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How social media is ruining lives

Technology has led the human race down such a unique path. A path to greatness and success. A way to do unimaginable things. Computers, a piece of technology that is incredibly difficult to live without these days. Almost everyone on the planet has access to the Internet or access to some type of computer. With that, one can access all the information that a person could want.

In the last 20 years, social media has become one of the most powerful networking tools a person could have. Many people become famous and have careers based solely on their position on social media or the business they chose to do by using them. There are many amazing reasons to have social media and use it for personal gain, but the problem lies in how people begin to see themselves and others. Some of the most popular social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. The beginning of most of these platforms was simple, connecting people in different ways. Connect with family and friends and share an experience with all of them. Of course, the celebrities arrived that many people wanted to follow or even become and that is where the problem lay. People became so infatuated with the attention these people were receiving and compared it to their own. This was not as big of a problem 10 years ago as it is today. Many young adults look up to these celebrities and copy all aspects of their lives until dictation. This not only affects the way they socialize, but also their view of the world.

Most teens and young adults spend more time on their phones and on social media worrying about what is happening and living a life that is not theirs. Ultimately, this leads to more people becoming socially inept and having a difficult time exploring and experiencing the outside world. Of course, there are many who choose to have social media-based jobs, but not connecting with people face-to-face leads to many social problems and even depression. It also has a huge impact on relationships and how it can consume two people. Many young couples never last or have serious complications due to the media portraying a relationship that seems too perfect. When in reality each relationship has its problems, just like each person has their own set of problems, choosing whether or not to accept those problems is their choice.

Another problem is how many people determine their self-esteem based on how many people follow them on these platforms or based on how many likes they get, and if they don’t get a certain amount it can make them feel worthless. Now, this is not with all the people who have or use social networks, but more and more you can see that young adults have more problems later in life, because of this.

The use of social networks should be reduced considerably, especially in adolescents and young adults who are still experiencing life and learning through those experiences. Yes, it can generate many opportunities and without a doubt, but it has become extremely volatile and destructive to humans. pysche, that we as people must ask ourselves. Really worth it?