Endorsement Winners at Royal Ascot

Finding winners at Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot meeting in June brings together the best horses from the UK and Ireland with some from other places like Australia. This is the Olympics of horse racing where the cream always rises to the top when it comes to the best horses. There are always promising horses coming out of the carpentry to make their mark at the carnival. Finding winners can be difficult, but successful bettors will be rewarded with good odds. So how do you find the winners at Royal Ascot?

First and four more, it is important to focus on form as most of the winners at Royal Ascot are the horses that finished first or second last time. It is not as simple as going for the last winners and seconds of the race, however, more than half of the runners in many races at Royal Ascot finished in the first two last halves. Therefore, it is important to consider the odds. It’s a fact that most winners will be in the top three or better at betting, which shows that the market is usually in the money when it comes to favorites.

Another factor to consider is class, and if you are prepared to do a little homework, you may be able to identify some winners who are well placed in terms of what they have done in the past. Most races are group and numbered races. Group 1 is the highest grade of the breed followed by group 2, 3 and then listed. A final winner from group 1 should be preferred to a winner from group 2 or group 3.

It is important to remember that the current season’s form is preferable when evaluating the chances because a horse that was good enough to win a good race the previous season may not reach the same class during the current season or may have reached its limit in the one who faces. better-class horses you can’t win against.

Another factor is the horse’s win rate. If you’ve won at least 33% of your career starts, I would consider it, but wouldn’t automatically rule it out if your win rate is less than 33%. I believe that if a horse is not winning because of its connections, then it is not going to do it for us.

These are just the basics of horse racing. If you stay close to the horses in form, you are likely to give yourself a better showing of winning. I have had some good results in the past at Royal Ascot using these principles, but I don’t always limit myself to taking the ones that finished first if there is a solid reason to do otherwise. Particular attention should be paid to horses that last competed in a group one field and have now fallen to an easier race, say group 2, 3 or on the list because such a horse may have a winning line in races that do not They are from group one. Coronet was one of those horses two or three years ago. She had returned to a group 2 race after racing in group 1 and her previous record had shown that she had never been beaten in races below group 1 level so I supported her and she won with 9/1. She was recently beaten at the 2019 Chester reunion, which was the first time she was beaten in a race below group one.

Hopefully, the ideas here will help you think about finding a winner or two at Royal Ascot.