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Essay Phrases in Spanish

It is very useful to learn and memorize useful phrases for writing essays in Spanish; This is probably the easiest way to improve your essays and therefore your grades as a beginner in Spanish.

This article is a collection of phrases in Spanish to help you, first of all, to start and end an essay in Spanish; secondly, how to present topics and argue points, and finally it contains a variety of connectors to make an essay in Spanish flow more naturally.

The first sentence…
Watch a discussion on the topic of…
I will speak sober…
view to discuss

Introducing your opening argument…
To start – to start
At the beginning – at the beginning
First – to start

Introducing new themes and arguments…
continue – continue
To illustrate… – to illustrate…

Wrapping up the test…
By fin – in shorts
finally – finally
To conclude – to conclude
In conclusion – in conclusion
To end
in short – in short

Presenting an argument…
On the one hand – on the one hand
instead – in contrast
You have to take into account

Indicating time…
during – during
while – while
In the meantime
After infinitive – after
Before infinitive – before
then then
So so

Because / as a result of…
due to – because
As a consequence of
due to – due to
Because, why
As a result

Connectives and conjunctions in Spanish…
In addition – in addition, in addition
Also also
however – however
Despite – despite
So (that) – so
although – although
but – goal
but – goal
for example – for example

Common triggers of the subjunctive…
It is likely that
it’s necessary that
I do not think that
friend that
I advise that
I hope that
I want that

Present opinions (without subjunctive)
I think – I think / I think
I think – I think
I think – In my opinion
in my opinion – in my opinion
fortunately – fortunately
unfortunately – unfortunately
I because – I think

therefore – therefore
therefore – therefore
therefore – therefore
so so

Other useful words/phrases in Spanish
still – still
already – already / now
Hardly – hardly (if not)
actually – actually
currently – currently
right now – right now
right away – immediately

The most… is that

The best is that
The bad thing is
The important is that

Common Uses of the Imperfect Subjunctive in Spanish
If I had… – if I had… (notes: this must be followed by a verb in the conditional tense)
If I were… – if I were… (as above)

I hope this collection of Spanish phrases is useful for writing in Spanish. Visit for more helpful Spanish resources like this one.