8 ways to teach your child about God’s love

Valentine’s Day is the day America celebrates our loved ones. We tend to buy expensive gifts and elaborate cards to show our family and friends how much we love them. But did you know that this tradition began around 270 AD in an ancient pagan festival that celebrated fertility on February 15? The name is believed to have come from a priest named Saint Valentine who was beheaded on February 14 because he performed illegal marriage ceremonies. And because a signed note addressed to her love was found on the morning of her death, she was born on Valentine’s Day.

As a married woman, I love receiving gifts of affection from my husband and I dedicate myself to thinking of something different each year to show my love for him. I even give my 12-year-old son candy and “be mine” note cards to show signs of love too. This is what we have been conditioned to do. But does this really show our loved ones what true love is? What are we doing to show God’s love to each other and to our children on a daily basis? Should buying an expensive gift justify our true love for each other? Well, some of us may say, “It’s good to get gifts, what’s wrong with that?” Nothing, if you really practice and know the true meaning of love, that no gift can replace. And as Christian parents, we must make sure that our children know how much God loves them, so that they do not grow up looking and trying to fill a void for someone or something that may disappoint them. Here are 8 ways to teach your child about God’s love through His word:

1) This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ gave his life for us. And we must lay down our lives for our brothers. 1 John 3: 15-17

2) Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son of the Father, will be with us in truth and love. 2 John 1: 2-4

3) Stay in the love of God as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to lead you to eternal life. Jude 1: 20-22

4) Jesus replied: “Do not kill, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not bear false witness, honor your father and mother, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 19: 18-20

5) Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matthew 22: 36-38

6) Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever. Psalm 136: 1-3

7) But if someone obeys his word, God’s love is truly complete in him. This is how we know we are in it. 1 John 2: 4-6

8) Dear friends, let us love each other, because love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. 1 John 4: 6-8

This Valentine’s Day, let’s teach our children that God’s love is the true meaning of love. And then our “spiritual gifts” will be a little more valuable this year and for years to come. We owe them so much …


3 tips to stay sane when renting houseboats

Houseboats are all the rage on lakes across the country, so much so that houseboat rentals represent one of the best vacation options in California. They are a great place for family reunions, business retreats, team building outings for employees, or even just group weekends of friends. Spending several days or weeks on the water is sure to be fun, but here are some tips you’ll want to follow to make sure you stay sane while floating in a scenic wonderland.

Tip 1: Relax, you are on a houseboat.
Houseboats are made for leisurely strolls along the coves, inlets, and wide open spaces of a lake. There is no rush here, there is nowhere you need to be, there are no phone calls to make and no deadlines to meet. This is your time to go at your own pace and enjoy the scenery.

Make sure you and the rest of the clan discuss your activity preferences and the overall flow of your vacation. If part of the group wants to participate in rigorous hikes, daring water sports, and breakneck speeds, while the rest want to take it easy and easy, you will need to come up with a compromise that works for all parties involved. This type of arrangement is best done before the holidays, because otherwise it could lead to consequences, a not-so-impressive development of your fabulous vacation.

Tip 2: decide finances ahead of time.
Of course, everyone will want to know how much it will cost. There is a problem: it is impossible to know in advance. Yes, you can determine the actual split for rent, deposit, and insurance, but fuel is the big unknown in houseboat rentals. Have everyone pay their share of the deposit and rent ahead of time.

Fuel costs, on the other hand, will depend on how much your boat weighs once they’re all in it, how evenly the weight is distributed, where it goes, how far it goes, how fast it goes, and so on. Decide in advance how you will divide the cost of fuel. Then ask everyone to bring a lot of extra money to pay for it (to avoid a nightmare of collecting money after the holidays).

Tip 3: Assign Roles.
Someone must be in charge, and that someone must organize. Otherwise you may end up in the middle of the lake without a can opener. If your whole eating plan relies on canned foods, you’re in trouble. You’ll also need things like bedding, towels, and paper plates, as houseboats typically don’t provide these.

Assign a captain. This person should be a non-alcoholic team player who can carry a boat from one point to another without creating a mess. You should also assign a co-captain, someone who can make sure your boat doesn’t run over someone or hit something when it’s docked.

Another person should be in charge of the meals or, if you have multiple cooks, you can assign a chef for each meal. There is limited space in a houseboat; not all cooks can be in the kitchen at the same time.

Houseboat rental on the lake is one of the best ways to spend a vacation. Some practical tips like these can help you stay sane and have a fun lake vacation.

