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How to choose the best value by selecting meal plans for weight loss

Losing pounds is one of the most difficult tasks you can make an effort to achieve. Probably the most complicated aspects of reaching your goal weight can be determining which weight loss foods you can eat on your diet program and how much of that food you can eat. Each different type of diet plan has different rules, so they can get quite confusing.

Several leading weight loss providers commonly hear the desperate cries of men and women for help and have taken the guesswork out of it when it comes to learning points, including what is the proper portion size and what types of foods are allowed with a specific Diet Plan. These weight loss organizations have created weight loss meal plans that can be delivered right to your doorstep. Each of these diet foods has been perfectly portioned, so there’s no guesswork involved.

wise dinner
DineWise offers diet meal delivery with a twist. DineWise also includes meals for two and holiday-specific diet meals. Weight loss meals start at $10. With DineWise, there’s no lock-in for a week or more. You simply buy your meals from anywhere in the United States and they are shipped to your home within a few days. You make your own menu by selecting the available entrees and sides, and they offer the most freedom in how many meals you’d like to add to your weight loss meal plan. You can select from predetermined meal plans or choose as many weight loss breakfasts, lunches and dinners as you like, plus a three-day trial plan is offered.

chef’s diet
Chefs Diet operates on the guideline that a well-balanced meal is one that includes 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 30 percent fat. Chef’s Diet allows you to choose between a regular premium plan, a vegetarian and dairy plan, a sugar-free plan for people with diabetes, a vegan plan, a kosher menu and even a children’s menu. You can choose to join a three-day meal sampler, which allows you to try out the menu and a meal plan without having to be locked out. You can choose from a 7-day program, a 14-day program, or a 31-day program. The seven-day program will cost you approximately $50.00 per day, plus taxes and shipping.

Diet-to-Go is a company that offers weight loss meals delivered to your door throughout the continental United States. They provide a selection of conventional low fat diet plans that are based on 1100-1200 calories for women and 1400-1600 calories for men. These people also offer low-carb meals and low-sodium dishes, as well as vegetarian meals. Your meals are shipped weekly and delivered in coolers with dry ice. Each meal must be microwaved and instructions are provided. A five-day meal plan of just breakfast and dinner costs around $90.00 per week, while a five-day meal plan including all three meals costs around $110.00 per week.

Bistro MD gained popularity right after being featured on the Dr. Phil show. Bistro MD delivers microwave-safe packaged foods to your home. Bistro MD meals will be designed by a nutritional doctor along with other top professionals. Their meals are available as conventional low-fat or vegetarian. You must order at least five days worth of meals. Five days of meals, including snacks, cost about $145.00 a week. A seven-day meal plan costs $180. Bistro® ships everywhere in the United States.

Freshology offers all-natural foods for those on a diet. Every food item is shipped fresh to your door, never frozen or highly processed. All meats are hormone free and all fruits and vegetables are organic. Freshology delivers only to certain parts of the United States, such as Southern California and East Coast regions. The diet plans start with the 14-day meal plan and go all the way up to the 90-day meal plans. Freshology meals currently cost around $55.00 per day.

Seattle Sutton offers fresh meals available for pickup in some areas of the US and delivery nationwide in others. The cost of your meal plan varies depending on where you live and the number of meals you select. You must purchase a minimum number of meals for 14 days in this program. The food selection includes traditional low-fat meals as well as vegetarian meals. Plan rates fluctuate by location and range from $129 to $279.

Medifast diet foods are purchased in quantities for one month. These are stabilized meals that can be purchased a la carte or as a month-long meal plan. They do not offer vegetarian dishes; they simply offer plans for men or women. Most of the meals you will receive from them come in the form of powders to which you add hot water. Their meals consist of shakes, bars, breakfast cereals, and powdered soups. Medifast can deliver anywhere in the US and costs approximately $300.00 each month.

NutriSystem is one of the best known diet plans. It has been around the longest and is successful due to its low cost. Food is shelf stabilized and microwave safe. They deliver anywhere in the US Meal plans consist of those for women, men, and people with diabetes. NutriSystem requires a four week obligation and charges around $240.00 each month.

e-Diets is different from the others because it allows you to choose what type of diet plan you would like to use. You have more than 20 alternatives, including popular diets like the Atkins method and Weight Watchers. Prices and types of food shipped fluctuate based on your choices. The company doesn’t post prices online, but a live chat agent said rates were around $22 a day plus shipping.

