How to Choose a Professional Accounting Firm for Outsourcing

Accounting is one of the most crucial aspects of almost any business. If you intend to outsource your company’s accounting functions to a third party, it is absolutely important to carefully evaluate each facet of that company’s activities before reaching a conclusion.

Here are some basic tips for choosing a professional accounting provider for your business:

State your expectations and find out if they can meet them

Your search for a professional accounting provider should begin with a clear definition of what you want from the provider and the value you expect the relationship to bring to your business. Find out if the vendor you intend to partner with can deliver what you expect in terms of value and return on investment. Don’t hide your expectations.

Discuss your expectations with providers. Tell them exactly what you want, how you want it, and how you intend to measure their performance. This approach will prevent misunderstandings in the future if they don’t meet your expectations. Also, make sure all agreements are in writing and signed accordingly.

Growth and size of the accounting provider.

Experience is crucial in accounting. Before you outsource your accounting functions to any company, do some research on the level of growth of the company in recent years. If the company has shown a positive level of business growth, it could be an indication of the quality of the services it provides to customers.

Find out about the internal structure of the company and the level of experience of the experts they can boast of. Outsourcing to a startup may not be a good idea, although some may exceed expectations. But outsourcing to an established professional accounting firm will ensure that your company’s bookkeeping is in good hands and you won’t have to worry about return on investment.

Accounting Provider Tracking History

The track record of any accounting firm is a reflection of the quality of service it provides to clients. Find out if the prospective accounting provider has a history of commitment to service or has a well-known reputation within their own industry. Also, find out if the provider tracks customer satisfaction, which is a strong indicator of how far they’re willing to go to ensure customer satisfaction.

Comments from previous clients

Hear what past clients are saying about the potential accounting providers you’re considering. An easy way to get started is to go online and look for reviews. Find out if a dissatisfied customer has written an article about the provider or if a satisfied customer has recommended it. But don’t stop there, ask accounting providers to give you a list of their past clients. They will have no problem providing you with such a list, if the quality of the services they provide is top-notch.

data security

Data security is as important as your company’s accounting or even more. Before outsourcing to any accounting firm, educate yourself on their security and confidentiality processes. Accounting providers must be able to demonstrate that they use modern and secure information technology systems.

Evaluate the level of information security management of the provider, if you see gaps or have doubts about the authenticity of the security of your data, do not hesitate to consider other options. Also, find out if the company has invested in modern data security technology, such as the cloud, to ensure that customer data is protected.

relationship management

Relationship management is crucial to the success of the accounting functions you outsource. You must understand how the accounting provider you intend to outsource to manage the relationship with clients. Consider your communication skills.

Do they often create a communication gap that leaves you searching for more information? Or will the language and company culture be a barrier between you and them? You need to consider how well your company can engage with them, share ideas, discuss solutions, establish and maintain a professional relationship.

Avoid cheating from high bidders

There is often a temptation to outsource your company’s accounting functions to the highest bidder. Professionals in the accounting business are relatively expensive in providing services. If you intend to outsource to a professional accounting firm, be prepared to pay a competitive price. Just like in any other industry, there are also quacks in the accounting business. One of the easiest methods these charlatans use to get victims is to offer prices that fall below the normal competitive market price.

While the lowest bidder may not be the best option, the most expensive accounting firm may not deliver on its promises. As such, do your best to strike a balance between a successful track record, experience, and competitive pricing when selecting an accounting provider.

Assess financial stability

It is crucial to ensure that the accounting provider you intend to outsource is financially secure. You need to find out if the provider is financially strong enough to run your business. If the provider is financially weak or has financial problems, such as the inability to pay employees, such weakness will affect the quality of service delivery and ultimately affect your business.


How often will you have the opportunity to discuss your concerns with the accounting firm you outsourced to? You should consider the availability of the accounting provider before signing any contract. In most cases, many small businesses require face-to-face meetings every week or two, while some large companies may require monthly meetings or vice versa. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to talk to the department or employees responsible for communicating with vendors to come up with a reasonable time frame that works best for your business. It is crucial that you outsource the best accounting services for your business to ensure ROI.