Dowsing Dowser Divining Dowsing – Use of pendulum and biotensor

Dowsing – Divination is a word that was coined in 1920 by the French abbot Bouly and comes from the Latin word “Radius” (ray) and the Greek word “Aisthesis” (sensation).

The diviner is the person who is able to feel, through a pendulum, biotensor or dowsing rod, the vibrations of impulses and radiation emitted by things, people, animals, soils, etc.

In ancient times the word Radiesthesia was used only for the search for water springs or metals such as gold. Then man realized that radiation was emitted, not only by water and metals, but also by every form of life.

Then people realized that this resonance between inorganic material and the mind of man could have been extended to any field. Here is the reason for choosing the word Divination as a definition to indicate the study of the waves and vibrations that are emitted from each element.


As previously stated, the main divinatory work tools that the diviner can use for any quest are glass, wood or metal pendulums, the biotensor and dowsing rods. They are used as an aid to detect the vibrations and radiation emitted by each element and person.

We will see that Divination has multiple uses.

Divinatory phenomena do indeed have a physical explanation: everything, from living beings to inorganic matter, emits radiation, each one at different wavelengths.

So the diviner, through his divinatory faculties (They will be developed through divinatory graphs and also by some particular tactics as we are going to see in this distribution), is able to feel these wavelengths or natural radiations to find the presence of what is . looking for: diseases inside a person, medicine, therapy or the most appropriate therapeutic approach for the care of a disease and for holistic care, water, gold, missing things, any diagnosis on fields, cars, in addition to devising ways active radionics for each vibrational use.

So it is possible to do tests and diagnostics on:

physical problems for any subject, any mechanical motor for any facility, to find things missing, people animals, food intolerance for people, animals, to try any therapy for any type of healing approach for people, plants, animals, any geopathy within a house and soil, The search for water wells, oil, minerals, soil depth, Archaeological and Historical Searches, How to order and orient things and furniture inside houses, offices, to make the room vibratoryly healthy, etc. . , To test the healthy colors to whiten walls of houses, offices, etc., To test which plants are most suitable for gardens, houses, offices, rooms in general, To test the best option for any argument, talent and professional direction , for the office, for the most appropriate house, the practice of sports, spiritual discipline, Testing and projecting the best geometric shapes to build a healthy house… at the end of everything that concerns your specific choice for the “present” in general, always remembering the moral rules that have expanded in this distribution without developing a form of dependency over time, if previously little results have been obtained.

Dowsing could help you for a more harmonious life.