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Managing daily fiber intake: how much fiber do we need to prevent constipation?

If you have constipation problems, you should monitor your daily fiber intake. While fiber cannot cure the main cause of constipation, it can help alleviate some of the symptoms. Including foods rich in fiber in your diet will help keep your digestive system regular.

Your daily fiber intake has a direct effect on the way your small intestine and colon function. Your small intestine is responsible for collecting nutrients and vitamins from digested food after it has passed through your esophagus and stomach. Once the food has been processed there, it passes into the large intestine and colon. The colon’s job is to lubricate the stool and help it pass through the rectum.

Fiber is involved in two different ways. Your daily fiber intake should include both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber forms a gel and prevents the intestines from absorbing too much fat. Insoluble fiber keeps food moving through your digestive system and adds bulk to your stool, making it easier to pass.

Your dietary fiber intake is determined by your age and gender. For women ages 19 to 50, the recommended daily fiber intake is 25 grams. Men of the same age should consume at least 30 grams a day. After age 50, both men and women should consume around 50 grams of fiber. Children need between 5 and 15 grams of fiber depending on their age. However, the average American only eats 12 grams or less per day.

Make sure your daily fiber intake includes both types of fiber by eating a variety of fresh foods. All foods that are natural contain fiber, some more than others. For insoluble fiber, eat wheat bran, whole grains, and vegetables. Soluble fibers can be found in citrus fruits, vegetables, oats, and barley. These foods contain the highest concentration of each type of fiber.

As long as you focus your diet on fresh foods and not packaged foods, your daily fiber intake should be adequate. In fact, the reason many people have constipation problems is because they eat too many processed foods. Processed foods are lacking in fiber and other important nutrients that play a role in your digestive health.

Making sure your daily fiber intake is the same is just one of the important steps you can take to alleviate symptoms of constipation. Eating fiber every day can help you stay regular, but if you continue to have constipation issues, you must find a cure for the source of your digestive problems.

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How to mess up your personal statement for graduate school or professional applications

When you applied as a student, your personal statement probably didn’t make much of a difference, because student admissions are largely based on numbers (GPA, test scores, etc.). Graduate and professional school admissions are different! Your competitors will have test scores and grades similar to yours, because most people who are motivated to earn an advanced degree did well as undergraduates. As the number of applicants increases and academic budgets are cut, each year there is more competition for fewer admission openings.

How does the committee determine that you have what it takes to be successful in advanced studies? You guessed it. Your personal statement will play a determining role in whether or not your application is successful.

Then you know you need to write the strongest and most persuasive personal statement you can. But here are two facts that you may not know. First, most reviewers will spend only a couple of minutes reviewing your personal statement. Second, because your job is to remove most applications, reviewers look for reasons not to recommend you for admission.

Avoid common mistakes that will put your application on the reject pile. Read on for 10 easy ways you can mess up your personal statement:

1. Say thank you

Your parents and elementary school teachers taught you to be courteous when writing and you know it’s a good rule of thumb to follow. But don’t waste words thanking the committee for reading your application. It is not the same situation as applying for a job, because you are paying the school to review your application so that, hopefully, you can pay them to educate and train you. Starting or ending your statement with phrases like ‘Thank you for reviewing this application’ or ‘I appreciate your consideration’ can make you appear immature, obsequious, or ignorant of academic culture.

2.Excuse me

Many applicants have weaknesses in their application files, especially in their transcripts. Maybe you got low grades in your freshman year. Maybe you had to drop out of school and work for a while. Maybe you got an F in that stat class and had to take it again. Or maybe you earned a degree in one field and are applying to graduate school in a different field; or you did not pass your residency medical exams the first time.

Whatever your weakness, make no excuses and don’t badmouth anyone. Therefore, it was not his fault that the professor missed his final exam and failed it, or that papers dried up in his original field of study, or that he had the flu when he took the GRE. Don’t say anything that sounds like an excuse or that sounds like you’re blaming someone else for not achieving a goal. Even when it’s true, it can make you appear whiny and unable to accept responsibility for your actions. Instead, address the weakness at the end of your statement and explain how you have overcome it, learned from it, and are now a better candidate because of it.

3. Summarize your resume and transcripts

Many applicants try to summarize their professional resume and academic records in the personal statement. All this information is requested in the application itself and will be seen by reviewers. Personal statements are too short to waste space explaining that you earned A in your senior year. Instead, describe experiences and accomplishments that are relevant to your development as a potential professional in your chosen field.