With everything from premium gourmet meals to powdered soups, consumers will discover some significant differences in the prepared meal companies that offer weight-loss meal plans. Finding the best value to meet your needs should be based on a balance between cost and quality of food. Reading customer reviews from people who have tried and experienced the various programs is a good way to determine the quality of meals you’d like to purchase and at a cost that fits your budget.

Another suggestion would be to carefully study the food selection. Are you getting a small muffin for breakfast every day? Some organizations strive to keep prices low by offering incredibly modest portion sizes. Look up the ounces for each food and check the calories per food to make sure they aren’t too low. For most people, 400 calories is an effective standard per meal. Each meal should include a protein, a carbohydrate, and a vegetable.

Finally, be sure to read the fine print on any service you want, including the cancellation process if you’re not satisfied. Some companies offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which would be considered a key advantage when choosing a meal delivery program for weight loss.


History of cats and classification of domestic cats

Scientists classify living organisms into different kingdoms, families, and orders to study more about them. Although, most people do not go into such details, but certain people who love cats will definitely want to know the scientific classification of cats.

However, before that there is little history here about the rankings. In the 19th century, there was a great craze to scientifically classify organisms. During that era, researchers identified numerous species and subspecies. They named the organisms by their own name or by the name of the traveler, who bought them in different regions. Consequently, cats were no exception, and the researchers also classified them.

Below is a detailed description of the scientific classification of cats. To begin with, the domestic cat in the home is commonly known as Felis Catus.

How the researchers classified the cats:

Life science expert Carouse Linnaes gave the name Felis Catus to the domestic cat in the year 1758. Domestic cats are, in fact, distant relatives of wild cats. Therefore, domestic cats are the subspecies of wild cats. Thus, according to the guidelines of the ICZN (International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature), wild cats are called F silvestris and F silvestris catus for domestic species.

Cats are mammals and represent the groups of vertebrates. Also, since cats are carnivores, they are placed under the order Carnivores. The easy and scientific tabulation of cat classification is as follows:

Common name: cat, feline, kitten, domestic cat and pussycat

Animal Kingdom

Edge: Chordata

Class: Mammals

Order: Carnivora

Subordinate: Feliformia

Family: Felidae

Subfamily: Felinate/Pantherinae

Species: Felis catus

Cats like domestic cats, cougars, cheetahs, lynxes, ocelots, and others belong to the Felinae subfamily, while big cats like leopards, jaguars, lions, and tigers belong to the Pantherinae subfamily.

Long before scientists assigned a scientific classification to cats, ancient travelers and cat lovers had already classified them into subspecies. It usually relied on the notion that the particular cat type was representative of the main cat phenotype in the area.

This method was the same as the Victorian love of gathering and classifying organisms and then claiming them in a certain order. For example, the extant Felis Catus anura is known as the Manx, catus Siamensis as the Siamese, F catus cartusenesis as the Chartreux, and F catus angorensis as the Turkish Angora.

About Species:

Species are nothing more than taxonomic groups of animals, which are similar but easily distinguishable from each other. Although they appear similar, they never interbreed naturally.

For example, tigers and cats are the same species but they are very different in terms of behavior and type, so they need to be further classified into subspecies or breeds. Mammals of a particular subspecies vary morphologically from the distinctive mammals.

The domestic cat is actually a descendant of the original African wildcat. The subspecies of an African wildcat is Fs lybica. Domestic cats take the place under Fs lybica and become felis catus. All breeds of felis catus interbreed naturally.

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NMLS CE Review of Kaplan and Proschools

In previous years, states regulated the mortgage industry. As of 2011, the National Mortgage Licensing Registry and System (NMLS) is operational under the federal government. A requirement to maintain an NMLS license is 8 hours per year of continuing education (CE).

Options for CE are face-to-face or an online course. I received an offer for a discount price of $99.95 from “Kaplan Real Estate Education” and decided to go for it. Having taken CE courses for insurance and mortgage licensing for the last five years with no problems, it seemed like a good fit. The Kaplan NMLS CE course is divided into several sections. You view the material in one section and then take a 10-question quiz. You must get 100% on the quiz to proceed to the next section. If he gets 90% or less, he does it again until he gets 100%. This is very irritating. Then, when you finally get to the end of the eight-hour course (longer if you spend a lot of time on quizzes), there’s a 25-question final exam. Kaplan offers you two chances to score 75% or better on the exam. Some of the questions are worded differently from the material presented. Other questions ask for statistical historical information that has no educational value. OK, I’m making excuses for failing the exam twice! This is the first time in five years that I have had a problem with a CE exam. When I called to complain, Kaplan’s supervisor said I had to pay again, do another 8 hours of CE class, and then they’d let me take their stupid test twice more…with no certainty of getting a CE certificate. When I asked for a refund, I was told that they don’t give refunds.

