Mineral makeup for your teenage daughter: keep it natural and her skin healthy

Who doesn’t remember sneaking into their mother’s makeup? He laughed at the clown face we put on, all dressed in his clothes and high heels. For your own teenage daughter, help her choose makeup that looks natural and helps her avoid skin problems.

Many people develop skin problems in their teens. That is usually when the dreaded acne appears. For a teenage girl, skin problems can be really devastating. I’m sure you know that teenagers are extremely body conscious and that starts with their faces.

Wearing traditional makeup can exacerbate skin problems. Most makeups contain fillers and chemical dyes that are not compatible with acne or eczema, or psoriasis. Wearing a lot of makeup can clog pores and lead to pimples and blackheads.

When your daughter expresses an interest in makeup, talk about using mineral makeup instead of the more traditional options on the market. In fact, help her choose the makeup that will look best with her skin type and tone. Make everything a mother-daughter bonding event.

Benefits for your daughter

One thing to consider with mineral makeup is the health of your daughter’s skin. The skin on your face is delicate anyway, and when you’re a teenager, hormones put your skin through a series of difficult phases. Adding traditional pore-clogging makeup to the mix is ​​not a good choice.

Many teens wear makeup to cover facial blemishes like acne or dark spots. Actually, most makeup does not help, but it actually damages the skin. And for the most part, teens tend to wear too much and their face starts to look artificial.

With mineral makeup, the goal is to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes with natural ingredients. The minerals in the best mineral makeup are natural and blend into the skin when applied for a cleaner, fresher look and feel. Anyone who sees your daughter won’t even know she’s wearing makeup.

The secret is in the mineral formulation and the application. Unlike other makeups, it doesn’t take a lot of mineral powder to make a difference. With a Kabuki brush, it’s easy to quickly apply minerals to your face. Your daughter won’t need to spend a lot of extra time in the morning grooming her face before school. You and your daughter will be pleasantly surprised by how her makeup looks and feels.

With mineral makeup, your daughter:

– It looks more like the natural beauty that it is.

– Save tons of time in the hectic morning.

– Reduce the chances of skin problems.

With all those benefits, who could resist?