4. Be cute or funny

Maturity is one of the most common adjectives admissions committees use to describe the ideal graduate student or professional. You are applying to eventually become your colleague, a professional colleague. Show them that you take their time, your program, your future, and yourself seriously by keeping your tone positive and professional. Unless you are directly asked to submit a creative writing sample, leave the routine standing for the comedy club.

5. Suggest that the program can correct an error by admitting it

Remember that committee members are busy professionals who only take a couple of minutes to read your statement. On the one hand, stating that you will make a unique contribution to your program and bring a new perspective by adding to the diversity of your student body is a smart move and shows you as a professional and positive team player. On the other hand, applying for admission on the grounds that it will correct a previous injustice runs the risk of making you appear unqualified and / or confrontational.

6. Be sarcastic

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Your ironic comments and sarcastic jokes make your Facebook friends laugh, because they know you. The admissions committee does not. They can easily misinterpret sarcastic comments or decide that you are creepy, cynical, pessimistic, or a know-it-all.

7. Say something potentially offensive

Again, not much explanation is needed on this one. You don’t know anything about the people who read your personal statement. Assume that you are very sensitive on all subjects and write accordingly. Don’t assume they agree with your political, social, or religious views.

8. Show your inferiority complex or your superiority complex

Many applicants have trouble finding the balance between promoting themselves and not appearing arrogant in their personal statement. A personal statement is a marketing document and should show your strengths. However, many applicants are inclined to humility, such as using language of self-criticism; or describe past weaknesses and failures without explaining how they have worked to turn those weaknesses into strengths. The admissions committees do not admit candidates out of pity!

Other applicants are presumptuous, giving the impression that they don’t really need any advanced training because they know a lot about the field and have a lot of experience. They do not describe what they hope to gain from a specialized education course. You want to walk the line between these extremes. Affirm that you are highly qualified to begin this course of study and that you have the preparation, motivation, maturity, and focus they seek. Then emphasize your planned major, what you will gain from attending their program, and how you need the training they offer to be successful as a professional.

9. Plagiarizing your statement or submitting content that you paid someone to write.

Most graduate and professional school applicants have not read hundreds of personal statements and are unaware of how unique each person’s writing style is. It really doesn’t take much for admissions committees to realize that the language and style of a candidate’s personal statement is different from the wording found elsewhere on applications. There are also a few dozen so-called sample personal statements on the Internet that are often copied and submitted as an applicant’s own essay. The committees know this very well! You can also hire someone to write a personal statement for you. It may sound great to you, but you should realize that these essays are based on a template that they simply customize for you, using the same paragraph and sentence organization. It’s a smart move to hire an expert to help you review and polish your words into a persuasive statement. It is risky to plagiarize a statement from the Internet or to hire someone to write the entire statement for you.

10. Uses bad spelling or grammar

This should be pretty obvious. Scholars on admissions committees are generally high achievers with high standards that don’t ignore even simple typographical errors. If your personal statement isn’t technically perfect, it can make you appear sloppy, lazy, or inattentive, which aren’t qualities that no one wants in a future colleague. Remember that people who read your essay are looking for a reason to reject your application and reduce the number of possible admissions. Always get someone with strong writing skills to review your essay.

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Birth control pills: not everything you’ve heard is true

It seems that the same old wives’ tales of birth control pills are still popular today. These myths have been passed down from generation to generation and apparently nothing can remove them from the public consciousness. And while some may carry a grain of truth, most of them have been completely disproportionate over the years.

One of the reasons young women still refuse to take birth control pills is because they fear gaining weight. They may also be afraid of having horrible acne, growing facial hair, or enlarging their hips and breasts. None of these fears could be further from the truth. What the pill does is regulate estrogen, which can initially cause some water retention and bloating (much like the symptoms of a menstrual cycle). Changing the dose or waiting for the body to regulate itself, which may take a few months, usually fixes the problem. The pill is generally known to decrease acne, or it may not produce any noticeable change, but it would be unusual for it to suddenly cause it. It also does not produce facial hair or increase the size of the breasts and hips, although these areas may swell slightly.

So why do so many women insist that they have experienced some of these side effects? The likely answer is an inexact cause and relationship. Your body’s hormones are changing, which can temporarily alter your mood. This alone can lead to increased appetite or additional stress, which can lead to weight gain or acne. Another reason could be that they start taking the pill at a young age when the body has not fully stopped developing, meaning larger breasts and wider hips. Our bodies constantly change in small ways throughout our lives, but by changing medications, some people become acutely aware of small differences.