A couple of days later a representative from Proschools called me to see if I wanted to take their CE course. The rep said they had a satisfaction guarantee. He also said that students rarely had trouble with the test and allowed unlimited attempts if necessary. The preschools were offering a discount that brought the cost to around $100 and I decided to give it a try. The material seemed to be geared a bit more towards useful information rather than arcane historical data. Proschools has a quiz after each section, but there were usually only two to four questions. This made it much easier to get 100% on the quiz. The quiz offered the option of a practice or a “final” mode. You have to take the “final” quiz, even if you get 100% in the practice mode which has the same questions. It’s best to skip practice and go straight to the “final” test. You have multiple opportunities for the final quiz if needed. Then came the dreaded final exam. The government requires the course provider to require a 70% or higher to pass. (Why does Kaplan require a 75%? So more people fail and have to repeat the course?) I was short on time and rushed through the exam in about five minutes. I got 24 out of 25 correct for 96%. Look, go smart!

From my experience this year I would suggest Proschools if you want an online course. Ask if they are offering any discounts and they will give you the code to use, if available. Of course, the quality of the course is much more important than a small difference in cost.

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Hot Wheels Cars – Start your own collection

Hot Wheels is a popular brand of die-cast toy cars introduced by the American toy manufacturer Mattel in 1968. The popularity of Hot Wheels is a result of the variety of toys that they make. Many car companies have licensed the brand to build scale models of their own machines. These were originally intended as children’s toys, but over time they became a collector’s item. Therefore, these toys have much more value for some people than just being a source of entertainment.

If you plan to start your own collection of Hot Wheels, it will help to do a little research before you start shopping. Buying them randomly might not be a good idea because you will be buying limited editions and it might cost you a lot. Do some research on the company’s history, understand the options you have, and learn the proper method of storing them. Learn how to get the best deals, online or otherwise. The following tips can help you learn about the brand, make better deals, and make worthwhile investments.


Hot Wheels toys in the 1:64 scale factor are coveted toys or collector’s items. Since they are collectibles, older or older models are supposed to be more valuable. There is also the possibility that certain designs are more valuable than others. Higher value means higher price and it is important for a person who wants to start their own collection to know the history of these toy cars, the popular models and their value. This helps collectors make the right deals not only when buying but also when selling toy cars. The following timeline can serve as an important source of information for those looking to purchase Hot Wheels cars.

1968: Mattel launches the first set of these toys that consisted of 16 models in total. It also featured the preliminary model of the 1969 Corvette.

1969 – With the surprisingly high number of sales, Mattel released 24 new Hot Wheels cars, including the VW Beach Bomb, which remains a prized collector’s item to this day.

1970 – An all-time favourite: The Snake and Mongoose racing games were introduced along with 31 other models.

1974 – The brand began using printed graphics for its cars instead of decals.

1975 – Mattel also began to release motorcycles under the Hot Wheels brand.

1980 – In 1980 Hi-Rakers were introduced, whose rear axles could be raised to increase the lean of the cars.

1988 – Celebrated its 20th anniversary by producing Silver and Gold Chrome cars.

1990 – Produces its first aircraft.

1995 – Limited edition Treasure Hunt cars introduced.

1996: Mattel obtains ownership rights to Matchbox automobiles.

After obtaining the required information, it is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​other important things.

Types of collectors

Knowing the type of collector you want to be is important to knowing how you would like to start acquiring your Hot Wheels. Some collectors who have a purely display collection will want their cars in the original packaging. While collectors who like to play with their cars want them loose without the packaging.

car categories

In general, it can be divided into three categories: Vintage (models released before 1980), Modern Hot Wheels (1980-1989), and Contemporary (1990-Present). The price of the models does not depend only on the rarity or the age, but also on the emotional ties that the owners have with them.


Any edition of Hot Wheels from 1999 onwards would be relatively easier to find than earlier models. Start with models that are easier to find and then gradually rank up with more valuable or older models.

