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Home typing services and secretarial services: how to choose a name

It is important to choose a name for your secretarial services or typing business. Select it carefully.

Make sure the name fits these criteria:

o Indicate that you are providing secretarial, transcription, VA, data entry, or typing services.

o Easy to remember.

o Distinctive: stand out from your competition.

o Capture the customer’s attention.

o Create a professional image.

o Inspire customers to buy from you.

Which of these is more appealing? HyperTyper or Judy’s word processor? “HyperTyper” tells what Gloria does. It offers typing services and writes fast. Many people have commented that they choose Gloria’s typing services because of their company name.

Choose a simple name that your customers can remember, pronounce, and spell. They must remember your business name to look it up in the phone book or call information when they lose their phone number.

List Features

List all the characteristics of your business. Look up synonyms. Check out various categories in the yellow pages and look for existing names that you like. Play with combinations and variations of all of the above.

Send a short survey to your friends and business partners. Ask them to vote from 1 to 10.

If you offer secretarial services, try using any of these descriptions in a name: Word Processing, Data Entry, Secretarial Services, Transcription, Medical Transcription, Legal Transcription, Office Support, Desktop Publishing, and Graphic Design.

Should you use your own name?

Using your name, followed by the type of service works well if you have a reputation in your field. An example is “Michelle Smith Medical Transcript” or “Ann Johnson Legal Transcript.” Seeing yourself as a one-person organization makes your business more personalized. People like to deal with the same person instead of different people each time. Try your own name in combination with any of the above. Add words like Professional, Excellent, Reliable/Reliable, Fast, Express, and Creative.

test your name

Once you’ve picked a few names, test them out on friends and family, potential customers, and everyone you know. Ask them what kind of service they think it provides and how the name makes them feel.

After selecting your business name, you can now start creating your logo, letterhead, envelopes, and business cards.