Has anyone ever warned you that taking birth control pills can cause cancer? It seems that almost everything today has the potential to kill you or cause some devastating disease, and again, the problem usually stems from the wrong cause and effect. Do women who take birth control get cancer? Yes. Is it because of the pill? No. In fact, studies show just the opposite. It is estimated that by taking the pill regularly, women are 1/3 less likely to develop uterine or ovarian cancer. There has also been no conclusive evidence linking the pill to increased breast cancer rates. Also, the use of the pill is highly unlikely to cause defects in babies once you are ready to conceive, as long as you stop taking them in advance.

Not all truths about birth control are so optimistic. There are possible side effects that commonly include nausea, headaches, mood swings, sore breasts, and spotting. Many of these can be controlled by changing the product and dosage, or by waiting a few months for the body to adjust. In some rare cases, more serious complications are possible, so it is important to consult with a doctor before beginning.


Breastfeeding: not for sissies

You start your marathon with 16 hours of hard work or perhaps you start with a major abdominal surgery (also known as a cesarean section). Over the next few days, you’ll learn latching, positioning, burping, diapering, swaddling, problem solving, and over a million other new newborn-related tasks.

Then, for the next several weeks, you will sleep an average of 4-6 hours in a 24-hour period. But this dream is obtained in 1-2 hour increments. You eat when you have time, you shower when your food allows it, somehow you gather the energy to do laundry or cook a meal on occasion. And somehow you survive But the question is: how can breastfeeding survive in these conditions?

After years of helping moms with breastfeeding, I have discovered that there are 2 basic personality traits that help you be successful at breastfeeding. First of all, let me tell you that the measure of success in breastfeeding is the ability to provide your baby with breast milk for one year. Now let’s get back to personality traits. I define them as the passionate and the persistent.

The passionate mother believes in breastfeeding so much that this passion keeps her going no matter the obstacle. She is determined to give her child the best, even through pain and tears. She is pretty but determined.

The persistent or stubborn mom has decided to breastfeed for whatever reason and that’s it. She is more verbal, demands that she not be given bottles in the hospital, instantly refutes any criticism and, by God, she will.

Babies who have physical or medical problems do not discourage these moms. Low milk supply and mastitis do not stop lactation. Candidiasis, vasospasm, nursing strikes: “I’ve been there, I’ve done that,” they say. Even mothers who adopt their babies are producing breast milk for their children. These moms are engaged. Some are able to breastfeed babies; some can express breast milk, but it will be.

Why do these babies get breast milk for a year? Because they are passionate, persistent, or maybe both. But one thing is for sure. They just don’t give up: they are NOT sissies. And no, they don’t have the perfect nursing baby. That baby doesn’t exist. At least I’ve never seen her. There is a simple truth, challenges will arise and you must be fully committed to making breastfeeding work. TOTAL COMMITMENT.

Is support important? Absolutely, if you didn’t believe that, then what would be the need for my services? But it is not as important as being passionate or persistent. It depends on you.

I think you are up to the challenge. And I think you are not a sissy.

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How to take care of a motor home

Mobile homes need the care and maintenance that traditional homes require. If you allow problems to continue, no matter how minor or major, they will lead to bigger problems in your trailer.

Problems must be fixed as soon as they arise. Remember that proper maintenance is very important to ensure the value of your motorhome and save money in the long run.

When shopping for an RV, the first thing to ensure is accurate installation. Also, you should read the provided manual carefully. Here are some helpful tips to help you take better care of your motorhome.

The ceiling:

1. Use a long-handled brush to remove accumulated dirt from the ceiling. Similarly, snow and ice must be removed from the roof.
2. Never walk directly on the roof. Lay boards about 4 feet long across the roof and put your weight on those boards.
3. Make a good quality covering of the roof, its fasteners, gaskets, vents and edges once a year.
4. If the shingles are lost or broken, replace them.

The ceiling:

1. Use a good quality acoustic ceiling paint to paint accumulated dirt or stains on the ceiling. Cover stains before painting.
2. Use white chalk or shoe polish on ceiling scratches.
3. Use a soft rubber eraser to remove dirt stains from the ceiling.

Wall coverings:

1. Soak a soft cloth in a mild detergent and use it to clean vinyl wallcoverings.


1. Before placing anything heavy inside, make sure the area provides additional support to support that weight. You can also consult with a local contractor about the additional support needed for your motorhome.
2. Water is your soil’s greatest enemy. So clean up the water as soon as it falls somewhere. Also make sure there are no water leaks in the house.
3. Hire a professional to replace the old or damaged floor with a new one.