Going up

You can also expand your Hot Wheels collection by adding accessories. The brand also has a number of tracks ranging from simple race tracks to stunt tracks. Some of them are really cool, like the one that sends cars right into an alien’s mouth.

storage and care

A systematic arrangement will help you to better display the models in your collection and also to find them easily. Taking proper care of cars and storing them in good condition means preserving the value of the models. You can store them in the Hot Wheels cases and displays offered by Mattel.

It is necessary to keep them away from direct sunlight, which can fade the color of the cars. Take care that your hands are not greasy to the touch, or that they do not develop stains. If it happens, it will only reduce the value of the items.

While all of the above steps are necessary to start your own Hot Wheels collection, it is also necessary to know where to buy toy cars easily. You can easily buy Hot Wheels cars on online shopping sites that usually have good collections of them.


8 apps and sites that will put cash in your pocket

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? If you’re like a lot of people, your cash barely lasts until your next payday. While a windfall would be nice, it’s not likely. With little effort, you can adjust your spending clothes and maybe have a few dollars left over at the end of the week. Save a little here and you can spend a little there.

There are many ways to cut expenses, save money and earn a little extra money. While each method may result in a seemingly insignificant amount of change, together they add up to big savings. By the end of the week, you’ve managed to keep a good amount of your hard-earned dough.

Here are 8 ways to turn a pinch of technology into big money-making opportunities:

1. unseen hand it is a browser plugin. When you shop online, it lets you know if there’s anything less expensive than the item you’re about to buy. It works with Google so that when you search for something on Google, it automatically finds the lowest prices on that item and alerts you. These prices are real time, which means they are the price as of now, not yesterday or this morning. When you are No purchases, the plugin remains hidden, so nothing is in its way. This is a great way to save money!

two. PriceBlink works the same way as InvisibleHand. Automatically search over 4,000 merchants as you shop to bring you the best deal available. It also has the added feature of alerting you to coupons for items you’re buying now and allows you to maintain wish lists for items you want later.

3. GiftCardGrandma is a site that sells discount gift cards. If there are stores where you shop frequently or you are going to make an expensive purchase, buy the gift card at a discount and use it to save money on your purchase. You can also sell gift cards here, as well as check balances and search for current deals and flash sales.

Four. It has hundreds of coupons for all kinds of things. Before you buy, see if there is a coupon for your item. To get multiple coupons, simply check each one you want and print them all at once when you’re done.

5. GasBuddy saves you money on your travels. While you’re busy driving on your shopping trip, GasBuddy will show you which gas stations in your area offer the lowest gas prices. Locals and app users like you let GasBuddy know when they see great and low gas prices so the app can let you know.

6. field agent – pays you to do small tasks at local stores, like taking a picture of a display, checking the price of an item, or scanning a barcode. They will have a list of jobs and you just choose the ones you want to do.

7. ReceiptHog – Earn points for uploading photos of your receipts, from any store, to the app. Redeem points for cash or a donation to charity.

8. checkpoints – Earn points by performing fun tasks like scanning barcodes on branded products when shopping, downloading new apps, taking surveys and more. Redeem your points for Amazon or Walmart gift cards or donate to charity.

And while you’re at it, here’s another way to earn some pocket money.

There are apps that will pay you to review new apps on your phone. Simply download, answer a few questions, and give feedback. You get paid for every review. When you’re done, you can simply uninstall the app so it doesn’t take up any space or data.

Try these three to get started:

  • TestBirds- You can test not only apps, but also websites, games… even home appliances!
  • Erli Bird – Try new apps and games and get paid for your opinion.
  • AppCoiner- They strictly make apps and are willing to pay you to try them out! Note: AppCoiner is NOT free to join. There is a one-time fee of $27 and they say you will have unlimited quizzes to choose from and win.

5 More Ways to Earn Money at Your School Carnival – Updated for the 2010 School Year

A carnival is one of the best and most fun ways you can raise a significant amount of money for your school. However, the amount of work involved in turning your carnival into a real money maker can be intense. Here are five tips you can use to really increase your earning potential.

1. Use the latest technology in your marketing campaign

A basic principle of marketing is to get the message across to your audience in the way they consume information. Since their primary market is families with young children, you can safely assume that a large percentage of these parents are active online. Therefore, you must ensure that you use social media as your primary means of spreading the message.

Create a Facebook fan page for your school and fill it with quick posts like:

Important dates/times for the carnival

Bracelet sales notifications

Cool activities you’ve booked, like a bungee race or inflatable joust

Popular entertainment acts that you have scheduled, such as local bands or your high school cheerleading squad.

