Fresh fruitsespecially those high in fiber like apples with skin and apricots

Four. Nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds like almonds, peanuts and walnuts and sunflower seeds are good for your heart health.

5. Grains, oats, and wheat. These can also lower triglyceride levels, in addition to stimulating the digestive system.

6. Water. This is something you should never skimp on. Prefer water at any time to soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day for good health.

Of course, you won’t have a hard time remembering these triglyceride-lowering foods, right?