1. Use caulk or caulk to fill in window leakage points.
2. Use silicon / graphite lubricant to lubricate the windows.


1. If your trailer is made of steel frames, paint it to prevent rust and corrosion.
2. If the frames are scratched or damaged, apply an asphalt primer, zinc chromate, or a good paint.

Doors and Cabinets:

1. Add soap to hot water and clean the doors with it.
2. Apply silicone spray to the hinges to prevent squeaks.
3. Lubricate the locks with graphite.
4. Apply wax to the drawer guides and edges so they move freely.
5. Apply a mixture of boric acid and propylene glycol to eradicate termites.


1. Never let your gutters become clogged with debris and clean them regularly.


1. Clean the fan blades once a month. Use a long-handled brush or a damp cloth to clean accumulated dirt and grease from the blades.
2. Lubricate the fan bearings.

Fiberglass Countertops, Fixtures, and Porcelain Surfaces:

1. Use a mild detergent mixed with warm water to clean countertops, porcelain surfaces, and fiberglass accessories.
2. Use chlorine bleach to remove stains formed on porcelain surfaces.
3. Do not place hot utensils directly on porcelain surfaces and use wire racks or hot pads.
4. Use paint to cover any scratches / damage formed on the surface.


Make sure your motorhome is level properly. Some symptoms that show that your house needs leveling are:

1. The doors / windows do not close properly.
2. The floor rises or falls when you walk.
3. Bathtubs, sinks, or gutters are not draining properly
4. There is space between walls and ceilings.
5. Dishes fall off the table or counter.

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Dell Latitude 3490 Information – What Business Owners Should Know About This Durable, Well-Built Laptop

Great battery life is what you get with a business laptop like the Dell Latitude 3490. It’s built to last a full day’s work, especially if you choose the configuration that includes a six-cell battery. It’s not the lightest laptop of its size on the market, weighing in at 4.4 pounds, but it does come with some great hardware. It’s still mobile enough to take anywhere you need to go.

This is an easily manageable 14-inch machine with superior safety features that are critical for small and medium-sized businesses. Collaboration is simplified with the 175-degree extended hinge and connectivity features like HDMI, VGA, USB Type-C, Type-A, and more.

A quad-core Intel Core i5 processor (825OU) is quite impressive for a laptop. You also get 4GB of memory and a 500GB SATA 7200-RPM hard drive to get started. Choose between a 56Whr four-cell battery and the aforementioned six-cell battery. Even if you stick with the four-cell unit, you can still expect to get several hours of operation. For graphics, you get the integrated Intel UHD 620.

Depending on how you set it up, the 14-inch screen comes with a 1366 x 768 or 1920 x 1080p screen resolution, which is what you can expect with a laptop in this price range. The display colors of the Dell Latitude 3490 are quite accurate and bright. There are also great speakers, and Dell’s audio program is easy to customize.

Dell Latitude 3490 Webcam and Security Features

There is a webcam built into the screen. It is capable of taking sharp and accurate photos. The keyboard and touchpad are also designed to work smoothly and efficiently. The 4.1 x 2.5 inch touch panel is easy to use and very intuitive.

The great thing about Latitude laptops is that they come with impressive security features such as TPM 2.0 TCG certified technology and FIPS 140 2 certification. This machine uses hardware-based cryptography to ensure the most secure communications. With Dell Data Protection, all your business data stays protected. The tools enable encryption throughout the organization and help companies mitigate risk and optimize deployment for a single IT environment.

The chassis and hardware are well designed. In Dell Latitude 3490 reviews, users praise the durability of the black chassis. It has been extensively tested to ensure it can last in any environment. You can even drop it and slam it against something and not have to worry about it breaking. Overall, this is a great business laptop worth the investment.

There are various Dell coupons, discounts, and special offers available. It’s easy to get a good deal when you invest in this brand. Make sure to use a Dell Latitude 3490 promo code when you’re ready to personalize your laptop and go through the checkout process.