Incentives like shaving the headmaster’s head if 80% of school pupils pre-purchase wristbands

Any special foods that you will be selling at the carnival, such as fried Oreo cookies

Get this information in real time and specifically ask your readers to spread the word by sending email links or suggesting their friends visit your school’s fan site.

I would also suggest recruiting a handful of students who are good messengers. Have them start a “texting tree” in which they text ten of their friends and family. Then those ten text ten more friends and so on, until the numbers explode. It can be a simple message like “don’t forget to buy your carnival bracelets for today”. This can be a very powerful tool for you.

Don’t forget to ask your school district if you can use their automated phone alert system, if they have one. This is the phone system that calls you at home to notify you of school cancellation or something similar. Many times, schools use these systems to inform parents about school plays or performances. Request permission to use the system for your school’s carnival announcements to parents on their mobile or home phones. This is a very effective means of communication at your disposal. If you have it, use it!

2. Be more truthful in your marketing

Face it, it’s hard to get people to spend money on charities, which is schools, in a bad economy. People are scared and want to hold on to their money. That is understandable. However, it is also true that schools need to raise money for things, important things, that the budget will no longer cover. Therefore, I would suggest two very important messages to really mark your carnival marketing plan.

First, be very specific in your material. Tell parents exactly what the money they raise will be used for. Work with the school principal and teachers to come up with a list of all the items that depend on fundraising. Tell parents that these items will be removed if their goals are not met. Even go so far as to create a priority list: name the item to be cut first, etc. Some may continue to ignore your message, but for others, this reality check will be a good incentive. And at least, it can be said, they were warned.

Second, make sure you start advertising your carnival LONG before it happens. I’m talking about six or seven months before. Then, after you’ve told them where their money will go, specifically suggest that families should SAVE for your event. If you give them six months (24 weeks) and ask them to save just $3 per week, it will be $72 at the time of the event. If your school has 250 families and only half of them (125) save to spend the $72, you will get $9,000. 75% of that amount would equal more than $13,000. Would it be useful for your school?

I would even go so far as to launch a school-wide project where kids get coffee cans or milk jugs and decorate them as personal savings boxes for the school carnival. Even on tight budgets, many families can find ways to scrape together $3 a week. That’s only 43 cents a day! But, you’re going to have to devise a plan for them.

Unless families know the specific need and receive a specific plan on how to reach the goal, you will not be able to raise the money your school needs.

3. Pre-sale of activity bracelets

In the previous sections, I mentioned pre-sale activity and game wristbands. Basically, this is a concept where people get a discount for buying their all-access game tickets early. If a person decides not to pre-purchase the wristband, he would have to pay more at the door the day / night of the event. Usually, a $5 pre-order discount is incentive enough.

I would suggest setting a school-wide goal for wristband sales. This will mean that you or the school principal will have to make a big deal out of the kids about tracking their progress. Once a day or once a week, do the calculations and announce to the school how close you are to the goal.

This can be done with a simple “target thermometer” made with a couple of thick Sharpie markers (black and red) and a large sheet of construction paper. You don’t have to be fancy to make the point. Really get the kids excited. Of course, that will mean that you will have to offer them something pretty good in return for their efforts.

Even though he’s an old man, the school principal who shaves his head in front of the school is a great motivator (unless the principal is either bald or a woman who refuses to submit to the razor). But things like an assembly, a day off from school, a day off from school (if it’s private), or anything else that doesn’t cost you money would also be nice.

By pre-selling lots of fitness trackers, you not only increase your income upfront, but you also get a head start on estimating how much food you’ll need to have on hand. By adding the goals/rewards system to presales, you are proactively increasing your income.

4. Be smart when spending on prizes: use prize packages

It’s easy to want to splurge on the prizes you give kids for the games they play. Some schools get very involved and set up a “prize redemption” station, where kids exchange the tickets they’ve won playing for various prizes, much like arcades do.

I would suggest staying away from this system. While kids love it, it presents a logistical nightmare for carnival organizers. You have to do all the math of how many tickets each kid could win in each game, for every time he plays it. Then you need to determine how many of the small, medium and large prizes to buy based on how you think the kids will actually do. And you better not screw it up for not having enough “big” prizes. You might have some disgruntled youngsters on your hands…

Also, children take a long time to decide which prize they want. Have you ever stood in line behind a seven-year-old at the Chuck E. Cheese prize counter? It takes them eons to figure out how to spend all of their tickets. You’ll have a line winding around your school, trying to handle this!

