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Knowing God Part 2 – Finding God within your belief

We are going to do that now, so that you can have this experience of finding God, and that God finds you in your faith believing. So when you have found God and know that God is touching you, you may have other experiences where you can simply be still in the presence of God; or when you can be full of God; you can rest in God; Or you can be very active and preach and shout at God; Or it may even be like that man who just sat on God and paid little attention to the world.

There are two ways that God touches us. With the Holy Spirit he turns us into the sail of a ship and blows on us, wham! And it moves us, and we are moved by the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit move in us. When God does this, we become footwashers, servants, movers, and agitators in the kingdom of heaven. We change things and we change them by the power of God.

But God also moves us in another way. It fills us like a bottle and we don’t move. We are completely still and filled with Him. If we open our eyes and look at the world, all God is looking through us and we are at rest in God.

So God gives us these two ways of being in him, and both complement each other: rest and movement; tranquility and activity; pure worship in ecstasy and pure work in the world of things and people.

If we want to do a mission, we must first rest. We are like Jesus, who withdraws from people to be with the Father, and may be away from them for several days in a row.

It may take a few days for you to just settle down and be at peace with God; get away from being so active in God; and let your body and mind settle into God’s rest. When you are in God’s rest, then you can talk to God and together you can develop a plan.

And you are going to do this now. You are going to think of something you want to do, or something you want to have only in your human being. So we’re going to let God come and touch that so that his program also becomes God’s program. When your program has become God’s program, faith comes alive in it and then becomes the mustard seed.

When it becomes the mustard seed, you are beginning to do God’s will. You and God are working together on this in a strategic partnership.

The world might try to come against you as you live whatever it is that you and God planned to do together, but because you have developed this program in faith, you have the power of God to protect you as you go through it in real life. . The perfection of God’s love will always succeed, and God’s mustard seed is a seed of the Father’s perfect love.

Once we see these kinds of results in our lives, we begin to see the ministry of Jesus differently. We see that from the moment of his baptism he is drawing people to know God so that they can have the power to make a program with God. When we make programs in our heart with God and live those programs, we become perfect. And that fulfills the highest value of the Holy Bible.

If you go to your Bible and read Matthew chapter 5, verse 48, you will see that Jesus is saying:

“Therefore, you must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

Jesus can say that because he is perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect. But what is the way to be perfect? That is the burning question in our hearts today: how to be spiritually perfect; and how to find ways to help others be spiritually perfect like God.

Get into your heart in your faith and develop a program. Let God touch your faith in that show and then live that show. Then you will discover that even if you are a young person or an older person, a boy or a girl, you will find that perfection will begin to operate in your life. Now you are on the road like Enoch, Elijah and Jesus.

If you do it once today, you will have this moment of perfection. God will touch you and you will be with God. If you do this twice next week, you will have these two moments of perfection. If you do this ten times over the next month, you will have all those moments of perfection under your belt.

As we practice in our hearts, making programs with God, we become perfect and we learn to bring God’s perfection to more and more places in our lives until we have gone to all the places in our lives that have the potential to make us. Perfect.

At that moment we come to the place where God can also say to us: “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.”

So, let’s do this now. Let’s now look at the Scriptures in Matthew chapter 18, verses 18 through 20 in your Bible. We see here a special formula of Jesus. He says,

“Truly I tell you that whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again I tell you that if two of you on earth agree on Whatever they ask, my Father who is in heaven will do for them. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them. ”

Joining something here on earth means preventing something from happening. We stop it from happening by the power of heaven to prevent things from happening.

Losing something here on earth is creating something new here on earth. We create that new thing with the power of heaven to create it. An example of that is the power of heaven to turn the mustard seed into a mustard tree. Plants grow not by the power of the earth, but by the power of heaven that creates them.

So I ask you to think of something you want to do or something you want to have. It will probably be something you want to unleash here on earth and if God touches your desire, then God turns it into a seed with heavenly power and our Father will make it happen through heavenly power.

Go to Mark chapter 11 and verse 24. In English we see here,

“That is why I tell you that whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.”

This is what you are going to do. Remember, you are longing to find God, and one of the ways that Jesus allows us to find God is by losing something here on earth. This is what will happen. I want something. Let’s say, “I want to build a big church here and it has electricity, water, a concrete floor, lots of chairs, a good roof, and lots of shade.” Let’s think, “This is what I want.”

Jesus says: “If you believe that you have received what you just thought, it will be done to you.”

If you believe that God has released it into heaven for you, then it will come to earth for you. Then people will come together and we will find, “Oh, that church that you dreamed of back then, is starting to be built now.”

“So now, I’m going to find a friend and tell that person what I’m believing in. Then I’m going to believe that God has given me this,” and my friend is going to believe that God has already done it. released that for me too. We both believe that God has given me this.

Together, with my friend and I believing that I am receiving this from God, we will continue to believe until God invades our faith.

When God invades our faith, we will know God and we will know him in our faith, amen? And he will touch our faith and turn it into his seed and we will feel him do that.

Then we can stand up and say, “Praise God! He has touched my faith!”

And you can speak to him: “My Father, you have touched my faith”, and you are in the direct presence of God.

In that moment, he is hugging you and you are hugging him, and you know that he is touching your faith and filling your mind and his blessing is pouring into you.

In that moment, in your heart you know: “Yes, this is God.”

Finding God is more important than even doing God’s works. To do the works of God without ever having found God is to turn things upside down.

But let’s do it now. You’re going to tell your friend, “This is what I’m believing in.”

So you two can now begin to believe that God has now done that for you, and you will continue to believe silently until God enters your beliefs. Then when that has happened, your friend will also know that God has entered your faith for you. Both will have God’s confirmation.

OK lets start.

Heavenly Father, you have heard my Word and sent me here to this place, Lord. I pray now in the name of Jesus that you will honor your Word, Lord, and step into their faith and release the heavenly power to cause their desire to be unleashed here in the world. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Now you can start, the first person and then the second person. It should only take a few minutes per person, but it should take as long as you need.


God has put his power in your faith. He has put his power in your faith in the same way that he put his power in the faith of Jesus. God is not respect or people, amen? God will honor all faith, amen? We cannot please God unless we use faith. Amen?

So what God the Father has done with Jesus Christ, He is doing now with you as well. He has touched his faith and he has touched the faith of Jesus; it is the same faith.

Therefore, now you must remember what you have desired and what God has touched. Remember it in your mind. Remember it in your heart. Write it down in your Bible: “Today the perfect love of the Father has touched this particular desire in my heart, and because it has turned it into a divine seed, it will happen. Not only that, for a moment I knew God intimately, and I relished his presence and his perfect love “.

Then when it happens, when this comes into your life, go back to your Bible and you can write under what you just wrote: “Yes, it has happened now! According to my biblical faith and God’s promise to touch my faith , and out of his perfect love by faith I planted my seed and now it has produced its harvest, and I have this for which God and I made the program. “

When you do this in your time of prayer, let God touch you. When God can touch you, you can know His presence. When you extend that time together in a little meditation, in this way you can get to know God.