Crazy Ray – Greatest passing Dallas Cowboys fan of all time

The Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League are a beloved team within the borders of Texas and far beyond. For more than forty years, the team has entertained its fans while performing at a consistently high level. In addition to its great success on the field, “America’s Team” has had the same success off the field and is considered one of the most valuable sports teams in North America. Behind every great sports franchise are the fans who support the team, no matter what. The Dallas Cowboys have had countless fans cheering for them over the past four decades, not to mention their own world-famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and team mascot, Rowdy. Yet among all those who cheer on Cowboys football, one fan stands alone. That fan is the late Wilford “Crazy Ray” Jones.

Sadly, on March 17, 2007, in Dallas, Texas, Wilford Jones’ encouraging voice was silenced for the last time after enduring a decade of poor health, including diabetes and congestive heart failure. He was 76 years old. Known as the original and unofficial mascot of the Dallas Cowboys, Crazy Ray entertained generations of Cowboys fans. Over the years, he became as recognizable a symbol for Cowboys football as the Dallas Cowboys logo, the lone star. Driven by Crazy Ray’s passion for his team, countless fans proudly wear Dallas Cowboys apparel so they too can show their true colors.

Crazy Ray attended the first home game of the new Dallas Cowboys franchise in 1960. His true bond with the team began in 1962 when he began selling pennants at Cowboys home games. Outfitted with western appeal, complete with downpours, six shooters on their holsters, a vest, and a cowboy hat, he entertained fans from the sidelines with magic tricks, galloping on a workhorse, and other antics. His signature whistle, a shrill high-pitched, was also well known and earned him the nickname “Whistling Ray.”

Crazy Ray is said to have missed only three home games to the Cowboys in the team’s forty-seven years of existence. In fact, Crazy Ray is such an integral part of Dallas Cowboys history that he holds a place of honor in the fan section of the Professional Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Although Crazy Ray never officially worked for the Cowboys franchise, he was provided with a special parking pass and given unlimited access to Texas Stadium for all home games.

Jerry Jones, the owners of the Dallas Cowboys in conveying their condolences to the family, stated: “This is a sad day for anyone who is a Dallas Cowboys fan. Ray was the most dedicated, entertaining and passionate of the fans of the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys. Thousands of lives and generations of soccer fans. He will continue to be an important part of the heritage and family of this team. “

Wilford “Crazy Ray” Jones was one of those people who appears from time to time. He dedicated his life to his team and touched the lives of countless Cowboys fans and soccer fans around the world. He will always be remembered for his spirit and love of the game. There is no doubt that the memory of Crazy Ray will live on in the hearts of Dallas fans and soccer fans everywhere, as well as the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

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Luxury Hotels in London England – Jumeirah Carlton Tower

Knightsbridge, London

The Jumeirah Carlton Tower is located in the main Knightsbridge district, specifically at Cadogan Place. The exclusive neighborhood is home to fashion houses and sumptuous restaurants. Along with famous tourist spots, the Jumeirah is probably one of the best options for a splendid holiday in the bustling city of London.

Perfect for tourists

The Jumeirah is strategically located in the heart of Westminster. Westminster is famous for world-renowned landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the House of Parliaments. This luxurious hotel is just meters from Harrods and Harvey Nichols. It has 216 luxurious rooms overlooking the secret gardens of the Cadogan Palace. At night, the large windows offer a magnificent view of the London skyline. Simply perfect for a romantic stay with your partner.

Personal service

At Jumeirah, don’t panic if all the employees call you by name. It seems that this 5-star hotel in London, England is really geared towards top-notch accommodation and hospitality. For them, customer service satisfaction is paramount. They can even adjust the check-in time at the guest’s request whenever possible.

For fine dining, Jumeirah has three restaurants you can choose from. The Rib Room, Chinoiserie and Club Room. For a nightcap, The Gilt, a stylish cocktail lounge, is worth mentioning. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the Peak Health Club and Spa, where the best relaxation and fitness experience is the top priority.

Deluxe rooms

The hotel has 216 rooms in total including 58 contemporary-style suites. Free broadband and wireless Internet connection available. Same with the large plasma TV, 2 direct dial phone lines, voice mail, fax, desk, music system, Sleep CD, and REN bath skin care products. For suites, the iPod docking station is a standard issue. Tea and coffee making facilities, safe and data port as well. Jumeirah has it all for a business trip or just a retreat.

This astonishing luxury hotel conquers many images, as it is a place worthy of royalty. If a person had no idea, knowledge or understanding of the definition of luxury, a visit to the Jumeirah Carlton Tower would provide an eye-opening experience that would linger on that person’s mind or note for many years. There aren’t many other words to say outside of this review other than this luxury hotel in London, England is delightfully brilliant, and many who come keep coming back to visit.