The solution, while not the most fun for kids, is to opt for prepackaged prize packs that are all the same. If you wish, you can create separate packages for boys and girls. Good prizes are pencils, McDonald’s coupons, small candy, a homework pass, a few small toys, a tattoo to rub, etc. In the long run, a kid won’t be disappointed by this loot bag and it’s saved a lot of fuss for everyone involved.

5. Trade like crazy with plugins to make money

Ok, so you have people buying their fitness trackers and some food, but how else can you get them to part with some of their earned dough?

From the moment a family walks into your carnival, they should be overwhelmed with opportunities to spend money. The games and activities are attractive, but you can also set up a bunch of other stations to earn money that are also very attractive.

For example, you can sell “shells”. These are decorative eggshells that have been hollowed out and filled with confetti. Once they are filled and decorated, stick a small cover over the hole to keep the confetti inside.

Have volunteers make them by the dozen and then sell them individually at the carnival. A person buys a cascarone, he or she sneaks up behind a friend and smashes it over the head, raining confetti down on that person. It’s a good laugh for everyone. Just make sure the person buying the egg knows not to hurt her target by hitting them too hard on the head.

There are many articles online that give instructions on how to make and decorate eggs. Do a simple Google search to find out more.

Another good idea is to set up a jail at the carnival. For a fee, such as 2 fines (approximately $1), you can hire one of the jail guards to “arrest” one of his friends. The “arrested” person has to stay in jail until they pay 4 fines (approximately $2) to get out.

The jail must be in a visible place where everyone can see who has been arrested.

If you really want to up the shaming factor, have the inmates sing for the crowd while incarcerated. I once had to sing “Little Bunny Foo Foo” while waiting to get out of jail. It was very embarrassing, but very funny!

One more idea to earn some extra money at your carnival would be to get a volunteer who is handy with a camera to take candid photos of friends having fun together all night long. With a digital camera and portable color printer, you can print copies for sale. Price the photos to get them moving and make sure the photographer is also a good seller to encourage people to buy.


These are just a few of the many strategies you can use to make more money at your next school carnival. The most important tip is to make sure you’re giving people what they want. The more ways you can tempt them, the more money they will spend.

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Relaxing Spring Break Getaways

Some road trip planners just want to catch up on sleep, relax by the pool, and enjoy some nice spring break dining. Relaxing does not mean getting bored; it means replenishing and rebuilding energy after a hard week of testing.

Others just want to be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves crashing on the beach. And there are those who want to choose which clubs or beach parties they would like to attend, not necessarily be surrounded by it 24/7.

Spring breakers are equated first and foremost with single college students ready to party, but they’re not the only ones taking spring break road trips. Students in couples can opt for a romantic getaway for two. Families also plan vacations during this time as a reward for their college student. Add to this list, teachers and families in grades K-12 use their road trip planners to create a fun family getaway during this time.

* Make sure all rear seat buckles work.
* Take turns driving and change drivers every two hours.
* Passengers traveling with shotguns have an added responsibility to keep the driver alert (yes, even if others in the back seat fall asleep!).
* Check that everyone has their driver’s license and that the vehicle registration is in the glove box before departure.
* Ideally, someone in your party should belong to AAA or another Roadside Assistance membership. It will save everyone time and money if car problems arise during the trip.

* SOUTH BEACH, FLORIDA – In general, Florida is hands down the favorite spring break destination for road trip planners and this long stretch of Miami Beach is one reason why. One can stroll the beach for miles!
* KEY WEST, FLORIDA – Probably a bit too expensive for most college budgets, but oh, those beaches are nice!
* SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – The water won’t be as warm as it is in Florida, but it’s rumored that the sun shines there all the time (and it’s true… 75% of the time :o)

* ISLA DEL PADRE DEL SUR, TEXAS: This island is located in the Gulf of Mexico and just north of the northeastern border of Mexico. It has been a popular spring break destination for college students and other tourists. Resorts and condominiums are scattered along the beautiful coastline.
* KONA, BIG ISLAND, HAWAII – While Honolulu is good for families and Waikiki in particular is great for nightclubs, Big Island has a more relaxed atmosphere where most of its activities will take place during the day, followed by of a beautiful dinner at sunset. . There are a few bars but none like Waikiki.
* SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – Dry sun and an abundance of spas make this a great destination for a couple planning a road trip. You’ll find an eclectic mix here, as evidenced by Old Town, which is flanked on the north end by the West’s premier fashion mall, Scottsdale Fashion Square, on the corner of Scottsdale and Camelback Roads. This mall offers wonderful shopping experiences, with more than 15 restaurants and Neiman Marcus anchor stores. More than 500 specialty stores are also part of this shopping oasis in the desert.
* FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA – Once upon a time, more than 350,000 college students came to Fort Lauderdale for spring break, but the city changed its party laws in the mid-1980s and imposed a minimum drinking age, so now only about 20,000 come, so this is a good place for couples who want nice beaches and great views.

