Free Domain Name Registration – A Boon For Small Business Owners

Small business owners (SBOs) are very indispensable in today’s world, therefore they are very vital to any economy. However, with the demand for online presence by SBOs increasing day by day, many of them may not take full advantage of the various offers available online, including free domain name registration. While some of them may have taken the wrong approach to registering their free domains, others have misconceptions about the idea.

If you are a small business owner and you want free domain name registration to be a boon to you, it is very important that you use the right approach. It is interesting to note that not all free domain names are good for a small business owner. You need to make sure you get a free Top Level Domain (TLD) and not a subdomain. A TLD consists of a name and its extension (eg ‘’, where .com is the extension), while a subdomain is derived from a TLD (eg ‘ ‘).

A subdomain cannot be a boon to you as a small business owner because there are restrictions on its use. You will be denied access to the Domain Name System (DNS), which is basically used for domain management. You may also find that your web pages are full of relevant and irrelevant ads that you don’t even benefit from. The worst part is that you can be denied access to the site if the domain owner deems it necessary. Therefore, to avoid all these problems, it is very important to register a free TLD and you must not forget to choose the right extension. Although the .com extension is the most popular, there are other extensions that can also be used, for example, .biz (for business sites), .info (for blogs), .net (for Internet-based businesses), .org (for organizations), .pro (for professionals) and much more.

Free domain name registration will ease the process of setting up your website and automate most of your business functions such as finance, sales management, accounting, paying taxes, etc. Therefore, as a small business owner, it is very important that you take advantage of this initiative and ensure that you use the correct approach. Your domain registration must be done by an ICANN certified registrar to ensure you are dealing with the correct channel.