* ORLANDO, FLORIDA – A favorite among road trip planners due to the multitude of activities available there. We recommend getting the Go Orlando Card, which gives you unlimited access to over 50 Central Florida attractions, including the Kennedy Space Center, Splash Island Water Park, Daytona, USA, and more!
* HONOLULU, HAWAII – Due to the large number of hotels in the Honolulu area, families on a budget can get a great deal here. Waikiki Beach is a great place for the whole family because there is a break near the shoreline for the kids, while more experienced swimmers surf the waves further out.
* DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA – Once a major party city too, Daytona followed Fort Lauderdale’s lead and is now known as a beautiful place for couples and families.

OF COURSE, WE CAN’T FORGET FAVORITE PARTY CITIES – Simply book your hotel a few miles away from high-traffic areas and choose to relax one day and party the next.
CANCUN, MEXICO – Known as the Riviera Maya, a great place to have fun under the sun and the night sky.
OCHO RIOS, JAMAICA – Montego Bay is actually Jamaica’s most popular destination, but Ocho Rios is a close second. Located on the North Coast, it is a great area for diving and other water sports.

So go ahead, whether you are a student, teacher, partner or parent, you deserve this break. Who says road trip planners can’t have their Spring Break cake and eat it too?

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What is the difference between a detox and a cleanse?

What started all the questions about detoxing and cleansing?

Ever since Spiro and I just completed the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, many people have been asking us what the diet was all about. In a nutshell, it’s a three-week program that removes all the toxins from your body and ends up eating a raw, organic diet. Each week, take different supplements that support the transition. I know what you’re saying, forget it. It was hard but we both felt amazing and really want to keep eating this way. It was a great experience and we are so glad we did. The reboot was basically a detox diet. In this post, I will explain the difference between a detox and a cleanse and follow up with posts that provide more detail on the different types of detoxes and cleanses out there.

detoxification and cleansing

For centuries, body purification has been an inseparable part of our rituals for good health and well-being. The various processes that occur within the body and the substances that enter it generate toxins that are a threat to your internal system. Harmful substances include cholesterol, irritants, excess fat, sugar, smoking, biological waste, and synthetic chemicals. Some, or all, enter your body from various sources, such as a polluted environment, processed foods, and unhealthy habits. If these harmful substances continue to build up inside your system, they can put you at risk for a deadly disease.

There’s a fine line between a detox (or “detox” as it’s called) and a cleanse. People generally use these terms interchangeably to indicate that they are trying to get rid of waste or dirt from the body. However, detoxification and cleansing are very different processes. Although they both aim to help the body get rid of toxins, they work on different areas of the body and on different toxins as well.


Detoxification refers to the body’s natural process of removing or neutralizing toxic materials from cells, tissues, organs, and the bloodstream. It works to remove toxins from the bloodstream, various organs in the body, the skin, and also the liver and kidneys. A liver or kidney detox is usually accompanied by cleansing procedures to ensure best results. Detoxification includes ingredients incorporated into a person’s daily diet. These dietary inclusions are specifically intended to eradicate toxins. Detoxification, being a relatively simple process, can be made a part of your daily regimen. Detoxification targets chemicals, smoke, metals, pollutants, stones, and even fatty deposits that build up in the body and pose harm. Adopting some detox ingredients in your daily diet has positive benefits including better health, beautiful skin, relief from aches and pains, and less anxiety or depression caused by hormonal imbalance. Detoxification can be incorporated into your daily life by simply choosing to eat fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber foods. Avoid eating processed and/or packaged foods; chips, cereals, frozen diet meals, etc.


The cleanse focuses on the digestive tract (the organ from the mouth to the anus) and does a typical colon cleansing job. The cleanse uses a particular program or component for the procedure, i.e. teas, fiber supplements, etc. It targets debris, fungus (like Candida), parasites, and harmful bacteria inside your bowls. Both detoxification and cleansing have several similar benefits. Cleansing is a safe process to keep your digestive tract and colon healthy and your body disease-free.

Our Ultimate Reset experience

I have to say that since Spiro and I did our Reset, we don’t have the cravings we used to. We were eating very satisfying foods that were very satisfying, but we were still “thinking” that we needed to eat something else. Most of us are raised to eat meat, fish, etc. and have a side of salad, vegetables, potato, rice, etc. With the reboot, we learned to really focus on all of our veggies first and add from there. Now that we can eat other foods, we don’t want to. It’s funny, the first day we broke up, Spiro got one of our favorite things; a Costco roast chicken. Did you know? She didn’t hit the nail on the head like we thought she would. crazy huh? In just three short weeks, our taste buds have changed and whole food is what we crave. Now we just have to work on changing our way of thinking. 😉 That’s always the hard part. So what do you think? Think you’re ready to do a cleanse or detox?

One last note: It’s a good idea to talk to your Doctor before starting any program. They can help you determine which one is best for you, as well as how often to participate in that program.


Don’t wait too long!

Some independent P&C owners wait too long to sell their agencies. They often started the agency from scratch or inherited the business through their families. The agency has done well for them over the years and has provided them with a good life. The problem comes when the owner does not have his “heart” in the business. They are just browsing and not pushing to grow the business.

We have seen agencies where revenues have dropped 15% or more per year for many years. This is not OK. You will find it difficult to ask for a high selling price for your agency. There can be many good reasons why your revenue is falling (i.e. change in carriers, local demographics, etc), but the biggest one is that you typically no longer have the “inner fire” to attract new customers.

When you lose the “fire” it’s time to sell. Don’t wait another day to sell, as you will only lose potential profit when a check is written to transfer the business to a new owner.

Similarly, many homeowners are losing income but failing to bring expenses in line with lower income. The largest single expense category at any agency is wages, salaries, and benefits. You can feel as loyal to your employees as they have been to you. However, you will have a hard time finding good buyers with these additional employees on board. Make the cuts before you start marketing your agency and you’ll be fine in the end.

One of the other dangers of waiting too long to sell is agency owners who don’t want to give up their day job and love affair with their agency. Now he is 75, 85 or even older and has not thought about who will take over the agency if he gets sick. The last thing you want your family to deal with is trying to sell your agency (or run it) while you’re sick and in the hospital. Do you really want that extra load on them?

Many clients will be linked directly or indirectly to the owner himself. So if he’s not there every day in some capacity, will those customers stick around? It is better to have a continuous “handover” over a period of months or years to the new owner. In this way, the customer base that he has created will not feel lost with the new owner.


Main benefits of online accounting services

The importance of accounting for all businesses is something that can hardly be ignored in any way. This is why companies are starting to take it seriously in recent times more than ever as they have discovered the roles that their knowledge and skill can play in enabling them to achieve their goals and objectives over a given period of time.

Here is the easiest way!

Are you considering how to do effective bookkeeping for your business? Do you know that with the help of online accounting services this could be a walk in the park? In case you are considering going through this process on your own, you may consider reading this post cover to cover. This is because it will aim to expose you to some of the top benefits of online accounting services. They will help you understand why you need to start using such companies for your business today.

can save you time

Do you want to know why your business is not moving at the moment? It is due to the fact that you are trying to do too many things at once. With the advent of online accounting services, you have the opportunity to outsource the accounting aspect of your business to a professional company that will make sure that all the monetary aspects of your business are covered the way they should be.

This makes you very effective in other activities that may need your attention. Do not forget that accounting is not only technical, but also very demanding when it comes to time. This is because for the records to be perfect, all oversights must be resolved in the best possible way.

Payment Management

This is one of the aspects in which it can be very difficult to do without hiring online accounting services. It has been discovered that they are platforms where trust is created between employers and their workers. Trying to keep track of who and when to pay is not easy by any means. Through the services provided by these professionals, you will see that such can be handled.

Also, you might make mistakes trying to handle this on your own as you are not a professional. Professional online accounting services try to ensure that there is no room for error when handling monetary matters.

pro tip

This is perhaps one aspect where online accounting services can hardly be ignored. They will ensure that you receive the best advice from others to ensure that monetary activities are handled in a professional manner. Many businesses are struggling today due to the fact that their owners don’t seem to understand how financial matters can be handled. These experts are there to ensure that you receive professional guidance whenever you call on them at any time of the day.

Having seen the above, it is obvious that there are many ways online accounting services can positively affect your business activities.